Why Im Not Planning 2020 (84)


This episode may not apply at all. But it's where I met this year and it surprised me Eh that I found myself here. I'm not planning twenty twenty. There's nothing to plan. There's nothing to take stock. Cov- There's the Hatano. This idea came to me. I was on a call with the team recently. And they were doing an exercise around around What do you want to leave behind in two thousand nineteen and then what do you WanNa take forward with you in two thousand thousand twenty and as much as I searched and searched inside of myself to answer this question. I couldn't come up with anything because I find that these these days. I'm doing that on a daily basis. So that's this year next year could be completely different. And you'll hear me preaching a message of planning planning your next year but about this time of year. I started to get really tired of all the emails about planning your next year and you know how. How are you GonNa make next year your best year ever and all of those kinds of things and also feeling like January. I is really just an arbitrary date. Yes it's a new year and I suppose during the holidays and around the New Year we tend to slow down and maybe have more time to think. Think but the way that I'm building my life right now. I have that time now and I'm creating that time now I don't always have it but it's always within in my power to create it and what I'm finding is as I remember to create it. It changes everything. So yeah this. The process of of saying yes and saying no and clearly choosing on a daily basis. It's really really powerful. And it's an amazing feeling to realize that there's nothing big. I WANNA change. I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and I know that if I keep doing what I'm doing. The best version of me is going to continue to come forward. My business will continue to grow. Oh and as I get incoming information that something needs to change. I'll change you. Part of this has also been just an ongoing Practiced and turning up the volume unforgiveness forgiving. Everything anything myself other people can and just losing losing the judgment wherever possible other people myself and and this is a new owner learned. Recently my judgement of my judgment. I don't know if you end up in one of those thought loops where your getting down on yourself. L. For doing something or being a certain way. And then you beat yourself up because you're beating yourself up so forgiving yourself for all. That stuff can't recommended enough thing occurs to me about planning. The next year is planning can be a trap and I say this as a recovering project manager. Maybe it's also the older I get the more. I realize the more detailed the plan the less likelihood that it will come to fruition not always but I can't tell you the number of people and project plans and soffer releases I worked on that had been planned to the inth degree. That just never quite worked out that way and I've seen I've seen this in my own work recently to where I'm in the process of creating gene. I M statements and I was procrastinating on this work because I quote needed to do a little bit more research to understand how to really do them mm-hmm and I realized that was just a way of voidance procrastination. If you know what you need to do for twenty twenty as you look at like what's right in front of you actually going to change that. If you know what to do next in terms of your life that's right in front of you do it. Just start doing it now. Whatever Day of the month this is or even what year this is in. If you know what to do start doing it. If it's not happening you might WANNA ask yourself how bad you really want it or how committed you are and then just make a conscious choice. Yes I'm in on this or no I'm not. I don't know where this originally comes from. But Derek Cevers as well as rich Levin often talks about Hell yes or hell no and there's no hell maybe so that's kind of the idea here. In fact I had a conversation with someone recently where they were dragging their feet on getting and something done and they were attributing it to certain reasons and as we talked more I some Pinko thank you. I just had this sense that the primary reason that they were kinda putting forth is the roadblock and reason for not doing it was really not the reason and so I just had. The Prince of mind is a scale of one to ten. How badly do you want this thing. They're like about a five. I was like wow the the sense I got was. This person was beating themselves up. They should have you know. been giving it more Contention and and you know a deeper willingness to Really go all in on it when they really he didn't want to. Sometimes I think we also torture ourselves with decisions. I say this as a recovering indecisive decision in maker there is so much power in choosing yes or no and often it can be super powerful to hold the perspective that there's no wrong choice. There words there will be no wrong or bad. The outcome either decide now. There's obvious exceptions to this if your In the midst stuff Ethical or moral dilemma does. Doesn't this isn't what I'm thinking about here but you know maybe it's a decision of do. I take this trip or not. Not Or do I meet this person for coffee or do I apply for this new job. Yes or no and then really living into the fact that there's no bad or wrong wrong outcome based on what you choose. Incidentally this loops back to this whole idea of judgment timeout earlier and as I remove this label of right or wrong. Good or bad from the outcome that I'm predicting anticipating is a painting. It really is changing a lot of things. I made our net fairly big decision recently and went through this process with coach in and he said you know this. Just decide or you're going to do this or you're not going to you know just choose. Are you going to do it or you're not GonNa do it and I didn't know what I'm not going to do. It and I didn't believe at the time but it really did come true that saying no to this thing that I didn't want to to do lead to all kinds of other open doors. That were amazing and the thing that I said no to ended up being a yes to a bunch of other things and even though I didn't do this thing that I didn't WanNa do. It ended up giving me the underlying thing that I was actually searching for the man. It's a little hard to track without understanding the details. But that's about as much as I can share about that here so the answer to do you know it needs to do is no again. I would challenge you to consider. How true is that. Then if you're focused on the how there's probably an answer on Google and I would suggest that it might not that'd be that you're hung up on the how you're more hung up on the one to like. How bad do I want to do. This aren't sure what you need to do. What's the smallest next next step. You could take to find out a silly example of this is I have some airline miles. That are expiring. And they've been expiring for month's Lang keep getting the email says he come January fifteenth. Or something you're GonNa lose all your miles unless you do something. I don't have any trips plan so I I had no idea how it can keep these miles alive. I'd like well. I could buy a magazine or something that I haven't done forever so what I did was was. I created a little too item low card in Trello that said spend fifteen minutes rage searching how you could save your LASCA era miles. And what do you know. There are a bazillion articles on what to do and things I didn't even know existed what I ended up doing in an uses with another airline as well is I ended up going through their shopping portal and buying a special light bulb that I needed at home depot online. I think I spent six bucks. I have now have six new miles in my account. That's keeping this huge amount. The miles alive anyway. Fifteen minutes of Ghoul Research. Solve my problem instead of sitting in the land of I don't know what to do. Oh this is going to be too hard Blah Blah Blah and enclosing if this was totally the wrong episode for you that you don't have any idea what to do next or where you're going. Let's have a conversation. There's no obligation there's no sneaky. He's sales pitch I do this all the time and I really really love. I just love meeting New People and finding out what's up with them or maybe you like totally love this message in love what I'm sharing today and you just want to talk more about that. 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