Wealth Academy Podcast - Episode #70 - Wendy H Jones Shares Extraordinary Book Writing and Marketing Expertise


Welcome to the wealth academy podcast. This podcast helps you discover. Wealth is more than just money. It consists of several empowering components that make up wealth and your personal and business life. Now here's your host hall. Everyone this is your host. Paul lawrence van host of wealth academy podcast. Glad to have everyone in the community here today and what we're going to talk about as writing books and marketing bucks and we have no one else better to do this to share this with us. Then wendy aged jones. Good morning wendy. How you doing today. i am very well. thank you. I feel privileged to be here to be joining you in maryland. Even though i'm here in scotland the honor is all mine. And and wendy is from scotland's fourth largest city dundee and. We're going to talk a little bit about her bio and then we're going to get started into the interview and wendy is the president of the scottish association of writers and runs to writing groups and scotland the writers city riders dundee and history writers online. She is also a renowned international public speaker and available for speaking engagements and to run workshops. She is the host of the writing and marketing show podcast and as a writing and marketing coach. Her first online course get started marketing. Your book released an october twenty twenty and she has the c o of author preneurs accelerate academy an online membership to help. Riders develop their craft and learn the business of writing. And that's not all. She's also a prolific author writer speaker and a great leader on top of that. So we're gonna get started in this interview right now. Wendy are you ready to go ready tastic. So wendy welcome to wealth academy podcast. Please share your backstory. As to how at an early age she would provide it with an adult library card from your local library. In the scottish city of dundee. This story is going to excite me more than anyone on the planet stories. We're very feisty. In scotland we don't take things lying down you know especially the women. Were you know we. We got away. Well obser- natalie leader. And i could read by the time i was three and my mother wanted to get a library card on. You allowed a library card when you were three when i was young you can. You can help it when you're born but you couldn't then you have to wait till your five and at school but my mother got her own way and took me with it and i got a cart and by the time i was ten i'd moved on from all the children's books onto the adult books and library art which is also something else again that he was sixteen great. I tell you that that has to. That story really warms my heart because it talks about the importance of reading. Yeah and valuable and i want the young people who listening to really learn from the experience that wendy jones hat that it would take you to places. You've never been before and thank you for sharing that story. Wendy no worry. I mean i love reading and i'm passionate by begun healthy and tastic beautiful now. Please share how being adventurous result in joining the raw navy training to be a nurse and then joined the army and being assigned to places such as hong kong and israel which provided great opportunities to travel in the far and middle east which is an education to itself and it played a role. And you become an arthur so if you can share about how adventurism is really a part of who you are adventure. I mean when i was about fifteen i showed a farm in and said the dia wanted to be a nurse in the royal navy. I just filled it in after the careers. But i didn't tell anybody. I was doing it and then i got into few much to my mother. Surprise gospel which is near portsmouth in england and she said why are you going to go there. I said have gotten into joined the royal navy walter nasty when what celebrate about it and i was only sixteen anyway but that wasn't even quite sixteen and so i got an interview and i was accepted on joined oil navy. Then i am. I was lucky. I got to germany. Gibraltar than i laughed and got my first paycheck outside the military though. I don't think much to this. And i joined the army as an officer and i got to go all over the world. I was really fortunate. I got to go to hong kong to germany. I go to israel. I got strikers and gibraltar. Where did i never got to go. And all of those twenty years was to war. I got to travel extensively. And i mean extensively when i was in hong kong went on thirty two different holidays and a lot of the more adventurous and i can tell you to by being an jungle and tropical storm tigers and things like that goodness podcast about you but during that time i was telling everyone about my ventures. I was writing them down and i wrote all the time as to what i was doing in. Why was doing it and this is what i've always been a storyteller and i've always wanted to tell the stories and to make the more adventurous than perhaps they may be may have been kind of lies us for sure but i tell a story and you always embellish things to make the story better so i'd never turned away from a bit of adventure and if somebody says do you want to do x. i'll go yes i'll do it and then you think oh my goodness well i agree to. We'll tell you that is really exciting because again you. Eleven your passion. You love to travel onto bear exotic locations a lot of times If if we're not in the military we otherwise would not get to visit knows location and then stay for an extended period of time so to me. That really speaks to your passion for life. And it's just wonderful wonderful. So let's a dev into your writing. Novels specifically centered around. When i want to start with the five series of the inspector shona mackenzie mysteries. That sounds so exciting and at alliance with you read it adult crime novels in your youth. What procedures are your stories toll from. And what are the names of some of your books if you will please. Yeah well the detective inspector showing mckenzie mysteries of police procedural but they're unusual because you get to see them from the point of view about the police on the killer. Now you don't know who the killer is what you know what they're doing why they're doing it so you get to see their story as well as police story on serial killers all of them not novels my head which is what hang because there's a law dead bodies and they say by what i would just like to say. I've never killed anybody in my life that someplace solve some crimes three can't anyway It takes you to be honest to be in the mind of a serial killer as quite dark place to be. Said he'd get to be our unique in that you're getting to see both sides of the stories on because of the the first war journal titles killers just started by accident. The first to have called chillers can't dine and killers collapsed. I was doing talk to liability on one of the people that was there said. Oh so what's your next to be cold. And i said killers will ever. It wasn't the went but that doesn't begin with a c. It's not meant to note is meant to the second. What's up to start with seafood. But basically you're you're examining how the police work on. How the killer. Words killer works on the killer caught killers Killers cross killers taught killers. Chillers kept seven is going to be killers curse sin so it's really a psychological. Thrillers are similar to what we see in the states. We have the public broadcast service. They have a lot of the -tective inspector movies. That television shows that. Come on here which is really exciting. And of course you know. I watched them all me. Just one of my favorite programs essentially ncis. Yes yes i like those shows and because it's just is trying to unfold the mystery what really happened and as you stated going inside the police head in terms of how they're trying to figure it and the killers head in terms of what he leaves for you to solve in the long run so i i find it to be very exciting. So what you're saying is with your seventh book. Is this the one that you release in february. Twenty twenty one. The title of that one is again. Chandler's curse curse satan dundee a new orleans or new orleans medica to exciting places. Been to new orleans. Many times i went for the food. I went for the festival. Oh very good very good. I'm really enjoying this. So let's now move on to cass. Clay more investigates share with listeners to essence of this series. And what does it entail. Cast claimed moore is completely completely different from the detective. Inspector shauna mckenzie completely. First of all it's humorous crime if anybody's ever read john. Ivanovich is stephanie plum series. While the americans are saying that casts claim or is a scottish. Stephanie plum which. I'm glad they're saying not because that was what i say to do. Estimates soon now cast clay more a right motorbike writing expert who've been hard headed to private detective agency an accident way. Hires an ex con dwarf in octogenarian is just a lot of fun she has no clue what she's doing. The ex con dwarf knows motivated than she does. Because he's been there at knows what's happening but it's just a lotta k- i really a lotta fun. And some other. She manages to solve the mystery. Very nice but i can see that i can actually see the characters as you explain in them. Read head I live closer to holly ship. So i can have seen that before. So that's that's really excited as well and can when we look at how you coming up with this type of creativity. What does that come from me to write a novel in of itself. I've written some books too. But i haven't tried that novel. How where does that inspiration. Come from well. Inspiration comes from everywhere really. You might read something at some point and somehow or other it stuck in your brain and to be honest my first book in the detective inspector. Shauna mckenzie miss. Today's just one hundred seven dream to be honest. And i thought oh that would make a really good book and i went from there. So you're starting point is to come up with a concept and then you just take it from there and just let the brick right itself really in the characters takeover. Some to be creative. You'd i need to be you. Need to be nausea. Really unique needs to read widely. You need to watch everything that's going on around you you know. I was on a train. Once in i was in first class but for some reason i must have got cheap deal because i don't need normally travel awesome the train but i was in first class and some women was upset about something. I'm not entirely. Not when i say upset. She was angry about something. I don't know what he was getting. A boat was known to do me. But and i thought i wonder what could happen. Eventually if she is angry about this and suddenly she disappears and she disappears off the train and nobody knows where she's gone because the train hadn't stopped when she disappeared and things like your brain just goes rage. Strange ways vity love it. It's really amazing. I'm really like really enjoying this. So i don't get to speak to experts like yourself about this novels about these type of things now. I also want to pass onto our listeners. that Really focused with your family. And your two nieces. Who was so proud of you. For ben and arthur great joy well in. I hope unfair. That gorgeous notable older now one of them's nineteen and the other one's going to be seventeen in april. You know. the they challenge the fred's oh my autism my idea right spooks who series and things you know which is great and come to my book signings. But but that's florida mysteries. Which young adults through about them because obviously one's a boy one's a girl but i cheat aspects of them to shape teenagers. You know because being around teenagers you think oh well that would make a good thing for book. Cannot a my. Niece's i love later. delightful sign. Yeah i have a daughter seventeen. My son is fourteen. So i get a chance to be in that world for which is a lot of fun. But thanks for sharing that with cheeses and please provide a synopsis of fergus. And flora series sheer what the essence of this series is about well in florida at a couple of seventeen year olds. Who scotland Things that you'd want to do but you never lent to. Because it's dangerous. Settings accepted so basically in the first book which is called the targets carpet is being rebranded in new covers and going with a new publisher. And it's going to be called Dagger but basically what happens is is it did i get on an ancient egyptian doctor is a museum in dundee and it gets stolen Dundee so the only people that can find this dog at and break the curse at a couple of teenagers coke fed sent flora on their dates as a say they do everything that not meant to do running around on quad bikes old enough to be on court by on the rights. But yesterday things just getting into everything and the the causing mischief but they're not causing mischief. Sounds like a lot of fun. Isn't like scooby doo very fun. A lot of fun. I love it and a windy. Let's take a look at the children and children. Readers please provide a synopsis of your book. Berty the buffalo for listeners. Sheryl the buffalo is basically a scottish water. Buffalo not doesn't mean it scottish because there's no such thing as a sculptor but he was born on. What in real life. He was born on a buffalo farm firemen into scotland scotland and he ran away in real life and was runner. I'm scotland donis on foot two weeks which i'm the bbc which is the british broadcasting station at picked up on this. And what's called colbert and pick kids all over the world. Where saying has he been founder. Has he been fanget. Then somebody said you should write a book about her and someone talked me on facebook instead of wendy jones. We'll do it so i thought little of it then. I was asked to write the book. And i got a publisher on. The book. came out bertie. The buffalo his basically the story of what bad The baby water buffalo doing running around scotland on his own and take some beams up because children's picture job was a theme theme of there's theme of not feeling belong is a theme of looking out for each other unanswered theme of actually. You're better home because everybody loves you. They're really That's great but i tell you. Pbs does put out some really great quality programming. And i always watch it. I've watched it for decades great program their shows. It's just unbelievable. Young people were not saying it. They're missing out. That's all i can tell them. So let's Just a bit into your books. Writing matters that what's included in this series. Seen a couple of your covers on those as well i. I'm also writing in marketing coach. And i do speaking on writing in marketing. I speak at conferences. All over the world. In fact i was meant to be on a twelve week to the states last year butts. It didn't happen over it and soon when i was doing speaking this. You've got books to go with it. So i brought on a marketing which has been rebranded as marketing maters on. It's to help people market more effectively and then i'm also an nlp coach. Which is noodles ristic programming. So many pe- trained on ion but also a book called motivation martyrs which is to motivate people to write every day on. Its three hundred sixty six exercises based on out p help you right every day one should be able to write at three and a couple of both this barrosa in there. Yeah i know. I've written a three solo books three co authored and people. Ask me well Do you ever get a block. I says the exact opposite. I can't stop once. I start writing. I can't stop love right. Yes i love to write. So let's move a bit into a some of the things that you're doing. I wanna talk about your podcast just a bit in terms of what it entails. You have writing marketing show. Let's talk about that a bit. In what what your listeners community receive. Listen to the podcast there. Yeah well. I was doing a radio. Show wendy's bus and it was local radio and i basically interviewed authors about their books and it was into. It was a bit desert island. Discs meets books really on people with less than they were talking about the fi- music choices and they talk about the books but then for various reasons it was taking me quite a long time to go up to the. It's taken me over another to get up there. It was taking me marriage. And i thought well am. I a podcast. I can do it from home. But i wanted something. That would actually help writers on with help people to land into right so i decided to do the right thing. In market in short it covers all aspects of the business of right tank so every week. There's a different speaker Who i interview on. They can be writers or the money. Experts are podcast Most of them do write books as well on they talk about different aspects of writing so basically takes you through everything that you could need about the business of writing a marketing on publishing books absolutely a lot of people very inquisitive about it For me for example at kept saying why was in the air force. I want to write a book to write a book. And then once i wrote the book i wrote two books in one month. I just went crazy right aid. Wake up at three in the morning. One chapter per day and everything worked out jess great but have a source. Such as yours is just invaluable. Because it takes the guesswork out. What do i do next. How do i do it. What resources to call on so that that works out really great now you also have an online course titled get started in marketing your buck. Let's talk about that just a bit. Wendy well again. People i'm a writing martin coach and people were paying me for one to ones on all of this and i well i could give this in a course and people can access it at one time that can access it forever more when you buy the course than you got it for. Whatever yet a not way they don't have to think. Oh what did they say can't remember. You know it's there. And i thought that would be useful so i i mean i'm i'm into i'm a geek anyway. I love computers. I loved anything online. I love anything electronic. Commonality a doctor. And i i was. I worked in education when i was in the services. I was the head of pre registration education. So i'm used to doing stuff online at what teacher training shoes to do stuff online and combined the two. I did all that that is outstanding. Because i i again. It gives someone that opportunity and they can do it at their own pace. Absolutely yes evergreen. So they can always go back to it. Refer to and bill from there. It is a great way to learn as well really yeah. I've written a couple of online courses as well and it shocked me when i wrote it. So let's talk a bit about the fact that you would. A ceo of other preneurs accelerate academy. Let's talk about that. So alex skill learn even more about you again not went back to the coaching. I was doing because people were asking. The same questions. Wanted the same input then. I realized that what people that wanted to let them how to write a book. There were people who wanted to learn more about During online who wanted to learn more about the business of rights anglo wanted to take their rights and further unwanted. Nobody while you know again. I could do this as a a monthly membership. So people pay a monthly membership and for that they got access to all my courses so that are more courses now and that they can get access to it through that they can get one they get they get every week. There's an online master class or face creek live or coaching call group coaching. So they get once a week input. And it's just the one monthly membership so it saves money really because otherwise the pay me x. amount of dollars per hour. This wave access to everything china across the board. Yes yes that's fantastic and having that opportunity to go in there and they have pure accountability having won some strategy sessions etc absolutely. Yes that is invaluable. Priceless is really the word for that. So wendy our time is coming to a close. Is there anything else you would like to share at this time and first of all i want to let you know. I am thrilled beyond measure to be able to interview you. I mean i'm really really just so proud to be able to do this. Well i was my honor. It really was. I was delighted when you invited me. Because you know being on a podcast like this. I hope i give value what i want to say is if people want to take anything away from this and they think oh. I want to write a book yet. The first step in writing a book everybody goes. I don't know where to start litter late. The first step is to pick up a piece of paper and a pencil and start writing. That's how you start writing even if you start with once upon a time you know. Just start because it's as easy as not now. Obviously it's a lot more complex in the long run but you can start writing normal. Anybody tell you you're not a writer because people think they can't right because their teachers told them so. It's school what do they know. Exactly 'cause features. I'm not getting it. Teachers teachers a phenomenal. Absolutely just a lot of things. They have no right to tell anybody. They can't write a totally agree. And course the meaning is. You're not writing the way. I want you to write for this exam correct. That's and that's what they should be saying. No you can't write because everybody gets sixty activity uptown. Took them on. If you want to write stott writes on thoughts that way to you know that oh quote. Everyone has a book inside of them. That's very true. It is absolutely to everybody has now. I've had somebody say another bit to that. And i don't agree with either. Some of the books should stay there. That's another point. Everybody has a book to in them now. Every book should be published this difference. You're absolutely needs to be published. So everybody has a buchen site them and they can write it on. Its even if the only write it themselves to write that book absolutely. I totally agree. And thank you so much for sharing that because again it can inspire and motivate a lot of people in empower people to become authors and in addition to speakers as well so i thank you so much for that. So wendy jumps thank you so much for being a wonderful guest. The wealth academy podcasts community. Honest your presence. Our friend have a wonderful new year. And may it be your very best. -joyed interviewing her and real quick. I want to just go of her background. Just a bit here. She's from the beautiful city of dundee. Which it's the fourth largest city in scotland. And she is the arthur art of several books novels such as diy shona mackenzie mysteries. And cass claymore investigates fergus and flora mysteries birdie. The buffalo writing matters and much much more and so she's not only an author writer and speaker but i look at her as a great leader in her industry as well so Wendy h jones. Thank you so much. And i really look forward to following you even more and recommend the new to the people in the wealth academy podcasts community. And thank you all right and this is going to end. Today's episode and exciting one with wendy. H jones helling from dundee scotland beautiful country of scotland. And i want to thank all of you recommend this your friends if family your colleagues and have them tuned into this episode. Seventy of wealth academy podcast. My name is paul van. Go out to apple podcasts. And rate and review this particular episode. Give windy as jones of five star rating. Why out there and we really appreciate it. My time is up. And i thank you for yours again. My name is paul. On's van host of wealth academy podcasts. Have a great day everyone else. You've never signed the to everything that was mentioned. You will find the show notes on my landing. Page subscribe to the wealth academy podcast rate overview. The podcast on itunes.

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