Best Of Channel 85 Week 32 - Ben Mintz On Breakfast, The Cousins on Election Day & #CheahBuddyGate


All sports will be relocating to manhattan. We wanna take it to the world but we're trying to take the site and cranked. They've conquered. What an boris tool takes over the sirius. Xm airways what real the finer things club the scumbag you cue to the shelter. Not some the dick. Tra- i hear. I believe we're funnier smarter better than everybody else. Who stealing our stick on the internet by the comment for the common man took mississippi queen for you bet so play jam out to it or was that a guitar hero. Toria rock was a rock band and rock guitar. This was on guitar. They still have ruckman and turn They i think they do. I don't know if they have updated it for like four and they had it on to head on. that's where they need to bring it back man. I used to be a big rochman awesome. I literally thought i had been. The name of. My group was gorilla fist. There is a trend. New and i was in college. I never did it. But it was called roxanne and everyone took xanax and try to play rock band and the first person that i fell asleep while playing. I love it. Not in christ san. That's how i learned something like Was it smashing pumpkins. Black hole sun yet. Just go ham with that when it really was a good call back to old rock songs that i never knew because i was like i think probably thirteen fourteen when it came out and i was there was a couple of what was some of the other songs that was on it. Then it was a couple of barracuda was a huge coup de The hardest one was called through the fire and flames is like the expert level and you had to like basically have six fingers on each hand to play it. I'm trying to think what else i think everybody. Who may especially this weekend. Afraid to go outside because of the post election results more covy like rock band is a great thing to keep the inside the question. Brush it off a brush. Brush the dust off the rock band on it. It was a digital dj hero to affect. That one sucked though. There's no way i could incorporate the same thing. Just buy like scratching pressing buttons are. So i'm i'm a guitar hero. I support it to. I think all kids should go back to planet. Now you have the fucking now. Is that the oculus and all that other stuff magazine. Another world porn fort too much. Go back to guitar hero. It's all over Once again we've been men's coming up. He joined us soon. He took over to the wrong office. did you do that. Don't die he says will be here in a couple of minutes. I it's gotta be a shock right coming from mississippi or wherever and then you shop here all google. It and old address comes up. That's blattman one by thousand Get election update. How are we looking. Things Things ain't looking good for our president. Willy looks like We're gonna have a new. It's more than likely that we might have a new president. A forty-six president overnight. The democrats flipped. Georgia was read before i went to sleep Then i think the votes came in from I believe that land area and that flipped it to to to democratic. It's a narrow lead. I believe there's only only about a probably like a thousand volts differences between the between the two candidates but all eyes on all eyes on that and also pennsylvania that I think the votes from the from the from the philadelphia area. Now coming in. So it's it's It's not looking good for for the republican side of things. So just a matter of time. I i believe so. I'm not an expert. But from what. I'm seeing on this interactive map looking at the numbers. If you ask me. I doubt sates over just a matter of time now which is good. I think a lot of have been said. You've being blue to your tv for the last three days. You just want and communist move on from get it over. It's on it's all it's all been talking about it. Let's talk about other shit. Let's move on with with other in life right. Yeah i mean you're going on vacation right and we ought to work your fucking we'll be working -cation that's so let's talk about was Doesn't accept he makes it sound like he's actually sits at t bosses pounds truly is in high fives people for three four fucking bed and he runs around hose a putting contest. People love them. They take pictures with them. It's like he's he's entitled orrick man. It's hard work running around pictures pictures of people. He's definitely like the he's definitely like the princess at the ball. People see like light up. I'm telling like old man seventy year old mincy like that solve. They're the best is is how it goes in one of these trips. One of the crafted like professional e mails. You'll ever see you think you'd go. Who's going to see a seminar on stem cell research. Going to tight on paper man. You're right you hundred percent then got a question you when you're out drinking the here's one. This serves notice that he'll be out of office on the below slated dates below stated dates as i've come to Help on a shoot with. Caleb thanking advanced to avery who has graciously agreed to step in for me apologies for the late notice any inconveniences caused. As i only heard of this last night. I hope this email finds you. Well regards zubaydah. Chamisa got to keep tightly. You've got to keep a tight. You've always been professionals on on on paper because i mean you never know who or where the second on paper i usually try. I try keep everything Everything pretty tight. He's got a signature tied at your meds masters in science zakim. You could you make a bomb off. So it's a message to the science in finance. I wish it was an engineer. Scientist explosions We have been minutes in the house. Straight out of mississippi. Well to do breakfast. My brother and i am glad to be at bar breakfast. I've been a fan. You guys for while is good to have you man you know you. I don't know if you noticed my wife's from mississippi she's from jackson okay shop show l. She hates old miss. It's a love. Hate thing on one side of the brenner walker. Also hates you. You've lied to rebel blue do you. All about it man. I'm rocking the navy blue. And so what's your thing is. Obviously you hear you a big gambler. You're into the into the you. Put your bag. So i'll be here for a little bit. I was russia in here. I got dropped at the old headquarters accident. Who's fault is that mon. Because i'm a newbie and just like typed in bars for that you can blame it on pat. Because he's the one that book he gave you the heads up now. He knows he knows where the office. Yeah i know where the officers. I just didn't absent absolutely did it but Yeah basically i'm kind of. I was in new orleans golf. I've lived in also nine and fourteen. I've done a lot. I used to be a professional poker player. Two thousand six to two thousand fourteen. And i actually gonna fit in. Just find here. yeah. I had a lot of success online and i did really well in the world series main event in two thousand eleven. And just a backup. Yeah the the main event is That's the stuff that we see on. Espn in vegas. Every bit the huge one it's on. Espn every summer. Seventy fifth place at seven thousand in two thousand eleven. And i got three hundred and twenty seven two thousand eighteen and i basically went to ole miss and fall two thousand one but i fell in love at poker and start having success and it was not as motivated as it should have been me. Who was on the team. was yes. It was the manning era. When i was there but basically i got into poker in two thousand four and i kind of broke out two thousand six and i kept like taking three or six hours but not take it seriously and finally said this isn't going anywhere and i moved to new orleans in two thousand nine and played poker down there and played online and then played a ton in that gulf coast. Area traveled around the country a lot through two thousand fourteen but basically went back to school in oxford. At thirty one years old the two thousand fourteen graduated hard. You mentioned finance graduated with a master and finding a graduate with the two point. Zero zero zero zero zero. What ended up being giardi. Get degrees. Baby yeah yeah there you go Finished the two thousand fifteen and then kind of locked into sports radio. Basically my my my buddy. Sean fox got offered a job in northwest louisiana in shreveport about three hundred thousand person market and he had a wife and a kid he said. I don't want to move but got a guy that's got a lot of talent and it's funny and knowledge but has no experience. You should take a shot on. And so i got a job in shreveport. Sports radio wants to drive time guy there from three to six from december. Two thousand fifty. You do have a great radio voice. You got the face for the radio. Take i think we all do at this point No you do have a radio of worst. How did what was your introduction to barstool. Oh follow dave for a while but the journey of me getting here is crazy. I i got a job with espn baton rouge which is the lsu flagships earlier. This year had done a lot of radio stuff being a guest for four years. And so when i got that job in late june especially with kobe going on. I mean i was like hell. Yeah i'll be here for five to seven years and ecstatic to do it and what happened to get me. Here was watching. The ole miss kentucky game on october. Third and ole miss scored touchdown in overtime to win it by one and i was just going nuts because we thought for four years and this is like the turnaround lane kiffin and my our producer our producer playboy more news. Now up here too. He just randomly on the spot. When i was going nuts chair and he just videoed it. Not even on you. Just clip it onto get. Hey this'll be funny. If people see mitzi going nuts and then he tweets out. Somebody's excited about lane. Kiffin i see win and you know it gets a good response. I don't think anything of it. Well the next the next morning. I'm driving to nashes mississippi for our football sunday media. Yeah yeah so. Have a football sunday. Morning show i do for espn baton rouge nfl. Show and my phone goes off a nuclear bomb at nine. Am when dave picks it up and says sec football. it's different. it's me just going nuts are still. Yeah oh yeah. And then. I look down day following me on twitter and i was like. Wow that's pretty pretty wild and fan and obviously for a while and then i get a dm like hey man come with four just like that. I just like. I was sitting at a rate for the show. And i just jumped out of my chair and it was like. Wow i just got a job offer from boston to deep to your personal and you guys have kids now. Single kind of yes. Single basically only a couple of months. Before i came up here but not did you sign borstal odd now term so called fan. She wasn't ready for the big leagues. I she went to school at. Nyu up here. Actually from louisiana. She's been giving me a bunch of city tips and fired up up here. Were you in the city. So he'll hell's kitchen baby ochre but we got an airbnb. We actually more playboy more to us up here to fucking name Playboy we're just going to gloss over that playboy playboy morning he he was he was and he was with the espn baton rouge and is now up here too. We a room together and he found this an airbnb hell's kitchen. We've got a great value on early january. So we're still looking for permanent home but we got a good bridge situation now like some as much. My wife is from Mitsubishi from jackson and she didn't take to the city. Well she's just because it down there in mississippi. I mean people are hospitable. They pride themselves on hospitality. Hello good morning When she started working in the city. She's like you motherfucker just rude. I don't get it. You see you see somebody in the morning you say good morning you passing body you say hello you like you acknowledge each other. There's baby understand his people in the city. If you walk in an elevator and you got to get to the thirtieth floor on your way up you're gonna have to say hello and good morning to everybody. Do you want to do that every day. You walk into the building. He's gotta like i do it is. It is two seconds to say listen type. It took a while to adjust. Now she gets. She's more on on board with it. How how have you just to new york i. It's a faster pace of life but this being cove it makes it. That's all slower down. But man i'm love it i to be honest i don't really been up here for one night. Monteiro life in two thousand and eleven and the venture of this whole journey is intoxicating. I mean it's just so much fun to come up here in my mid thirties with a clean slate and get to the culture appears. Great everybody's been are you. I'm thirty seven thirty seven cents to. Because i did the poker things like poker thing right. Ten years inside of that was kind of what i did tomorrow thirty. Which is well. Because i think people here polka players in guys who don't shower for four days dark glasses and just grinding. The tables will reported a little bit a little bit immolate twenties. Man we out a great situation down there in new orleans because the new orleans poker games you know you'd have like so many tourists come through. There was whether there was like a gas or mardi gras or saints game. Whatever they were just you say so. Huge huge yeah family. Who that baby out baby. Black and gold fan with super bowl even miami when they want. Yeah yeah. I got fifth in a poker tournament three days before. It didn't even plan on going when i was playing at world series. Two one of my best friends is marks colson. Okay also yeah man. He's off women. Wow that's awesome man. what a career. He had one of the best rookie of honor question. You asked me your big poker player. How much money have you made playing poker. Oh okay well. It is what people would always ask. How much money do you make a year. he's trying to ask what's underneath. The mattress is probably not a ton of like when you when you play seventy fifth in that first world series poker ninety grand on get three hundred and something cash there forty but the thing i'll say is this day. We people don't understand behind. The scenes is the main of a ten thousand dollars. Buy in. I mean i put up like two thousand and sold the other eight thousand because that's out works in the poker world. There's a lot of you know it's a smaller community. And if you've got a good reputation and people know you're good though invest in you but like to justify investing and a ten thousand dollar poker tournament. I need at least half a million dollars to justify that your other when you were doing all these little tournaments around the super bowl and stuff are you going. What's a typical by. I don't know if we're gonna talk too much about rounders instrument typical buying what you walk in your trip is essentially you pay for your trip if you do well right like what are you walk. Walk home with so that tournament. That i was talking about there was right before went to miami super bowl. I wasn't going to super bowl at all. And i got fifth at one hundred and forty people order five hundred and fifty dollars in cash for seven thousand in that one but right when i got the seven k. I'm like man. Money's gonna come and go black and gold super bowl especially after katrina and the whole story of the rebirth of new orleans. I just bought a fight. And i gotta take a twelve hundred so it's a little easier back then than it is now and i was like front row. The upper deck plans to do a poker content. Baroin donate has poker podcast. You got any i went. I went on the podcast and had a lot of fun with him. Jake tool who. I used to play with a lot of full tilt back in the day. He's really really good. You teach public. Because i've never played it and i have a poker table in poke set. I never played poker plan with barstool and poker and a lot of my content is. I'm gonna go super hard during football season at the football. Gambling in the sec. In new orleans and all that but during non football season. I'm definitely taking this thing on the poker. How is this going to be to play world series of poker with the behind me. I feel like. I'll have like advantage with almost home field with that crazy of this fan base. But what's great about poker's. I used it to get to see the whole country plan a poker tournament. Go to i like going to the mountains. In north carolina you know pin gaming which we're partnered up with mayor star blackhawks colorado awesome poker action there right by denver and i used it to travel around the country and get to see different cultures and stuff and i still love to do it but in my thirties. It's a lot better to have it on the side to where if i don't lose my light bill not feeling so help me out with the winning the thrill of poker because somebody who's not into that world where they don't pay too much attention to it west. Where where do you get the rush. May i love the. Let's see i'm kind. I love the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the big tournaments. Because i love how you can risk you know two or three hundred bucks and win fifty k. If it goes right i mean. What else can you do that in life. I've soldiers legitimately done that. A bunch of times not selling drugs the poker thing. I've put up fifty bucks one ten or twenty thousand like that used to be a regular thing back when online poker was at its heyday if you find anything else in life where you can have that kind of return on investment on one kind of tournament. I'm not saying that every day. Obviously there's ups and downs but you know i. I just never really found anything else. We could do that. You'd have to hit like a twenty game poorly and if you're been sports. We have a lot of pros so so-called a word to call it. What would you call the stew. Finers the rico. Brasco do as sports adviser so we have a bunch of visors at. Stu is known as the sports gamblers right. I mean most of them suck most but some are good and evelyn. Evelyn super. because you know. I'm assuming that you're brought up here for gambling content right. They brought me. Dave saw the brandon walker thing. Is i think the big reason. I got brought up here with the nba and so diehard mississippi state. And he's been house. He's been attacking mississippi state so much hate in their heart very they just. Hey it's so hateful they just. What are your thoughts on brennan walker. I he he he. He's really hard at the oldest fan base up here. You don't back down. He no he doesn't he's been he's been he's been cool he's definitely been cool to me and often get to do a lot of programming with them and he's been nice to be in the office but i still we get this egg bowl coming up in a few weeks so i'm not going to get too close to the saturday after thanksgiving dinner oxford and then we've got a bet where the winning team the winner gets to chunk eggs because it's called egbahl sure to throw eggs outside at the loser and apparently they're saying it's like you get throw as many eggs as the final scores points. Have you seen the state's been looking here lately. I better get. My right arm was branded. Loser's gonna be out on the street and you can launch exit them. Yeah and then you get to save a couple of eggs that you can crack on them at anytime for the next year or having a bad day. Eighties chirping at me on the radio or like i don't want to hear this today and save those few exile those last few bed precious. But i think it's going to be a really fun. We're getting on the fan. Base has been super supportive because branagh walkers been giving them a lot of crap forever year here and so there's a lot of people fired up here. Does your guess blood. Your love for the has only started because you went to the school. Or will you grew up. So my family has a farm the mississippi delta by greenville three it used to be caught soybeans now like That kind of the greenville area. Late washington runner. He's from india nola mississippi delta at highway sixty one The mississippi blues always got so much great music history and culture. That you talk about somebody of my father-in-law is A well known bass player within jackson his family's riddled My wife is started. They're very interesting to the music culture and in texas. anyway. I've been out to the delta. 'cause he was actually perform down there and it's it's almost like a movie set. I mean he's like all rich deep south all kinda sound like you all got that you know that the seven twenty two but you talk about music. oh man. mississippi's birthplace of america. You're fine you're fine like a five year old. That could just crush go tar too old man who can create like every everybody's entrenched into music man so i love the mississippi music and culture and so i grew up in this will be dealt. Well my family had the pharmacist. This delta went to ole miss. My mom was law. School at ole miss and his family and i ended up living in oxford for ten years because it took so long for me to get that damn degree got it right. I finished i look i. It was a big deal for me to go back thirty one thirty two. Because i came out of that gambling world we're money super desensitize and it was a faster lifestyle. And i went back to ole miss and worked on the salad line. And the kitchen it proud larry's and you go. Let me just tell you. It's about larry. That's the music venue in oxford restaurant. That's where they have all the shows but let me tell you it's a long special fall from getting seventy fifth in the world series for ninety k. To make an eight dollars an hour on the south lawn and it's the best thing ever did because it humbled me salad. I need it probably a couple more of them to be truthful but at that actually really helped me going back to college. College kid can reset reset my life and reset my priorities which is and You know leaving new orleans you got a little while down there so kind of needed to go out there and please don't say come on but you've been watching it elections wichita i. I'll tell you what i think. Louisiana passports gambling and pin gaming. Owns a bunch of we own. Margarita ville buzzer baton. Rouge lafarge lake. Charles boomtown buzzer and boomtown new orleans. So that was the election. I was watching and super super. I'll be honest. i'll just said south there. i'm independent. yeah. Yeah i stay. I as far as my content and stuff goes as far away from that. As i always say this. Look people care as much about how i vote. They wanna hear how bet on these games. You know. I know. I feel like i know my role that i'm entertainment and i'm cool with it but a lot of people hear your accent assume you're one way of course the deep south and so they're going to say this kid super conservative and i'm not. I'm not that way too. Fucking ole miss. Joe johnson guy. I am good family. Senator roger wicker from mississippi republican law. School my mom. So i do know very very very well. He's very very nice guy. What's not affect my political got you what's what's next for you up here So i've been going on pick central every day. We're doing funny videos. You can follow me on twitter at barstool. Mitzi that's what people call me in south jersey. there's a lot of bans out there mitzi. I think that sticks little breath of fresh air but so we're doing videos like morning video. That's like a wake-up mitzi and there were like an after dinner mints video. Now little riff off the midst eh. Going on pick central and really just wherever i get pulled into anything. I'm going to do. And i thank you all so much for having me today because i'm just trying to get immersed in this culture. I had a choice of staying in the south are coming up here and i thought about it and i'd be like i'd be a fool if i didn't come up to new york this cultured so unique this one of the most unique places to work and i'm just about it. I'm happy for you. You're going to be in hell's kitchen shacking. Who's the fellow that walked in here. That's playboy martigny muslim marty's can you give us any insight in the play. Mardi name came. I think it came off the playboy cardi raff. It's a little bit but but it's funny. He's he rocks it though man he gets on the you know he gets. He rocks the playboy. He's out on the hand jabs. he's always going. Yeah oh he he rocks. Let's get some good ones and hell's kitchen tender but it's more you kind of have to respond to the sentences people right out as opposed to just firing a pickup line at them. So they'll say different things in there. I love a long walk on the beach and you respond to that as opposed to swiping right which allows us not some breaking breaking political news for you willy and looks like pennsylvania has just been flipped so that so wildly game set match right there really allow levinas now yes. He's up by point one percent. We're talking Biden here yeah biden so so. It's been flipped the was read. It's also so it's probably now. I'll say the one thing. I'm glad that he's getting all these states. Because i don't wanna hear the cry. You know if he i. It's good that one side wins by blanched way could say you can't make excuses like defeats sounds man your jim i appreciate it. Thank you for having the from back. We desktop college football. We pick it up soon. So we're definitely gonna on you gotta down a football friday. All right. great show is always from patty Ski shelter do Meant larger vacation. He'll be back monday. Don't drink and drive. Have a great weekend unless stay together. People i art. It's all that means it's fashion season and the only place you need to hit up. Is the barstools store. We got a lot at the barstool store as you should know by now. A relatively new addition is our two pack of socks. Pk w i in barstool. Sports teamed up for a two pack of socks only thirty bucks. They are fire longer. Socks look fall. You won't be looking your best in all areas. You have some good hoodies. You have some good shirts and pants. And he can't leave socks out of the equation. You just can't leave socks out of the equation. They got the red white and blue barstool logo. They are awesome looking to many people. They overlooked the socks as part of the fashion game. Don't let dapi you head to store dot barstool sports dot com and load up on everything furet. Don't have been right. Oh man look on law by man like good morning. Welcome to the cousins. i'm your host kevin smith. We got cousin trista. 'cause mike cousin murray cousins cousin balls is on the line. Staticky balls. they're about can you hear me okay. He's still staticky. Balls is off eighty seven balls fine three three eight five seven eight six six five if you elect to call-in we got a big one folks. It is election day today election. Oh you better believe it. Cousin murray a murray cousin murray the second cousin on my cousin some would say the first but if everybody like call nathan three five seven eight six six five. Oh you didn't get that joke. That joke went over. Your head joke went over everybody's head Elephant in the room so far something that we need to hash out and discuss cousin. Mike cousin murray as the two founding members of this pro program along with cousin rigs mike an umbrella. term ellen breaks when we're having election lord dog in the room the libertarian and green party in the room. We already have an acid in the room. So we're all aces' cosmic when i mean logically. Speaking the hosts for every week cousin. Trista has monday and friday and cousin trenton. I have tuesday wednesday thursday. We alternate weeks cousin. Trent's and i talked last week cousin. Trent did not want to do election week. Hold on right on thursday. You said 'cause. I was listening to the show if i want to discuss this but go on. If is the last day that. I talked to the cousins before the election day. It would be a shame. You know what i'm gonna call. Trent and i'm going to switch hosting with him and cousin. Mike said you can't just do that unilaterally and you said i can do whatever i want and you have no power over this. You made the decision on the show without the cousins approval. And you know what i did. I called cousin or i texted cousin. Trent who did this and this was in discussion. I'm glad we exotic. I'll tell you right now. And we switched the hosting spots. Tuesday wednesday and thursday. Those are spots not monday in front monday. Friday your so you can do whatever you want. Whatever you tuesday. Wednesday thursday unless talking to the host of the show takes everything it is terrible. Might be doing today agree. That's the point is the biggest day of the year. And i am but this needs to be strengthened. The future for the future of the cousins. Why so that one in four years. We'll know exactly what to do precisely personally to you. Because he's a big part of the still. You know we're going national today. I don't know if you folks realize that international international sitting here we're making. I've been in touch with the fact that kids and we're going to be involved with them throughout not just before the next twenty four hours and that's that's that's another thing that my i'm gonna fix it. I'm going to tell you about during the break about what you can do to be part of this big extravaganza which i spent hours straightening out. What is this big okay. What does this big extravaganza. Mike that we have planned they are they are doing a radio show or whatever the hell you want to call it. They're going to be on the twenty four th straight hours because of the election and i'm gonna give you how you can join the celebration with them. I'm going to give you the information. We're off the but this is ridiculous to even discussing. But i but i want you there. Because i hope you've talked to your friends if you have any and your family in pennsylvania philadelphia what the hell is going to happen. Gone cousin terrific and tell us what's going on in oregon. She's not there no she goes. She's all right. We only evan our hit. What do we do only have an hour. Because i'm like left understand that objectively objectively objectively. This show is best winter revolves around you to correct this. I go home you decide. The whole world was no wonder what i'm pissed off about. Sincerely pissed off about is on air. You guys get boyd around you do. You're too nice are you or heating up this place. I'll play the clip on friday. We already capable of doing this. I want to know what the hell is going to happen with this momentous election and were in kindergarten. I know i know world five minutes into the show pulling straight talk. We talk about this next week. Three rounds week please. I wanna know you should be able to tell us some inside information about what's happening in pennsylvania you meeting. What are you eating brownie. Okay just to kind of like calm the nerves down. I overslept for. I'm overslept you. Will you let him into this. I want to hear what he's got to say about. What about pennsylvania election. He doesn't wanna talk about the election cousin mike. He wants cousins on a post some clip to this. Because this is exactly what you want exactly what you want to turn so the cousin trista show featuring the cousins and you can have your shined election day. You're going office. Saying all. I care about his airtime. That's all i care about to be around here. All around the word count. Murray this not your data hosts burner driving me nuts. Do we have objectively shows. You might have to take great cousin. Murray are no here. Here's the thing that's very funny to me on this folks understand. This is the most important day in my lunch on. Let's move on and we got static not anything else the money but you do. If we move on. Then you win. You will come. Do i have to beg you to tell us what your fucking minutes like. We move on you win. Here's your way into this program on further then every time you say that they go. Jesus is because you're on some bullshit smitty. You're the one who when you come on this show you scream over cousin mike all day long and murray is never even speaking so for you to say i'm the one that's dictating and control and yelling when you invite yourself on other shows interest you. Add them by on air million. What is going on. What's going on next week. What's going on next week. Of course you're not going to say. No joe biden is leading a boss. Louis video view saying no. That's not happening. I'm coming in five days. When was that. That's where we're trying to get out outta pool of murray someplace play cousin. Murray straightness out. Now i'm telling you have at the elections. I agree who to talk about the election. Me to hayler up. I don't think there's a point me playing it okay. I think it's their. It's a we wait a minute. We have our reporter in dixville notch. Isn't joe biden. You have to know what you're feeling is about pennsylvania say two things and then we'll drop everything objectively. This is a better show when this is about the cousins and cousin trista on monday and fridays. When you are those you can do whatever you want. But when me or trent or the host and is planned beforehand that it is our days. Don't try to make plans for our show because we are in charge. Just second a ball be quiet. Let's move on second second. how would you feel. How would you feel if trent ri- said that. Oh friday without talking without talking to you said on the air cheshire. Can i say. Can i say something. Can i turn last. Person is if we were to say on friday that something big was going on air and cousin. Mike doesn't can. We come on the air on friday. Ken commune trae. Come on the air. And we invite fights. We invite casey vital and these people control without. How would you worry about that. murray can you. Can you step in and give some perspective here. I'm going to step in. We have a report from dixville notch. Get the democrat. Took a five nothing lead for the first time ever feel. Something has happened to say something here that i always say. 'cause amari murray whenever we have any discussions about this show at all what i always say to cousin. Murray no matter what we say in the end it doesn't matter. No no it really. That really doesn't matter. What does matter is who's going to be. The president of freaking united states that matters both of my listeners have clicked off exactly i know eight thousand three hundred seventy six six five. We have calls coming are ready. Cels congratulates interested. You're on the show exactly does income me. Repression is a what is going on in the state in which you were born cousins. The place that places the calls up to him. I can't even get them to get it to stop argue. we now. you're interrupting him. Tell i think going. On in pennsylvania through a first of all the way i think pennsylvania goes. I think the election gives will close. I don't think it will be decided. Tonight's nights whether the trumpster wants to bring in the national guard and the pennsylvania attorney general wants to call the election. I it's not going to be decided in night. What i do know. Is that specifically my hometown district. Which it's not my district anymore. Because i'm in new jersey and i said this last week the registration numbers for my hometown where i grew up our up like five hundred percent generally democratic area and it is it is generally democratic. So would think. I'd i'd say actually it's probably already split around me. Actually but the philadelphia. The philadelphia city area is mostly democratic suburbs. It's split fifty fifty. My hometown is like in that area. So that i do but i think the people that are registering to votes would naturally vote democratic in that area. The area that. When i was with you and your dad that we drove down. That was a beautiful area. Very expensive is auto republican or democrat or split pretty split but some areas lean heavy republican some most areas street basically forced trump's gonna do what i'm worried about. This might be incredible to believe cousin. Mike but the more wealthy areas specifically around philadelphia tend to vote republican but middle-class the lower class areas will be voting democratic split. It is like. I mean the meteor absolutely totally flooded with Advertising unbelievably so more than you ever saw a. You're not there. I think that's everywhere everywhere. Maine the setting records. Yeah have you spoken to you while i know what. Your parents leanings friends if you have any spoken anybody back home. I think it's been pretty exhausted. Exposure for everybody just tied of it. Exactly and i don't think tyrod and i genuinely don't think especially where i grew up. There are people truly on the fence and he can bones in the arena. Where they don't know who's voting. Yeah you are. They have today. Everybody knew they have all these rallies last couple of days. Who's the people who listen these rallies already have made up. Thank their mind. why are they. They're not a supporter. I mean i think it's right. Why are they listening to one of the other if they if they just want to You know just fuel there Already the decision. You wanna hear pleasant trista go on. What are you going to let him. See what you're gonna say smell. I said you wanna hear a good opinion from somebody. Outside of philadelphia vinnie from delco vinnie. From delco vinnie. Del town boys delaware county. Okay yeah right outside right outside of philly alco. I want to six thirty this morning. Devote a lines and all the polling places in delco or already an hour and a half away at six thirty. It was crazy every they are. What's alan is that a democrat or a republican area. It's very split. It's very split fifty fifty. Everyone was getting along though. Everyone was just happy that everyone's out and voting and polling Watchers people are helping out the polls they were saying from a percentage wise. It'll be the biggest hurry out in election since the nineteen hundred or take cousins. By the way they were still women's suffrage they're women could even though they suffer from percentage standpoint. It's the biggest turn-out since nineteen hundred creighton. I ask you a question when to mckinley election and this election is kind of split area. You said okay so when you when you were in the year. The polls w- signings wi with the candidates. Did you get a feel for who is more paying attention to that particular location. Actually everyone was just talking about how awesome it is that everyone's out there and voting and everyone already made up their mind. You know people were going to go for. Everyone was decked out in rather decked out and blew. It didn't matter it was. It was good friendly environment. Everyone was happy to wear masks and social distancing People who are going to vote one way where where we're wearing masks can people are going to go. The other way definitely would not wearing masks. And no one. No one was social distancing. It's freezing well. y'all got online. It's six six thirty. It was about thirty nine degrees. And everyone's huddling together trying to get that house that morning drinking in delco. That's exactly what we were doing in the presidential like Just like the how. Many people voted for Bill clinton while drinkers. And i call cousin. Vinny having been alive for seventy three years. Okay and i one thing. I've always thought that. I had pretty good intuition about different things. If i'm gonna go out on a terrible windy day in stand in line. And i'm care where we're talking about two or three hours right. Generally i think it's the people that are anti anti trump was i. Maybe i'm totally wrong about that. But if you're going to go you got a real mission. And i know they were trump. I think i don't think so. I think it's the opposite. You do you ever know the trump people you might be right. I just think when people have a real well you know the guy's already the president you know which we know and somehow you feel i just think that the incumbent no matter who it is. It's very difficult. I think took to motivate people in the way that you gotta be motivated. He can do is motivate well but motivate at a rally. Might be a little different than to vote that. This is such a close election in pennsylvania. That i think getting people riled up. I think that the people will go. The both both parties are going to go as much as they can smitty. I can't of ask a question. Yes sir yes if you if you had bet money today what do you think i mean you. You must have an opinion you must. I do have an opinion I on cousin. Murray's point I can't speak for the people who like willingly. Wait in line and go out to the polls. I think there are people from both parties would do that but i will say new registered voters signing up. I'd be shocked if that wasn't the merger. The majority wasn't voting democrat. But my opinion my opinion right now. I still think it's a toss up. I still think that they are a bunch of people who refuse to be polled or closet. Trumpsters like in two thousand and sixteen. Who are going to go out and vote and skew this election. You're already seeing it in in cousin. The people who the democratic voters have already voted. It's the And the republicans are the ones. That's what everybody says are the ones that are are voting today this so seriously. You're saying you just don't know and you're hot you just don't know no. I don't think it'll be decided today. I know that. No pennsylvania won't be there they don't stat Pennsylvania won't be decided. The election probably won't be far if florida goes up by. I think he's going to be biden's gonna lose them. Florida taxes in texas florida or pennsylvania. Goes there goes. Did you guys see that a that article that i sent you about the villages in florida largest retirement community in in in the country. And there's a bunch of shy biden voters that will not admit to being converts from trump to biden because there are people who are like spring weed killer on their lawn. They're pouring beer and their golf carts. All of these trump supporters are basically doing all this like election warfare and their eighty. Five years. old can do whatever you want to my lawn but you touch my golf cart. That's the end skin. They're writing trump in weed killer on their lawn. And we kill and we'd villages is a whole. This is an amazingly watch. Was the biggest play biggest condominium place. I don't know when the country maybe they asked where they get the most. Std's to read that years ago. That y y you reserve the condo seven condos waiting cuza matt because a math from florida or you go check in what's up because from rolando morning cousins gonna walk coffee on my way to go vote right now was every now isn't it. And where's he from from. Orlando florida taking over the. Let's hear what. What do you think's going on. Well we live close to downtown orlando and it's Pretty blue or Any indication. I put money down on biden to win florida based on what i've seen but again out four corridor you never know. Does he. usually he usually does. Did you said democrats usually win your area correct. Can i ask you a question. when you're looking for girls villages he's from the ira aids range. But maybe years isn't he. He's a long way from the villages. Indo no villages about an hour away look roles. It's a great time to you. Know the other thing too is. Thank you very much places with like. I know in texas also in north carolina. they're talking about. It's been such an influx of younger people coming in north carolina's a big example of that Because of big national companies relocated their charlotte charlotte financial raleigh raleigh rallies. That's gotta play over. There isn't charlotte when the biggest finance places to go and what else charlotte. Raleigh dallas has a pretty big Like financial investment banking austin columbus. Oh connecticut hartford use up. And they say that the old people's stamper going to biden because of the covert. They can't see the grandchildren and all that stuff and the younger new voters are going to a trump. it depends. I think on where they are. So if you're in a place where propaganda is high. Then because i was listening to a podcast about florida. Specifically that's where i learned about the villages and they said that they they pulled a bunch of people who were early voting in florida that were older and they basically said listen. We don't blame trump for covid We don't think that he could have done anything differently. And yeah the viruses. What the viruses and you know. We still support him and it was very hard for them to find older people. In those key areas of florida that were converts from trump to biden. But that could be again. That biden that shy biden voter. That doesn't want to admit your orders and then you've got these quiet Trump who exactly so cousin. My cousin murray you asked us. Who do you think is going to take this down. And i happen to think biden is going to win and i think he's gonna win handily and unfortunately that's not going to be the end of it. One hundred percent no matter what happens. It's not gonna be the end of it but you know what else. I just lost my train of thought. I lost train. It'll go to the courts it could very well go to court and by what they say. What's going to happen is that trump is going to be ahead in today's voting because republicans vote the day usually when he gets enough electoral votes. He's gonna Do declare as a winner. Click which i'm not gonna lie. I mean that's just brilliant move. It's is it legal. Is it right no no. it's not. It's i sat up the problems. That are gonna ex exactly. But if that's the only way he can take this down in his best chance of winning four more years it's funny. How the president is supposed to be the savior of the voting process and free america. And he's trying to He tried twice chip away intimacy seven thousand and he was saying he was saying that two thousand sixteen election was going to be a scam until he won. Then all of a sudden everything was just Derek bader who is a sixers reporter actually brought this up and it's very interesting that if we found out that trump would like might be doing that through like third deal or backroom. Shenanigans like it would be a lot bigger deal than it is the fact that trump even though he didn't outright say that he was going to do it the fact that he has denied it. And it's he put it out there kind of makes it seem like okay if this was behind the scenes and we found out about it through like a leak. It'd be a lot more of an issue or if biden claimed that he was going to do that. Holy shit good. God is everything he did. I that that caravan that That took over the bus route. And he said oh they were just protecting patriots possible if condemn it. Then we're in some serious. I mean he didn't he didn't condemn white supremacy during a debate. That's that's a bit of a problem. Cousins our room on the on the plane to go to zimbabwe where we can be safe. You and i think folks talk. I want to say something. I can't tell you how unbelievable this all is to me even now. Oh yeah and we've cousin married. I used to talk when the trumpster was. We used to say when he was all always talking about running that it was just for publicity and then when he finally did it that it's come to this that the i'm not talking about our little catfight there before i'm talking about. What were you even talking about now. Which we could be talking about. I'm sitting here. And i'm saying i. I am still incredulous the day before that would happen. I was gonna ask about that but in a minute. But i can't believe that this is what it's come to. I just can't believe it's even though it's been going on now for four years i can. Cannot i still have a hard time accepting that this is what's happened. I if somebody would've said to me way back when i when he at any point four years ago whatnot i. It just boggles my mind. This is where we are in this. I didn't think it was possible. I honestly didn't but if the anybody could have done this it would have been him exactly. Nothing he's done and no matter what he says. People go nuts. it really is like a cult. Yeah well cousin murray. That's the one thing that this is open or two and it shouldn't be for anybody. i guess. At this point there was so much division in this country. Which ain't gonna go away no matter what the results are absent that it's it's mind boggling. People that are so unhappy not on this show obviously this morning but obviously the suci ya so. Many people are so unhappy here i. It just boggles my mind. I've got a question live yesterday. That that i thought about very very hard. Somebody asked if we could see a cousin. Landlord presidency in the next sixteen years in initially. I just laughed off but come to think about it then. I'm not running. i'm not very possible. Exactly if he put his mind to it and like started now epochs start now around sixteen years. Have a cabinet position. You have to know you have to know politics a little. Do you do with a cat. maybe not. I just got new cabinet. Because maybe not. I think i think cousin because landlord doesn't pageit's is personable smart and charismatic. Enough that if trump could do what he did i mean i think i think it can be easier for a cousin landlord to do this. Not to say that he would be as polarizing or or seemingly. You might be various times as cousin trump and do whatever it takes to win even though that's like sometimes what you have to do apparently in politics. But i'm going to have a gun that yeah. But but like legitimately. Dave portnoy could be president of the united states. One day doesn't doesn't sound good. I i'll tell you one thing following up on what you just said. I think we are right for somebody to come along. Love blue and not be todd with any one of these existing situations and like a breath of fresh. Iaea though a lot of people are dying for at this point. I if somebody said someone said these things happen in democracies where you get and lie like trump and then you vote them out and then but and that shows what the country's about is that we voted him out but if he gets reelected that shows what the country is to accept that. But the you know something because amari because you and i have a certain view of what this is going on now which. I think pretty similar. There's a lot of people that if if if the trumpster loses they're going to be very very unhappy obviously especially close. Yeah and. I don't think even if it's not close. Yeah i think they're going to be unhappy. And you're saying you think well what you said it's kind of. I don't think it's where we are saying. Well people will say well. Thank god we got a system that works etc etc. Those people especially trumpsters are going to say no. This system does not work. And we're going back to to the to the bunkers. I don't mean archie bunker. We'll go back to the bunkers and we're not leaving and it changes the whole bedrock of transfer of power. Absolutely these things he saying now. Maybe the most outrageous thing these said all along he say what he asked to stay to survive and many again smitty they. Are you think things about you. Better board up your stores and all that stuff. Yeah of course. New york's militarized. Sooner is doing it too. We were talking about this yesterday. Right mike mike. You're like don't go. Don't go walking Maybe you're a few days. Last last night i went on. Some balls isn't as bunker probably an hour and a half walk. I went on like an hour and a half long. Walk down to flat ironing greenwich village in all of the buildings. All of the buildings were boarded up. Some balls turn down and secure a podcast because he was scared. Any bolovia actually to porn star podcast offers tomorrow in both said absolutely not tomorrow is a quiet day. No you're kidding down no but it is It is scary that That stores have to do that. And how do you compare. Because murray how do you compare this to the vietnam situation. Where all these students and people well. I think the comparison is everybody was polarized about one issue whether you were on our win or whatever. It was one issue mainly except for the race by was also the but Here is just a matter of i read or are you blue or trump. are you anti-trump. And that's it and of course you had a president that was saying in a in a in an address. I'm not running again. Can you pitch it. Can you picture this individual saying. I've decided that. I am too controversial to many people. It's too much tumult. And i'm just going to get out of the way so we can have the process. Continue and get to where we went and by the way lyndon johnson was saying that he wanted he wanted he he wanted to straighten things out. But i'm gonna get out. Get out of the way to help that happen. Because i'm too controversial. Yuck j. couldn't get away. Get out of the way of his own hog but getaways press house about gore gore could still could to gain absolute the supreme and look at john john mccain and the good old days of john mccain saying we all gotta come together after he lost yeah i mean mccain kane in two thousand could have done a lot more to fight for himself. A lot. more in this country could be a lot different But we do have to take a break right now. Eight hundred three hundred seventy six six before we do reiterate this at the end of the show. Please get out and vote. It doesn't matter if you think that your vote doesn't matter or if you live in a state that won't decide the presidential election there are still state elections. They're still township elections in which you might not that matters if you live in. Danvers middleton or peabody. Sally cairns. Okay if you don't think like the local stuff matters it matters and the older you get the more bullshit you have to go through if you have to deal with the township ordinance or a homeowners association that is derived from the shit matters to get out and vote from the local to the national level. It's important so vote as many times as you feel necessary. Pick cousin marie eight thirty three five seven six break. I'm going to give you folks information cousin mike. We'll be right back. Barstool eighty five cousins Off rain all right. Hi ooh ooh sloughed. My name is brian walker. This is pick central parcells daily gambling. Show the day after Crazy nfl trade deadline. And then we've got. We've got Tonight the mac get started hashtag mansion. Whatever you wanna call lights camera action yet. Six games in the mid american conference. Tonight we will talk about that to my left is big f returning from a one day. Hiatus to my right is mincy. Been mints is back in And it looks like joining me on skype. Is is martin. You there hello brandon howard. I'm good how are you. You're in philly. Yeah even fill your in philly in advance of tonight's action big. You're going down there to write down there after after we taped college football show. We'll be on the train. So dave and dan. i think everybody's gonna be there. Everybody Going or not but Rico will be the ricco will be there so everybody we'll be there tonight and not everybody Tonight for action in the philadelphia gambling house. Barshop sportsbook check that out right doing good feeling good. I actually I i have some quick news. You have news a quick news me and me and be mostly of. We've buried the hatchet. Oh really yes okay. Did we bear that. How did that get bear. I you know. I reached out. I had some. I did some. i did some soul. Searching def definitely feel free to call and if you did some soul searching. And i'm i'm not the type i don't love to when i'm provoked. I'll get in the mud. I don't love the constant tension at i love and i thought back i said you know you said some things i said some things. I don't have this crazy. Ill will towards you. I don't have even going back like a year. Whenever when the things started i was the one he called out stew and then i called him out he always had been very positive me in the past. He always very supportive of me and the consummate and things like that. I took a step back. Said you know. I'm i lo- barstool. I want everyone to succeed. That works here. i generally do. I don't anyone who knows me knows. I don't wish ill will really on anyone. I reached out he was very receptive. He apologize i apologize. It's all good okay. Well that sounds like a very well worked out due to do. I'm not. I'm not real sure how to handle that situation. It's all good. Everything's good okay. I have no issues with jeff at all your quick to Quick to fix the beef kinda guy. Because i'll step. I have no issues like stepping up. Because i felt that if i felt he would be receptive. I don't think there was ever this super. He was asked a question. He felt he talked shit. I said he apologize for that. I apologize for the should i talked. It's all good. I can feel the love there. I'm a. I'm a loving guy. I'm a loving guy. I opened my arms up. I started my morning great. I was greeted by stu. Doing one of his patented videos walked right into a strong burly hug from still good day. Burly hog is a great description of it. I really don't know what to do with all the positive vibes. it's positive it's positive actions. A big brings a positive vibes. This guy's if you spent two minutes around. Ben meant he's nothing but positive vibes and marty. I feel like me and you need to be extra mean to each other today. I feel really uneasy right now. I don't know what to say. I mean what what what made you out of nowhere. Just. em or just doesn't like beef. I just was like well. That's true you like a little bit. Not i've i've i'm someone who wants. It's brought to my table or brought to my desk as some may say i have no issue getting right in it but i'm not someone who likes i don't i don't like to start it. Usually i've no issues getting in confrontation once it's brought saryu concerned with how fixing this relationship is going to affect your other relationships on the show. Know that there's no question. Great question i feel like some not me not marty not big cat and not been and not you but some people might keep score of who who has beef with me and we go closer than that. I didn't say you said the name. I didn't say that now. We record close than that. He knows where i stand with him. I don't see why. I don't see why it would be an issue to also have you loans which you don't see why i say me and rico rico rico or closer than that though me and rico at me and rico rico's family good guy miracle hang outside. The office had many times. He knows i've got his back no matter what it's all good. We'll talk to terrorists at one point. All right act funny. I actually was going to bring it up to rico off air before but i just he was doing Pick them out and get to see him before we went on air. Marty could you do me a favor for the next. Two minutes explained in detail what happened with the election last night the election so a lot of people they both went live at like two. Am i feel like A lot of a lot of states have to recount. They don't it. Went from ninety five in nevada and arizona. They thought by one that went to eighty six Everyone doesn't know shit. I think we're gonna find out after thanksgiving marty. I'm i'm not gonna lie here. I was hoping that we would be able to create. That was the worst thing i've ever heard. That's nothing you just said made sense or tied into last night at all that we feel pretty confident. Who the next president is going to be at this. I mean i would think you do. Yeah i would. I would have thought you when it came out from the gambling standpoint. This massive swing of bite being fatal. You not understand that. Joe biden is pretty much on the doorstep of victory. I honestly didn't now. He's the big favourite now when it matters when things are about to end. But i thought you would have said from the gambling standpoint try. I don't support any of the book. Besides forces sportsbook. So that's what i didn't know i didn't look at any lines so i didn't also know biden was gonna win right now. Okay the barstool sports. But i i gotta mitch louisiana passports gambling. Pin gaming five five casinos sportsbooks louisiana. Margarita ville buzzer city labarge baton rouge lake charles as well as boomtown new orleans four. But that's great. Say excited to have that and i'm looking forward to going back and doing stuff with that. That's great influence. Hannah gaming and we'd legal in new jersey. It's not really relevant to this gambling. Show but you may talk on that if you'd like we happen to live in new jersey We both are residents new jersey. So is mardi shows mardi all three of us now on the shell residents come so i have a question. Does this new Legal marijuana in new jersey affects you guys positively or negatively. Say possibly. i mean. I don't think there was any issues already. It's kind of. It's been decriminalized here in new york forever. But i mean now they'll just be like we'd stores and hobo oregon yourself organ decriminalize everything. That's why three you got some heroin. Now you could try to get people help okay. So we do have tonight. We have six games. Can't state eastern michigan buffalo northern illinois. Ball state miami of ohio ohio central michigan. Those are the ones. I have bets on after. Look at the other two But those are the those are the ones. I bets on that. We'll talk about later. It's just good to last night twitter. Everything in the world was about one thing. Fine it's a very important thing. I tried to ignore it as much as i could. So i could get to this day because tonight we have college football to take our mind off of everything and college football. Yeah the mac. Some of the most entertaining college football. You'll see it makes no sense. It's nonsensical football. It's oftentimes really really bad football. And it's on the threshold of so bad. It's quite good because you just never know what's going to happen. You never know what's gonna happen is ever safe. No leaders ever sell. And nothing is better than rooting for misfield. Goals and cheese and turnovers in mac and twenty eight and a half and six games back. It honestly happen in three games. The first three games. I mean we could see a play where there's interception and the guy the ball. Then fumbles at two one play and then they run a back to the thirty and they miss a kick beautiful call four and two three or four all right so eighty three eight. Five stool is a number if you want to call and get on the show. It is wide open. Talk about whatever you wanted. What did you say. Korea big man on campus called in okay. Big man on campus has called in. I will take him shortly. Eight hundred three eight five so if you wanna call in. I will open it up to anything. We got caused football coming up. Norton clemson florida georgia. You have thursday night football game which may or may not happen at this point. Apparently there they said it is still own as right now the packers and the forty niners marty. You look confused there. Covert issues with the forty niners. Okay all right Just happened like this. This fucking my fire alarm keeps beeping all knife. I ripped that shit out to. It's just keeps beeping. You still haven't figured out no dude. I got defeated last lily. Ripped it all battery in there. I took the batter. It's completely the wires hanging from ceiling right now. But you're not there by yourself are you. Yeah you got though that sky figured out on your own. Yeah i've been doing. I've been because i was doing. No no no no wideout. Kobe for this do skype right. Okay yeah so I mean before the show was working on hard for him so credit to him. Big man on campus has called in to celebrate the beef being canceled. I guess Hi jeff hey how are you guys. Just i'm very happy we were able to do. This is A fellow Bigger guy as as we know and You know it. It just didn't make a lot of sense. I became a little irritated with you. brandon and i took it out on on big s. Okay super super as you know. I have a waiting list for my beef. So i'm not even going to reply to that i got. I got beefs out the door. So when i when spot opens up. I'll let you in but again. You're acting fucking ridiculous. You're allowing other people to tell you what to do your be yes men with certain people and it's pathetic again. I'm going to allow to go. I appreciate you calling in About five and a half or seeing it if you want me to face it face it i face it. If you'd like okay. Let me let me explain real quick. You have no problem having me on the show to the and other times when certain people weren't there but when certain people were there all of a sudden You want me on and you make me look like a mino- buddy with with this. What's the story with this friend. And i'll say the same thing i said to the last two guys I am in charge of putting together. Pick central an entertaining show for gambling purposes against me on other times. There's a person i know. I just don't want i just don't want the beef between you guys to overcome the show because there's a person who is so sensitive that when you come on the show he leaves he is entertaining. He's more entertaining than us. So i have him first and when he's not in you slide in. It's very simple. it's very simple. It's not a gambling when show. Then it's a rico. Show enrico variety hour. That's what it is. No it's a gambling so it's absolutely gambling show and i understand that you're upset that you're not getting right now but you're in today and you're choosing to talk about him. What will happen though. I'll just do you know. We'll we'll just i'll do my thing and and you guys are yours and that's fine. It's worked out so well for so many. Thank you very much for the call Okay so guys. Welcome back so squash one beef and we get another be. Yeah i'm just no. I know i agree with. Here's the thing about rico bosco. Here's thing about rico bosco. He has exhausting his beefs absolutely stand they shed overshadow everything but you put them on here and he says things that are just wildly entertaining widely. And you just you just kinda ride. Ride that horse when you're right it and if they're going to be back and forth they can't talk to each other. We'll fuck i don't. I'm not gonna sit here and change my day because they can't get over each other and they can't talk to each other. I'm just going to one. And then i'll do the other. That's what i'm going to do. That's a lot easier to do in that than having tried to do both. Yeah and i officially not in a beef. I have too many beefs beefs. Five and a half. Maybe that's just something. You guys live exhausting lives. That's why had one. And i and i was like you know what bury the hatchet. It's i can't. I can't live with her so much going on so much shit happened. I was like that one doesn't make sense. Clear the eric. Good no stress. Ben how do you feel about all this drama between these Amateur gamblers wait for the egg. Bowl and plenty. Moore's coming jesus. Christ man opened another one six and a half fiefs. Yeah no you're right. it's driven. And i are getting along quite well almost two well not almost do well. I mean we like each other And but we know that winter is coming as far as that goes. We know that the The egbo at the end of this month. I love about ben if you say anything to ban like hey what's up and nothing much is to have some fun. I'm going to go take a shit later. I'm going to go i'm gonna go pick central twelve madonna. He tells you everything about his day. You cannot get mad at the man. Well you know what he's showing me is how big of an asshole i am. Because i've been here i've been here a year and a half and when the first time ben toss to somebody he'll talk to him and he'll say this and they'll say so how about you where are you from. What's going on your life. How you doing where. where are you originally from. What's what's your story and he's talking to people. I'm like shit. I don't even know where they're good. I forgot to ask that a year. And a half ago. When i met him but Yeah so ben is a great guy from the south. And i am also from the south. Did you get that slice of pizza. Bell idea that was very very good borstal recommending the upside down cillian. So i- yesterday from bro down there to go under that. No man. I think she over rates that was pretty. I wanna say good not great. You been john bleaker street. And i've not heard i've been recommended that by south to me. That's the best one. Dave has recommended in the city. I that's the one okay. i haven't been down there since all this shit started but before covert. I went down there quite often. I'm that's that's why it's been delivered to the quite a bit very good. Yeah and you can have a lot of. It's dangerous it's light that's what it is. What other things in new york city are trying to get to quickly. Oh man i've i've got a real funny video planned tomorrow. Let's just say we've maybe taking a little bit of zoo trip on thursday after o bbb crew. There could be some knocking around the zoo. Thirsty afternoon video possibly going to just leave it at that. That's a great idea. I leaving it at like almost all the information. I don't get you're going to the zoo in new york. Yeah go to. And i don't know which one yet maybe the brock's maybe central park of debate. But we'll when you've got to go on wednesdays the bronx zoo's free on wednesday covered martin. I'm i'm looking forward to going to say. I'm trying to get out different city and what we can do at and everything going on zoos and mississippi or luzia have zoos zoos really in every state they have dammit every state. Is there an every state. I don't know if there would not be assu. i dunno. I'm almost certain there. Yeah you don't throw a dumb question you'll notice a dump good. I didn't think i didn't. I didn't i just like stood. As a guarantee there's wide zoo in every state zoo where people can go see animals. Why wouldn't there be the one where wherever there's population center where there's a city of decent size but i feel like every every single state of a city. I'm talking when he said every day. I'm thinking all fifty every twenty four hundred zoos in the us. I was thinking that's gonna cover this. Damn okay i just know i need to go for gets too cold for the idea. Well it's actually going to be beautiful get warrants pretty today yes six new york arne little sunshine. Today we missed. It wouldn't be zoo in wyoming cheyenne's decent little town casper's not small idaho. Boise i feel like i feel like alaska zoo. I feel like they're really. They're really into wildlife. Though that one i did i what guest. They're very Very into wildlife. Anchorage are are. I think anchorage has two hundred thousand. People is called the alaska zoo. Make sense that does it really does it for. Don't over think getting wildlife zoo. New york sounds like fun to me on a thursday yesterday. Tuesday we're gonna have to have to at least have to at least to some extent. I haven't been to the bronx zoo. I've been to the zoo. I've been to the zoo in new jersey. But haven't been in the bronx new yet. You're taking kids zig. Oh yeah all the time. Not all the time. Whenever i go all right. What else got zoos. That was all right so that exhausted letters. E we've gotten all the way through the alphabet we're going to go back to To the as now no. We have some calls. Eight hundred three eight five soon. If you guys want to talk about them we have some soccer. Are you gonna have some soccer. Picks martin f no now in this football. Yeah all only football today but you guys were big soccer watchers. I've never stuck my life. But when there's football i only bet football bad byron yesterday. Six to unbelievable call by me. The draws didn't work out yesterday it was losing day for the draws unfortunately so Let's check the record Kareem who can get the printer workout. So i don't have a sheet but green was foreign one and he is enjoying his greatest season. Ever you guys suck. I'm just gangs greatest time ever for through the first three days of this month four days. He's leading before one yesterday. Ten and six overall rico was five and six. he's five and six overall big cat foreign seven overall. Marty must five and eight overall. I'm four and seven and double vodka. Don is last eight and fourteen will units eight forty one and seven draws. That's ninety get away from the jaws isn't working the numbers going to look bad. It's going to hit one day though it's going to work but if you keep that faulk sailing it's to be there if it doesn't hit seven days in a row and hits on the eighth day you haven't won anything that's fair but even even daily yesterday why hit one out of eight. It's still only down three units two two and your square three big profit. It's going to happen. Yeah but you gotta get to three and you're you haven't you have zero yet. I've got to and one to hit and then wanted it this time. I feel like you think you're like the first one to think of this. And it's like yup. It's gonna hit someone else's thought of it name. I'm pretty sure a lot. I don't let them know what about wait. What was what's rico's friend. Draw parlay. Draw parlay steve or something like that. Well not parlane taking them. Sure oh no. I've never been there steve out there somewhere. I don't know where he is gonna look into that. Maybe that's where the big money draw. Parlays yeah. I don't know that's what i need to get one of soccer play is bt s and over over two and a half. Let's go with. Let's get a couple of calls in here we'll go with dom in chicago has a parley parley for the night barley for later. We'll see what dommage gago has. Go ahead i Sheltie minus four and a half away with the under via game. They were the champions league. Those are both Walkways and hopefully all right. Thank you very much Dommage came in with this premium. Lock plays said we. I mean i wasn't gonna listen to him but he called them. Premium lock plays little inside tip. I always hate the term block. Feeling like anytime i say like. Nothing's absolute feel like every time of all. This is my absolute locked. That i just like. You're setting yourself up for a little bit of the fall. This i got some but locks saying lock. You starting a little mustache mitzi. That won't be happening long. I don't love my facial hair. Generally i gotta keep my baby face. Keep monkey my youth going. Yeah keep them moneymaker shining. So i wanna compliment beards while we're at it for our move on an great thicky mardi anything else any other beards. Thank you thank you. Thanks guys mardi looks pretty good. She's gonna wind up recently. Yeah yeh let's go to the fuck shepherd. I don't eat coming in grace star new but it's starting to certain to catch form though it's very brett farve it it is. It's fine. I think if i say that long enough people start. Believe it or those wrangler. No these are j. Crews because i'm a city boy bitch city boy bitch What what was that. That is correct. Wasn't what with my hair and all well. Do you guys think that my live bet yesterday should be on my record. I don't think so. I don't think why bet should be on your. I think picks it was an unbelievable bet. Did you see it. I'm asking the question now. Absolutely no it's fine. I was the n. L. e. x. road warriors against the rain or shine elastic painters. And it was my one and a half. Live one hundred bucks on it. It was one of the most what sports games to watch. It was It was basketball. League was it. I did it the philippines league and marty had minus two one and a half my too. Yeah they won by ten. It was awesome. There was like out of shape. College into murals. It looked like the rim was so loud and it was a stream and everything was awesome. The walk easy win. I like because i feel like that's league where you can find a real edge exactly together. They were tied. There were big favor. They were found. There were big favourite going in there tied. Third us at half mice to an usually my number would go. You got a bit on rain or shine l. latte style painters but not me today. I'm stop today. Let's go with Kevin and wyoming. And we'll talk about sports. Betting legal in south dakota kevin's in wyoming. Apparently he has people in south dakota go ahead. I'm just a couple of hours from deadwood first of all. There are no zoos in wyoming. There is one animal sanctuary but there is not a zoo. I'm sorry that's you can't well no you you can go to you can go to yellowstone and try to pet one of the but we. We strongly suggest don't do that. No so south dakota legalized sports gambling. Yesterday i don't think penn has anything deadwood though you guys need to get on the ball there and let's get something going 'cause april i I need something to do now. I have to go to vegas. You guys are opened in the one in denver here Next week but two hours away. I need to be able to just go drop mom off at the spa and sit down at the sports book. as of now i gotta go to vegas next too far away so last Tomorrow night wyoming scsu Wyoming is gonna kill the rounds the whole athletic department there is shit show so take wyoming layer points. They're gonna hammer the rams. Are they remember you from from last year talking about colorado state. But i have to have something to say. Why am i looking at a website for the The cheyenne mountain zoo. Cheyenne mountain zoo is in colorado springs. Colorado that makes this story about that. That is the only zoo in the world that you can spend a and you walk up hill. The whole day Cheyenne mountain zoo is awesome. But you need your hiking boots on because that is a that is a long day at altitude down there boy. You really team with the information i can. I'm an asshole okay. So you're not an apple new or not you The two the two mississippis to i'm loving it. You guys are doing well together. I'm sure that's gonna end and you'll hate each other soon but for right now it's working and I enjoy the show. Thank you very much to apologize to us bro. You think it's going to know you think it's going to Right we were we need to. I need a little bit more research. The first state. I said that probably we need to do more research. I think there's something called. Zeus somewhere in wyoming. We'll talk about that. He commented on the denver thing. I've been to that ameristar blackhawks colorado. I played a lot of poker. There got poker. Action is beautiful. I'm really pumped at sports gambling. Going there that's a gaming property. I plan on going out there and spend it's time for sure if you play poker everywhere pretty much and united states. Yeah i just use poker to get out and travel and see the country and see america. And i love it and i'm telling you man star black colorado the best thirty sixty limit games in the nation period. That's what i've always thought that. I've always thought that that place has the thirty six years Stephan you have your hand raised. That is definitely a zoo in cheyenne. It's like penguins and everything i know. I know the shine mountain zoos in colorado springs. I used to live under it. Fun fact hewlett. What are we doing a soda. No no no. I lived in colorado for one year in high school and i'm not even kidding. I lived under the cheyenne mountain zoo and i went to shine mountain high school for one year. Now you just said that. Now well i think i think why you said that because if you google zoo in wyoming it brings up that they have wyoming toads which is an endangered species at the cheyenne mountain zoo in colorado springs colorado. So i googled. Google cheyenne's zoos. I figured it would be in cheyenne and cheyenne mountain zoo. And that's why. I asked him and then he told me i still think somewhere in wyoming is a place you can go to the zoo. Twenty four hundred zoos in this country folks fifty states. No do the man. We don't say no. I just said fax. No i'm saying that none wyoming can we actually Talk about. I have a couple of questions about the games tonight. Okay on talk about their first games. Obviously do you think the big spreads are. We should be taken the plus team. Because it's everyone's going to be rusty well first of all of spreads is against akron. So you have to treat that one differently like football history. Last year this is more towards toledo and bowling green. Yeah so that even jumped a little bit today from twenty to twenty four. Those are those are i. I'm twenty you ask that i'm looking at my car. I'm playing for the six games. And the two. I'm staying away from our the spreads so i guess in my mind not even thinking about what you just asked. I said my mind told me to stay away from those. Yeah i in. Buffalo is like a big spread. I love buffalo. Pa- coaches great buffalo bills that lines. I remember when me and rico. Nine and a half was nine and a half on monday now. It's thirteen have. I still love. They got. I think we were talking. They have two of their the quarterback. I think's back both are leading rusher back. Love the line I like their coaches mazing. I love kent state the most tonight. I love dustin. Chrome doesn't chrome is the best quarterback and eastern michigan. Who they're playing the breaking in a new quarterback a new leading rusher. They lost their leading passer leading rusher leading receiver. They lost everybody offensively and can stay can score. They've scored five thirty points or more in five straight games. I did some research. And they got tied their top receivers back to. I did a little research on it. Great combination at the end of the year and can't state finished the are very very strong. They had really strong into the year. Do you think do you think you and i are heading towards hating each other. I think i think it's gonna be fun. I think i. I think we're gonna. We're we get along a lot of stuff and has some common ground south stuff but the the old mistake stuff's going to be bloody and i'm here for the blood in the streets on that as i am really pinpoint you as a blood in the streets guy but when it comes to the overall no but with the egbahl stuff i guys feel like. It's a little weird like the egbo is cool and all but you both stink. That's cadillac beauty. I think that's part of what we get along with. Is the common ground of being. You know. Not the elitist. Fan base thing in sec. Because i think what makes a true rivalry so great is when it doesn't matter if you're good or not. Yeah and. I think that's been even talked with a house in michigan. Even though we have been good house has been better. I think that's been even the difference of why or does he just kicked their ass years. Think in ohio. It's almost like if we just had a terrible year of we just smack michigan. We could go to sleep happy. And i think michigan doesn't care much about as much about the game that's why we just beat the shadow them every year and we're just combination being talented and more talented and wanting it more is why we just run it up. No you're always strictly you being a much better football team but it isn't. They wanted the golden pants and just giving it just all these things. we do. were more talented. Obviously but we also wanted more and that is why we win by fifty. Instead of thirty. Ohio state bama and clemson are three teams that i don't think really have rivals right now. They're each other's rivals playing different conferences. They just meet in the playoffs. I think a lot of state michigan hasn't been a rivalry recently a competitor one. Because it's just better than everybody in that part of the country vile definitely not super competitive geraldo teams at the win at some point spare. Even auburn's been feared obama but they beat them. If few for the fact that almost hasn't been nothing years. It's not that big of a deal. It's not that big of a deal. That i guess the fits shale ankle injury. You guys had to break his ankle. You had to do it on purpose. Yeah no one can she. You guys see the the wrestler last week with the knees discussed. Yeah that was rough almost was so young throw me. I didn't say was a video of a wrestler jumping on an independent wrestler jumping off the top rope landing and his his knees folded their own. Way yeah it was. It was gross. It was towel. Which rand was the fucking. Mlb last night that they're just handing out awards while the fucking biggest night in america. I mean the biggest right. It was their gold glove love to do everything to make the stars just not stars. But can't you like someone has to be like. Hey guys. let's move this to wednesday. Let's melissa thurs like to see the fucking bachelor moving their show. I think you should move the fucking gold glove award where no one even ship before. Now they're really not going to give shit all right eight thirty three. So let's get a couple of calls in here and then we will go to break. And we'll break down the mac when we come back a lot of law soccer here. We got pack. Twelve pack twelve is coming back this week. I'll take that one. I got brett in new york. Wants to make a pack twelve pick. Go ahead brett. I guess Looking at the usc arizona state game. And i'm pretty sure the kickoff here for money and over there. I think has to go under those guys are gonna be have sleep so just wants to Yeah it's it's very interesting. Playing essentially nine. am games. Thank you thank you very much for the call. I haven't factored that into my my question. Right i keep saying on tv. They're playing noon games. I've sitting there. They're gonna play at nine. Am ar under. That's what the caller said. I'm asking us do you think that's screams under. I don't know if i think it's one of those. That it it on on the service that might say that but you could also argue the other way and say the defense might be slow. The i think the defend might be slow. I don't know and also doesn't give them any chance to go out that night you play it like one o'clock you could kind of get yourself your plan planet nine. Am you're going to bed at like some. These players are going out college. Football players are going before what they're lockdown out. There lockdown surely practice drank before football every ever know college. Football teams are in hotels the night before especially right now and they could get a drink no matter what i don't think that's gonna starter stopped based on this when you have something at nine. Am do you drink fucking. It's not a crazy fucking holiday going out. They're not going after the game right before the new. That game is better. If you don't get upset that i state when we would play noon games you'd always see the players at the club at the bar that night but when they played like seven thirty at night they don't get to go out and say all schools. You play a lot of prime time games so when you get that noon game for them it'll be nine. Am but in this case you get like a noon game. You're ecstatic to go out that night after the game the friday night before any calls. We're all game. You're not gonna see a player out in that town. I'm just telling you they find. They don't have to be out there. Will they a drink in their hotel room. That could drink at their apartment. I'm telling you that happens. I mean they. They might begin some pussy. But i don't think they're drinking. I feel like these guys drink. I'd rather drink to get pushed. You'll you can't be having you can't be having sex before the before the games they can. That's night before testosterone. My high school coaches say. That's all that wasn't a cause for concern that time for me right. That wasn't really on your code suffering high school much. Yes and no. I'm good coach. Anyone on this show was getting there. You go to the coach. Hey coach i did not get pussy last night all right. Thanks to have some confidence. That's you know what. That's why i'm not getting any girls coach told me not. Let's get one more call in here in michigan. We'll talk about the akron. Zips go ahead. Todd guys Yeah i just want to talk about the game tonight. So i really like akron. Plus twenty and a half plus. It opened up plus seventeenth. Done that all the way to plus twenty and a half now. I think westerns going to win. Easily but western has zero defense. They haven't had a defense. Pj flick left in two thousand sixteen. And i really see akron. Being able to put up a good amount of points. Nice to just keep it within that number. That seems to me like you like the over. I also like the over. And i also like akron over sixteen and a half point Akrons in akron is a tough a tough memory. It's hard to put your money on a team that went. Oh and twelve and lost so many games by so much last year. I haven't talked about it publicly enough. When i when that whole jack mac thing i've with akron. I called my father much. My dad bet sports as well put me onto it as a child. My dad I call about that game. I didn't move apartment sex week. He didn't help me move. I love how you say. I haven't talked about it publicly. Like you're talking about some sort of a sexual scandal in your past talking about drug use guys skies. This is not something that i would normally talk about but I told my dad about line and he wouldn't help me move the next week. We'll because i told him. I was like yo shits happening. Cocoon and then he was like yo they know show you tell you was going to help you move. No he was like yeah. I'm not helping you move. Okay aren't good. that's fair though. There was no argument from me. I was like you know what you're probably right. I'm we have to lug the ship myself. One thing i look at is the consent. What i'm doing gambling. Consensus percentage of bats on each side. And anytime it's eighty percent or higher. I run for the hills because it's to public. And i'm seeing like eighty five percent on western michigan in this game but that's like a key number. I look for eighty percent of our. I'd get concerned that's a good. That's a good signal. Good flag my my only counter that would be. I wonder what akron's public knows. Look like last year when they were getting blown out every scored like forty three points. Last six games or something. I don't want to miss out on that. Eighty five eighty five percents like yeah 'cause akron fuck instincts and then they show up and stink. I'm gonna be pissed. Yeah but even the public is stupid. No i know the public but it's also that's not. It's not hard to be stupid when akron what they did last year just to look at what they did all right so we will talk about all of that when we get back. We'll take your calls. We have a couple of calls waiting on the line right now. We will break down action. Everybody's going to be there in philly tonight have and marty and enrico and pick cannon and talk about them action. We'll be right back on pick central. Take the papers. And the get those cast pantheon you To the ac. It's friday in warm asphalt the biggest city in america. And i'm looking at a man who's not on one but he's malleable. He can become. What am i looking at. And we've given up on dan you you're a uruk cube of marble so ready to chisel away the ac we've got Brandon rhone said. He needed a personal day because of some national news. I have no idea what he's talking about is pretty sad. Take care of kids very upset. So couldn't imagine raging raising a kid at a time like this. How do you tell your child at georgia flipped. Yeah i'm gonna own until we get a coffee mia coffee. Does anyone want one. And then i'm going to hang. I think most seven-year-olds. Oh no georgia flip. Think he kevin meryl trump launch. Guess yes. I'm going to get very politically astute. You keep staring at me. Talk about a florida. Georgia line One of the one into the way. I would've predicted the opposite. What you colby Yeah i like that for bad jokes. do another one. i just had one. What enough fucker you doing. He's wiping his is. What can we do to to get you guys on what can be and i own coffee right. And that's what that's the most classic. I'm not on one by saying i'm on one visit. You don't worry. I'm just going to the concert with roger as friends. The only the only political statement. I have about this past week was there is a guy who tweeted it at like eleven o'clock on tuesday night. Maybe more ten o'clock tuesday night. Saying i bet. Big cat is crying in his wife's arms right now and then. I went to look for tweet this morning. And he deleted his his whole accounts whole account. That's the only thing i ask for. That made me chuckle. Were you crying. In someone's arms were handicapping. Football on tuesday turns out he was wrong on many accounts. I just love the. I was so wrong. Delete the whole thing leading. That's what they do. They just make whole accounts just to go at a specific person and they get called out once in. They're guns though. This was kind of the perfect election literally are gone so i think gonzo did that to me. Yeah yeah this was the perfect election in terms of If you're like an apolitical political person watching everyone meltdown as auspey swings. Were like you had meltdowns from everyone. I thought it was hilarious. Watching people discover gambling lines and ultimate indicator when trump started going up his gaming odds. Were better now. Talking about deport. Noy but yeah. But trump trump called lex. That works for me. I was like minus whatever. That's the holy shit he's gonna win. Trump has got it. Independent outside is getting dragged right now online but i will defend him in the fact that like he truly just wanted to be. I on anything. Didn't matter in that moment he was going to call. If if if joe if christian doors what's her name joe dorgan jo jorgensen jo jorgensen had been the odds favourite right then. He would have called her. He should've aimed his sights lower. He should've called like alabama for trump. Yeah yeah. I'm going to be the first one. I'm calling it right. He should bernie. Sanders has gotten reelection. vermont. Yeah yeah i'm calling it yes. That's our political talk. Good talk all. I had something. Yeah awesome people. No i have no man. Your silence speaks volumes. Connection was incredible office. I how dare you tweet about the mac when there's something Can't you see the bigger picture. Do you think there's someone who's losing there like refreshing fiedler he. I can't believe you have seventy plus people refreshing minimum. He'll be refreshing forever. It will be very fun All right so what. Are we going to a tweet. A picture of their meal. Because i did you see a big dave stephen j on the carpet on his podcast. I tried to tell dave that he was so wrong. But dave was he was on one. He's like you can't buddy someone else like that. Stephen check iii buddies literally. We talked about this. We said stephen. Buddy is condescending. No matter what your intention is he didn't understand into still does it. And it caught up too. But he's i feel like he's the only person on earth can just say buddy and you have to. I i would. I know what he's up to right but someone who doesn't know him that well we're think like yeah. He's condescend he's a he's a prick. Do right five. Hey buddies in the last two weeks from research. Hey buddy might tax all. Thanks buddy. He calls you buddy. That's that's he's. Everyone is buddy as part of the price doing business stephen shape he saying more. Hey buddy rather than. Hey buddy buddy wing. Everybody he also likes to put a dash after the buddy suction email. This is actually really twenty to look up. Hey buddy steven shade nine. Twelve to two thousand and twenty. Hey buddy steven che eight one. Two thousand twenty seven thirty one two thousand twenty just all. hey buddy. That's just his way to say what's up guys. He's never hey buddied me. You're not friends guys. How does he start. The texts of you guys are offense. I'm looking mine up. I gotta thanks. Buddy wants yeah. I've gotten some things buddies food that is well. Do you say it out when he send you. Do you talk about it. Know i got a yo. Super-quick need advice. Yeah so i took a pin pewter pants and need to do a funny pixel thing make it look like i have a hog. His needed vices are always so funny. Because they're just when someone says like hey need advice you're thinking like they're going to ask like hey i'm thinking about changing my profession you. Hey i'm thinking about marrying this person. Hey no stephen chase i. I'm gonna look advice. He taxman you guys. Pick the most. Stephen shay sentence all your phone because i've got one st like this game. This is my most is this. Hey buddy i got my covert results back negative so we booked tickets to the zoo tomorrow at three pm if your fam- wants to get in with us so that's a very stephen. Shay hey buddy. I know it's the weekend but sometime in the next twenty three hours. Can i call you for ninety seconds. Twenty three hours. You need ninety seconds. I just would appreciate your advice on how i should handle bucks games. Slash endgame streams of season. Who's not in the next twenty three hours. Be can you give me ninety seconds. That's a very very me. When he hit me too he does pow to me. She's hey pal. Can i just say this. This sucks but i think that's house worse so i think that's your height short guy six and over his buddy cit just wants to you on the head. This is from last january. Said hey pal. Just a heads dash be walk is out a hoot or shoot the sees go figure and privacy. Yeah it's supposed to wrap up by noon but he doesn't think it will. Ll just preparing. Just prepare for you and donny and okay to bring someone else. If you'd like my guy. I remember that day. That was Figure like brandon always always hooters brand waters all day. He's getting signed up for hooters. My way is he just sent. It was when the shirts came out. This is pre hog okay. He said they were right. I do own the pewter pants. And i said you gotta wear those. Any he said would probably create a hazardous work environment so he had hog on the brain and already. Hey buddy. please nudged dan to look at my text of an urgent question. Whoa back one day diet will then i gotta go find it was it was it. It was july twenty fourth july july. July twenty steve changes said hey buddy just now july twenty four on my birthday happy birthday. How hope you're having a pal. Oh you're short short. Twenty guys on the doesn't look at you as an equal. You're just to say is. I think you're on the academic. You might not have been when stephen j brought in his football pads now. He texts muesli. Hey buddy i got these football pads. Do you want it for the pile and i was like sure and then he texted me next morning. He's like check this out. The only way i could bring them in was to wear green with full football pads underneath a jacket like awesome. God damn it was obvious same insane. This is this is before the super bowl or that exists with the same day being nitro z. Atta taco bell. What was the texts that you need to. What was the date that you need. Twenty-fourth please nudge dan to look at my text somewhat. Urgent question got it. Okay wonder what it was a clip of a blog that he was blogging. Let's see i'm gonna find this. I'm gonna find this picture for you. I mean he's just such a special. Yes so i do think i will absolutely stand up for my guy stephen. I told this to dave. He didn't really understand it because he told me he was like. Yeah we had gone on a porno show feature nettie and he explained to do. That's just stephen che. He's like no. You can't buddy someone but yeah you can share. You can buddy people. I'm disappointed in you to look at this. Look at this. This is him on the train. Have you ever seen master of disguise. That's exactly what i'm just wanting you to. Because that's going for steve. Quit and you guys aren't doing shit about it now. He's got after steve. He's going after. You steve steve steve. Let him do. That was with dave down in miami. Yeah partying good friend taste in the local cuisine seafood. Saying fuck is owen. Fuck texted him. How many minutes ago eight. How it's one eleven that guy rushes to do your errands. So don't put it on him laying in the street right now because he russian to my just miss him really. Actually don't care brings coffee or not. Thrown cents owned a chinatown yesterday at like eight pm to do something pretty legal a video job. no one was just went as responding. That's only these down to clown. Yes yeah at the same time. Do you think we might be at some point. We'd been responsible so far the tasks that you guys have him going to dave's wrongdoing something highly illegal Where where's the line. No i think when. I was like as he god and now i think he is so he. He wouldn't do something that would hurt him in any way to point out he might be got i. I'm pretty sure he's god. Yeah never seen someone. Just shooting percentage of that. He's he's above human. he's. I don't know borough yes. Some blake just even mistakes. Not accidental mistakes brought on by other people not him not him he's impervious share e is impervious to to what we don't we need owned so bad. I'm nick bone for the rest of the show. I guess according to recent forbes articles working from home could transform the job market create global competition for every roll. This means that if you're an employer year competing with even more employers to find the best candidates so you how do you get your company and job. Standout start with ziprecruiter but try for free ziprecruiter dot com slash big cat ziprecruiter's powerful technology identifies people with the skills and experience that match your job if you're really interested in a candidate. Want to snag them before. They're contacted by other companies. You can invite them to apply for your job with one click ziprecruiter email from you and you stand out from the competition. It's no wonder that four out of five employers who post on ziprecruiter get a quality can't within the first day. And right now you can try ziprecruiter for free ziprecruiter dot com slash big cat ziprecruiter dot com slash. Cat get the edge on the competition. Ziprecruiter dot com slash. Big cat ziprecruiter. Smart higher dan. You want the good news bad news. I oh dude. They will take the good news. I take the always There was a large pole. You're the top. You're in the top six coolest guys at the barstool office propsects six. Yes okay in. The bag is only one or two cool guys office unless you can think of more. How is the modeling done. Who yeah it was a big meeting yesterday. Yeah we talked awhile all right so give us the criteria. You don't cool cool. I don't think i'm cool. Exactly that makes you cool right there. Yeah oh what. What's going just walked in with his friends. I don't think he got. I don't think he got my text. I wonder what's your phone. I left my phone on my desk. Wow this is awesome. go get it. This is Go get it and we'll on go get it brings before you look at it bring it back here and then do and then back here to look at it. So he's not god unless you wait for his next move as always about three to four cents gonna be nipah. God damn it so often so happy with his life that i felt. I felt uncool in that moment. 'cause owned was hanging out with kids of his age. Yeah only saw it. And we're like whoa. What the fuck. He's hanging out with other twenty. Two year olds are. I read the read. The text out loud for directly from you. Yeah now for me. Can you get me a nice. Uh small iced coffee with an extra long shirl quick. There's been a murder. I need you asap. yes so that was. You didn't have already been a murder. It's over that texas was sixty seconds ago. Oh well what about the first one. Nine hundred seconds ago unbelievable shorts. You hang on your fucking ryan. I'd like god like can hang up. Yeah we talk. I wanna coffee to no. I'm good. i had a. Are you sure are anyone else. Want one monster. You'll give me a monster. Monster over is where are they. They're in the hallway. Give me a monster monster monster buck. Yeah that means that. We don't know that that was a decision so we can get more time. That how you all on just go. My nick has a monster. I of a monster. Who else has a monster. Well i don't have a simple equation monster plus kaby plus grill. Ix equals based kaby is actually this weekend performing an outdoor Cappella dub step show hell. Yeah covering i'll be there covering. Yeah i'm gonna cover all of i'm gonna cover. Banger rang scary. Monsters and nice sprites speaking of monsters drinking one. Yeah i have a question for you guys brennan. Are there more ends radio remote now or in your bank account To radio worth more than two million very much. Brent ellis narrow. Ask a question. Like ms teacher i know. Can you teach like to announce my intention to ask a question to both. Kb and nick a there was an announcement. Yesterday about a podcast. Yes and nobody. Online actually believes the announcement israel even though the announcement appears israel. And there's nothing we can say. How many how. Many times week one one three nice shot out the niko for making us theme song every thursday. Yeah go from this program. Yes knicks produced ever knows them from the act from the apple show. it's also is produced. The number one song on spotify. He actually beaver just got on. His next project was our theme song. So he's moving his way he literally the number one song on the charts for a little bit of lorestan audit. What was it mood mood by. Twenty four k golden. Yeah yup before. K golden or is it just twenty four twenty four k golden. Yeah he's just don't have one in our theme song. So that's a rapper. Snoop yeah yeah look. Good rapper sean. You need to keep me up to date with this stuff with the rat game. Oh twenty four. K golden like no. Yeah he's one of those. Yeah you wouldn't have seen. I barely yeah twenty. Four k gold. Yeah this song nico did. He actually did it. He made the beats roommates. I know this yes. He produced this. What is produced me. I don't i don't know might mixed this winter. Mastered this one you did. What bucket equal to. He's on the. He's on the credits tash. So i was in a film bag so they can have like a thirty for thirty on. Like how do you guys like three year span that we in wheeling like this is the most famous willing ever be. I don't know we're probably due for some sort of like what's his name again. Deco genus deco gene. And just like the coolest guy ever right. He's part of it. It's a fast four. He's a super cool. Have five and we got a new guy. Coming ashore ramon. Ro around the center. He was jumping on stuff with a winning on a showdown uh-huh what's his name. I don't know what you're talking about banks. What what was he on sportscenter he does he does. He had to wait on a shoulder. New jumped up on a ball tearful. Oh he is. He's a fitness. Buying be yeah. I have a picture of me and him before homecoming in front of. That's where everybody went. You guys got a resume. Always have good for dc like a wa wa equivalent. it's better it's it's funner. it's much. The food is much worse for the first time last weekend. Much you get The italian some works while we gotta get you a blogger profile. I swear to god. I read every single. Was your whole weekend or is there anything else. You did I went on friday with kareem and then they had a short stream saturday. We've you there last weekend. Yeah oh shit. Inc joint there. I know that's why didn't see. Yeah you do have to. Blog dislike wake up. And that's it just like a an alarm sound yeah. I don't know. I would love just a story here. Just like the coolest thing. I did this week and it's always just like what's aaa do. Cool things yeah. No no this week. I don't know. I'll save it for what for what i don't know. I guess it's unusual week. What you say you do cool things a lot. You implied that it was a lot. Coolest thing equals thing. You did all week. I was on my first podcast when you walked into day. Portnoy's fucking office. This is that i forgot. Those this week was that this week was monday. Dams tuesday believe it could have been monday. Also let's do that. Friday's what's cool thing you did this week. Oh yeah like that. We can do Pits and peak of the week. Okay it's like a team bonding terrible pits. And did this weakness sexual and is a good question. fuck. I voted fourteen times in georgia. That's and that's pretty cool. Cool man shit. I haven't done anything. Cool really during the am trying to think The the lamest thing i did this week was i updated my bitmojis haircut. It will still long delay. The fact that you use snapchat at all no for the ordinary layman. You use my fantasy. League is. that's how we converse snapchat is that not. Everybody has an iphone. Yeah why what's the problem with conversing over not everyone having an iphone. You can't like name the group it's not that's it. That's only if somebody like reacts to a message sucks. Oh yeah yeah nick. Toronto laughed at. Let's let's get rid of that. Stop reacting to text message or do not to. You always been really bad bad taste bad. Take because agree there. I would. i think what you're getting at. And i agree with this portion of it is the over reactors but that's all reacting is a necessary evil to end conversations to give the thumbs up and then don't say anything and then it's over and you give me a thumbs up. I'd rather have nothing. No i think it's a good way to show that you saw the tax right. Okay i'll do it with pictures a lot. Yeah where it's like. you know. Okay you can do the love and you can do the ha right but in on instagram. No just do no. Don't do instagram double tap in heart. Oh you can like something. That's kind of. I also sending providence providence. They can see that. You saw dea and don't don't just send a single emoji. I like to do what. I like hearts early. Fire emoji or like a laugh emoji. See you're thinking of nothing. You can respond to that. You're thinking about this the wrong way though because like i do i've one group tax with a bunch of my friends that i i have a rivalry with one of my friends and i will thumbs down everything he says. That's all stop down on his ass cal just thumbs down for if you're going at this. If he says a joke that you don't thinks funny you just question it. that's good. Yeah that's why. I love the youth. Owens the man you keep us young. Yeah you gotta think about it differently. Katie you are right over on wrong. No but the overreacting that pisses me off. Hand love everything. I said like yeah like like someone like if i'm on my way my way my way thumbs up you know that you're expecting them right. Yeah or like yeah like. Thanks for that. Thanks for doing that today. I am taking a back. It's a necessary evil to we're eventually going to be conversing in emojis and like thumbs up in ha-has there will be no conversation anymore which i'm all for. You won't get to that point. I want to get to that point. I don't want to talk to anyone yet. How he thumbs up the ha ha heart emoji the haha the thumbs up of the You're going to be a layer is going to be a tower of emoji. But how would you talk about sports in that scenario thumbs up just comes up alex not the numbers the score numbers. I don't even need to score. I just wanna talk sports thumbs up dude okay or thumbs down now thumbs up. Okay you go give me another topic politics question mark. Yes yeah damage. Good food exclamation. Yeah yeah i was gonna say harper. You're right india's. I'm import happy birthday. That's a heart maybe thumbs up though either or depending on how old i think exclamation point like under eighteen heart over eighteen thumbs up. What about kids kids. What about my ass about your kid wants that we have thumbs up thumbs down the high school mation double question mark. I do thumbs up. Oh okay yeah we a couple more. Ask what you think you're missing. What do you think of the missing ones. A thumbs down with a fart noise. Can you do that. Yeah maybe maybe like a whatever whatever yeah different and we needed a then. We don't even have to talk with the one with the teeth. what is i. i don't. I don't know what it does show eight. No one ever makes that face but it's it's a very well used or whatever i think. That's like a chris. I think that a lot to breathe through the teeth ago. Yeah like ooh our guy. Let's let's let's have someone come in and let's all do that reaction face okay. We have to. we can't be fake about it own. Call call call. The and i don't get ben. Are we doing undercover owen. Yeah get him. he doesn't wanna go get someone will start a conversation. Then we'll all. Let's pretend like something happened in their hometown. Your from your from. Where are you from again. And then we're like. Oh okay. Yeah that's what we thought. Aright spider here s spider. We in on it spiders person. Yes god wouldn't do that. No no no no no. It's an old somebody. He went six feet away. Oh that was tough. Tough to watch down again. Let's see what he does say. Who voted for and then no matter what yeah well. They're not you say well. What your thoughts on the election. I was saying. I think there needs to be an. Omg one because the exclamation point could be like as true. You could be like someone could send a tragedy and you'll put an exclamation point. It's like are you good point. I think tragedy thumbs-down off. Jeff de probably listening yes. Jeff you've got jets do it to owen. You just blew it dude object. I'm not sure why i'm in here. We're not sure either. And that didn't work jeffey law. We're we're trying to see if people were lewin didn't even ask. I was watching. The didn't ask you. We blew it jesse low. Sorry jack who do you want me to get jefferson. Don't domenico and we can't owns job no sound thank you sorry you are test case your question to get an answer now. I think we should all do it. We have to build them up. Build them up and then just no sound because sounds to someone else. You bring you the point. I don't think we build them up twice. We'd be eight point. My brain is not about what about like getting them in here in. My brain is not there. This isn't gonna. It's not gonna work. Why i can already tell us fine. I report card at ain't no. This isn't the wives you just bail. Didn't give him a shot. I don't think this prank is going to work now. Have asked to be organic. Really mean whoever comes in what. Oh now of the puck. Let's just had less do small. Talk okay yeah. You only have to ask questions okay. So with a twist. We got lost Has to be the next person who owns bag. Let's eat owens lunch. It's a dose toros. Yeah let's see this launch you launch. Maybe that's the new lunch we just have owned by lunch. Then we eat. I'm not hungry yet. That doesn't matter but this isn't going to. This guy is going to work either. What the god. He's donis pretty much. Schone bic johnny. Node can't totti's to come from jail. Kb your burrito right now. We split a little brother you. That was the most ever calm in this. We just bought it. They went and got it. And then give it to me. You immediately went to. Can we split older sibling now. Youngest okay yeah that makes perfect sense on backseat coupon. Come on i really. I haven't eaten in forty five hours. Can we split it. He's literally splitting it. Thank you l. m. He's godless he's got these are godlike dips all right. It's evan s makes no sense to what the what the fuck is happening. This doesn't make any sense either brandon. All right ninety five is off. The vibe is off. Nick do it all right. I went out there. i call it in owen eating. I'm gonna take a couple of calls. They eaten on rapid. One by always calls skins suck. No it's not. All these is much worse than poland. Yeah chew steak double. I paid for that song again. The song the meco sorta godhra. Yeah he asked that he has another one that i really loved called eighties. Play that song. spelled out nico under a pseudo name. I looked for nico under pregnancy. Wasn't k. say that again every leak attack like a pseudo name. it's assumed it's by land. And that's that every day would have taught you that in your last semester. Quinnipiac one that i miss all right brandon. Go ahead you run point. Hi rachel how are things there. Okay how are you. Where are you from again. Yeah ohio. what's happening in ohio. These days not much cool. What's the weather like. They're pretty much the same so we used to. I used to live in her town for like a year and a half stalking. Yes austin down. You were from canfield. Anfield rector okay. Yeah you've stalked her passion because of the a lot where you went to kent state. That's cool same college doer. The top three most famous. Ken state alums and be honest to people who were shot. People name one not names talk three busted who's guy the place with patriots him. No the girl there. It is girl who started that rumor cape or your announcing it. What's abc twitter group chat and it blew away. Yes that was your everyone would always ask me. How did you know gun grass. You fucked her. Did you know i. I never met her. Always different li- response every time one tomorrow. Like yeah. i was at a frat party with her. And she Shit her pants so she did it. Someone tweeted it went viral and the way. She responded almost seemed like she did. She did she. Why like it wasn't me. It was a former acquaintance who this person showed up at my parents. It's fucked up. Wonder how she's doing. What's my pants. Shit my pants. Bob episodes shit. My pants ripped my pan which we can sit. Sim time as me. What did you graduate fifteen sick. I was there till seventeen fucking master. I graduated in eighteen. So yeah we were. There lapped probably were at some of the parties cooler than keep house. You've probably heard him after college until last year. Homecoming with the owner. Oh no. kb has a friend this. Show your friends with. Yeah oh yeah. I was like he was at least what fifty six here to most up. Andrew how're things going good. I think so odd not yet. Actually owns burrito beardless. Go laugh thank you. All right to left could split that. It's like a good. Do i made sure they had all the stick. Give it up. Don't more people want the last of ocean. It's like such a good bite. It you know tasos those better the test but owns that type of the record. He gave me the burrito. He's built different. He's that dude. How twitter account been looking. I haven't seen anything hard not to see tweeted enormous. Dick i did not. We was paul by that. You gave us the advice to tweet moore. I did well. That's your phone. She'll be start being more controversial. You could be in a little controversial line token example. You said women should have being positions of authority. That's very tower. i would never can also be. Ceo's ask controversial thing. I don't think that's me. The i saw that picture. Yeah well i don't feel comfortable about it. You did that. We know why there was an emoji. I don't use emojis. Otherwise uses a motor cons. I do so you use now. He's emojis one. Where does this cool guy kyle. I saw that bogged down. He retired. He just got a complaint filed against actually. Did i was. Because i was mixing in like misogyny in. That's you can't do that. That is good with kind of is cool isn't when i did. It makes you feel any better. I don't know another. Kyle really seems hard to believe and you went to school in ohio and you didn't know off to college. There's year. I don't know who cool guy kyle is. It's it's weird repressed. Memory of victim. Now you got the right word. No raise word. You were a guest ever receiver. The gift sounds salted by talking about no ever podcast. Now don't you. who are you talking to. You can hold accurate to us are yeah i thought yak on jackass but they also have a podcast about on your podcast little podcast to know this cute producing amos. Now he is are they. Don't call it that though. What's the theme of formulaic okay. That's there we are. We're doing a Episode three is a a modern day. Doug table read nine. So you're just take the jokes from the yakima taint as a putting on the pocket that might be. That's what we're going to. That's going to be. We're going to use them at the triumph on the ac. Yeah this is a test kit trading room. Yeah wanted to have you guys on. The podcast actually hit my year. Yeah i heard that as well. What does she wanted to add. Some weird to the divine cast nick. Eric have one next week A girl from spotify. She's not woman. And then i think gary v much husband works. Oh here's oh and that's a girl. Does she like it over to what your cousin. One of the people who protested joe rogan. I don't be so sure. Sounds like oh you're not sure. Yeah i guess. I'm not sure you texter. I guess i'm not sure. What are your thoughts on. Joe rogan oster trump to friday vied impromptu friday vibe. Tgi ed what's your go-to lake song. Who were on the lake a couple months. And you're lake guy. Rachel go. I go out. None of them. yes. I ran around there. What's the question favorite leak song. Summer song you're going out in youngstown. Song go into dials has tongues down drinking starts. Yeah that's wrong. yeah. I don't know. I feel like ignitions good. Oh that's problematic are. Kelly should move. You know. I know what that's just like two girls. I think it'd be okay. There's a lot not even the remix. That's true youngstown. Yeah what song. What's the last saw. Listen to harry styles. Golden the play. That also can older. Nice folks european thing on them seen subconscious. Your that piss girl probably heard this. Sorry about your candidate. Well peon who. I like this a. I don't think listen to harry's oh you're like we're gonna take a break rachel andrew. Thanks very much. Appreciate you guys to a small talk with all juiced talk friday. Okay i got a little twist for when we come back. Kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin. You're just ridiculously stupid. Welcome welcome welcome. Thank you back. Thursday on c. c. k. the whole gang's back together Do you what do i gotta push to get a gentleman. Tv's sound skype. So we hit him up We hit him up. And he didn't pick up jared. I'm here the close it out yesterday because we're doing starting nine and then they called and i it was like you could hear it on the phone. I got see that beautiful muggy yours. I got see i got to see the twinkle in your eye. I gotta see the smile upon the face. I wanna see rocket his glory smirk. Liger that you know what that that is the look of a boy who's in the that's a look of a boy who's in love and and what's the opposite of what this is requested love. I suppose i think it's well it usually unrequited when you love someone and they are not showing it back. I think andrew is the smitten kitten. Kevin i'll let you tell the tale. Because i don't know what you want out there and what you want private jared but there's a lot to tell there is a. There's one rule that i've always followed here on c. c. k. and that has Provide too many details on ongoing relationships. Gentlemen never asked he never tells but let me set the scene for those who are just tuning in today a couple of days ago. No a couple months ago. Jared has told the world that we talked about celebrity crushes. And who's your coming back years year. I it was from twenty nine thousand nine. I said i had a dream. That i got andrea russets number and then i woke up and was super stuff so jared picked you know. His number one celebrity is was somebody kind of attainable. And obviously that's how it's playing out but you know when people say you. Megan fox or take beckons sale. Or you know all these megastars. Jared was smitten for a youtube sensation. And now a singer named andrea russet and He has done creepy things like. Dm or that. He loves her constantly on Nonstop on instagram. He tweeted at her here. And there and then and so this has been an ongoing kind of joke slash conversation and here and there she would like a tweet or reply to something here in reply to someone else with a tweet. Jared on a tweet but then this week. We made first contact. Something happened and and what i. I though by the way i love this shit this is what like me and my friends particularly one other friend. We're like chicks when it comes to this stuff like i love to workshop text i love to think of. Here's how we're going to get her to give you number. Here's what here's what you should do to get her to take her out on a date all this shit. So this is. I love this. I i eat this up so two days ago. Three days ago this point. I don't know what it was. We what was the first she said. I'm looking for a boy to be a music video and the rocket was like halloween boy. I could be on a plane right now. She she replied and she showed some interest. Then we come on the radio show and we start work shopping ideas and the rocket. Says you know what she's really been into the election. I'm going to take a picture with i. After i go. Vote after you voted for. Joe biden. right. Jared you had the i voted sticker and you took a picture of that. And she replied. Now that's sexy man. I i got jared saying kevin like get this kevin is e the that sexy and jared leans in and says like i'll be on a plane ten minutes ago and then then again. We're text on the side. I said you gotta slide. Now's the time to sliding get to the next level because there was also this concern that maybe she was just like looking for a guy in a video or maybe she's just doing some twitter fund for some cloud and some followers. Because it's like you. You know you have your own following so like let's. Let's try to make it personal because you want it to be that way so you slide and i'll let you take it from here because i don't know what you want to tell them what you don't though i mean all i said was i'm just gonna leave this right here and i put the number there what's goes no fucking around cut right to the chase. Here's the digits do what you wanna do with the vape. I'm just gonna leave this right here. Which is i think a great move of ballsy one because she could you know what she can do. She gets okay. I'm gonna leave that right there but yeah breaking news. She didn't. She didn't leave here so last night. She tweeted that she wanted like a hug. And the so the first one. The first time that we talked on twitter was because she asked for the boy in the music video and i said was hey and then last night. She tweeted that she wanted to hug. So i was just like. Let's try to running backs. Hey that's the power sweep and tech mobile whatever. Just play again running back so to her credit she just copied her tweet from when she replied last time she was like. Don't don't get my hopes up if you're not in la with okay so when you sent me that again. I i was like already saw this tweet like three days ago. I as you both hoppy only play. She's ready to jared. How old is she twenty-five okay. Good good. I was like really hoping that you know if you were like yes. She's nineteen hundred fuck. She'll be twenty six next summer So she's a libra. She'll be twenty six next summer on july twelve. So i mean the watching a budding romance folks. Yeah so like she basically just ran the play like she responded with two this year before she was like my hopes up so then i responded with my tweet from her last week and i said i can be on a plane ten minutes ago and then she said that's fair. And then i cough check your. Dm's cough oh so. That's probably where she did. Like that was actually a smart move by you because she probably didn't see it up until you said that girl like that who either has dm's close gets a lotta dm's like she probably gets a ton of dm's i guess and then sees that now I said to jared we get our our conversation. I said i said well. Did you send a picture of your dick yet. Goes jared goes. No would you say it was so heavy. Cracking up he goes. I'm going to do a video of me. Doing pull up shirtless in the door with my dick hanging out of my boxers. Oh my god goes on a thursday mother fucking thursday obviously were keeping it. Pg here because it's it's for love it's not for not for sexist for love right now. I like the second that i'm in a position to be like. Hey can i. I like to do that. I'll go and i'll take a date. Well that's what i was gonna say. Is you know you've alluded to it a couple of times. You know what i think. I think you have to be on a plane ten minutes ago. But what are you still doing here. I think it's too aggressive to just go. Because then she feels obligated. Charite extremely joking over here. Do not get on a plane flying. Could you imagine that like the love stories where it's like your window holding up the fucking radio. Only i won't be doing that. That's from from jared. We're just going to i guess. Oddly enough crazily enough. I think you're beyond moves you know. Now it's just like if you guys are talking you're talking. Yeah so i don't think it has to be calculated shit anymore. It's just like you have my number. You tweeted your tax semion texan you and then maybe you do the pull ups with the checkout. I don't know. I think. I think the rocket approach does not work here. Like we're going to go i. I'm going to help me twenty. There's there's the boyfriend jared jared jared. There's the rocket there's boyfriend jared and now we're onto a fourth version. Which is the andrea russet potential. Jared boyfriend which. I don't think anybody knows even you. And even her what's going to come next. Love can make you do some crazy things. Kevin so i. I don't even know what happens. What are you thinking right. What do you what do you. What's your prediction for how this actually goes. I think that this is just as blossom. What happened so. I showed you the tweet that i have prepared and i told her i was like. Hey i all right. I have some thoughts about this. If we're talking about things that are maybe too aggressive so funny though. It is funny and you are. I think it works because you have. Your ties is back into what she originally asked right. So so i think you need to okay. That's a great point so that needs to be presented in such a way. That's like pay. Here's my audition tape. Nah so jared did was when we talked about it a couple of days ago his his idea or she was looking for a boy to be in the music video and jared said last time there was a music video it was this guy like choking her and grabbing her and kissing her early goes aggressive. So jared deep. Photoshop deepfakes his face onto that guy in the video. So it's jared lanc. She's laying on a bed where their head over the edge and jared on his hands and knees like crawls up to her and does like the spiderman upside down kiss and i forgot that the whole premise here was that she was looking for video. Boy i thought you were just like hey his video me with my face. Photoshop does kissing you. And i was like whoa buddy but i think you say to her like hey like i know you're still looking for that video boy like you know. Here's my here's my. Here's what i could bring. Here's here's my audition. Here's what it looks like with me. Then i think it's funny and sexy and cute and like ties in. I forgot that. And i remember. You sent me that. I was like. Oh i don't know if that's the move that might be but now. Now now now knowing the kremlin has gone knowing it's a folk the full premises. Actually the move. So why don't you. Why don't you send that baby off. Why don't you fired off right now. Why don't you fire it off right now. We get it because you know what. I don't wanna put you on the spot but it's also when you do these things if you're ever chasing a girl or a guy i guess but usually it's guy chasing the girl and you're asking your friends and you're like what should i send you trying to craft it. You gotta give it some thought but then you also just got fucking do. You'll sit there and you'll stare at your phone and you'll rewrite it and delete and rewrite. It'll be awesome. Be eight pm. You'll be like what. What have i been doing the last six hours. You gotta just do it. So why don't you fire that baby off and we'll see if we get some results may be made me. Why don't we do this. What do you say thousand centigrade. Let's right you gotta just fuck in. You gotta give it some thought. You don't wanna be hasty with it but you also gotta just be like all right. I'm doing it. It's one of those things that so out of left field little little Out even there's nobody doing this ranjha russet. Nobody's making their own fucking videos. No one's being a little self deprecating and weird about it. No one's being the no one's being unique like this you got to say. Here's my audition real. Here's music video. What do you think. Say say what's the day road. Look say here's my audition tape. What's the day rate for this video. Amy have to do something. I have to do something with the video. Because i ask wigs for it last night before. She had responded to my. Hey check your. dm's having having that by the way. I've done it over. Here's what time. I i had more make a full fucking music video for caitlyn one year whereas like my face. Her phase dunkin was in the mix and sent it off as a birthday gift. I didn't have to do a goddamn thing right. Thanks more like four hours. You know but yeah you got like some of the best graphics guys in the goddamn world at your disposal and now andrew gets benefits that. Why don't we get to call in but some at some point. Yeah yeah point. Yeah yeah yeah where. I see this going like i do. Think at this point like we're going to have to go to el all the time. Dallas is out there and we do shit out there like even if i don't go out if say hey let's go on a date and i go there for that reason. I will be in la again. And i'm sure at some point. I'll be like hey i'm in. La it would be funny if we took a picture together so we can tweet it and at least make it look like just you know what you gotta do is go out to la and not see her you know like yeah but i'm busy like i got. I got my. I got my schedule filled up. I don't have time for you. i'm not. I'm not yet. So that's the move to a guy. I disagree. I think that's why you flip it a little bit. But i never had anybody. Anybody like don't do that. Don't do it. I'm gonna listen. Should be on this on all right. Fuck and then there's other times i know that's the point. There's a million other. But i'm not. I'm telling you jerry don't do that. I disagree. I think that i it. It just shows enough flake. She draws me. You've done enough groveling. I think maybe it's time to to show that you got your own your own. What you should do is not make it a big deal that you're going to see her. You should be already in la and be like hey by the way. I've been in la for a couple of days. Like i've got some time like would you want to get a drink. Not just not tell her. I mean i would. I would go about your business. I would live your life and if it happens short but if it doesn't i'd be like yeah. no listen. i mean. I'm film on my show and then like i gotta get back to work so maybe next time right. I don't go to la tell come back. Don't do that. No that's what you meant no go to l. a. and be like. Oh i can't see you. I'm in la. But i have like five shows. And then i got back to york thought you meant have him go to la and then come back and be like no bnl a maybe next time out here will link up because i got. I got all this shit to do. I don't know. I still don't know if that's the move. We got taylor from long island. Who was a part of it. T was walking us through his thoughts as well and now the ship has landed. Taylor ship actually blasted off. The rocket is in full the rockets in orbit right now. What do you got. All the hype. Train funding well scared. Yeah man that's also the fun of this is like you get to live vicariously like we're all textile rested right now you know. Oh yeah. i'm pretty. I'm pretty Pretty poor in life not not really boring but This is pretty exciting. For jared man. You just beat yourself. That's that's what. I'm just trying to taken through this last couple of days. Listen to the show and today just be yourself. And it's like i guess the whole route of like trying to get her on a date. I guess you know flying out there saying you're fucking busy and then just grab a quick drink. I could get dinner or you know. You don't want to throw all your cards on the table right away. Maybe you know I got enough time to smash out at the motel. And then i gotta go back home that maybe you you know what you gotta do. I'm a big a big fan of early on the relationship. You've gotta show you gotta show who you are. You don't wanna be some guy you're not and then six months in you're like well now i've like created this persona. You gotta show with the rocket. A little bit to quote taylor. He did say strike while the iron saw man. The iron is on fuck and fire. I walked in. Say it blazing. We've made progress every single day. Like it's been like three straight like movement. There hasn't been a day where something hasn't happened. So it's kinda just i guess. At this point we see what happens and again. I think I i have a good gauge on. I guess like how things go like via text conversation. So it's like you can get a read like is she actually interested or is this something. That's just funny because it's on twitter so we'll see we'll find out. Love is the air taylor. I love it. We're going to the hype circle right here at the three men gang. Four five five-man with with avery. I mean. I wish i'm super happy. Are you in all right. I tweeted immedi said holy shit with iraq emoji. I was so upset. I missed it. I was so pissed about that. Stupid ass shoot avery. Text me the day after. He's like dude the show. You missed it. Now i know. But taylor taylor is. The is the hype circle ringleaders so not will keep you keep you. In the mix shares rocket keeps the people updated cool. I it's been cool to see like every single day. Just fucking. Hundreds of tweets supporting. Yeah people want to see it happen. Works to our everybody like. I said the other day the joke. It's cliche now to be like. Oh jared remember the time you saved the baby's from you know the the puppies from the burning building and you help the old lady cross the street like that obviously is is like played out but it still does show like that girls by like hundreds of people are tweeting about this guy like in in support of him and i know one guy who was proud of you dominican. Dylan you gotta be loving. Dylan dylan how you feel about our boy right now. This is It's quite the accomplishment. God deli key to that. That's a baddie like you got you got you really is. She's a fucking rocket she's she's something. Listen listen i'm tom this. Everyone's giving advice in this analysis yet. The rocket is half dominican. Man we given them that advice. You santo domingo shot out a little south of your hips can move and nothing else. Now what do you think though you're going to have to hit her up and be like so You know when are we adopting a dominican shortstop that me and you can raise to become a a major league superstar. You think she's going to be down with that. I think so. Yeah i mean career going like she's probably not gonna wanna take time off to be a mom so it's like right. I got this like like you know you're both you're both superstars. So it makes sense that we gotta get cut some corners here and and you know we'll get one of dylan's like long lost cousins or something who's out there right now fielding grounders with a fucking milk carton hidden bottlecaps with a stick. And we're going to be that the bottle caps shit dude. It's impossible what are you crazy. Dominicans doing nothing bottle. You just have to see two three times when he got it. But it's still it's boring really. It seems so fucking hard to me. I bet you'll be able to do it like it took like two or three times. You read the spin off of it and then you'll be able to hit it all right. I'll take your word for it but but yes so There when you this has got to be one of the better examples of you know like shoot shot and going after. We'll see where it goes very very. We're not no. But here's the thing dillon. We were talking about this for a long fucking time. It's very funny to see how that actually unfolds. Where it's like some of these. Things are actually possible. Anything's possible you got. You got to start doing that. A little bit right now. See i I i don't want Star that's for the rocket. That's that's that's for a certain type of guy i don. I don't want that nike like shit. I don't need an interesting. I felt like i remember you doing it like me me that that's the wretched fuck enhance well. My bachelorette girls christina showman. That that she her. Yeah the russian chick every now and then. I just like throw her. Dnb only when are we getting married. And she just last back. But that. but that's that's about. As far as i would go on the star meter if you will. I don't need i. I wouldn't be opposed to it. I'm not to say no. But i'm also not chasing down a celebrity. Your own right. I got i got too much fucking stress drama if i had to juggle international pop star or whatever andrew going to end up. Although i don't know that's what you need is someone who's like i got i'm busy. I you know when. I when i got my kids and i got shit to do. She's like well. Yeah i got even more to do. But i i'm in it for for something more normal but the but you know the rocket is the rockets. Got got some swags. You're going say east coast news. We could take anywhere girl. We want to only live out there. I saved them in indiana. Well yeah but she's now she's gonna live in la girl. Yeah right right. But i always say to fights when we interview East coast guys. You can always tell like there's a immediate difference between like a guy from jersey or a guy from new york and like the conversation just flows better and they got a better sense of humor and they can take a joke and it's just all much more normal than the guys who have been like in la for ever the point that they have like become la guys can attest to that yeah. It's just like nothing. There's wrong with them. It's fine but like the confidence level is different. Yeah it really. They've got they've got the better bodies but we got better. Just doesn't i mean. Of course that helps provide near when yeah with with girls. It's just not nearly as important as as like a if you're an east coast guy who can like like if you're telling us dudes with like fucking twelve packs roy. Yeah it's normal and then like you see someone that doesn't look like that and you're you have the less impressive physique in and look you're not when i'm used young female all over fucking samba. And vince vaughn instead like they fucking to preempt but also but also. Let's not forget that you know the rocket Have you seen those fucking pipes. I mean jesus christ now back in the offseason workout regimen. So i mean how could you. How of course this girl's into it. You see the fucking sleeve. You see him working. The videos just happened to be floating around recently right. You can work it out. I an asshole tweeted that. That's just that's crazy that's circulating around again. You know we're doing three day. Yeah i'm back in like six days a week like we're back in the brock listener training right now. That's a rookie. He's ready to go ready to go. I told you i got. I got a channel twenty thirteen boyfriend. Jared i know that he's still in there somewhere. We gotta figure out what the blueprint is. We've got to figure out wait. Let me just say this. I feel like when we've gone over some of your history. The boyfriend jared isn't always the most confident and the most successful. I don't know if we want that point where we wanted to twenty twenty four hundred wire. That's the guy who was like crows. Your friends are banned girlfriend and stuff. Yeah that was two thousand nine long. What all right. So two thousand. Thirteen jared boyfriend. Jared is is is that was like you were a kid in two thousand thirteen when i was huge though like that was. That was a different phase of jared thirteen jacked. He just he just want to be strong at. That doesn't know mentality. I'm saying like you gotta you gotta have the mentality of like all right in this. This is if you're going to go back to that. You can shave your head and start dressing like you didn't saugus they like it's a completely different person. Now it's it's it's that's why it's boyfriend jared point l. like what that's what i mean. Go to the next level. What does glow of jared. Who's also boyfriend jared. Look like what do you have to say. Although part of me does want you to go back to scumbag saugus do you think of like your final form will go back to like sandals and socks and basketball shorts and scumbag saugus. That's what you want to settle down one day and be married to andrea and adopts them dominicans and go back to being scumbag saugus. So why don't you just do it. Now it's you got a picture of your adopt and from the right spot. Yeah right yeah listen makes you get the right one. Where where would you recommend this one we can. We can go to some of the michael something now. We got a lot of different. Go to fucking puerto rico. You won't get your speaking of Tonight new episode of answer. The internet out with luis gomez louis j gomez fucking thanks allegiance gangs. And he. He's talking about he's puerto rican and he started puerto ricans on a ti tonight. And it is so goddamn funny tonight. Nine pm check the drop you will do you use specifically we'll fucking love it. I don't wanna give it away and that franco back in the day on the radio. Fucking legendary coach is awesome. Give it give it a listen tonight and then call back tomorrow. Don't think all right good. Let sanford north carolina discoveries and has had some advice for you jared. What's up sam okay. Jared do not send that video. That is a terrible mistake. But i get you want to send it to get. Kevin ended up mistake. Because everything's in the public already. So get kevin to send it out and be like. Hey jared i found your audition video and then you can be like. Oh man i think this is taking it a little too far. But then it'll be out there and she'll be thinking about it you you're not deliver responsible for so you think it's too much for him to be sending it. Yeah it's it's like borderline. Michael scott photo shopping himself in the video. He doesn't do it. You gotta get yes. But here's the thing like the whole thing joke. God won't be jared but the the whole thing like he's not sending it being like look how sexy and hot i am. It's like look so. He's making a joke himself seriously. Then i get what you're saying. But i i think that him being like funny dude. Who like this is like a one. Big joke sentence said this is my addition tape. That's safe yeah that's the whole point. You find yourself. I got you but i think. Ac will say that like even the one percent that it could come off as creepy like you don't want to risk that like you don't want to risk putting off some creepy nine fellas creepy sailed a long time ago. A fair enough fair enough. That's true got The other thing would be for him saying when to go out there. Get him to be like. Hey look in three weeks. I'm going to be out there. If you're still thinking about this. Maybe we can work something out and then you could go to that. Sorry i was too busy yada yada yada. Too busy is a bad move. I really do i. You don't want that to happen to you. Well yeah. Of course. I don't i wouldn't i if i if somebody who is clearly me. Here's the thing. It'd be different if jared was like. He admitted he's been creepy. It would be completely different. It always just like being like well right but like if he was like a normal like dm exchange and a guy was okay. I'm too busy. Like maybe would be different. Like she would know he was purposely trying to big timer. And i just would never speak again. I don't think so. Oh the guy fifty times saying i love you and it's like oh sorry but that's kinda the point and i've got to even it out. I think the show presley big timer. You had plans to go out there and do your thing. The problem is directional radio talking. Just us address. That was now but if it was like oh sorry. I didn't have time to see you and it's like on the fifth. You guys spend thirty minutes talking about how you were going to. Big time may fuck you really big time as much as it's like. I just doing what i normally do. This is what i'm gonna do. Here's my plan. I don't care who you are if you find out that somebody that you're interested in and or have hooked up with when you are when you're in the same place and they just didn't tell you like you're like what the fuck gets on a good thing like why would that. Why would that make you wanna be with somebody more. Because that's how the game works for girls twenty-five five. That's exactly what's going to work for a young girl who has guys like fawning over all the time. They'll definitely be like well. I'm not used to this. It's bad idea. what are you gonna do. What was your plan my plan. I'm really just going to wait. Until i have a reason to go to la. Like if i i like. I said i go out there a lot. So if i have a reason to go out to la then i can be like. Hey like i'm going out to la like january like whatever. I've got this this and this the do like i'm free on that thursday. Like if you wanna get drinks or something like it's not like i'm coming out there for because then that sets the expectations too high. Then it's like oh like he's coming out here like just for me and like what if i don't like them like that's weird so you just i'm going out there anyway. Not a big deal. If if if you don't even have time to go get drinks. Then i'm still out there for the reason that i came out there for. That's what i mean. Just do you and if it happens it happens if it doesn't you know no sweat because on the fucking rocket said break when we come back we'll take some more calls Into it for the rest of the day bring it through. Three o'clock here could get lucky.

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