Guilty plea from Giuliani associate likely sends chill through parts of Trumpworld


The show we turn on. Msnbc happy to have you here. Cnn is reporting tonight on what sounds like. It may be a dramatic turn in the investigation into the january. Sixth attack on the us capital now. Nbc news has not verified this reporting just citing. What cnn has reported this evening but if in fact this is borne out This would be sort of a big hairy deal What cnn is reporting tonight. Is that the january sixth investigation the select committee investigating the attack They're about to send requests to cell phone providers requesting that those cell phone providers preserve records from phone calls and the usage of cellphones by several people linked to the attack including members of congress the preservation notices or apparently reportedly due to go into the telecom providers as soon as this week. The committee chairman congressman bennie thompson. has also previously said that he starts to a plans to start sending out the committee's first subpoenas as of next week. The investigation into the attack on january. Six isn't just about happened that day during the attack in y the security arrangements in the capital were insufficient to protect the building from from being breached and members of congress being directly threatened. It's about that but it's also about how the attack came to be and who is culpable for arranging or indeed abetting the attack chairman. Bennie thompson is confirming tonight. That it is hundreds of people for whom they're going to be seeking cellphone records but if cnn's reporting is right and among those member among those people who cellphone records are going to be sought are members of congress which one's which members of congress are about to become part of this investigation. We don't Presumably we'll find out in good time. There are two very well known. Republicans in congress. You've already admitted that they were on the phone. During the course of the attack or at least on the day of the attack with then president trump. The leader of the republican party in the house congressman. Kevin mccarthy has said that he spoke with trump during the attack. Republican congressman. Jim jordan has also since admitted speaking with trump on the day of the attack as well but because the investigation covers not just what happened during the course of the attack but also what may have led to a have set it off. There's also hard questions. Of course being raised about congressman like paul. Gosar and congressman. Andy biggs both of whom have been accused of being involved in meetings and discussions with people who have claimed credit for instigating the whole january sixth event it also raises questions about alabama congressman mo brooks. Who gave a famously incendiary speech at the january. Sixth rally just before the attack on the capital started congressman mo brooks later admitted that he was wearing body armor under his flannel shirt and windbreaker that day body armor despite the fact that he also claimed that his speech that day was when he was talking about the need to fight that was just metaphorical thinking. He had no idea no inkling. There would be an actual fights no inkling that the crowd was actually riled up enough to go do anything dangerous. that day. He says had no clue of that. He just also felt the need to wear body armor while he spoke to them. And you know who among us can't relate to that right who among us has not slipped into full. Kevlar plates and a helmet while going. You know if the local league of women voters meeting heading down to the rotary meeting to commonly discussed the civic issues of the day with our fellow rotarians over a rubber chicken dinner. Don't forget your kevlar. But it's interesting about congressman brooks congressman mel brooks. This weekend spoke at the trump rally that was held in cullman alabama mo brooks is going to give up his seat in the house to run for the united states. Senate seat from alabama. That's coming up. He has attached himself at the hip two former president trump in order to try to win that senate seat. You might have seen footage about that rally this weekend. This is the rally where former president trump was sort of mildly booed by the alabama crowd for telling them that they should get vaccinated. Alabama is a state. That ran out of icu. Beds last tuesday. They've got federal disaster teams coming into their hospitals to try to keep them afloat. Because alabama hospitals are so overrun by very sick cove patients mobile alabama. At one point last week had no ambulances available. If you call nine one one there was no ambulance to come get you. Because they're so tied up with cove patients there and there were no ambulances left to respond trump at the rally. This weekend suggested that people there should get vaccinated. The crowd mildly booed him when he told them that and when he reminded them that he himself had been vaccinated. That got a lot of attention for obvious reasons. But i say that. They sort of mildly booed trump. Because it was a scattering of booze you really want to see. Someone get nearly booed off the stage though booed to the point of intimidation. Look at how that same crowd at that. Same event responded in alabama to congressman mo brooks when congressman mo brooks was not talking about back stations and cova when instead. He was talking about the last election at the rally this weekend. He basically tried to dial back. His previous incendiary position and how the presidential election shouldn't count and it was all stolen and from really one and not biden and we much we must fight over that he basically tried to walk that back to this alabama crowd this weekend and watch how they responded. There are some people who were despondent about the voter fraud or election. Theft in twenty twenty folks. Put that behind. You put that behind you. Yes look look forward look forward. Beat them in twenty twenty to beat them at twenty. Four right back had been go forward and take advantage of it this weekend. Hometown crowd lustily booing blowing. The heck out of alabama republican congressman mo brooks for him having the goal to suggest that yeah. The election was stolen and really trump inviting. Didn't win but they should move on from that and work on the next election. Where incidentally he's open to be on the ballot for the united states senate. That crowd was absolutely not having it. And you can tell enough. Footage congressman brooke seemed to be shocked by that reaction supplies. Yeah i thought frankenstein would love his creator as well. But in the wake of that just screaming rejection from his own base voters on that point. mo brooks has since flipped again now insisting in an online statement quote. Let me be clear. The twenty twenty election was fraught with voter fraud and election theft. On a massive scale trump won the election. I support audits of state. Twenty twenty election results. I eagerly await their findings. He's trying to go back to that. That way of dealing with the issue the man knows what side his bread is buttered on but as for him eagerly awaiting the supposed state audits of the election results. He is going to have to wait longer along with anybody else. Who's in the same boat with him. The flagship ridiculous twenty twenty election audit is is a personal one in arizona. It was april when republicans in the arizona legislature. I handed over most of the actual ballots. Arizona's presidential election and tons of voting requirement. Handed it over to on promoting trump election conspiracy theorists who runs a one man band company called sabre ninjas that company and the arizona republican said their so called audit of arizona's election results would take three weeks. It's been five months and counting. They had said last week that the report from that audit would be in by friday. This past friday. It was not in by friday. Then they said it would be in by today. But then at the end of the day today arizona republicans released a statement saying quote unfortunately cyber ninjas ceo doug logan and two other members of the five person audit team have tested positive for covert nineteen and are quite sick and therefore the read report on the audit will not be submitted today and that of course is is terrible news and we wish them all the best arenas republican senate president karen fan till the arizona mirror today that one of the three people on the audit team who has cove it is not just quite sick with covert but actually hospitalized with kovic related pneumonia. Which is terrible again. We wish them the best. Whoever they are. But i will tell you. Even this part remains mysterious. First of all this assertion that three people of the five-person audit team are very sick. With kovic is the first news. Anybody's had that there's a five person audit team. Who's on the team. Who were the other four people. Besides doug logan it's like when people talk about doug logan running a company called cyber ninjas that technically is true but does anybody ever turned up a single employee of cyber ninjas other than doug logan kind of just a one man band i mean. They've had millions of ballots from the arizona election and all of this elections equipment for maricopa county for five months for their audit. That was supposed to take three weeks. The arizona senate president who hired this entity these cyber ninjas to do the audit. She supposedly even supervising all along. She expressed surprise to local reporters today surprise at this covert news because that was the first that she learned there was a five percent audit team producing this audit. She reportedly says she doesn't know who else other than doug. Logan is on this five person team. A former republican official name. Ken bennett who has served as the senate liaison for the audit basically. He's been the person in charge of explaining to the press and the public. What's going on with the audit for all these five months. He said today after the statement came out saying the report was not coming and it was because three people on the five-person audit team has cove. He said today that not only did he not know it was a five person audit team and not only did he know not know who's on this five-person audit team. He said today that he actually thought it was a nine person audit team if so what happened the other four this deep into the process. They purport to have absolutely no idea what's happening. In any case the contention now is that the audit report is not ready even today because the head of cyber ninjas and maybe some other people that we don't know who they are are very sick with cove but nobody knows who they are what their actual involvement is. I will tell you. Arizona republicans also announced today that aside from the kovin problem they're actually still not done with the audit anyway. Something something ballot envelope something something. So maybe it's gonna take another week or so. This is the very professional audit that trump world trusts because they believe the results of this audit will make way more sense and be way more solid and be way less shady then actually just looking at the certified election results from the county in the state mo brooks is eagerly awaiting the results of this audit to find out what the real story is. So we're we're following those developing stories. Tonight there's also late breaking news tonight about Do you remember my boyfriend's left and eager love parnasse an ego freeman. Were colleagues of trump lawyer. Pretty giuliani mr. Mr ferman were arrested in two thousand nineteen and charged among other things with allegedly funneling large illegal foreign donations to a pack supporting trump's reelection and two other republican candidates both love and eager and pled. Not guilty mr parnell had since made public claims including this show that he was basically bamboozled into a plot by giuliani and trump and some other trumpworld figures to try to wheedle dirt out of the nation of ukraine. That could be used against joe biden in the twenty twenty election that plot of course ultimately lead to trump impeachment number. One love partners has publicly named not. Just rudy giuliani and donald trump but also trump administration officials including william bar former attorney general as having been in the loop on on some of that that scam. Mr parnell has has got a fairly high profile figures since was charged. Even that's he's fighting these charges and pleading not guilty. Mr and has been much less of a high profile figure but it is mr ferman eager who is apparently going to change his plea from not guilty to guilty plea. Notice was docket in his case. Today he'll have a hearing on that matter before a federal judge in the southern district of new york on wednesday now in the filings around that wednesday hearing at the hearing itself we may learn the circumstances of his guilty plea whether this means he is turning state's evidence whether this means ebor is cooperating with prosecutors to tell them what he knows about other people's actions other potential crimes because of eager freeman's links with former president trump. And mr giuliani. Because of the subsequent revelations about mr giuliani being under federal criminal investigation for his part whatever they were doing in ukraine eager. The man you see here on the right with president trump ebor pleading guilty Has to be very uncomfortable making development for parts of trump world. Tonight if his guilty plea is going to be accompanied by cooperation deal with federal prosecutors. We shall see following that also coming up in just a moment. We're going to be speaking here with john. Kirby admiral john kirby spokesperson at the press secretary at the at the pentagon with lots to talk with him about today with the fda giving full gold standard approval to the pfizer vaccine against covert nineteen. That cleared the way within hours today for the pentagon institute a new requirement that all active duty. Us troops must be vaccinated. That's fascinating new development today at the defense department and we'll have big implications in terms of how quickly it's rolled out and what happens to service members who may refuse to get vaccinated even though they're required to get lots of other vaccines as part of their service. Admiral kirby of course also been the main explainer to the public and the press on the urgent and increasingly massive airlift effort to evacuate americans and our afghan allies out of afghanistan the pentagon announcing today that between yesterday and today they got nearly eleven thousand people evacuated in one twenty four hour period. They hit said last week. Their maximum range was five to nine thousand people evacuated per day. They evacuated nearly eleven thousand in the last twenty. Four hours that means the pace of this evacuation is picking up substantially. We'll talk with admiral kirby about whether or not. They aim to sustain that rapid pace. Admiral kirby has also sort of cage alie fielded questions. These cage addressed recent reporting that. Us forces are now at least occasionally using helicopters to go get people and bring them to the kabul airport amid increasingly desperate and dangerous circumstances outside the gates and blast walls of the airport. That's sort of aggressive. Exfiltration effort by air has been of great interest as we have seen the scenes outside the gates of the airport. Just get more harrowing and more each day and as we hear about terrorist threats against those crowds outside the airport. You may have also seen the reporting this weekend About a woman a an evacuee from afghanistan who literally gave birth to a baby on board one of the us military c seventeen evacuation plans just after it landed at ramstein. Air force. Base in germany is just a crazy story. It puts your heart in your throat to know that this woman was pregnant this close to delivering when she got herself and her family on board that c. seventeen and then to have given birth on the tarmac on board the plane. Us servicemen and women racing on board that cargo plane delivering the baby right then in there on board the plane before they were even able to disembark her mother and baby are both reportedly doing fine. But i have to tell you that dramatic situation. This weekend led to this question and surprise. Answer at the pentagon press briefing this afternoon. I don't know if you've seen this footage. Date started one way and then dramatically off the rails to the surprise of everybody except one person in the room and went off the rails not in a bad way but in a way that definitely makes me want to know more watch. I'm therese garnier with newsy. Jenner reliance on our mets being provided for each flight. I know there's a concern about capacity because you're trying to get as many people on but our medics being provided and the reason why i ask that is because there are reports that a woman had a baby during one of the flights and so do you have medics that will be on board that will be able to handle any sort of emergency situations. That may come up if someone has a babysitter valls and get sick or something. In that instance. Yeah it's a great question. We have medics on every flight There is a medical screen as part of the screening in boarding process and But i'll confess to you that many people would have to self identify any kind of medical issue Re really exciting. I mean i really appreciate the news reporting on the baby. Being born as at came into Ramstein matter of fact. There's actually been more than that so it's just a just an incredible. Incredible operation ongoing. You know just just impressive. Work by our great airmen. Adam would he be more than more than one baby. My my last data point was three. I don't have a formal tracker but those you know so we'll keep you posted. We'll follow follow up and try to get you information on the other to your other. Reporters go wait a second. Did he say there's been more than that when he says more than that. He means more babies. There's more little babies actually. There's more little babies. There's more than one baby. Admiral john kirby obviously flummoxed by this as well he did you. Just say three babies sir. How we'll get more on the baby situation admiral. John kirby said he would get more on that to explain that he's here with us next. Stay with us. Our world is facing some big challenges. Chuck todd breaks them down a deep dive into a new topic. Instead of covering all the big stories. We're going to cover one single subject. Impacting american politics exploring and explaining the critical issues that affect our future meet the press reports. All episodes of season two are now available on demand on peacock. What does her ascension mean. Ask a simple question. Women of color vice would matters to them why. Let's be clear. This is about fraud. Work the angles tonight here on. Msnbc special coming question afford you going through your process care about what you find now when and if not the free press then who. If what you discovered doesn't match your expectations fact. Check this forest. Keep asking yourself hard questions. Are you confident. Tough on the answers. It's just not true. Favorite facts over conspiracy should american citizens. No rely on experts not influence now going to debate it again and vote again a trust standards over here saying at msnbc. This is what we do. And this is. We are when the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was admiral. Mike mullen his spokesman his spokesperson Was the man you see here on the left. A man named john kirby. John kirby was the voice of the joint chiefs during the height of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. John kirby can also be seen here in this photo with former defense secretary. Chuck hagel john. Kirby was his spokesperson at the pentagon for a while to that was before mr kirby went onto become spokesperson for the secretary of state. When john kerry was secretary of state under president obama. He's had these very high visibility jobs at the pentagon at the state department. He's also a rear admiral in the united states. Navy john kirby served in the navy as the public affairs officer for the blue angels. He served as the editor in chief of the navy's magazine. He served as chief spokesperson for the department of the navy these days. He is back at the department of defense reprising. His role as pentagon press secretary this time in the biden administration for defense department. That is now by secretary. Lloyd austin john. Kirby has been a very very high profile person in washington for a long time right now. He has one of the most difficult and most scrutinized jobs in washington because right now daily sometimes multiple times per day. He is briefing the defense department press corps which is not a bunch of pushovers briefing. Them briefing through them. The rest of the world as the united states attempts to wind down its longest war and engages in a big very very difficult. Very contested evacuation effort in afghanistan. Just today john. Kirby has already briefed the press twice to separate pentagon briefings already today on everything from helicopter exfiltrations of afghan evacuees to evacuation flights in their numbers. Two babies being born on board those evacuation flights. He's done a lot of work already today. But i still have more questions than he has been kind enough to join us tonight to come. Answer them. admiral. Kirby thank you so much. I know. it's been a long couple of weeks long day today. Thank you for being here tonight. My pleasure ritual thank you. Let me start by asking you about the the most important thing but something. My interest was very peaked today at the second pentagon briefing. You did today In which we learned that there wasn't just one baby born on one of these flights one of these evacuation flights this weekend at ramstein in germany. But the general who you were breathing wits actually said there's been three babies born in these circumstances. Yeah that's right. He surprised everybody including me on that. This general steve lyons. He's the commander of us transportation command and we wanted him to come in and talk to our press corps about the incredible logistics effort. That is going in to moving thousands of people out of afghanistan temporary safe havens elsewhere as they as they work their way back to the united states and right at the end of the briefing he got asked about the the one baby that we knew he'd been born because there were a great great photographs of that of course And he let it slipped in fact actually to others had been born so So we end the press corps here at the pentagon or trying to chase down the details on that because it's just a great story and just another Indication of humanity the professionalism in the kindness with which us military members are really treating their important evacuation work. It also tells you about the humanity and the desperation of the people who are getting out. I mean for somebody to be not just pregnant pregnant upon the moment of potentially delivering somebody. Who's going to go into labor during the flight and still at that moment putting themselves in peril taking their fragile selves and their families and getting themselves on board one of those military transports. I mean the extremists that these women and their families are in to be able to do this. It does make me wonder about the kinds of medical resources that are being made available to these refugees. The kinds of resources that they need once they land. How long they're staying there staying at the initial place. They i land once. They're taken out of afghanistan. What can you tell us about that. So there's some initial medical screening at kabul before they get onto a flight who we want to make sure that they're okay so there's some medical treatment there there are in the general said this. There's there's no medical personnel on. These flights were saving every available space for passengers for people that want to get out to our as you rightly said rachel desperate to leave. So we're not putting medical personnel on these flights but then when they get to these these temporary safe havens or staging base if you will for onward movement they are evaluated for for any medical issues and given a chance to you know to get some more screening there and then of course when they get back to the united states We go through that again. We definitely screen them for Cove at some of these staging bases. All of them are getting screened for covert when they get to the united states right. Now they're coming into dulles and so there there's constantly throughout the process medical personnel. That are trying to look after them as best we can. Is there going to be sort of call to the american people and civil society organizations in the united states to help resettle people to do community resettlement efforts to donate things that these new families may leave to find them housing to get them in. English is a second language courses. If they're going to be resettling here. I mean i know that not everybody is going to be coming to the united states but thousands are is there call now from the us government indeed from from the defense department for the american people to step up and help. We're actually starting to see that rachel. I mean certainly lots of non-governmental organizations are already helping the state department and as they as these afghans are ready to move into american society. They're already going to relocation centers and getting getting help starting. Their new lives absolutely. But you know the the commanding general of fort bliss texas where. We're some have already gone for this. The follow on final paperwork that they have to complete before they become citizens has said that he's been deluged with phone calls and emails from the people living outside fort bliss texas just wanting to know what they can do blankets food whatever they can do to help so we're already starting to see the american people and many of these communities really reach out and want to do what they can to help what will be their future fellow citizens i will tell you just just anecdotally from our experience. We're just at cable news. Show that covers this process and that's covered some individual stories of people who have been evacuated with their families and we have been inundated with requests from our viewers in terms of how they can help. And so i know that you're in a different role as the press spokesman at pentagon. But i think there is a real hunger among the general public watching this to wanna step up and do something especially as we learn more about how hard these flight crews are working and how hard these thousands of. Us troops are working to try to make the best of this very difficult situation. I do think there is public appetite to do something sort of put our money. Where mouth is to give to to to be part of this process someway. I don't know if that's i mean. I doubt we'll hear that from you with the podium. But i do feel like i do feel like we have to hear that from the administration from the government in some way because that needs to be channeled in some way. It's valuable to to leave on the table. It seems to me. No i agree. Rachel and i think this is what's quintessentially so great about our country. Americans are generous lot and we are immigrant nation and and we're used to these stories a sad and desperate though they may be and we're and we used to reaching out to people that are in need and And really wanna start a new life here. So i think you know just that one little base in texas is just one small example. I think you're gonna see that all over the country and again. That's that's one of the great things about living in this country and i think these afghans That'll be something that they take away to tell me about something that you have received lots of hard questions about all last week and over the weekend and today which is the issue of safe passage out obviously getting control of the airport getting control of the tarmac getting control of the runway lining up these staging basis for onward movement as you were describing all of that we've seen the military source systematically get that in order and we have simultaneously seen the number of evacuees rise to this incredible number of nearly eleven thousand one twenty four hour period Just between sunday and and today but there is still the front end issue of how people get themselves into that safe system. How people get into the airport. How not just americans. But people linked to the us government people who are afghan vacuum is who we are. Otherwise priorities prioritize. How they're going to get out. Tell me about big picture. Progress toward making more safe that part of their journey. So there's a couple of pieces here. You might have heard me talk about this a little. Bit ago we We are in constant daily communication with taliban leaders who are outside the airport and we have been making it clear to them what the credentials look like woohoo. We want to see get through their checkpoints. Who are who absolutely entitled to get on these flights. And thus far though there have been certainly cases of harassment and even even violent harassment of some qualified individuals by and large these american citizens and these special immigrant. Visa applicants are being able to work through those checkpoints. We are also in in communication with the taliban about making it easier for this safety to say a more safe perimeter around the field so that there are fewer crowds because crowds have also been an impediment not not from violence perspective just from a dense perspective. So we're working with with them to try to make sure that there is enough access around the airport for people to get in More freely and we are working every day. Our commanders on the ground are pursuing opportunities to make access and passage to the field. Easier and safer for americans and these. Siv applicants Some pretty creative ideas that they're putting into place And obviously it's a denson dangerous environment we have Legitimate counter-terrorism threat. They're terrorism threat around the airport that we have to take seriously but once we get them onto the field and they go through a whole series of processing and manifesting as i said medical screening. Make sure they have food and water and we try. We try to get them on the very next flight out. That's available and these flights. At least yesterday. Rachel they were leaving one almost every hour now. We hope to be able to continue that sorta pace going forward. Obviously it's weather dependent. It's it's it's it's it's population dependent but that's the kind of that's the kind of throughput that we're trying to reach so that we can keep these numbers up for as long as possible. Should we expect to see more evacuations more transit to the airport. Aided by us helicopters you have talked about this a little bit at the end of last week and also today that there have been a couple of helicopter-born us affiliate us us facilitated movements one from a group that was very close to the airport. Another was described as elsewhere in kabul. Should we expect there to be more of those that obviously seem like a sort of tidy answer to it from from those us looking from this distance or is there something that's particularly dangerous about those helicopter airlifts that we don't understand that means that that will continue to be quite limited. The commanders on the ground certainly have the authorities. They need to pursue opportunities to bring people in and one of the means that their disposal is of course rotary aircraft helicopters. And and we have done that on a couple of occasions. I certainly wouldn't rule out that we would do it again if it if it was the best way. And that's really what it comes down to rachel's what's the best most effective. And what's the safest way to get americans and other sap applicants into the airport and so again sometimes helicopters are the answer sometimes not and there are pursuing all kinds of different opportunities to make this happen so i certainly wouldn't rule it out but it is. It is not the only way in which we are encouraging and trying to facilitate the safe passage of people into the airport. Let me ask you about one very different perspective on this. Which is obviously we saw the taliban takeover of the country almost every province in the country in some cases without firing a shot including walking into kabul without having to be a military victory it was essentially arranged as far as we can tell but there is resistance to the pentagon we have seen demonstrations i by women by brave women in kabul then by larger groups of people in eastern afghanistan and southeastern afghanistan. We're now seeing organized resistance Speaking out getting some international press from the pound share valley we saw anti-taliban fighters take back some parts of a different province Over the weekend although the taliban now says they fought in and brought those back if there is significant resistance to taliban rule. Is the us going to ignore that. Or is there provision in our postwar planning to give assistance to those who are resisting taliban rule and indeed. Maybe maybe fighting for control of parts of the country. Well i certainly wouldn't get ahead of policy decisions that That you know that. That hasn't been made on on that. Rachel what i can tell you is that Our our presence there at the airport. The fifty eight hundred troops that we have right now. Their focus is really on three things making sure we can defend that airport and keep its operations going and then work in the evacuation mission to the maximum degree that we can and then number three making sure that we are as appropriate reaching out to american citizens who need to be brought in and finding out ways to do that. That's really what our focuses on right now and i think we have been very clear. The military mission is really confined to those three things. And i i i. I wouldn't want to speculate about what might might what might be in the offing for the future. John kirby pentagon press secretary making the most of what has already been a very very long day by staying up so late with us tonight. Sir thank you for your time really appreciate it anytime. You'd like to come back with love to have you back. Thank you rachel. My pleasure all right. We've got much more ahead here tonight. Stay with us looking for more dateline mysteries peacocks on the case with a new streaming channel. Dateline twenty four seven true crime stories from the true crime original gouda peacock. tv dot com and sign up for free so we just spoke with pentagon. press secretary. John kirby you may remember last week it was he who announced from the briefing room at the pentagon that the defense department had stood up five active duty medical teams to help civilian hospitals here in the us that are overrun by kovic patients. Late last week we saw the arrival of the first of those active duty uniform teams navy personnel arriving at a hospital lafayette louisiana to help the doctors and nurses there who have been overrun by way too many way too sick cova patients for weeks now loud sustained standing ovation for those navy personnel. That was late last week. Now we have word of three more of those active duty uniform military teams deploying a team of twenty active duty air force medical personnels headed to baton rouge louisiana to assist our lady of the lake medical center. We spoke with that hospital's chief medical officer just ten days ago about the very bad situation there. Our lady of the lake already got one influx of over thirty federal medical personnel from the department of health and human services. That was not enough. Now they're also getting twenty more and nurses and respiratory therapists from the united states. Air force to more of those active duty defense department teams are deploying as well to mississippi at least twenty medical personnel from the us air force arriving at the university of mississippi medical center jackson this weekend. Twenty army medical personnel headed to north mississippi medical center in tupelo. You will recall that. This isn't the first federal help. Mississippi's receive. They also got a federal de met disaster medical assistance teams from health and human services To set up a field hospital in the parking garage at that university medical center in jackson now in addition to that they've got these air force and army personnel arriving to provide further help. There are three vaccines that have been in use in the united states for months now. Pfizer madeira and johnson and johnson. Before today all three of those vaccines were approved under something called emergency use authorization millions and millions and millions of doses safely administered of all three vaccines. They've all proven to be effective at keeping you from getting infected if you do still get infected. They're very effective. At reducing. Your chance of getting dangerously ill the states that are so overrun right. Now it's basically because of low uptake vaccines in those states but today interesting progress when for the first time. The fda granted full unqualified not emergency use authorization to the pfizer vaccine for everybody age. Sixteen and up. That's a sort of graduation for pfizer from emergency youth authorization to full approval and that today cleared the way. For among other things a new mandate for all active duty servicemembers to get vaccinated. They'd been waiting on full approval of the vaccine at the fda to do that. That full approval has been granted. The dod is now moving ahead within hours of the full approval. Cvs pharmacy chain several state university systems. The nation's largest school system in new york city they all also announced vaccine mandates for their employees experts. Tell us we should probably expect more of that in coming days. Speaking of experts joining us now is dr jaw. He's dean of the school of public health at brown university. Dr john nice to make time to be here. Thanks for making time tonight. Rachel why is it logical for there to be a link between requiring the vaccine at a place like the defense department or new york city schools or cvs as an employer. Why is there a link between that and full approval. One is the vaccine have to have to prove to get full approval that it didn't have to prove in order to get that previous level of approval so first and foremost isn't necessarily a link lots of organizations my university for instance mandated vaccines well before the full approval happened. What the full approval does is. He gives people a lot. More confidence Some people feel like it's going to be legally a little bit as gonna stand up well though the courts have found that mandatory vaccine orders based on an easy way is totally fine. I think much more a psychological boost than it is a legal one for mandatory vaccines when it comes to the states that have low vaccine uptake. That receiving are that are experiencing such a terrible inflex right now. I'm happy to see federal resources including active duty military uniform resources deployed states like mississippi and louisiana. So clearly need them. It does feel like a drop in the bucket. Though twenty workers here a handful of doctors they are given the scale of the problem. And how the case numbers are continuing to rise in the states where the hospitals are already overrun. Is the federal government going to have to ramp up its ability to help in those overrun states. Do we have other resources we can. We can bring to bear. Yes the first and foremost it's worth remembering. This is all completely preventable. If people got vaccinated we would not be seeing this. We're not seeing this in vermont. Were not seeing this in massachusetts. Our not seeing it in highly vaccinated places sack in. You're absolutely right. We're still seeing so many infections and those people are going to hospitals in the days and weeks and months ahead so we've got a really hunker down for what's gonna be many many many weeks of difficult times. I think the federal government's gonna end up having to do a lot more for these states and ultimately they're going to get out of it by vaccinating a lot. More people of this is not the solution to make vaccines. Czar actress actresses the dean of the school public health brown university. Dr john it's always a pleasure and an honor to have you here. Thanks for thanks for your time tonight. Sir we've got more ahead tonight. Stay with us indulge me for just a moment. This did not get a ton of press in the united states today. But i think it is astonishing and i want you to see it There's a prison in iran. That is such a notoriously bad place. That i a random have heard of it. I don't know the names of any other prisons in iran But i know evine prison. Ev i n. Evine prison is in fact such a standout place for such bad stuff that the prison itself has been sanctioned by the us for human rights abuses of in prison in tehran among other things is where iran locks up its political prisoners including those with western ties. You might remember it from two thousand nine. When iran held to americans there for seven hundred eighty one days on totally made up charges of espionage. You might remember evine prison from two thousand fourteen. When a journalist from the washington post was held there for five hundred forty four days also on completely fabricated trumped up charges that journalist jason resume on believes he was held basically as a bargaining chip for the iran nuclear deal negotiations which were underway at the time. Back in two thousand and three canadian journalist was arrested just for taking pictures of a protest outside of in prison. She ended up being beaten to death in a different iranian. Prison just days later. So if in prison has a backstory it's known worldwide and it's not a place we ever get to see the inside of barely get to see the outside. That's why this is so nuts today. The associated press and voice of america released footage that had been given to them by hackers. Who say they infiltrated evine prison. And among other things they got access to its close circuit security cameras. The associated press doing due diligence. They talked to four former prisoners. Who had served time at evine who all confirmed that the footage does indeed look like areas. They recognize inside the prison. This is the part. I can't get over though this watch this. This is reportedly the control room inside evine or the guards monitor the close circuit security cameras all day long every day. And if this video is what the hackers say it is it shows in lifetime the guards. They're learning that they have been hacked. Watch this watch the screens. I one of their monitors starts flashing red. A message pops up. What's that you see the guy react and then boom a whole bunch of the screen start flashing red that say message pops up everywhere message. Look at his screen on his desk. The message in farsi reportedly reads cyberattack and then later says general protests until the freedom of political prisoners. But just impossible to get your head around that this may actually be footage in real time of the moment when the jailers running the most opaque notorious prison in iran learn that everyone everywhere will soon be able to see everything they can see will soon be able to see what they have been up to. Government of iran is not commenting on. What may or may not have happened here. Iranian state media has not acknowledged. This happened at all but we may the footage of what happened in the moment. They realized they been breached. Just an incredible thing. Watch this space. This is a melodramatic way to be doing it. A midnight swearing in seriously. Yes midnight tonight at one minute. After midnight kathy hokka will be sworn in as governor of the great state of new york that will officially make kathy hoke one of only nine female governors in the whole country and i should doubt four of those nine. I got to those positions through succession rather than election. Meaning the dude who got elected to the job got turfed out for some reason so they ascended to the job because of the unexpected vacancy cut. The local of course was lieutenant. Governor andrew cuomo. He is leaving office tonight following the publication of a scathing report. By new york's attorney general tips. James report that accused him of sexually harassing eleven women. We've been able to get this up on screen yet. we just got this moments ago yes. This reportedly is andrew. Cuomo's resignation letter and it sure does look authentic. We received this just moments ago Soon to be former governor cuomo continues to deny the allegations against him even as he leaves office but in anticipation of her taking over the top job. Tonight kathy whole has started out her governorship by already appointing two women to top posts in her cabinet. As if this all wasn't dramatic enough it will become official at a minute past midnight tonight. A midnight swearing. That does oppress. Tonight i will see again tomorrow. The rachel maddow show weeknights at nine. Non msnbc hebert in and eager and we got big news. Ya'll our show is now a podcast back right. You can take anywhere you go in your car to the gym even just at home on your own pouch with a glass of wine like spending time with each other and now we love the we can spend even more time to. Are you sick commits. Yeah don't be because you never miss a moment. fine laughs or friendship subscribe. Listen to today with hoda. Jenna wherever getting podcasts.

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