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It's Harvick and Hamlin, taking the victories in Pocono and up next NASCAR heads to Indianapolis Motor speedway. These are our top stories, plus I'll be joined by PRN zone. Alexis, Erickson an Gilly right here on fast. Fast talk on the performance racing network presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information visit Toyota racing dot com now here's the host of fast. Talk Doug Rice. Really Great Show lined up for you by the way it's the return of the ever popular green flag black flags segment later on that alone should keep you tuned in to this edition. Fast Talk. I'm Doug Rice. As always joined by my cohorts, Alexis, Ericsson and Brad Gilly program note we have had a couple of people ask when do Kyle, petty and army. Sadler and Jeff Hammond returned to the full. Yeah, we're excited. To announce that they'll be back during the playoffs, so you know ten basis to go into season gradually starts getting another hour awry. Or you can go do something else. Wait wait. You're kicking me out of this chair for cal. Petty Hermes Sadler Jeff Ham. That's a very much I. Love you mean it, but yes, we are. GonNa, win some titles. It's you back. But, anyway it'll be good to have those guys back well, they'll. Yep, and we're trying to respect everything that they're doing state. We record this show. Charlotte Motor speedway in Concord North Carolina. We Are A. A good three would or a driver from Mecklenburg County through which has a huge amount of covid nineteen cases, and it's been spiking lately, so we're just trying to practice caution and Sensibility. During these times this past weekend. NASCAR made a lot of history. Brad, I'll start with you. Five races in one weekend the first scheduled doubleheader. On the surface, take weather out of the equation. which has plag- plegdes all year long seven out of ten races since we've come back, have been affected by weather. What was your evaluation? So I love the idea number one There's one thing I. Don't like about it I you know. Nick Doll Ski with Pocono was very adamant when they first announced this, and they announced the St the race lancs that I wanted to have to four hundred mile races, plus in xfinity, race plus truck, race plus inauguration I thought man. That's just too much and if race fans were there especially with delays and the red flags, and all the great action on the track. I still think it would have been too much and I know they shorten the. The Cup races three fifty and three hundred twenty five miles, but at a place that has no lights to try and do. All of that type of racing was highly ambitious. I love the idea, but I would much rather see a couple of two hundred and fifty mile. Cup races shorthand, Xfinity, short truck race, and I think not only. Would you leave there wanting more, you would leave there probably with a huge. Wow factor because the racing had A. A lot of wow in it for sure I would just short and everything more than they did yeah I. Mean I completely agree with that? I've always been a proponent of shorter races, and certainly when you look back at this weekend and you see five races you know in in two days span and you? You said well. Let's take out of the equation. Unfortunately, we can't just take weather out the question as we've seen weekend and week out. Out and again put a monkey wrench in the plans at Pocono raceway, which led to three races pretty much from dawn till dusk, racing at Pocono raceway yesterday, and they got it all in. That was fantastic that they were able to do that, but but badge right I, mean any anything else would've been thrown into that mix, and and we would have been calling the cup race short due to darkness and nobody wants to do that. Now. That's that's a terrible situation. I actually had a chance to ask. Oh Scott Miller the vice president of competition is there. A definitive way that you call race for darkness. It's basically when it gets too dark to race. I thought about that, too. As I was watching it and I thought you know. How would this go, would they? You know they're I think what Kansas several years ago was one instance of them actually calling race due to darkness I. Think Greg Biff One, but an a controversial ending. But how would they do that? And what would be the best way to do that? Would they come over? You know the official channel and say in in ten laps. We're going to end the race, or do they just throw the caution flag for darkness like what what in your minds would be the best way to handle that from an officiating standpoint? Are you know that's tough to say I? It would be nice if you told them. What they're honestly would depend so last night we got into. Into a situation where the you know, everyone was going to be good to go to the rest of the way I mean. If you ultimately said races over and five laps, the race could be over if we were in a situation where pit strategy was going to come into play. I would hope that you give them some more advanced notice. If you thought something like that was going to happen, and it's just simply might have been. We could have been one caution away from that caution being the end of the race. You're you know so so who knows because if you have one more caution chances? Are you run into a situation where it is to DART? Anyway take like. Ever. I know one year. You're at Charlotte Motor speedway. For the six hundred. The race was rain delayed and rain delayed, and finally we're still racing at two o'clock in the morning and Nascar, and then humping wheeler at the time decided. We're not GONNA finish this. We're going to tell the drivers and twenty more laps were throwing the chequered flag and that's what they did. A lot of people were enraged, but it's two thirty in the morning and everybody, and then at that situation, everybody knows okay well. This is what's going to happen. And now I'M GONNA adjust my strategy or my thinking accordingly, and I think that's. That's you know that's a fair way to go, but you're right. I mean when you talk about You Know Scott earlier today, saying that it's just a judgment. Call kind of makes you think about you know what they go through in the officiating tower and the things they have to think about. Yeah, yeah, that's very true. It and again and ambitious schedule an attractive zero lights. You know that's a tough thing. We're going to see more of this. I. I I think so I think. I'm not talking about Kovic. Okay I'M! Beyond when? I feel certain Michigan in Dover are going to be double header we. Think, sorry I was just GonNa say I. think that we will, but I think that we might see it with some adjustment. I mean this. You know this is the first time granted. We have had situations like in Darlington in Charlotte where we had two races, not technically back tobacco and back to back days, but in close proximity to each other kind of felt like it was a double header kind of deal but this was the first time doing it on a Saturday, and then we're turning on a Sunday and I think that they probably learned a lot. I think they'll make some adjustments accordingly and we might see that. Play play out later. poconos unique in the sense that such a huge part of the fans show up their camp there. Right camp in the Infield, they hang out or they camp adjacent, and if you're camping, it makes sense to come. In Saturday morning setup go to the race. Stick around Sunday. Go to the second round. We'll before the pandemic. They were trending up. You know when it came to ticket sales and all of that stuff like this was trending to be a fairly successful weekend and if you're Pocono. Pocono and all of a sudden. You're doing really strong on ticket sales, and now you've got all of this races that look a lot of the revenue comes from television money, so if you have to cup races, worth of television money, but one weekend's worth of expenses. That's a great business model right there, and if it also worked for those race fans who were showing up then everybody wins. It's also a good model for the TV. Network the roles in there. Yes, they don't have to make two trips de right one weekend worth of expenses to. Work I think we need to give a shout out to the motor racing network for the hundreds of miles of coverage that they had yesterday from a marathon day of truck and xfinity and cup racing. Brad. Isn't it the second time this year? They've had to pool like a twelve hour all day broadcast. Yeah, like the weekend before hats. Talladega and or homestead in. Because it. Never it never ran. The just had lightning, which they only postponed for thirty minutes. right so you could go away for an hour and conceivably Miss Twenty minutes of racing right and think about this too as chase Briscoe is sitting there doing a burnout against the interior wall I'm looking at Stewart. Haas employees, wearing Mobil one uniforms and Stewart, Haas uniforms, and all of that that were likely they. They, they could have been pitting three whole races yesterday their spotters. I'm sure that we're spotting three whole races. Now you know M. R.. N. was pretty much on the air all day. Long I think. They went off the air, starting at nine thirty in the morning to about nine at night. I think they went off the air for fifteen minutes between the truck race in the xfinity race and that's it. That's incredible. That's incredible, and then you have to think about the safety workers all the track I mean I you know I go back to pictures of yesterday. That big slick that they had to work on even after the race was over. You know Washington to track down and everything else, so yeah, it was a very long day yesterday at Pocono, but I thought it. It produce pretty good race Alexis Brad I. Know we're up against a break, but I want to get your thoughts on this. Overall. How do you grade out how NASCAR's handled coming back? With the pandemic. Let's just let's just keep it to pandemic related right. I. Mean I'm GonNa. Give them an A. I. Mean honestly because I you know we've had first of all. We were the first sport. Back Major League sport back. We have continued to to press on with our schedule. Have you know schedules like we had this past week? Where we have I mean yesterday we had three series at the. The track at one time. When we first came back, it was no no to series could be at the track at the same time. Now. We've progressed to be able to allow I. Mean I think people are getting into a routine and and and understand the necessary safety precautions and measures and everything and You know. I just have to give him an grade because I. think so far so good. I'm going to go a little higher, actually an a plus because, if I can give him beyond in a plus I would just simply because they came up with the system, they came up with the way to keep the quarantine. The covid out at this point. Look if if someone has cove. WHO's traveling on the road it? It's it might happen. NO BIG DEAL HAS A. Has had authority in shop people and there was another team as well I believe were at tracker shop. He had a couple of folks that word on their travel crew, but you know they minimized every factly their protocol because of the protocols that were put in place they were able to. Quote for lack of better term quarantine. Those folks it. Not You know it's the greater. Yeah, there's been no outbreak. Will and we're talking I mean you know yesterday loan? Three different series at the track was a few thousand people at the. And, and what they're doing is working, and I think that's a wonderful thing. Now they're mitigation is well thought out. I mean we've all been around it? We've all seen it firsthand. It's not haphazard and I'm not really shocked that it's working as well as it did. By the way our show is brought to you in part by Toyota, you can find out more at Toyota Motor sports dot com, and the top finishing not Toyota, raising dot com. Sorry I say motors and I'M GONNA. Go ahead and say performance report Denny Hamlin won the race so when the most recent rats right? Was runner-up. Week get a really good week for Toyota I ask. When we come back, we will do a little good times. Bad Times here on fast talk. Sir Are you where you're going forty miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure, but I'm on my lawnmower. Wait am I getting a ticket. 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Winner there's justice somebody that finished second place, so we will leave it up to our steam panelist Alexis and Brad. Gilead it down good times and bad times from this past doubleheader weekend Pocono. You can go one in one one bad for each weekend. Each cup race at to goods for each cup race, or however you want to go. I, get to go I'M GONNA. Let you go home, man. Chosen. Just tell she was her so good. I mean I. You know I don't know there, look. It seems like they race we had on Saturday was like three weeks ago. It just seems so far away right now, but I'm GONNA. Look at the overall scope of the weekend and one of the things that I'm going to do a little bit differently is I have something that I think is both good and in some cases a bad so it's the same thing, but it you could you know cross either way with it and that's strategy that plays out at Pocono. I think that the strategy. You know a lot of teams. A lot of race teams look at Pocono like a road course. They they have specific strategy when they go in there. All the teams are usually different there. It's not usually the same course of action for everybody on the grid, and in most cases that makes it really interesting to watch. That's why a lot of people like road courses these days. and you know pocono plays that same. Thing when you look at strategy, though it also can be really confusing. And I found yesterday and Saturday to be kind of confusing to watch when you're watching it, not knowing okay well. Who's on what strategy? WHO's doing this? WHO's doing that? When did that carpet? When did this carpet So you know it's? It's hard for the guys in the booth to describe action because there's so much going on, and I just found as a person that's ingrained in the sport all the time. It was confusing to me so I have to think. Think that it might have been a little bit confusing for the rice fan at home, too, so I'm. I'm kind of walking the fence on strategy. Because I was a good or a bad. It's both to me because I get aches intriguing. It's not just one car and clean air. You know leading by five seconds, but there's a lot of other things involved. However, sometimes I find it extremely hard to follow right. We'll come back to you for one more good. One more bad I mean I'm curious Brad Connecticut absolutely crazy right now. The strategy is overwhelmingly my good. I'm watching that race on Saturday with. I can't remember how many maybe thirty forty laps to go and Kevin. Harvick is in eighth at this point now. If you look at the top like Corey, the joys running Fifth Ryan Newman's leading the race in all of that and I just said you leaders eighth, and that was. Kevin Harvick and that's the way it turned out, but I see I love that I mean I am so fascinated by what could work what couldn't work? Work Sunday's race. They kept having all those cautions at the beginning happening close to the stage rakes. The crew chiefs had been going nuts because they're trying to play this chess game out there with what they're going to do. And it's getting messed up by all the caution. And I completely agree with your sentiment, the only thing that I would say that that would make it easier as if we could get some graphics on TV that say next everybody's name. Okay, well Kevin Harvick last pitted at this lap. Lap or took two tires four tires things like that. That could make it a little bit easier to understand from a broadcast. I agree it is tough when you're broadcasting raisin I know in our cases. We've had that happen. Where the field get split and Brad. Keselowski may be leading by eight seconds but BRASOW GONNA win right because he's going to have to hit. Somebody else is going to inherit, but you can only report what's going on. You can't write forecasts for radio absolutely for television. There's plenty of data out there. That could be displayed in ways that I. Think would be helpful to the consumer. You got a couple of bad that I have a couple of bad i. mean the I mean. The biggest bad of the weekend happened in. Saturday's race would tolerate. Try to run up underneath Eric Jones and rectum course, but outside of that I did think Chevrolet just a bad for them. They didn't top ten a single car on Saturday now. They had three of them on Sunday and Kurt Busch led the opening thirty five labs with those were the only. Only laps led by them. They were I, mean you look at Chase Elliott how good he's been so far this season you know, and and we've seen a lot of moments of greatness, obviously Alex Bowman's WanNa, race and and it's feels like bubble Wallace and Austin Dillon Tyler have all been good. Chevrolet just didn't show up this past weekend so i. do think that's a bad. They got a little better between Saturday and Sunday, but certainly not enough got one more. Well, it was Eric Jones but We're not going to dwell on that. We don't want him to get. Outside of outside of trying to pack, you know thirty pounds into a ten pound bag when it came to the amount of racing at a facility with no lights, you know. For me the pulled it off though. You have good in a battle. Good and bad and I'm going to do the same thing I did earlier. Even though you guys looked at me like I was crazy. I'M GONNA say Joe Gibbs racing because obviously Joe, gibbs racing on the good side had denny Hamlin. Second on Saturday won the race on Sunday, but then you also had kyle busch. Who has not has yet to lead a you know. Earn any playoff points where two races past halfway. He has zero playoff points, which is crazy. And you know obviously. He's talked a lot about the lack of practice being something that has hindered his team, but he had an entire race on Saturday and then came back on Sunday. in finished. You know I think thirty eighth or something. Obviously, he crash. We have no idea where he would finish. Had that incident not happened But he's clearly having not a great year, and and it's showing so my good am I bad is Joe Gibbs racing? You have really good team and Denny Hamlin, who I think might be one of the best drivers, if not the best driver in the field right now and then. Kyle Busch was just struggling I. DO think though. Kyle has the ability in that team has the ability oh? Yeah, if there is a flip the switch team, I think I think it's that team I. Think they're off, but not out to lunch and there's a difference you know they. They've Kyle's lead. Like one hundred and thirty, eight hundred and thirty five laps total this year. One hundred of those were in one Bristol race so about that he's led thirty five laps in fourteen races. That's that's ridiculous for him. I think it's interesting, though the the practice you know thing that he brings up. The victim, the leash well exactly I mean you have all these other drivers that are like we love no practice. We love it. We love going out there, and you know having the comers and the goers, and all of those things and I. Just I would not have expected him to be somebody to your the other way the fact that you have to build in though on Kyle Busch. Yeah, they're going to get better, so's everybody else. Yeah, YEP, every everybody Kevin. Kevin Harvick's team is working to get better even though they're winning races Denny Hamlin's working to get better It's hard to make up the ground during the season. If you get too far behind, that's true. That is very true I mean as far as an all around team right now. That's the best and I. Know Hold that thought okay. Hold that Oh. We're going to get to that right teeth, so we're GONNA. Take a time out when we come back. We're well into this season where we have a big enough sample size. To start making some pretty good estimation, so we'll do that after this time out. Are, you paying too much for Term Life Insurance? 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That's eight, hundred, seven, nine, nine, seventy, three, fifty one. I'm joey. Logano and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. We are strong. We are resilient and we will get through this together, but these are stressful times, and it's important to also practice good self care. It's normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious or afraid, but there is hope. Reach out to someone connect with your friends. Stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone. Learn more at we are. Broadcasters DOT com slash hope furnished by the National Association of Broadcasters and this station. There are everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. Wash your hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Stay home when you're sick. Cover your cough or sneeze. Clean and disinfect frequently. Touched objects. With household, cleaning, spray. The more information visit CDC dot. Gov Slash Kovic nineteen. This message brought to you by the National Association of Broadcasters and this station. is to be with young fast hawks shot out to our producer today Kim for art. Thanks a lot. Didn't have a lot to work with. You'RE GONNA. Say Shat wish shout out, we can. You can tell the rest of the day off after we're done as that. It, he won't. He'll be here. He's dedicated. We're well into the season. And were passed. We have enough races run fourteen. Is that right fifteen fifty? That that we should know. WHO separating themselves in the pack, and who is not even in the pack right now? radoman start with you. Give me your top two. Who who are the leaders in the clubhouse after fifteen races? I WANNA give more than two, but you only ask for to Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick. Hands Down hands down. You're right I, mean you? You are not wrong by any, maybe not in that order I think you know. I think there's a lot more parody. The season than there have been season's pass where we've had the big three and things of that nature, but it's hard not to look at Denny. Hamlin and Kevin Harvick as the top two guys t to beat when you're talking about specifically at a team. Perspective not an organization, but you know per team, though those are the two teams that I think are. Our hanging out. You guys agreed on that too easily, so let's let's push. Let's kick. This can down the road a little bit further. Give me your third and fourth. Oh now I can go deeper. Well you go ahead, you can go first chase. Elliott and Brad Keselowski. I mean 'cause laskey is is his average finishes year. Somehow quietly I always got to wins is better than Tenth I. Felt like you backed into both wins I I know, but then you look at his average finish and all of a sudden. You're like my God brackets. Hausky is having a way better season than what I'm noticing I agree that the Vegas when? They took two tires Ryan. Blaney got four Brad Kozlowski one that was blaming. He's race to win and here he wins because there's a late race. Caution Chase Elliott. They do the bright head move of the year and pit exactly up any chance to, but again the finishes. Agree with you. Did you. Did you have another? No, I mean. We can keep going south. Chase and brand breath cooled a little bit lately. Still Yeah, Pocono was a bad weekend for Chevy. It was all the way around I'm GonNa go with Brad, but then I'm also gonNA. Go with his teammate. Joey Logano and the reason. Why is because obviously? He has two wins as well but I just think penske that organization is the best all around organization right now because all three of their drivers have won. Two of their drivers have multiple wins. Why do you have? To blaming to the list, Yeah exactly I mean there's I mean we could go on forever. You're right about you. Know ranking everybody but I mean that's who I would say would be my my second and my third, and then you know. Yeah, we'll put billion lane is a bit of an out liar I mean. He has won a race. He is second in points. Kind of lost on people. I was actually Kinda. Surprised when I looked standings this because he's had a good season, he just has had a hard time finding victory lane until Talladega would've should've probably five time. Right gentlemanly probably could have one bristol, except for some reason, he's like the fastest car bristol, but around one hundred and thirty labs in He usually hits something. To someone yeah, is there going to be a big name? Not Get into the playoffs. Here's fourteen through twenty. I don't know how big a name any of these people are. Sorry Brad Jones is in here. Mad to Benedetto's Fourteenth Fifteenth is William Byron Air, Jones Sixteenth on Dylan Tyler. Radic is eighteen nineteen. Th Ricky stenhouse junior than it's Chris Butcher Bubble Wallace twenty. I I felt a little bit bad for Tyler Radic yesterday and Saturday he had. He had a tough go a- pocono and he was in that sixteenth spot. Again, he was sitting there. by one point and unfortunately comes out of the pocono weekend, Doug and eighteen like twenty something beyonce back so you know, he has think he has been the best all around rookie in my opinion, obviously Christopher Bell had a really good day yesterday but he's been the best all around rookie, but he finds himself now on the outside looking in there's no one that you just mentioned outside of the top sixteen that I would look at and go. Oh, I went into the year thinking they will definitely make the playoffs, and that's no disrespect to Austin. And Bubble Wallace, and all the names you just mentioned, but I I think of it as we talked about Kyle Busch earlier how they're struggling. If Kyle Busch missed the playoffs, that would be a big name missing the playoffs. You see what I'm saying, but but you know if Austin Dillon does their years at Austin. Dillon's going to be a playoff driver. Their years it. He's not going to be so so I would be I've got a question from Brad although. Sixteenth Place Right now Air Jones Yeah. Arazi, out Eric. Jones will not be sixteenth place five weeks from now it will he be inner? Will he be out? Oh, he'll be further in. All right so it also you figured out Brad Brad is a bit of a fan boy from. I did have the opportunity to chat with him last night and I said look. You guys have found so many different ways to not finish well. just whacky things have happened to them or things of their own doing was today meaning the third place. Finisher Pocono is that more representative of what this number twenty team is, and of course I mean. What's he going to say I? Think it is but I feel that it is I mean before tolerate ran into him when Joe Gibbs. Racing was running one, two, three and four on Saturday Pocono. He was A. A part of that one, two three and four so I think they're better than sixteenth I'm not saying they're better than tenth, but they're better than sixteen. What what do you think his chances are for staying at J. G. R. I mean? Obviously, there's a lot of rumors going around about you know where he'll be next year and I think if he's not a jager. It's because someone else wants him and took him from J. G. R.. I don't think he's not Jager. Because there's not a space for him at J. Jars. That makes sense yeah. Yeah Yep! William Byron currently fifteenth in points. Hendrick motorsports fame, twenty four car. Is he going to be around when we get to the playoffs, absolutely yeah, what makes you say that you said there was a lot of conviction. I have seen nothing this year at a William Byron that makes him a lock to play. Really see I I've actually seen more. Here's here's here's where they are. In my opinion, you go, look at the first third of the race and William Byron is a is a player you know. He's a top five to top ten player those weekend. I wouldn't say every week. No no, not at all. Although Ricky Stenhouse, his performing two positions better this year than he did last year. William Byron and Chad Canal need to figure out a way to be there in the second third and to me. That's an easier thing to do than to try and be there at all I've Omar Question. And it's you know who's going to win I, William Byron Tyler Radic. Woo Yeah. That's really. And I'm a huge William. Byron Fan too I'm I'm a believer in William Byron as well, but I think tyler radic if I had to pick retail. House well. We! Only have two more strict plate races lifts. And we have a Bristol race and Ricky stenhouse junior see that. Corn we've had. He's not going to go to. Win We've had four mile and a half races this year right now five if you count homestead Miami speedway right, I don't remember either way. Stanton houses top five two of those are. I mean he's? He's not been as bad as when he looks the problem. Is Ricky stenhouse sometimes when you need to let off the gas a little bit, he pushes down hard, but when he looks bad, he looks really. That's what you meaning all right when we come back. It's been a long time on the absentee ballot, but we're going to do a little thing. We like to call green flag black flat. There was a lot we missed. Being away from the track. Are Toyota racing team. We missed the sounds the engines. We the smells the race fewer burned rubber we. We miss the site of Denny Hamlin taking the checkered flag, but the one thing we missed most was our fans for iota racing. NASCAR are back. We may not be in the stands together, but we'll be together following the action at Toyota racing, Dot Com, today and tomorrow. TOYOTA NASCAR is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Racing Inc.. You wanted it. You got it big traffic jam three. The extra turn to Nascar all-star races come into Bristol babies. It's a great job. S. Kars battle, bragging rights and one million bucks is on the line. Wednesday July fifteenth at Bristol Motor speedway Johnson. Junior experience it live for tickets and information. Visit Bristol Motor speedway dot com. I'm Matt Benedetto and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. Hi everyone I'm Jimmy Johnson I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the importance of taking this new corona virus. Seriously life was going to be different for wall with a temporary changes that we make right now you can get us to the finish line faster. It can be the difference between life and death for many Americans so here are some things that you can do to stay healthy protect our neighbors who may be at higher risk and limit the spread of covid nineteen. Wash your hands often with. With soap and water for at least twenty seconds at a time. Avoid touching your face. Stay home. You can feel healthy, but still carry the disease to move. People make sure you're getting your information. From trusted resources get the facts at NC the H S, Dot Gov Slash Toronto. Virus. I'm proud to call North Carolina home, feeding this virus is going to be working together and making short term sacrifices to protect our friends and families, but I know the challenge. Thank you everyone and stay healthy. Thank you and stay healthy. Coming up now segment that has gained fame. Probably lovely probably blow because I know, we have people that listen to us in the form of the podcast that live outside the continental United States, and it's only limited to globally because we have not yet gone to Mars I know to people outside of the continental states that listen every week. Bobby. Importer Rico. There are in a territory that's. The kontinental a kick by the way, if you happen to listen to our show, and you live outside of the confines of the US tweet us at prn live. We'd like to know about that and thank you by the way appreciate everyone's anybody that. Thinks that this show is worth an. So, we do and hope folks appreciate the fact. We try to be informed. We try to Let you know honestly and not play a shell game on the show, but we also want to have a little bit of fun, and if we can do of those things than we feel like we've really done what we're supposed to do. Can we go ahead and had the intro for this fine segment of the radio? It's time for another edition of the Green Flag Black. Voice Guy There. That is Kim, furner. By the way used to work same radio station. It's never good to be. The guy that other led into Kent comes on after. Big A big voice guy sound gray. Everybody loves him, and then was that. Would Marconi was the program? Town. Here can't through the sound. Oh. It was. It was so long ago that if can't and I, we both did time at the morning. Show the first thing you had to do when you got. The station was turned on the transplant. Wow because it had been turned off the night. I would point out. It was a small station so small. We close the windows. We lost half our on and. But we had a good time. Green fly black and I think we need to reorient people how this works. We will make a statement that the writers have put together and if our panelists agree. Flag and they get the Zing Zang if they disagree with said statement. That's the black flag game show Buzzer. And we will start with Alexa sex Alexis I feel like this is a fairly easily. After, the events at Pocono raceway this past weekend doubleheaders going to be all the rage in Nascar Green flag black. I'm GONNA say Green. Flag I. Don't think we're going to get you know a a a copious amount them, but I think we will see more of them. And like I said before I think we will see more of them with some tweaks, and as we go on, we will perfect the double header, and it will scream flag with a caveat, yes Astra. Black flag. They're not going to be all the rage. I'll say what I used to say to my two wonderful daughters when they were growing up, and they would get perfume for Christmas. Get outta my room now if one score. If one score, it smells good. That doesn't mean three will smell better. Day Let, let let's just bring it down in. Our you know about night race, I think three is going to be the magic number of. DOUBLEHEADERS YEP YEP. And I'm okay. Maybe maybe just to might be Pocono Michigan. Yeah I'd. Dover won't have a double next taking one of their racists and shipping it to Nashville superspeedway. Question number two greenfield black flag. We will start with Mr Brad Gilly. Kyle Busch will win three or less races. This you watch lag. I? Look, what Kyle Busch hits it. Kyle Busch is gonNA. Hit it everyone else better enjoy what they say. You're taking me over on Reagan the over on three, four or more Alexis. The writers have established. Three is the over underlined for Kyle Busch victories. We've already ran fifteen races this season. I'M GONNA. Take the under I like to be a contrarian and I feel like there are so many talented drivers in the Cup series right now. Like I said there's more parody than I think. We've had in years past. That I think it's going to be hard to take those winds away from other drivers, especially the way that they're performing now so Could it happen? Sure I think. It's going to happen now still long season alright. Keep in mind this. Refers to somebody winning this year, not being their first race, but their first race this year the next new winter. On the NASCAR Cup series will be. Ham Man. Erika Monroe and a man. Midfield, Hams I was thinking of Bacon. They command the Bacon eater. I like that better than hey man. To man like in the in the in the history of nicknames, probably not the best. Still better than Bowman in the showman, but anyway. Yeah Eric Merola the next new winner. That's not WANNA raise this year. Yameogo go black flag. Though as I'm sitting here I'm not sure who that person will be but I don't think it's going to be Eric Morel regularly. I concur flag. Four top fives in Rose Gray, nice run late, but there is an eleven race body of work before that where they did struggle and. Indianapolis I? Think a lot can happen this weekend. That's not Eric. Admiral indicated. Could be. Maybe it's tolerated. Maybe. Maybe, maybe hope springs. Eternal final question on this segment of green flag and black flag. This goes back to Alexis the year twenty twenty one. Has To be better than the one we're in now. Oh my Gosh! Yes! Green fly, green flag green flag. I hope so because if it's not who we're in for world to travel, let me tell you Kelly. Flag. Please please were begging. I did see a main the other day. and. It was a picture of a locomotive coming down a railroad track, and it's on fire and smoke pouring out of it, and it said here comes July. Yeah never really that wraps up this edition, the almost winning segment of green flag black-flag have you written a book and WanNa get it published thin call page publishing a sap. We're looking for authors of all types of books, and unlike most publishers page publishing will take the time to review each and every book submitted to us, and we'll give you our feedback, and if we like what we read, we will get your book into bookstores and for sale online at Amazon Apple Itunes. Store Barnes and noble and other outlets we. We handle everything, editing, cover, design, copyright, protection, printing, publicity, and distribution, so if you've written a novel Children's book, Cookbook Inspirational Work Poetry or a biography and wants to get it published page publishing now for your free author submission Kit your road to fame and fortune could very well start with a simple phone call, eight, hundred, two, nine, six, one, two, nine, four, eight, hundred, two, nine, six, one, two, nine, four, eight, hundred, two, nine, six, one, two, nine, four once again. That's eight, hundred, two, nine, six, twelve, ninety four. I'm chase Elliott and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. They're dow making their way down with a great black side last words to the inside, Greece he makes fantasy front. The tire tracks spider a fact. They are stuck together all. Number, four door to door in the middle of corn chase Elliott left side tires against the line, pitching him down as Kevin, Harvick completes pass seventh straight off the wall, their head deter. The crowd is Roy Chase Elliott. Is it the lead? Elliot locks up the tires. Tire barriers dominant carpet day has. Third that meets Elliott just came over the radio and said I cannot believe I just did that. Track Daniels slides out. How hard will chase Elliott Chase Harvick in Orlando with a NASCAR Cup series races at Atlanta Bristol. Charlotte, New Hampshire, so noma Las Vegas Checks, and Kentucky you hear it here on prn the performance racing network. Show's brought to part by blue EMU. Great Product made in America. Wonderful. Four. What makes your knees ails you and it's great pain relieving cream, and what else you lost thing so we we appreciate their sponsorship and they're based out of Bristol Tennessee. Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, it is. I'm not not far at all from where take this next week. 'cause we're. GonNa, be gone for like twelve days. I figured that out on a Lotta motorcycle ride and I have to assume that that that could make some achey bones a little bit on the back. I mean like that just I. In fact I have a jar of at sitting my bathroom right now, so brad and I are going to Indianapolis different. Ways Brad's riding his motorcycle and Leaving leaving Thursday this. Thursday because I have to be in India on Friday, so yeah going straight to indy between Indian Kentucky. My plan was to go up into. Canada but it's clothing. Not GonNa. Let you. Can find a way to convince. I, it's essential that I go visit Lakeside Park. Yeah, you know. Someone wrote a song about you. Don't WANNA go into a country and it be closed, right? There's no pets like chase. Yeah, yeah, so world shut down. Yeah, I'M GONNA. Go through Michigan across the upper peninsula through Wisconsin and all that in between Indian. Kentucky, so we're heading to Indianapolis Motor. speedway Alexis we will. Will. Miss you always have a wonderful time. We'll go up there and broadcast the BRICKYARD, but they're going to make some history this coming weekend on Saturday, I just think this is marvel's that will be two races at the Indianapolis Motor speedway. Yes, very much looking forward to it. There's going to be an INDYCAR race Saturday morning into early Saturday afternoon and then the NASCAR. Series is going to run on the road. Course at Indianapolis, motor speedway, which is never first of all. The double header has never happened before the road course NASCAR running on the road course has never happened before so I mean there's so many unknowns going into the weekend I'm I'm really looking forward to it I am sad that I'm not going to be able to go. I I. Really Enjoy going to Indianapolis I love the city of Indianapolis I loved the race track. Just going there walking in I mean you know you hear all the stories about goosebumps? Now it's real it's real people. It's real. And so I'm going to miss that, but I'm really looking forward to catching it all on television and seeing what happens on the radio. Yeah me, too. I mean and so many unique things about this now. INDYCAR has raised with NASCAR for decades. They done it with the truck series at Texas since Nineteen ninety-seven, but they've never raced with the cup or xfinity series on the same weekend, but think about this to you know in those weekends. Andy Stone uses firestone tires, NASCAR does not. They used goodyear tires. They talk about the rubber. Compounds are different and all of that think about it for the Cup drivers. There are a couple of turns on the Indie road course that on the oval. That won't be seen with the cars on. On the road course, but a couple that will be seen so when the cup drivers go out there for the first time when the green flag drops on Sunday, they'll be hitting turns. Wherever has been laid down all weekend followed by turns where no rubber has been later going I, never thought I'd be a good I last going to be exciting the the road. Course, there's very challenging. Yeah, I think it's going to challenge these young bucks that we've got an xfinity series. There's not a lot of elevation. There's virtually no banking Yay and when they come by the pagoda, which is the huge nine storey building. Right at the start finish line. They're going to be going backwards. The. Back which they will be doing from turn one racing toward turn four. So how is this going to affect the radio broadcasts? Because obviously when we've gone. and Co partnered with INDYCAR radio. We have a certain amount broadcasters that we use for the Oval for the Senate race, and will use for the cup race on Sunday. But how will this affect what you guys do on Saturday now? Fortunately are very good friends at the Indianapolis Motor speedway Radio Network have broadcast races on the road course before with. With the Indianapolis Motor speedway Grand Prix, and they already have predetermined locations where the turn announcers can be to call the action I got I got a notice, a little bit of an inside story here from our good mark gains like five minutes after they announced the stock cars. We're GONNA race. He says well. Here's where everybody goes, so it's it uses the same number of people, but road courses are challenged abroad and mark will be on this week, so reilly auto parts pit reporters by the way a fantastic. And you're GonNa be you and Brett McMillan speaking of Brat will be working pits for the INDYCAR race crack. We will be working on PIP. Cool, that's going to be amazing. The and Doug can say this because Doug did the double, the indy five hundred in the coq six hundred the same day, so he did pit road for that. I've done pit road for Indycar at Texas and you're pacing number one. The pitstops are so much faster within the because remember all four corners, but I'm sitting there, and it felt like the race just started and I'm hearing on the radio You know a bunch of accented drivers talking about. You know. What we're pitching in two laps and white. What are you talking about like? We started the race ten. You know it's just weird crazy, but it's everything in the INDYCAR. World. Faster. Yeah Oh yeah. The cars are faster even when they brought new garden that came here and ran a car on the road Motor speedway! It was amazing to watch that car. Dart around here. It was like a water bug and you were in the booth. March, because we're you in the booth. When it was? gotten through with a think, maybe a qualifying. And they brought that car out. And it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen because it it let me okay one day. They bring Indy cars back. Your I really hope they do you know? They might under this configuration. They ran the oval. We had the tragic deaths when a tire off of a car, but I think in this more control situation be a heck of a show I would love it. I love any car I. Love All forms of racing and obviously NASCAR I. Love watching any car. It is so much fun that would be. A precursor to a true INDYCAR NASCAR Cup, double header I think so I think we certainly see how it works this this coming weekend at Indianapolis and If it works smoothly, I I think it would be great I mean there's been so much talk about for so long that you know. It seems like everything is on the table these days you know regardless of of what? Chatter is out there and I think it would be really cool. You just mentioned the perfect scenario, and that's the role of Charlotte I cannot think I truly cannot think and we've seen the car. Do Great on ovals they put on. Thrilling shows Texas and other tracks cannot think of a better scenario to see a true double header there's. Street courses to that people are talking about. Cars when you know when we get the new the new car in in twenty, twenty two that can handle street courses that could be something that could be on weekend to the beauty of the wroval and not just hype in the home team here. Is that you can see all of absolutely. If you'RE A row ten and up, you can see the whole track and you don't. You don't get that and I'm not knocking Watkins Glen I love that place, but you don't get that at road America or Watkins gleaned. At Indy this weekend though you won't You get it here so I think the fact that Roger Penske. Now owns indycar and the Indianapolis Motor speedway, and all the things that go with it, and he carries a pretty big stick in the NASCAR world. If he wants it to happen if he wanted to happen, he gets up with the right people and says let's do this at folks. His indycar shot by the way is located in Mooresville North Carolina. It's kind of in the back room of the stock. Yeah, think about this like Simon Passion Oh yeah. Lives in Charlotte. On like Norman WH-. Willpower you no Australian. Driver lives in Charlotte. You know all those indy-car racers live here. That is amazing. If you go and visit their there. Yes, you did and and we went in the back. Room where they have the. It. It's like ninety percent of the facility is about stockcar because they're bigger and bulkier, and then they might more call, and it's like they've got a closet almost with. Indy cars. Elaborate a little bit anyway. We'll take a final time out. Come right back. You. Wash the outside. Clean the inside and make sure maintenance up today. Hamper your car's engine and you'll system by adding Xamax. Micro Louver again. Using the fluids as a carrier to reach internal parts Z. Bax literally soaps in the metal dispersing harmful carbon buildup. Health improve performance extend engine life ed reduce, emissions. Cemex today at Zemach Dot Com or your local auto parts store. Did you know that you can take with you anywhere? That's right by downloading the free PR and mobile APP. You can listen to all of our live race broadcast anywhere. You'll also have easy access to all of our award. Winning studio shows. Download, the PR and mobile APP Today for station listings and. To our show archives get all the latest racing information at your fingertips with the PR, mobile APP available now in the apple APP store and on Google play. A mayor of Jones and you're listening to fast talk on the performance racing network. Eight Skopje Martingale, Paul's chat on z Max, racing country. We're so proud of bringing you the best singers and country music, and the biggest stars in this cars, grabby brothers Osborne. What would she tell me about you guys? It so you that I played Munchkin and the wizard of Oz. She just thinks it's funny because I'm tall. I played the Munchkin. Hi This is Major General Chuck Swan each year speedway children's charities partners hundreds of programs nationwide that helped children from combating pediatric. Pancer to providing a healthy meat. We help kids wherever and whenever they need to the support of our longtime partnership and awesome fans. We have granted more than fifty five million dollars helping more than thirteen million children in your surrounding. Learn more about how you can help child by visiting US at speedway Charities Dr. Of course this coming weekend. Combined crew for the Indianapolis Motor speedway radio network. Racing Network, who broadcast to racists from Indianapolis Motor speedway. We talked a great deal about one of them being the xfinity race, but then turned right around, and we run the brickyard four hundred on Sunday and Alexis. Even though it doesn't draw the crowds in this year, there will be no crab because of the pandemic. Still a big deal. It's still something everybody in the stockcar universe, one of those trophies with a little gold brick on. Yeah, it's undoubtedly one of the crown jewels of our sports and and you have to think now that as you mentioned earlier with things changing hands, and now being ownership with the penske entertainment. Group and Roger Penske that there you know is a little bit extra something oop for the for. For the team penske drivers you know to get to victory lane to be able to say you know I won the first brick yard four hundred under the penske banner so Yeah, I mean it's GonNa. Be An interesting race. My I'm just GONNA. Go ahead and give you my wicks pick now, and that's bread Kozlowski. Because I like I said. I just feel like those drivers are going to want I. Mean Look the captain. You know he like you. Said carries a big stick. People want to make him happy and I think his drivers are going to give a little bit extra effort this weekend to make sure they get one of their cars in victory lane. All right a are going to go somewhere else denny. Hamlin has had the ability to step up and win big races to Daytona five hundred's and all star race win southern five hundred now. He's not one the Coca Cola six hundred yet, but we've watched any. When he determined I've got to win a road course and focused on that. He went out and won a road. Course finished second at Snowman Watkins Glen Danny is very determined to get that brickyard trophy to add to his collection, and as much as I should probably go with our defending winter I'm taking the number eleven. Denny Hamlin going to be tough. He's going to be he's going to be really fast. But I I, don't know I. I might go with one or the other penske guys and it's corn. Flip for me between Lugano. And Blaney but right kind of leaning in the Blaney Court I just feel like that car is a tick faster week in and week out the June momentum. Yes, and George good driver. Joy could easily go up there and win a, but that's race also. That's a lot like what you just talked about with Pocono two and a half miles lot of windy pit Wendy, not pit. That race doesn't always go to the swiftest hugger was Pinski Pocono yeah, they're pretty good. More than me. No, I mean Pocono. No, they weren't. Weren't that good and last year I. Remember you know the big story line at Indy. Last year was people kept crashing out right race down. I mean another crash. Another call at Harvard dominated lead, one hundred and eighteen laps won the pole and literally put on a clinic. It's almost amazing that none of us are going with Harvick and one of US probably should rally regret that sometimes you go with your gut or your heart, and it was also I felt like the best moment ever for bubble. Wallace, he finished. Third at the brickyard last year. To me is better than second. Daytona, I would agree. Yeah, I think that takes a lot more driving skill to do that. It'll be fun. It'll be fun to see it. Sorry? There aren't going to be fans. There I really miss that when the driver's win, and they get out of the car, and there's no one there even at Talladega. There were a handful of people there to celebrate blame win for that made a big difference, so can't wait till we get fans back, but we're not gonNA. Do that until it's safe to do so guys. Thanks, a lot been a lot of fun. Thank you absolute end. We will head off Brad and I will be heading up to Indianapolis Motor speedway this week, and then not that far down the road to Cincinnati Ohio, which is the closest city to Kentucky? Speedway can't wait when you fly to Cincinnati Racism. In the State of Kentucky, czar and we will land right back here next. Monday with a whole bunch more fast talk. Baz talk was presented by Toyota for the latest Toyota racing information visit Toyota. Dot Com, which filters looking for the right cabin air filter Goto. WICKS FILTERS DOT COM and by auto trader auto trader is the only one with price confidence from Kelley blue, book auto trader. Finally it's easy.

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