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Jay Farner here, CEO, rocket mortgage, making the right financial decisions, has never been more important. When you turn to rocket mortgage, we can help guide you to those right decisions now when they matter most mortgage rates are near historic lows, so now is a great time to call eight three three eight rocket, and if you need some extra money, a cash out, refinance. Refinance could give you that financial boost. You're looking for call today. At Eight, hundred, three eight rocket, or go to rocketmortgage DOT COM to learn more call for cost, information and conditions, equal housing lender licensed now fifty states and mls number thirty thirty now a global news update the agreements enjoy, but the treasury secretary warns a de-coupling could still be on the table. On in the Asian Wall, it is muted session this Wednesday rich still the ASIAPAC index managing to eke out some gains. Justin Positive Tarpley the CSI three hundred index up two tenths of one percent seventh day of gains, China stocks, hitting new fifty two week highs, more Chinese stokes could ridge this high in Q. Three. The concern though is in the bond market, the Chinese government bonds has taken tenure yield to within striking distance of three percent level. That was law seen back in January. The Hung, saying though down A. A tenth of one percent. Of course we keep an eye on ten sonnets, smashed all-time highs up to doubling since twenty eighteen lows just yesterday, the cosby one and a half percent rising for a second day Samsung, leading the advance cost me heading from the biggest bronze in at least ten years. This month alone is up six percents price to earnings ratio of twenty five over in Southeast Asia.

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