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With the story of the hazing even twenty six August nineteen twenty eight Donohue took retrieve Glasgow two miles east of the city. And they're of the will of cafe. She had a spouse US cream cakes ice cream and Juliette Volt Fuller Vibrant Grennell of all label Dean Stevenson Friendly Paisley. She drank some deals group. But let's the remaining. Julia was pulled into a tumbler decomposed snail to the surface days later. She was admitted to the rolling for being diagnosed with severe gastroenterologist and Sean Pace Donahue versus statements followed sesame very important legal manufacturer. That was to have a chance to me. Don't even those contract between them and indeed she hadn't even the drink one of the judges atkin describe it like this. You must take care to avoid acts or omissions. Which recently for C. would be danger. You'll name indeed one wonders how many people would have had to suffer from gastroenteritis before students eventually went out of business peacetime onto that pace because it's important principle last year lands on. Pasta charity which seeks to strengthen parliamentary democracy and encouraged gorgeous public involvement in politics. All you to an additional section. Didn't Tommy folks on the media here her couple of depressing observations from that so I do not appear to advance the virtual citizenship babies even to those of reading newspapers. Also only readers are twice as to agree with a negative view of politics. They don't just less politically engaged. They are consuming media the reinforces that negative evaluation of politics thereby contributing to listing at cynical attitude to democracy and own role within a little wonder the report concluded in this respect repressed particularly the the tweeting up to the importance of their own cat democracy. All right that was a quick clip. Kind of getting you guys a little bit of the beginning. This is David putting them from one of the Ted talks and the thing that he basically was talking about. Does the media have a duty of care? I want to I kinda introduced. This is to culture with your hosts. Dr. No Welsh and Something else just been going on on noxious within recent news on from the Australia Bush. Fires to Bushfires were wildfires to the democratic debate. And just all the news around today I think what is starting to become. I guess a loss art and I feel like they are somewhat synonymous within each other is integrity And Its purpose in address you know media but its purpose as our due diligence in citizens in in our lives Before before we start definitely WANNA give a shoutout to obviously ted talks cuts. I'm not sure how we Legally able to use clip. But I'M GONNA use it anyways because I feel like it's GonNa make my point but And also give a out to anchor on Netflix of free Podcast APP that you can be able to Listen Stream and create your own podcast without having to spend a whole lot you just press the Red Button. You get the recording. You get to talk in in you know who knows what things can arise from it and stuff. So that's kind of what I'm using and kind of get the kickstart of this morning so yeah and like I said before we dive in. Sometimes I'd like to give this same or this time to kind of briefly. Speak About What it is the root of all Cultures Abou- Kind of go back From the beginning when I started actually coming to our year Year anniversary In March March thirteenth was a whole year since we've been doing podcasting in As difficult as may be came a long way and I feel like At some point as we continue to really understand and learn grow and do all the research that's needed and understand how pat casting works and things of that nature It was around this time when I kept telling myself like this. Is You know one of the things that I've wanted to do such a long time One of the things that I felt was a necessity as far as getting not just any voice out the voice of reason the voice that Kim synonymous I won't say protect but in a way where it up not protect shooting In a way. Where projects the kind of communal outreach to allow people to not just have any choice but to have one voice as a whole and to become you know all all but one so? I started off with the journey on kind of making more impersonal than anything else that I realized that the target goal of what I wanted to do wasn't there so then I turned it. I try to make a unique and I think it was just because the name change. I'm GONNA be honest. The the name change very odd difficult part to to graphs Belongs to win from the journey didn't like it Then I went to Mitchell cotto on a lot of you. Guys were on that for a while. didn't like that it. Well too difficult Fi- And just really didn't hit the core wherever you want to do So then I founded the all culture and I think basically what what this show is an awfully even with the name change still has one goal in mind and that is to take personal stories personal reflections personal objectification of like what life has done to us in. Our journeys matched them with personal on. Uh personable with trending topics that we you know. Have ongoing with today because I know One of the biggest teams especially as we continue to move on. I think One reason I actually talked to my roommate a girlfriend was here. We just beat them all the media and I think one of the biggest objects to we tend to have this conversation about is how the way media lack thereof takes the responsibility or the duty to care about the information that they receive and or information that they give and I think a lot of that to be quite honest. The the commonality between all that not just with the people within within the media and like everybody else like even myself even myself every time I get on this Mike it all centers around integrity and its purpose and what it is that you are going to sit president As you get onto Michael you get on TV screen as you. You start to record like are you going to keep that integrity to allow you to still be honest about however still know? What's right as rider was wrong? Wrong I guess for me right under my nose. I had made kind of some things that I had to point out. I'm not sure people really understand. The definition of what integrity is So for me. Integrity is basically Shoot me real quick. Follow from a nose but integrity is the quality an long Long Story Short. The quality of being honest and having strong more principles uprightness Another way you can put the price of being honest and showing a consistent uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values A lot of times when we take the opportunity to get on you know a platform to allow ourselves. You know to choose your thoughts based on values rather than personal gain. It makes approaching different subjects in different topics entirely different. And with that it ultimately it really sets the tone for how you want to sort of approach life and I think one of the things that are really wants to take away from. Today's podcast is and what's been going on lately and has always been gone on. What has always been kind of if you guys never watched the the. Netflix series I can't really name one. But there are like a series which they had these movies based off the decades So the the sixty seventies eighties nineties and then two thousand and but the most crucial one that I thought was a turning point for. Everybody live with the nineties And those introduction to television broadcasting and news casting and and how the media's responsibility to sit duty or civic engage me if you WANNA call that way. allows us a better understanding of how we ask. Citizens should not only conduct ourselves put to understand what our part is into society so and and I say that only because of the fact that like I said with the recent issues and the recent news so like for me for example And actually think ties into Some of the topics that Kinda wrote down as far as Some issues that I felt strongly about. I'm not sure if everybody has seen lately of Allante West and Basically you know along source trousers. Say He went. These gone through a lot of really extreme personal issues A lot of it has to do with severe mental illness. I think From what's been told by everybody? Even one of his former teammates Jamir Nelson and it was just nuts because we'll get on twitter right and we'll see this and will blast him and then we'll makes it even worse that we would try to figure out ways in which will tie into You Know Clau- remember our saw one meam where The cash and said you hate to see it and was showing like his salary what he was making things that nature and then you know everybody else was like making other means. Kinda like still other memes and in those kind of laughing. But I'm like you know a lot of things can happen within the timeframe of those years and so you know us as people. Are we informed citizens enough to understand kind of the the the landscape of what we're doing? We do things like that. What what what's to be expected you know especially in today's Eros that will look at a clip. Someone's getting publicly embarrassed if somebody's going through a lot of things in their life and then we'll like public. Shame them I'm like you know for me is site you know if that was you and then people saying videos of you like would you feel okay with that? Would you feel? And that's why for me. I don't like sometimes I feel I'll say why. But I always feel Kinda if you when people videotape themselves of like doing good deeds in the slide. Are you doing because you actually are committing a good deed or doing it? Just to cloud chase and culture is very dangerous thing and I think that also comes into the tie of integrity One of the things that I made sure When we as a media are looking at these things is. What does it take for us to build an informed society to build informed citizens and rather if we build informed citizens? What does that translate? Does that translate actually to be more specific? Does having informed citizens translate to democracy because like the clip. He spoke about like some of these people. Don't even like fires like the tabloids and like reading the news like some of the people like in in what he spoke about. De Marie the news just like you know. They saw what they saw and they just had a negative cynical view about an and it's like if you took more information in time out of your day to really understand the the the purpose of what it is that needed to be done. I don't think you would have taken it that far to not realize who was in the right and who was in the wrong you know having the integrity as a citizen to understand giving people their due diligence to represent themselves represent each other's and represent everybody as a whole Before we go any further Mike basically take a quick break. But Max GonNa take a quick break Start thing I probably swimsuit things up on forbid kind of you Some songs Throughout the week something that you can enjoy yourself as you listen to this. Podcast intermission Till then I'll see you guys Back in a few all right. We are bad we are. We are back and Kinda to continue you. Move forward with the topic at hand Just in the last Break we're talking about civic duty Duty to care. And all that senator during sets you all that being centered around integrity so with that being say I think one thing that kind of in hindsight I guess would be more so of the focal focal point that I want to kind of have the conversation about is how let's put it this way So in the coming weeks thing I think a few weeks ago the NFL was out of phase obviously going into the playoffs Teams hiring and firing these nature and it seems that each year the integrity of the NFL gets works and it continues yours and obviously we can go like a larger picture of this and that would be how the idea of inclusivity and diversity not just within the settings of large corporations but even last night. We had this conversation of this topic of conversation. My roommate said that you know everybody on the panel is divert panels like I'm going to refute that in my head because outside of legitimately Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren the majority of everybody else white men and so we can't sit there in lower of think that this is a diverse group crowd and and that's part of the reason why the topic of conversation as far as politics go. The government is that as long as they are people. That don't look like us. Don't act like those that don't like us and by US I mean basically ethnic groups of people if they don't know what that life is like if they don't know what it's what it's like to feel disenfranchise what it feels like to be and in the sense of oppression One form of the other if they don't see what that's like or they don't feel that then they don't necessarily represent us as a people and so on one hand. We had the conversation last night. I do agree that we should have the person But when we categorize with the right person is what does that look like One of the things that I talked about care as far as like civic engagement is any individual or group activity goodness. I apologize on my handwriting. Extremely terrible but basically house like any individual activity who well addressing. That's less what that says any group activity addressing issues of public concern A lot of that. I'm one way. One of the common types of engagements is citizens acting alone or together to protect public or make change All which like I said before is in a way synonymous to having informs this Citizens which bills which in hindsight should build democracy but not just that it overall with those two sentences those to the commonality of civic engagement and how people acting alone together to protect the public interest of the people are make change auch basically developed kind of the best version of representing the people. But when we look at such corporations and businesses like the NFL it doesn't necessarily show that So of read Commentary from Jason Regis. A little bit Kinda gloss over Kinda give you guys more of a synopsis of what it? It's Going on so In Kansas City Missouri. Obviously obviously but across the NFL. Science should be posted at team headquarters that read coaches of color were rarely received serious consideration for head coaching positions. Although such notice would get merely would merely be steadily obvious at least minority coaches would officially know where they stand. Some are trying to maintain hoc owners will someday change their wrongheaded thinking and judge them on the content of the coaching rather than color. The skin most hiver wouldn't hold Won't hold their breath. The only one coach of color field vacancy for the third time in as many hiring cycles. The is clear for the NFL TOPS. Job for the NFL's top jobs white. His right knee more proof look no further than the case of can't see cheese offense coordinator. Eric Bonani said that right. I Apologize Mr Eric if I mispronounced that but Bs So on Sunday the enemy played a major role in the chiefs reaching AFC championship for the second time in his two seasons of Hey And two season as a head coach. Andy Reid top lieutenant on offense last season. Kansas City led the League in boatyards point scored this year this season the chiefs top day. See in passing yards and finished second in the conference in scoring superstar. Third Year quarterback Patrick Mahomes the associated. Two thousand two thousand eighteen hit oppressor. Ap press shooting AP NFL MVP has praised the me for aiding in his development in the two coaches who previously held the chiefs offense coordinator position under read. Doug Peterson and Matt Nagy perspectively. Quickly moving on to become head coaches yet for the second time in two hiring cycles banning me was shut shutout while white coaches with much liar. Resume The New York giants head coach? Joe Judge immediately comes to mind continued to climb the ladder. I'm a big time partial here because I know I'm with him every day so I know how good he is really said on Sunday regarding the enemy. We're all pulling for him players coaches because we understand this value. I said before. Somebody's lost our game. He's still here but I know he'd be a great head coach. I know that so. I'll kind of put that into description for y'all got read as far as the content goes As well as the clip that I played earlier but just within that you know a lot of just what. The net that expert There's an issue with integrity especially as NFL. Created the rule back in roughly. I want to say the early sixties Which it basically forced almost four but basically opportunity. Because I hate I. I didn't want to like say that because I was a terrible choice words but it basically gave opportunities for black coaches black men owners owners. Black GM's Vp's you know these higher position as well as coaching position. It allow organizations to elise. You have to interview a minority they. They could be native American Hispanic women. It doesn't matter it as long as you elise gave interview. Then it should happen. But then when you look at such coaches like Airbnb and what he has done for the Kansas City chiefs in that offense a lot of times. First and foremost the credit goes towards. You know Andy Reid which is kind of wrong in the save. I mean he's part of it. 'cause Ozzy's the head coach but you know for somebody to also run an entire offense and to put it that much points and put. That's you know that's much that much yards and not get consider for a head. Coaching position is blasphemous. And out or big ups to Andy refer like you know having integrity to know like yell like he should've been got a head coaching job like he should have won because the fact that a matter is he's literally the reason why we're even in the position. It goes suppo. And I'm not like Kansas City Chiefs Fan Norma forty-nine fan if you want my quick pick on the chiefs going to run the forty niners out the water That's just me because I just feel like does different type of speed. There's there's there's P. and in there's Casey speed and whatever they're doing down in Kansas City Missouri As far as the chiefs go just to chiefs Got Everybody there is like super fast. But that's neat here there But I guess the kind of almost say in hi-sci wrap up the topic per se When I was a topic just a conversation in general It's just the fact that matter is at. What point do we allow? I really like such media outlets as the undefeated because basically a a a new source. That's more than just Tackling sports are like such such If you watch. Espn at say meet within the hour outside the lines and there's a clip. Actually if you remember it was a young woman who or the a woman. Excuse me as a woman that onto the speaks about this and you have outlets not. Espn IN GENERAL ESPN. They'd on fire all their good All the good minority people phone Jemayal Hill to die. They fired off to people like all the people that really made a difference Not to say people haven't but nasty here there but such I was like the undefeated takes the responsibility within themselves as as a representation of the media and speaks about these issues. And like talk about this when you have people like abundant talks about this when you have people will. Obviously on his podcast. Most people disagree but if you really sit down and listen to the words he said he actually makes a point But you have these outlets. And you have these the these mediums speaking all in different ways till as the media In in in hindsight of trying to educate inform people. You're essentially doing the very thing that we should have been doing since the beginning of time which is building an informed society building a society that allows people to understand the fairness and the the the the equity doesn't time when we say equality EMMYS. You know you're getting one leg to towards one I mean obviously want equality but also equity would be kind of the same thing because that means everybody is on equal footing. But that's neither here nor there. I'M NOT GONNA really get into that or dive into but it should be. It should be noted that at some point. Not just media Us As people need to do a better job at standing would it is that we're digesting and what it is that we're giving I know there was one mean that talked about this and it was funny because but it's true and said back in the nineties. They're talking about. Oh we can't wait till we get the Internet so we have like all the knowledge in the source to the world. Well here we are. We have the Internet and seems like we're not getting any better and it's funny because you know as I was growing note that used to be a huge thing that was a big thing like The Internet was going to be the focal point of like searching everything. Anything you could do whatever you want. You can find whatever you want like. It was supposed to be like the endgame of like researching knowledge. And now we're in two thousand twenty in this like some of the most basic things that you would think of people still lack a better you can put what you what was post to be so common is not common anymore and that's kind of the the sad reality of today's society and it is affecting the way we are approaching not just people but But even our own set of principles and values and ethically speaking it is shaping the way we look at things based off of again running everything integrity. That's all this whole. Conversation is all it's about is all about integrity and what is post a? B. As far as a representation to to the people in representation of who everybody should be or who the people are but with that being said It's a route for today's show Basically hope you guys have a good morning Tuesday kind of lay on the mlk but happy McKay It was this week yesterday And you guys. I can leave you with this. You guys go out there and you know. Live your life and you do things to do. Make sure that you continue to inform yourself about things that are going on. Today's WORL- Make sure you understand. You know the channels that you follow some of the topics that you hear and the stories and get a full synopsis of what's important about these issues but therefore a you is Have a Good Morning. Have a day Don't try to crazy. Stay SAFE and traffic. It gets wilder could is basically like on that morning rush-hour and till next time. I'll see you guys next week Tuesday on this piece.

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