Celebrate The 198th Birthday Of A Colonel Plus 4 Things To Know Around Detroit


It's just remarkable just the history of colonel norris and what one man can do. He was a poet he was a writer hugh. <hes> he built up nor town. He was one of the first superintendents to yellowstone. He has a huge legacy. A dedicated group in detroit neighborhood is trying to restore one of the city's oldest homes and you can help by going to party so i had to the to a end to chat with danielle pantalica then we'll dive into a few stories around town. It's wednesday say august fourteen twenty nineteen. I'm jerry stays and welcome to your daily detroit. Let's get started in daily. 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Will have link in the show notes up on mt elliott street roughly between nevada davison sits a set of buildings buildings with a deep connection to detroit's past the neighborhood is known as nor town but it doesn't just refer to north as many may think it hearkens back to colonel elitist us norris a. union civil war veteran who drove the founding of the village of norris the draining of a creek to help create a row mount clemens and a pair of places that still stand today that holds some keys to our city's history among well many other accomplishments the village was originally defined by seven mile mound six mile and that's now labeled mcnichols and van dyke from what i can tell it was mostly inhabited by farmers who sold their goods to eastern market eventually the land was i annexed into hamtramck township which looked little like the hamtramck of today iran from the detroit river by belial all the way up to the county line which which is now eight mile and then in about nineteen sixteen. This area was added to the city of detroit so i paid a visit to detroit dive bar royalty and keeper of the legendary very to weigh in danielle pedal risco to learn more about what's happening. She grew up at the bar. So basically i lived in the big haunted spooky mansion so it was just very interesting our basement that used to be the jail. That's like museum so sometimes i'll just go down there rummage through something for thirty minutes find something really cool. Take a picture of a put on our facebook. You know it's it's fun. Everything that's on the walls has been found in house so it's not like we go on ebay a an old stroz signed. It's no we we have one. We have many it is in fact the old stroz sign from this place. That's been unused for years. So how old is this place. It was built in eighteen seventy and then it was a functioning business in eighteen seventy three so it was the first business snus in norristown detroit which was this room and that was the general store and why is it called the two a._m. A two and is actually a style of a building. It's a term from the eighteen hundreds. It means nothing in our english language today so basically when people were building things there was no codes there is no you know people looking over their floor plan plan so people were just building things kind of however. They wanted and they were making mistakes. They were not building enough. Doors exits enough windows. So if there there was a fire in this room and this room had the door people were getting trapped so to aden was a safe word it meant that there is two ways in and out of every single room home in this building no matter how big or how small and it was just to ensure your safety that you could get out quickly if you needed to so they would say go to nor town. There is a two way in in that very short sentence. You got a ton of information then as in one thousand nine hundred zero on there were allows. There were codes. It's that you had to abide by so you would not have to call something a two and so we're the last two way in in the nation. I kind of want to get into this norris the house then it's kind of why we're here to talk with you today. What is this place. Why is it so important. It's had a lot of ups and downs. Let's just just say over the last few years well. The north house means a lot to us. Someone colonel norris came here after the civil war he build the to a and then he built his family home right away away so his family home. You know that's what we call the norris house it's been there since you know the eighteen seventies and its historical landmark in the east side of detroit and we're just trying to preserve that preserve that history any any neighborhood has rich history and that's what we're trying to bring awareness awareness to his home his legacy. He was a major part of decided detroit. He was a major part of american history being a civil war veteran a spy for the union and we would love to make it into like maybe a community center or a place where people can go and take pictures or just have it. You know just a a staple for us. We have the two way we have some other function e business but we also want things that are from the past two but but right now we just need the construction going and i understand part of the challenge with that is that there was a fire right yeah. There's a fire about two years ago on for the july i <hes> it's said to be arson and that was just a huge devastating blow. Soul out of the house is just gone so basically there's a small part on on. There's a staircase that we're trying to preserve a man by the name of carl he's from five arts detroit. He had huge part the spring putting the roof on and we're just trying to sell what we have. You grew up here. Why do you love this neighborhood so much. I love this neighborhood so the norris house was where i i would take my children and we will go on picnics and we would kind of use that as our own personal yard it was like a little forest back there and it's just remarkable just the history of colonel morrison what one man can do he was a poet he was a writer hugh. <hes> he built up nor town. He was one of the first superintendents to yellowstone. He has a huge legacy and just to keep his name going for us is important and we just really want to draw attention to you him and what his efforts where for for this community will and how are things going here at the two way because i can personally endorse drinking here is a lot of fun but how how are things going here i mean because people may or may not think of this corner of town for going out and having good time but frankly it's one of the remaining outposts of drink if you think about the fact we've lost the the <hes> tom's tavern. We've lost a few other places our things going in. You know what's going on here. Well we were dive bar of the year. We are named that it just as past few months diver of the year for north america. We were on thrillers thirty three tab. Divers in america were the first one on that list. We are featured in a documentary with kathy draft ski. It's called uncle frank's house. We get a lot of listening which is nice but the two way is just still the same old to a. We have people here here that are you know they'll come in their eighty and they would say oh. I used to come here with my dad and i just say no like so many things around us change but what hasn't changed is the two way it's still the same old stomping ground. It's a pit stop from here to downtown the term dive bar. Do you embrace that and what do you think makes a good dive a couple of the keys for for you for success. We are a dive bar so a dive bar to me is a place that has the two dollar beer were very blue collar. If you're waiting over here at the bus stop and you just got a couple of bucks in your pocket and you wanna grab a cold one. We're that place. We're never going to be a martini eighteen bar. Were never trying to be something that we're not. This is a very industrial neighborhood so you have a lot of guys coming in here that just have thirty minutes for lunch and they just got a couple of bucks in their pocket and those guys that we want. Those are the people that we're looking for so many places now they open later. That's like the new trend in bars. They don't open till whole seven or eight. A lot of things are just strictly craft craft cocktails or craft beer sure we have craft beer but we just tried to bring it down to the you know. The basics of this is a barbershop beer bar. Come one come. All we have a wide variety of people that come in young old doesn't matter so the north house. It sounds really cool. It sounds like a great piece of detroit history but i understand there's a way that people get involved to help. Save it for sure are so this saturday. August seventeen will be the kernels one hundred and nine hundred th birthday and to honor him. We're doing a fundraiser for the house and it's gonna be from two to seven and basically we're going to have food and you can buy the food and one hundred percent of the proceeds from the food. Go towards the 'cause. We're going to have a donation bucket. If you can't stay <hes> we're gonna do a raffles in. It's a family friendly event. We're going to have the yard open and try to get some cornhole going being in the back and we just basically want people to come in. Maybe do a walk over to the north house so people can see what curl and had boston john bosh had been. I've been doing over the summer they can just really see with their own eyes and try to get a vision of what the house wants looked like and also we're looking for artist assed. We're looking for sculptors who have no some ideas for nora town. I would love to see some welcome to nor town signs. We will love so maybe be street art and you can always contact the too if you'd be interested or the norton c._d._c. We're open to anything. We're open to the donations. Were open to who ideas you know. People are so thrilled about the coming back of detroit and downtown looks so beautiful on the waterfront but there's also these little neighborhoods the east side and we're kind of out here and no-man's-land but just as important here's a few more things you should know around town florida's extending warranties on five hundred sixty thousand focus and fiesta vehicles equipped with power shift dual clutch automatic transmissions ford will reimburse twenty only fourteen to two thousand sixteen model your focus customers and twenty fourteen to twenty fifteen model year fiesta customers for clutch repairs. They paid for out of pocket but it's also in context context of a massive investigation by the detroit free press of clutch issues with the vehicles something that's been talked about in depth right here on the podcast with the freaks randy essex six a couple of weeks ago. The free said the company knew that the transmissions were defective before they put them on the market ford says this warranty extension is independent of any media media or litigation and litigation is pending in multiple countries. One of the things that's interesting about the focus is that it seems to have been designed as a car for seniors with wider peter doors sight lines and other adaptations when initially conceived test drivers were suits to simulate slow response times and other issues older folks dealt with and that was the genesis of some of its unique features however ford soon decided that according to the center for universal design quote you can sell a young man's car to an old man but you can't unsown old man's car do a young man and that part of the marketing plan was scrapped speaking of automotive completed in nineteen. Oh nine woodward <music> avenue between six and seven mile roads was the first mile of paved highway in the world and it got a newly refurbished marker today. The restoration of the historic sign was made possible so by a grant from motor cities national heritage area along with support from hegarty insurance according to press materials crews in the detroit entertainment commission and the ford pecan avenue plant museum lent their support as well. There's develop happening on vacant illegit own land up in farmington hills mercedes-benz benz financial will lease space where the little caesars headquarters was planned to be before it moved to downtown detroit a new two hundred thousand square foot building will be constructed and they'll be home talk about a thousand jobs it will also be the base of daimler mobility america's according to a news release construction starts in the fall and it will be ready in the summer of twenty twenty. One in a new soft serve ice cream shop is open in downtown detroit called huddle. It's in a walk up window on. John are just east of woodward that used to be home to chickpea in the hutto plans to be open year round with what looks to be a simple menu. You can get a chocolate vanilla or a swirl soft serve and toppings such as sprinkles sea salt and many each chocolate chips their floats to including verners as to what the pricing is like a basic cone will set you back four bucks in floats six bucks toppings are extra and follow up to a previous story. The oakland county suburb of royal oak has a new interim city manager. The royal oak tribune reports city attorney david guillem. We'll take the job under six month contract and he'll continue to supervise the irs before i let you go a reminder. The dream cruise is this weekend on woodward throughout oakland county so living those parts either dive all the way in and or if cars are not your thing woodward will not be the place to be so that'll do it for today's daily detroit. If you like the show take a screen shot of it on your phone tag our instagram <music> graham daily detroit. We should give it some love. I'm jerry stays. Take care of each other and we'll see you around troy. You're listening to the podcast cast detroit network visit w._w._w. Dot podcast detroit dot com for more information.

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