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Greetings everyone and welcome back to another episode of Plan B's success. Today's episode is about out exit routes and choices that we make when we have to choose an exit row. Let me give you a scenario. John is on his way to his office. One morning. He gets on a three lane interstate in another two miles. He would need to take the exit toward his office. He notices that the right most lean is cordoned off a very long way since there's some kind of construction activity going on in that particular lane in that particular section of the interstate the other two lanes to the left seem congested with all the outflow in traffic now the inner lane is moving slowly while the outer lane is somewhat floyd if you were John. What would you do in this situation. Since it's only two miles to your exit you could stick to the inner land and drift with the traffic until you reach your exit between your exit and where you currently are is an intermediate exit that has incoming traffic flowing onto the interstate which could be the reason for the condition and slow moving traffic. It might take a little longer not sure how long but you will get your exit eventually. Perhaps the safest option in this congested in the state that you're in another option is to watch for an opportunity and get on the outer lane which has traffic moving a bit more fluidly you you would need to be alert and cautious as you move through the slain and eventually shift to the right lane when you get closer to your exit you need to be watchful of finding that opportunity and space between the trail of vehicles on your right in time to not move award too soon to get stuck in the slow moving lane and not too late to miss your exit at the same time you need to be careful of not causing an accident in this already congested traffic that you're in the midst of now. Why am I going through this. You might ask about something as simple as driving on interstate which we tend to do subconsciously every single day this simple task in in fact translates into something as profound as managing your own career or even your own business. It's amazing how closely loosley our day to day lives reflect lessons that can be applied to our actions in Ken Russell's larger than ourselves and our daily lives in everything. Can you do read the being on the job and seeking to be successful at it or pursuing success in a project not often enterprise that you have set up risk is a very integral part what determines this level of your success is the amount of risk you take and come away managing it successfully and skillfully in the example given about John has the less risky option of just being in the Inner Lynn following the traffic to reach his exit while he watches to maintain his distance between the way in the front and in the back but the pace as of movement is totally dependent on the traffic in that particular Lynn he has no control on that he'd need has control on the traffic in Ada has control on the pace in that Lynn. If the traffic sits for an hour before he inches towards his exit that is what it's GonNa be and he has to deal with it on the other Iran. If we take some risk by getting into the outer lane lie he asked to watch out for the weights in the front and the rear as he maintains his position him and most along he also needs to be watchful of the traffic in his right blame to judge where he is in relation to his oncoming exit he needs to make the correct correct judgment about moving into traffic in the right land entering too soon or too late would defeat his purpose although there is little risk and the need for being more good in the second option and in fact it also requires more skill to manure the option it would be the ideal one for John if his goal is to reach his exit sooner than later the time saved by not being stuck in the traffic might be but needs some quick decisions decisions and deft execution by John to make it possible of course there are unknown risks one of which is an accident upfront which which could slow down the outer lane to in such cases. John would need to look for other options or go with the one that works best in that particular situation similarly in our lives and in everything that we do in our careers as employees or as businessmen are entrepreneurs. There are options. You need to determine what the end goal is and based on that make assessment of what path to choose to get there in the most skillful fashion the the most efficient fashion in the right time risk is inevitable in everything you do you can take the risk averse option but be prepared to not be in control control and do not expect much to happen. Are you can decide to take more calculated risk which will required some ingenuity and exertion on your part but it will ensure that you have great success. What kind of person are you the one who takes the million and let's the traffic determined when when you reach your exit or the one who gets on the adventure of the outer lane and mix it happened one pulsating with excitement of controlling your journey into your exit does another story that I wanted to share with you today as well no today. September fifties what we call the teacher's Day back in India India and I ended up calling an old friend his six-year-old son picked up the phone and we chatted for a few minutes now. This kid was animated about an even at home from from a few days ago and started relating to me. His grandfather was fellow sedated by a group of people who came from different places. I asked him who they were and what did they felicitate him for hip lied that they were group of sixty some seemed young some older and they'd come from different places in India some were from abroad to they came together to honor his grandpa their teacher from years ago the little one was thrilled to see really happy crowd and an even happier Rhonda. My friend took the phone next had an equally excited tone and talked about how thrilled everyone was to come together and honor his father. Nobody that said September fifth is teaches day in India and these students of his dad from over the years took the time to come over and meet his father and family reminisce about the time spent together and thank him for shaping their lives by the time I let go off the line. I was excited to isn't it amazing. These erstwhile students made an effort to get together meet and greet their teacher her and show their gratitude. He must have been a wonderful teacher to have left such an indelible mark on these students that they came looking for him. I consider him to be a very successful teacher. Success means many things to many people. What does it mean to you. Revenue Profits off its bank balance power position a luxurious lifestyle large cars bigger homes etc etc etc when you really look at the core of any job done. There are two things that matter at that point in time. Do you enjoy what you do and are are you giving it to your best your ultimate goal might be to become a CEO of a company and run your own company or more generically to get to the top of the pinnacle nickel of your career but you may not be there yet right now. This moment there the job you do and you're responsible and accountable for it. Do you take that seriously if you do you ought to give it your very best. Your best will translate into the best possible results on the job. Bob No matter how they're measured with this affable demeanor you will make associations that take note and these combined with the results talk show. Pave the path to your dreams going back to the two teams. I just mentioned they're enjoying what you do so you can give it to your best that it self is true success. Everything else outgun the emoluments of a job and the books that come along with it our outcomes. It's not success success license. The relationships you make along the way the lifestyle impact and improve the lessons you learn an impact inspiration you provide on the respect you command for a job. Well done what one would consider a success in terms of material. He'll weld or a better lifestyle are all outcomes of the success you cherish outcomes as we discussed our natural results house of a job well done. Is it a crime to aspire for outcomes not at all but when you focus only on outcomes instead of enjoying what you do do and giving it to your best the success measures get compromised and it all remains just that an aspiration and never reality reality true success isn't the relationships you build and maintain over time. There's an old saying that inspires us to count our blessings things in the friends and supporters we have looked for success in your friendships camaraderie and job well done trust me all else that it's shapes a happy and fulfilled life must and will follow through for you. If you like what you hear. Please make sure that you subscribe oops Gripe and also spread the word legal review or a common donate Younes. That'll help a lot in spreading the word and do spread the word shared the world with others so that they may enjoy and benefit from this content as well thank you.

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