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Let me be explicit right now in this podcast. There's some explicit language. Tuesday, April twenty third two thousand nineteen from sleep. It's the gist. I Mike Pesca singer Kate Smith recorded a rendition of God bless America. That was famously played before Philadelphia flyer. Home games in the nineteen seventies. When the broad street bullies were on broad street for one it turns out that during her lustrous recording career, she put some notes on vinyl that were by today's standards, strictly speaking totally and completely racist. I will. Okay. It is not often that you play a song that was considered wholesome entertainment in nineteen thirty one, and you wind up worrying it needed a trigger warning in two thousand nineteen this song and another similarly racist league singed Diddy caused some consternation for the teams that had been playing the Kate Smith recording of God bless America. When the new songs emerged the flyers and the New York Yankees who play Kate Smith's, God bless America. During the seventh inning stretch were put in an odd. An uncomfortable position now, which we are to talk about these new songs emerging. She was in an extremely famous singer. And it's not as if her catalogue was lost to the ages or something anyone who cared to look could have found that she saying racist songs eighty eight years ago. It would be as if in the year twenty eighty four there was some Madonna backlash. Because someone found that she sang a song called crazy for you. And in twenty eighty four you can imagine that speaking of mental illness that way will not be countenanced. So the flyers had a decision to make. And I thought this would be one of those multiday tooling and froing and the backlash to the backlash on the who's the real race note. She's out she was out pretty quickly the Knicks to even quicker the flyers covered a statue outside the stadium statue of Kate Smith covered with tarp then removed. It the Yankees decided stop playing God bless America. Or the case myth version released during the seventh inning stretch. I actually upon further review by the book can see why the teams made this decision. What are the costs of sticking with Kate Smith a constant barrage of criticism every day? Criticism for an optional musical choice where one specific version of this song causes you a massive headache. But there are no nine to twelve thousand perfectly acceptable other versions. So those are the cost of keeping Kate Smith. What's the cost of axeing Kate Smith two days on WIP sports radio where you get this call? Yeah. Hey, mikey. It's Tony for fair. What are the fliers doing what next they going to audit? Gritty Borelli all the Yankees have to do is instead of pushing one button push a different button. That's it. And by the way, God bless America. During the seventh inning stretch that is some New York Yankees bullshit right there, the Steinbrenner family trying to insinuate itself between mom and apple pie for the flyers a little bit higher costs. They put her statue up. But those are pretty dumb choice to begin with. When you think about it? There are literally hundreds of people who've played for the flyers or worked for the flyers or supported the flyers who meant more to the success of the flyers than Kate. Smith did seriously who has given. More wins to the flyers Kate Smith or sir guy. Bob row sqi clearly at sir guy. Brow sqi, it's not the flyers fault. They only got a second round or back for after the trade. Brad Marsh deserves a statue more than Kate Smith. Peter Zell statue more than Kate. Smith gets in Osalvo deserves a statue more than Kate Smith. I knew the day would come when I got to just list a bunch of Philadelphia Flyers on the show. There was one of the factor going on with this decision. One other factor playing into white people so badly wanted to do away with Kate Smith. I think it's because everyone in their own way knows a Kate Smith what I mean, a person like Kate Smith, you know, someone who did something years ago that you might not have done today if she were alive and not one hundred eleven years old. I mean, people know an actual person then Kate Smith between Kate Smith cat Smith, Kathy Smith, Catherine Smith, everyone knows one. If you went down to your average high school girls softball game in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina. I'd say most of the middle infield would be named Katie. Smith and not exactly sure how that plays into the quick reaction. But if you compare it to the time when Alcan PANA said something racist or the time when Don I miss it, some racist stuff and those guys last for days, I think it's something to think about when the racist person shares a name with someone you don't want to think of as racist you immediately strike out against the racism because we couldn't live with Katie Smith. What k- Smith is racist? Not that Katie Smith. Okay, fine. Just all put it behind us. Great. Are we done? Excellent. Now, we could all go back to not carrying about hockey on the show today. It's a CNN town hall, actually, it's five in a row a lot of content. I say set the spiel to double speed and you'll have saved four hours fifty three minutes. But first, she is an actress director writer and the star of a new sitcom based on the age old idea of the fish out of water, and it works, and that is how good lake bell is at her job. She pulls off the fish out of water will at the same time being named after a body of water, you know, in a way Goethe achieve something similar in his career. But still this is a milestone sitcom history, the delightful, even more so than Avery Goethe bell. I do. So love my cats. Let me tell you a little bit about them all of our he he's definitely going to be the one to protect us from the squirrel outside when the squirrel shows up near our window that guy he's got his hackles raised and he's ready to fight. Thank you all of her downside when he's hungry. He'll jump on your face Layla on the other hand. She's great with the licking of the face. Lots of looking at the face. That's both a good thing in a bad thing. Yeah. Looks both ways. But there is one thing about the cats. I don't love so much. It's the litter box, which is why arm and hammer created new cloud control litter. There is no cloud of nasties when you scoop it is a hundred percent dust free free of heavy perfumes and help reduce airborne gander from scooping. The what happens in the litterbox stays in the litterbox new cloud control cat litter by Armin hammer. More power to ya. Late bell is an actress and writer and director who you know. And she's out with a new ABC series called bless this mess. I wanna get into all of this. But there's so many ways I could introduce her. And I think I want to introduce just by quoting this line from an article that the telegraph ran about her for bell is far more than simply a hot. Actress who regularly appears on lists of the world's most desirable women and uncovers of men's magazines happy to get her kid off was gratifying. Telegraph, no. Allow a piece of sex me enjoys being naked. Thank you. Like off appreciates it. That is quite an intro. Incidentally, you know, I look I've got two kids now. So I'm like, thanks for the knowledge -ment, you know. Yes. Thank you. But no, I look I think at the end of the day. I don't think, you know, just because I'm like or editor producer. You know, doesn't mean that I can't have an entity or can exude feminity that I'll come on what exude them. Listen. I mean, come on kids. This is what I want to talk about to go million places. I wanna talk about actually this show where you think it fits in our cultural, firmament or media landscape or cliche, and how it comes to be. So you're an executive producer? Also. Right. So so I I create Liz, Mary, whether I co created it, right? So we sat on a couch thought of the ice awesome. So Liz, Mary weather is good girl. No. The new girl are used to say. But you said the new girl. So wrong. Well, all right. But I don't wanna say vote game of thrones. I don't want to be one of the listen the night is young could. I could she's creator of new girl. She's really funny, you know, her from where we knew each other from she wrote, no strings attached. And I was in it, and I kinda played ostensibly like her personage like her play her, and she wrote herself kind of into it. And then I played her. So we became tight on that. And then years past you know, we went off and did our own things. She was on new girl, and like becoming a TV like, masterpass, you know, of all of all trades. And and I then was making indie movies and doing all kinds of other stuff over here. And then we kinda came together. Like, she got hitched. She got knocked up. I had two kids. And all of a sudden we found ourselves. Hitch to knocked up not the movies for action knocked dot with could be confusing the people. Oh, yeah. Totally totally. I'm in both great movies. Yes. What happened to us? But then we found ourselves having coffee on on a couch in my house. And I was like, hey, you know, I brought you over here because it was wondering would you ever want to know that new rules would you ever want to make a TV show? And she was like I was waiting for this call, you know, she's like finally, let's do this. Because I felt like I don't wanna do TV unless they do it with Mary weather, like I just felt like if you can't do art arsons abilities like were aligned we were, you know, we're friends, but we also have a comedy language and away of relating to each other that that was her Mona's, you know, so ABC shows are of type I was looking at the entire ABC slate. They're all about families. Every single one is about a family and often there's a fish out of water element to it. Or right one little thing off that makes it it's the family that you know, with this little twist. So you're twist is your yours in Nebraska and her newlyweds. So we're, you know. Here a year into just a year into it. So it's not like we have a big family or anything. It's it's the newlywed game. That was the definition of newlyweds within the first year. Yes. Yes. Newlywed game. Rules, say some say may help. Yeah. It's it's it's a it's a good way to live. But yeah, I feel like they're newlyweds that was really interesting to us like, Liz. And I would we were talking about it. We're like, you know, what we both were sort of somewhat newly married and really enjoying the fodder for comedy within the space of leg. You know? You're trying to be you put your best foot forward. You're trying to be your best version near self. And then you throw it into something quite extraordinary and the onion starts to peel away. And you infer all the shit. That's like, you know, really unsavory or just annoying. And that's when things get interesting, you know, so fish out a water is also something that I just love that trope. I love that game. He, you know. So how does Dax become involved? Well, Dax it's funny when we wrote the show we were like, let's just write it and Dak shepherd's voice. Like that guy. Right. He's just it's there his comedic, timing everything. And so when you write you can put anyone you want you can cast as you will. And so we use ducks. And then when it came time had met him like in the line at the pickups for the kids like our daughters went to the same preschool. And there's that other actor. Yeah. L A over, you know, my name's bell. Do you know? And then so when it came time to offer it to him, you know, I did have his number because we went to the same preschool. So I was like all look on the preschool she'd texted after being no way. Falls through because no one has the number of the gone from the preschool. She got the phone tree is why most major networking every day. Jesus christ. So as such you're pretty much obligated to go on his talk show, right and debate like monitor I feel like it's really cool. It gets you up into the attic, you know, works with. I I know I know. Armchair expert. But I would I would say is like because I hang out with tax all day long shooting. I feel like I've been on. Armchair, like all I do is talk to him about let you know life and everything, and you know, we're both helping updating and I'm like, oh, we did it we like. But what if it gets real what? If the armchair expert episode like takes you to places, you have been less, and I don't know. I feel like we've covered everything at this point. I'm like Jesus Dax. What are we gonna talk about? You know, if we do it. But, but he's he's awesome. He's like he's just he's so he brings so much to it. And it's really he's really fun to improvise with and the two of us like it's integral that the core. Couple. You're rooting for them and very like ping pong. You know, we have an ease to kind of like, you know, pitter-patter with our comedy, which is really fun in the next to the sort of slow cadence of Ed Begley junior and Pam Grier. Just like emanating warmth and love and this brings me to. I mean, AVI. Obviously, you wanna have the best funniest people. But it seems like your career is more. So that than others like if you look at the cast of of children's hospital, and if you look at some of the even the movies that you've done your casting, the best funniest people wear, you could just say, let them go just laugh, and you can't go wrong. And you have you have Dave CAC ner. Oh my God. Do I have Dave? I didn't know that Lenin park Lennon Parham Parham. She is like plays are ase. They're just like hard comedy. You know, you just let them loose, and you give Espen your mom, your mom. I looked at it's plausible but on the border. Oh, are you kidding? The twenty difference is what I'm saying is as she got to it got to it. But also I play we play different ages in the show. Yeah. Yeah. Acting it seems to me also that there are more jokes per minute than in a lot of the stuff. I see. And I'm wondering if if it was let's. Just go for it as much as we can. Let's try to pack it with as many jokes or almost like, well, I just I sense that it used to be the idea of sitcom e was every three lines had to be a joke. And that was criticized, and then it was seen as you know, this is so much better. Not everything has to be in service of joke and all the sitcoms got a lot of praise because they were so real, and I would say I'm give that sitcom praised. But you know, it's not very funny. Most of the time, and then no one seemed to care. But now, maybe we're in an era where there can be succumbs with lots of jokes. I felt new girl had locked lots jokes. I kind of love lots of jokes and this com is more lots of jokes tight. There's definitely lots of jokes in it. But I think we have lots of jokes because we are were after earning heart. So where like, you know, at the end we were like yet, we're going to go for some hard guys. So buckle up. You know what I mean? So we're like Joe Joe Joe pow let's feel playing formula sins episode. Oda the family would argue that that's great. That's not a bad. It's not a bad structure. So here's my last question. It's about something related to a world. When I started in radio, they probably overcorrected for having accents and talking like regular people. And I was you know, people would right in saying, why are you letting this guy in the air and that was wrong. But I do think that there is something to craft an articulation. And maybe if you wanna even and this might not be fair, but a deep resonant voice, look, we're putting our time into the craft of doing this. Right. And now if it's just game on anyone could talk, and hey, you're my buddy. Maybe I'm a couple of things I'll blow the whistle on me. Maybe there's a lot of craft that goes into that that I'm not accounting for. But it does seem like a loosening of standards rather than differentiation of standards. But I'm wondering as the tour of that film. What you think I really feel that you it seems like you're having some. How about a certain type of voice in a craft. And I think that that still exists. But after all, I think I think there's a place for the sort of like really acceptable kind of lake AM just me a memory gal. I'm regular guy over two we might be. But then there's also a huge like group of announcers and commentators that have a more traditional both men and women shnell sound. Yeah. It is true. And I do notice certain products. Like all the cell phones are with the, hey, I'm your pal. You could say exactly you could say the same for acting. Okay. It's like there's people that would you think of like YouTubers, or, you know, inner sort of like Instagram stars all of a sudden getting TV show, you know, and like being in movies, and I'm like, that's the way it changes. Like, that's I think those people are really smart initially. It was like, whoa. That's intimidating right? Like, I went to drama school in England. And I studied for years, you know. It's like, and now like how can I all of a sudden share the stage with with people who just did it out of their living room? And I'm like God damn they are innovative. And so like I like that Embiid and doing it for yourself. Like, that's incredible. There are people I follow on Instagram that I put in the TV show because I saw their Instagram, and I was like third hilarious, and they're prolific and they're making stuff in. They're doing something. They're not sitting on their asses saying, you know, we should be in the movies or to you know, it's like they're like putting it out there and that energy in that force paid off for them. And I'm like, I got a commend that you know. So if you agree with lake do what she did start a network TV show and give your Instagram heroes jumps. It's pretty simple bell is a star of the new ABC's sitcom bless this mess with Dax Shepard New Yorkers moved to the Brassica and the house ain't good. Thank you. Brought to you by GS k. If we map the genetics of disease could we change? Its course a GS k we know the information encoded in our genes provides vital knowledge, so we're working with partners to coded using technology like an advanced search engine we can spot the patterns that lead to diseases like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's because by denting the patterns that cause disease we hope to transform how patients are treated in the future. And now the spiel five presidential candidates who are probably already in New Hampshire. What a coincidence participated in a never ending interlocking series of town halls each more intricate than the last not really the reason that CNN did one after another after another after another after another town halls, quote unquote town halls was because of Democratic Party rules. The rules say that have candidates share the stage at once accounts as debate. And that would be breaking the rules. So all the candidates who are each staking claim to being the fresh new game changer who dares to think big. So all these candidates submitted to audience an anchor questions because otherwise they'd be breaking the rules. Come on HR, just invite John Delaney to the stage at the same time as you show your rebel. No. Well, okay. Then why don't you Senator field question from Shannon, a student at the university of New Hampshire. I Senator high a man who is equally or lesser qualified than I am will automatically make more money than me. So my question is what will you do to close the wage gap? And make sure that women are paired paid a fair rate Senator klobuchar allow me to feel this Shannon. Thank you for your question. You are wrong. That is an insane thing to say or maybe you don't know the definition of automatically that could be a problem if you're going into the field of dictionary editing in which case, I would say the wage disparity is warranted. Senator klobuchar did not say this. I will play some of France right past the equal pay. That would be a very good thing. We already passed the Lilly Ledbetter act that was something that we really proud of that made it easier for women to contest, these kinds of cases when they. In the workplace. I think also making it easier for women to get the kind of jobs. They should I would love to pass the ER a, right? Get that cemented into law across the country. And then make sure we have role models across the country because you know, that movie Hidden Figures, maybe a better movie to site would be the never ending story because it wasn't and you won't automatically get less money. Now, you'll probably get less than some of these other kids in the audience who went to a slightly different New England based institution. Junior at Harvard Matola, she's a freshman at Harvard for sophomore at Harvard from Compton is a senior at Harvard University from Massachusetts Filo from Arizona. He's a freshman Harvard or support or studying sociology and chemistry at Harvard. Leo. We'll get into Harvard yet everyone there got into Harvard. The questions they asked were pretty good. You gotta wonder you got to wonder though, how how did they get in? What did they have something special to write about on their application essay on that issue of climate? I want to bring in Madeleine woods senior at Harvard from Colorado. She was raised on a wolf sanctuary. Okay. Now. Chris Cuomo the moderator who you heard there. He went to yell which is about as good a schools Harvard. I'd say yet the quality of the questions maybe not as good as the kids were asking. What does that mean? In the context of. This frozen pizzas a food group. But it should be allowed in school lunches. Actually, I want to be fair to Cuomo. He actually wound up nailing the Senator down on the question. If she thought frozen pizza is okay in school lunches. She said it was, but she also allowed that the sauce shouldn't count as a vegetable which had come up earlier in her career. It's good to know. Senator Elizabeth Warren also handled a bunch of questions from Harvard students, but also regular old undergrads who were raised by humans like Jacob Dwyer from Saint Anselm college, you'll often been vocal critic of police and the criminal Justice system, both the state and federal levels as a young Masschusetts voter and aspiring police officer. Who's lived through countless tragedies, including the recent murders. Sergeant Gannon of Yarmouth not, sir. Michael Chesney of Weymouth. How can you assure me that you will support legislation that keeps law enforcement safe now allow me to answer this question Senator Warren? You know, countless has no true definition. But the most commonly agreed to definition is too high to count. And that's why you are wrong. The national law enforcement officers memorial fund tracks officer fatalities going back a couple hundred years and since seventeen ninety one hundred twenty seven police officers in the state of Massachusetts have been killed by gunfire. So it's one every other year throughout history. You wanna talk recent history about one a year on the other hand what we've done in America is weaponized police departments militarized police departments funded police departments to the hilt. So actually the chance of an officer being killed in the line of fire is the lowest it's ever been in the nation's history. Maybe and I'm all for the safety of officers, of course. But maybe it would help if we recognized where civilization has made progress and not just walk around perceiving. We're under assault when we're actually not. Of course, Elizabeth Warren would lose if she said that even though it's true. What you did say was more gentle and not confrontational like me. Emma, jerk Muhoza podcasts. She's a politician and she talked about reform. And in fact, she talked about one of the very officers that the student had mentioned. Vans. Tragic death in Massachusetts. I wrote an op-ed with his parents about asking for our leaders across this country to step up and pass them sensible gun safety laws. Clearly Booker was not invited to the town hall. Get he was present in a way that didn't really reflect well on the Senator scissor jumbo sophomore at Harvard. You can tell from sweatshirt from New Jersey studying environmental engineering sweatshirt are Java. He's is a former interim for Senator Cory Booker says he's currently undecided on who to support in twenty twenty somewhere from a house in Newark Accrai of no, JIMBO. No could be heard Senator comma haras showed up. I don't know that she put any more meat on the bones of the proposals that she offered in her. I n townhall. She actually ran into a little bit of trouble during that one because she endorsed version of Medicare for all that might eliminate all private insurance and she had to walk that back a little bit last night. She. Aided closer to the vast. She said this this because it doesn't end there. She also said this I will also say this. I guess you have to tell us that tell you that goal recession. I'm really interested in having that conversation there's talking and there's doing Senator Harris has a habit of talking about talking about what you'd like to be doing mayor Buddha. Djidji was in the house. Of course, he was he went to Harvard like everyone else, they're Buddha. Jit one point gave the normal politician answer about the economy of the future, citing exceptional initiatives. That are just that exceptional. They're the exception. Meaning they're not easy to scale take for instance, this one where he addressed the loss of manufacturing jobs. We can make trade work for our communities. One of my favorite examples, actually is a union auto workers UAW facility in Saint Joe's of county where I live that is making electric vehicles for a startup based in Silicon Valley where the funds and a lot of. The investment came from China, which is a nice anecdote, but how replicable is it on a large scale as policy which is what I was thinking until two sentences later when Buddha said this that facility, I was telling you about making electric vehicles, even though they're planning to make something on the order of thirty to fifty thousand cars does it with hundreds of workers, not thousands, or tens of thousands the way it used to work in the Studebaker days when when south bend was an automotive center that part's not going to change so manufacturing can continue to grow stronger in this country. But it's going to be less and less labor intensive less and less human beings on the floor per dollar of output, honest. It's accurate it contrasts with all the big beautiful jobs coming back. Just tired of winning Bernie was at the event Senator Bernie Sanders actually showed a sense of humor next question. Gabriel cedar sophomore at Harvard studying government from Minnesota. Gabriel highs under what is one thing that you have changed your mind about recently. Nothing. I've been consistent for just going. And then he offered what headlines on CNN said. And these headlines got play everywhere. The perfect answer on the question of should we impeach Donald Trump? If and this is an if if for the next year year and a half going right into the heart of the election all that. The congress is talking about is impeaching Trump and Trump from Trump and Mullah Mullah Mullah, and when not talking about healthcare when talking about raising the minimum wage to a living wage when not talking about combat climate change when not talking about sexism, and racism, and homophobia and all of the issues that concern ordinary Americans what I worry about is that works to Trump's advantage. So I don't know what's perfect about that. The supposition is that an impeachment inquiry will prevent the Democratic Party. From talking about racism, really know members of the Democratic Party are going to talk about racism, again, if Donald Trump is impeached, you've been to the online part of America. Right. You know? I bet actually this would be the most compelling argument for impeachment to the exact mythic persuadable former factory worker in the midwest. If you tell that guy the out of work machinist from Muncie who was persuaded into the Trump column, if you told him we'd be embarking on an experiment, where Democrats won't be talking about racism, and he'd be saying wait, I don't have to hear fights over who is the biggest homophobic for the whole election. If the Democrats just go for impeachment. I will have to think about impeachment. So that was not in fact, a perfect answer. But Bernie Sanders give a perfectly Bernie answer. He was asked should prisoners not ex-cons people currently imprisoned. Should they get to vote? And the example suggestion suggested by. The questioner was the Boston bomber. Should he get to vote? And Bernie said yes to this New England audience Bernie said that joke arts should be voting. I guess until he's executed in the federal prison where he's serving his death sentence. Putting aside the specifics, and I don't think radicalized Chechens turned mass, murderers or demographic that's going to be swinging any election soon. But putting that aside you have to acknowledge that Bernie does not ever say anything other than exactly what Bernie thinks, you know, how all those other candidates. I've talked about it. I'm guilty of talk about it. Oh, they're trying to get to the left of Bernie or not let Bernie get to the left of them. Good luck with that. He wants joke arts of to vote. I mean, the guy's citizen. Let him have his say sure is quite concerned about shoring up the Medicare trust fund. All right. Then Bernie took his next question. It was from actually the son of Sam, David Berkowitz. I believe he has a question for Senator Sanders about soybean tariffs now that did not happen. But remember earlier in the spiel where physicians Lee suggested some honest, but polarizing answers that Elizabeth Warren and Amy klobuchar could've given. But of course, they wouldn't give it because they're politicians Bernie would have given those answers Bernie does give those answers birdie blows my mind. Give star of the vote. Sure, I can't valuate Bernie Sanders on the right or wrong continuum. He's just reinventing the game when asked about would his brand of socialism nationalize industries. Here's what Senator Sanders said I was a mayor of city for eight years that I national is any of the industry in the city of Burlington Vermont. I don't think so you just can't fault that answer Janu great. Yeah. Uber. Uber ni I think the man is in fact authentic, and I know that voters love authenticity thing is he's authentically. Let us just say unconventional. And then you have. Komo Harris's answer to should we let the Boston bomber vote. She said this. I think we should have that conversation because she loves talking about talking. And then there was people digits stance. What do you think should people convicted of sexual assault of the Boston marathon bomber? Should they be able to vote while incarcerated? Yeah. No. I don't think so which to my ears is also authentic, but in this case authentically sensible. It was an informative if a might exhausting night. I did not know that the Boston marathon bomber would get mentioned more than Putin Kim Jong Hoon or Jingping combined. But that's what happens when you get five disparate candidates together. No not together that would violate rules. They all feel the questions from a room full of college students. And I think we now all share in the belief that the children are the future teach them right and dissuade them from meeting the neighbor's livestock. And that's it for today show Pierre Biennale Daniel freighter produced the gist could brainstorming session about movies where the titles are alive like unbreakable or a simple plan. Full suspects made the list. Raphael, senior producer of sleep podcasts. She called us out for stealing. A Lionel huts joke with the never ending story thing. But you know, what if you're gonna steal steal from the worst fictional lawyer who couldn't possibly defend you sign up for the gist newsletter. It's at slate dot com slash gist. News rundown every show that week. We'll also answer a trivia question. Which means we have to ask a trivia question. And it's this and the CNN townhall, Elizabeth Warren claim she got something in the mail. How does the thing she got in the mail relate to another Senator Alan Simpson? Former Senator Alan Simpson and Elizabeth Warren current Senator Elizabeth Warren connected by something Elizabeth Warren, just got in the mail. What is that thing? How are they connected? The gist committed to perpetuate the Nebraska real estate bubble by any means necessary. Debra do Peru. And thanks for listening. And now the spiel five presidential candidates who were probably already in there. Yeah. You know, just give that to the people. They'll do what they want that.

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