Playing to Win w/Shawn Harper


Right we're live man. We are live here. I am with Sean Hopper and we could be on this podcast today talking to a whole lot of football which is my favorite sport but other more series magic talk about. He's GonNa Inspire Inspire US like none other. Today's right Sean. Oh Yeah Today we're GONNA win and we're going to understand what it is to win we're GONNA play to win for ourselves and our legacy right. Well we'll see how good of a job he does today on this episode. I am I am counting on him. And we'll see we shall see on this sort of the Authority prajit. All Right Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls he's is tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian S Arnold. We are back on the virtual state of the Authority projects. You are the project and we WANNA slept with thirty two your name so you can sell what you're great at in. We have a treat for you today and his name is Sean Hopper. He is a former. Nfl Player. I loved the failed love football all day every day. Like I said we can probably talk about that for an hour. But we're not here for that. We're here to to make sure that you finish off strong in twenty twenty but before we dive in. Please tell US Shawn first of all who you are personally and professionally personally. Shaun Harper personally a warrior. I'm a child of God. I don't hide that. I think that often is huge. And so what? I'll just you know go there you know speaking with. Your Voice of WHO? You are mentally spiritually socially is is is extremely important if you WANNA win in two thousand twenty and end in two thousand twenty one Born raised in the south side of Columbus Ohio Had had had a very interesting childhood. But I've learned how to rebrand my adversity By looking for opportunities in looking at it from a perspective of gratitude professionally like you mentioned plate seven years professional football with the rams with the colts retired. And now I Not only run. I have my own firm for almost twenty years. I teach people how to win. That's me I love it awesome. I am so excited So tell us right now before we go further in. Tell us what project. You're currently working on right now. We know what right yes short. I just finished my first Coaching course it's it's it's actually finished. It's so new that I'm not even gonNA advertise today. A Shaun Harper wins. Probably some time next week. It'll be up but I am so excited about that in house actually challenged because you know I cut my teeth on speaking so I travel in speak all over the world and people have been challenging me like you know what this great. You're able to speak great. You have a platform but you know what when you leave. You're gone you know where the books so I hadn't heard him get books like where's your courses and so I had my first course finishing s what. I'm working on right now. Okay great okay. So let's let's get into it. Let's get into it. Tell us where do you begin? Tell us your journey like what took it to this place where you're in the space of being on stage. You're doing courses now. You're you're writing books to inspire others the that all Derived FROM OKAY. So in order for you to For me to really explain that I have to give a little back story of my personal life of my upbringing. In a kind of forced a shift in my perspective ideology and my thinking born born and raised in the south side of Columbus Ohio. And most people think you know if you play professional football your business owner you must have had great opportunities growing up silver spoon in the mouth and you know nothing. Nothing I promise you. Nothing could be further than the truth. I struggle started early a as a a product of a single home environment. Mom was mom and Dad End in Butler made whatever you have as what she wasn't. She raised six of us all by herself. Amazing six kids. One house bathroom Mom did that. She's she's a remarkable woman Educationally I really suffered a had to repeat the first grade document with four to five learning disabilities by ten miles in the fifth grade. I was kicked out of two schools for disciplinary issues Left Highschool with the one point. Six two accumulative Jeff. Nine Alesi T. A. in fact I didn't even start in a well. I barely started in high school football. I wasn't honorable. Mention all conference all city allstate or intergalactic. None of that in fact I would. I would sit at the banquets now. The other way in the back eating at nasty court on blue and guys are getting into audience. Awards and I was just so upset. I wouldn't I wouldn't tell no one but I was extremely depressed. Angry in in fact. I was voted most likely to fail in. Know right here From graduating last in my class in academics I get a phone call from junior college two year school in Iowa. And you're like Sean. We want you to come to Mason City Iowa. Junior college to play football coach. Believes you have this thing called potential. You know what a that and a I go to the Cornfield. The cornfields of Mason City Iowa in the first year at the junior college. I sat the bench the entire season. Not One play and I remember calling my mom like mom I quit. You know I give up. I'm done know know I'm I'm expecting Montlake. Baby you try come on home the opposite boy state you. You Ain't coming home like what are you coming home to get violent. Just just things in home. No don't get stale way and sometimes that shift is good for kids and so going into the second year. I had a conversation with myself and the conversation was more on the lines of you're right or they're right. You don't have the education. You don't have the accusation. You horwood football you suck right now. Okay There's no way you can be successful right but you can win. You can win and the moment I made that paradigm that shift in my mind you can win. I begin to look at life differently. A beginning look at life as a challenge to begin to look at opportunities that I've never seen like I begin to macgyver. Life right and I went from sitting on a bench with the winning mindset that I was able to adapt if you want to expand on that to being you know junior college hall of Fame All Region Full Scholarship Indiana University draft any. Nfl Pick in fourth run to taking the same concept of winning and bringing bringing it to corporate America. Unbelievable unbelievable okay. So so all of that with all that back backdrop. Tell us we're tell us where this title lane to win. Where's that what does that mean to us? What that means is that in my opinion. This is just my opinion. I believe that success is for Suckers Kaz. Success is a man made concept. You weren't created to be successful. You are created to win with the first thing that they did is. They changed the title from winning to success. Now that they've changed the name they can. They rebranded it now. They can define what it is. And now you're chasing you are chasing this bank called success when you're meant to be successful and there's a lot of depresses I'm sorry depression in your pursuit of success. A lot of energy in your pursuit poverties in your pursue could. You're spending all your time energy and money impressing people now. I know I have a lot of naysayers right that. You know Sean Crazy. So let me just say Talk a little bit about that. Why is it that you mentioned football? Why is it that By the way what's your favorite team Patriots New England Patriots. What the New England Patriots? Okay so let's say that the New England Patriots. This could be a real life example. Let's lost every game for the next five years. Now you remember with the stadium was like in how you could not get a ticket when Brady was in New England right announced imagine the Patriots lost every game for the next five years. Okay you could probably go down to the stadium. Pick up a ticket for a scout under calls in walk into that stadium if they win every single game in cam gets his act together. The team gets on point. They win every single game for the next five years. The governor will be hard pressed to get a ticket to seem the Patriots. I think about that. Why is that because from a cellular level our DNA? We are attracted to winning okay. Gambling is a multi billion dollar industry. Why is gambling a multi-billion dollar when I fly to Vegas people sitting at them slots all day successful? They're going to win gaming kids. Play these video games like the parents get mad at. The kids know it's tapped into its tapped into the dopamine release is tapped into who they are they are attracted to winning like a moth is to light. Think about this for a second if anyone's hearing me right now you're a one the two the two to three million sperm cells that fertilized egg. Now they talk about that. Motivational speakers mentioned that but really think about. They were pursuing. They weren't trying to be successful. They didn't have their business cards on the way they were trying to win. Data around the third or fourth grade. They introduced a new concept to you about the time you realize Santa Claus Ain't real. They introduced This this concept you called success. The problem with success is that success is not static which means that you could be New England New York and have four million dollars. You I you take that four million dollars to downtown Manhattan You take that same four million dollars to buy you poke now so now. Success is not static. You're never satisfied. You're never content. How many people you know who are just content. Yeah Yeah Body. Yeah so when you live your life from an actual winning perspective now when you speak your actions everything the your your your your entire being is moving not just not just the intellect in your will love it. That's great. I've never heard that before. I liked that the win. I got it. I got it already. So so what do you feel are the biggest things holding people back when you know just like just like in any football game when you're the when when when the momentum when you had the momentum when you don't when is a lot of it is mental so what do you think is holding people back when they don't it when they don't see it yet when they don't see There so let me say this came when when when they have dreams the days the months even maybe the years go by in it's not yet realized and they feel like maybe these are the cards. I'm dealt okay. So one one of one of the main struggles with success is that they not only tell you where to go. They tell you how to get there and then when you don't get there they don't have an answer for it so on the success model. It's sorry it's great education great network you went to mit while Blah. And so we're going to force the whole student. Loan thing down your throat and you're gonNA work real hard. If you do all these things then you'll be successful. You know what raise your hand out there if you followed all the rules if you did everything just right look at your life like you know what? I'm not there so so when you jump on a winning platform the only thing that they give you a lot of times are the laws are the rules of the game. That's it. He's the rules now. You do what you have to do. You do whatever comes to you. You think outside the box you focus on teamwork and that's one of the biggest gyms in. Winning is winning forces collaboration and teamwork. Now think about this for second. You know you can really win at life. If you have a team how come teamwork was never taught the only time they really teach teamwork is in sports. Obviously and when you go in you after you get out of graduate school I mean after you get out of your going for your Ma- your Your your your bachelors. Then you go for your masters. Don't even teach teamwork then a collaboration. And so they have little groups and they will not pay your eighty-five grand. Then you know whatever grade the group gets you get okay but why? Why are they teaching that? Because they're teaching you how to collaborate but they're not teaching you how to create a team win with the team managed team. They're not teaching you that that's for the Big Boys. That's the that that's that's basically hidden knowledge. So think about this for a second think of some of the greatest people in the world in reference to finances when you think of Bill Gates. They're like wow. He's in the top five richest men in the world but guess what if I asked her audience. Who WAS BILL GATES? Business Partner. His teammate half of the people over half would not know who that person was. He's dead it was pilot. No-one talks about Paul Allen he'll Let's say when the richest Man Award again? Let's say Warren Buffett Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett will if you attend a his shareholders meetings once a year to the left. There's another guy his partner. His name is Charlie Charlie has been with him for. I'll know three forty fifty spy side though entire time. Nobody talks about Charlie. You talk about musically wise. You know lemming. I love music so your audience could remember Paul Simon and Garfunkel in. We talked about Paul Simon. No one talks about Garfunkel everyone talks about Mick Jagger known talks about Keith. Richards is always always tim. Your Win Your your success or your winning life is based off not only your talent but the team that you build and manage and maintain think about prints James Brown. You know. Who's who is Fred. Wesley makes your Parker. I can go on and on about this. I love it. That's great stuff man so I just want tag onto that like we have a lot of. Selah preneurs on the on Who listen to this show A lot of coaches who are like just just them just solo so in this searching it. That's one of the go and a team to get get. How do you first of all the importance of having a team? The portions of hang around you to make you better so I in the fifth grade. I was documented with four to five disabilities. And they were going to put me in special led by Blah snus ness and my mom bless her heart. She stood up Issue slammed her hand down. She said no. You will not label my son. She was adamant about that end. She forced me. She forced me in. We struggled all the way through. But what did that it? It actually also forced me to look outside of myself answers so I had a me type my paper. I had somebody else you study. Somebody help me do this. I it was just crazy so I learned that the hard way the importance of team it is everything you have to have a tape and you know what a lot of times right? It's right in front of us but we don't even focus on. Let me give you an example Scooby Doo right like like I could listen it. It was a team. Yeah look at the superheroes in the there again team development team work Ainhoa. So funny is that you never hear. I have never heard a superhero complain about his weakness. I have never heard of somebody else. Criticizing Superhero for his or her weakness. Superman doesn't say oh my God like Kryptonite. I have disability. He Commits Dino. He'll be stuck if all he focused on was his weakness man. I needed to go there and put that in a bucket and once you do tell me because I'm GonNa take over everything you have to have team in. Does that team might one of my questions is how important is for people to push you. That team A compliment but also dare to help help you inspire you go further mentally ill right so this is not a shameless plug. Right Black. Just finished book about about a month ago knows because outright I got to fight Li- I talk about the five elements you have to have to really achieve your goals. And one of them is a coach. You have to have an end. The reason why you have to have a coach is that you have to have somebody to push you into the to twelve and what I mean by that is that water is water at two hundred eleven degrees. If you add a little bit of fire that water it goes to two hundred and twelve degrees. Once water goes to twelve degrees. Water Boils in water has changed the world but everyone wants to stay in the to eleven now. The secret to that is at a coach has the ability he or she to push you into twelve. The coach is not impressed with the coaches. Like you know what? That's great anyone's Clapham what you can do better. There's more into withdraw out of you. The coach has has been called the pull the king out of the Kid. The coach says you know what? I'm I'm GonNa push you asked you because you're natural. Your Natural Defense mechanisms will kick in and will we'll bring you back but a coach will see that and take you to the next level. I love it I love it. So let's let's talk about this evening that you're saying the great wonderful sounds great How does one start to believe in themselves on a consistent basis because sometimes it's hard you see yourself year next as that's great productions down and you down here okay so which you okay and you know I might? I might get in trouble with in a motivational. Speaking them. You know I talked to a Lotta To allow the motivational speakers. A lot of success go just yes know none of us. None of us is like that. We are human where HUMORING WE HAVE OUR INSECURITIES. We have our fears. And you know I'm upset at the industry because we don't share that you know that's now we create this this this superman affects. It's not right it's like I know some speakers who are right now as we speak 'cause I talked to a lot of them. I talked to some big names right now. They are in full fledged depression. The toe so it's not that we don't experience that the the real challenge is what do you do win. You experienced that and one of the things that I do is that I start to take the focus off myself. But I'm like you know I'm not where I needed to be in this. This is not happening. And I haven't taken over the known world yet. You know they will so so now. I turn that inflow 'cause I'm sobbing in my sorrows into an outflow so I start to so in the people's lives. I started to give or one of the things I do. Which is amazing. I go onto facebook and I pull up like twenty people people I barely know and like you know what all's going to be well with people that I do know what you're awesome you know what you're great. I start pouring out I started enforcing I I. I actually turned the engine or the energy outward now it does two things one it takes the focus off yourself number two activation law. Okay and I'm big. I'm big on spiritual law the more you put out the more that comes in. It doesn't come to. You doesn't stick with you if it can't get through you and so I have to turn the inflow in Terni engine around the air around and make it out slow and sometimes it comes naturally. Sometimes you gotTA gotTa kick start that day. Yeah so this is a question that I might be asking more more often. I think people are interested in. What is your daily routine? Wow so I have a very interesting routine. I'm Tom I get up sometimes. Three or four o'clock in the morning. Okay in up and I try to go into prayer and I try to pray then I used to try because sometimes I'm not all that successful or I don't win at it. Sometimes but I pray you know and I started out that way because I speak in. I declare into the atmosphere. You know everything that is already is okay. And I'm sorry everything that is already is in the spirit so speaking of Spirit. I speak my destiny. Speak my purpose. I government life know. Sometimes I have to repent. Sometimes I have to apologize. You know but I you know I I get rekindled. Get centered spiritually. I now from the inside spiritually than physically and so I tried to get to the gym around From there around four thirty five o'clock in the morning at lifetime fitness I'm working out I'm walking and then I start plotting because I'm an owner of a boss and so together as this together so I'm like you know what is needs to be done. This needs to be done this needs to be done this needs to be done and then and then I also at that time. Connect with my virtual assistance awesome awesome. Okay so they go there by has the routine. I might have been doing that more often. I watch one of your videos. You talked about the thing about being victim you can you go into that a little bit. A bit that the The aspects of not being victim. Why you should not be that yet. That being being being victim so dangerous because number one because LEKRA mentioned earlier being victimised inflow. Okay Matt a book. It's like it's like pour me this. I mean this is where I'm at is how I feel. Bob You have just valid listened listened. Listen you have just validated your position. Where you're at this is. This is how I feel. This is where on Matt. This is what you've done to me. You have validated your position. Where you're at. There's no motion there. Okay so victims. Always focused on what they're going through. Not what they're going to so avigdor now looks at his position but he looks outward. Whenever you focus on your manifest change your focus change your life and so now like Viktor says this is where I'm at but this is where I'm going in the same sentence this is Matt Comma or conjunction. But this is where I'm going and that's now they're focused on. That's where they're going when you play football you know In this time play your archrival you go in there. The coaches like hey this just objective win the game. This only and everyone is locked into that. Everyone is pushed into. That was flowing into that. Win is very important when you begin to look at your scratches and bruises man you lose Focus Yeah I. I'm not sure who I heard from way back when it kind of stuck with me. The same thing. You're saying that when you're watching a story of movie your film. Nobody likes the victim. You might play by play it but no one wants to. No one wants to see you stay in the victim state. You can be there but they want you to succeed. They want to come. And be the victor eventually so so. I think that's a great point that you that you think 'cause also projects to the people you're trying to serve so you're still you're just in the state you're still saying what was me that gives that rubs off on the people that you're trying to serve to like okay. Well if he can't do it maybe there's no spiritual momentum this momentum and you have to have that momentum that is a big word as a big were going into two thousand twenty one right now is is how do you build your momentum because between two thousand and two thousand twenty one is just today is just day on on a dad won't calendar and if you're not prepared now if you're not preparing now and building the momentum now than going into January just going to be day January versus day okay. Eat some black. Ip's it's the New Year in no now. You need to build momentum now bilger momentum now for two thousand twenty watch it I love it. And that's great. People are seeing seeing. You hear the love what you're saying but you what what. What does people are saying? You know what year Sean. But you've been in the NFL. Of course you're already position to do. Great things in this space you you've already gone to the disciplinary stuff. You got coaches. So you're already you're already there are already. You know you've had that exposure so of course you're going to succeed like people. What are people you know? Never did sports or whatever had those kind of kind of opportunities and so forth. Come on you know so well first of all listen if life is a game you play to win either you playing a game or you being played by the game okay but the game is still going on second of all would give credibility to what I'm saying is that you saw you saw where I came from. There was nothing there you know. The point zero two percent of any athlete makes it to the NFL for one year. One year okay and I came from you know being know all nothing to playing in the NFL. That's number one number. Two was able to not only do it in the professional ranks which I had the physical size. I'm challenge way right now. Just pray for well not only you know not only excelling as far as the NFL. You know I've been a business owner since nineteen ninety eight. Okay so which like to you know. I don't know ninety eight two thousand eight at last tour s over twenty years of grinding it which the average business last four Well you know. Ninety percent of businesses or eighty five percent of businesses fail within the first five years. So I've already beat those arts. In the profit margin that was generated. Revenue was generated I've already beat those odds been married for twenty one years already. Beat those odds so doubt so so so. So there's something I'm doing right in listened to me not based off of ability alone. Okay because athleticism great. That's for the football. But what about Him Business? Will you saw right? Came from making it in business. Okay were they okay with what about what about relationships we pay you know what? That's a totally different field. Okay so then. What is it that you're doing different? Yeah so I want to get into this. Nobody I want to get into this whole Bingham umbrella. We're in this pandemic right when the world of trying to get past this this virus thing we have social unrest right now. We have many conversations about diversity in organizations and in just equality in general. Then you have your because of the pandemic stages are empty. The Um the the the the money flow that you that you were going to have this year is not the kid on stage is you. Can't do your your your summers near everything else. So everything is out of whack. How how do we get past this? So that 'cause like from from clients and it's like the like. I'm sorry Brian posted on supposed to have specialized way. I'm just like just in this. This year's is going crazy right now for me. So how how do you? How do you work that in when people which is everything is still in your face you know the the politics and the social media is just? How do you stay focused? They're all this. No it's fine. It's it's this is something that I can lean on as far as the. Nfl is concerned. Imagine you're in the stadium in Indianapolis Colts play the New England patriots? Yeah and I'm playing and it's cold outside. It's very code as like you know really Super Super Super Code outside and I'm playing in the opposite team is yelling at you in a talking about your Momma and every thing possible that In in your trained in all of that to listen for the count and listen for the play. Costa quarterback can change to play and the snap. Count so I'm saying that that in this environment you have to shut off everything you got to step back from the politics you have to step back from the social you got step back and you got to watch and you gotta listen you gotTa to Withdraw Yourself Unto Yourself and you have to look and to listen and to learn because right now there are opportunities in this pandemic that can make somebody a billionaire. Women give you an example like we're not using zoom as a platform but go ahead. I challenge you. I challenge anyone listening to me right now. Pull up a six month chart on zoom. Pull up a six month chart on. Let's say not only zoom another Square pull up a six. I mean these stocks are going to yes. There are people wealth is most wealth is created in paradigm shifts in Nineteen Ninety Ninety one. The computer was introduced for the first time for public use. In that moment companies blew up. They did not ever going to blow up in Moment companies failed like the post office is about to fail because of that paradigm that happen in Nineteen Ninety. Nine eleven appeared on him. This virus is a paradigm commercial. Real estate is in trouble at the same time. There's other opportunities that are blowing up. You have to look for yourself back in look for the opportunities. Retool reposition yourself. I love it. Learn how to pivot a lot of people. Getting some people aren't getting it but but but but in order in order to pivot you have to get in position so when you dribbling the ball and it's time to pill it you just don't stand up and go. Oh no you get in position now you can shift but if you're still up here thinking we're going to go back to normal is going to be the way that it wh- it will never be the same way again. It's overran game over I. I lost eighty ninety percent of all my engagements within two days. They were gone. But guess what I now had. You know up the technology. Got Cam here. I got a brand new microphone here. A meeting you for the First Time. I had to make switch right right right. So what do you say to the people who don't want to switch can make that switch and they feel like it's going it's going to get back to where they were because 'cause a lot of times presses comes get back to where we were? Why is this so different now? You think well because it has attacked the fiber of our being it has attacked the psychological mindset of America what made or made America so strong and powerful as we always ourselves winners. We don't want to admit it but we're kind of arrogant especially when you go overseas like wide like America. That drag on blue passport is powerful. This right here is kind of this kind of broke us a little bit kind of broken. Everybody this is I mean I have people from our world who guest here. It's kind of broken globally. Broken as a whole another data it's done. Is that zeal in that drive to win in us as Americans is been broken? It's it is it is being Is being chipped away at like a mentioned I own a security firm that you would think that people would be you know winding up for jobs. Enough talked to other people in in the industry And other industries we can't find workers And it's like I would much rather get a check unemployment check than the work. What is doing to your psyche. I've seen what it's done to. Millions of African Americans and I WANNA get super political but to break that in them that desire to go out in achieve of seen that stripped out of us because of the handouts and. I'm not conservative. I'm not a Liberal Democrat. I'm not a Republican because I don't play those games. I'm just a realist. In looking at it happened on a massive scale now some amazing so I have a credible stuff man. Amazing stuff right now. I had really just one last question for you. Forget here and it goes up ex. All exits question out of all of my guest. Okay got something like this. They like what you're saying. They actually love what you're saying. They want to do something similar. Similar things some of the similar similar interests. They want to go down. Some of the same path that you've gone through In THEY WANNA MAKE THEY WANNA get on stages like you. They want to create a place where they inspire others. Can you give them a few tips words of wisdom or just some steps in showing them how to be an authority in this space that you're now well first thing is is that you have to find your win like I'll give you an example. I speak you. Don't want me to write. I promise you you don't want me to spell my name okay. So bad look as a writing is not my win so I have you know I have people who like right helped me you know but so mine is. I'm a natural motivator. My Amazing Wife. She is so amazing. But she's not a motivator. She's a teacher getting and so she could talk for three hours in powerpoint. Lectures there are people who just loved that like. Oh my God you taught so well you know his teacher. Her mom is a professor. Dad is a professor. She's a teacher that's who she is naturally so everyone has a natural bent to help in the so when other people's life now if you WanNa make this a craft if you to say this is going to be Mike Craft and this is how I'm GonNa live and I've dedicated my life to Lis- within that's a different story so different question and it's a different challenge because in order for you to make this your craft get noticed in authority in this you have to cause create a disruption. You have to. What is when you remember the movie the Matrix? What is the lady in the Red Dress? What is the disruption? That's GONNA MAKE YOU STOPPING A. Wow why should I listen to? You like man like winning. That's that is that is a disruption. Okay and so went once you have that in. You introduced that now people like why should I listen to you? Oh I see why now because this is something new. This is something powerful at guiding. Trevor Get's toffee that him in a guy named shave around. Yeah so Create a disruption in the marketplace. And you will cause it inflow into your world I love it. S amazing stuff man. Amazing staff and final words. I think my only question now is the sound. How do you think the codes are going to going to do this year? That's a loaded question. I think we're GONNA do great. I don't know I don't you know the NFL is. I mean it's like okay is a means like man you know from one week to the next year you lose a Prescott for the cowboys and you know you lose one person you know like you know. It's it's really. It's really tough because you can't don't know who's going to be healthy from week to week is a hybrid season. You're going to see more injuries in uh the process has been interrupted disrupted so honestly. I I don't know I don't know we'll let me ask you a question were me. I'm going sorry I know you to host the Patriots just going to issue. I didn't have many expectations okay. I think we're lucky to even have cam to be honest. Imagine if we didn't even get pickup. We have no weapons and that's going to be a no. That's going to catch up to us and I think it's catching up to us now. So that's the Patriots. I I see I see bad intentions next two weeks and I don't know what though Cam has enough years that you can if you stopped running all the time he has enough years that you can build on Cam and the Patriots in. Oh Wow Bella. Check is a genius number one and number two. They draft very well. I don't know what I don't know how to find them but they can find a diamond in the rough you know. They they draft well so if cam can stick around for a couple more years. You're looking at a championship team. Deshea thing is I don't know but in drafting very well. I think I should have got to receive last year last year. I'm a big draft nut. Because maybe they're like on a two or three year plan. You gotta understand you know like I mean you know what we know. Let's let's create a foundation. How many years you think cam has left for years right. So guess what. We're going to not only get to a championship in four years. We're going to draft our type of quarterback within those four years. Right keep going to keep the fans happy for this. This is great stuff. This is football talk but if you really listening between the lines this is actually really business targets. Will this lifetime yes? It takes us a while. I L it takes a while to put everything together. The pieces together. He's the right tools and you start off with saying you know what I don't know but you know what we stood up. Play the game. We don't we don't know where it's going. GonNa end up going to right now. Take cocktail takes so you could could emphasize Just my website Shaun Harper Dot. Org Free Copy of my book the Winning Edge Shaun Harper Dot. Co My selfish selfish plug. It went instagram. Shannon Harper Speaker. That good answer and like my stuff because my ego I want they have ballers yet if everybody was honest want hours. Yes people saying that you know the reason. Why in the reason? Why if if if for the reason why because we all check each other out. Yeah we check each other out and if you see something like this Guy Yeah. He's good but he's by. You know you see that from the you kind of is not great to say that but you see it. Everyone does it. You know there it is and I'm a real. I'm real talk here okay. A lot of people don't get that don't don't don't worry about the was no no no. It's it's it's you know. Look you know don't don't obsess about you follow we. No I do that as David. Johnson followed you like one follower. Get Dave US Kumail. Right thank you you know in this jet Isaiah Foster Grant. Fifty thousand follow her. Hey what do you do you know? It happens in his life. That's it throw talk talk real talk so go. Check HIM OUT. Sean Sean. Hopper dot co If you're listening later it's Sean S. H. A. W. N. Harper Dot Com. So that you know that for sure yes Get over there Get his book reps and stuff in I'm this is great man. I'm so excited you're you're on here I like. I said we could probably talk football for the hours. So we're not GONNA do that. You got a little bit a little tasty everybody so please please for you out here. Go TO THE LARRY DOT COM. Get on that list or Texas. Tech's we are live at four four to two and get on that list. We Are we away each week and helping you build Your Own Authority. Platform is so important Going to get some followers. Could you get you positioned to do great things right so That's all I have any final words for us today to going. Yeah Listen Listen. Listen listen listen. This is a whole different talk. But it's pre-existence through resistance in life you will get knocked down you. Will you will get knocked down. The average millionaire has file bankruptcy over three times. But when you get knocked down if you can look up you get up because and I hate to use a football analogy but you don't have to win all four quarters to win. The Game Has True Patriots. Winning Games in the fourth. Ugly two points every superbowl anyway. Everybody great stuff been. Hey might this my last talk? Just keep building keep sharing and they will come right. Thought I got to say you're the project. Keep building that project in in. You'll get to that story eventually. I promise you that all right take year. That's different is episode. Just do that thing be bliss. Was He going next one awesome? And that's a rapper. This episode of the Authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in and if you like what you heard we want to hear from you. Subscribe rate and give an honest review. Sharon telling your friends so they can hear too. And for even more authority building tactics b-share to sign up at the authority letter dot com get free weekly content and ongoing digital product. Giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey we certainly hope you got key takeaway or maybe an a. Ha moment from today broadcast just remember. It's your authority build it carrot and they will come until next time.

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