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The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas, producing area already one of the world's leading oil, producing regions, the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty, twenty three, but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista a skinny. Today's show is sponsored by Baker Hughes. Who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet over one welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. It's so nice to be spending this time with all of you I hope that you were doing well and enjoying. Back out there in this world. That's right. We've all been going through this together and I hope that you and your family situation has been okay and that you're healthy during this pandemic I'm sitting here today in my office in Midland Texas and joining me via Zen caster. That is the way with us. podcasters do things these days is then caster in I'm in Midland or visiting with William Skelton? WHO's in Midland Texas as well? He is the business development director for gyro. Data West Texas William. Thank you so much for being here. It's a pleasure to be here Chris to how you doing. I'm doing good navigating this new environment. We're in yes, the tastic. Meeting face to face, but instead it's to computer, but that's okay. We'll do what we have to do. Right to help out and flatten this curve. Right show jar with days. That's right well before we get started. I do WANNA. Thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We have listeners all over the world, and of course right here in the basin where William I are, and I appreciate each and every one of you special thanks. Thanks to those who've been kind enough to leave the five star review, I really appreciate your kind words and I look forward to reading those and sharing them on future episodes so once again. We are joined by William Skelton the Business Development director for gyro Data West. Texas William Tell us how you got in this oil and gas business, or we're all in West Texas. I think we all ended up in it. In one way shape performer another for me. In twenty eleven, it was really about seeking a different opportunity. And it was an opportunity for me to do something that I had not done before so. You know put in an application and spoke with the district manager at the time. That's really history right? There just got on and started going new thing for me. I'd I'd been another career for ten years and really had just. Just, wanted a change so here. I am is your West Texas boy right. Yes man wellborn in Houston raised here. I've been here all my life fantastic, and so with that. Tell us what it is. You love about West. Texas, you know it's really hard to put into words. Honestly, if you're not from here, the sunsets all of the sunset love relatively mild winters. I love the fact that it's not super humid. If you've been out of West, Texas, you know what I'm talking about us. So there's you know. It's always just been owned to me. So I can imagine not liking it honestly right, so you said you were in another business for ten years decided to make that switch into oil and gas. That's kind of how I was to. Until about five years ago, I felt like everybody else was in oil and gas, except my husband and I and then made that switch. What was it that made? You make that change well out. The obvious answer to that question would be money, but it'd be honest with you i. just wanted something that was less stressful. If not can be said about the oilfield really relish learning new things and so becoming survey specialist at. Was a really good move for me. I got to learn a whole. Whole other skillset, so I embrace that and it was a great move for me. That's awesome. Say you made the switch to Gyro data? How did how was that for you going into completely new field and tell us a little bit about what your company does. Well it was to say I was nervous. would be really an understatement honestly is done other things in the oilfield like giving testing and hydro static pipeline testing, so I'd had my stint in the oil field, and when I got out to a different rear I'm not going back well. You know you say that, but I got back into it because it was really just the right move for me financially and personally and for my professional growth. I felt like it was a good move so. What we do is gyroscopic serving. That's kind of the main thing with a lot of things fall under that we also do gyro while drilling, we do orientation works such as whip star. And also realtime gyros staring. And we can also do NS, collision, modeling and monitoring. There's just a huge huge number of things that we can do with. So you've been working for the company, I believe that eleven years now. No, it'll be ten years this coming March so just over nine years awesome so over nine years. What changes have you seen in technology and just the way that you do things at data? What have you seen over the past ten years that have really been beneficial to the industry will as you will know, safeties become very not to say that it wasn't important in the beginning, so I wouldn't want to say that I would just say safety safety has come a long way from just even twenty eleven to now. Safety is huge as you not. Ben So that along with the development of you know how technologies progressed. You know we've developed a new solid state GYRO. Is Far and away GonNa? Be Really huge for us. It's already proven to reduce the ellipse of uncertainty on most surveys by fifty six percent, so it's it's huge. The development of technology and safety culture obviously has been the big are the biggest changes I've seen over the over my time. So how has your company shifted now during this pandemic wear? Obviously, you and I both know things have slowed down quite a bit in West Texas. How has it changed over the past three months? It's really been a ride to say the least you know. Obviously, we had some layoffs. Just like US companies have there's been people out there making some really hard decision It's caused us to really look inward, honestly I I know this is gonNA sound really unusual to say, but it's made us all better. It's put us all closer. We have a more interactive team than we had before. If that's possible because we were really interactive before, but now we're even more in his changed the way we contact the. Engineers out there that are like good. Gosh. I'm so tired of answering emails. Because it's the only way we can know this one of the ways we can contact people doing that and as well as contacting A. By phone, so you know, I'm not the only salesperson out here on. No, that's not. That's going through that tough patch. Because in all honesty, it's really difficult to get people to engage this planet. Right and I think that's the biggest thing were so used to. We are a very social community I would say. In the in regular times pre cove it, I should say and we're just not able to socialize like we were before you know I. Mean you and I both know I've been here twenty two years and and you know how West Texas. Are We golf together? We Barbecue together we. Now. Know, networking events, and since all that is halted, you're right. It has changed quite a bit, but I like what you said. He said. There've been some real positives to it. As well as you know, you have to be a little more intentional. I think with your connectedness. Yeah, you don't have the physical interaction where you can see someone smile, see how they enter. You know how they react to. What your talent! You really just these days. You'd really just honestly you don't know so. You've just got to put your best foot forward, but I think the positives that come out of this are gonNA. Be Great just from a business standpoint. I think it's really challenged everybody to be better position. Position. I could not agree more so I have to ask you. What's the word on the street? What is everybody or or the word on the email thread? Does everyone seem to be optimistic that you're talking to that? Things are GONNA. Turn around quickly looking at eighteen months. What are you hearing? Well I think it's really tough, were really in a area that none of us have being been in before was cove nineteen. In the way, it's actually way. It's put everybody in their house. The way it's put all of us on a different contact level to me I believe the economy will get back moving again this what we really need. We need that surplus that we have are moving. I think that will eventually start happening. I, think we're seeing a little bit of it now with oil being over thirty over thirty dollars, but it's got to stabilize before anybody feels comfortable enough to really start. You know, look into. Do things again and stuff. For everybody and there's people have made some really tough decisions in these in this day in time and I'm positive about it. I believe it's GonNa happen sooner than later just on the street from what I get you know it's. It could slowly slowly pick up as the months progress That's what I'm hoping for you. Too I'm right there. With Arlene I'm tired of this. And there's definitely a lot of activity when you drive around town more compared to say a month ago. When you are driving down, glued to fifty or business, twenty right would jr agree as? There's more movement others definitely more movement you know, but when you're out in about in the field, like say if you go through how you go through mentone or you know the really congested areas kermit normally congested with all the activity way experience previously, it's very noticeable. The traffic has dwindled out in the field. Is Really. It's really nice to see people moving around town again. Yes absolutely I. Know that quality of service is one of Giro data's greatest assets. You're committed to improving the competitive advantage. What is your competitive advantage over say some of your competition are competitive advantages, the accuracy of our equipment as well as the reliability of it, you know jared and has been in business since nineteen eighty. We did the first commercial Darus Skopje survey in nineteen, eighty three. We've been around a while. We kind of for lack of a better term. We started this in over the years. We've just continued to develop our tools in a more rugged fashion. We've taken a lot of the guesswork out of it by adding sensor packages that sort torok Whitman also diversity. We haven't been in the field before. We can run our equipment off. Line trucks as well as our own. We have several ways. We can actually benefit the customer. Probably over and above some of our competitors in fact, I know we can. We've got a very very high success rate on our equipment, so I believe all of the work that's been put in for all the years is just made us better year-by-year. How large the company is! It's a company of around a thousand employees where worldwide our main headquarters is in Houston for the Western Hemisphere in the eastern hemisphere. We have headquarters in Aberdeen Scotland. And we're worldwide we're in. Up Forty countries or your fifty, I can be wrong. I didn't write that down so. That's. Tim. We're out there. Let's just put it wherever there's a field for oil or gas, or even mining for that matter were there that is fantastic and with a long history you are like you said one of the first ones in this this oilfield technology, and just being being one of the first on the scene I'm sure you've seen a lot through the years and I think that that gives us that edge as well because you have the experience. Wow I had. No idea s thousand employees. That is outstanding. What do you think is that makes your company so strong in this arena that has made you grow to be. One of the largest is the people. The people in the fostering the development of people. When I got hired. You know. I was blown away by the fact that virtually everybody I've talked to or willing to help. If you have question, reach out to me. If you need something you know, let me know and really that goes a long way when people feel comfortable in their position. They perform better. And I felt like that was immediately something I can do it. Really. The people make any company so the people that I work with her hands down some of the best people I've ever met. That's awesome. What an incredible testament to your company for using that because I think that is. The best. Out when your own team members just love working there and know what you're doing a good job. There's nothing better than hearing that, so it has off to. Our company. It's very passionate group of people and I enjoy working with them. You know the old saying. If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. So a lawn lot of brain trust here. I love that. EVERY CHANCE I get! It's awesome. What one piece of advice would you give to someone that is maybe thinking of going into the oil and gas industry, or maybe had just gotten into it before covid obviously just us really got to just keep at. It perseverance the only way you're going to get through, you know learn all you can take classes and even free classes. There's education out there for everyone I would advise anybody that does it to just be diverse. Learn everything you can about odds and ends. Make yourself indispensable. That's one thing I've I've learned is to make yourself indispensable. It'd be willing to learn things and step out of your comfort zone in learn. Right get advice. What about our favorite Booker podcast? Do you have any that you're listening to right now? Reading that kind of helped you get through this time. Released reloaded inspirational stuff just quotes and things like that. I haven't really gotten into. The whole podcast seemed to be honest with you, so this is this is all new to me ally. One of my favorite books was Dylan. Jr. Book on racing to the finish out that. He's. A very very eye-opening. Look into figure that was. Wonderful, I'll have to look into that one. You said you've carts. You Love quotes I'm a quote. Person Myself. I mean I just read daily. Do you have a favorite one? If. You're the smartest one in the room. Here in the wrong room that's right that just goes back to learning right so if you're the smartest person in the room, you can't really glean anything from well. I say you probably can learn something from other people in the room, but the room of people that I work with on a daily basis are constantly learn so. I think competition has to go out the window there. Right so true! What is the most important lesson that you've learned in the oil and gas industry? Beyond Tom. On time. And, if you'RE GONNA, be there be there early. They'd rather. They would rather look at you. Then look for you. Oh, that's good. We're going on a year of doing the Permian. Perspective podcasts have to say that's one of my favorite answers that question. That is so true. It is so much better to be earlier than late and. Love what you said. It's better you them to look at you than the look for you love that Louis. You're in the old. You know exactly what I just. Yes! That's great. What are you looking forward to the most right now? William you know I'm really looking forward to the rebound. or at least the parcel rebound of our of the. Gas Industry as well as our economy. I think that this time has been. You know largely introspective I think it's actually made some of the people like myself. Better at communication because we've to change the way we do, so. I think coming out of this. I think you're going to see some Yunessi stronger peop-. Obviously getting back out, it's all going to happen slow, but I believe that you know as a company jarding in general. I think we're going to be stronger coming out the other side of this I think we're going to be more more of a team if that's possible. And I just really look forward to every buddy in the industry. Just being are just. How do you communicate even the new normal right that's. GonNa Change some things. Obviously, we know there will be change changes inevitable. So I, really believe it's how we deal with it and move forward from their attitude is everything. That's right. It sure is. We'll tell me. Is there anything that maybe we haven't talked about Gyro data that you really WanNa get out to our listeners that you think is important for them to know about your company. Okay, so if we have any production, people or completions, people one thing I'd like to talk about his our micro guide logs. That's probably the most in-depth look in fact I know it's the most in depth. Look, you can get at your well. It's down to one foot intervals, and it gives you the very best data driven information. Your well is by far. Far, and above the best thing to have when you WANNA. Put Rod guides in the right spot, or you want to send an ESPN area and get the very most usage out of it. You should use our micro God log technology antastic, and those guys that are listening and understand what those those acronyms were going. Yes, all right. I'm GONNA give you a call. So how did they? How can they get a hold of you? William can reach me W. my last name Skilton at Gyro data dot com. Fantastic course you're on social media often. GYRO data dot com is a great resource. I was just looking at it actually before our interview tells a lot about what your company does and very informative, so those are other ways to connect before we leave I've been. Everyone I've interviewed lately. Just tell me something good. That is happening that you're seeing and so I'd like for you to share with us some. Tell us something good. That's happening that you see. Kindness Kindness I mean. We can all get wrapped up in our daily lives. It's that's easy. To do myself or next door? Get wrapped up in what's going on, but what I'm seeing is deeper level of kindness. I really would like to see that. Continue you know. If anything this. This cove nineteen has taught us all that you know what really matters are the people obviously and just be kind. You know. A smile simple smile. Can Make Somebody's Day. We don't know what stress is other people are going through so just be caught. Yes, absolutely I love that in West Texans are pretty kind already. Bet I would say out of all the places. I've lived. You know West Texans are just so kind and generous before Kovic, but you are right the kindness that has just been coming out and people helping people in coming together. It just continues in true West Texas fashion, so thank you so much for saying that that's it. That's the conclusion of our interview. William unless there's anything else you'd like to add I just WanNa say thank you so much, and I want to let everyone know that. Of course they can reach out to you for more information on all the social media's and as we. Address that thank you I. Really Appreciate Your Time Today and learn more about your company. Appreciated? Thanks for having me. It was pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much. William and before we leave, we do want to announce today's community MVP and the MVP is protected the basin Dot Com. You can help stop high level nuclear waste from coming to the Permian Basin. The Permian Basin coalition of land royalty owners and operators is fighting to prevent massive quantities of high level, radioactive nuclear waste from coming to the base in by rail to be stored at the surface, largely unprotected for a long time in perhaps forever so. So there is a petition going around. You can go online to protect the base dot com for more information, and that concludes this week's Permian perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin a very special. Thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective as many Baker Hughes recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand, and as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Remember my mottos dream big. Believe in yourself and never give up. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here with the events on deck so Doodoo current circumstances. Of course we are not able to have any in person events so I've nothing of that nature to update you guys on, but we have been hosting some virtual events, so obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars live happy hours, et cetera during this time, since these events are not scheduled out as far in advance as in person events, we would like to keep you. You. Guys updated the facebook linked in and twitter, so be sure to keep checking up on that and we'll keep you guys posted on anything we're offering. It has been free. We want to offer you guys value during the time that we're all at home, so please continue checking in joining us for these virtual events. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person events and hope you're staying safe and sound. Tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective, a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot g g n dot, com.

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