Samsung Galaxy S20's camera issues and Bob Iger steps down as Disney CEO


This week on the virtuous we go deep on the Galaxy s twenty ultra. What's going on Camera Julie? Alexander joins us to talk about the big changes at the top of Disney. Do a grab bag news from NBC. It's fun it's a virtuous come it's up to the verge has brought to you by nerdwallet. Most people out there you have a ton of financial questions might be keeping you up at night wondering how to start. Investing thinking about opening a rewards credit card. Whatever your money questions might be the experts at nerdwallet. Have you covered their legitimate? Money nerds obsessed with this stuff and they make it easy to understand any complex financial question. Check out their calculators and simple side by side comparison tools. Starting sense of your options for all your money questions turned the nerds at Nerdwallet DOT com. Hello I cast flagship. Podcast of the negatives might supervision where there is such thing as non winning podcast we. We've all gathered together in New York ourselves. I'M A FRIEND. Neil bone is in New York not a bending it away Miller's in New York. Hello we're all here is it. A sentence mega pixel is that A. Is that how you would say the Center Mega Mega Mega? Well it's it's been a busy week but I I would say our week has been dominated. Debtors life has been dominated by the galaxy. S Twenty ultra. Here's the thing that I will say to you. It would be nice to review a flagship premier amazing new expensive. Samsung phone without turning into dramatic fiasco as the is a person who was like. I gotta get through an hour of conversation. I I like the dramatic content. Yeah all right can be just trying to set some stage okay. Deeter bone works at the verge. Yes you review a lot of phones do I would say to lately. Trend is big companies messing with how phones are reviewed. Okay Yeah Little. Bit Right. So like Like Walt Mossberg Eastern Virginia along distinguished career at the Wall Street Journal. For most of that time a product would come out they would like someone would announce it. Yeah then they would give one to reviewers. Yep some time would pass yup in embargo with lift. Yes while would have been ago. She had an embargo like eight hours. Before hours you'll driving US crazy as young pups so walter. Viewed go out and then go out the next day but that's usually what happens fair. That is the standard format for all products. You nounce it. You make big thing you bring in a bunch of reporters and reviewers pretty thin. He gave the reviewers Rian. It's they go out in. The world used the product. You'd much calls about what they're seeing what they're not seeing the review other reviews trump today. I'm sure anybody listening to this. Has Been aware of like fifty reviews. Getting troppled saint time. Yeah this year has not featured that pattern to a large extent. Yeah and in this discussion. You might be tempted to think that we're just demanding that things go back to the good old days when you know we knew what the rules are Walton Bark and this is at this is just like the companies are trying to figure out what they want like how they want the phone reviews to work in a world that is increasingly got like influences and Instagram youtubers. That may or may not follow journalistic standards. Everybody that we like. Follow in talk about tends to. They've got you know. Just other ways that their phones get out in the world and so they're trying to figure out how to contend with that so sometimes there's like special like after the main announce an event there's like a special influence or event where they show up and have like a day with thing a room or whatever and other times. What's happening more and more is they'll just released the thing either to reviewers on the day it starts selling or they'll give the reviewers like yeah. Just start writing embargo. Whatever you want we then we all have to sort of like like a showdown like we all like look at each other in the virtual saloon. That is twitter. And we're like when are you GONNA draw? We decide how long but it's nice because then you get you get to choose how long you are going to spend reviewing a thing instead of trying to hit the embargo that you know everybody's going to hit but it also means that there's this weird like how quickly he should've written. How much time should you spend with it and Why did they choose to do it this way? You have this thing in the back of your mind when a movie gets released With no reviews. You know it's bad right. The movie studio wants to have a chance for like the first three days to go to get move ticket sales before word of mouth is like. Oh I know this is bad and I don't know whether that rule applies to phones or not. I actually really don't yeah. I think the the broad thing you're saying is true. That media landscape has dramatically changed for everything. When you're launching a product you want maximum exposure. In the old days of like two years ago reviewers are the ones we're gonNA your product Like there was not an ecosystem of other people following a variety of other rules. They were going to be a key landmark on the path to more expensive. Yeah we I mean there wasn't like I dunno medium. Yeah now there's a lot of people who like you can see the phone too and they'll just like produce some content around it fine like you can. You can go find a famous actor and be like. Here's a phone. We Post Five instagram photos of you. Being happy with it and do it so we can clarify it a little bit of the stakes here you. Can you clarify the trade off between I have a phone for twenty four hours what can I say definitively about it versus? I have a week like you know. What is that trade off? Oh I mean with the week you are more likely to discover bugs You have a much better sense of battery life much better sense of like performance over time you settle in with the thing. There's things that you might not notice in the first day like is the button actually convenient or not is the you know. Whatever weird way that it unlocks or that the the way the home screen works are like. Is this new setting to do this thing actually useful or not that you'll try it for the first day but like it's like trying new food. I maintain that you should before you project a food and say hate that food. You should eat it three times the first time. It's like octopus. I mean I guess the second time is like okay. I tried it once. I got through it but Try it again. We'll see see if I if I had actually maybe was wrong the first time I gotTa have and then the third time is like you know I really hate that thing but just maybe maybe. He was made poorly the first couple of tomatoes for three. This is how I approach pop music. I almost always dislike every single new pop song I hear. Yeah and then a few of them here on the second time at starbucks. That's how they get your your and then the third time. We're completely must-listen qualify. Probably the first person ever plato to me if I believe this okay. We should talk about the phone. Talk about the phone. All of this was like a big setup. A twenty twenty theme is big companies with the standard review procedure. Right that has really determined a lot of how reviews get made in the world for a very long time. Lata monkeying the first wave which was a disaster. I hope everybody learned. Their lesson was just to not give review units out and then dealer could discover that. The folding phone's broken so we tried that. Approach with the s twenty. They gave you the phone known bargo which is better or worse the embargo reasonably Rocco's creates a sense of fairness. Yeah right handed embargo. Someone's going to publish it the first day. Yeah in that one might not be any good. And you don't get to the person who's going to wait a week and do all. The rigorous testing is at a disadvantage. Well so the way it happens. A lot of people like a rolling reviews or like constantly updating reviews And I think that's totally fine We I tend to not like doing that because my first impression once. I've said it if I want to backtrack on it or I have something else to say about it I just. I don't know I'm slow. I like to like form a complete thought. Instead of telling you half thought that's twitter's for with Typos. Yeah tell you have thoughts on twitter all day long. Free twitter makes money. Yeah that's the real. Rub It okay. Let's say you got the phone. No embargo took you while your view is out yes dramatic so the one on this whole tangent about not a bidding and how. The camera works before so. I don't want to do that again. But the core of this phone is. It's five G. It's got a huge screen to the high refresh rate and it has an all new camera system that is radical departure in many ways from the way that smartphone cameras have worked before and as the biggest battery. Huge higher frustrates screened knocked. It out of the Park Samsung wins. We're making the best display on a smartphone. Yep just did it's great. I love it. The huge battery solves whatever? Problems might come from any number of things five G. draining draining your Your download your battery. Because it's fast no problem. Excuse me a battery which there was something. Higher frustrates screen. Del Problem. Whatever you do like the the papers over many problems because it's just a big ass battery create huge win five g you know it's five. G. It exists finding apologised. Ran a speech on thirteen down. Not Yeah you gotta go out to the street corner and standing one particular spot and then like literally praying motion the phone to change everything will just be more mindful. T. Mobile Five G. New York is mid band and so you can get better speed sort of everywhere. But it's not radically better anyway. I haven't got any robots surgery. He don't buy it because it's the five G. phones going to get it. It's got this new. Snap age sixty five processor That doesn't seem to me to radically change. Experience presumably a dozen that like allows them to do a bunch of stuff that like they couldn't otherwise. Do that frustrates screen or whatever. But the big big. Bet The differentiating thing especially on the twenty ultra is the one hundred eight megapixel camera and it has two problems one of which Everyone has experienced. Which is that. It has a hard time. Auto FOCUSING HUNTS FOR FOCUS. And you really see video You'll see it in photos but photos is actually. It took me a minute to discover it to more than a data discovered. Actually because I just assumed that you know I'm not that great if tougher which makes me a great Of Phone camera reviewer in some ways because like if they can make me take good photos and that's a good sign but I was getting a lot of focus focus photos and I was just like I must. I must be bad this But no it's actually as bad autofocus. That is one of those things. Take us on myself. Yeah all right. Always blame yourself But then the second thing and this is a little bit harder to convey even when I post photos on the website is everybody has a different set of thing and I could put up like an entire gallery might do that later but with faces in particular the assumptions that you can make about what the phone will do go completely out the window. So you you learn. A phone's camera will light things. In a certain way we color things in a certain way. You get a sense of what it's going to do so that you can trust it and then as soon as it sees a face it's like had just kidding we're going to change everything. This is the really jarring illustration in your review where You taking a picture of a guy he's looking at you. Yep He looks kind of orange a little little fuzzy yeah and then when he looks at forty five degree he it's the pictures way darker sharper completely different. Yeah and beauty mode is a thing. Skin lightening is a thing. It's a thing that often has like Like racial undertones. That are problematic We actually very specifically took lots of photos of lots of different people. Lots of different skin tones and do not think that Samsung is doing anything inappropriate in that regard tone but it is making these like lighting and white balance choices that are just impossible to predict when you see a face It might go green and Michael Yellow. Who knows it wants to get rid of shadows and so it just brings up. Mid Tones shadows way too much And then the worst one for me is the softening it does. It runs a softening filter on faces to get rid of like a little bit of blemishes. And I'm okay in principle with a camera doing all of those things including and especially the softening but there should be a button that tells you that it's happening and you should be able to turn it off and there just isn't that for the main camera it's just on. We can use like a pro mode. You can turn on pro mode but then like you're like you're going to have to promote every time in promote makes you turn on the set all the settings well the settings are all basically on auto and promote so like you could theoretically go to. Promo take the photo and it's like functionally equivalent to just leaving it. An auto basically sort of maybe the problem but not to do that. Everyone's going to hit the shutter button. Yeah the defaults matter the most these cameras like we review every camera with like a variety of pro camera APPs. Yeah it doesn't count. It's so to be clear Everybody does this faces. Yes this is correct so if apple when it sees a face the iphone apple literally calls it realizing the face they will re expose the face the you all their fancy competition frog for your the I there like we know this scene. We know what it should look like. We will face or to. Yeah it's the whole. What is a photo conversation like? They're they're sort of generating an image. That's closer to what they think. It should look like Google. Does this. Everybody's kind of re metering and re exposing especially HDR. Samsung is doing extremely aggressively. Yes To the point where turning your head. Forty five degrees produces just a dramatically different photo which. I don't really know what's going on here. It's it's hard to tell but it seems like Samsung's person detection. Ai Like only sees a person when you're looking at the camera and if you just think turn away the person like a break it's a totally different metering mode. If you just turn your ad that seems extremely like it's just confused about what it's looking at and then it is so so dramatic when it does seem that face the you end up with like just. It's just a weird looking photo. It's just too much and I didn't believe the believe me dramatic fiasco part one. Is I if we ask? It was a localized the DMZ between indeed just like is that happening is like many many more slacks have arrived forty five more photos. There's light room album. I was on a plane. I don't Oh and I was like you. Can't you can't look at this when you're on a plane because Google crushes there at the airport like locally so downloading files like looking at photos of detour on a plane. The people sitting next to me in the way he's looking at that guy but it's it's it's just obviously there. Yeah and then. There's the second part which I don't think it's quite the metering stuff it's like Samsung's look is still Samsung's look and they've toned it down a little bit. Yeah but the Combo Platter of the unpredictable metering and the focus and Samsung's look yeah is not good right and it it not being good when it's like to me. It's the most important feature of this phone to other people might be the five year the size but to me. It's that As Twenty plus right or yes twenty Which we will review but but like Google throws imaging algorithms at stock censor. Yeah in what they get out of. It is rock solid consistency. Yes right like a pixel photo. Looks like a Pixel photo. I think often produces winners. Like in just a comparison. I often prefer the Pixel photo. Apples gotten really good. This year. They there's sort of less consistent. I Dunno diffusion ever actually did anything. Yeah seems like maybe actually shipped it like? I don't even know there's no way to towel. There's not even a setting. It's not like I've been photos. Look very good on balance They've got a better like they're up there. Yeah Right. Samsung is inconsistent and weird. Looking is not a competitive zone to be. They have they do take photos. That are up there much of the time. But it's the inconsistency that's the problem and the the big swing of we're GONNA go one hundred eight megapixel camera. I think it's forty eight on the telephone. But it's forty on the Selfie and other bending and all the other stuff and you could take one hundred and eight megapixel photo mosaics all that extra stuff. I don't know how actually actually worth it was I you maybe you get the telephoto. Because that's like the other reason to get the ultra periscope blends with telephoto and I think at up to thirty x which is very impressive It produces good enough photos and at ten x eight x technically. Because that's how far the pixel goes so that's right tested it It wins hands down every time. Yeah like if you're doing if you're taking something eight x Ray and you're zooming in that far. The only thing that will do better on a is not a phone like a camera Zoom Lens on a real camera I did on the Sony. Arc's one hundred seven which has got a little two hundred you know. Yeah Zoom Lens on it but yeah like that is an automated unmitigated win but the question is what do you blame on like the new technology? Right is the autofocus function of the way that they're choosing to do phase detector. Whatever on one hundred eight megapixel sensor I think the answer might be yes but maybe they can fix it because that's the next part it's just. They've finally promised a software update to me like twelve hours reviewing up. Wait CAN I. Can I talk about that part? You're going to have much more. I'm just GonNa let you have emotions. Try step is through the canal. Okay so there's no embargo this is where we all came back all that the five minutes of inside baseball we did before this began. Yeah there's no embargo right so Rae Won- and Evan Rogers X. Person Did a really in-depth review the camera for input. They found autofocus issue. Yup Evan He was tweeting. He thinks the colors a little weird. Yep Okay but they published before everybody else. They were the first ones out the gate and to their credit. They caught the auto focus. It caught the focused. Yup Sasha's Siegen a PC MAG goes up. The I think the next day debuted. I think must have been the next day window. Great phone shouldn't spend this much money and so they fix the autofocus issue. Yeah I would say at this point. Samsung is like freaking out By this time I had already been on the phone with Samsung for like a half an hour being like here. All the problems indeed are has not yet looked at the autofocus issue. I have but I at this point. I was when when input up I was like having doubts and I actually at some point tweeted like does it may have been after their thing went up But I still wasn't one hundred center if it was like I was dumb or I'd like the hadn't learned the how of this camera because every cameras different criticism is at this point. It's a Lotta slack about the faces and the callers consistency. So He's been on the phone with Samsung with about that stuff. Yes and then put in P. C. MAG or like autofocus as bad. Yup I think at this point of safe to say like okay. Now we're like we're reporting the review like he's back on the phone and then Samson night was will we're always improving improving our cameras so When I called them Monday I think it was like twenty minutes. Here's what I'm seeing Blah Blah like. Yep Okay that's interesting good feedback and it was like okay anything else guys. Okay and so the statement that they would That they were planning a future update not necessarily a pre store release update just someday in the future. They will update the software to do unspecified things. came in just before the review. So I have to make a choice like one. Do I like wait for this thing someday in the future or do I like I just go? I like this is what I experienced on the phone. Maybe there'll be an update in the future. Go and like. I chose to do that in part because as Neil I said. I've reviewed a lot phones. Nikolai you've reviewed a lot of phones. one phone. Yeah what what happens when a company says we'll fix the camera with a software update never had and never ever never. I'm sorry maybe you can tell me. There is one time when one Nokia phone one plus did manage to slightly improve some some pretty serious issues a couple years ago the only Delta is like if the if when you put the shutter button the phone lights on fire fix that like it's like that you like the cameras and working generates corrupt issues aircraft files. Okay you can fix that in software the the video recording we forgot to turn on four K. sixty whoops okay. We've sulfur fixes a bug. Yep never does it actually change the quality of the camera that is one of the reasons I published. The one thing to say is like these seem the face filter filter stuff seems like a eminently fixable problem just like turn up down right whether or not they can fix. The auto focus is an open question and this gets more complicated. And I'm just GonNa say a thing and some people are GonNa get mad but let me finish the sentence. Samsung is not apple. And what that means. Let me finish. Is that apple is a monolith they are they are they are like centralized control everything and like the messaging is on point and everyone is in lockstep and everyone knows what's happening and what to say and Samsung is just like there's there's a bunch of divisions there's a bunch of people that aren't talked to other people so like there's apparently software update in Korea that may or may not be newer than the firm where I have that may or may not Address the autofocus issue. It's unclear I had a journalist from France. Say that he was told Like on Friday that suffer update was coming. Which is very confusing because I talked to them on Monday for a half an hour. What's going on? So all of that's fine but just a lot of people sort of tweet or we'll talk definitively that they know a thing about. Samsung but Samsung is not one thing. It's it's so many say Samsung. It's not knowable fundamentally not no yeah there many things to many people who work at. Samsung often do not know what Samsung is doing That's just they're just a big sprawling Like Multinational Corporation doesn't talk to itself very well. Which isn't some times which is funny because they make phone. Yeah but there's a benefit to that sometimes because they like they're willing to try stuff and do stuff but every now and then it's not a benefit because it's like what's going on with this fourteen hundred dollars Saito sir. Yeah which is a huge company and it is also true that the phone like a Samsung Galaxy S. Twenty is not a single product correct. It is a different product every carrier in every market Like for Isan gets its own like skew. Its Own Weird. Apps sprint gets its own customization. Like they're just like they make multiple multiple the logistics. That Samsung has to go through to get one of these phones out out the door at about the same day across the world is truly mind boggling. I I think it is probably like more of an accomplishment than what apple does what the iphone in some ways is there any indication yet if the ultras the only one with no we don't know yet to see any reviews of irregular galaxy s twenty s twenty plus so again the simple explanation for the differing software? Update things that we've which is in Korea. There's an update. The people who've been told about the supposed to be coming in France French. Journalists have destroyed have been told an update that fixes a bunch of camera issues are coming in the United States. So we don't know what's going on. Yeah you could just blame it as A. It's a sprawling global corporation arms a huge logistics challenge. They solve credibly or it is a multinational disinformation conspiracy aimed at theatre or you could be biased off. Think about if you're hype for this phone I. I don't want to think that I do not like this. I love this song. I'm concerned about the camera. And if they issuing a software update that fixes the camera I will be the happiest person that'LL BE S. I'll be very excited because I think that other than that. This thing is like very very impressive. So if you're excited for this phone don't be like Ugh like just wait and see if they do something. Don't wait too long because you know camera. Updates duffin don't pan out but never buy any product on the basis of promise exactly software update will never come and it will never do what you think it will. Yep there's just it is just true. The thing that I keep thinking about though is like the the thing the thing that I make on a regular basis that requires the most logistics is a youtube video. We have incredible directors and producers And they're very good at editing And they put so much more work into making thing that I do like punching words and when we're making this thing there's no take backs like it's you you can maybe do content replace every now and then but like you published a thing and you can't like Eddie Youtube it's youtube. Yeah so you like you want to make sure there aren't any problems you while you watch it watch it down you look for whatever you can And when something goes up on YouTube That is like it's not the highest quality or like. I said a thing and I kind of flubbed the line or whatever I definitely know before you've seen it I've seen it. I'm like well it's too much. I can't I can't fix it. We'd have to reshoot too many things it's going it's going out the door. I have to assume that inside Samsung. They knew the Deafen. You write the definitions okay. I've always wondered when when there's an obvious failure. Well let's let's let's say even simpler example Right there's the photo re-lighting there's the skin smoothing which has all kinds of cultural implications. Okay that's very subjective. Even if I think it's objective about but like whatever you're looking at it you're like we think a lot of people are GonNa like the way this photo looks. Then there's the zoom we have the printed in giant letters on the back of this phone one hundred space zoom zoom it to one hundred x you like. That looks horrible. So he everyone in the world can just be like. I wonder what hundred and you do it. You don't need some fancied photography skill or like professionalize. You're like this photo side. Yeah except every time I showed it somebody. They always what wo- they get. They get to have people go. Whoa short. That's what it's for. The thirty x is the one that's actually useful. The tax is great again. The better than the competition Thirty X is like usable. The hundred experts so that they can have people go. I think they could have done that at thirty X SO DO I. But it's it's it's cool though because it's showing you the maximum amount of information that this sensor can possibly obtain and it's not like every so actually it's not because they're they're doing lots and lots cropping so the way that the pixel gets the photos. They take a bunch of photos and easier handshake together more data and what is the photo etc etc? Samsung is taking lots of conversations. So much you know what is the essential philosophical as you as you are well aware. Samsung is also doing multiple photos. But what they're really doing. Is this curious? Mix of like Zooming and then sensor cropping. That's why they picked a high megapixel sensor they can do the bidding whatever. But when you start zooming in they can just crop down and still have a ton of mega pixels. Because there's a ton of mega pixels to work with. But it's just echoed a truck. That is a horrible photo. Sure but I mean this is one of the worst photos ever taken. It's like Brennan Very Far Away. Yeah it's like okay. It's like if I am a international spy. You know Microsoft Microphone. That works via like an aerosol spray spray on an object and now. I've got a microphone and I can listen remotely right like I'm not mad that it's not like dolby quality audio. I'm I'm proud of my achievement. I mean yeah sure like I understand that this is not comparable to a good photo of you being close to attract Yep but right now my phone can't get that Yup so outside bioterror. There's a dog park here New York and I saw dog frolicking and I was like. Oh this is a great opportunity to see if like what zoom does a thing. That's moving around so zooming in dog tried to get the shot shaky. Whatever and I couldn't get a shot of just the dog I I assume they took the shot like the owner. Watan frame that I hadn't really. They were like across the park and they went to go get their dog And then I like completely unintentionally. I just taken like this really creepy spy. I don't want this is going to be seeing the producing unusable product I think that if anybody thinks that they're going to get something that they're Gonna. WanNa like treasure forever out of one hundred zoom there Of Him. Yeah which is fine and then you can just like crop that photo. Yeah and that's what the hundred X.'s. In it looks better than if you try to take the photo one hundred six hundred access. That's thirty accent. I just zoomed in better. It's obviously better. Yeah it's just like they it's printed it on the back of the phone they did. They printed up one hundred. They're inviting you to try. This feature. There are very proud of it and then it's not there and I think that's the one where when you're like they had to know They definitely knew when they decided to printed on the back of the phone. Yeah but some engineer at Samsung like. I don't think we should do this Well it's something that struck me with your view. You're talking about like this it. Some ways is a gentleman device. Yeah I think so and that makes a lot of sense with this camera. Where like because a lot of what makes a flagship phone so good? Yeah is that a fudge phone has everything that the last model got right and then also some more right but when you completely replace apart and you have kind of a new image processing pipeline. You don't necessarily get to build on your prior successes. Theoretically there is more upside to Samsung's Like theory of how camera smartphone camera could work here than there is on Google trying to apply ever better You know software to You know bargain Bin Censor Yeah like if they can start. Continue to do interesting. Things with like combining on combining the sub pixels hundred mega pixels and they can like up there software game a little bit and you know just roll down the line. Theoretically like this could be like the this could be a step change. That's what they wanted to argue. They just they didn't finish it. Maybe they never will because Samsung but There's more potential upside here. They just haven't achieved it so and of course Google and apple aren't gonNA stop. There could keep making stuff. But that's like on two fronts. They're fighting this war in two fronts. One it is clear to me right now. And I I I do think this is debatable. But it feels clear to me. That on the computational photography smart hd our side of the world apple or firmly in the lead yes they are they are doing more with processing off relatively stock ish. Sensors than Samsung is able to do with their socks. Samson is throwing a bunch of hardware at this problem Bigger sensor not binning a periscope zoom lens lots of hardware being thrown at this problem. They still do not have the software chops to pull it off. Even if they're trying to do something totally different right. They're trying to. They're trying to process that censor something. That's better yeah. The the software problem solving is now different in like they have to solve the same problem. That apple apple and Google or solving and they also now have to solve this other problem that they've created for themselves but again if they can do what are both. I think that I think that the sensor is interesting. I think that they actually do have more upside but they have to suffer. I just took a hundred mega hundred zoom. This is tennis trach. Yeah that's just a person in a building. I just see a ghost. I don't know God so I I would say the. Here's the flag there. There are lots of well not lots. But there are several hundred eight megapixel sensor cameras in the world. Yes none of them have been good right so this if if that is indeed a different class of problem how do we make this sensor good well? Samsung de slightly different sensor different methodologies. The way the sensor works those other. Cameras Yeah. I think that this is better than those from what we've heard I haven't actually used the other hundred megapixel camera so I don't know for sure But it's harder problem to solve them. getting told me Pixel photo. Good Yeah and I just think that's like the they're the two problems are right next to each other. Yeah One how do we get a great photo out of the big harbour censor to how do we do all the fancy? Hdr computational photography stuff which is now a look yeah right like we're gonNA take multiple frames and composite them into one sort of evenly frame. What is the photo? What is the photo? That's just a look that people expect. Yeah so now you gotTa do both. And you're not in like no one has solved the the big megapixel sensor problem well and you're already behind that's just a lot of problems SAMSA. Cool thing is they can not that they can't solve it. Were they to solve it then. They've done. They've they've solved it like they could just put up. Yeah it's true. It's staying in the Front Yard. Just had an engine some wheels. Here be faster than you're worrying car. They released a software. Update that solves autofocus. Problem solves this sort of the randoms ation of style problem. Didn't this might be a really good camera. Yeah Yeah I think it sort of the baseline. Is it. Bright outside party taking photos spread outside of the Motorola Razor. So let's not make that. Yeah I like the idea that you're A. You're on team optimism. If they ship a software update that is unlike any camera software. Update in history. Right this'll be the best camera ever made right. Yeah I'm sure I'm with you my love to give another thing about. The setzer is is in fact physically larger than most phone cameras. Sensors have been to date. It is like physically larger just cramming officials in the intuition of all existing cameras is that that's basically the larger the sensor like the better off you are the largest censor constant megapixel count. You want one of those big is big pixels the deep wells because they're just trying to get more light these them together they not but but if you think about it yes you want more light per pixel yes but the so mation of all the light that you get is almost directly a function of the area of the size of the sense. Well so there's there's walls between pixels. Oh God did this last. Can we not talk about not sitting at this time? It's great it's a cool tech. I hope it works dramatic fiasco with global disinformation campaign aimed only at dealer. So I WANNA talk about one thing that you did like cameras okay. You love the Selfie Camera. Oh the cell. Phone cameras amazing. It does. It's forty mega pixels defaults to ten. So it's quite committing it's because it has beauty filters But if you turn them off it just takes You can see all your wrinkles and you know imperfections understand if you want Samsung has improved over. Its own portrait mode stuff. I think I would. I don't quite dramatically but noticeably But it still has that like sort of like Blackie texture. You know what I mean. But it's way better than it was before It's definitely especially in the SELFIE CAMERA. Better than what the Pixel can do The classic test is you'd like you turn your head to your glasses are sticking out a little bit and like can the portrait mode realized that that's part of your face and shouldn't be blurred a pixel still lifts that a lot of time and this thing got it. I really really liked to selfie camera way more than I expected to. That's Great Yeah. I mean I'm all in gigantic megapixel cameras. If apple wants to like really knocking out part they'd be like the front cameras. The same as the back camera never know upgrade their iphones They won't do that because they have to manage their vessels. I should say some people do not like the fingerprint sensor as much as I do. I think it's good enough. I'm happy with it and I I love just having the whole screen like not having a notch. It's just a big basil at the top is just. It does just feel differently every day when you look at it to like. Just have that huge screen with no interruption on it except for a tiny hole for the camera. Yeah the one. Twenty Arts is very nice. The one twenty Hertz is incredibly Nice Okay. So what happens next? We wait for the software update and We'll see what happens with it. And we review the s twenty s twenty plus which have high megapixel cameras But not not one hundred and eight. And they don't have the periscope lens but we'll see if anything different there Especially with auto focus. I think that's GonNa be the big one to to check and then Yemen. That's you know they. They sell these things and they're selling the S. tens for deep discount and. I think that the ten is still very good. Phone the S. ten does autofocus or the headphone Jack. Ooh also like fourteen hundred dollars. It's a lot. It's a lot of money for a phone. Yeah well yeah I mean it's got twelve or sixteen hundred for the the five twelve sixteen gigs of Ram but like you can pin APPs Ram right which is like then they just. Your browser just won't close in the back. Which is pretty cool During Fireball Darker Baroda Post. That was like let's be real about. How much phones costs he's like. It's okay to spend that much money and phone if you know how to get the use out of it. That's why like this is a tragedy quite like if they can fix the camera like that could be a potential use out of it there. There are other people who will be like yes. I will get fourteen hundred dollars of use out of this huge screen. The storage expandable storage. The on ramp that this has you know whatever they all the stuff that you can use the phone. Dax stabilized. Video if thought focused stabilize video Seattle Focus Works. It is it is. It's it's not a huge massive improvement over the time but it's a slight improvement. It stabilizes over like another access basically like the does a role now or pitcher. Something is better But it's not it's not. I don't think it's quite up to what The iphone can do especially with the offense really good at Adjusting color and light balances. You move out of shadow and I don't think that Samsung's quite there yet. You can shoot eight K. Though I mean I guess you just listed a bunch of things that could be considered a reason but like for me. I need a real specific reason in my head of why this phone. I'm going to spend more than spent on my last phone now. Understand like L. Every year I spent a thousand dollars on the phone. It's a lot of spin but I use my phone a lot. You know but like this year I'm going to spend fourteen hundred dollars. Phone like what changed. What so what? What new capability that does. This provide me five hundred Zim. Just try it and a beautiful beautiful screen and tons of Ram. Tons of beautiful storage is like not. Yeah you can get that right. You get that from one plus pretty cheaply yeah. It's a five G. radio to use one street corner praying position You sit on T. mobile and eventually it'll get certified for. At and T. G. And that that's better so it's that and if you would like such a thing And it's it's very pretty. It is very pretty. I think this is the year the two hundred and fifty dollar phone for it's coming events all right. We're until you break as emotional. Everyone needs a break and then Julia Alexander two weeks in a row Disney news. I strongly suspect it will be even more emotional for the next segment. We'll be right back. This averse has brought to you by nerdwallet. The folks have earned the title of Nerd many times over any questions about credit cards mortgages or investing nerdwallet team of financial. Experts are here to help. You could waste so much time researching which rewards credit card offers the most bang for your buck. The nerds have done the work soon. Have to when it comes to finances. Everyone is when those questions come up. Nerdwallet is the place to go for expert. Advice budgeting how to start investing in so much. More nerdwallet has useful tools to wrap your head around whatever money question digging into like calculators and side by side comparisons that will save you time and help you make smarter decisions with money for Straightforward. No nonsense money advice. Head over to nerdwallet. Dot Com. For All your money questions once again turned the nerds at Nerdwallet DOT com. Hello this is Jesse David Fox. I'm senior editor at vulture and I host the podcast. Good one eight podcast about jokes. It's a podcast about well jokes. Every week I sit down with comedian comedy writer or director to one of their jokes and figure out how it all came together. I don't sit down with a pin. The head physically. Write down everything I just has not. My style turns out comedians jokes pretty seriously. I like all jokes okay. That's what I do. That's what I live with is really nothing else I care about. It's all very revealing. What did you sort of learn from this? What was your takeaway? Nothing guy. I'm not. I'm not sure Mar Khorshid good one from vulture and the box media podcast network. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. Or on your favorite podcast APP. Do not use the puck apparant. Oh what a great question Jesse David Fox Julia Guess. Big News in the world. And Bob's Kevin just this week the media industry big news in my world. Yeah so I again. I was on planes this week so I spent some time on a plane. Washing data emotionally processed the galaxy twenty. And then on my flight back. I spent all that time in a plane watching you emotionally process Disney CEO Bob. Idir yeah stepping up. He's not stepping down. Step away. He just he just stepped to a more exalted role. Pulled baller moving the world. Explain what happened so Bob Eiger former? Ceo Snakes it's effective immediately announced that he was taking on a new role. He's the executive chairman of Disney. It's a role he made up. Yeah this is all just like I would like to do it Essentially in his mind he saw it as the perfect time. Post Disney applause. Post everything to go and just work with the creative teams and and focused entirely on the creative side of content at Disney Disney is a content company that makes a lot of sense and announced that. Bob Bob Chapman. I spoke to four Disney people yesterday and attaches last name and got different answers each time. I've ruin I talked to him. Bob Seat is important. Here is his name is also Bob. There's a lot of Bob's and Allen's and Kevin's at Disney. So many of them. There are three Allen's on that org chart and really the face of Marvel is a is a Bob. 'cause it's Robert so a lot of boats in there. Yeah Okay so there's provider and there's bobby see probably see the new guy. He's the CEO. Disney where did he come from? Yeah so he's been with the company for close to thirty years. He's kind of a company man. He was been in every department. He was part of home. Entertainment he was one of the leading executives on getting the distribution deal between Disney and I tunes 'cause he was like Hey I think digital's taken off an apple seems to have a grasp on it So he set that up then he got moved over to consumer products where he went to basically Clean House for. It was kind of like Paying your dues to get into the mall. And he got in He came he cleaned house. He went in and they were very anti-tiger. Because this was post you know a couple of years but post The Eisner Iger Michael Eisner who was the former CEO. Disney Bob Eiger taking over that happening as you guys. Basically he goes and he's like I'm cleaning. House then eventually moved to parks. He's instrumental in setting up the Shanghai resort. Which is a huge resort for Disney And then he became. Ceo that was the guy. He's a guy I would argue. He is not. I would argue people. Disney don't think he's the guy really so this is all very so this is what happened. This is what happened in by the way when I was Julia what happened. She didn't say Disney blogger stepped up. Now there's all this dramatic stuff this history of the new guy. Yeah but there's a thing that didn't happen here. Which is the Kevin Kevin Kevin's Kevin Meyer? Who Runs Disney plus yet? Whoever thought was going to be the CEO right is not the CEO Right. The other thing that happened is that everyone was surprised. Yeah because there is a lot of things that are happening. I had extended his contract. I think he was not even He's got a third. I think our into his contract extended He just finished his book tour. He was supposed to appear at conferences as the CEO of Disney and like a few months Clearly that he might attempt he's not going to be. Ceo So it was just really jarring came out of nowhere. It was a random Tuesday. Everyone I spoke to was just like something is happening. The conspiracy theories that hit my mom's. We're just amazing. Everything from he is going to be. Bloomberg's EP running handed a to Z sick To everything between So there was a lot of confusion over what was happening because it was so sudden and if we remember the last time there was a Disney executive change which I do regular. It was a long long public very bad process. There were it was just bad and Michael. Eisner was ousted and it was a year but they announced that there was a year changed and they were figuring it out and it all kind of move over eventually. This was like I am no longer. Ceo Immediately And that leads to a lot of confusion and scaring the markets. So that you didn't you didn't like my tweet and so I feel like I've justified in making this program you on here to read are bad tweets. So when when when Bob said he was stepping down to. Do you need to go get a drink later because it was so stressful? I did actually. Did you say that? That eiger augured loggers dater. No it looks like a brother to me I want you get the hell go to look at you. Say That because there's a lot of shame there's uses so good but there's this other underlying drama which is happen very suddenly yeah. It's Bob See who didn't who always seemed like he was in the running yet but maybe it wasn't the favorite the guy who runs streaming Kevin. Meyer was supposedly the favourite writing at the GIG. What happened there? So for my understanding. The thing about Bob see is that he is a company man and to an extent. He's an Agar companyman. He's someone who really kind of like idolizes Bob Iger and so he someone that I can mold into what they need to carry out the next ten years of Disney that someone who can then basically deploy what Eiger has set up and just keep that running the really great thing about Eggers said in a call to investors afternoons. Went out that. He's basically made Disney Holloway's autonomous machines. Because the heads that he has set up just are good at what they do. Kevin Feige runs marvel beautifully Kathleen Kennedy and John. Basically run LUCASFILM pretty. Well yes. That's a medium. Let's go down there Sean. Bailey does his job really well and then you've got Kevin Mayor whose exceedingly good at what he does Extremely good and he runs through new. Yeah he runs so his department is direct to consumer and international so. He runs a hot that he would also thou look over Hot Star in India. Like he looks over everything. My assumption based on what people told me is that Bob see gets job because the board really likes biopsy. They like the idea that he can be the Space Disney they like that he can basically companyman Kevin Mayor who's extremely good at strategizing. Who has the probably the best strategist Disney's ever had next eiger? Who came up that way to continue doing what they need him to do. In that's in that's really shaping streaming streaming era like. They need him to focus on that. There are other issues that have come up with mayor that are like people publicly reported. He's very aggressive. He's a bulldog he's kind of like that's his whole stance And that doesn't necessarily gye well with Disney on the public front. When you think of Bob Eiger you think Uncle Bob's what a lot of industry calm right. Because he's just charismatic lovable That works for the Disney brand and Meyer mayor. Sorry is just very good at what he does but is he the face of Disney. That's the question. The board has to look over and clearly. They don't with Bob seat in a surprise for PM Tuesday night announcement. Yeah I mean the great thing is that this is just in tune with what Disney has done. I mean twenty. Five years ago you had arguably the biggest public Disney scandal which was with after their COO. Frank Wells died Jeffrey Katzenberg. I'm WHO's now the head of Qube is now like I'm going to be your second in command. Michael Eisner promised in this apparently on a walk in like Salt Lake City Mike Wiesner goes actually going to do that. And then a few months later Katzenberg is fired and start streaks right and it's a public brawl who either fighting over this. That's how you get Prince of Egypt. Yeah that's how you get a bug's life in and literally the same day same thing happens two thousand and four thousand five right. It's like it's it's this is like the Disney story in a Lotta ways. So you think Kevin says this is the conversation. I had a former exact wanted. Kevin's Kevin Mind. A former executive told me he had a great quote and it was like you know you think of a a bake off in the second place winner doesn't necessarily stay around to see if they can win again. They go and do something else at the same time. You know. Kevin's got a really good position at Disney and he'll still get to work with Agar for the next. You know up until the end of two thousand twenty one so ir yeah. He's On for twenty two months until he added twenty to twenty two months until the end of twenty twenty one. That's his contract. He's executive chairman the CEO reports to him. Yeah it's great. It really feels like they just move some titles around. Yeah Jenny a he a great quote on CNBC. He just went. I DIDN'T WANNA run the company anymore. It was like a mood this yes I'm tired. I don't WanNa do anymore. You've extended my contract so many times already. I mean obviously for it to happen it on a Tuesday afternoon. Something happened right. This is the story was trying to chase. Something has happened for Bob I go. I don't WanNa do this anymore. Like I'm GonNa just take a step back to an extent and focus on creative At the same time keeps what he likes. I think he generally likes me. Think about content and work with Kevin Feige over marble and Kevin Maryland streaming and be able to strategize with them and figure out the next five ten. I think it said Bob Eiger finally. He's a busy guy and so he finally found the time to go watch Star Wars ride skywalker and NOPE. Wow and he's like what would eat into it but they can't Redo your stepping down Disney. Ceo Yeah so he can reboot. That's like Emmy Great. That's the ultimate like he's gotten the board like the masters of the Universe Disney Board Room. He's like I'm GonNa just direct riser skywalker. Actually we're GONNA pull it. We're going to do it next year. I'm just impressed that J.J. Abrams wasn't named the company. The reason I want to talk you about the mechanics of the change. Yeah there's the drama of the characters but Disney is the big player streaming wars. They like you're saying like our strategies set we've executed all the pieces and now it's just about creative also. I would prefer never think about our parks ever again. That's where he's a he's like. I want to run the boring parts. I just want to do the fun stuff. Which again is a mood? I am totally totally by that extremely sympathetic to that idea. But like where does it leave Disney in this moment where there's so much activity in the streaming war right? It's really funny because this happened at a time and I kept saying our strategies deployed. We're on the Disney plus front and while this is happening like yes. They have twenty eight million subscribers. Which is not. They'll do the the in there next quarter they're not going to get twenty million again Although they are launching internationally so who knows maybe they are I was just talking to someone who says they're working overtime on making sure that UK launch goes really well so they've got that but back home when we look at the content on Disney which is what matters. That's all it matters. At the end the day to consumers they don't actually have the strategy in place because to the original series that they came up with for Disney got moved to Hulu The third series. That's just who knows what's going on with is Lizzie. Mcguire big Disney Franchise And now that's suddenly is. No one knows what's going on with the showrunner just said it was considered too adult for Disney. Plus how lizzy McGuire is too adult for Disney dog. I would love to know So if you take out if you actually take out marvel and star wars to an extent Pixar Disney plus does not have much. They have a proud family remake. They have a mighty ducks series and they have a Turner series. I mean I. I love me some tournament but that's but that's it. Everything else is like Marvel and star wars which makes sense but from what I've heard is like the content side of Disney pluses undergoing because they don't have an identity. So what from what I hear from people have said is like I'm GonNa give slots to Kevin Flagging Kathleen Kennedy. You get three or you get to do what you want with it. I don't care that's what people are slots for. Yes so it's like every month or every three months you have something here and we need. We'll bring people in that way but in terms of strategy they actually don't have a great. Shijie place because they set out to do all these Disney plus shows then decided. They weren't made for Disney. Plus they were Hulu shows which is an advantage only Disney has 'cause they have multiple streaming services and now they're moving on streaming services right. At and T. has multi yes slightly different name. Tv now which does not compete with direct TV. That's exactly where is your strategy in place if you don't know what the identity of your core flagship streaming services. I don't think it is. I would argue. It's not I have argued last night for many hours with people at me so they have to figure that out and I do think eiger being able to just focus on that and not have to do. Investors calls every three months where he's like clearly board which dates like. I think that works out really well for him. The question is if Mayer leaves in the middle of them launching internationally in the middle them going up against peacock from NBC Universal Hbo Max Etcetera Etcetera. What happens to that streaming unit which is still undergoing changes? It's still undergoing identity stuff who knows I mean? He thinks it's in place because they have twenty million subscribers they're scaling they have partnerships they have content from star wars and marvel. That's really what's talk with that. Let me push on that a little bit. Do they right like the all? The good marvel people are dead. She mean Tony Stark. I was actually going to get mad. And then you said Tony I was like I don't know to feel now. The good ones like whatever Sort of marble so they got more of Alaska Marvel ask and Star. Wars is over right and then twenty years from now. We're going to read with the vendors that I'm assuming just drive you insane. Probably guessed the Yes. When they removed the avengers franchise has taught us. Anything we can tolerate a reboot every five years right. But like they're they're in a moment where they're they're doing like insularity. WanNa Vision right hardcore in the avengers verse to care about that. Yeah I would argue. That's true okay. Black Panthers great but like that's not GonNa do eleven films overtime right. How many vendors movie? So that's like forty five four right now. Four five actually panther isn't gonNA spun the show the way that sort of event respond the NCAA Star Wars. The coordinative is over. There's no new coordinative by just bits and pieces inside of militant Orien- doesn't that seem like the biggest problem for them. I mean this is why they're relying and paying a lot of money to people like by 'cause they're like you can figured out who they know that they know they're at a point where they've told investors this right where they've said it's twenty twenty is gonna be fine but it's not GonNa be twenty nineteen nine hundred right. We figured it out. They get us a lot where it's like. When does the marvel tiredness exhaustion? Kick in when you guys figure this out. They kind of keep proving that they have that they can bring people in just based on the marvel name in the Star Wars Name. People tune seaman delorean. There was nothing really. They're attached to the main star wars thing and then would it became a thing Except for the main thing and and and they're launching with relaunching their Marvel TV universe on Disney plus launching getting winter soldier which are too big captain America Characters. That people know from series. And I think they'll just kind of continue to lead with that where it's like. Yeah more Wanda Vision has two characters that union from vendors and it will tease us out in a Bendel. They've got Loki. They've got Hawkeye like they've got the big guys coming back. Are they going to get yet? Robert Downey Junior Chris Evans back. No they want to pay for it But at the same time they've proven after the after the vendors people were like what are they gonNa do now? They turned into a success. They turned guardians of the Galaxy and to success turned into a big success of the theme parks. they've they can figure it out really well. They used to be inventive with it. Which is where I pitched. Maija which is fast and furious but pod racing Have you considered changing name to Bob? Kevin that's a great pick. Make it though Kevin Ceiling. That is very clear by takeaways. At Disney's future success depends on on on Hawkeye. You just referred to. Hawkeye's one of the big guys. Huckabee was part of the reason why they succeeded in then game. Here's the from where I generally feel like people very bought so far in two. I think one of our news editors like hyme who just bought so far into the idea of marvel and star. Wars isn't even have to be anything to do with Skywalker doesn't ironman. They're just into the the idea of what it is. I think Kevin Feige has proven that they can bring people in just based on the idea that it is marble is going to keep people going through Disney. Plus I mean no it's why they have the simpsons rate. It's like there's a reason that you bring a show like the simpsons ending you go. You're done with this. You can watch the show but added in Lucasville Marble Pixar families. I'm kids I let me contrast this with other shooting. Work Editors Netflix. Netflix has a massive library. They bought a lot of stuff that make a lot of stuff. If you pay for an ethics it is almost certain that there is something that the algorithm will find for you or something you have never seen or something new right like there's so much new stuff happening affects all the time. Plus they're huge library. Even though stuff is going away. But it's just like vast library steph where you're like just play me something it will almost certainly you'll be new to you at least. Disney doesn't have that right. It's a very finite library and they're not flooding it with new stuff right at the same rate the Netflix does now and they've spoken about that. I mean that was the big question for two years when they announced it and they were leading up to answer those questions and he's not going to have the output of Netflix. We're not gonNA have that for many years if ever like that's just not going to be a rat At the same time they fox there is a lot of fun. I mean they put you on there they put the simpsons. There's a lot of stuff they could bring over but that stuff is going to. Hulu we'll silly X. men X. men is going to Disney right in that that's arguably more of a WHO I mean. This is the debate but like tell me why excellent is Hulu movies or movies cartoons and movies. The movies are going to Disney plus. They're already Disney. Plus what Tyler. Are they going to go under command? It would go into marvel. I guess that makes. I don't think of the Fox X. Men Movie says Margaret Issues. I yell about his deputy who and Disney pluses make any sense whatsoever. There's no overlap. Between what is it Disney plus thing unlike except that it's under pg thirteen and what is Hulu thing but even then they take. They're taking all their Disney plus made for Disney plus moving it to Hulu and then bringing stuff over the Disney plus. That doesn't make any sense. The original question. It's like they can bring stuff over from Fox. If they want to they they had they now own a lot of stuff that they can bring. If there's like Oh people are leaving. There's not enough to watch. Let's bring a little bit more. Titles we can figure out what works under. Pg Thirteen Logan is never gonNA hit. Disney plus would be incredible if there was an accidental way that ended up that would be phenomenal. It's never gonNA interesting. Plus that's a Hulu thing. Same with Deadpool it's just not gonna be on just but they do not bob scenes. Got Some wild ideas they do. They mean this is where. Hbo Max and Peacock COMMEND RIGHTS SO NBC. Three Warner media and NBC Universal. That's their big pitch is like not only are we building literally building new studios new networks designed just for streaming we also have all of HBO but then we have all these other networks we own and all these other shows we own house. Brands like a husband worked out real. Well Con- you look at Netflix Netflix. Losing all those right. That's the thing. Netflix is losing almost everything which is why they're pushing so much of their originals and why they're pushing so much like they're spending a reportedly like seventeen billion dollars on content this year. That's more than any other studio because they know they have to do that. Disney is going to get by on having a series like the mandatory and Y South Winter soldier every three months that people keep subscribe to and that will hopefully keep them there and Kevin Maher very smartly set in November with also. I wear bundling who really cheaply with. Because we know you'll probably get bored D- have you tried Hulu. Yeah like a smart move on their part. So when you hear Bob. Iger say I'm gonNA focus on creative. Yeah and then. There's a sort of problem of the big franchises have reached narrative conclusion. New Stuff. We don't know where what APP all content is going to live in. Does that seem like he's just going to start meddling with his studio heads? I he makes the right call. I heard a story that so Kevin Mayor was the guy alongside Eiger. Who's responsible used to bleed acquisitions? So he was responsible for all the major acquisitions alongside. Eiger from what I heard from a source. Kevin was the guy who pitched twitter to Disney. He was like no one thing they should by by twitter and Bob was the one who was like. Nah I don't know about that. I think we should like wait. Yeah they did observe decision. Yeah they're are also playing in a by vice right also. Seems like a good non call right so there's a lot of these things that happened that Bob I think has a lot of Twi people credit him as being visionary for what he does. I think that's where he'll come in. He won't go to Kevin. Feigen be like we consider doing This movie based on this random character. But he'll say I think we can roll it out this way. I think if we make this a Disney plus thing and we make that a theatrical thing and then we put this on Free form which is like their family channel. We can really work out a way that makes sense for all of our consumers and keeps it going and keeps the interest high. That's what he's always been really good at. And now he's just gonNA focus on that so he's going to focus on over. I I think intertwining all of the different parts of Disney's content. That makes sense. You know the big question now is whoever replaces Bob C. is heads of parks. I don't think they've announced anyone yet. they'll have to work with them on that figure out how to intertwine the parks into that way as well but I mostly focused on the next few years of content and that is going to be intertwining Disney plus the Atra Coal and network from a tile and the Disney plus. I know for free for all right. The streaming wars continue to be first of all dominated by Bob and Kevin's the Bob and Kevin Shuffling every day. You wrote a piece. You wrote a little profile. Bob See everyone should go read that. What'S THE NEXT BIG TURN? Do you think the next big thing is what happens with Kevin and so that is what happens with his division which is streaming international. Every talk to who works in those divisions I keep asking if they've heard from Kevin and not answer that they would but they're like nope no emails saying like hey discerning hasn't said anything yet nothing like Hey. Here's our new. Ceo You know like you work at a company happens. Your manager sent a thing going. Hey the started new things. Here's what's happening right definitely knew about this before it was happening. One hundred percent. You are always telling me. Yeah exactly So no one's heard from him so I mean people are not worried but they're kind of like what does this mean for us and I think the big questions if Kevin Stays for the next year. What does that relationship with him? And Bob See Lake because they've rarely worked together really and now they're gonNA have to suddenly work and by the way streaming which Bob Eiger calls. The future of Disney is the one area Bob C. has no like can relationship. So That's a fun movie where Bob Eiger for two and a half years has gone streaming is where the future of Disney as. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA take some theatrical stuff and make it a Disney plus show doing it this way. Disney plus movie and all of a sudden their new. Ceo has doesn't absolutely no idea what's going on with streaming extent like he's just not been involved with that So that's like a fun thing they're going to have to overcome. That's the big thing that Wall Street's going like how are you managing that? The road I keep using is that Bob Iger will be a buffer. He will be the guy that like talks through the Kevin's and he's like no no come. I'll figure it out. Don't worry like basically dad role right. He's going to be like. Don't worry I called. I'll deal with it. We'll figure it out and I think that's what he's going to do for the next twenty two months or whatever if Kevin leaves it's a whole new game it's like well. They have to figure that out. Pretty quickly because Kevin has been instrumental in everything happens with streaming all right. Keep Ryan Kevin Meyer. Yeah it's been my thing big Kevin Movement coming out Juliette. Thank you so much. We're just GONNA the streaming wars view from the field. 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Suite accounts for a full year that includes everything offered in Google's business g mail productivity and collaboration suite custom business email address and apps like Docs drive calendar and hangouts tools. You can use everyday to keep your team moving. That's name Dot Com and use offer code. Vr A checkup. Hi I'M ARIEL DIM. Ross and I host reset the VOX DOT COM technology. Podcast I want to tell you about an episode. We did recently on crisper. It's a powerful gene editing tool that allows us to modify stretches of DNA in just about any living organism. But we're still figuring out how to use it on humans safely and ethically not too long ago. A scientist in China was sentenced to prison after using crisper to edit the DNA of twin girls. Jennifer Dow DNA helped develop crisper back in two thousand twelve and she is in many ways the public face of this technology. So how does she feel about how it's being used now? I've talked to her about the future of crisper and the ethical questions. It raises. Check out our conversation on reset. You can find it on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen later nerds Paul Miller Y-yo every week hold a fractured nation together with a segment. That is consistently called a plurality of puffs. I know this is this is wording from Jules Patent application for an some sort of smoking vaping cessation thing. I don't really know what's going on here. But it kind of sounds like let me let me. Just read straight from the from the pattern because it's just really good. The method includes determining a delivery pattern for providing a first puff containing an amount of a first vaporize -able material and a second puff containing on amount of a second vaporize -able material so I think the ideas that they're kind of they're doing a Switcheroo on you to stop smoking Stop baby the first vaporized material. The first substance in the second vaporize material does not include the first substance I think that substance Nicotiana. The method further includes providing a plurality of puffs from vaporizer the plurality of puffs based on the delivery pattern and including the first puff and the second puff the method further includes receiving user feedback associated with the delivery pattern in response to providing just like screw with puffed. Have ANY NICOTINE IN IT? Yeah I think the thing is like if somehow they can detect that. You still really want this. Puff this is not a cessation plot. This is get you hooked on more jewel plot because literally. The cliche is The pigeon in the room with the Button that gives it food and it hits the Button. The food comes that if it's consistent it hits about needs to its full Stops but the food comes randomly. It like hits the button till needs until explodes because that's feedback on your brain if you're a pigeon or a human with a gambling problem for example So if there's a I that is like real like giving you like trying to step down your team but the actual experience of it is. I don't know if you're GONNA get nicotine in your poff or not. What are you GONNA do? You're going to be the pigeon. You're just GonNa puff away does so. It's yeah it's a patent okay Jaw they've been promising. A smart vape It helps you kick nicotine for a long time One of the problems they have. Is that apple just kicked all vaping. Apps off the APP store. Default and apple doesn't allow Safari of Access to Bluetooth devices. Obviously so you see we're gonNA live in a world where android users quick. I'm saying in a world where the local processing power of the jewel has to skyrocket off your morality of like is Jewel GonNa make an arm processor is like the next turn of the screw. Just we live in a world where there already exists like android phones. That have vaporizer all right. Well we'll just see how that goes. Twenty twenty five is an patents argument but then you would never know. That's right. Keep this sort of literature. We've Gone Long. There's a grab bag of stuff. Lightning around 'em. Wc was cancelled due the corona virus. The current events by the way is literally sweeping the world We're going to have an interview episode With our health reporter Nicole Weizman And Elizabeth Potter deputy-editor. Who's kind of studying business impacts of the current virus? We're in this together and do a whole interview episode about that don't want to minimize it but NWC is happening. Virtually because it's not happening in Barcelona A bunch of the announcements. I'm just GONNA yell phone names at. Ud L. J. V. Sixty five G. seems fine on paper. We'll see if they can get the camera. Also it has the little screen case thing which man. Lg Just can't get anyone to pay attention to the screen. You mean a second like like like I do the duo but it's just an extra screen for your phone. Yeah Yeah exactly. Like the duo. Only they're not Microsoft and so everyone will forget that it's so it's a case for the phone that contains another full size screen. All right. We're the only other funds. Must this says. Sony did a phone with the headphone Jack. That's because I made the Expedia one to which expire one is the tallboy. They also have like an experiment. Many which is a smaller Tallboy So they they updated it. There's another version coming. They're trying again to Get it right with the camera Because Sony makes the sensors cameras on their own funds are always bad. We'll see what the time the special stuff going on there but they added back a headphone Jack. There wasn't one of the last one. They know they know how to give me back. While we announces may excess foldable with more durable display in the main access is one of the screen folds on the outside. Yes given everything. We know seems. Yeah well they've they. There's no like I don't know four eight layers of different kinds of plastic on the outside and make it work. That's right the display in the industry. It's like imagine if you put a screen protector on your phone and then you forgot and then you put another one and then it bent. There's a red meat phone. Yeah the the red meat phone is It's a sixty five and therefore it'll be g And this is like a bunch of phones that were like. Oh my God. They're they're coming out. They've got like the same baseline specs at the twenty has We'll see it'll be fine. Galaxy Buds Plus Christopher reviewed them. They're good yeah good battery life. The phone quality actually is good. The only thing they're missing is active noise. Cancellation which are there. There's not a losing a lot of announced wireless buds with action wants cancellation. But they need it. Yeah well there's there's there's already I mean there's the ECO buds from Amazon. And then there's a Sony's which are well regarded becoming a gigantic case. Yeah the funny thing. The one thing that is bud don't do they They will let you pair with multiple devices. But they won't switch seamlessly between them unless you have a bunch of Samsung phones. In which case it's totally a can of course proprietary Bluetooth think about active noise cancellation ear buds. I am living with my sister in New York. She got the airports pro because her regular air pods died. And I have no idea how to get hurt like it's A. It's a dice roll whether I need to yell at her to get her attention or you know wave her. Do something respectful to to to make her aware that I'm talking to her. Because these are apparently effective. Yeah that noise cancellation. It's good. They're really subtle so you don't know necessarily that she anyways yes. Dinner was sitting next to me in the office all the yesterday. I kept on just yelling at him. Respect I feel like this is is this could lead to a breakdown of the best part was. I wasn't listening to music. They weren't even on. I heard him the entire. All right Do you want to run US through this? Xbox series stuff I I am so stoked about so Microsoft. Kind of cons- confirmed some details about The series which is really great in this this case where the players five like basically until specifically proven otherwise. You can assume that every feature hardware wise that you get on the xbox you're going to get on the playstation like it so I'm sure they will find ways to differentiate. I think Microsoft wants to be the fastest sales like Sony. Might WanNa be the cheaper one who knows but like right now. They're both getting the same general batch of very good. Amd stuff so xbox Microsoft xbox series x love twelve teraflops GPU which to put that in context is about where the high end is right now of desktop. Gp's wow it's like it's faster than anything that amd has right now. So they're really they're really pushing it And then everything every other little detail that comes out is just like it. Sounds like exactly like like my like wishlist for what I would want a constant like the HD two point one which is include variable refresh high frame rate stuff Microsoft is focusing on low latency throughout the whole chain from the from the controller. All the way to the screen Hd Two point one has this thing where you can request the game mode from TV. So the lowly NC. You don't have to dive into the settings to try to find the low latency settings And then another detail that they just shared. 'cause you know. Sony myself have been talking about these really quick load times or zero load screens. Because they're going to have fast envy me Sst's this next. Part IS AMAZING MAJOR. Nelson on his podcast is talking about his experience with this is like the low times are really great and I could like switch between games and they just start up right away it's also but then I had to reboot the consul and after it booted the safe states are still there and so I can just resume the game right away. Like even after a reboot which it just like I feel like we. We really downgraded how much we're waiting on our consuls between the three sixty and xbox one air because the drive didn't get any faster. Internet connections. Didn't get much faster and the files got way bigger. But I don't feel like they're addressing it now. Yeah I'm very excited like the the the incident resume of glass game. You're playstation or switch. You know like I love that makes it more likely that I'm going to play the game because I know I don't have to wait for it to start and to have that work for multiple games huge And to have that work across reboots is just. It's just like breaking right and then something that Microsoft is also really into is that they're calling smart delivery so and and one of the first publishers like promised to do this like obviously Microsoft will do this with their own games. You buy the game and now you own it across any compatible consul so so you and Cyberpunk Twenty. Seven seven is is announced. It's GonNa work by cyberpunk twenty seventy seven for the xbox one you now own a copy that will work on your next xbox or if you buy when you buy on the next xbox but you bring your game over to a friend's to play it will work on and they have the only xbox one they don't have the new series x l work on their council so like there's some kind of a poor portability. The scary part about that is that the real game is no longer you know it was already ceasing to be the physical object that it's definitely not the physical object. What happens if you take a photo of the game with a Pixel at night and it combines multiple phase together and a composite? What is it sounds like? Gd Sees Microsoft just pulled out because epic epic pulled out. We don't know if she's going to keep going but that's another one of these. It seemed like it was going to be a moment. And now we're going to bleed out some more information over time. Gpc's game developer conference. I don't I don't know all the like how much they were gonNA announced. I'm sure they were going to have a bunch of meetings with Developers and show them a bunch of stuff. I think that If I've worked a game company and I want to figure out how to handle The cancellation of a conference and to try and get some attention for my phone's that otherwise would have definitely got intention for the conference. I would not do what everyone is done in the wake of Nwc Think I made fun of people not paying attention? Lg a minute ago. If they had been able to launch that thing that you see they definitely would have gotten more attention than they're getting now. Yeah because I would add an event. Yeah it's different for a big company like Microsoft. But these these cancellations of these conferences really hurts the mid tier bottom tier companies. That like that's their chance to get some attention At a much easier way than they. Otherwise we'll know yeah okay. Last bit apple released white papers the MAC pro and pro display x. the are you should read them. They're very funny. Apples very proud of itself looking at me and he seeing me smiling at him. Because all I I just need to like start saying words to troll him to three hour rant. But I'm not going to do now. The our review of the MAC pro and the pro display is coming next week. It's a very close. It was just too busy week. There is a dramatic fiasco twenty. We didn't WANNA stack them all up. It's coming on Monday but I just two things. I WANNA point out for these white papers. one You you're not supposed to shine a light at the back of the payer display acciari because it has sensors in the back in the front. Yeah so if you like point a light at the back of it screws up the display. I think that notice in the white paper just for our friends who are youtubers behind anymore and then for the Mac pro in just a little. Tease apple is like hey core counts go up. In these processors. Clock speeds go down So make sure your applications are multi threaded appropriately because they might actually get slower depending on if you buy the more expensive processor with more closed more cores. Solar clock speed should have gone thread ripper. Just put it out there. Kompromat saying a word about it. It's just a little piece of information I want you to have and you'll see it next week. Our view the wheels don't have locks on the table scandal. That's Marquez rallied. That video that's funny. Okay that's it. That's the first cast of a thing to plug. It's a newsletter called processor. You can find it. The verge dot com slash newsletters read it mostly daily. It's about computers. If you've enjoyed this show have you thought about it with an editor in an e mail very much right there you can tweet us? I'm reckless policies. Your Paul de at back lawn but said Paul Promo Code.

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