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Michael yet, Brooklyn, the Knicks and the clippers. And basically what Jimmy Butler is saying to you that a top twenty and top thirty player in this league when he changes destinations, he doesn't have to care about winning it all. He could care about market because he's going the bad teams and he's so far behind already even when he was in Minnesota, he might as well live somewhere that he likes. And that's all Jimmy Butler is choosing here because you're in a desperate place in the NBA when any team in the league could add Jimmy Butler, and it still might not be good enough to beat the Golden State warrior. I love how to as ago you were saying how the Lakers got LeBron and the clippers counter with legions. I need you to keep that same energy today because the clippers can get really good really fast. If I were to clippers, I would favor to be Butler now as opposed to risking him going somewhere else and sign up four hundred ninety million dollars and also making yourself more appealing to one. Leonard who agent were Naski already says is really looking hard at the clippers next summer. What's interesting about this though, is that lebrons arrival to the Lakers has got not one, but two top players in the NBA of voiding him rather than joining him in purple and gold. All I know he's gotta get out of Minnesota very soon very soon because butchered butcher is going to finish with these needs is going to ground. He's facing just ducks. Looks like a butcher. You can imagine it right with the apron, the blood he should. He should do games that way with an apron governing cow's blood. Is been Jackson right to create the Gilo Wiggins. Brothers, Jimmy Butler drags the timber wolves to the playoffs for the first time in thirteen years, the wolves up thirteen points worse when he's off the court versus when he's on wings and towns had the worst defense in the league when Butler said and when they all play together, they were ten points per one hundred possessions better than the opposition. And yet, Nick Wiggins, Andrew's brother, tweets, honolu-, irresponsive news that Jimmy Butler is demanding or requesting a trade out of Minnesota. So which Jimmy Butler responds with a workout video saying Hollywood, you keep that same energy. And then once Stephen Jackson ESPN analyst, Stephen Jackson, he jumps in with the reenactment of what he believes should be the conversation between Nick Wiggins and what he says. They heartless Andrew, Wiggins. So which Andrew? Wiggins response, all heads always hating. You wasn't that special anyway and in the product off the Texas Stephen Jackson clamps back with this. Say little. You got a lot of the kid. You gotta live talent and all hope you have a good year. I hope someone you can find some hard and find some passion for the game and have a good year. I really wish you the best. Oh, I'm farting. Thank God. I'm happy to see party Bom on. I never been never been that. You know that. I'm from those who I'm cut under the old law. You know what I'm saying, respected a checking. All that. I'm ahead of that same energy when wherever I go all that same man make sure your interest rate what you see me bro. I, I'm pretty sure you know why I am actually interest-rate just focus on finding some hard and having a good year. I wish you the best. You got an auto town. Just find that, please don't try to do that with me bro. You know what I'm saying? Just keep their saying manage. I catch in traffic when anybody is making all dark alley teams for all time off the NBA. This guy is on it. You talk to the Randolph's of the world. This guy is on at other guys who are tough, will tell you that this guy is not to be trifled with, but if I am Nick Wiggins and my brother just got most of the shots in Minnesota that Jimmy Butler was getting. I would understand why it is that I would like the Jimmy Butler was gone because now my brother is getting all those touches brother was supposed to be wanted to best to. Players in the NBA light, Jimmy Butler. He was the guy that people say Cleveland was crazy for trading for Kevin love, and yet he's underachieved for the most part in his career, never experienced winning until Jimmy Butler got there. And now you're going at it with Steven Jackson. When let me tell you once again, young book you don't want that smoke. Why I couldn't believe you. You are nice lease guys. Stephen Jackson on the air with all of the year. You said he said, well, she'll blues helping. Yeah, that was off the air, poppy poppy. We're still cameras. I don't know him. I don't know him. The number you dialed is not a working number. Please check the number dial again. Extracted number. Did the NBA let my AC so you get no fine in a situation where the maximum fine could have been two point, five million dollars, but there seems to have been an agreement that Mark Cuban would instead give four times that amount to women's causes and that that would be the fine along with this shame. This is what I will say about this entire thing, and you could penalize them more if you wanted to understand it, Mark, Cuban boyish owner who's always been a rebel, look broken on television yesterday. This thing is embarrassing to him and that report shows you pretty clearly that he seems to have been unaware of what was happening. He left the business side to the business side, so I understand why you'd want Mark Cuban penalize more, but that guy that I saw on television yesterday has been already burdened by how much he's been penalized with the shame of this. No, when you're a billionaire, ten million dollars is not enough to pay for not paying attention. It's not enough to give to women's causes, but not give it enough of a damn to do more than you did that said, what else could the league have done? What a suspension have been over the top? No, not at all, but I'm. Sure if there's satisfactory length of suspension because he eventually he's going to come back, which leads to the more extreme penalty city have been Donald sterling's. Should they have taken a team from him? I didn't see a guy on a jump yesterday with Rachel Nichols who was unfit to continue being an NBA owner. So now what I would like to see for Mark Cuban, besides bearing their public shame besides designating money toward women's equality causes besides delegating to his new CEO is dedicated himself to standing up and taking the lead on its issue beyond his own workplace, but making sure that this doesn't continue in other workplaces be a face of this issue. Don't just fix it through money at it and move on. Well, the NFL listen to everyone royals when he says Ruff, indie, Pasha. 'cause I've gone too far that says it all, doesn't it. Aaron Rodgers. Kirk cousins, and Joe flacco have all said the NFL is being a little too protective of its quarterbacks. But here's the thing. The NFL has never listened to players when it comes to how to properly officiate the game. The NFL believes it knows what's best for the players or better yet it knows what's best for its bottom line, which is to air on the side of caution and keep these franchise quarterbacks healthy even if they don't like being babied. I thought it was a weird thing that in sports argument culture where we can debate just about anything. There was consensus on this. All of us believe that the way that quarterbacks are being treated is too gentle, but I can't believe that there's yet another upgrade to this situation, the quarterbacks themselves from better offense and better safety or telling you the rules are ridiculous. You might wanna listen to them. What are sort of prize you agree with brokers. Set anything. He said, my father's a jerk who shouldn't be on television. I would agree with him. Way too quick to press on that Davies for retiring at half time by we, you mean me, right? Yes. That was you that's directed toward you. That is not directed toward me. I did not crush Ron Davis on the show and call him a quitter, but he talked to Dominic Foxworth of the undefeated and there was a human being underneath that quitter that we have been calling a quitter on television. Everybody wanting to laugh at him and the bills, and he was in pain and his heart wasn't in it. And at least we have a little more understanding today. And next time we might want to rain down judgement on national television a little slower with more facts. I didn't elect. Love you. It's own there. Lack understanding. When I when I say quit, I did not call him a quitter, but let me ask you a question one day and laboratory is Dave is going to go down to some kind of trailblazer. Is he going to be a pioneer is this is the beginning of what might be a trend. Do you think? So you think other people got the nerve to walk out of half tack? Well, that answers your question right there whether or not we were too quick to go too hard of Davis. And by we it wasn't just people like me, talking heads who never played beyond high school. It wasn't just fantasy nerds. It was wait for it. Actual players who to everybody's knowledge, it was unprecedented for somebody to quit and retire at halftime of an NFL game. Now, all that, it doesn't matter what I think. Doesn't matter what he thinks. Doesn't matter what he thinks. Longest Monte Davis's happy. I wish him well for yourself. It doesn't matter what he thinks all that all that matters. Right. You're right, bet. Bobby. Next on highly questionable. Let it be the person whose job this is the window down, Alex. He's putting the win. My son Steven show is brought to you by Gatorade thirst coin shirt. The proven the sport few. With delta in-flight entertainment. You can watch over one thousand hours of entertainment, all for free. The entire watch full seasons of top shows or choose from up to three hundred movies, HBO Showtime, TV games and more. Use our screener. Yours stream on your laptop, iphone, ipad or Android. Time to play the game this emotionally adrift to your question. You give us topics individually. Question them, busy writing, things notes. Do you question if they should scare the rest of the east yesterday on this show showed you some video of Marquel foles trying to make his way back from a broken jump shot Tribune. I did mock that the players Tribune is checking in with them here. What happened. Do what he can actually. One reason you got a lot of things going on. Listen to me. I'm a, who was your man is Ingo stop me. So it pretty good. And he just got nothing from and for the most part and in the Simmons and Embiid and Covington and start somebody on take they money. Absolutely. But at him in which incarnation do we know that this had no defenders. A lot of guys can do this without any defense. You gotta start somewhere. Simmons and Embiid job to get him that wide open. And so he basically goes John's please take a lot he meets, I mean, God in the game. When you need a bucket, you don't really have to call the play. Somebody who is so respectful and have people hassle. Somebody who had Myers good the Atlantic journey as much as you do cloud people like nobody's business. Coming bed. Powered makes a lot of free throws. And then he goes on the game and he doesn't make quite so many of them shag thing that convinced you that convinced pulling for this kid. Am I crazy? Or he showed us do look like. It did the shot itself in Lafraie father. Point that clean, hey, man, trust the process at the beginnings of the process. Do you question if these appropriate laugh at someone else's pain, or did you guys not just see what we showed here? There was a little kid on the screen and got hit in the face soccer ball, and all we did was laugh where adults it's a little bit. It's not cool, but there's a buffalo Colorado has a buffalo mascot, and it's not the cool one. The animal, it's the one that is called chip and has a teacher game. Oh, that was the opposite of the way that was supposed to go? No, what that reminds me. You know what they were. You know what? They were much Dan. That's right earlier this week. Confetti rocket. I guess the top of it. When you could have done that exact same thing that you not been? I couldn't done that. Imagine I wanna show that video right now. Right now in the middle and how scared my father is in slow motion. Now I want you to imagine me shooting. All right in his face, which is something could have happened. And breaking. What's his face look at Bobby. Bobby. Do you question the decision to go from this carjacker. I love questions like this. Video from North Carolina, right? This halfway, he'll push it. Always bear bear what it is shoot. He's just kind of animal is in trying to open the door. No, is the is the enemy, closing the door or the just. I think he's so scared of Kline at the door. Let it be the person whose job this is the window down. He's putting the winner. Here comes, what is that fair? That's right. And and fired a warning shot with that horn, I get very conscientious. Bear that said, look, everybody get out of here because of bears coming through this window going, get you really do. Go on, get you coward one talking to really Richter. You know, very happy because he bare lifted car, but they're not going to weed that happy when they get into the currency, what the bear behind. You know. Nice mail. That was unnecessary snorting Hong came through seem to be a little excessive. Rickie always wanted to play baseball in the majors. He was playing catch before. He could walk practically lived in the batting cages. He was behind home plate more than he was home and one day after all that hard work be found himself walking into a major league baseball stadium. After buying a ticket at the gate, a news bleed seats, scared by poll, but he was in there. No, Ricky never did play in the big leagues, but he did switch his car insurance to gyco proud partner of major league baseball, which saved him a lot. So while in all things were good. Questionable these broadcasts onto their hotel, beautiful south beach, Miami glibly game that lack self awareness see tells what's on television tonight. This guy's always intrigued. Tonight on the NFL network, Thursday night football jets in Brown's, oh, he tried to sell it with the jets and Browns feels like to like Spiderman memes pointing at each other. We're kind of the same. Nobody wants to watch this, but the Browns might win for the first time in a long time. They are favorites tonight. Let's check in with their last game though. They tend to mess things up. This was the way that last week should have been. For them, beautiful passport, them five kicked the extra point here. Take the lead. You beat the saints, Ray hurry or you miss you. What happened? The Browns kicker. He's gonna throw up on choose. Probably. Accent looks like he's gonna throw shoes and probably. Brown's should have Brown vomit as their helmet. Are you intrigue Michael? I'm actually three. You said a longtime six hundred and thirty five days to be exact about all the things you've seen in sports the last six hundred thirty five days and you have not seen a Brown's victory. Rookie quarterback Sam darnold short week at home. Cleveland, this is for you. Intrigue, oh, CC Intego you get in me. Tyrod Taylor is going to win a hat hand tonight. Barry, he sub for the task. He's going to make history claiming until I, you know what I mean? I'm telling you something that guy's gone to something else. Yeah, I told you that something four different ways the same thing again and again, and again. Pack. How's everybody spending on know looking for the first winning about fifteen years, and you know what? It's going to happen. They're going to lose last, what it's going to happen. Tonight on NBC sports, Washington Capitals, and Canadians, preseason hockey is what we're going to check in with here. Tie Domi. One of the most notorious fighters in the history of hockey has created and his son is named max and max does things like daddy did. So, yeah, undersize like his father. Sure. But the fist now this other guy doesn't seem to want to fight total indifference. What is that. Wow, okay. That's what that was. His face was filled with blood. He says the preseason it is, it's preseason, Michael, are you intrigue usually seems to avoid championship hangovers? It seems like the capitals all season were hell bent on having a literal hangover all drinking, but you intrigue CC too much, but he got looking because he's got the one in five. But tonight tonight's going through after somebody that's going to fight that not so me about these guys going to that and they're going to Bill over the place. Drag his over. That's right. That's right. What? What a big fight field after the ice, they're going to go to field dragon. Streaming on MLB dot TV, an on demand, replay of last night's Rockies dodgers game. The dodgers are pretty exciting right now. Yes, he'll plead when he broke into the national consciousness. He was not this good. We thought maybe we would get something like this. We've not seen this. He had five home runs into games, and then here is a pinch hitter to two game. That's how he finishes the sweep of the Rockies. Home runs into games then does that finish the Rockies that's enough to send the Rockies way. Good. The kind of thing that happened to you. You don't wanna play baseball anymore, Michael. Are you a tree? Yep. I'm intrigue after the game week said that that's the daughters of winning the west, and I believe him, especially since the two and a half up with ten games left for Colorado popular. You intrigue all CC intrigued. Are you kidding me? There is a new sheriff in town. He may your league baseball. He's nine this, yes, he'll point you know, when he threw that bad in the air. That's right. Nobody's Fool around within, you know, next time he goes to nobody's threat patient him because he's going to and falls, you know, these guys Bill like Mack truck. Was there too. That's only ever do that and thinking for Washington tomorrow. 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