Live Rally GB preview featuring Petter Solberg and Elfyn Evans


Hi It's Jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey Jamie. It's me Jamie this. Is Your daily Pep Talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about cappella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year sorry it was pitchy. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by State Law. It's that time of year again. Radebe starts today as the World Rally Championship Kinship really heads into the business end of the season with the first of three events that will decide the best and the title on technically timings tighter but citrine semester nausea isn't going to give up on his seventh consecutive title without a fight and Hindus. Terry novell still chasing his first now. Usually I say I'm your host Joel but this song that position my colleague David Evans on Wednesday night he hosted alive podcast that is what you might call a crossover episode between the podcast and the new gravel notes podcast as the name suggests it covers all things rallying cover the world stage and well beyond so have a listen and if you like it please de-subscribe just just such a gravel notes and your podcast supplier of choice now. David Evans is joined by all sorts of well known names for this life podcast which recorded and the sports service service parked including four times Reggie when a petter Solberg and his son Oliver Twenty Seventeen with a Elfyn Evans Hayden padden and spotting principal rich milner and many more so it's over to you David Hello and good evening from plan did note landed my do. I say that right did not yet. There's nothing worse than an English from trying to say Blanda Nerissa. Nothing was so welcome to 'em salt. What's Service Park we are here. This is also sports preview to run. AGP Wales Rally TV and joining me obviously is Elvin Evans former winner two years ago winner of this rally so welcome welcome home. Thanks always really nice to. It's obviously be backing unready on ready to to compete home. Obviously you know two three months ago. It was doubtful when I'd be back to be honest but obviously thankfully got the green light and obviously really happy to be an I mean it is. It's such a big deal isn't it. I mean missing. Three rallies is hard enough but the prospect of missing this one would really hurt. I think Colin onto size of the of the coin really no one obviously it's the whole family and you're too but secondly you know if you miss fall rallies and there's there's only two left in the year. You know you feel like you've made such a massive chunk. Then at least we have three rallies to together. TV Okay well. Let's jump straight in to rally. Gb I saw oh you on the on the record today at lunchtime and tell us about stages. How are they looking on the whole really really good to be honest. especially the Saturday stages are in exceptional conditions to be honest year-on-year. I think like it's the best route like dovey. especially is very very fast. Sunday stages while looking looking pretty good the first thing I think could be a little bit tricky. you know that first stage and Elsie is new everyone very technical and Nado stage so a bit of a different day for at least the start of a Friday. It's kind of Nice though isn't it very well. Elsie is a tricky. It's kind of a Parkland stage lots of much more technical twisty but then pay mcnew opens out and then you've got governor. Which is I mean? That's a classic isn't it doesn't yeah definitely is obviously slee a bit of a longer variation this again then what we had last year again really yep and then what can we what can we expect. We we saw you win two years ago an amazing victory. You know really emotional win at home. What's possible. Do you think from from you this time coming off the back of your last time you sat in the car competed Estonia in June July. Remember which what are you reckon. Let's here we go. We're doing everything we can to to do as well as we can. There's no set should have trying to bet ourselves in or anything like that way just trying to go for it and and see what happens obviously really nice to win again but obviously we know that you the competition is wholesome and everything has gone away but ultimately you have to aim for for that first place and it's upset with voting and it's kind of difficult than it because you're jumping back into the the middle of a massive championship fight. There's three guys at the front that are absolutely hammering tongs and two three weeks ago. They were doing in Turkey. Does that does that. Make could easy to jump back in or do you just forget that and just get on with what you're doing. I think we have to consider what we're doing. I detest ended last week and the feeling was pretty good uh-huh. Oh I think so long as we can find out with him and things early on then. There's no reason why we we can't fight yeah just one last question for me before vocal. Alvin has to go to satellites up. Who's firstly who's going to win the championship. I'm not going to bet against all right at the MOLINS. He's obviously very strong wrong all year but then step has this massive habit of making a comeback doesn't like it's. It's a difficult one to call. Obviously tell us right as well off any money. I probably have to put it on yeah okay now. We've got some questions from you. The readers watches viewers. Whatever Neil Perry has asked. What are the chances of a podium from your starting position? That's a pretty relevant question. Isn't your obviously a bit further down ninth on the road. Yeah I mean it depends on the conditions basically it it could work very much against as we've seen some years here whether the timesheets tumble by three or four seconds of every car that passes this. Is You know if that's the case then he's obviously going to be difficult but then last year we would also sat second overall starting at the back of the field after the first loop so you know we can't. Sir Assume that because we back that we're not going to be in with a shelter. We have to do the best job we can Let's see what happens at the end yeah okay with a nice stage and have ahead and have you been able to practice driving the dog. Yes money's not a huge amount but some training on the test the marshals were kind enough to to stay onto to let me do some driving so so yeah that was all good and hopefully we can get these set low. These lights set up correctly now than It should be okay but not there's a fascination during the duck yeah. It is a great one well you you mentioned you go off and set your lights up. Actually you're not going to do it right now because hopefully not not going to the call our but you've got a lot of stuff to crack on with Alvin. Thank you very much wish you all who is coming in now. I'm GonNa Switch Position Tame. We've got another Mike. Actually we're going to the MIC because we have been joined joy by Hayden pattern as well first question. We were just talking about hand dark stage on Saturday. Do they know how difficult table it's not with you. How difficult is it to drive staging dark. It's of course more difficult because you cannot shit at margin the long distance so you really need to draw to your base notes and on full more debase notes and that's it yeah we. I mean we've seen some really good performances from you in the past coming through the five car and and into the world car tell me about that step up from the Dr Five Wilco. How difficult is it almond event like this politics pretty big steps in to of course there's pretty good driver and the level of the early high but I will change. WFAN going all the states. He's on the limits and if you make some mistakes you can be in the next state cuts them. No No. It's not GonNa Happen and sorry sorry to say Hayden. You've taken that step in that direction. We'll card down to the five car but it's all a means to an end there isn't that the ultimate is to get back into a world. We'll rent a car next year but you tested the five car day. One actually really add to go back to the farm so so you know this weekend is really just getting smaller spec in the in the seat and I'm do some rallies again but Justin back to you know now era obviously it's a good base for the five of ca but when you get used to the the WC Kaffa so many years to come back to this is actually really really difficult. I mean that the era d-notice area much here on on this event l. a. a lot on the fast and you know not so much but day to here is generally quite fast stages and even though it's covered in mud still working a lot so you hit that benefit okay now you boys are going to do you like says well just before you go tell us about Australia. What can we expect from you obviously earn in and if he has to well rennick are in Australia what's possible. Do you think that wow just to go drive as fast McCain and enjoy it oversee when you've spent a year. LSAT lever which is going to be had the slot right back in the top obviously we want to be there but you've got to be realistic as well so just to be stroke became and going enjoy and do you think we can have whether there was good as this in. Australia really comes from New Zealand. You say I forgot about that and the quick prediction team where you're gonNA finish on Sunday six aw come on until three okay boy. You can do your lights. Thank you very much. We have missed a PETTUS. It's over four time all the time and how it but all of Pets Solberg they stemming correctly yep. We looked down that we can see facing camera. Cameras are there but that's what everybody else can say so. What should we start with. Who's compulsion before you take this enthused. You know I didn't have time. There's no time shave cooler with. Do you think does it. You don't have a bit but what Obama do. I look good site. Let's start with pass over four-time with all of this rally mixed emotions. I mean you've you kind of the farewell tour. We learned a lot about that this year but it's great to evacuate. GB isn't it well the these rallies. It's it's very special you know first of all you know to to have the first victory hair and it also renewed world championship will most racists here after a year and then they ruined last year didn't these actually it's terrible and then having. Phil Mill Sussex also local hero all these things together. It's is making this very very special you know and this is menu reasons why also and over tour hair in Rela Gbi It's a lot of pressure on you know to perform your phone for sure but we will do the best but also I mean above that you've got Oliver who we should move to all of our very briefly question Russian. It was a big week last week. Tell us tell us what happened last week. I've never been so nervous in my life. It can help you with the driving test. You know all the pressure going on already signed signed on for Wales almost trying to pass a driving test. I was very very nervous before but I made it on the second second time on the written test and then I what what do you think just we will move on from this very quickly. What do you remember the question that you got wrong. In theory. Can you can tell all of the all of the people who are watching out there. If you're in Sweden question with embarrassing because you can have the statistics after their correct on the environment I was correct on rules with the one thing I was wrong on. Will the car really thinks on the car. Yes arms and stuff seriously. That was embarrassing did you. You'd I didn't do us. Did you do a written test. Yeah the the written test that in my mind straight away your mom doesn't say after I remember I. I think I did straight away. You don't believe me but I shall. We never had these in England. We probably do now but anyway moving on. I JUST WANNA. I trust you how we've talked about the pressure the foul tool but you've also got Oliver here and you know your running behind Oliver. I'm not sure your fifty three three zero four yeah okay so I think he is. He looks looks like now at the State's Maria. You're in front. Oh me so yeah I you know I'm I'm very first of all. I'm hearing from own race for sure but I'm nervous service well. He's race and having to me I think flashing lights and they have to do the right thing. But how will it be either when you're when you sat behind a new watch him going to the stage because you have got three minutes maybe to focus on your own thing. Can you stop thinking about all of well I will do. You could raise myself to be honest with you about that. I haven't well. I'd I draw thirty days with over scarred last weekend and also made a new car for me to that the tested now on Monday online with forty-five case feel like you know to get the peso's in entrust them and really attack on it. You know it takes a liberal. I think repulsive foster through the race but I don't think will keep up properly with with older drivers from the start but but I will have fun and do the airfield swarming again. Also it's it's fantastic the phone we had on Iraqi interest stories and you know feel have quite dry humour you know and it's coming with this brown brown shoes you know very English and Welsh Garnell. He was because the Irish English well. That's nothing to do with me anyway. Moving on the how's IT WE'RE GONNA be for you to to in Finnish you talk about you know. How do you have maybe seventy this year? You've got a bit more and you certainly had a lot more success. This year have avenue. He's been that's for sure it's been a lot of stage miles and also during the Subaru in America also it's been driving but you know in new. Raleigh Raleigh new experience with roads conditions and it's difficult. It's very difficult conditions. I have to say I didn't expect this difficult really when I drove Iraqi okay okay. I knew it was difficult but not this difficult so I don't really have any expectations. We just want to learn how difficult you driven a lot of. GBD's how how difficult is a strong competitor in terms of grip and commission. I must say that the only part I remember from from this is the sweet lamp heart not to the snake but the part around the rest of me. I never driven before so it's it's it's very different compare with the compared with thirty days but again you know the way they will change as today. It's been great yesterday was big rain fog so you. I know this is the thing you can go drive hundred and ten percents all the time you know you have to have this margin especially if he needs that marge. I say that not only into because now listen the the Eh think this small margin because the level and the mud you know that that adobe I car brings to the side so you can't drive the proper line as you normally won't so in the corner sometimes we'll be tight as a very real sea but I think like all of eighty s going to be difficult in the forest and around the trees these breaches as tarmac on you know a lot of different different things buddies he's good experience and and just have to understand that you have to just learn exactly and damning aspect of the fact thank the road condition gets worse and worse quite fortunately fortuitously you had the St Pr Sdn was first on the road so so it was a rally in America two or three weeks ago and obviously weren't because you went all around in America these days driving for Subaru but what did that help that you have the CIA chain condition. I know you I on the road but it was it was a chance I have to say. I haven't driven probably elsewhere the before before that so getting that experience was was good for this rally and one of the stages hair looks exactly as well as the stages in America really it was like coming home. It felt very felt exactly the same conditions looks very similar so at least one state. I have some experience from weather. Yeah okay now. I think the big question. The question is which Solberg is gonNA finish. I forgot I I heading driving as on the entry ever race you know and sometimes he's driving us. We don't know you know my parents. We don't that's a real shame because he is an entertainer isn't it was always we're talking about pets brother and uncle heading to you so and I guess punters will exactly so you've pumped Pinchas Pontus in a world rally we give him he probably is going to be a bit quicker than you boys but between the two of you tell me. I say my by that because of experience no pressure. I hope it will be have. What are we in terms of. WRC to you what's possible. There is a good strong failed. Could you win. I don't think so I don't think so if you look at you know twenty seven cars isn't it total and you have the pro and the normal logos too but for us. We got the whole list you know. I think it's to cut it up like got. I don't like everybody or nobody you know and I think you know when you have padden Kopetski an old all this all this. Guy Witherspoon Berg and it's GonNa be very hard to guys have a lot of experience so let's as a have have this weekend and hopefully we will do a lot of Brown's wells next year and about this rally is very very special for us for the history and also between us that logo overall hopefully here for many many more years yeah but that's the point isn't it. You know it's a big family weekend. Now really isn't it and we don't need to get to court on the fact that you know you you chasing chasing Hayden pattern any of that just it's experience and it's it's. It's a great way to say goodbye to GV. Yeah we have a lot of people here this weekend's not coming from from all over and and also especially especially Norway and I think I think always Wales is is very very emotional final and they will be definitely very emotional on Sunday afternoon. I hope I really hope but I mean it is because you know you are your name team and everything that you did you know four wins back to back your loved around and you know it's it's for good reason because your character and sometimes some people might not too many characters in our sport now but you understand. The fact that it's a show isn't it. It's not just a sport and everything is everything is to create something. First of all you have the planning strategy for winning you know that's the thing you know but also the enjoyment for for for the show and entertainment but the focus is I will result but let everybody else be a part of this you know and and and and that's why we're here. We have only for many many years and again. I just have to say you know if it wasn't for Malcolm Wilson time I must say I wouldn't have been standing here now and talk about the Law Tigers Histories of because I think he is maybe the only early guide that understands that to create young drivers and build them up and and and the and risk something for the future and I full credit. Maybe I didn't think so much about the DOT com because you're young and you are so hyped on the radio you know when you get older you understand that he had the right philosophy over sport sport to to create windows and he should have a lot of credit for that he should unfortunately he is stuck on the motorway he should be able to that's pretty stuck in traffic yeah. I think that's about all I can say is have a great weekend. Thank you thank you so much for joining autosport. We are now going to go to you a prerecorded piece to talk to US greensmith about the difference between an awesome car and the world will be back shortly after that Gus. Welcome thank you. This is not the new five now. It's been around for a couple of months. They are five fiercer are five month to. It's a car that you had it. Tell us the huge involvement you have with this car. Yeah I think that was one of the most positive size of my fob interested with so much of the car and basically DESCR did pretty much all of the the rough gravel work and then quite a lot of time account so yeah I did a good took the development and I'm glad to say as soon as I got in the car on rough gravel we want so. I think I did a decent job in outplay that respect to the some of the things that we need to work. We've done some more tests recent fairly allie obvious to me what needs to be done in a team so too so as soon as we get everything should be good okay well. Let's let's let's take a look. I mean the idea tonight is to compare the five car here with the World Rally car. Which of course you drove three times this year sensational world rally car debut in Portugal and then Finland and Germany but starting from the front of the five carts told me the engines a good place to start. How does the engine differ in this. You'll drive for no one that you'd really liked driving on the the the restricts is that we have a very the big restrict so we have three hundred eighty brake horsepower in the in the and I think it's three two hundred nineteen in this so considerably less performance but then Felino if from the work that was done in house and also forms we actually have more talk in the Debiasi to call them we do in the WAC so in this were producing four hundred and seventy-five new two meters talk which for a one point six hundred engines engines fell incredible so it's a very easy 'cause you feel as well having coming out. Some of the more punch out of the happened the new the off basis is basically the power of the engine determining power of the engine and you feel it coming out of slow corners especially when you're just maybe has gone into. Maybe a little too hot. You just kind of falling out of like the kind of the power band talks. Keep it going so he's a more drivable calf especially. If you make a mistake it's more forgiving and then also it's much great so far to customers you. WanNa enjoy the car learning allows you to make a few more mistakes sound but still keep performance and then once you really can get it just the time to seep so every ten and pretend to ten pair in them and then you think not much by the stage you can amount to ten seconds sometimes yeah. That's a massive difference. Okay so moving back. We there's a wheel off handily here. we looking at suspension for mine standing. This is one of the major areas that the fact does differ from the World Cup yeah obviously when there's a all I five caused a restricted on budget so they can only cost a certain unit price is so every thins tailored to that so we can decide where we spend more money than other places but yeah this is one of the areas where there's the biggest difference to WRC car and and uh five th isn't a terrible amount of difference in terms of the ways put together but the components and the the ability to change them in time is short and WBZ Carden as this so yeah. I am I Ryan in thinking I know when I first came out. These are interchangeable from corner to corner the dampers. Yes pretty much so again. That's a huge saving isn't it because on the world car they all spoke doc to a corner yeah. It's it's it's it's like going from a hot fine detail to incredibly precise detail a level of detail just as you would expect as you go to a pinnacle of so into by seeing this area there and now everything is just. I spoke to every single pasta which of this needs to butch and for the people to affordably run through championship which is what this category does but in I mean we'll move to the world current sake but inside can you you obviously when you fire up and get going you can tell a different but seating position everything in there is it's the same between the two cars for me when it was when it was particularly my input in car and not not necessarily massive change because we were already on the same page engineers but for me an important of having a similar to how does feel into is a very special environment to be in and you don't want to sit in something that's you don't want to add excess weight. You want it to feel as if it's something rather special so for me. I'm looking at customs was points view. I was always pushing for this quite hot and for me. I think is the best of any diversity to the moment to see tim position. Brilliant Flap you low center of gravity is lower. and steering wheel is functional for me. It just seems to work Bob so you again. You realize that you go from a spaceship so well. Let's let's go and take a look at that spaceship right now. I think I mean the good place to start really immediately with with the world car is the biggest visual difference. which is the Aero isn't it? I mean it gives you. It just gives you I mean how much more downforce is it quantifiable. Could you tell us yes with the Kaaba kind of limited well. We're not kind if we are limited with down for some. We have a small rear wing which does a little bit you will notice it but it doesn't do a massive amount as soon as you start to drive a car on the limit and you start to use zero it makes a huge difference places like Finland any high-speed rally. You just don't realize exactly how much further you can go how much faster so you can go into these corners and I mean if we if we could take a look. Perhaps it's not ideal. Maybe we'll get into his car actually because the the eighty two some lights on an air so we'll be able to to show a little bit easier but just have a look at the rear wing and if you could just talk us through some of the intricacies intricacies because it's not just it's not just an ironing board or surfboard on the back here is it does a lot of detail in it. No and it's very expensive piece is full carbon five and obviously it has regulations that it has to fit to the top of the spoiler can't exceed the top of the top of the roof of the cost of the height is limited so everyone at Ford performance. I is basically designed to create the maximum downforce in working with the US on and also the the the the the front aero pieces as well as the parts along the side of the cost so all works in tangents create the best amount the greatest amount downforce account without having to strike but a lot of this. I I mean areas here. These were looking at the front wing head. There's a huge kind of this is for the podcast. Obviously you can't see what we're talking about but as was a huge hole in the back of what would be an excellent extended wheelock. That's hotter out your low pressure. Just debase the force the era of the flat. We don't want stagnant turbulent. Gulen everyone to Outremont it moving along the car we want to in producing the downfalls so it's a very simple book of way to solve that and it and it sends it out straight onto these the threes these flaps sorry flaps and Finns. I forget an infant to yeah so I mean that's the Ero and I think we've covered the engine could be. Can we get a quick. Look inside that we opened the door. I don't think they can find me for opening a door so you immediately concede as a lot more buttons on the wheel in Space Ship Business Yeah. That's the seats imposition feels fairly similar what you have around. You feel fairly similar. Maybe feels a bit smaller bit. Tighter book at the end of the day is just far more advanced on so you have more more components to work with more buttons more pragmatist layered and that's when you realize you're stepping into adobe cough and then obviously you clicked the stop stealing. You know that you are in a drop. Clutch exactly absolutely confirms it well. That's that's super gusts. Thank you very much for telling us now just before we leave you a quick prediction fiction for what can we expect from you. this this week. Well obviously coming off the win in Turkey arena. We're in a good position. I'd like not to do win. The way that I did in Turkey for that can be the only aim obviously fastest. They just got the we struggled slightly more for the moment until we can get the the upgrades. Thankfully the rain's coming down stays Credit Manipuri so I think that should play in two months so I feel that we can have readers from whatever is your cell phone bill out of control than this is your wake-up call. The new track phone wireless gives you unlimited talk and text starting at twenty dollars a month no contract contract plus unlimited carryover data with active service. Yup The new track phone wireless now your in control see terms and conditions at track dot com so they will we found found out all about the differences between five car and the car welcome back obviously to also sports preview to wells. Gb Live from 'em sports beautiful also polk. It's still good weather in the last hour. The weather hasn't changed but I have been joined by team principal Richard Milner Richard whether is a good place to start your always really not not Komo weather. Yes what do we expect typical. Welsh I think and sunshine thirty five degrees and sunshine now it's been fairly fairly wet. Iraqi a lot of rain and that maybe doesn't affect the gravel stages so much because of the ways but it certainly will make things a bit tricky especially on stages that are a bit more muddy and less kind of stony based but it looks. It's like the some Hurricane Lorenzo or something is is on its way here or the remnants of it and that will always welcome here though isn't it in person you mean spirited no. I think that it looks it looks really mixed. I think not necessarily going to be full on rate. I'm sorry take a bit of Baruch and going on from the soul over here. They need to leave the building agree with a ten year old. It's not difficult it's not I think the weather will be it will be one of those situations where you'll probably court and a heavy shower or you could be okay so that's just another thing to add into the mix but it's not quite the same as on tarmac but like we saw in Turkey. A real heavy shower can really affect your stage if you're caught in the wrong place but as well as the rain you know we've got tons on Saturday night last time that was in two three years ago. We saw a real big changes in terms of the folk coming down it goes. I think there's maybe that higher but it's very high folks a huge issue. There isn't it comes down yeah wants to do we ready can through to Campbell Elvin wish to go go. Oh yeah good point no. I think another challenge in GDP. We don't get many were nice stages anymore. True nights days default can really show who's WHO's up for the the fight in whose son is going to be a critical point in the championship for the three guys pushing him for the for the overall victory and for you know there's a handful of people that could win here. I think rallies and you you can kind of guess or not guess but you can have a strong feeling on who might do well but where it was always where it's really difficult to tell is. Alvin amongst those yeah of course I'm not even being biased. He's got former. He's he's won the event before in tricky conditions that year he wanted there was a nice stage that was incredibly foggy in came out and that was where we will worry thinking. You're going to drop all the time he's done a little hard to get this lead and he came out there and said it was one of the most difficult stages of his life to drive but it paid off but you have to take huge risks to be able to. Do you know this weather in this. This time of the year is going to be big challenge for for everyone. It is so much of this event is about conference. Isn't it an understanding the grip reading reading the road knowing and being able to commit to to what you can see because it changes from corner to corner so so dramatically in terms of of what you've got under the car but Alvin as got that you know and that's one of the things I've seen this year is okay. He's been out for the last three rallies but he's a different guy. Now you know he's got the experience and he's he's backed himself. Wasn't he really sold I in seventeen when he wouldn't I w round and now the self belief that an I agree it's very difficult for any driver to go wait for three rallies and comeback but on your home round where you've got that extra belief system was a real shame trail because he was a point where he was coming up to every rally and we were all thinking you know we can actually get podium necessarily saying we're GONNA win everything but we can get to me. We're in the fight for a good result in an interesting strong rally and then where this disappointment where he's at the missed three rallies and now you come back you get back into mind frame right. We need to be one hundred percent focused on this because we can do oh here and you know like you said in the conditions here pretty bespoke to this rally but at the same time izzy right ready to go we could increase annoyance million. We let him go and we can do. The actual departure live on alternate sports. Should we do that. I way Dr going out on your own guys. Are Are you going on your own. Do you know where you're going. Hey I you know I asked him. I asked Alvin earlier. What do you need. What's best. There is a perfect answer. I said what do you need to setup. You liked what he said darkness and he's just bang on July and he certainly wasn't the reason needs to be a mechanic is because so he insane now and just shout and what do you want to cause. He ain't going to get out. Well actually well. He's well waiting for him to go talk through rich waltz he actually. GonNa do what can it. How do you justina where's the adjustment in here so they can go pitch down yep. It's the main adjustment to be honest and they will be you can make some noise now but he'll be basically really wing uh so that's actually quite a tricky place to get out. Isn't it at the wrong by trying to know Jerry tone. I I won't be the pressure. That drive is good at taking instruction ought clearly so you mentioned earlier. the the championship three drivers. Tannock seventeen points ahead of Sebastian on J. WHO's thirteen points Terry novell where does reach maleness money Eh Australia who's going to win a tear. He's more than capable of winning a championship and but I think he has probably the hardest job left in the position now. This is not the most straightforward award. He's isn't the most straightforward because I said this is. Well you know in hindsight made it clear that they need to win the manufacturer to address it in some ways after different outlook. Maybe for the team team but for teary as just flat knacker is nothing to lose nothing to lose but you have to in fact if you didn't get a manufacturer point so an pressure should I of see that's been made Clay Andrea. They need to do well this so that's hard for him. That's another added challenge for him said. You should never underestimate said we've seen it before you know before Turkey. It looked like he was down now. In some ways he's bounced back with a win. Hold this whole thel hole this hole championship. Just something that's almost more interesting championship. Tell me about Oh gee I told you last week and we talked. GB and he said Saturday morning it was probably before tena had gone out but he said suddenly he realized he had to do. He had to push like how. What was it like because I was he was he was in your team. Was it like at that moment when he said this is. We've just got to go. You know what you WanNa hear because you know you drive up front and ready to go in and his instant thing thinking and saying something like that the whole not right right come on what is it now. We need to concentrate. We need to do this and you know he's somebody who can say that and you know he can back up what he's saying so I think when you have support kind of words that from a world champion you you do what you need to do and I think that's why you should never underestimate him because if he's focused in what he wants to do he can certainly do what he needs to do and and we shouldn't take him out in the championship battle. You shouldn't and I remember Sunday morning. There was a there was a real it was almost electric shook into place when we could see what he could do and you know going into that final day. Last year there were four drivers ten seconds or something and it was a huge fight right but then the one thing I keep going back to watch him. What you want is the last stage which of the past age and then great all aw Celestino Jay Gray all testicle. Actually I came here to do some media stuff on the way so I was listening to on the Radio Nick. There's no like watching what I was doing into Cox bonkers because I was like getting closer and closer and then I think Gary came through I yup and instead came through that through afterwards and they were like four point two seconds quicker. Whatever maybe the great. Let's do that in the cardiac. It come on we can do this. We can do this second runner this morning. Two point four seconds different stages to you know when you have someone that can do that fantastic so I mean that final run was just the across the cavs there was nothing left in in Iran round the gray the other night 'cause I should've could've come with you. Slay down and I just when you know how fast they've gone with the risk taken dates amazing to anything you know when you go and see a stage in in real life compared to on the telly. You realize quayle might they are and how how precise they are an asset. This I think is driving style thing in the last ten years. It's become a lot neater and a lot more different to how it used to be with with people throwing the cars ause around when you actually understand how precise they can be speed hold as this incredible yeah it is right. I think we're almost done. Is there any sign of Mr Malcolm Wilson as he landed. He was stuck in traffic. It doesn't like it doesn't how angry or he's quite happy because these miss this whole this whole. Shindig never stuck in traffic. Maybe he's in Burger King Binary Burger King on the guy is he really. Let's be honest. let let's finish with your prediction rally and championship who and who radio. I think tonic is going to be difficult difficult to be a now. I think regardless of radiation or whatever people may say you've seen under pressure this year he can just put times and if he needs to the are incredible nothing it has a trouble free run and he's got a real good. John's but I also think both of our remain costs have equally could at least be on the podium championship. I think thank you have to look at the where we are and tonic is probably the has the easiest job in terms of being consistent scoring points for the last three rallies like I said don't underestimate Sebastian now quite but I mean you've worked tonic for a few years. And how much would it mean to him. We saw him we will we shot movie. Didn't we AH TIME magazine to get insight into what this whole thing means to him. Last year was amazing and you know him very well. What would it mean. I think you mean everything. Take it every he's he's grown up and he's been through the serious up some serious down and safe and I think he will like anybody. WHO's driving wants to become a world challenge but I think he's changed. His person. In the last couple of years since she's left does still very very different. I you know I think direction of his career and if he wins one championship. Dow Ale couldn't win volume absolutely ability well. I think it's probably a good time will now running out of cost to even look at in the service box. Leaving Poems Steven beat him to do his lights as well so it's a good time to wrap up Thank you very much. Thank you rich nipples. Good look teammate this week and thank you you very much to everybody who has tuned in and watched the also spotlight preview to wells roundly TV live from 'em sports fabulous service but I am thank you to the people you're listening on the PODCAST have to apologize for the last three cast which has been Obama south in a darkened room. We've kind of got past that we bought a few people and don't expect the same next week but yeah thank you very much and obviously through the weekend you can keep up to date with with the Riley Dot Com and motor sport dot com as as well and then next week don't forget to buy moldable news and also sports thank you very much enjoy the Ronnie well that certainly whetted the appetite for the ready to come if you enjoyed what you heard please do subscribe to that grovel notes podcast where you'll be able to hear even more from David Evans and the stars of the running world world of course due dot. COM might spot dot com for the latest from what should be a thrilling rally. Gb of course if you aren't already subscribe to the podcast please do for every Monday and Thursday also check out some of the other podcasts for motorsport network including flat chat with quotas which is the racing podcast and the tanks lepers which covers so things two-wheeled. Thanks joining us. We'll be back soon with another also podcast. Um The new music is six. Am treeline written by Marcus Simmons. See soundcloud dot com forward slash SRI amusing

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