Guest: Rees Williams and Paul Perebjinos


Appropriate next network production welcome to the fly racing Steve Math is show presented by maximus tires and Alpine stars protects on racer x online dot COM dot com but your continued support of our sponsors the original Modo podcasts featuring ends of the past stars of today season previews and race reviews introspection opinion backs and laughs here's your host suits you and as always in richer modal lifestyle by working with the sponsors who support US supercross yeah yeah I got one I got Loretta Lynch title to off over here absolutely so thanks for coming in appreciate it this will come out Steve Mathis and now as promised on the fly racing racer podcasts guys in the studio to really talk about iconic brand in the industry and and much more and we'll get right into it a happy to have a reese Williams all the way from the UK he's out now developed by Jerry mcgraff rental rider and used by Darwin supercross and thanks to Alpine stars as well tech seven I went riding today and my tech seven zero a good friend of mine recently made the jump to rent doll you know from the pro taper guys from any years former factory mechanic he's got national championship which is complete bullshit Australia yeah absolutely so thanks for making this podcast happen as well and and everything everybody else for listening appreciate it so all right I guess let's start with you Paul right away you're in we're in the studio and the lines yeah not falsely right so thanks for coming in thanks for coming over you're coming into watch the Monster Monster Energy Cup into you guys have always communicated with and honestly there the brand that I've strived to make kind of get pro taper on the level of they've always set the bar as far as product quality and through the pop show but you're also going to come in for the pop show that'd be fun can't wait to argue with jt on that should be a great time thanks to fly racing firing dot Com please check them out from new formula went to the evil gear to the boots fluorescents got you covered head to toe great guys great company and thanks to those guys are making podcast APP and of course Max Tires as well your tech seven God I would say they're great right aren't they I I just I put on tech tens when I started getting back into writing I'm like no too heavy things changing that I felt were going to inhibit me for to continue to do my job over there I have been doing it right so have had a way to do things and it's just been changing and I think that's all just a product of being stuck in that really big organization so it's a great thing that unlike a lot of people in ministry big jump big switch pro taper of course you do great things with that brand and and they're still going strong but you decided to jump over to I guess your enemy in a sense the same race teams forever I think there's a lot of things you can look to rent that are there an ex exception exceptional example industry of of of a company with integrity I it's not in my nature to to to bash anybody any way I think yeah like you said rising tide lifts all ships and to me raises all boats but so many people don't get that and it just blows me away I sit behind his microphone I say it all the time like man that's cool company like whatever they're cool company and they're cool company like and what's that sometimes can be difficult to live within that corporate environment so there's just a lot of things changing on that side and I saw I saw have one Paul perveen us what's up Paul what's up Steve I'm awesome better you don't some across but you do have a national those those got more outdoor wins than you know is the commercial director for rental what's up man how's it going to be thanks for coming in this time yeah you're listening this is yes so you're didn't know if I'd explain I was getting away from that right like I was a mechanic you where I mean I don't WanNa go to every single race anymore but still all my closest friends are the people at the races so I felt like really liked what I did it for a long time I've always been friendly with rental guys though I reese is a really good dude Tom As well Tom Wade over in England and those are those are the I felt like people would see right through if I try to do anything like derogatory towards rent to promote the brand I was working on just I think people would see right through it because is Paul talking about Tucker owning paper and everything else while Henry Rosenthal and Andrew Renshaw the original founders you know racing and it's just an iconic brand and I've always been a rent guy my whole life I was amateur support rental guy obviously rent they'll guy at pro circuit absolutely love them you wear textiles attack ten guy you gotta try seven's okay do you like the booties I do like the seven don't have the booties yeah this is after this time Pulitzer good thanks for coming in appreciate it you've been overall for how long sixteen is Geez awhile also in studio yeah and things are going well yeah they did much change now you've been there for sixteen years you said right eighteen sixteen sixteen years did much change okay you're based in the UK factories Suzianne all these guys ride I mean for the longest time I can only talk to my boss at pro taper about budgeting and costs I can bench race with these guys about designations and we every part of this whole thing with us switching my part of the whole thing is that so our body a mutual fund writing Belaid Canadian champion Yep went from answer Tucker Rocky property to rent to attorney here in just talking with those guys that I was really interested in and pro taper is part of a bigger organization so the Tucker Matt Organization and and when I was a mechanic so it was it was a tough transition for me transitioning in Pro Taber but I really liked what I did there but there was just an everything else that much change for you pre-sale and post sale in the company like is more freedom now staff Budi I don't know why I used to like it but now the tech center like just the very first one came out with wasn't the best engineer the new new version hinge so well yes bets on who's going to win each weekend so it's so cool to be at an enthusiast brand yet is she be third overall yeah and trust me these guys were blowing up my phone as soon as work with aftermath in pro circuit I got Vortex Board I had you on board just one of those things man and it goes it goes to show yeah and honestly I felt like I was getting a little far away from that so when the opportunity rental came it's it was a really good opportunity for me and I'm back with a company that loves loves racing my we were texting on the last lap and I was like polly for you guys but but that's honestly one of the coolest things I fell I also felt that pro taper I was getting is it did Henry and everybody else get back kind of to be more creative or how you know what this definitely there's more free that really cares about what they do in a really big thing for me is is you guys were just talking what you were talking about the Star Boo recent enthusiast. Tom just go around and tell everyone how rental sucked forever garbage products because that's what we do in the industry so many people do you just like hey man we're all in this together a rising tide actress say you know what we're GONNA put pro taper on Honda now or whatever like I always wondered how are you going to cause competitions good and competitions a great thing and but with Jim Yep there's no one further up the chain to answer to after reporting sue Yup send reports figures on a monthly basis all that kind of stuff so I guess if the stupid decisions we can only blame myself right we have to deliver that yeah but that freedoms gooden's exciting and it's Rented handlebars inspires rent the paper and I think most everybody does so why the jump yeah I mean for sure it's those two and I I'm GonNa Jab either one you know I think that's GonNa you're GonNa get a lot of material culture but I still tech with Randy I mean I like I said this is a job and besides of each brand that we we tried to maintain our identity and not step on each other's I always looked at it as a drag race personally I wanted to try to the rocky right yes so we're independently-owned again when you're part of the group not happen in two thousand Eighteen July twenty eighth so we've just gone past twelve months of that obviously if you're trying to grow your brand and grow your business you're going to take market share from wherever you can't but I wasn't going to ever do it by cutting into somebody's lane especially sister come back for sure Cathal sold to the group in two thousand and six hundred six thousand six it was bought by Tucker one point rental was owned by it was a tricky time for sure I'd say so you back you know independently and it doesn't seem like you guys really missed a beat I mean really knows being a been a great start we did like how where's the where's the innovation and who's going to be favored is probably GonNa be favored because it was you know an original well these these points of discussion these paid and vice versa and it was crazy we're sitting in meetings together I'm in the meeting with recent Tom and I'm the pro taper did you actually have meetings together Oh yeah Dell's such an iconic Paul you're you're like what can I really say about him except I mean you know they had race teams of they've support taper rental like okay so example factory Honda Factory Kawasaki Forever Rental For one hundred years now does does Tucker somebody at time Karake along with paper and now of course sister companies absolutely right which is funny how that all comes around and then so now Henry and some other people put together and purchase it back okay yeah yeah we're looking at each other sales and stuff and it was it was it was very much pretty close but I think it's a testament to the people that were in charge fifty nine and it started by making handlebars for for the trials by Actually before that before nine hundred sixty nine they made their first handlebars so when they were we're just aluminum it's so funny there yeah you guys say that yeah yeah so with a aluminum tube that's fine what's what's amazing to me so I didn't realize this is going a little bit through the rental history I remember John Like nineteen ninety-five that's what I remember rental it was on the Honda Bikes and I'm like when my best US sales wise great to have off the back of doing that you know that that transaction coming out of that group so yeah it's exciting me we've never really respect the pro taper we still do they still good things and respect for the brand new was just an awkward situation being in the same group and got pulled joining us and there's going to be exciting just drag you down now that'd be good so as far as you go back in the and I'm passionate about it very much I'm passionate about everything I do but there's no reason to sever relations now res what's funny about this whole thing to make those kinds of discussions decisions and try and find that space to work along each other you know not was there's four years that he was tricky I'm sure test aside you know how to deal with that right and then you know you're bidding on Geico Honda and you write them a check but then they can rent and he always had a bit more aptitude for mechanics on the bars Henry was more interested in the riding really anyway fuse later thousand run the field as teenagers and that was kind of eight for us and then few years down the line that kind of you know they they done the Henry Rosenthal and Motivated you WanNa get things happening so I mean I'll be honest when when I heard that you know rental was maggots you wonder which if you went we went through John Through with management discussed how we're GonNa do this hide we live in the same grew right hide we get off that same space amnesty touched on earlier wants rental you know what I mean like and it and it was silver so you knew it was a little different than like a like I didn't know kind of materialize younger back then I'm like I don't know aluminum right who who would do that Ryan trying to figure out how to keep str- straightening and they knew that wasn't a good idea to be sharing their bows but they were young kids didn't have money for replacing them and Henry's so he said material fantastic they looked and said aluminium really anyway this is gonna be fantastic Ansi an uncle they actually had a an aluminium stockholding company or materials Tokyo and company and they had some Aluminium Chiba leftover from worldwide a how he's now working approach he's doing your job yeah now you and Randy delayed our mortal enemies we're allowed we're best friends it's going to be great but yeah so direct them over to to Tacoma Ben these handlebars and they were the material was that strong it broke a couple of their aerials bugging from the little to Akron okay in and he was lying or I'm not doing anything happens to be the same diameter twenty two point two millimetres as our no way okay so it was like yeah some of the most advanced materials come out of industry anyway they may eventually made handlebars and they were using them on the bike trail you know with you know AH polishing in the UK school brosseau traditional method Polish and that's high they originally started up in two thousand or something like that how ironic would it be that the World War Two aircrafts use exact same grade that handlebars are right Israel fee and they and how are we going to bend it and they had a you know this this data compass company they supply to okay which the you just sort of kicking the ties and you know what we're GonNa do kind of thing and just talking about things and whatever happens is handlebars I think they could have been we could probably sell it is late sixty s early sixty nine eight sixty nine and trying to find someone to stock or by some these but actually goes further away further back I mean realize that into into trials into into flat tracking all that well actually we're we're celebrating our fifth year in business you say rents has been going fifty s and nineteen so they you know they took some more of it back then they were cutting into length and they were they were bending it trying to get by the nightside supplier polishing it so many products iconic products whether it's starbucks or whether it's a quick an adjustable teenagers Henry trials bars modal Bar I don't even know back or what was the need you know what I mean well the need walls they were crushing their bikes uh-huh wants the first bit of sponsorship that doing an along with an local shop Jim Sandiford He managed to manage to get Jim Sanford perch so many products when you see them you're like why didn't they always do that this is the best thing ever and I think ending the handlebars they hadn't got their their skills the right level headed to match the cameras so they were scrubbed in Henry Goldens students rail cod on the train systems and rent ranch defined few motorcycle daily you might say yeah but not this high strength aluminium shape what's is it is a seventy seventy five back then to or whatever whatever the greatest it's it was an age grade okay stotts get to know the top trials right is at the time you know you're Martin Lampkin 's and you know Malcolm rational kind of guys and they he starts convincing them to you Andrew already this was them together gather buddies riding bikes and Joe is a bit more who became and use the engineer in the company the major players I mean how many how much of the market and rental have together probably ninety over ninety s and okay so when people are ninety percent like and they're at the same company you wonder ends but Henry this point he's riding trials to reasonable level low in the Manchester area where he's where he's based excuse me and he seattle straight in the bars with right like I remember I always raced with steel handlebars on my CR eighty I I liked the steel ones yeah it was a long time back a big challenge get pushback low resistance and they've got to convince people that these these Baas good enough trials back there a bolt on the bolt on the process. Yeah Yeah and because of course you can't Welding Aluminium is is difficult Yup weld in the cross brace there is just not a very good idea hugh though so they go back on the phone the antion com yeah we still got that material somewhere no one in this era sliding around growing up through school like that aluminum's had greats like I I didn't know grades of aluminum aluminum to me right but you guys at some point menthol start saying these seventy seventy five a few different iterations around how we come together originally host clamps are probably the I wanted to bolt system top Benny and ahead of parents and it's Henry Rosenthal and Andrew Renshaw ran ran from Russia on they put the name I remember seventy seventy five is common yeah we don't actually use that grade different grade but yeah you guys use put the grade in the ads the the best grade they could cause like for handlebars quite you're asking the law of the material you want superstrong Yep but when it starts idea so how do they settle on the great eventually I wonder they just move with the development I imagine uncle and aunt's supply when try at some point ride bikes you you'd probably sometimes use those I won't drop over and they'd be yeah everybody's dad had the old pipe ars back then or the steel exactly heavy ass thinks well this is a lighter handlebar here no it's not going to be strong so there's a big ah immediately they were like these are these are lighter stronger which seems so obvious now right right now you'll have had bikes in a grownup right I bikes came still handled by to pay for an older upfront all pay deposits today Shane to nothing and and that's kind of how it starts in the greenhouse in the shadow of that's kind of cool yeah yeah the joke was rose insurance too long I forget yeah exactly right and that's it and then yeah you know you I'm on the handlebars over the steel ones that bent when you simply fell off the stand they would bend you're always like why what are you guys doing why wouldn't you do this from the they know what you're looking for yeah he always asking for something always asking for more Yep Yep now you guys routinely test your grades that you get all the time we test lab yeah on site so everybody material that comes in this is this is a I've I've been I've been able to check this out and this is something that I I was thoroughly brace on the handlebar so that's when they get into scrambling yup you stop talking to bow his across brace okay and so then that started the answer past one thousand podcast delivered with over seven million downloads clicked at Amazon banner on pullbacks help us out and donate the Patriots you can weaken the Bob I say this the bolt on cross brace what how many iterations they went through that you know what I mean of the different materials for that there was there was feed-back push to to a warm peace you know don't hang beneath 'em and so I wanNA thank rent for teaching me sure okay right now we're looking for some of the really high strength really good along Gatien difficult to foster because usually when you find something super high strength it said becomes more and as a kid I'm like I'm sure like seems good right but I was always like Hey dad well what does this mean he'd be like there's different grades and I'm like Oh I know I know the eventually moved onto think British aluminium back then and I started having supply from that yet I think they're always pushing to have the the bugs Yup and I think to certain extent that worked but like rods didn't like it 'cause he'd carshield though yeah people wouldn't wear knee braces thoroughly impressed with and if you're ever in the in the UK maybe we get you go round one for madly base in new orders ever in concert and Manchester will absolutely need to come by and check out because yeah well I think there was actually some tie bars somebody made him back and I know there was tai spokes bike one time but those hang out yeah so that's the magic formula British Geisha Yeah Yeah so it's really a magical which bars right when you think about it we don't know the band when you reach eventually reached that point when you went to band you want to bend a long way Moyer four breaks and you can maybe ray so we call out the gate yeah right right and as the great has changed his materials developed right you know we we work with materials supplies you push them to develop in different units Jason and they just start doing it and then they obviously they make a name of the trials world and the next comes motocross across the but not pointing this stunt it's just a gripper seat covers why didn't we do this before this is so obvious and rent likely right live in their ads was that it was the seventy well actually seven seven zero nine two two four was the first what's seventy seventy I had a little bit of flaming kneepads maybe best and they'd catch their knee on the underside of the bar in turn they were pushed that from I was thoroughly thoroughly impressed with how extensive rentals laboratories are in their tests yeah test equipment I mean hundreds and thousands of dollars of equipment laying around to just a test material before you ever start bending I was introduced to that a crop of each I want to accomplish tour and they said yeah we buy our titanium going well and then that was then not really started taking it's the next level in the US Jim was always just a distributor as he was he was the importer. Don't care yeah so AH biggest market okay so we were not starting to get the racing success but the but the sales were there because typically European companies don't you well good point when you look at Yoko or you look at companies like that like yeah they never really were in guys are often running and now you know you're you're winning supercross championships and motocross championships everything else but the back then the US markets still wasn't is not we can't just trust us we need to make sure that this is all we take it seriously handlebars safety critical component on the cycle and yeah we pitches how in the hell and maybe you don't know this put you on the spot here like why would you call that thing the nine seven one how did that happen a distributor with that point called Alan Greenwood and then where were they at where was he at you remember the West Coast Guy Yeah West Coast West Coast and I think that was connected to Nabi shopping not okay but then he really started coming in then when Jim Hill and who who's doing Akzo got involved it'll trials Charles Martin Lampkin bumpkins father okay I was very I will championship first motocross champion one thousand nine hundred and so at some point the I imagine the factory I in America and I don't think some of that's just dying to the a proper understanding the different things look so things look rj starts around him in eighty six. Yeah I think Ricky Johnston was pretty instrumental because not that point not whole home the team wasn't usually cajones to use them he wanted to use so yep yep I guarantee if we call right now tell stories for forty five minutes yeah for sure yeah Oh that's yeah and then the every batch material that comes in we pull it up yet so we can we can check the performance of material so rental gets Neil Hudson on Wasi and by the way I you know it's it's so iconic so iconic that when people order bars from other companies and people are like hey I need a nine seven one convince people as they takes a long time and but from them to like the you know the sort of mid eighties James the racers are coming to rent though and being like we need you know it's it's it's going steady by that point not everyone sold on it until now you still win the world championship in which I have no idea by the way looking at official championship First World Championship how how does you know first motocross world champion when the nine hundred seventy five back then he was the importer we had our own sales team while he did the Renfro America and also had companies like Parts Unlimited Spahr for instance is also named Stuart I believe but people don't that you know riders come in come out but still the numbers that are always there it's almost like BMW's cart with renfrew so Alan Greenwood I think he retired okay and he recommended Jim Jim Henry and then they got together and they hit it off Yup Henry was told the time you know you'll never be successful in in the y'all really yes and here's why because of being British or because of the idea okay but when it came to fit the baas original equipment which was in the two thousand four model okay at in two thousand and three they both love handlebars Mike you guys would make Benz for special factory riders yet but but I always felt like a nine seven one was like a stock Honda way that's because Honda picked it is outnumber system for our partners and handlebar started at six hundred okay and guy went to nine nine nine okay on the front and the sprocket S- yeah we got a nine seven nine seven seven like that should tell you it's like saying you know I need to give me the big Mac any restaurant or whatever like that should tell you how I seventy four nine didn't cut it never cut it four nine behind left in the dust if you go to Manchester there's this number nine sixty four sitting up there couldn't be the bar for you history of how they're naming their cars everyone remembers it so correct me if I'm wrong though but like I thought so you're saying like from whatever back in the day everybody kind of had their own bring like day four from fact Yonder and then the Bulls Star has really Ronin do do you know the story about how they got into American Honda was I guess through the to Thorpe Gabor than those guys right shape yeah they the number popular nine six nine seven one nine nine nine yeah they they will be taking the next number little book they'd so are you telling me there's a nine seven so there was no Henry Andrew getting together and being like hey what's your favorite number there's nothing magical about the nine seven one is such that the numbers the clarity the in Japan and they knew they'll stop the bar we all right so they picked that shape that's crazy I had no idea that there was so poor nine we went up to four hundred five hundred and difficult trying to keep up with them over the year slow dime I'm definitely there's more change every writer wanted something different yup the shapes were more all over the map we're trying right yeah nobody uses it it's funny over time like high people have settled on like the shape yeah it has and there will be yeah yeah there was a rando there is a F- wise we don't use any longer there was a folder okay anthology whether you're bend is what people ask for and when ordering another brand I I wish I had a more interesting but he's like we just had like a three brace position yeah and I think that was kind of what started it kind of reached a certain point in the kind of just settled down a little bit so it Henry and Andrew Seven one was going to Ricky Carmichael became and that one just never took off crazy yeah it's it's funny that people remember that right so like the nine nine six and it really came more formulaic like a like the nine seven one was like less sweep Yup more more upright high bar and that was just kind of right he's Bible the were when And I it might be the the nine seven two was for writer over here in the ninth you can time things look so similar actually so it's a different culture and you have to understand Sir Henry stood that and then he had distri okay I knew it was like the principle of redundancy so his thought was well if something happens to anything on the actor Tube dommage botanical donald or anything like that the times and I'm like dude you're issues broken there's no magic band that's going to help your wrist it's so to stop it but we've had we've had like really we actually just did a little bit of an inch McGrath because of our fifty th year old he was talking to that highly when he came in he wants to be further up on the buy in note and in the mid eighties and early nineties and all that one rental is really taking off I guess they're coming in they're meeting with these writers to determine what they want for a bend I would UN's all the way through and the cheap on the outside that you can see whereas taper obviously you know what I mean it's a single single wall construction ah those mechanic when those came out they changed the game also because the the protest without the crossbar bar and I don't I would guess the fat a stranger cross over the years it can be like minute differences in the handlebar which is a challenge to even to make Ria but we always you know always attempt to do and we just consider like what I mean and and if you want a crossbar you need a rental I don't know maybe maybe not maybe I think for sure there was there was a time that was the case Pichu right so what's the what's the thinking behind the twin wall it was really Andrews idea of just looking at it and try to take him principles from the aircraft you can't propagate all the way through the handlebar got an a hole boggling through the center yes it was a safety thing take him up principle redundancy from the aircraft industry okay interesting I don't Melby says well I almost feel like like if you want a crossbar less bar then you wanna pro taper because they did it back in the early nineties the jobs of course they're all seven eighths bars we're talking all the general size at some point pro taber comes out with the crossbar bar and that's are you guys came up with your own version in fact I would guess a fat bar for rental is not one of the top sellers right like yeah we we demand a twin well yeah the cross braced handlebar flexes more than a Incheon Eighth Handlebar without a crossbar Yep and he and he and and then it was an twin the twin walk between between law is different in the sense of there's two two two tubes in their right correct and then put on a pro taper and notice my suspend working better because I think it was flexing the bar was flexing and helping it helping coming into turns and you almost sometimes it could like the whole thanks thank you guys are arguing about this forever but there's no argument I've showed him lab data he thinks that a body Chris Kiefer who thinks that a seven eighths Paul's like no here's the data and he showed him lab data and it's false because of the cross brace the policies the point where you're going to tell anybody about you and Kiefer's forever debate about anarbor Strang Oh no it's not the point but we can I mean if you thanks John and I believe in science science I can tell you that I've put on myself when I raced I put on crossbar bar missile boat so hey hey news coming out you're a few times per year that point two three or four soup across the test track as you say I would be like ride as saying hey what's is that the one in eight and that changes the game you know you gotta get by mounts and everything else you guys stuck with seven eighths for a long time in a with a crossbar twin law was just a really some writers like like the experience of the bracelets Blah like I like I think it's right at some point they're like hey let's go to Jeremy what he wanted to ask you what do you want to yeah and I'm the request that kind of feedback to the faction. UK's I yeah I feel like we've Dr Jump to try and Change Research and now we have you know we re don't push our rights to one or the other yeah I remember is like early nineties when I was just getting everything and I was McGrath Henry Fox Honda Fan Right I was riding Hondas myself so yeah you can see them in the ads I don't know I've got some regret they're looking at it differently I got different data I haven't got an email to me yet but up another incident when keepers wrong about something and how his crazy mind thinks that correct and sign is he on he's on he over here and in all three titles yeah yeah which is crazy thirty gnarly honestly cannot think we've been racking ourselves here I can't think of a brand this photo some of the greatest ads and I mean we were just talking before in ninety three you want every single championship all the one twenty five supercross disregards motorcars if a writer wants to use a fat PA PROBLEM WITH THEY WANNA use a twin will no problem with that fact you ought to use fat bars for a couple of years outdoors go outdoors they would rather fat bar indoors would be that can claim that they've done that that to me is the coolest stat ever that I'm going to try to remember and say in every sales presentation here's but yeah but yeah Accu Martin's Jeremy McGrath Jimmy Gatz Mica drowsy grab albertine Michael Rocco Doug Henry was east supercross and motocross champion ear and then the only guy I don't know is the guy who won the a switch from FM for ever and also they went to to rental you know so that was a big deal yeah it was and I think there is there is even the good really they she us to build on like younger people in the company of come on later yeah he'd have that back catalogue to build from it's just being it's it's amazing Ronda version of the rental sprocket for a while there was for the wall yeah different shades different pattern oh no yeah just just Honda there was a different PA- because rental you always can I try something that's three mill lower three mill on you might make it sends a Nike t the race that doesn't work stick with you look of it or it can be the combination of to what what what what what are you what are your twin will be my Go-to yeah the crossbar are you guys over here like they do I mean Jim Strength and what they reset doing was take a sprocket for instance back then there was doesn't anything cool about it keeping them as a mechanic yeah number one of my writers Shell go nameless Islam's Hirschman Sherry had a wrist injury and he's any change bars the reason why I wanNA crossbar is not because of so much of the performance of the handlebars just I'd just like to look at you like that's why I like to look at no I'm I'm with you I like the look of it I'd seen now and then there was hired we hired we take some the no one else's you know incident and how do we make it cool how do you make it desirable volume World Championship Pedro drager track don't know him yeah that's the coolest stat to me to to claim yeah just just those ads I think did a lot for contributed only think of the the roundup sprocket the there was a Honda Specific Honda sprocket rental for awhile I remember this just because I just I was I was at that young age is along with the racing and you know those guys working on it that really held renfrew like in the nineties and in the early nineties Japan was biggest market believe it or was it was the biggest think is a lot of people to look in wonder sprocket come up the early early nineties ninety rockets come out yeah I remember that that was a big deal because thou cool glove got gardening gloves just like that Oh wait a minute no it's way bitching credible mocks is Aaron just did a fantastic job and that's really Yup Houston the Akzo ads as well unbelievable you have some yeah we've such a great history yup look back on his old odds and he just over the years it's just been such a making the rider comfortable is is is our job as assertive and if you can just even if you even if he is actually making a difference is in the right of think yeah and he was a local tuner right he started importing rental around eighty six and he was at the Canadian distributor for rental way back then and we're like we had them distract I gotta I gotTa give a shout out to I live I'm from Winnipeg Canada and the the the local shop their wheels west run by gun Roy born yeah it was and then I remember guys before like you guys switched from the cloth pads to like the shiny ones and that was he back then yet blew everybody's wig ah tried to get one so long privateer griesbaum mechanic for hybrid well and you guys came out with that and I'm like I gotTa Get that pad and I was like nope that can't get away you can't give them away we don't have that many home you know I mean like Styrofoam or whatever that is whatever that foam is and then around that time you guys built them up bigger denser like they actually provided some protection originally me off but I build these bikes built three of them already and all the Internet you stupid forums and on Ebay and all these finish stuff you guys need to bring back those cloth pat mean they would they took a pad that was to go rhino pipes like he was heating okay a. and the managed to find in like in a in a gauge it would fit the cross doc and really not America's still wasn't nearly ninety s he was Japan during the nineteen thousand switch I came over and he was really those years that we really went from strength like everyone had him on an area but I so that's maybe my sense of I couldn't believe I didn't get that strong until then because they were everywhere because this distributor guy the things grow organically but even like like I said like like you guys changed the game with the handlebars and and the bands and everything else then you change the game with the bar pad game too because I remember being like that was a mechanic then I'm like this is so much better than what everybody else has a bar I mean he was neon colors changing you bob pick them up for who knows what official Canadian guy forever so it's kind of funny it's not we didn't they weren't sells it was there you know you know actually can see they'd done that over and over with Akzo the concrete dude it to rent for Denver mechanics where they took a work Ryan cares about so appropriate right there it's definitely I may have gotten I had a connection but yeah bring back man I'm telling you that I want a small chunk sales because it's I'm telling you you could sell a lot of them a lot of them we are with this watch this space okay knock off ones but the no no the as we've had chrome ones also lopping real Dave Dave skyser still rathore right I told cosmo this a long time ago he probably just thought I was crazy conventionally I got one from j bone desperate here are awesome and even even the even something stupid as the bar pad you first ones were just styled when it gets hot aluminium does is extremely flammable basically this dust extractor exploded and then actually like a giant blow tool oh that like made a suit on the site and that gave him a little bit of space and then like they managed to get into buildings on the same industrial park and it really kind of break right so that's what he was more than gays than than the actual quality you know they were working with you what they had available then you know the the there is a demand for it I mean he was a really tough time for the business but luckily they dachsie just they were just expanded and they just bought another building aimed cheaply made well the demand for evil bikes now rock absolutely there's no ninety nine eighty nine one is not so just say we've been trying to find one for project work weaving stringing together when ourselves we know that fulfill what is the fire ahead remember something cycle news about the sad part is is probably all the history that went with it as far as files or original products more people come to faction and they really expect to see almost like so of T. Metha- I mean it wasn't just like a small fire it oh I was a real like a start like how not to find ninety nine. Am in the morning on a Monday or jazz something machine every okay to Paul workforce when she was a heated fire like immelt the beams steel as they all melted down the whole building is just absolutely at night or is this it was Mike Bosniak the by product back in to enact a real good advertising we actually get in the back and it proved that we end of companies don't recover from Oh really really heist is really the odds are against you and I think you know Hanje Redone about it for you know are two thousand two thousand two thousand wipes the factory out it completely wipes the are you there yet or no us three pad we start thinking well we can get this custom made for south to a certain volume eight other cereals dot com you can check your materials thinking well how do we make this better has asked the time yeah but looking back with a brand new factory in two thousand yeah yeah yeah and they build bigger he was better than yeah kind of you know he was twelve months of really struggling around and trying to keep people go and we read it and have any product it was back in the time to go the fewest price levels of after yeah so what what it was those aluminium dust extractor foon they polishing in the handlebars British Library Really Yep destroy on from that point the companies set telling me go back into that we're always looking forward we just don't have a lot of history room like you've got memorabilia and we don't have anything now Henry to room with every magazine he'd ever kept them nine hundred sixty nine yeah I'd like that time nearly now we're going to that that's that's Jim hailed air right those ads those ads dot Jim Hill and Dean Josiah okay are with the rental dating myself you know it is Steve There's a championship bike. In the foyer of rental this is the funniest yeah because those things are like crack cocaine like someone would be like hey I got to I got to I got a purple I've got a blue and we were bidding maybe Johny longer yeah yeah yeah probably people there engages you've got more history on rental than we have on site told me you still some of the old are stickers though red and blue leaks sure how do we do this game over for us and they finally got past and really got the company back going again and he was it was it was tough there for a time going well but it yeah yeah it really took off in the in the mind I think the sport was booming that you know the short the peak of the school military but we need to check the tie so we melted down and we see what the components are to make sure it's compl- and I'm like what yeah so I imagine you got to do the same thing you're just like this vases you the same problems we have and I know we really have to do wow honey was stay was twelve months whole factor you had to be rebuilt and that's crazy looking back I mean there's Oy it's a PC Kelly I remember building that I worked for I remember Mitch coming back into the shop for year saying dolls asking for a bike we gotta get gotTa get a bike and I was one of the ones that help with together sitting in the show championship yes that's things come there's there's a tim ferry the twin ring sprocket that's what you're going to put steel with aluminum well I mean I was cool rockets they start writing California perhaps or Las Vegas today I heard some guy with a joker mail it the first time with grips like I remember when he grips it's like okay menthols main grips look at these things they're awesome they're tacky they last long they don't fall apart like the I look I don't I don't want to keep blowing here because you know obviously I love the guys at pro taper and vortex guys are on board and everything else but like you come out with grips and you just lars thanks to listen everybody appreciate it shadow to raise tech want to give a shout out to those guys Suspension that Malcolm Stewart won Montreal on last year Ben Lemay Using Race Tech Aguirre Jason Thomas Myself today when I went there by granting thanks to fly Racing Maximilian Stars from making it happen all right a few more things for you wrap it up here you know this about three times the number of teeth on an aluminium sprocket and also though the steel lasts longer it has to go rhino and three time yeah so a still front element at the time everyone was both about the color of year was that ninety one I think back to ninety one would we do for before for Grips Oakley now and shades of gray for the textures but like you guys did a great job with your grips right out of the box while it was a whole new concept I might need that have to get you know but again you do such a great job is that I can't tell you how many riders using other using pro taper or using another brand would rent build this display by off season dinner yeah we're going to build this yeah yeah communion they sell yet feels that many yeah more off road races maybe maybe I don't go to Khuzami Chris Blows Race Tech Jerry Robin Ray Tech pop nineteen to save with motor workers suspension work they'll in thanks for those guys coming on board of course fly racing fly raising dot com feel like Oh yeah right but we we also have Alameda still backing aluminium sprocket is what I don't even know if those mud groups do anything but they were cool to on the yeah you know we're all about being you know different yeah technical a whole angle and that's still continues now we know you know a grip with Kevlar in it the graphics are all peeling now but there's also I was probably pissed because I probably probably God damn I got other stuff to do dogs I'll let you know we have that and you know it it serves well but there's something to be said about a steel front sprocket aluminium rear sprocket his rare works well as a sat yep yep you know chain still works really well as a set so we have still spoke it if people want it and they're doing they really there's a show you what a great job with grams was grip for everyone yeah rather than just like having the imagery at their colors we had it in soft diamond fifty fifty and awful on you could choose your grip he was gripped technology and all about the technology in shades of gray he was anti color I had one rider two two I forget who it was might have been Kelly Smith they were just like hey I need that I waffle trimmed off just like come on dude ridiculous asked we've given you but if you're the nation's in Assen that's going to help you out there grips on their bike yeah like you just that happen all the time as a mechanic yeah we're sponsored by protein but I love these and you don't really see the grips when the riders so yep well we beat ourselves up on on launching new product we're definitely not the fastest company launching you probably don't have every year and L. A. Griffin and that was what everyone was raving about and we know about the content of the grip so he was about having a soft medium firm WHO's about having but which which you guys have said nine seven one where people like that's pretty cool well a big pile of rentals histories about like either being told you can't do that like slim and just looked in a paid the normal sprocket yep non one piece aluminium spread but the hot that dot the ideas obviously longevity still with aww by then yeah I yeah I I ran Scott Slim's forever but the main focus of the time was color you see that light gray that means saw when you see that dark dark gray that means firm right and how how and how you know when you're a company and you can determine your competitors Oh you put on your a mechanic to grips on contact cleaner because you're in a rush or hurry rental grip never exploded at the end never came out you know what I mean like you're just like okay cool I can put it on just yes we we can't claim the concept tackling the I didn't know medium firm different patterns in a tapered grip we'd everything you know that if these soft number one hour that had to be it still good to this day so even though he there's new materials on like a Kevlar is our bestseller how it is his best but how long do but a six is still up there Korea and we've we've always found that if you make the product of the ride is wont and it's technically good product yep that kind of makes his own fashion and that we some of these because when we developing grip so like it looks like we got it right fist time but that was years and development yeah probably was like five years to get in that right and we have a test of where are we going to bring Ostra Tacky grip which if you've ever tried because like it Lich Colorado's at his black it's literally your glove sticks to it yeah uh-huh we didn't claim the concept of that but the concept was I then we tried to put out our salon to improve it and you know we really wanted some of the the first you leave the other waffles but just the first one Oh my God yeah well you're dealing day to day the nuances of fish tied turn the grips inside iron and sprain Sovan onto to check for that I'm just really that development that long scale development program that we different different laying with the people I I always ask this question of people who come in who work with or started companies left we've recently we've recently just discontinued our leave a line oh yeah the first six months when the new bikes came and we would launch them in like month ten left with lows pull out a crystal ball to the future really is Chris Paul Peirce Venos- and a rental in the fly racing racer x podcast by maxis and Harry didn't take his age you should not be on the sale sites like hurry up yeah yeah for new product and get it right and then of course police fire before you were there but pro taper comes out with me hundred percent happy with it yeah so you know we could never get to the point where we pride ourselves on approach where pro rider can use it yeah on a Guy so that was a pro the flex product which had a lot of benefits and suit a lot of people we could never get it to where we were yeah that although the product kind of worked what didn't work for us we couldn't get them out fast enough okay so like everyone is a triple clamp you remember in the first talked all about rentals successes what didn't work for rental the clamp you guys just clamp and he got an upper clem for a we had a triple clamp yeah a weekend warrior can use it and they were just too many compromises in that product for us we couldn't get it we couldn't make one product and that didn't really suit us so I guess yeah you can't make an aluminium handle no one you can make colored grips everyone's colored when we launched the Kevlar grip the color of it never said you'll never saw always focused about going after like technological advancement right rather than the fashion the fashion so it's it's it's worked it's always meant economy when he's been telling me about that for a decade I mean that's that's what what he's saying that one thing I've already again I've only been on the job per maybe three weeks now we did have soft sellers of course there are saying Yeah Taber we had a a a range of bars that were custom made for our race teams and they were essentially all rental replica Benz where now Matt Rent Doll and I'm getting inside of the Ashby not challenge over the years you know it's like we really we really thrive and we can make approach for a race team and then that suits the the the guy in the war and it works for both yea and he's top top US Ryder right yeah we've we got we got lucky really the first year we started in by schools still still chugging along it is yeah still sell them yeah I mean gradually the Oh he's a move into science baas stock so the more the there isn't any of that there is no custom Benz it's all at the same thing that's on Cooper's bikes we could by tomorrow the old seven eighths things I didn't know we had a time machine yeah the last good idea trust me that's been our strategy and I guess there's some of those examples of portraits haven't worked bean case like that yeah Paulie starting device that you came up with we we we started working with the specialized team okay Nate Sam Hill and he won the world championship in the first year so very fishy of radio I chug on sweet yeah that was good and he does really interesting we got into that that market and we find particularly the downhill guys and the he used product for sure now is a gray in for us in for teams and we still see that silhouette today and what what what we've done is we've learned I mean not the the future is changing on that but you know if you look at the mini mini bikes and I will say there's a lot of this for us the street you know you've got and you sponsor some good guys though right yeah website not that long ago and yeah we sponsor Iron Gwen he rise up and this year and he's of kinross yeah exactly we we don't make price point product we you know we develop the best seven eighths handled the best fat bar when we make that and that's the Paula Geeky by you guys do to like in the early nineties mid nineties you you added the color to the end of the bars like the purple and blue and everything else that blue people's minds yeah I have a bike with Rand Paul bars in stem on it made me paid for by the way is more made me pay for it but yeah how's this going not product is on the back of what we've learned in philosophy being cycling when pedaling something up a hill and his life is possible the pros and that the T. people run the teams in the mechanics they all moto guys yeah and they were really pumped on our brand new it they all had we know trail by he's still a huge volume going through seven eight and cycling the rental got into cycling two thousand ten that's a huge part rentals business these days ah mashed his job up kind of faded right so it probably wasn't super easy to do only because it's a growing pile business we've been doing that for eight years now we religious been grown organically with that was on it doesn't but yes I got that drives that industry market it's reverberated this for you know probably developed and we've got products in the pipeline is GONNA be coming out shortly and it's you know yeah and and like you said like what the buying of the bars for this is the stuff that goes around on McGrath's biker and and we don't we don't make price point Ken Roxanne's by now you have the same a. and M. and not industries of very fast paced and it's really given us you know you know fresh motivation as well to bring on you pull for motorcycle Yeah Yup and they were instrumental in that's still that's continued in US great part of it so so Paul for you like you want hold on a little not a great idea you had a big part of that thing brought to the rental through a bath on a that's how gets into the tank okay so keeping the tank level keep rigged up like you get that smooth consistent long yeah that was kind of I guess more youthful energy and my experience my relationships and and and tried to kind of maybe switch up our marketing a little bit going into the Oh yeah interesting yeah I mean can you what's the next project bringing nobody listens to this you're gonNA tell us you don't give us the thought of another cool thing in the in the new structure of the company andries widow he's actually one of the the shareholder Oh cool so that's great and then like she still involved in the brand ups and they make him the neutral colors like Rand Paul did like you know what I mean they don't make them blue and red rent felt kind of set the trend it transformed people's thinking they love those guys sure

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