October 24, 2019: Robert Pickton


Serial killer Robert Pickton was born feeling like a social outcast a grownup picton lashed out at the world by murdering sex workers the today is October twenty fourth two thousand nineteen on this day in nineteen forty nine first light of dawn being a household with a husband who is as good as absent she'd always believed that snooty college degrees were waste of time and money grab that could only mean one thing the baby was coming sure enough the pigs were sniffing at the air and out people only about books and theories louise was a simple country girl she knew all anyone had to know about raising pigs and the animals louise had heard stories at them trampling their keepers and devouring human flesh in mad feeding frenzies she wasn't our reminded her of the panic she'd seen in her pigs that morning that meant something was wrong with her baby and no one would pickton's crimes let's go back to the morning of October Twenty Fourth Nineteen forty-nine just as his mother's labour pangs struck at the always always began the day with a good scream it was good for the lungs started the morning off right most importantly though it told the hogs going to stick around and see if the rumors were true and she hurried to the car it couldn't have been that much later when Luisa amniotic fluid but she didn't know what those words meant she continued to push but the baby wasn't coming her gut ached her any other day she'd looked down her nose at a room full of doctors and nurses they didn't know the first thing about living in the real world they didn't care to the pigs on his farm hey friend I wanNA tell you about the new I didn't even have the time to watch and make sure the pigs were properly fed because justice she dumped the slop in the feeder she felt the racking but then Louise noticed the fear in her doctors is and it was anything but aloof his flared nostrils and sweaty brow welcome to today in true crime podcast original every day we flip back the tell her what was going on at least not in plain English Louise's caught fragments of conversations like noukal cord and excess awesome one another to get closer they were attracted to the smell of the blood that gushed down her legs as her water broke dirty nasty burned louise wondered if she and her child were going to die finally the doctor called for help he reached between Louise's legs only then after the blood and the sweat and the screams and the animalistic panic is that the slop was ready Louise didn't have the time to go chasing off after the mall just so they could eat their darn food today she you'll killer Robert Pickton was born picton is estimated to have killed over fifty women before he was captured before we discuss Robbie Dollar Littlejohn at Jimmy John's dot com or with the Jimmy John's APP at participating locations taxes and delivery fees extra on the child's neck and as Louise watched in astonishment the infant took a desperate gasp louise fell era of nurses held her down while Louise watched in horror the doctor lay down her still son he unwound the cord from the re dollar Littlejohn from Jimmy Johns a skinny mini version of any original sandwich for only three bucks it's littler than a regular sandwich at the hospital but it felt like an eternity she moaned and held her gut writhing in pain while the doctors and nurses rushed around is perfect if you're not super hungry or if you WANNA try a couple of different sandwiches or if you like bragging that your lunch only cost three dollars order three through her veins she tried to leap from the bed and sees the child she just wanted to hold him then everything would be okay she would name him Robert she was soon so focused on nursing her son it took her awhile to notice the nurse who was Lisa's arms she didn't even mind that he was covered in mucus and viscera she lifted him to her breast and in that moment decided that ooh he didn't seem to be breathing the doctors turned and carried the baby tortoise side table although Louise was exhausted panic surged did he pull the child from Lewis's womb Louise's could see the umbilical cord wrapped around her son's neck his skin was blue calendar to this date years ago and recount one event from true crime history. I'm Vanessa Richardson and today we're going back to the day that elegance test to see if he'd been born developmentally disabled Louise laughed in the nurses face babies don't know anything wrong with Roberts head after this we tell the story of Robert Pickton a notorious doc against the bed her son was alive acquire relief went up from the doctors and nurses as they laid the child and be sure to raise Robert to be salt of the earth just like she was no puffed up elite would ever again ask if something was tearing her Louise demanded to know what she wanted the shy girl rung her hands and stared at her feet she stammered while she explained and because Robert had gone through labor without oxygen he could have brain damage the nurse wanted to give the baby some kind of on October twenty fourth nineteen forty nine Robert Pickton was born in Port Coquitlam Canada his traumatic birth nearly killed him his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck likely leading to brain damage this was the first ladies and debate fancy terms that ordinary people could never understand louise was alive and so was her son and they'd be going back home to the serial killer who was estimated to have murdered over fifty women before he fed them to his pigs now back to the story all this talk of brain damage disability oxygen to the brain trauma just more textbook nonsense let them poor over there still farm in a matter of hours that was all louise cared about and she didn't need any test to tell her to feel differently she socially he was diagnosed as mentally disabled and was a frequent target of bullying as a result often in order to escape beat of many events that shaped Robert Pickton into the killer he would become as a child Robert struggled in school academically as well as bench kept bullies away but he didn't mind it in fact Robert felt safe and secure around dead pigs in a way he'd never felt with living people roberts poor hygiene and poorer social skills followed him into adulthood he seemed destined and to spend his entire life impoverished and alone until he and his siblings inherited shares in their highly valued farming property and strangling them to death using the butchering tools he'd grown up with Robert Wood then bleed and gut the bodies things Robert Wood hide inside the gutted pig carcasses that hung outside the slaughterhouses on his parents farm he found that the in one fell swoop Robert became a co owner of the family farm now with ready access to as much cash are in his murders the animals eight anything put before them and their jaws and teeth were strong enough to crush human bones your turn him down the way other women did but Robert's appetites grew darker he soon came to enjoy handcuffing the women as a child Robert had discovered that pig carcasses would keep him safe and as an adult live pigs served as a valuable collaborator thus he had an easy way to dispose of bodies because many of his victims were outsiders without social support systems police I am seen littered with blood-stained weapons and human remains originally arrested as a saas does he could ever want Robert began regularly hiring sex workers he found that when he paid for sex his partners didn't object to his stench L. Alive and still serving time for his murders recent disappearances while he was a suspect in over sixty cases overall fifty six year old Robert Pickton stood life in prison without possibility of parole for a minimum of twenty five years as of two thousand Nineteen Robert is learned about the full scope of Robert's crimes later they performed DNA tests on the murder scenes and linked Robert to at least thirty trial for his crimes in January two thousand six he was found guilty and sentenced to Canada's harshest possible penalty isn't caught until two thousand two when police raided his farmlands on an unrelated weapons bossed instead they stumbled upon he managed to evade detection for nearly two decades in part because he disposed of the evidence by feeding his victim's bodies for more information on Robert pickton checkout episodes of serial killers which explore Roberts life psychology failed to notice the number of women who went missing around Vancouver from the late nineteen seventy s to two thousand one Robert Pickton back in two murders fifty three year old Robert bragged to another inmate about his lengthy killing spree from this informant police true crime for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream today in true crime on spotify just open the APP and type today in True Crime Ron Shapiro Paul Molitor Maggie Admire and Travis Clark this episode today and true crime was written by Angela. 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