Draft Day - Unanimous Decision #178


Welcome back the unanimous decision. Podcasts I your host e Palm. Follow me on twitter at depot six. Polish on twitter at Ud bod follow the entire MTR network at at the network. You found this. Don't you dare? Who's subscribe on? I tunes subscribe on spotify. His every podcast for absolutely free. Good to be back in back driver's seat regular show get our follow up on the last dance episode dropping Morrow that will get some of my really good friends who is To say a disciple of Phil Jackson is an understatement in and of itself. But today we're here we're talking about everything happens sports including the draft this week. And we've got with us this time actually being recorded while we do this the extra mate the X. podcast fellows the good friend. Chad Floyd what Upjohn man not too much just ran out of beer at some point last night so got whether it's truly waters. Leftover my fridge in mixed with some vodka. And here we are. I've had A. I've had one seltzer. I was up in New York for football thing this past fall I was drinking beer and I grabbed seltzer for my friends are on our friends wives or something and it tastes like angry water like slightly perturb water. I'm not a fan. I would say it tastes like a two liter of seven up that you opened about ten days ago but with alcohol. So Hey yeah I'd take a twenty four pack of Budweiser. Because I'm still me and I'll be fair the next Twenty four hours ish. We'll see we'll see along that stretch. How's Everything Look Your House Kobe nineteen really kinda affected you in in the housing gaming. It's I've watched the evolution Akkad. Everyone's Kinda doing digital showings in digital house affected It's not really I mean. I think I've made this joke last time but really everything I'm doing is the exact same just without anything to look forward to at the end of the day. I met Mecklenburg County's a little bit more restricted than anywhere else in the state but at the end of the day. We Are Not Georgia under the great leadership. Brian Kemp so I got that going for me. I was on the ground. I was Sandy. Check this week. In one of the segments he added was. Oh Georgia because we keep embarrassing ourselves on national stage. I'm on the ground. It's interesting like you know me. A lot of friends who are insertion she who owned bars and restaurants there like to a man being like this is a bad idea but once you deem that you can't open they then Unin. Any unemployment filed has now has the reason behind it back to the editors at in so it's a weighty people off the unemployment rolls because quite frankly we're going around the money about twenty six weeks have million claims in the last month. So yeah it's all about It's naked in it's horrifying and Apollo household staying in Fort Kick Ass. Whichever named got on my house there chopped archer fans who listens by cats. So yeah that's what's happening here. We just count laying low in trying to stay safe in like you said. Our business is kind of weird. Because I've got a cell phone a laptop so I can do my job but it's tough other people who can't and it's tough for people are being forced back into unsafe conditions. Just trying to get yourself wash your hands or mass and Yeah just try to be a little more empathetic these guys. That's not what we're going to nail the podcast because by guy. Wouldn't that be a boring show? I have over here taking empathy taking the NCAA. Silence certain things but no. We've rich Chad the in sports. Not just because the drafted Massive ratings this year but also because nearly half the scheduled sports of Twenty have been cancelled her viruses impacts fifty three percent of the major sports originally scheduled for twenty twenty are likely to take place in this county year including some of the rescheduled golf events for the end of the year. Chad have you accepted that? We probably will have cultural? I have accepted it. And I'm just geared towards possibly having a shortened spring season. But when you get to that point. I don't really know how you do that for the players. I. I'm really at a point and I saw the news break last night that the NBA would allow players to start practicing video. Second wave started real fast. Yeah Yeah and by my whole thought process since last time we talked I think. Mlb's done. I think college sports are done because you can't really have college sports if you're not having students on campus can't be open can't have sports so at this point. I think the only sports were getting are the NFL and the NFL because the NFL just said you know they will push for through anything. They can care the least about their athletes. And I'm sure we could up potentially touch on that layer but now I mean it. It just sucks you know because I was very concerned were dying. It's horrible however on top of that. This sucks yeah. It sucks because to this extent. It's all been preventable. But if you take choose your own adventure novel and you start at page fifty nine and say hey if you follow the demand of the new the big scary cave turn to page one seventy three and then we follow the demon into the Cave about twenty times. That's where the hell we are now. Is We keep on making the exact wrong choice and we're going to get back into it but now like even just like I mean I. I would have been more than happy to go to a spring game yesterday or go to like a Charlotte Knights Baseball game. Today in the draft was great just to remind me that they existed. But I'm just kind of concerned that people find new things to do and move on on. That's the new things to do. Some things that are going says anymore. Artists called are going to fold some colleges according to what my dad is a graduate of university the Panthers and I'll terrified. School may not exist next fall because ninety fall twitching from these schools. Are Those sports for a second year? It's twenty nineteen global. Sports Industry generated. One hundred twenty nine billion dollars in revenue. They're hurting. It has been a growth interface. January four point nine percent that means that they are projected to make a lot of money this year this year that will generate only seventy three point seven billion sixty one point six billion less than the projected revenue before. So we're gonNA see things that we NASCAR could be got very real possibility. Because you're depending on on live gates independent sponsorships and corporation starting to tighten that belt. What goes first big corporate sponsorships. Yeah and then I mean. We're talking to the Olympics here. I mean the Olympic Games are being played. No one can hoax anymore. They moved the Olympics weld. It was never a hoax and nobody ever said it was a hoax according to twitter this morning but I think this place chat. Thanks so much man. This is way off topic but about three weeks ago I was on the phone with my mom is like so I'm expatriating. If he gets reelected just straight up it she says Oh. Yeah where are you going? I don't know doesn't matter not you can't you can't stay a yeah that's a yes speaking my truth but some of them speaking truth is everyone else who around the world who tuned in to the last dance. It was the most watched a documentary ever. Espn history six point. One million viewers averaged a million three point five win the targeted eighteen to forty nine. Demographic the most watched telecast ESPN since the college football game. Chad you and I live in a demographic we are Jordan kids. What did you think of week one man like as soon as you started? The transition of big old smile came across my face. Because I've never only as of this moment six hours away from episode three dude it it was. I mean well first of all you know like you said we grew up in it so you remember things that you kind of forgotten or in my case. I was nine ten years old. I was like yeah. I kind of remember Scottie. Pippen having a beef with the bowls but just the detail in it all the people they got back in my dude Roy Williams just absolutely crushing it in every appearance. Oh my God I mean it you know I. It took twenty years for it to come out or and I can see why now and my my favorite thing about it still is just watching. Jordan's Bourbon glass ware. Is it from scene to scene from discussion discussion? Okay so you're mine. It's definitely bird. It's not Scott. Gotcha MEL no. But but if but if he was a Scotch Guy That would be an unacceptable amount of ice for it. It's a great point. That's a great point of course pervert better known or both in the same alcoholic pages there one of the big stories of the night one of the last dance for those of us who are. Chat Mitch and we were. I was not. I was aware I was locked in. I didn't know the details. And the watch these guys dunk on a very dead Jerry Krause. Now let's look it up because I was like oh is he died between the recording. No he died before they started recording. This everything they say. Documentary is about a man who had recently passed know that it's being typically through that leads. It's amazing to me sometimes but even when I was GONNA say we're in box step because straight up got on my phone and said his Jay across still. I was waiting. I was waiting for episode. Sixty come across in Jerry. Krause is just like you guys big like dump face just right in the front screen dead at the opening credits is like okay now. We're going story. It's wild. They really after him but apparently more documentaries like again to be fair to crops. You don't build a team here so it's but it's very interesting to see can help broken out and it was They talked about Jerry like that. But for me it was it was. It was a great thing. Tim Floyd came up with. Sweet you address. I guess his partner this because we haven't watched percival weird nothing else to do second of all. Tim is a coach. Iowa state who had been covered by Jerry Krause to come in and replace Philip Jackson too so as far as that when cross his stepdaughter got married that summer. Going into the last dance. He invited all the front office staff excluding Phil Jackson. But including Tim Floyd employed. Of course of course now is to say things like I told Jerry that day. You GotTa let this die natural death because you don't want to break this up. They earn right which at the same time like maybe he said that would also maybe mid major coach. Who's being groomed to take over the fucking balls man so good. The only good thing about Tim Voids coaching careers. His last name from So I guess I on twitter last week Me and Michael Jordan. Come from the same area code. That's where the similarities come to a screeching in sudden halt Undergrad. I guess you'd say they wanted him. He wanted them. It's different but the same Wasn't even funnier is watching how current NBA been reacting to this like win out for not being able to cover Jordan like no one else. Could I saw the mavericks players? Come on to my guys fans your coach cover Michael Jordan. You should rent sprints because of that like I'm sorry but what did it was Trayvon on. Green. Who's my favorite person to do. Because guided them. That's GonNa destroy something. He wants to Percy parcell last-ditch instead of the parallels between the end of that run into the road with Kevin Durant said that. Ironically our season was the twenty year anniversary that season. We very important piece of our season. Who was a piece of that? Season Steve Kerr. And it's coming whether it's coming from the media get these questions for the media artists as a team. We've talked about that. He's a little different from the standpoint where contracts but was on players it wasn't an organization so essentially saying yes. This happened to us to but that was all as a cabinet. So for instance Kevin when you're dealing on his own tonight kind of elephant in the room like I can't believe Drake Mon is not only making this about him. You're the reason Kevin. Durant Gardner does He. And we're cool yeah out. They drew my remembers that concern some faster. These castle in so nuts man. Yeah but I wanNA Talk Gin Katie strays. I don't tell you you can't have is open the room because what happened is GonNa be stuck with the media every day. Look at these are drawn to me is always Like basically the main character in American sniper but using a Using just a regular twelve gauge shotgun. You'll know who the fuck that thing's GonNa hit. But sometimes it's Charles. Barkley sometimes escapee. Sometimes it's Jordan. I mean who knows man? There's a new book from Ethan Strauss coming out. I figure only the title victory machine. The experts that have leaked about Kevin Durant are scheming and so we read on the little time he gets out. Apparently I'm a good. I'M GONNA to get his podcast and read it before. Gordon knock about this. Let's say the book preview is the first twenty out of one hundred and eighty five pages if it's only one hundred and eighty pages. I'm right there with you. I'M NOT GONNA help exciting because I read the stop. The Kevin Exerts Bra there. So Tell Yeah. I'm excited about that. Sports are gone for two dead for overseeing small things. I've been talking about the challenge. I can't get a challenge. Podcast started because I just can't I can't be on record. Talk saying things that I want to say about the challenge but another thing that's worth that have happened. That matters more than the challenge but for McGraw sat down and women's basketball coach. Notre Dame She's setting was a season ago. She said that she would only hire female staffer. Going forward is important for women to see women leadership thirty three years at Notre Dame. A wonderful coach. She'll be replaced by former player. Neil Ivy spent seventeen seasons. Every day was a player coach before being a assistant coach for the Grizzle. This past season. There aren't that many names left in women's basketball. That really bring you back to the Gino Pets Manera above McGrath. One of one hundred percent. Yeah won the titles in two thousand one in two thousand eighteen. I'm I'm not a huge follower women's basketball admittedly but since Notre Dame joined the ACC in all sports football is another conversation for another day No slouch I I I have. I have gotten to kind of follow her a little bit more closely and I mean she's just a fascinating woman just kind of like. You said a throwback in that Pat Summitt mode where you know just seems absolutely delightful to be around five one five division one binge orlands coaches with at least nine hundred thirty wins nine four multiple titles the others are pats on a Tara Vanderveer January in Checchi. Yeah man you're right this is this is. This was the team that at Uconn won a tight t to an extent. You know Yukons Aura has really been kind of lifted and she was a major role in that. After a you know I mean it was Tennessee and Uconn than it was just Yukon and everybody else playing for second and between Notre Dame and Baylor. I mean those are kind of the two schools that pop into my head is teams that in the Second Stanford South Carolina. Yeah Yeah Great. Great example So we'RE GONNA go back in a chance more more your wheelhouse here baseball a boy so we was baseball when bat and as you quickly now. Mlb suspended the red SOx replay operator TICKLY TRAFFIC INTO SPENDING ALEX. Cora for year conduct the Astros Chat. Zero players are getting punished for this shit. So there's a couple of things at play here one. Cva IS UP. After the twenty twenty one season and I think rob Manfred who has taken over the mantle quite quickly as the most incompetent mission reports basically decided with he said the president with the. Astros thing where you know. The general consumer can see and hear when they when they were cheating You know there's a fan who started a website to highlight every instance of the asteroids begging on trash cans when the astros basically got a slap on the wrist. You knew the red sox thing was going to be just laughable and here's the funniest thing about may palmer. The Red Sox guy that was kind of at the center of this. His jobs were twofold one to give scouting reports on teams signs. Going into games and then to to watch the games for changes to their signs is his job not to give them the updated signs otherwise. He's just contradicting his own report into sitting on his hand knowing nothing about it and if the Red Sox have people in that dual role in other teams. Do you know Manfred said well. I'm not opening Pandora's box here. Lose a second round. Pick five round draft rounded by strings. If on a string that whole sweater can fall apart on any of these strength? The only solution poll note. Straits. Yeah and then you know not to get to a T. Elian about but meanwhile a you know the braves general manager basically paid a few too many sixteen year old international prospects and he's been from the game from wife. So and that was that was easier guy the news to punish every player on. T. I'm hearing out of was truncated Boston or actually it was a thing that was the game. This is how we as a crew. But that's that's how the Games in play for one hundred and twenty years so I mean either take away the video rooms or punish it with some teeth so getting caught. You get your punished. Yeah being the W. got caught and should be made an example of doing their dance and look the other way where they want to but when you so egregiously if these two idiots in whatever cooks when they're playing overseas you're Boston New York been just being like we know what they're doing different got ourselves like wait. Wait wait what if an open secret in. You are so badly that you get caught. You deserve the book thrown at you and What's the gentleman's name his name? Rick you'll never remember it again. Jt Watkins who sounds like a mid early two thousands rapper from MB was of Florida. He yes over that with lip biscuit. Well he's he's now been suspended from the twenty twenty postseason. I loved her all pretending. Schwarzer GonNA happen this fall. This is all very cute. I like that. Manfred had to come out and clarify that the time served by Aj hinch and the Astros GM whose name escapes me L- now he said their time would be considered served whether or not. There's a twenty twenty season so really. I mean you're taking the toothlessness and making it starting pitcher five games like you get one cert. Yeah I love it and we're we're just glossing over the fact too. That Manfred is currently pushing legislation to eliminate one hundred and twenty minor league teams throughout the city. Can you can you give me explain that? I've seen that headlined legitimately. This is my ex honest to God reaction. I've said out loud. Don't care enough and not on the wing so if you could please make that makes sense make me give them I don't really understand the sense of it because basically what they're trying to do is just undercut expenses at what's already the least expensive level of baseball. I mean minor leaguers get paid well below a minimum salary because a minimum federally mandated salary because Congress pushed through the protect America's pastime legislation two or three years ago. Oh yeah yeah so I mean. You're you're talking like Single-a high players that are making maybe twenty two thousand dollars a year You know and granted that's after their signing bonus but some dude Sanford I five thousand dollars. Apparently that's too expensive for For teams to comply with and so. They're just going to take these teams I know the Chattanooga lookouts were one that's kind of local to us that is on the chopping block. Yeah I love cats yes jokes. I would go to three to four. Lookouts Games this summer back when I worked at the kid at the Campo Syndicate. We'll see now now. You've been affected tonight now. I'm invested yeah but I mean I it's the type of Just kind of move just the type of dumb shit. That's enough dump. Shed on twitter like I don't really want to get myself to deeply involved with it but yeah basically. They're just trying to make the minor league labor force significantly smaller. Well Really Willie before. I got super small during this This breakdown and that the XFL so for those of you who are watching and paying attention at all Vincent Man has done again. You kind of saw this come. He said Oh the xfl starting it's dustin fail. You probably didn't see failing in the face of International Pandit however they were unique not prepared for this so seems like it should be a natural kind of the story. Bubbling the service. I think come out fairly soon is that this is GonNa get out of hand that very quickly because Oliver Luck father of Andrew Luck former Of Third Record Stanford is now. Suing Vincent Mcmahon so on March Twentieth. When everything's getting shut down around the world they suspended planning the xfl. They said. They can't But employees were so hopeful they believe that the League was having successful debut until the pandemic hit and their faces bolstered by Auburn locks. Message will afford a plane full season. You end for you. In twenty twenty one and beyond three weeks later the League was shuttered. Four hundred employees were laid off on a conference call. Napleton necker that the parent company filed for bankruptcy. What the how. So what happened was when things are shut down. They were basically telling people get ready for twenty twenty one. We'RE GONNA plan for season's budget scheduling. Hey they didn't get some money. Luckily in spins them at the end of the season and then April tenth call room was fired. Three days later hangups which is done by Olives. Alpha entertainment which is the boring in the Corporate Eh. Owns the xfl which is held by getting man told. Us separately from titans or which is wbz now apparently alphabet Father Breakup the baby will. Vince had a five hundred and fifty million dollars. Invested conflicts a lot of his investments and. Yeah this is all bad really really really interesting to see what happens because it doesn't like hey screw over wrestler. Now he's suing you in small claims court. Oliver Luck has audits already. Luck wants his money and I think Oliver Luck is probably get his money. See Yeah Yeah I mean it's it's messy and you know with the American football you know whatever from last year and then you know the xfl's checkered history and really all the Spring Football Leagues. I mean this was the one that had some promise and you know the lake unique model. They brought some rebels abducted actually implemented. Nfl They went ahead and they will they will. They were honestly. They better the way to position themselves as far as a television product at a time when things early on television it able to say. Hey We'll pay to be on the air and we'll split some the revenues and they worked was working number of great with. They were holding steady. At least they weren't imaging viewers. I mean the first time it was an actual product and Ciego. It's sad but Vinnie Mac. Not Football by Boise state fertile. Their entire staff. That's right their entire staff. Don't want everyone will notice. This is not the last of these headlines. You're going to hear no love football that make the money but universities are staring down the barrel of a fall of no tuition. I mean P J fleck just took a pay cut to avoid Furlough at Minnesota Guy who just signed for a new like six million dollar a year contract in January. So yeah I mean universities are GonNa hold this mess over Over coaches heads. But this is the first of many. Yes and yeah if you think. We're playing football this fall in. I've got some fish. Not Accept this shit now going before we talk draft in about Deandre Hopkins says there was no legibility Brian. Time Texans Video Bill Ryan floating around literally asking people to stop harassing about the trait Chacha. Should we feel any sort of sadness for Mr Obama no Stefan Dick's got a first round pick in the house? Man's Texans fans. I feel so bad for the man. They didn't even have them the next day. Diggs got a first rounder. What the Texans. Give up their first under four. 'cause they didn't have one man. I don't really understand what or why. Gm bill still has a role other than the fact that you know. They feast on a week division and win nine or ten games every year and no one can fire. Gm bill and GM BILLS ARE GONNA fire coach Bill. They don't have a president of operations anymore. There's no one to buyer GM bill. It's the B it's honestly it's a heist movie. Houston's love like it's fucking awesome eligible. Let me see these indexes waited. Got Brian's boss in Millo Brian Matt Barnes vases no direct report. It's me back to the region bear in much sadder. Nfl News Robert caskey overturned in the NFL. We headed to the GODDAMN TAMPA Bay buccaneers. Who weren't all of you about four weeks. All of you going to be a problem at the time. I said it because while that offenses Vogel to get Jameis Winston the most touchdowns in the league. What could it do with a quarterback who could knew what he was doing explained that the Mid Range? Where that offense is most effective? That's Tom Brady was most affected last year. I said Hey look at these weapons Mike Evans. Oj Howard some stuff out there. And then they added this fucking Gorilla Rob Gronkowski. Who caught ninety touchdown passes from Tom? Brady who may help him? Ease into the new office quite well. He also of note. Twenty four seven w champion. We had to defend his at all times as per rules. Regulations other wwe. But that's right right because he was not tired of football. It was that crying on television. His brain was messed up. He was not telling us how hard it was turned sleep because of the pain in his body he was just tired of playing for Bill Belichick. I'm not shocked. Vote this friend. Bitings is quarterback. Tom Brady in Tampa Bay chatty living in an NFC south city bre. Well fuck everybody. Well I mean already pretty well fucked because Saint Sir you know Mainland are expected cities teams remaining afraid. But no man. You're talking just add a competent quarterback Mike Evans and Chris. Godwin Gusto going Add the greatest quarterback of all time and probably the best tight end of all time to that and you got a problem the numbers against the Ren last year. And they got rid of those ridiculous cartoonists uniforms department. You don't from along part numbers. Have you or pants yellow now? The brown you wearing orange concede works for if we WANNA get into new. Nfl uniform the ones in Atlanta are the worst one team but man learn nothing nineties. Hawks gradients don't work on jerseys. Do they work really well on jerseys on video games you know the the the bucks in the saints are both going twelve and four? Next year the Falcons in the panthers are competing for Trevor Lawrence. So the panthers going I guess years I can see Ramin okay. The the the Falcons playing the Falcons are GonNa win. Just enough games to save Dan. Quinn and Thomas Jobs. Oh good so the worst case snare thank you. That's been slack. Baby here we go. I hate you did you watch. Nfl draft. I did I said out loud. He thinks I'm watching this. You're doing the bill draft. I would be to receive on the couch. Oh we watch the challenge for the night before no shit. I watched the first pitcher borough watching this wash the challenge record another podcast and then I watch all on the TV in my office on Mute. I signed my life when I was egency running blog. Draft Day diary. I'm not that guy anymore. Chad your it was a painful watch and I did a lot of Bouncing back and forth between seeing who got picked and playing video games and watching some TV. But I did watch it with a little bit of interest because I knew I was coming on this podcast and be because I mean it was actual by living sports content and that that was that was enough for To pull me in. Because I'm I'm just a dumps APP. One of my favorite things was that through the entire. Shamal the draft. They're pretending season's going to happen and have it on time and like even binoche cooking the draft by like they were saying the date. God damnit like the NFL defiant those Kinda cute but also kind of like you know the story. Did they mention that taught? Mcshea was not there because of they did not mention the fact that the that Rhona in did not be joining them on the Strip man. Yeah I'll talk about Georgia. I CAN Georgia fans we're usage or to podcast Georgia had a pretty good draft. Seven seven guys drafted first round injure. Thomas was number four overall. Pick by the giants. Just you and I talked for years about my love and hate for Georgia Line Blah. I think I've been a piece of enough. That you know feel topless. I hate to say it but government actually made a good picture. Great Pick like you want to protect the media quarterback he can do it. You want protective running back to either going for negative two yards or sixty yards there. You go I heard someone called saquon. Barkley the running back and football. Always got in a fight with the air Georgia with Andrea Swift. But Hey if you're taking a first running back in the NFL you're playing the wrong game. IS AWOL. Taken Twenty nine. The robot didn't see we playing for one of the top running office. Nfl I liked Wilson better there because I thought he was a better running barker that he was a pass blocker Blocking for that back that's GonNa to be a fun offense. I mean it already was. They ended we. We thought they ended. Tom Brady turns out. As per our segment ended. The Atlanta Falcons twenty twenty five seconds. It was fun for me. I was like Tom Brady has gone fuck the patch. He's GonNa wear where. Why robots for me I the first programs in Tennessee. In accident he wanted to have both tackle. Take the first round. That's pretty cool Understood was taken. He's a set number running back off. The board was taken. By the Lions Joining Matt Stafford as bulldogs in Detroit's Let's see who else got Georgia wise the from Buffalo? I loved it from. You've been a lot to me here. he was the the most right. My father-in-law's ever been over me. Think we've seen the best jake fromm yet and now know who wrote the article that you re tweeted this morning but Basically Georgia was sitting on pocket aces with him and Justin fields and came up with nothing. I think that is very apropos. And then you look at just from the offensive scheme you have to book and tackles in the running back taking in the first thirty five picks and then quarterback who I mean by all intents and purposes has everything but the prototypical size and the prototypical arm strength still looked at as a second rounder because he can at least be a gay manager in the. Nfl slips to the fifth where he's going to be behind the exact polar opposite of him and Josh Allen are all are no nothing else. Get One wild to me. I didn't see fifth round for from but it makes sense. They didn't know favors this year with With where they drafted him or team with where they use an offense once kroger. Didn't you drive. The city. Cater didn't get drafted Jr Re didn't drafted which is absurd to Bamiyan J. J. R. E. TO FOSTER GUYS. I don't know if I think may have seen is a wall to yeah Salman. Kelly went I think in the fourth. Maybe I think he went is somebody who went real heavy. I think maybe Miami and what's funny is is you look at Thomas and Wilson Kenley. You're like Holy Shit this due to our massive. And you can't really like come up with a scenario where all three of those guys aren't like entrench starters in the League for a good long while Kenley you know maybe doesn't quite have the mobility even on the interior but I mean all of those dudes ball and then you look at the talent. How it's not lately. Isaiah win like there's a lot of town and I look if you recruit line you could everything else in the nation Hornbeck crude running back. Then you can recruit entire offense ov draft outline and guess. What if I walk into a room? I'm trying to recreate yourself. Football from me as offensive lineman. Look we just put the NFL. I'm trying to create your son as quarterback might have a little bit more of an uphill battle to protect you. Look who's GONNA protect you? Don't well the guy who transferred out got picked about fifty picks before him. The other guy who got who transferred outs GonNa be either number one or two. Next YEAR'S DRAFT SAYS YEAH. I there's there's two sides of that coin yes. There are always talking about the driver's whole. I'll stick with one kind of the Big Joe. Borough obviously number one overall he's going to Cincinnati. What do you think about? Did you have any inequality that were you like? One of those people who thought the nature doesn't different now man. I mean I don't really know Cincinnati's online situation. We're talking about but their skills talents ridiculous. I mean they still got. Aj Green speaking of the dogs. Tyler Boyd has been a really good number two for Andy Dalton. Which for Andy Dalton? Did they picked up? A T higgins. They've still got Joe. Mixon and Geo Bernard at running back. That's going to be. I mean we'll see if we can actually get some minicamps which I can't imagine that we will. I think that's going to be a plug and play you know upgraded offense. The bengals still our trash. That's why there's a number one. That's why they have the number one pick but I really like the fit there and you know teams picking number one usually don't have that kind of talent to put around a quarterback immediately cheese went to the Washington professional football team next trip accrued up. Reto to the lions. My thing is if united taking the KHUDA TRADE DOWN WITH MIAMI. Pick up another pick like pretend to take into it. You know what I'm saying like that's the thing I've missed this year with wasn't as much subterfuge reviewers if I'm if I'm Detroit. I'm leaking. How much below two told staff seems like since about you? Were trying to get the trade down you down to find you. Pick up another pick. Maybe from the from the dolphins they have the eighteen as well. There's waste move their ship. Who's a fine pig? I don't know if he's a lockdown corner that's GONNA was short of hope. Not Great Lines even will see enter. Thomas Amazing pick for the giants two of those five to Miami. It's funny 'cause like the gag was were were taking too and then they did better Winning and they still get their guy. I think that if he's in apparently they had the they got the doctors to look at him. If he gives a healthy he can start from tomorrow. Yeah and I forget the linemen. They pulled out later in the first round but you know they kind of considered him a little bit of a re twentieth when he was picked and they said Yeah. Well he's slots in really well at right. Tackle all know if he's going to be a left tackle and then fell to the left handed quarterback. So that's exactly. That's exactly. Just remember going to the chargers at six ten quarterbacks here have we learned nothing about oriented quarterbacks that that one I think I put up a couple of tweets and said Yeah A DUCA and Herbert or going to be if But you know Dare Brown Von Candle Isaiah Simmons. Those guys are gonNA be studs Soon as God he plays everything he does is interesting. Thing you said about the gamesmanship it three. I can't believe My hometown team did not try to mess around and get get a little bit more draft capital for somebody trying to trade off rise. Ahah Simmons because I mean he is just plug and play. Whatever you want want to do whatever you WanNa do you remember how good a daily is? Thomas was those years with the Patriots where he would line up on the line. Sometimes he would play the corner. Simmons is basically the platonic ideal of if a daily Thomas was also just freaking awesome and also the League had evolved another twelve to fifteen years for him and it in in that Trust Arizona. Which is a weird thing to say. You Know I. I think he's the type of guy that you don't draft unless you have a plan for him and it just kind of forces teams have a plan for him because he is that game. Say throw everything we're doing. We're making a plan for this guy right if I'm Arizona. I'm surprised he still verity. Yeah I mean that's that's easy money right there easy money. I what else you got here. We got What you see this always happens Guys get blown with some of the decisions the pros make if I told you the first receiver off the board be Henry Rugs. Six months not believe me. I would believe you if you told me. That team was the Oakland raiders in that. Al Davis was Calling the shots from Cranston. Al Davis is amazing. It strong the fast guy. Their course we're going to get him to the raiders. Lt was picked up your Jerry Judy going Alabama or to be going to Denver's could fit. Did I see Eli was when Salema Singer Sixteen and I don't hate aged herald pig again a pig. I think that in this new. Nfl You had CD Lambda the sable. Overseers Atlanta has it's a it's a fucking game changer but I'm still trying to head around it on taking seating land there I've got thoughts on J tyrrell any thoughts. He was really the least impressive piece of that. Clemson defense going to skip two years off but talk of the biggest news out of the first round second the second round was that you launchers with Lsu get out ever tell you. How dare you running backs in the first round the this running back for that John David again? It kind of goes back to the evolutionary a daily is Thomas thing. Remember how good Brian Westbrook was for the Eagles back in the day. Come has the best running back in this class. I think help is Aben receiver. I mean He. He's the best receiving running back. Come out since God knows I mean that was I. I woke up on Friday morning and I I I saw that and I just shit get Christmas. The story of the first round I kept with this happened in the credit up to get it. The packers moved up to twenty six to get Jordan love. Utah state been in Let's see here. I want ten years like a first wrote receivers draft in that time. I'M GONNA say zero on all those hero on the one we recorded. That never made it past recording. I did mention to you that the most expensive free agent receiver of the Panthers every time for Cam. Newton was Russell Shepherd for three million dollars a year. Yup this is malpractice even beyond that broke. This is absurd. Rogers has left on his contract. You traded up to like people are trying to say Rod. No no barve tip burning retire arguments. You retire he said. I'm coming back that March. The draft was in April. They had driven runners in Rogers. Rogers very well could have gone one one in that draft things broken out differently roads. Here's the deal you drafted. You moved up in the first round. Pick them up in writer's isn't one of those guys take it quietly like I was very excited for the interviews and his name's Jordan which We we know Rogers issues with people named Jordan. You had your personal. He had thing I plus you. It's dedication hated other ways. We care about giving hurts ended up at Philadelphia and take Carson Winston. Sweat can make those those second round. The he was there he would have been there in the third round. Not Not any wouldn't but you talk about a team that needs some help it receiver. Eagles are definitely that as well So it makes it makes me wonder if we're going to go back to the the old seventy year old white. Gm saying oh well. He's better as a receiver Mark Jackson. I think they've done a pretty good job of making him I. I'm worried about that now. I'm worried I was wondering what he said that. Now I am but yeah. I think they've done a pretty good Defended his take on him. Being a quarterback else. Here were talking about anyone else willing to talk about any of the big new big draft news. You WanNa talk about well. Just jalen hurts. What's up with everybody comparing him to take some hill insult to juniors because through. Yeah and then. We're we're sitting on news today that Both Tastes Hill. Got In extension for sixteen million guaranteed and the saints signed. Jameis Winston I'm I'm just really confused with the whole Taste Hill. Take still get it man. I just don't start. There's one more story in the job I want to talk about. Is it a Christmas with Roger Goodell? Well that was nice. I did place to buy that. No no it is The new planet for the Patriots jets in the fifth round has a As a Nazi Droop Tattoo on his forearm. If WanNA talk about a culture fit where else but New England? It's just amazing house Quarterback wasn't worth a distraction that comes the protests but a fifth kickers for the distraction that comes with the sentence. I want to Boston jokes today themselves. Turn Yeah I mean I. I have nothing to add in love. The he did not meant. Why did he soon that he's dumb? As soon as I don't know what they mean outside outside of the Chinese characters. I'd say well not many people by not Mandarin scholars however well Ted. Thanks for coming on by. Thank you for actually leading your according to this time. I'm excited for safe for the last into happen tonight. I'm excited for us to didn't wait with bated breath for another day week for more last dance. Kalemba by the CHEVRA. I'm on the fence man. I wouldn't blame me. I needed on the edge. Meant so they can find you everything that you break the Internet world men Right now I'm bringing nothing of value to the Internet world but on Twenty Five. May at Chad underscore floyd. I'm occasionally podcasting about UNC. Sports adjacent stuff. But there's really nothing going on there but says the number two recruiting class in the country in football right now which is fun Bet I mean hell. I'm just saying in houses in Charlotte working around staying safe and if that fits your needs than give me a shout to appreciate you coming on and it is is with a heavy heart that I say sign up here see guys tomorrow with the with the last dance episode. But also a font for the shutdown. Bogus longer forecasts all each other guys tomorrow.

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