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Saddam show here on ESPN LA happy Friday. Hello Ben Lyon. What's up your Sodano links for having me on oranges? What out big? Mike's here we got a whole crew. Yeah. We do. I was happening. We have a busy show today as Jay Bilas going to stop by, in about an hour or so and three last night. He's always great. Like he's just fantastic. So the Lakers got a guy they did a thing. They did. I'm happy for the Lakers getting a second round peg into value last night. Yeah. What a wingspan talk around these halls today. Span talk, the purple and gold got a guy good stuff. Yeah. Look, I clearly they need to fill the roster. So buying into the second round, however they were going to do it. And clearly you have to understand when the right time it is to buy into that because it wasn't cheap to get into the second round teams or giving up two and three and four in some cases to trade into that second round. Well, I guess four was Cleveland at the end of the first, but they were getting stuff. Yeah, that's the last night was last night was the accumulation. Of stuff where people paying out stuff and you need stuff the Lakers cashed in their stuff earlier in the week with Anthony Davis. So for them to get more stuff in the second round was a nice little step forward for I do agree. That that's the case. Like I think that if you're them does it help that he's a clutch client. Yeah. Sure. I think so. I think we're getting to a place where we're going to get more and more clutch clients they just gonna accumulate, right? Clutch is still in its infancy. So it started off, as a handful of guys and his exponentially grown in the fat and five six years of its existence. I mean, they got twenty five clients right? So in would imagine they'll have one hundred clients in five years. Yeah, probably, so we're going to hear more and more of a clutch guy that's a clutch guy, and if they're making clutch west out here in LA, I'm not so mad at it because they got a nice roster. Those twins twenty five names. Also really good name. And they may add to that maybe his call. Well, paul. I mean he's was he's been part of the Lakers. A couple years, though. I don't feel like he's. Getting more eighteen million dollar deals if you know for one year, I, I don't think so. That's happening this year. The Lakers are in trouble. I love people saying, well, the Kevin Durant injury or might be the end of the one one plus one or the one in Casey peas signing one year deals at eighteen mill the rest of his career very happen. That's definitely not are you more fearful of Kawai, not coming everyone assumed that he's going to end? Look, it's been reported Wolters reported that he'll take meetings with the Lakers and the nets and the Knicks in the clippers and the obviously, the raptors. So does this new stuff the endorsement deal in Canada? Does that does that change your mind on any of this? I don't understand how you can be to time finals MVP before the age of thirty and have like just the worst endorsement deals with. It doesn't say anything navien cargo jet, right? The new balance and, but the new balance deals supposedly, is paying them a lot of money, though. Isn't put sue cares. It's new balance. I, I mean, I don't buy anything. But nike. That's just me. I just think he is such a weird. I don't know his, his stoic nece and his short lipped and just being quiet. It's gone past like normal. Just weird now to me. I feel bad for the duty clearly uncomfortable being himself in public as a job. No. I don't choir himself in pump. I don't think he's he's he's bothered about being himself. I think this is himself. I think that this introvert is who he is. And he's very matter of fact. And I don't think I don't know is is he's awesome. Yeah. Right. It's just some. But I think that is I have no I didn't last night did not impact. I don't think Kawais standing anywhere. No, no, I don't. But I'm just saying because everyone's now trying to connect dots with in every way, shape or form. And I guess the newest connection is he's got this endorsement, there's a video up right now. And there's an a he's part of team. Endorsing this Canadian cargo company or something like that. Like I don't know if they're like a FedEx in Canada, or, or something like that. Who knows it would seem odd that his team would put him as the face of something. That is very Canadian, right? And then take him out of Canada, whilst making him a target or bar hated in Canada, in some way, then have your face pop up. Oughta one Winnipeg. Do you believe he'll be hated like even if he leaves he delivered something they never had because I'm on the I'm of the belief that, that no matter what happens. He is going to be forever beloved in Canada. We'll get your thoughts on that of the other side, because this was going to be a short segment anyway, because we went long in purgatory. We're back in three minutes. And we'll kind of discuss this and hash it out further. So data show you on ESPN LA Ben lines hanging out with us. So everyone's trying to glean something off of, by signing with some Canadian version of UPS food Kobe signing with Turkish Airlines, then there was that remember? Yeah. Makes sense. Yeah. Global brand right here. Your co is endorsing the shipment of lumber right? Their cargo freight company like they are in essence, you know, sending big pieces of freight, Boardman move stuff. I guess is the tagline. Yeah. Ford might Musso asked you. Does it really matter if he still with the team because if you bring them the title that they never had, and you bring them into the make them relevant? I he I think he can walk. And it doesn't matter. I agree with you that it won't matter in say ten fifteen twenty years twentieth anniversary of the two thousand nineteen raptors but the idea that he could say goodbye in July. And then all of a sudden Rafter fans are just going to be like cool with it. I don't know. I think. They're different not going to be angry and vitriol, they won't be burning jerseys. But at the same time you can't they want him to stay if you wanna be with someone and they don't want to be with you on some fundamental level. You gotta feel scorned. I guess I just think that man like if he brings you something like that. Like I, I'd be good, like, look man, I just use my own personal stuff. Right. Like someone said to me, like, oh, you know, someone actually here was was saying something about me and LeBron. I'm like I should be mad that LeBron left. But I think you know, when we left the team, I grew up rooting for brought to titles like what the hell should I be mad about, you know, like whatever dude go do? You like I'm all good. Yeah. And I'm sure the raptors fans are still on one this summer, but they did when collide leaves and goes to sign with the clippers that just say, and in the clippers come back on January nine Toronto and play, he'll get a standing ovation when his name that Halford use sure. But at the same time right now, if you're asking you want him to stay you see that he's endorsing, the shipment of Canadian lumber. You're very excited. And we decided to head west or steer guy'd come to the Knicks. That's. You're going to be upset. I guess that's not happening. Isn't it from jersey, though? Or no longer. Dennis lives in jersey. That's what I that's what I was saying. God, we this is that time of year right where we looking at uncle. I don't know what side of the family is Dennis from from co is mom's side. I don't know what side of the family. I will say this there like he in russillo, kind of ryen russillo, said this yesterday on Scott van pelt sportscenter right after the draft. And he resilient said the same thing when he came out with this last week when it was me and Trudell, which is we asked him. Like do you have any feel inqui-, and it was basically that dude? I don't think there's been anyone in the history of this particular sport that we've had less of a feel for at this stage, then this guy like it just because stuff, always trickles out, like the LeBron stuff. I think even the cleaved the return to Cleveland, there was plenty of stuff on the internet about him, and Dan Gilbert, meeting at some restaurant in Miami. United. I'm saying like there was already. Signs to some of that, right. This like there is no trail to anything. That was the way it was for Koa when he was in San Antonio, and was having the injury stuff when his team was upset with the medical staff in San Antonio. And you never heard choir come out and say anything. So I mean look, you've been around basketball at every level high school level, competitive college games AU in summertime. There's part of the culture that you sort of just having your DNA when you're around hoop, if you will write it with gives you the confidence to wear a polo shirt and khaki shorts in the summertime you walk around your coach Kawai. You've never seen anyone with his demeanor, anywhere around the star player does not behave with that much like introversion like it's really unusual so Ryan's. Absolutely right. Last night with Scott when he's saying, no one has any idea about anything with this guy. What I would also say is this in a sport where you understand this. These superstars have teams. Upon teams upon teams of people. Right. They've got the agent team. Right. They've got the marketing team. They've got you know hair team right and their own personal team or team. The guy. Yeah. His circle is so tight, and they keep it very tight and LeBron's done that, but even the lebrons stuff trickles out some because their, their tentacles have gone so far now you know, they're in all these different spaces. So that stuff kind of leaks out a little bit too with him. I wanna give his team credit whether it's uncle Dennis or his best friend believes there's Jeremy, who's been on the who's one of the Spurs video coordinators was now on the raptors staff who's kind of gone with him to different spots. He's, he's been with him since San Diego State like all those guys, they keep this stuff tight, man. Like that's the thing that people don't realize in a sport where everything gets out, eventually. And even if you have a tight circle the way you move can be the thing that triggers speculation kyri goes to forty forty with the nets. Yeah. K D moves his thirty five ventures to New York. Right. You know LeBron was out at Notre Dame high school last year. The school's brawny there's things, but the Boardman he's just drinking alcohol and eating desserts. I know that's, that's what makes it all interesting. Is that I, I actually am giving him and his team credit for keeping this stuff under wraps the way they are jesse's in Newport. What's up? What's up Jessie? Jesse? Will quick can here we go? Also just drive it. Okay. So now you guys keep saying that, you know about, you know, Leonard, not coming back. I think he's pretty lawyer. I think he's gonna he has to give it one more run. Why, why does he have to? Well, I think they're possibility. Get signed a one year contract or does it have. There's a possibility can do whatever the hell yeah. You can do whatever the hell he wants. I don't I don't know if that makes sense, something nerdy, some with the math. Now it's two years. He needs. He's, he's an eighth eight year veteran. He needs to get to ten years to get the full max. So if he signs a one plus one where it's a player option after the first year that would get him two years. Yeah. I mean, ten years in theory, he can do that, right. And then down to another one blows one seems to live in a universe where money doesn't matter to him. He's transcended money. Yeah. It's incredible powered app. It is a very strange situation where look. He's so normal right? Like the people that the stuff that's been written about. And there's a really good G Q story that was done about coli. Man. I want to say a little over a year ago, and in that story it talks about just how normal he is. How he drove basically the same car, he bought when he got drafted that he lived with mom, like they split a house. Like we're mom was either upstairs, and he was downstairs or vice versa. I don't remember right now and then the best story is the story about how in San Antonio. And we've told the story here before he loved wingstop wingstop was his spot. That was his Goto place and the Spurs have like, or hat an endorsement, maybe they still do with wingstop and all the players got coupons for free wingstop. And he lost his coupon book for free wingstop. And he was like freaking out, and they were like, quiet, relax. We'll get you another booklet like it's all good. You know. So it's just he's just buy into wingstop. Good, probably right. Thirty wings yet. Right. Right. Jamal Mashburn and Peyton Manning have done over the years. Right. There's plenty of that. But he's just a normal person. I think people forget that with athletes, especially basketball players that in order to be that good. You have to be in the gym that much, which means you have to be away from society. Right. So you're not at your prom. You're not hanging out at the beach. You're not doing the things that other young people do do in cafes is in Mike and drill. Yeah. So you're kind of an introvert, and you're kinda lonely person. And you're also six foot nine at a young age. You know you're large. So you're kind of this social pariah anyway, and then that's compounded with the isolation. So I found more often than not a lot of these guys at their core like that. But then the lights in the life kinda gets a hold of you. And you become this other thing, the modern athlete is we've known them in is seems immune to all of it, it does completely. It's he's like a cyborg basically just strange coming up next. I want to get into some of the stuff that went down last night at the draft and something David Griffin said that stuck out to me about on, we'll touch on that. Ben lines hanging out sit down a show, ESPN LA back and four minutes Sodano show here on ESPN LA Ben lines hanging out with us. We'll do a little bend at the movies. Yeah. Yeah. A little bit. We'll the Anthony Davis trade is a blockbuster of Hollywood proportionate is so we're going to go through some of the biggest blockbusters and biggest busts since the Lakers have been in the champ. And we're. Played a little guessing game. Right. So we can have just kind of audience participation as well. So you're going to know the answer, and then the three of us in the audience, one member of the audience will compete in these scenarios. We'll take multiple people for each particular question. That's how we'll do it. We'll do that. Sometime in the four o'clock hour. Jay Bilas in the four o'clock hour, four fifty five for Jay Bilas. She'll stop by shadowed, by the way to everybody who came out to rock and brews in Redondo beach yesterday. I mean the place was slammed. You guys always do such a really good job of supporting the station. Regardless of what shows are out there for that stuff. So thank you so much. We really appreciate it. And we're doing it again on Friday at not today, obviously, but next Friday, we'll be a bar Louie in downing for the second annual free agency party broadcasting all day long. So starts with the morning show at six o'clock and ends with us at seven and Mason in Ireland in between or just. Bar. Louie located eighty eight sixty Apollo way in Downey off the one. Oh, five on Lakewood boulevard. Happy hour specials starting at six AM again morning show. Mason Ireland and our show happy hours specials like four dollars and fifty cent. Fourteen ounce drafts five fifty glasses of wine, six fifty martinis, and half price selects app, select apps, and flat breads, join the gastro bar revolution at bar Louie there down. So I mentioned yesterday that David Griffin had an interesting position after Zion was drafted and look, I love Griff Gersh my dude. And I get what he's trying to do here. But this isn't very realistic. Let let let's hear this out real quick. This is after Zion was drafted and asked about Zion being the face of the franchise. Look, this is not somebody who's supposed to be the savior of this franchise. That's not what this is this is a nineteen year old kid, who's going to spin this year learning how to play winning and be basketball. Let Zion be that kid don't write this. Like he's here to save this franchise, he's not he's here to join this family, and we're here to raise each other. Again, all makes all the sense in the world, I get why you should shield him and you should try to do that. But none of that is realistic, because, you know, when they do their marketing campaign around New Orleans Gisors on the billboard Jackson. Hey, it's obviously situation where he's the face of the franchise who you're building around. But I think the idea of saving the franchise would be then to admit that the franchises in some state of power. Right. And while they haven't had tremendous success, they haven't been a giant dumpster fire in the last ten years. They've been a playoff team. A handful of times went to the second round rejecting around last year. You know. So the idea that the franchise needs some saving right? I can understand. I understand trying to lose that narrative, but the idea of, let's just treat him like another kid who's trying to learn how to play basketball, and win. Like no one's buying. This man down from a mountain top with a lightning bolt in his hand. Sounds like like he is. Yeah. Griffin Griffin event. Yeah. I again he he did what he's supposed to do there. That's just not realistic by any stretch of the imagination. You're listening to kiss be in Los Angeles. Speaking of not realistic just see what major league baseball is trying to do with the Tampa rays. Oh, this thing about them playing half of their games in Montreal. And after their games in Tampa. Yeah. Okay. So there's that's the story basically that's the gist of it is that they want them to have two homes. Now Jeff passan reported this as major league baseball is exploring those opportunities, the Tampa president of the organization basically said the same thing now, passing isn't saying that he thinks this is the way they should go. He's just reporting the facts in this situation. But this is utterly ridiculous because think about this just logistically. If you are a, a major league baseball player if you're the major league Baseball Players Association. You're going to tell your guys who played for the rays organization that they have to have a home in Tampa for part of the year, a home in Canada for part of the year. And then, you know, most of these guys don't live in those cities. You know, year round anyway, and then whatever whatever other home, they have God forbid, you have family, because you have kids and then that stuff gets even way more complicated. Plus the entire fact that you'd be living in a separate country, half the all of this. What's fair base gets the front half of the season ending day and right word, right? You, I would guess it'd be out he remains union in July August September and Canada. Right. And so who show the playoff final week of the season when they're trying to win the wild card that fan base has been down in Florida in April made it don't get any of that. Right. And then they don't get who gets the playoffs like this is why major league baseball is so ridiculous. Like I grew up. Listen man in the advocate of the eighties baseball was the sport man in the eighties. There was it was still America. Carr's pastime. It was not the NFL at the time it certainly wasn't the NBA. I mean, the NBA had just basically gotten off tape delay or the finals. Not that far after baseball is very popular in Montreal. Ause a storied history. Montreal obviously think Gary Carter. And you think of Bill spaceman Lee seventeen games starting pitcher for them was an all star. So and also wouldn't baseball pay attention to what's happening in sports the last month. I mean, every night on ESPN it's a nationwide party and Canada, for the raptors like they are American sports. Crazy up there. So I not tap into style and go all in on bringing the baseball back to the Expos. Yeah. Right. I mean, if you're going to do that do that, just go on had twenty years to show up at the ballpark. You can't figure it out. Right. It's done rap, I'm sorry. Why you had a chance. We'll bring it to Montreal we had this discussion here about the clippers the other day, which is like if you were the clippers Seattle, just, you know. No question about it. Even though she I agree. And I think bomber would be a hero for going there on a number of different levels. But they seem to believe that. Financially. That's not a smart move for them at any time. You hear Seattle basketball. You see the storm in the finals like last year. You see Isaiah Thomas or Jamal Crawford or a lot of these guys represent for wash. You feel it like you really feel it, and I think they're just wasting money by not having an NBA team. Yeah, I agree. I don't understand why why back to baseball, my dad sent me this funny thing because he knew I was going to be on with you today off, you know, the story and this speaks to sort of I don't know the, the state of baseball. If you will the Mets are firing their pitching coach, Dave Ellen and replacing him with eighty two year old Phil Reagan AK the vulture Reagan's the first manager the first manager was Jimmy dykes, who was born in eighteen ninety six and then the nine hundred sixty Tigers he pitched Ted Williams. So the Mets are going out there and they're hiring guys who pitched against ten Williams to try to move their sport forward, while basketball, you're going to MIT and finding analytics nerds and the next amino Hassen. To try to find some type of mathematical formula to move your team. I mean shouldn't eighty two and I'm not trying to be an engine ageism at all. And I love my dad my dad's in his seventies. And I think there's something that comes with getting older. That brings you perspective and wizardry and all these things. It just interesting to sports for the NBA's trying to harvest in mind, the next young messiah Jiri. And then these guys are talking about he pitched against Ted Williams knows it is kind of a microcosm of where the sports are headed, right? It is it is kinda strange and look even the NFL. Like if you look at the guys that, that are that are working in the National Football League, as far as the coaches and stuff like Sean McVeigh, or started a revolution, go. Now there's all these young guys that are getting first time shots at being head coach Anna hitters. There's less and less of the what's the phrase that. That people use not rehash regurgitated. No, no, no. There's cycled now we're us. What is the name of like? God, it's scaping me the tip of my. Right now that that people use as, like a guy who gets who keeps getting the same coaches to keep getting jobs over and over again. I'm psycho three us. Four letter words sounds like with whatever, I'll figure it out later. But anyway, yeah. Like I write retread that's what I meant to say. Retrain. Thank you. There's less and less than that, the NFL. But then you see baseball doing what they're doing right. And it's just like great. So a lot of questions here about the Lakers right on my Twitter. One of them is about how they should build this thing out. Like we've talked to everybody about this. I'm curious to see where you stand on this. What would you do is there a guy that you would give max money to the purple and gold that you say go with the three guys? Or do you build out the roster? You gotta build out the roster because June shows this past June says, everything about modern day roster construction in that the raptors rebel to win because they had made guys surge of Baca Marcus oil, Danny green Kyle Lowry. These guys are mysteries and they aren't max guys. They're just good. Dependable grownup. And the warriors when their top heavy lineup of superstars getting paid got injured. Got old was ineffective. They were left with mysteries. Yeah. Kazan tights, and Schmendrick. And Jordan bell gave you nothing. In Quinn, cook gave you nothing in McKinney giving nothing and you gotta have made guys. Yeah. So don't give me the, let's go get another big superstar three guys on the billboard, and we'll fill it out with some nobody's, it's about having guys in may and June that you can count on. So give me some Darren collison or Danny green, or a bug Donna vici, these made guys, they can get him go for that instead of just a big fish and then fill out the I'm with you on this, the more and more. I think about it. They just don't have enough bodies, man. And here's the thing when you line it up, if you line it up with three okay? Then what happens is in those three men scenarios more times than not someone feels left out that you're not utilizing their skill set properly, and they get mitigated based on, you know, just touches and things of that nature, so that and then that, that particular person becomes a target of the fans. Oh, I thought this guy was supposed to be an all star in. Why isn't he playing that way? Well, he's not getting the touches he's used to getting. Right. Like so that changes the dynamics. So, so there's all that, that I don't think anyone should have to go through. And ultimately, they really are short on bodies, just if you really look at it, it's literally LeBron and coups Ma and then maybe Bunga and Wagner, and Genero Jones crime sewing, both Roussel, by the way, getting interest from other teams that isn't necessarily like he's a guy that he's being sought after. Yeah. Some some run. And also, I think it's a dangerous formula. Wanna go big three and we'll fill it out when one of the big three is thirty five and in year seventeen coming off a year where he missed seventeen eighteen gays and the other guy over seven years has an average of sixty six game. Right. So you got two guys who are averaging in the sixties and games right now. And that's going to be the formula for success that has meal, little concern, and what ends up happening is if you do the big three, and then you go vet minimums, you're basically getting guys like that. You're getting older. So that means those guys aren't going to necessarily have the, the gas in the tank to go out every single night and perform at the highest levels. So you are leaving yourself if you have an injury, people think, oh, the other two can carry. Yeah. But then they've got their wasting a lot of their own juice, too. Then what do they look like in the in the postseason? Like all that stuff is cumulative, man. Also, as soon as the Lakers realize that they already have a third star. They'll be able to move forward. Right. But until then, and so these you're saying Kuzina. Yes. Kyle who's a star he spent time with him. You're around in Kansas personality star he plays like a star. He's got a motor. He says star things like when Trudell says in his rookie year, did you expect to score thirty points here in Houston? Yes. Yes. I did he said that does like a robot kouzmines the dude elevate him bring him up put him in that position. If you're out there putting you're saying we need to go get a Cambo. We're going to go try it. Go get this. They going qui-. Sure. But. You know, a Jimmy Butler one hundred fifty million dollars because he's a name you've heard of. No, you've got the guy Kyle coups. Ms your third star. I've got a juicy purple and gold rumor you ready for. Okay. Writing. Yeah, I want to give it to you in four and a half.

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