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So. Making your way in the world today. Take everything you this comes to us from Jordan Maywood, except we have Jordan, he's gonna tell you for Georgia may would yes. Would may. Hello. This is pendulum. The possibility exists that if I were to actually listen to the liberal puke podcast, featuring host Jordan may would I could potentially enjoy a ringing endorsement, I guess, potentially enjoy this episode which will start after the other half of by magical comedy. Duo teller gives us a countdown taking away. Teller. Hello, welcome to the liberal Q. My name is Jeremy would am the liberal Cumulus. This show is a journey into the deep recesses, so love recess. It was the best part of school, really. I got an an lunch. Anyways recesses of my mind, too. Search and destroy. No to search out all the media have consumed so you can get a taste of said media yourself. If you have not consumed to the same media, the possibility of spoilers, does exist. So I warn. I warn of that possibility in sort of, let's go ahead and call it a spoiler warning. Indeed. If you're unfamiliar with the show a hopping in episode four hundred and eighty four first of all, pretty, pretty cool. Oh man. That YouTube to that weirdo. I love you what will happen was. I will push button that will start a series of five five minute timers like this. Mu some things. Movie monologue to these movies, monologue news. Free samples. Okay, if you listen to last episode for eighty three if my number is correct. You will know I did something that I'm not sure if I've ever done before, and I'm doing gun this one, I just haven't been watching a great ton of movies. So I am combining into this movie monologue. Eight movie and eight show, so sue me, but please don't. Sue me. I am poor. I'm poor man, do not sue me movie. The first Gilbert been wait for, for, for this one for a while heard talk of it on many podcasts finally managed to score myself, a copy believe it was in Sundance. If not Sundance some other festivals. Very well received. And after watching it, I could see why took a little convincing as just about everything does with. The missus, she's Chris to get her to watch it. But after both of us watch it, we gotta say, I'm definitely going to give it a five hundred five and she on her broken scale where movie, the movie rush hour gets a five oh, five. She also very much enjoyed it. It's a it's a definite. The one hundred percent you'll laugh, you'll cry both of those things you'll have both of those emotions happiness and sinus bitter ans- wieght. So, so for if you're unfamiliar with Gilbert, the titular. Dealer. The titular Gilbert is Gilbert Gottfried, who you may know from a million things. Iago from. What the hell is it only got remember the name of Iago, but forgetting the name of the cartoon allowed in. Oh, jeez. That was a interesting one problem child's voices in a million things very distinctive voice. And as I have teased in the last handful of episodes will in some way, have some connection being very vague here to episode five hundred of this very podcast. Ooh, interesting. Yes. So I if this life around, he's famous for many things, but one of which is being incredibly cheap to a sudden hilarious degree, just some of the depth of his cheapness are while legendary him. And Richard kind, I think are to sort of famous cheapskates. You know what I have a dusting of it as well. I like up referred to call it frugal. But, but I do get it not not to his degree by any means. But the I can at least wrap my head around a little bit. So I do appreciate that. Okay. So that's, that's the movie at of the way. Let's move onto the television Star Trek discovery. Yes. Yes. So, so good such sweet sorrow. Oh, speaking of the bittersweet such sweet sorrow is the second to last episode of season two last one coming up next week, which I am. Sure I will talk about, maybe an episode four eighty five if I have enough stuff to talk about four I will do hot take on that because they'll probably be good for the season for now. So in this, what happened, the evil AI that did I talk about this God, I can't believe if I did or didn't talk about it again. Because. And they'll definitely be spoilers here because I it's such a cool thing that I think is happening in the previous episodes, plural. Maybe I'm sort of coming to the conclusion that somehow someway the events of Star Trek discovery season, two are going to explain how. These events created the board what the board mother fucking four. Okay. So there's, there's evil artificial intelligence that wants to get intelligent her. Yeah. And it's sort of took over this guy with its, let's go ahead and call them Nanno box, because that's exactly what they look like. And they were even green like Borg green. At one point, they said struggle as pointless, what the fuck, apparently they get smarter and change struggle as pointless to resistance futile, I guess, what's the Martin ice. So their whole sort of main goal in these final episodes. Artificial intelligence main evil goal is to get the ship discovery of that's the name of the ship, if you're unfamiliar, and they wanna get it because within its data banks, let's say is something called sphere. Something called sphere data basically the discovery and crew found sphere floating through space. That was like the collected data of a of a mixed ink species ancient civilization. That sort of had gathered so sort of vast amounts of information. That's contained in this one's fear. It's now in the star and the discovery database. So if this artificial intelligence gets a hold of it will sort of suddenly jump an intelligence to untold unfathomable and likely evil to gre-. So that's what we're trying to prevent an in this episode. The sort of game plan is to send the discovery, I guess, far ahead in the future, where it can't be reached which is idea, which if you watch the short tracks, which were series. Of four or five forgot sort of many episodes that aired to the air. Yes, you're aired between seasons. Maybe can only find them on line, actually. Which does account as airing question Mark there, where there was one in which enterprise was sort of far, far, far in the future, and we didn't know why. So I guess, maybe it's going to without a little bit, which is pretty cool anyways of very, very much looking forward to the final so cannot frigging wait the show. So good. Five out of five needless to say six to five points. Television talk. So these talks is robot comedian. Why did the robot chicken cross the road? It did. So as it was programmed to do. Thank you sponsor. Okay. How a couple of stuff's here for you for informal squish more. Sure. Why not the twilight zone apparently is back in a remake reboot. Sure. Jordan Peele is. I don't know. He's the creator. He's in the oh, was at sterling with the hell was the old hosts name. I wanna say sterling something rod sterling. Ooh. Wow. That's a good name to Paul the top of my head. I'm not good with aim. So I am impressed with myself. The former host an actually was rod Erling the creator of the original twilight zone as well. Or was he just like the host of it anyways, I, I believe Jordan Peele is at least one of those things, he's the host of the new incarnation, and they did a very, very smart thing that I think, more and more shows have done in recent years. And that is put the first episode of their show for free on YouTube very. Very smart idea to do things like that. Get people in with tease and say after watching the first episode and having watched previous twilight zone of the past. It's a show. That's obviously right up my alley. If you've listened to me talk on any these four hundred eighty four episodes, I think it's almost you could come to the conclusion that I would be a twilight zone and I am so the, the, the sort of double tickling of my interest comes in the fact that the first step is so titled the comedian hits very much on my love and fanaticism to some degree of comedy. And well comedians I listened to a lot of comedy podcast, but not just funny, ha ones ones in which like the comedians comedians podcast or the last laugh or ones where comedy is dissected which doesn't sound interesting and potentially. It's some good interest, you won't be interesting, but I like the real nitty gritty of comedy. It's because I have that desire to be a standup. Can you the desire that is not strong enough for me to actually go out and do it probably? And I've often thought of this often do think of us, the fact that most comedians say you need ten twenty years before you're good at it. And the fact that I'm thirty eight makes me of the regrets, I have, which are admittedly strong, but not many. Yeah. So I guess that's a good way to have regrets is, there's not a lot of them. But the ones I have are strong. One of which is that I didn't sort of start at a young age trying to be a standup. Comedian, I kind of wish in my, you know, eighteen eighteen years old got up there and, and gave her a go. And so what happened so? This made me think of very much stars of the select committee on Johnny, which is awesome. Because big fan of him. I won't give away anything story wise because I have other things to talk about other than to say definitely worth a watch if you like weird twilight zone, esque stories this, obviously fits that because that's in the dial. And also, if you like comedy stuff, including some laughs throughout you will like this very much. Okay. Moving onto last week tonight. Yes. Basically, it's a little bit tricky. Let's say wink, wink nudge, nudge to get these in Canada. They have a YouTube channel but it's not available in your country HMO. She was away around that swing quake. So what are usually do is a little few of them, build up, and then watch them? So I watched a WWE public shaming and robo calls. Yeah. Robocalls are getting bad here in Canada's. Well. I get a lot of those in, in, in Asian language of some sort, I think Chinese from what I've heard people speak Chinese movies, and television. And then heard the Chinese would I think, as Chinese voice speaking, and in aggressive tone of some sort. I must want to save because I never answer my phone, if it's a number. I don't recognize. So at voicemail. I kind of want to save play it for someone who speaks Chinese, although I don't think anyone who speaks Chinese. Let's of. Anyways, I get a lot of those I get a lot of the, the ones where there's a warrant for my arrest meant they're, they're coming for me. I think just enough of these calls that the warrant for my rest, and then the third most common one is the tax on the, the Canadian tax agency that I better call them because I oh, shit ton of money. It's funny because that one I get somewhat frequently. But one of the times, I got it was right after I got my tax rebate so they really fucked up those tax. We'll give me bait and then calling and saying, oh, money. Well, hey, it's their own fault public. Shame in. Yeah. That's, that's not fun. But I think John over went into that's sometimes it can be beneficial to horrible people. You know, like with lots of things there's two sides story and lastly WWE, which if you've ever watch. Or listen to anything involving former professional wrestlers you will know they had a tough time of it. The fact that this is a profession in which people who were in it. Don't live as long as people in other professions, just about simple fact, is sort of telling it self inside he delves into that in the, the lies of it, and such so recommend that very much. Conan, the librarian don't you know that? Desma. But banter these book sponsor is Genghis Khan, prophylactics ninety nine point nine nine nine percents, not affective. Thank you for that sponsorship. Okay. Today, I have for you book, which will I will give a little spoiler here for future podcast. Episode is actually a book series in which I am working my way through the book series is called a Ryan it is by Ben Bova. And number one is titled you guessed it over ion. Okay. So. This falls into a rare rish category of book that is books that I gets a hundred or so pages into and then realize I had already read. It does not happen too too often. But this, the this is definitely one of those books, so I don't know how or why you know what happened to. And this is even sadder. So I started the podcast and twenty twelve. So I have a record basically with a few exceptions. Maybe where I took a little hiatus there between after episode three hundred and three ho grid and one. There was some time where I took off because I was in between jobs in between houses, and there was a lot of stuff going on. So it took a bit of a break there. If I recall so with a few exceptions all the books I've read since twenty twelve I have a record of because I talked about them on the podcasts. So. One hundred pages into this man, a lot of this seems very familiar. And then I looked back basically look, if I can Google by the name of the podcast or even my name, and then the name of a book or an author and results will pop up, which is very handy. Very handy thing to have a sort of strange benefit of doing a podcast. You talk about all the media, you consume high if I've ever seen this. Oh, yeah. If I ever played this game or read this book, let me just Google it which not many people can do. I don't think anyways. Yeah. Terms in two thousand fifteen I did read the so it wasn't even that long ago in terms of years. So I feel dumb but I gotta say enough had faded from my memory that I didn't remember what happened. I'm cheese maybe halfway into book to right now. And I don't know if I how far got into this series. Believe it's four books in. I kind of feel like I never got to the end because those titles and descriptions of future bucks that I have no recollection of whatsoever. So let me read the good reads, and maybe give you a little idea. John O rien is not a God Don exactly. He is an attornal warrior destined to comback combat the dark lowered. Woo dark Lord through all time for dominion of earth. Follow him servant of a great race as he battles enemy down the halls of time from the caves of our ancestors to the final confrontation under the hammer of nuclear had high elation. Yeah. Ben bova. If you have all if you read a lot of scifi, you will recognize that name he does great Sifi. I don't think ever read a Ben Bova book. I have thoroughly enjoyed this one included. I guess maybe it's a slight knock against Ben Bova that I forgot having read this book. Sorry, bad sorry, mR Bova that being said reading wise. I think I'll still go cheese. Go four or five. Okay. I'll go four with some cool five moments and the premise gets a five for sure. So basically picture this, if you will, we got this Orion guy. And it's like the Orion from the like a Ryan's belt from the guts, elation, basically, it was named after him where he was named after it, or we don't know which he's traveling backwards in time every time he dies, and he does die repeatedly. He will find himself further and further back in time, and the sort of person of this, this dark lowered is travelling in the opposite direction of time. So they'll sort of meet each other. These sort of various points in human history. And as it sort of crosses over so in their first meeting, the sort of the dark Lord knows what's going on knows vote or Ryan knows sort of the story of what has happened in Iran is like, who the hell are you? And then, as it sort of one goes forward on one goes back that sort of balance of knowledge changes, which is a really fucking cool idea sort of hard to wrap your brain route. But because I love time stuff, which sort of in that Star Trek discovery actually came up a little bit anything involving time. And this comes up on the podcast fairly often actually sort of getting your mind thinking in different ways. I just really really like it. So, hey, give notified five. There you go. Sometimes. Game. Goven. So these game goblin sponsor is blue slime Moog. Thank you for that. Sponsorship. Have you got two games for you? Let's start with. Yeah. We'll start with dragon quest eleven echoes of an elusive age. Okay. So dragon quest eight was one of my favorite games, but I have very, very fond of member remembrances of. And I think I've played every game since then, looking for that sort of nostalgic, perhaps feel and I've never quite found it, this is come close, but I feel like maybe reach the point, and this is sad to me, where dragon quest games and final fantasy games as well, sort of throw them in the sort of style of game doesn't seem to keep me as enthralled as it used to like I used to pick up a game like this, and I would play through the whole thing I spend, you know, seventy eighty hours playing the game doing all the side. Quests really just sort of. Delvin deepens. Them. But I find it harder harder to do. Maybe it's the abundance of all games out there that I have so many games, I've played yet, where as in days gone, when I had dragon quest eight sort of play that or nothing because my games library was huge. But now with steam and all the years of building up seen games and summer sales and such in the fact that I'm older was one thing, this comes up on the pockets from time to time the fact that I am older, and I find always wanting to jumped to the new thing, maybe the sort of contemplation of eggs, instance. And the fact that realizing that the time is not forever. And one day I won't be here to play games. Oh, wow. Getting deep here. So I I'm rushing through them. But maybe I should consider sort of look, inward and say, you know what is doing this, meaning that you're not going to. Joy the things because you're rushing through. Oh, wow. Getting real tape us up so going deep with Kassim. Yeah. That's a good thing from the past anyways. So it's my, my sort of overall takeaway of echoes of an elusive age dragon. Quest eleven oh, interesting title, but ages, and such is that I haven't joint, I think I'm gonna continue but. Potentially. I won't rating wise. Algo three just for the reason. That's a feel a little let down. And other even think it's the games fault. I feel down in myself. Okay, next. We have one that I had seen a bunch of times on a bunch of different videos, streams and heard about all over the place back in the day. And it was on sale for like five bucks. So I decided to pick it up. It's called ultimate epic battle simulator. Yeah. A cool idea. Basically, you can have up to eight different armies. Or groups of combatants, and you're basically just pushing a button after you read them, how many there is how strongly are, and there's just innumerable things you can modify, including the terrain the weather how strong the baddies are their abilities and you're pushing a button and seeing who would win in a fight. So, for example, let me give just a crazy example, right off the bat would ten t rexes in fight versus a thousand chickens. That's literally one you could do. I created a faction of super, powerful chickens, so basically, you could take a chicken and then up all at stats. So it's got more hit points. It's harder to hit a little de like numbers behind the scenes in terms of some of the stuff where you make its tax stronger. Maybe can give an abyss. Eighty where shoots lasers and such. So I created some of those, and then just put massive armies against one of the interesting things of this. The bigger the army the slower your computer's gonna get because it's actually doing the simulation. So it's fun. I don't think it's, it's five dollars fund for sure. I think full prices like almost twenty dollars. I don't know if I would pay twenty dollars for it, I think it's something you could, you know, dust off when you're bored every once in a while and just throw a bunch of people in a fight and see what happens like you got Chuck Norris in there. They don't call them. Check north. I guess, for legal reasons, but the something similar knee, looks like you know, you've got animals. You've got fantasy creatures. You got actual people like, like humans from, like, World, War, One or the civil war or what have you really limit. And also think it has a good steam workshop where people build alternates things that you could put in there you could and we'll end on we'll end this game gabbing on this. You could have. Let me think of real crazy one you could have one thousand cyclops is battle one million. This would probably explode your computer when million tables sentient tables sentence, attacking tables, people. What an age we live. Jill. Internet, intercourse. I like. Today's internet's intercourse sponsor is the Harvard, accelerated gameshow PHD course. Thank you for that sponsorship. Okay. Let's of good stuff and the internet's, which seems to be a theme lately, where it's almost hard to whittle it down for what I'm going to bring back each week, which is God. Damn delight. I and you know, all even say for us Keith incendiary seems to within the last couple of weeks or so be doubling down on the dean d RPG related stuff, videos, and web series is sure sounds funny to say, but maybe that's what they are two in particular that of caught my eye are one called around table and one called game masters hall of very similar in ideas in that. It is a bunch of DM's and people in the dean D or RPG related. World sitting down shooting the shit podcast like very very much. So on a given subject. So let me look at roundtable. So we've got one talking about community. That's with Matt Mercer. Mark Humes Adam Coble got non fantasy tropes inclusion as one inclusion representation. Oh, that one hide seventeen Phoenix, who on a huge fan of we've got one called past present in future. So those are the four available right now and seemingly very, very popular growing in popularity and maybe that is what good people who were key can sundry who I've been talking about, for many years, starting with Felicia day way, back in the day got some Matt Cova in there who obviously I love just period. Full stop. Brings interesting ideas and things that if you are running a game you can and should think about. So just for that reason alone get in enhancing your game. We've got a character creation bouncing encounters grid combat for steered of their mind. World building sort of interesting, ideas, there's well, good refresher. And some of those things that perhaps you think you got down, Pat. Maybe you'll you'll hear a little tidbit in these videos that will help you in future campaigns. And I just got to say, I love them both very, very much and we'll continue to watch. And if any of them, really pop at me, a will bring back here know what all this is doing. Matt Kosvo these things, it's really really making me consider the very least looking into creating videos on the subject of dean of my own. Tentative plans are in the works. But I, I wanna really do it right. If I'm going to do it. So that is maybe something that's coming down. The pike pike. PI K E is the correct way of saying that for some reason. I think it would be on YouTube wouldn't be here necessarily, probably plug it here because why not, and it would be, you know, video related in maybe some fancy editing. Maybe not. We'll see. But something I'm considering something I kind of want to do anyways move onto Dr game show is back. Yes, I had a sad, a sad episode where I spoke of its last sowed, but turns out, this is not to, to usual wasn't its last up soda was it's last episode on ear wolf. It has moved over to maximum fund, which is a different podcast network. So that's good because it's a, it's a fun show. It's a fun. And funny show, basically they play games submitted by the listeners, the games are quite often horrible. Nixon podcast, invoice trust. Oh, yeah. This one's really good. We read the, the apple podcast description, looks like it might be funny lace up your hiking, boots and pick a bunk. Because you're staying at camp. Crystal lake is just beginning info, invoice, piece we trust with gore and rust. Oh, I didn't even notice that part. That's Matt Gourley and Paul rest. You'll learn why Matt and Paul love the Friday the thirteenth franchise so much, what they expect to learn about themselves and revisiting it, and how they plan to tackle the asses how detectable in assess. Plan to tackle the asses know how they plan to tackle assess all twelve films. I think that should be in the title. We'll, we'll go tackle S's versus tackle and. Yeah. A little probably title, because it's dumb and fun. And full aqap, and how they play into taco asses of twelve films Vorhees family legacy during them on their journey. Yes. So basically, they're watching all the front of the thirteenth movies and talking the shit out of I'm looking at the first. Three episodes, two hours, fourteen two hours, forty one in two hours forty four, so they're talks of the movies are much longer than the movies beside themselves, which is a God. Damned delight also. They're both incredibly funny. So, you know, hey, it's a win in a win and probably also other ones last, not least we're at a time so don't have time to get into too much inside Conan. It seems with a Conan O'Brien needs a friend sort of podcast, obviously very popular. I guess they decided wouldn't hurt to throw in another Conan related podcasts this one. He doesn't really appear on sort of a behind the scenes of the show, which is something that I believe, Colbert, dead, at least right when he was starting he did. And then I listened to a bunch, and they were interesting. And then he stopped doing them for some reason. So this is kind of that, a bit like hilts on this, the hosts which I professional would have written down their names, but I did not they'll talk with some of the writers. They had on Jordan slant. S-k-y. On the one I just listened to yesterday indie Richter which I'm a huge huge, huge Richter head. You could say my love of him off the Richter scale home by God. God jesus. All right. Well. It's nice to be nice. The nice. And. Donen down. I like run. This is the end of the show sincere. Thank you for listening time to some things. And I do not. But you can like us on Facebook. You can follow Jordan underscore Maywood, onto Witter. You can subscribe and comment on itunes. Lastly, if you would like to contact the podcast, you can make Jordan dot may would g mail dot com. I would like to conclude that I am not roll back and that I have. That it's a demon dancing, demon something isn't right there. I've got the best is yet to come and won't be. You you seen sun, but you seen shy. To the ups under underway way, too. Wait. See that sunshine. You seen nothing yet. Come and Wolter. The best this yet to live long and prosper.

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