Playing tag with Landon Collins? Talking with ODU receiver Travis Fulgham


Welcome giants fans. You are listening to the Valentine's views podcast here on big blue view radio part of the SP nation family of podcasts. I'm your host Ed Valentine of big blue view today's show. We have a couple of topics for you. We're going to talk about Landon Collins, and the fact that the giants have a decision to make on whether or not to franchise their star safety. We are also going to talk briefly about the recently announced decision by the giants to re-sign tight end. Scott Simonsen bringing him back for another year. Finally, we will talk to NFL draft prospect Travis full them a wide receiver from Old Dominion who is an interesting young man and an interesting NFL prospect full is a young. Man who has traveled the world, thanks to his parents being foreign service officers. He has lived in several countries didn't begin playing football. I believe until he's junior year of high school. So he remains somewhat new to the sport not as experienced as many players who are hoping to be drafted by NFL teams here in a few weeks. So with that said, let's get started here. And let's talk first about Landon Collins, we are now in the time period where the giants have to make a decision on whether or not they will use a franchise or transition tag on Collins who is entering his fifth NFL season and can be a free agent here next month once free agency opens should the giants decide not to tag him or be unable to reach a long term contract. With him. You know before free agency begins. I have said many times, and we'll stand by this that I believe that the giants need to put a tag on Collins to keep him out of the free agent market fact is if Collins gets to the free agent market he's going to have suitors he's going to get a big contract. The giants simply cannot afford to lose a twenty five year old three time Pro Bowl one time all pro safety you from a defense that frankly wasn't good enough in two thousand eighteen the giants need to be in a situation where they're adding talent not subtracting talent creating more holes, especially when you look at Collins who is still a young player at twenty five. He's a leader on that defense. He's a player that the giants simply must keep. So I am. I'm all in favor at this point of the giants using the franchise tag, which will cost them roughly an estimated twelve million or so against the salary cap. I don't have the exact estimate in front of me. It was in a post that we put together on big blue view the other day. So please go ahead and look for that. If you need the exact numbers also there's been some speculation with Collins about whether or not the giants should use the franchise, tag or the transition tag. And I don't wanna get into full blown explanations of what those tags are here in the podcast. Those again are in a story on big blue regarding Collins's. Potential free agency, the primary difference really the transition tag would cost the giants slightly less. But the transition tag would also allow Collins to negotiate with other teams. And would mean that the giants would not get compensation should Collins sign with another team. So the transition tag is an option might not be the best option. We'll have to see how that all plays out. But, you know, my strong feeling to be honest is that the giants need to put a tag on land in Collins to keep him out of the free agent market. They can go ahead after they tag him and continued into Goshi eight and try to come to a long term deal. But for me the giants have to do what they have to do in order to keep. Collins away from the free agent market. The the other news on on Monday or skews me on Tuesday. The giants announced the signing of tight end Scott Simonsen to a one year contract Simonsen really was their number three tight end a year ago. He's he's a useful player on special teams. He's a blocking tight end guy that can catch the ball in the short areas. The interesting thing as you watched Simonsen a year ago is that his skill set. Although he's less accomplished as a player less experienced his skill set mirrors that of Rhett Ellison the giants number two tight end. Who's also a blocking tight in a receiver pretty much insured areas of the field. And what it makes you wonder is if the giants would be considering moving on from Ellison who is. Entering the third year of a four year eighteen million dollar contract and carries a salary cap. Hit of more than five million dollars. Which is you know, to be honest a large amount of money considering the production that the giants get from red Ellison. I mean, he is a good player. But he's not a player that that really is one who should be chewing up a significant amount of your salary cap space. So it will be interesting to see what the giants do with red Ellison here as we get closer and closer to free agency and get to to that point in time where the giants have to make some financial decisions have to move some money around to to have salary cap space to make some moves here going forward into the two thousand and nine. Nineteen season. Okay. Giants fans. Let's switch gear here quickly. Let's talk to Travis full of Old Dominion what you're about to hear is an interview that was prerecorded that I did with Travis recently. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it. Everybody at and chief of the verge. I has podcast every week called the verge half. My friends Paul Miller, indeed or bone. We've got a rotating cast of characters from our entire site, which is about technology, how it impacts culture, and how that is all a big cycle that causes us to have a wide variety of feelings that you can listen to every Friday we've done over three hundred episodes in six years since avert has been around. But you only need to listen to one the latest one to get caught up on everything in tech. News virtue is on apple podcasts. Spotify everywhere else. You listen to podcasts. Check it out. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from Espy nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it's smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another seems smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up a mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart. Okay. I'm joined now by Travis full them wide receiver from Old Dominion who is looking forward to participating in the NFL combine Travis welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us. Thank you, sir. So you on you participated. I believe in the senior bowl, my, correct. Yes there in how was how was that experience for you? You know, getting getting the participate there and getting comed- some NFL teams there. Oh, it was definitely a great expanse. The full out there with the best the best players in the country from all different schools. Definitely getting the chance to meet all probably thirteen up at the senior bowl. It was a grueling experience. But it was definitely worth it. Did you did you go out there? As far as your performance was concerned. Did you did you feel like you showed what you wanted to show unity during your time there? Yeah. For the most of it. I feel like I finish strong. But I definitely could have performed better. And you had a, you know, looking at at the statistics. And dude some research you had you had a big senior season at ODU. Was there? A was there a reason for for that for for the improvement? You think that you showed as a senior? This year things were just clicking for me. Also the. We hired New Year's coats, Jon Allen. I like you helped me a lot on and off the field. A lot about the receiver and how to. How to go about how to go about wide? How to go on my my daily routine of studying how to become receiver and said each game weeks? We now have to ask you. I saw the the YouTube clip of the block that you through where I think you you carry you carried the defensive back for about for about twenty yards. How much how much attention have you gotten for that play in interest? Explain to me quickly. What happened on that play? Oh has only test. I've gone for it was a Twitter. But. We were playing that you, and it was just a simple smokescreen, though receiver pretty serves as they Harper you cut the ball. And you know, he he may one guy, and I I have to stay on my block to the plays over. So that's that's what I was. You know, in in addition to the receiving I mean, people don't people don't talk too much about about the blocking. And that sort of that sort of thing downfield. We saw with the giants this year was saquon Barkley. We saw some receivers giving on awful lot of effort down the field to block is that something that's important to you. Absolutely. That's definitely a key factor being Caesar Barca at making sure place for or. Or apple if they want or in the other receiver, so he can send. He can send before. Not you. You're believe six three to fifteen of if you were to give a scouting report on yourself on what kind of wide receiver. You are what you would bring to the table for an NFL team. What would that scouting reports out like? Like, I'm a big Klay receiver. I can make a big place down the field. I feel like I'm sure had and also my big red zone threat. And I know that that you have an interesting well-traveled background. I think I I read that that includes living in Jordan, Egypt, India, South Africa, maybe a couple of other places. I apologize. If if I missed a couple, but. I got him. All that's good. Do you feel like like all of that? You know, does that does that prepare you in any way, you know, for for dealing maybe with, you know, with some of the unknowns that you're dealing with your as you go through the draft process. Yes. Absolutely. I like living in many different cultures of sub meal for any any different aspects on lifelock actor get along with anybody. I feel like and. I could just adjust very well, many differences. And if I'm right you didn't play football until your junior year of high school, correct? Yes, sir. So, you know, with that in mind, I mean there there's a lot of a lot of kids a lot of players who start playing at a much younger age than that. The u does that make you feel like, you know, where you are now in terms of your growth in terms of maybe your polish as a receiver. Does that make you feel like there's there's a lot more for you. To learn more levels may be for you to reach. Absolutely. Great amount to grow. I still alive. We're going. I'll I'll be able to get a lot better. Did you did you have a favorite team growing up? Oh, I don't know. If giants fans wanna listen to that. Yeah. Slow that. Oh, that's that's hey, you gotta tell me the truth, right? Yeah. Yeah. But the you you said you met. So this is this is true. This this is true. So in my son happens to be a patriots fan as well. So I hold that against him as well. So I I'm not sure how that happened. But it happened that that's that's a family issue that we have so. So you said that you said that you that you met with the with all thirty two teams at the at the senior bowl pretty much. In looking forward to here's pretty much the last question that that I'll ask you today. Travis looking forward to the combine, you know, coming off your senior year coming off your senior bowl. Is there something in particular that you feel like you still need or want to show NFL teams when you get to the Combi? Yes. I just want to show them that. I'm explosive athlete. Also that I care about this game very much that I'm very motivated cover Greg receiver the next level. Hey travis. I appreciate your taking some time to to join us today. So far. Thank you very much. Thank you. All right. Giants fans. 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