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<music> welcome to the passion business podcast the podcast the free spirits with the big idea but won't turn their passion into business. I'm Herman at host my guests today <hes> mirror and Peter Griffiths who shared fascinating story of how the car business the mind takeaway has been unfolding enjoy join the episode and has always if you like don't forget to subscribe hello and Welcome Mirror and Peter Lovely friends who sitting in Germany they know more about Germany tonight. I'm very excited to have you. Hello Hello I so what we about to say not just just V._R.. In Berlin actually great so yes. I've taken taken away where you you are now. So why don't you tell people away from and what are you doing invalid from the U._K.. From the Place Cobo says out she imbalance yeah I'm from CRATIA originally and I had to move more started than I was. A kid years ago moved Serbia lived there another twelve years income then moves to do by variety lived for twelve years again. That's interesting and now I'm Berlin hunting. Were years here opt out six and a half years yeah we we actually maths in here and I was that for about six years on while quite a journey a twelve year pattern I just I realized before so what are you doing. You went to get out. We'll what we started a business. Call the mine takeaway and I guess the Simplest Way Could Sites coaching consultancy company. <hes> we've been workshops retreats we work with groups individuals Oxley from quiet diverse set to backgrounds because a lot of people do along these things against because we're still blocked. There's a lot of crossovers we do have have lots of interest separately as well but of lades. It's quite interesting so for example us. We did the relationships Web Sean. I if you asked me about six months ago while never go kneecaps hope it. I was excited to do it so it's really interested than we have shopping so yeah we'll just work with these clients or not but then he continued zones over now it's it's interesting as we go along Guinness v Learn as we do one something something else and I think this is how it action by back. This is so strong relationship works virtual. Go all K- communication's important thing and then doing that kind of goes on to another out that how how it involves up. There's an image of keeps coming back to me. You need to start walking so as to the next corner so you can have a look at what's behind it until you actually start walking and get that corner. The next thing isn't gonNA reveal itself and it seems like that's what you've been doing like walking walking and you know and be open to to what comes your way. That's what you're what cats without as well. If a look back in hindsight you know could like all the by will not was Israeli stores even the love of outside of this because yeah it's exactly about sort of steps forwards and then what occurred. Let's let's make sense on again if you asked me you know even a year ago of Glen. No we need a really structured. The business vote actually about makes no sense was a moment which we had but never really went back over the used by onto makes me laugh because I remember when when I came to Spain with that crazy idea all let's just start sewing business but you know let's make it Flamenco stuff because you know we don't want it to simple and first thing it's like oh I need a business plan and I downloaded a template. You know like some several templates in the Internet tonight and I looked at this and what the heck is a suspect. That's just a bunch of assumptions. You know we just making up numbers. It just made no sense to be whatever never filled in because like software engineer. It was like Oh that's assumptions assumptions as we all know the mother of all you know and so I just made no sense at all. So how did you wealthy decide to live in Berlin because like you know coming both from different places so what's the journey that brought you to Berlin and also what's the journey that would you to doing the work. You do not the kind of confused at school thinking Oh when I grow up I WANNA have coaching and consulting this. It's similar limits similar to bow river saying it was just happening. Peter was the first mile to come two thousand thirteen. Yes L. E.. Twenty five saying on again at the time ale or any aspirations starts a coaching business all the mugshot so every like time was concentrating music <hes> getting a longtime elections <unk> and then also have many challenges with my family. My follow is actually very lists while so lost my mind point was to go into kind of business ideal. I was just basically surviving just trying to make sensible things going on around me run yeah yeah and then the reconnected and I wanted to leave do by myself London now thinking Vietnam I was just you know it was interesting. I had so I was of being my background is in physiotherapy site. I starts stumping interested in pain management benefits to do hypnotherapy clinic or Huguenot therapy and then what means just they're not be be in coaching and so yeah I was over the that in that rogue but I never thought I would do it as a business hard to spot sonate vidartes stuff and and then I remember having a coaching session and having an inside that I was gonNA leave before the end of the year two thousand fourteen from some I mean February march in the had no idea how and I didn't have had no idea where I was looking at places so I'm a look the other place by never looked at Berlin and then be recommended started talking me being for many years before we were friends and don't be friends but just Kinda knew each other a new law about gender and the and and beat to come to yeah I could do that and I moved my ticket from visiting London to come to Berlin spent your era leak and a half an I live here and big. I think it will sound P.. December that same year that I left while yeah and I guess the Lakota head to me it just came from a place wisdom because there's nothing on it because we were talking about this before you know we fund to now. It's amazing that the decisions that you kind of agonize for days weeks months and times even years the kind of probably not the right face day for this it just it was like a download. It was like getting coincide on no wanNA catch me among schism this person's opposed to but it was so cute bow new because again if I do about it and there's no way I would've even reached on you know yet because Iraq never in relationship before that's that was what was really interesting as mayor was just like the NYQUIL release shock macos Laba they can't walk with who is the bed but it's okay yeah. I guess it's going back to I guess I'll be going into Cochin again when you reverse engineer and I was lead to in many organizations for twenty years and I was always coaching leader but I didn't really see myself as a coach and actually before may or nine bites even in the U._A._e.. <hes> I started looking at meditation star the go-to workshops so again at the time what didn't really have any limits. I didn't really have any thinking around it. All you know whether it was useful along and when it came Sabella and it wasn't really on the radar at all but interestingly when we bug started seeing you know get into a relationship we both realize that was a like-minded passion that we could explode the mind together. Actually you on the phone yet but. That was a point years ago when apples in Berlin or urine half and I've got offered a project the joke to go to back to Dubai so that was just got married. Then it was a bit <hes> I think everybody thought that it was a really weird stigma to special and but I it was a good opportunity. It was hard like it. It was hard decision because I was thinking about it but it just made sense to do because it was a set up. A higher opposition was <hes> I was setting up and running is your therapy center <hes> <hes> and it was a great experience for me and also being powered for big corporates organization as running the center so <hes> yeah just made sense to do that and the lever away from each other for two years it was an issue. It's supposed to be six months but then my goes on things happen than the moved and we started our business and the time than the into different countries yeah so we will have them this long distance relationship thing that we will also listenable and again it. Wouldn't you know we wouldn't ever plummeted stocks for sure oh but it allows US space to explore go deep on some of these things that we were trying to work out for solves. I'll be honest when MIRA said should've tightness role almost at home. I goes what we're going to be a wife but again when I go oh quiet a realized that it has to be done era she needed the expirations get conference. Bach on tape is project even though seems to go commandos. I know this makes sense. We're GONNA be a pause and then obviously you know your friends bomb. He's not meant well. They were very faithful and then just provides Glenn you know just download it. It's amazing that actually what we what we achieved in that time again no plans on just letting it unfold in a few steps absolutely and I guess that's sweet spot wants swimming but again I wouldn't say okay. Let's again it. Just just watch yeah. I mean there's no rights wrong. There is no I should be Green Bay. Never thought I should be doing something it wasn't going to ride action <hes> but then the never redid someday that the just need sense that moment a sometimes didn't even make sense any malays just an inside and then you go go and yes I mean we it's really getting really quiet your snow and taking taking taking what shows on it seems it doesn't mean they trust trust that takes you somewhere useful. They just had this idea and we just call that reminds me. How I decided to move to Spain? I would literally walk through the old historic part of Granada. You know this white cobblestone stone houses and there was the sort of market in the morning where you know you sometimes could not even tell which century in because they know cause and it's like just like in the old days and I remember the moment that would this when there was float I'd love to live here and and there was and it did sense logically to to leave a perfectly fine I._T.. Korea in London you know to just go move to Spain and do something totally different over what is but that trust that like okay if there is that pull. There's always the if it's pull it's worth following. If it's a push well you might WanNa have an and there was something else you said about the people around you. I've seen a lot with with clients as well. It's like my family doesn't support me and there's always like well. No they won't usually is like Oh. You're crazy until you've done it and then they always knew about their own fees and their own it. I think what comes up is more about them than about you or your your chances of success with whatever you're doing. It's is being it's a really great point because I think I'm at least for me. In the past. I had to have an approval of people that are close to mean. I live in order to do things wchs was lacking but my father was alive. He was the one that all you want to do it. Yes go towards it never really put any blocks things and it was really really really supports but when he passed away my my freedom to do things kind of disappeared from my life because I I didn't know where that comes from I always love is coming and renting to really a low point to my life girls than I was agree and diagnose depression and <hes> and what I learned from there. That was my turning points. What I learned from there was that I don't really need anybody to to approve of anything that I'm doing yet? It's it's okay to to listen to people in and maybe it gives you insight may be a gives you an idea but not lying the following what they think because day come up from their perspectives and their fears and also us right now visa times I have believed that but because we know what's going on it can support each other's covering isn't change <hes> but it was a big turning point for me to not feel resentful birds the people that had different opinions different ideas and appeared to be stopping the things you know they just do the best that they can and and still love each other so that was big turning turning point for me <hes> yeah I can see that my I relate to the you know the good girl now that was me too and it was in the end. It's like so liberating to realize that God knows actually perfectly acceptable answer and people in the end all better at take method than I actually used to think. Actually it just POPs up into how how do you guys manage to well. Do you manage to separate like the coaches from you know just being a normal couple. Is this like don't let the coach me moments ordinary well actually mayor when a lot deep Ronel pay I just been practitioner but initially before we started looking to the subtractive signs like allergy. We both sponsored wedge. I'll be on his we win China. Take anyway but it just hopping automatically then if we were in place one of Zeistloft up in the focus on my language among you know kind of thing but now just doesn't cut it's actually quite hoppy if item say it and they give me a gentleman I really appreciate although in the moments of probably say stupid stupid things like anyone doesn't h what I'm a law quick that does not off of it and go while Funky you know because if it's on spot don't see it then you need much in the right direction and I don't think inseparably <unk> constitional well. It's it's interesting because I think where where we trying to to push push another one to see our perspective or like he needs to change this in order to see what I'm coming from. This is very crate creates this feeling aw leland the don't try to coach me right now but if if I can speak to myself but I think this is what what's happening if if I generally think nothing on that but no my own perspective Acura feelings or anything if I really really clear minds <hes> and I tell him you know I'm not sure about this. He'll be absolutely over to talk about it because coach about it's absolutely but if I come from my own I've got something on my own agenda here. Then it doesn't then we get into could be an argument. Humanity it could be all you know. Don't do this now but yet depends how be approaching depends where from which feeling lately come to an insane clients isn't it and I think Milwaukee that because it clearly and again the always no income them human come to human experience but is just GonNa okay so while Salat about near as doesn't seem to be in a nice place so I'm not a Polish you know I'm just curious about what's making Lael. You know what what's what's got to the moment Dr Not way whereas before it'd be like I must be about those during because may reciting next lines are that'd be look into outside and myself and then obviously not ready belly fix. I'm just odd swim against so it's a and you know it grows and every time we have a new insight about the business and and it's interesting eh were relationship grows be getting to know more each other. Our business grows in the same way. That's interesting hugh is joined the episode. Don't forget to subscribe and if you're curious how having your own podcast could help you grow your business to passion business podcast calm and grabbed free resources us that helps you get started actually episode. I am not that I just so resonates with with my experience and that there's business development is personal development. It's so closely related especially when you have a business coaching business creative business so much more about about you or like well not as it's more the question of personal development like how are you prepared to go and and where you coming from you can do dude on the on the strategy and tactics and facebook ads and Blah Blah Blah. E can do it all everything right but if you're not coming from the right place it's all running against the wool really aw that's been valuable lesson you know being in a relationship wide Franken business because we started looking at it again. We can go back in hindsight and say we we did this and we really clung but that's just experiments experiments in Colombia's wobble known again like ready can be doing this. Maybe we'll start arguing but it just never happened. We like any Coppola or any relationship Vermont's Gamal you know you're GonNa have difference of opinion but it just just difficult as big stopping from we probably stop having visage. It's been an amazing actually the more we try and get get into way of what's already playing than then you WanNa get straight heels off. If we just have more on that which obviously it's not always easy to do on. You've owning a business because I think for people say very cliche that Cheesy Passion Fast Business Laser the rings so true because as soon as we get a bit wobbling thing Oh my God we need to get this much. Money doesn't really why crime and then this energy get bucking the Ruben Online's actually why we really want to do because it likes awesome. I'll be ready truly believes that might actually her clients or whoever trauma resonate revolve reach out to there's a passion behind it all and for me I think it's it's closely related to buy the my background in being a refugee and being in war and you know seeing how much people get blended induce stupid things and I think this is me that kind of the wounds that either know how big scale but that's it comes from there and this work bind actually I I guess we just started Explo- from experience liking culprit like into businesses and enter my son has been a musician wall was holding people by so in the music side it was people feel were the judge fan because when producer painting Yasser Too low swam teams ball when you out in the world sometimes of this deadly be the past would feel judge on a lot of expectation building Otzi president the send Bolton so a record label when not completely think the officer if I make some issues to going about creative state not just elevate you know it's what lights on if we can point people's eating for a second ducks kind of chicken talks Rosen and businesses while its oversight hold hearings buckets that banking right we will experience we forget that's implicit the end up with it but obviously it's it's a challenge origin in real life because life gets away and things often then same does let me get two weeks all complexity <unk> Balkan <unk> yeah if I guess at something I think I've been noticing more and more is that benign noticed that I saw complicating things going into too. Many there's an old I need so that's that's kind of mind and notchback back. Stop and go back symbols. who was the simplest way you can say this? The symbol Spain combined this simplest dinner this this this quote that I've got like everywhere. It's an Einstein quite a at least it's attributed to Einstein. It's genius is taking the complex and making it simple and that really resonates with me because I'm a bit like lucky in that sense that it gets too messy. Let that's just like a signal now. Just cuts simply. Stay get messy. It was focusing on creates a two year. It's messing the middle and actually we make good saying they're not because I'm really come up with ideas can smash our loads of different experiments but when against masturbate in the middle I gotta get bit the mayor then Kohl's Craxi merely. You Really WanNa do that because if you take inference on how can you focus on okay buccaneering then again it's not questioning wall purposes as all get together says it can really help people and then bothered nominee edges. He will just let no it doesn't make sense in the mall so we just start something whereas an apostol may especially Jubilo things a light to be busy but then it's like you know is busy. Lizzy always really a good thing not all the time and again. I'd like to open. It's quite Lutts for lights. No but it's now it's guesses lasts more. It really is so we've got a lot going on. Don't get me wrong so yeah. What have you gone now this one thing and again the relationships things that makes me laugh because I never fought to get into relationship? Coaching on intellectual spoke again lights. It's really the from business of it as long relationship with their Business Paula you boss could be anything. It's now we will have been among among recently in Berlin on it was amazing because every time we do this we learn all sounds Ryan. You know someone asks me. Why did you get into this verse lights exactly all the the very thing that you didn't pointing people back to you know their own wellbeing unclarity in currency mind every time we coach some on the Workshop Hawaii groups in my while didn't think Blah Blah? I always say no very sold different origins later. I'm like wow ups amazing what else we gon. You're willing the fruit. I'M GONNA get Treatment Month's program which people to just lied to explore how their experiences creat created so it's basically you know anybody somebody that might be struggling with something has difficulty with something <hes> you know may even go as far as the pressure or somebody was already made some big changes in their life but they want to know more and be more in control their lives feelings and it won't be a terrible thing. It's it's really exploring and equal understanding wise something happening and how so they can get INSCI- about it what it is an hostile to what to do. It'll probably just change in Rabo. Just seeing what you do you just get so yeah. That's that's what I'm the eight next to what shorts vote in timeless wanting to buy and it's actually just experts from because living in different countries like yonker Milan's law but it's it can be really challenging people especially be on your own survive in a brand new. You've community in a new country. It can be a culture shock as well so we realized about was she'll be useful so he reached out to friends people we know in the way they said about could be useful so we're GONNA the two-day web shop exploring and then the next one we do in Dolan will be I think creativity innovation because even that we do a lot of created things in terms of helping people who are it's not just all sorts of many wants to invite so maybe stoker's leader on maybe they won't seem to come over new products so disrupts an industry so we kept saying do workshops locally because even though we live in Bil`in we ended adult align rise and it's only recently but now we're back in the same country together like wow we can actually imbalanced while digital that's too isn't it yeah yeah nonetheless thing thing Barack Obama coaches in the around the fall business mental type program so we started off doing a few free calls around just dubbing values and getting if he wants to people who are you know and stressful officials and again probably GonNa do it free month program between roar. We go deepen. All of all different expertise macron's again same thing just point people boxing. You know when you have only mind mind while next. For what else can you so Kobe that you wanna just wipe the slate gray. I'm just have a you know less stress in the life. Get some time Baca relationship but crucially as well when you've shifted a lot of things us. What next could you really do it now? You've got a clear mind renovating space. How could that really impact your business in the positive way all the people that you monitoring from betting that's attic sorry mayors reminded me for over the last two years of being insulating creates all over the world and it just thought it offers their side projects on the videos all the group but actually it's going to be a documentary next year some just reaching out Sir Hugh people much Fatima made that our two together refining footage has hours dollars so yeah anyone who's listening? Thank you want to reach out to always interview creates the planet and it doesn't matter wall discipline you ran just view light to making starting you getting spot stated flow. Go somewhere else and I'm GONNA put my hand up for that one. The woman wants entrusted than the average out because we're always looking for people and is going to be it'll be year before we teased on collected anymore to something it came from an inside that it slowly going <hes> but it's going in in the right direction. It's interesting. I love to actually mirrors drafted seventy times. The production crews are being quite a good loud and it's just so much fun when when he will allow life to unfold unfold hundred my favorite word we yeah it does look like it then you been you allow it to unfold and it's coming to you. There is lightness and goes in a certain national time limit stood. You come say you know this has ah trying to control bobin happen then this is for me in the past struggle within society about these things there is now <music>. I'm probably more more happening and no no <hes>. There's not science here ball. It's just unfolding one after another after notice reminded us ah just reminding them that he would just be fall. You know we got on the cone and I was trying to remember. How do we really what was the storm point? The ball goes into thinking about the lines inquiry. Maybe run reminded me that actually could have been this fallback. Historians people saying you just got police seeds lay MIRA said when you go off on it it just it just it's dot com. That's running to take wall Ri- honesty not so clearly when a make music <unk> follow creates it's AC- play all every everywhere line firm. It's such a useful <unk> an idea as <unk>. You don't have to help any urgency. She bounded you know just let it play outs cashiers about and if it really needs to take shape befall and it was just that's my experience to adequately signed that one and this uh-huh coming floor Rebecca inside the link inside the you need the kind of comes in over and over and over over again and it was staying the game that's true because there's so many times than it was easier to just you think it's easier in that won't eat who <hes> just not do certain certain things be present look scary or or too complicated too difficult but <hes> it just looked easier actually staying in the game and in just thinking next them the takes you where you're actually going and school tonight <unk> the Moi happen often on some of these ideas and experience that we start to do as a business then Dan nuts for the power is because we really is not of course would super does alive because sometimes you you really wanted to crime especially if you really ledge fall but now <unk> disappeared so quickly get over it wasn't the pasta if I didn't have that tight structure around it and again that Rigid Bang than other have a law thinking around it without just as McConnell so to be able to appoint People Tada that you know you free to experiments things are going to work mark. Have some things are gonNA <unk> of its kind on how many times had ideas on average it's GonNa happen soon. It helps out for years legs rather mayors you said like hybrid the business I remember I came to lend you just a first year coachee in therapy and <hes> and Peter Peter Ideal life was <hes> make music and he told me once what really claps said you know I think we are going to have business <unk> business together and charge like hot like you didn't use it on the coaching <unk>. Be No one still end actually this morning. I told him like the remember when you said that he's really no no idea so nice for minos. Okay is not great tonight but awesome. It's always crime so you always going to help those insights when when you're ready to get about download whatever so where can people find more out more about you might can they go all of the website to the mind takeaway dot com and and then lots of things going on and some Bellona published published yet scientific if anybody's join anything or or get to know as as the as we publish things and as we as we start throw grounds just sign up living <unk> begun spam people but just sent the mation and on the other thing is just the facebook group yeah his it's a nice closed group. It's it's not publicly and hosted so we up volleyball post law the concerns that we put us yeah. That's probably a good place. You WanNa explore kind of what what would you on the guy. He'll always them again. It's the same thing the mind cycle another name by the way the <unk> I'll think had no idea about paying from but one day I think we'll walk. Shopping Mirror was in charge in the U.. A. And I was in a meeting he was involved. I think it came out all the name he hit to the the it wasn't even plan to be accomplished. You're not just you know and he took the domain name name and then even even for business by strange because the guy told us was opening is we cannot have at the beginning because of was in U._k.. And and try and nobody objected Oh yeah well thanks so much for coming no such a full compensation and I look forward to watching what's unfolding for UNIX.

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