Kavanaugh confirmation in question as accuser goes public; GOP Sen. Collins: If Judge Kavanaugh is lying, it's disqualifying; 21 killed as catastrophic flooding swamps Carolinas; Border agent confesses to killing four women


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The pieces the lead starts right now, moments ago, President Trump weighing in on the sex assault allegations against Brad Kavanagh defending his supreme court nominee as one of the finest people he's ever known couldn't Trump's own struggles with the metoo movement impact his next move today. Judge Cavanaugh went to the White House after his nomination was thrown into chaos as key Republicans with critical votes. Say his accuser should be heard. Plus towns turned into islands. The death toll rising as the water is rapidly rise as Florence may have saved her worst for last. Welcome to the lead on Jake tapper. We begin with our politics lead President Trump supreme court. Nominee, Brad Kavanagh, who's confirmation was once seen as a sure bet. Well, now it's in question all ten, democratic members of the Senate Judiciary committee are pushing for a delay on the committee vote, but far more significantly, four Republican senators, including one on the committee, agree insisting that they need to hear directly from Kavanagh's accuser, Christine Blasi Ford before proceeding just minutes ago. President Trump himself seemed open to the prospect of a delay. Still. He praised cavenaugh and argued that the accusation should have been brought forward sooner by the Democrats who have known about it since July judge Cavanaugh is one of the finest people that I've ever known. He's an outstanding intellect and outstanding judge respected by everybody, never had even a little blemish on his record. At the same time, we want to go through a process. We wanna make sure everything is perfect. Everything is just right. I wish the Democrats could have done this a lot sooner. Yesterday. Ford went public with accusations of attempted sexual assault against cavenaugh to the Washington Post. She had up until then remained anonymous, only sharing her identity with representatives in congress. Ford alleges that in the early nineteen eighties as a teenager, drunken Cavanaugh held her down and tried to undress her at a party and that she feared for her life. As he put his hand over her mouth. Ford's lawyer today said she felt the act was an attempted rape at the time. Cavenaugh strongly denies the allegation, calling it quote, completely false and saying, quote, I have never done anything like what the accuser describes to her or to anyone. This never happened unquote. Both Ford and cavenaugh say they're willing to testify publicly. Let's get right to c. n. n.'s Jeff Zeleny at the White House and Jeff, considering how angry were told President Trump is behind the scenes. Those were some very measured comments. He. Just made Jake. They were measured comments and disciplined as well, almost more disciplined than anything I can recall him saying reacting with. On an issue with such consequences here, but that is why the president was doing that. He knows how serious this is. The White House has been in touch with Senate Republicans all day long. Judge cabinet in fact, was here at the White House for several hours working behind the scenes with officials who now are preparing him for the possibility of another public hearing the only time that president showed a bit of anger today when he was asked, if judge cavenaugh should withdraw. He said, that is ridiculous. Question. Judge Cavanaugh President Trump standing firmly behind supreme court. Nominee Brett Cavanaugh. He's an outstanding intellect and outstanding judge respected by everybody. Never had even a little blemish on his record. He said he would be open to delaying the confirmation vote. I want him to go in at the absolute highest level, and I think to do that, you have to go through this if it takes a little delay, it'll take a little delay. It shouldn't certainly be very much, but behind the scene scene and has learned. The president is furious and frustrated by what he suspects is an eleventh-hour attempt to smear his pick for the supreme court. A California professor Christine blazey Ford, accusing cabinet of sexually assaulting her while they were teenagers in high school cavenaugh calling it a completely false allegation. Yet his confirmation now hangs in the balance Kellyanne, Conway. One of the highest ranking women in the White House trying to set a tone of civility. The president with whom I've spoken at length about this, she should not be ignored or insulted. She should be heard sending a message to others around the president. This moment is a serious one. It came after the president's son, Donald Trump, junior mocked. The accuser in this Instagram post, citing judge Kavanagh's sexual assault letter found by Dem's. Will you be my girlfriend? Yes. No love Brett. The president has been dismissive of other women who've come forward accusing him and other men of sexual misconduct, including last year with Alabama Republican, Senate candidate, ROY Moore, he says it didn't happen. And you know, you have to listen to them. Also you talking about he said, forty years ago. This did not happen, but less than two months before the midterm elections, where women voters and candidates are playing a critical role. The White House is treading lightly for now at least saying both cabinet and as a cuter should be heard and Stein. So of course, it's an open question how long the president to remains a measured. But of course, with the midterm elections, just in the future, some fifty days away combined with this metoo movement, the White House taking this very seriously and trying to send a message both sides should be heard. The question is, will the president's allies, his own son included a keep on that same message? Or are we about to see a new battle here in Washington or up? Jake, I'm guessing with the battles going to happen, but Jeff, Zeleny we're right now. Not there yet. Let's talk about this with the experts. Simone, I want you to listen to our own Maharaj. You just sat disposed to Senator Orrin Hatch who had spoken on the phone to judge Cavin. I'll take a listen in. What did he say to you? And it wasn't a departure. There's clearly somebody's mixed up. I think she's mistaken. He didn't do that. He wasn't at the party clearly somebody's mixed up. I think she's mistaken. Your response. I'm trying to figure out how judge Cavanaugh knows. He wasn't at a party that Dr. Ford has not decided she had been. She has been very clear that she doesn't remember which party it was just cavenaugh seems to remember apart. He wasn't at where he didn't do what he's being accused of doing it. This is why we need a hearing, but also I think judge cabinet has been credibly, accused an anyone Senator hatch included, who asserts that she should not be believed that she's mixed up, and the she's mistaken is is is really doing a disservice to all people, but particularly women, the make the hard decision to come forward with their stories. And Angela, let me ask you, Brad Cavanaugh says he's willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary committee quote, in any way the committee deems appropriate. Is there anything he could say that I know you oppose him on policy grounds and judicial grounds, but on this issue having to do with this, is there anything he could say. That would satisfy concerns you might have? Well, I think the challenges he's already said something right. He's unequivocally denied the accusations and following up on Simone's point. I think it's the strongest he could possibly be on it. He has denied any wrongdoing in this way. Any behavior that looks like this. I think the real challenges it sounds like he and his friends used to get really drunk and high school. And so from what I understand you get really drunk and I, I was a real good Christian. Jake. I did not have my I drink till I was for as about the only part of the good Christian I was, but I would say here, sorry, substantial degree. But I would say that I just wanted to it. I believe in true. The reality here is, you know, he has some really big rig flex to me, and this is just the latest one. This isn't the only one and I look forward to his testimony. It's not in any form in which the Senate Judiciary committee deems necessary. It should be public just like Anita, Hill's public twenty seven years ago. So listen to Kellyanne Conway this morning, trying to send a signal to everybody in the White House. Maybe even her boss about what she thinks the tenor antone should be about this accusation and the accuser. She should not be in future should not be ignored. She should testify under oath. Then she should do it on Capitol Hill that that's up to the Senate Judiciary committee. They need to decide the forum she should not be insulted. She should not be ignored. If you wants to testify, she shook. That is the right tone that is the right messaging, but it is not going to help judge now. Why? Because everyone that defended locker room talk from President Trump is not going to have credibility before the American people. So yes, he does have to defend himself on this and he has a significant disadvantage because he can't have the White House behind him because they are compromised on this issue. And so you know, I think he can make it through. I think he can be confirmed if no other evidence comes out. But if there is one witness that comes out, one more story, a picture, anything given the categorical denials that he has given. He has no wiggle room. So you were at the White House during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Now you work for the vice president, Dan Quayle. Does this remind you at all of that? I was actually very involved in the Thomas fight working with the team supporting Clarence Thomas, and I never thought I'd seen anything like that again. And here we are. You know these this allegation is more serious than the one eight is more serious. There. Like different ways. But I just think we need to have testimony from both of them and then see what other contemporaneous evidence or observers witnesses already decide and make us over Jesuit doesn't do any good at this point to speculate it's not fair to either person at this point to impugned either because you think Beck having drag to ultra because other people think that professor Ford should have come forward earlier. It's irrelevant at this point. Either. It's true or one professor Ford thinks something says something happened. Judge cavenaugh says it didn't. Let's door best to find out the truth. I to be cleared. If me there's no debate. I believe professor forward judge cavenaugh has lied multiple times. Darnold come on. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. I believe there's no chance. Work convinced by one allegation. Convince I'm convinced take because I lied about this the other day. But when I was in college, I was intoxicated and a man who I repeat previously. We bumped into Vance's multiple times took advantage of the fact that I could not consent one night and the next day he denied raping me, but that's exactly what he did. And if if he if he ever came came up for supreme court nomination, president United States or congressman or whatever. I don't care. It's been twenty years. Fifty years. I will come forward because I don't think anyone that has ever done that, whether it was once in their life or fifty times deserves to sit at the highest totally agree with that. I know because when you to come forward, she has, no, there's no enticements for her to come forward and to have her life to store to have folks sit on panels such as these and even others than have the Senate leader in the Senate. Basically tear down her character on the site that she's a liar. So there's no incentive for her to come forward except to tell the truth and expect to do do diligence. And so this isn't a criminal procedure. I believe this is okay. I think there's a ton of potential for gray area and this kind of scenario if he was stumbling drunk. Well, why did it stop? She say, stop, and then maybe he's got to speculate. This is why this is such a difficult situation and if you are going to south this confirmation, we need more information. Consented to issue. I think what she said in her ladder or what she has said in her lawyer is conveyed is that cavenaugh alleged on top of her. And then this other guy who's friend of Brad Kavanagh's Mark judge jumped on them and knocked him off, and then she was able to get out. I think that's that's how I would say. I think the one reason we're all where a lot of things could go wrong. Look, the letter is the letter is compelling in the sense that it doesn't look like something that was made up and because you puts in details to could or could not be corroborated was Mark judge in that room. They can probably do try to find out if there was such a party and so forth. So I, I am not in any way, questioning her motives or at this point saying that I know his tongue the truth, but this is we should really need to have the hearing, it really needs to investigate this. There are couple of observations I have the I is there were sixty five women. I'm who signed onto a letter attesting to the great moral character. Women who knew him back. And Chuck Grassley who we know, of course, has the judiciary committee released this letter without telling these women why they were signing onto this letter. Now after those sixty five women have signed onto what they found out what happened. Two of them have spoken up and so Bill, I would say to you, someone who I enjoy being on panels with all the time, even watching a response to Simone right now, the kind of this overbearing over talking of with women is exactly the reason why Anita hill had the kind of hearing she had when you were helping Clarence Thomas and the reason why a lot of women refused to speak up because not only I, I do believe in the criminal Justice system, but this is not a criminal Justice read. I'm not criticizing it for speaking. Just think we need to suspend judgment believe I'm saying, I don't know who to believe that's correct. I think. And you know what? That is very carefully to say that. I think I don't know who to believe. Okay. The reason for your even that doubt, that is exactly why this hearing this investigation everything. Thing about their testimony needs to be in a public. We also say it like it's very brave that you come out and I saw you did it on Witter also and told your story and share your story. We all know you believe you. I'm sure everybody here believes you. I don't know professor Ford. And so I think there are a lot of people who might just be. I want to hear what you has to say. I'm not saying she didn't do it, but I was polygraph Jake's. He's got therapists notes from twenty twelve and twenty thirteen. And some folks would say, why did it take her to twenty twelve and twenty thirteen? I have a cousin who just told us that she was molested and she's older now. It just I I don't know what the timing is. Thank God. I am privileged. I have never been subject to molest station or sexual assault. I don't know what that burden is like. But I would like for us to at least give these folks the grace to be able to come for whenever they do. I think so far that's come out of this and I'm very serious. The initial reaction when this came out a lot of conservative men that I follow on Twitter, we're like that was seventeen years ago. He was a kid. It doesn't matter and several ships. Yeah, deleted their tweets. And after they saw the wolfback in people explained what happened to fifteen year old girls can impact them the rest of their life. And they said, you know what? You change my mind. And so I think there has been greater understand even though we don't know what happened here for shore, the contacts where this party took place who could have seen it. There is more understanding of the situation. We all we all we, we're going to take a quick break and then come back and talk more. I'll come to you. I, I think we all agree. We want to hear more. She deserves day in court, will Republicans delay the cavenaugh vote. That's the big question right now. Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, supreme weighing in just moments ago. Plus the worst is yet to convert. 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But if rates go down your rate also drops either way you win. It's the kind of thinking you'd expect from America's largest mortgage lender to get started. Go to rocketmortgage dot com. Slash the lead rate shield approval only valid on certain thirty year purchase transactions, additional condition. Or exclusions may apply based on Quicken Loans, data in comparison to public data records equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS consumeraccess dot org. Number thirty thirty. After Democrats have spent weeks and weeks searching for any possible reason that the nomination should be delayed now. Now they choose to introduce this allegation. Not through the standard BI partisan process, not by vising the judiciary committee colleagues and committee staff through proper channels. Oh, but by leaking into the press Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, attacking Democrats were keeping the misconduct allegations. Now, let's listen to Senator Susan Collins of Maine, ten that swayed sin important that there be very thorough interview and that we see both individuals respond to the allegations are awful lot of of questions, inconsistencies gaps, and that's why to be fair to both we need. We need to know what happened. It's my understanding that the staff is doing interviews or has proposed to do interviews, and then that I soon would be the prelude to some sort of here center Colin powder. Dr for I don't know enough about Dr Ford and heraldic Gatien. She had to reached that kind of judgment. That's why having the opportunity to observe her being questioned, redid transcript board and a deposition and make that kind of assessment is so important. Obviously, if Judge Kevin. Hi, has lied about what happened. That would be disqualified. Looked him on the phone. What did you say. One less. Last week, the judiciary committee staff and formed me of this latter. I read the letter at that point. We had no idea who had sent it, and I noticed the day to the ladder and wondered why the information had not been released. Long ago I asked judge Cavagnaud when I had my final hour, long telephone call with him on Friday about the letter and the allegations that it contained. He emphatically tonight that the allegations were true. He said that he had never acted that way. Not only with this unnamed accuser with any woman. He was absolutely. Emphatic about that. If this turns into just a, he said, she said, how do you make this decision? Then quite important that we have testimony under oath with a lot of questions says of both of should. Under the empty. I play. Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine and one of the key swing votes in the Senate when it comes to the cavenaugh supreme court. Nomination saying that both the accuser of Cavanagh and Cavanagh need to testify under oath about this incident that the accuser allegedly took place in around nineteen eighty to my panel. Still with me, Susan Collins seems to have an open mind wants to know what she says wants to know what he says. Your reaction. Collins has positions are south as someone who's a champion of women women's rights defender of women, but I can tell you the number of folks have been disappointed in the way she has handled the Cavanaugh nomination, particularly constituents. I think this is something that our constituents would like are happy to hear from her, but they'll be watching her. It's not enough to make these grand statements and gestures. If you're not going to back it up with action, what else the Susan Collins need to hear? And on this point. You know, Mitch McConnell made about regular bipartisan order and process. I'd like to remind everyone that after just judge scully's death, Mitch McConnell, kept that seat open supreme court seat that it was President Obama Seville for four hundred twenty two days. It's been forty six days since Justice Kennedy has retired. Why are we rushing? I did see something important in that club. She says, if he's lying, that's this qualifying if there's any wiggle room in his story. She's gonna vote against him. That's what she said in this clip. And I think that's important what I do not wanna hear Republican senators go on and on about is the timing. It's up to the woman who makes accusation to determine the timing that goes public. That said they should insent me saying if anyone else has any other formation needs to go public, we need to get it. Now we're gonna delay this for week. We went together as much information as we can because if someone else has information that could possibly change boats come to us now and then shut up and listen, just just to be clear. I'm gonna come right to the timing. Is that in July. Dr Ford, the professor told both her congresswoman and as you and her Senator Dianne Feinstein and also told the Washington Post about what had happened to her, but was not prepared at that point to come forward. And in fact, was not prepared until yesterday afternoon, and that's when the Washington Post broke the story. I was Susan Collins. I think that's kind of a real disservice to turn this into some kind of partisan fight, and whatever's whether Senator could have acted differently in terms of sharing the letter with others trying to persuade Dr Ford to come forward. It's now totally irrelevant. And I think Susan Collins is attitude is the right what Republicans from the White House. Through the Senate senators opinion should stop playing partisan games and say, let's try and find out the truth. The one thing I would add is I'm not so sure we won't learn. They'll both testify under oath. They'll be pushed on various details and so forth. There are others this, this other man whose lark judge judge denies it. He says, he says it didn't happen, but, okay, let's see him testify. Let's see him. Talk about that. And then there may be others who were have contemporaneous evidence that would at least shed some light. So let's have a serious proceeding. I think Susan's Collins, Susan Collins tone was right. I think Connell really did a disservice to judge Cavanaugh whom I'm told us mentally urged the White House very strongly to take the tone. They did take this warning with Kellyanne Conway to say, look, we cannot, you know, I, it's not true. I- Cavanaugh says it's to all of his friends. This is absolutely false. I never had this way, but we need to treat this respectfully and have and let the here and go forward and there there is a possibility. Angela, I wanted just want to say that that we don't ever find out more beyond the testimony of these two individuals. Both of whom may prove to be completely credibly saying what they think is the truth. And it's possible that there is no contemporaneous individual remembers her because professor Ford is already said. She didn't tell anybody until I think six years ago in in marital therapy. She finally said this achie- she went decades without telling you as you note. That's not so uncommon with providers of sexual assault. We might be in this exact same place in a week or two with two individuals. And and and basically I hate to say the cliche, but basically he said she said, yeah, and I think one legal standard, at least in in criminal in criminal cases is standard of reasonable doubt. And right now, there's reasonable doubt at least against judge Cavin on a reason why he should not go forward. I think the other thing that we should continue to press for our the red state Democrats to speak up to be brave for what they know is right. If partisanship was not at an all time high, if we weren't having these turf wars, I think the number of people would be able to say, you know what? There have been enough things that have happened in Kavanagh's proceedings for me to be uncomfortable in this again, is the tip of the ice for we cannot continue to proceed and just ram. This vote down the American people's throats. I think that final point I would make is this is a midterm election, and it's already very hot. So I wish they would. I wish they would continue down the same road knowing that this man is this potentially compromise. It is very, very bad. It's in bad form. It's in poor taste reason why we might need to. Yeah, game that out and say he withdraws and they nominate Amy Coney Barrett hoops beloved by conservatives. And that becomes midterm election issue. And then we're in this. I mean, I can see scenario where Republicans decide to abandon him and say, we're going to bet big on judges again at paid off a Republican in two thousand sixteen election. Let's go for it. To nominate someone who has to be withdrawn. It's not gonna. If you look, if choose not telling the truth, he will be abandoned and should be abandoned by Republican senators. If he's telling the truth that it becomes the evidence and his side, he should be supported. If as you suggest, it really remains a genuine uncertainty and dilemma than people have to make up their own minds think about. And I hate to put this in political terms, but we might as well. This time election will be decided by women, suburban, white women and black women, Latino women all over this country. I, if I, if I was GOP strategist, I would not be encouraging folks to put all their bets in the basket of someone that has been credibly accused at this point by over with guardless of whether you know folks in had that conversation, I guess about they wanna see more facts. But if I am a woman sitting in the suburb of of Georgia or in Ohio or Omaha, Nebraska district to care each. Minutes running to unseat Dan bacon. I'm looking at this seriously and saying. In this day and age, is this the treatment that women deserve this who we have put? I think I wanna send somebody else the congress. Everyone stick around how a memo the Kavanagh wrote in one thousand nine hundred eight might play into the accusations that he's facing today. Stick with us. My name is Paul Shirley, and I've gone on a lot of dates. I've noticed something on these dates. I often find myself telling the same stories stories about my mother teaching sex Ed stories about playing college basketball stories about playing in BA basketball and almost dying in the process. We all do this. We tell stories on dates because dates or when we get to explain where we've been in, what we've seen in why we think like we do my name is Paul Shirley, and I hope you'll check out my new narrative podcast stories I tell on dates, you can subscribe for free on apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. Dr. Ford deserves to be heard to railroad vote. Now. Would be a deep insult to the women of America. A lasting scar. On the integrity of the supreme court that was Senate minority leader, Chuck humor just minutes ago speaking about the occupation against President Trump supreme court. Nominee Brett Cavanaugh Cavanaugh forcefully denies the allegations. I wanna bring in two of our legal experts lar- coach, let me talk to you. These allegations made by Christine Blasi for date back three decades. There was no police report. No charges ever brought according to her and her lawyer. She never told anyone about it at the time. It wasn't until six years ago in marital therapy that she, I raised the subject of this happening to her what might FBI investigation which Democrats are calling for what might even look like. Well, technically this happened in Montgomery County. That's Maryland, which would mean that there's no real limitations period for felony sexually assault. But this is a misdemeanor level which is maybe what she's going for in terms of the allegations. She is a scribe of them the mullet station of the groping her over our mouth that may arise to the misdemeanor level alone. Perhaps the FBI investigation will be the severity of the allegations are, but. You're absolutely right. Think about the delayed reporting. That's the number one hurdle that most sexual assault victims have to overcome. Why did you delay? What's your motivation? Why now? And why did you choose once he was on the cusp, perhaps of a greater level of prominence. All of this goes into the victim shaming and questioning or also real questions for investigators because they don't have all the facts and firm memories start to fade and they have to kind of put it in the scope of would've prosecutor right now have charged this conduct go it just that there are also facts that can be determined out there in in the world. She says there were four women and two men. There who were the four women whose house was at those are issues that can be determined apparently according to Orrin Hatch, Brett Cavanaugh said that he was not at that party. So he seems to know where the party took place. Let's talk to the people who live who live there. I mean, yes, it is a very long time ago. But it's not like you have to throw up your hands and just say, it's one person's word against the others. Investigators know how to do this and they can learn a lot more than we know now and Jeffrey. I want to decide there's this one thousand nine ninety eight memo from Cavanaugh who is at the time working for independent independent counsel Ken Starr and he wrote that he was strong strongly opposed to giving President Clinton, quote break, and the questioning about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. He wrote Clinton quote, he should be forced to account for all of that and to defend his actions that may not be our job to impose sanctions on him. But it is our job to make his pattern of revolting behavior, clear peace, clear piece by painful piece. I've seen a lot of people citing this in in on the web. What's your response? Well, in fairness to to judge Cavanaugh he seems to be saying, go ahead, ask me anything asked me about this event. Ask me anything about my past in terms of relationships with women. So yes, he is calling. For you know, ugly detailed scrutiny of of Bill Clinton when he was working for Kenneth Starr. But in fairness to him, it sounds like at least he's willing to subject himself to the same kind of scrutiny. And that's what actually should happen here, though. Gentlemen, I mean, you're talking about somebody who's looking to fellow position for the rest of his life, which means that before it is in tire, life should actually be on display about what to he is person. And frankly, just as he wasn't waiting to give Clinton a break. It makes sense somebody who is the head of the executive branches job. It is to enforce the laws would have to have himself held accountable. If he were to violate any principles or laws. Same thing for a judge you'd have to interpret and preside judgement over somebody else. It makes sense if he would have to account for it doesn't mean that he's guilty or innocent, but he should be tested. That's due process. Ask you because MandA talked about how some conservative men she saw on Twitter were initially writing this place when he was seventeen thirty five thirty six. And then they deleted that they started. It started to think twice is cut off. Do you think I mean, is it when somebody is fifteen sixteen or just does it depend upon the action? Let I think some of these same because I have felt that also some of the same folks, the believe in mandatory minimums and in four thing and and they believe that Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin got what they deserved. I think that if we are talking about, we have to remember that we're, we clearly are living in a broken culture. Every single day we are living in a broken culture culture that says, boys will be boys that sometimes that's just what happens a culture that forces some women to say, well, you now this just happened a lot of the time back in our day. This is unacceptable. And I am fortunate that we that in twenty eighteen folks speaking up and saying, this isn't how it has to be. And so we have to have a conversation about it and I do believe you have to talk for it. You have to be held accountable. If I told from store one hundred years ago, I'm not hundred but fell from fifteen years ago. I should. Have to. Didn't from the store. You should be able to clear self. Assume he's guilty because he's been accused trivia fair hearing, and I think Susan Collins, I give her a lot of credit for saying that if he's lying, it's disqualify. He's not trying to make excuses. He's not saying having thirty five year. She's not making speeches. She's not saying it happened thirty years ago. But I think we should take away from this situation if this take place. I'm not saying it did. Brad Kavanagh would probably not being the situation he is in today because he would have record that would follow him. And do people have different treatment who come from different kinds of families with lawyers in their families. Like this opens up a whole other conversation about how drastically his life could have changed. If he had gotten a car. Well, I just wanted this point out that there is still a lot of uncertainty about how this factfinding will unfold you. Notice when Mitch McConnell was talking about an investigation. He didn't mention public testimony. He didn't say there would be a public hearing. Susan Collins was sort of AIG about that. I mean, there are a lot of details to be worked out here. We'll the FBI be involved will this, in fact the under oath in front of the country at large, who else will testify Baha besides these, you know the, the two protagonists in this story. These are all very important questions. And what you could tell from McConnell statement is that he wants as small, narrow private investigation as possible, and that is not going to be acceptable to a lot of democrat, Angela. So a couple of things here they have already involved, Dianne Feinstein pastor letter to the FBI initially when she received it. I think that other part of this that we have to keep in context. Of course, they wanna hear both sides of this story. But we need to remember what will be before Brad Kavanagh if he were nominated to the supreme court, women's choice equal pay workers, right? And if he has a pattern and practice of demonstrating that he cannot ever side with women or that women are beneath him, I think that this is another piece of professional career he's had speaks to that. Yeah. While in the workplace favorably, actually, no. In fact, we can argue about the rulings talking about his professional behavior different. I'm sorry. But I think the other part of it is speaking of professional behavior in the the hearing where comma Harris was questioning him the way in which he chose to engage her is also telling damning. So I think I do have questions about how he engages with women professionally. Do have questions about how he would rule in cases that are about women's bodies. I do have questions about how he would side on women with for equal pay is choose affirmative action Shuba independent of what as to make his nomination today. Yeah, but it's not me because I think that there again, where I started was a lot of red flags exist to me. Yeah, but you can agrees you disagree with this policy, but what his nomination is a potential character issue. I agree. And what I just folk to was his professionalism, his character into the one. Different trying to talk about here is in a lot of these metoo cases, Harvey Weinstein, I could go on forever. We only have eighteen minutes left, but the the me too. There's been a trail of of men who have been who fallen because of they're disgusting past behavior in almost all of them. It's a pattern. You see more than one. What if nobody else comes forward, does that does that change things for you at all? Now I still think Dr. Ford, she is credibly come forward in my opinion. And I think the fact that she, I can't, I came out or not. I was anonymous, then came out on the record is now saying she's willing to testify speaks volumes. I hope if there is any, if there any other women out there, they do come forward. These women are probably some of the most powerful people on the planet right now. If you believe and you stand on side of Justice and you and you went to and you don't want to see this happened, anyone else you do not want to see to credibly, accused folks on the supreme court come forward, but even if they don't, I still think. That her merits sand on their own. Thank you want and all for that discussion, a rapidly rising death toll in the Carolinas as rivers. Swell is the worst from Florence on the way stay with us. Soccer fans are you? Tired of missing? Great UEFA games getting soul, crushing spoilers from friends, good news, reports, new VR live that helps you watch all UEFA champions and your openly gay funding because live should be live know what third party sites, cramping, your style? Scouring the internet for updates. Now with VR live super easy to get started. Download the app to be our dot. Live more live over everything in subscription purchase. Additional terms may apply authorities in the Carolinas warned that the worst may be yet to come from what was hurricane Florence? The now tropical depression is making its way north while the death toll was just increased to twenty one, three of those lives lost were babies because of Florence. Several rivers are running over their banks, cutting off cities such as Wilmington, North Carolina with no way in by car right now c. n. n.'s police and of all is inland in Lumberton North Carolina polo what our thirties worried about. Right now where you are. Exactly what you just mentioned. Jake, which is accessed floodwaters still remaining communities, North Carolina, including here in Lumberton Mary many interstates, and also some of these rows continue to be flooded. Even though in this particular city, the river has stopped rising. Keep in mind. Many people here in Lumberton have been through this before when hurricane Matthew swept through the area. Just two years ago, people have spoken to tell me that it's like history seems to be repeating itself. Deadly and deep floodwaters are rushing to the Carolinas days of rainfall, break one hundred forty year record in some places deaths continuing to mount, including one year old, Kate and Lee. Well, choose body was found this morning. Police say the baby was swept out of his mother's arms and she tried to pass through fast-moving water Sunday. She was a Springer to this community driving through this road. She did not know the water forced her off the road and across open field. There are ongoing rescue efforts across the region is water levels continue to rise. Lumber river outside of Wilmington invaded many neighborhoods still not yet recovered after hurricane Matthew two years ago, images shot by CNN show the devastation at ground level. Dozens who thought they had survived the worst of hurricane Florence. Now, suddenly reliant on rescue workers as they leave their homes behind people. Excited been praying for while some people pay for crime in some people are just like thank you Lord team searching for survivors, submerged trucks, hovering above flooded homes to airlift citizens to safety. This woman was stranded in her house for days without medication. One Myrtle Beach official tells c. n. n. quote, we are slowly becoming an island. Some citizens tried to make their way through flooded roadways by car and even canoe. Hundred year flood levels since is not a matter of hours days, it's matter of weeks and months and maybe years support, recover from the storm. Flood watches and warnings have now expanded to include ten states and nearly thirty million people. I'll looking at the Carolinas for signs of what may be coming next. Some areas have not seen the worst flooding yet. So this is a monumental disaster for our state. Widespread power outages continued to be a major issue just a little while ago I walked when you're by hotel where people there have been waiting to go into their homes Jason, the last five days they've been waiting there in the dark. Last point. I should bake here during Matthews for the hardest people were those who were struggling economically, which means they lost whatever little they had. And now here they are again, Jake, Paul, Sandoval. Thank you so much CNN's Erica Hill's in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We're flooding as posing a real threat to locals and Erica the river levels. They're keeping keeping locals on edge. They certainly are. And that's the major concern here. We're actually it's the Cape fear river that's just behind a steak and we send our drone up a short time ago just to give you a sense of what we're looking at here. So this is one area where the Cape fear river has certainly expanded beyond its banks. At this point, there is some flooding, but this is far from what we are expected to see tomorrow. The biggest concern is it's a pupil day here in Fayetteville. People have been cooped up for days with rain. One official said to me, you know what you should go outside folk should go outside. They should enjoy the sun while they're packing up their cars to move to higher ground. There are mandatory evacuations in place for the one mile surrounding both the Cape fear and the little river because that river feeds into the Cape fear what we're seeing from the sky to and even on the ground. A lot of the creeks that feed the Cape fear river are really contributing to the flooding. The river is expected to crest tomorrow morning at sixty two feet. Jake when it was Matthews turn, it was only fifty three. North Carolina. Thank you so much in our national lead how one woman's narrow escape led police to a border patrol agent turned accused, serial killer, stay with us. So many people around the world depend on CNN's quality reporting. Now they have incredible online store with clothes gear and gadget. Right now you can get fifteen percent off your purchase, just visit store dot, CNN dot com. And when you're checking out into the code CNN podcast, just one word and get a fifteen percent discount. It's that simple that store dot CNN dot com. Details just in about a US border patrol agent described as a serial killer and a woman's daring escape that led to his arrest. Juan, David, Ortiz confessed to killing four women in a two week time span in the Laredo Texas area near the US Mexico border Ortiz was a border patrol agent and supervisor who had worked for the deck agency for a decade as c. n. n.'s Ed Levin. Dera reports investigators, say, Ortiz knew his victims. Tasked with protecting our borders. One, David Ortiz is now instead called a calculating serial killer by police carried out these murders in a cold in callous. Wayne Ortiz. A thirty five year old border patrol agent is accused of shooting four women in the head. Darted all victims of Juta their profession and be vulnerable. In addition, all the victims were defenseless and at one point what these. Gain their trust and then viciously shot him. The killings came to light after a be fifth victim. Narrowly escaped investigators say that on Friday night one, David Ortiz ended up at this gas station with a woman named Eric opinion. Penny told investigators that they were talking about one of her friends named Melissa who had been found dead week earlier. That's when she says that the border patrol agent started acting weird when they got to this gas station, Ortiz investigators, say, pulled a gun on her and tried to keep you from exiting the vehicle. Penuell told investigators that she ripped off her shirt and ran toward a state trooper who was guessing his patrol car for help according to the arrest, warrant affidavit. Two of the four killings took place in the hours after pain you made her escape. But before police tracked him down in the parking garage of this hotel where they say he was hiding in the bed of pickup. Truck, police say, were tease confessed to killing four people between September third in the fifteenth. All. All the victims. Four women worked as prostitutes. According to investigators, their bodies were found over the past two weeks into thirties, fear. There could be more. We will do historical research every word that he has been to see it. We have a pattern of victims such as this and we'll continue the investigation as for Ortiz. He spent ten years with customs and border protection rising up to an intelligence supervisor after spending time in the US navy. Jake border patrol officials say, there is nothing in Ortiz's disciplinary record to raise any kind of red flags and investigators also say that or tease met with his victims numerous times. And that's how he developed a confidence and the trust of his victims before killing them. Jake eleven Dera on the radio, Texas. Thank you so much. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. At Jake tapper you can tweet the show at the lead CNN. Our coverage on CNN continues right now with. This. So many people around the world depend on CNN's quality reporting, and now they have an incredible online store with clothes gear and gadget. Right now you can get fifteen percent off your purchase, just visit store dot, CNN dot com. And when you're checking out into the code CNN podcast, just one word and get a fifteen percent discount. It's that simple that store dot CNN dot com.

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