it's Marian. Blisters word of the day for June fourteenth. Today's word is own Eirik, spelled O, N, E r I c own Eirik is an adjective, that means of or relating to dreams. It's a synonym of the word dreamy. Here's the word used in a sentence from the new Republic by Nicholson Baker somewhere along, the twisty path of the twentieth century, Vladimir Nabokov our brilliant, dreamer in chief came into contact with 'aeronautics, engineer and philosopher, John, w Dunne's theories of own. Ira prophecy, and was evidently inspired by them. The notion of using the Greek noun or narrows, meaning dream to form the English adjective on Iraq wasn't dreamed up until the mid eighteen hundreds, but back in the late fifteen hundreds and early sixteen hundreds linguistic dreamers came up with a few own IRAs, spin offs giving English. The words own arrow criticism, narrow critical and narrow critic each referring to dream interpreters or interpretation, the surgeon IRAs derivatives at that time may have been fueled by the interest, then among English, speaking scholars in own IRO Krittika, a book about dream interpretation by second century Greek. Soothsayer Arte, Madore Reuss, Dow Dino's in the seventeenth century English. Speakers also melted, the Greek word own. I rose with the combining form Mansi, and they end, see why meaning devastation to create Onaran Nancy. Meaning divination by means of dreams with your word of the day, I'm Peter Sokolow ski. Visit Mary Webster dot com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups.

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