"A Tale of Two Chucks"


Previously on the tony kornheiser show. I gotta tell you before. We talk about the masters in dustin johnson. All time greatest. Tony show shoutout. I've ever had in all the years we've been doing. This together was an augusta last week. Obviously for the masters was out doing something picking up some food and then coming back. I'm not kidding. Walking to my car guy turns around. Looks at me says my name and says this is general george washington and you're listening to the tony kornheiser show already ended his turn cold in washington dc. When i walked chessy this morning before the sun came up. Probably about thirty. Three thirty four degrees. I wore a heavy night. Didn't where the lillehammer jack. Oh we're not there yet. But i wore a heavier jacket than i normally would wear and had a fleece thing. We don't get dassler our favorite question of you. What number did you see in your car. I didn't turn my car on right. So i don't try to use the steering wheel house at those are great. I mean you know once you start. You can't go back. Yeah tremendous artist. Few personal things to clear up before we actually begin the show first of all once again. I'm going to mention Tom callahan's wonderful wonderful book. That i'm now halfway through still waiting for you to finish and as my wife said to me yesterday. This is the first book you've written about twenty years right. I said at least twenty at least twenty. It's a really like it. It's called god's at play by tom. Callahan it's all the stuff he did when he was a sports writer. I recommend it to. Where are you reading in the house. I sit down on the chair right over your left shoulder. That's jesse's chair. Well she gets out. When i sit in it and sometimes she sits in it with me but then it's you know it's uncomfortable for her so she leaves which is good. Excuse me for coughing. Have water here. I should open it on a personal level john turnbull. Send me a very nice tribute to jack. Vardaman to the tune of thanks for the memories. Which is the bob. Hope if anybody remembers. Bob hope bob hope always closed with. Thanks for the memories. Thank you john for that. He is a longtime little daily. Pti consumer and ninety eight. Hoyer classmate of chris cillizza. So thank you for that. And from john. Craig in albany a very long and heartfelt and moving email about him and his dad in the masters on to read it on the air. 'cause it's awfully personal but i'm very grateful that john wrote this to me and shared all stuff about his dad just very very nice Maybe maybe down the road. I'll read it if i have permission from john. It's moving. it's very very nice on a sports level. I just saw. it's just. The story is too good to not lead with and it is cody. Bellinger needed surgery to repair his shoulder which he injured after hitting a home. Run and doing those celebrating. The celebrate tori jumps in the air hitting the smashing shoulders with with his teammates. And stuff like that. I think it was with ki ki k hernandez goes back in the field. Right and he goes. Oh miles in miami miami tap and yeah and then and then he had to leave and so now he had to have. He's an mvp and he had to have shoulder surgery. You know cause of accident stupidity. That's that's all you could say stupidity. I missed the glassy. Eyed means of cody bellinger from october. He's he always sort of. Looks like sean. What's his name. The actor the actor. Coli sean penn as a young guy like a little bit like sean penn's even more stone cousin is bellenger. Looks like when you watch him. When he's got the headband. On will zimet here to will. Smith's so that's a good story. Theo epstein has is leaving now the cubs. Theo epstein's going to the hall of fame. The red sox hadn't won in eighty six years and the cubs haven't won in one hundred and eight years and the tie between the two teams is one guy theo epstein one guy who started out. If i'm not mistaken started out with larry lucchino and the orioles he. This is all he wanted to do was do baseball. And lucchino said i think he said go to law school. Just go to law school. It's important to law school. And so he went to law school someplace. Not he'd like. He's a yale grad. It was not. It was not on that level because he went to law school so he could be closer to a baseball team that he was working for. I don't know. Theo epstein wilpon of course does and we'll bond set to me. Oh yeah he told me spring training. He was leaving so really. Why didn't you share that news with anybody. You know so anyone. I wanted me to certain cub. Might be coming to dc. I don't know there was news. Today i did see on. Espn that there's talks to try and trade russell westbrook for john wall which would be an enormous win for the wizards enormous russell. Westbrook is so much better player than john wall and not injured nearly as much just so much. Better and money is the same. I don't really understand. I mean i know westbrook wants to get out. I don't really understand why houston would make that deal. They'd have to get more than john wall. Wouldn't you think that that like saves this franchise that game six. I understand that against right game six. So i wanted to tell this one little story. I don't know how much i have shared with people over the last few months about my clothing circumstance far too much. Actually what have i said basically fact that you have a set box. I got a box of jackets upstairs. And i use the same shirts day after day after he got discount. Code for those shirts yeah o. Shirts the rotate. and so. here's here's the way. I felt once we started doing the show. Not in the studio and i didn't really have to dress nicely for the show and i decided i'd wear shirts and ties but i was not going to wear my good stuff. Which is david donahue the stuff that i like the most and that's as close as shirts i've been wearing for dressing years. Yeah and. I don't have to wear jackets and i don't have to wear pants at all if i don't want to send i'm wearing the same chino's basically every single day you can't see them. It doesn't matter. And i got in a rotation with these button down shirts that i had from johnny. Oh michael and i have gone back and forth about this. I've said today make any solid colors and you've said no more sport shirts. Yeah they're sport shirts. They're not really meant for television to be fair. They're not meant for television. And i decided stubbornly that i was just going to wear these and i've got about six or seven of them and i wear them them. I wear them again in no particular order. It's not like on monday. It's not that anal retentive. But i wear them one by one by one by one until we're done and then we wear them again. You know. that's just what i've been doing so a couple of weeks ago. I just i. I almost went stark raving mad about this. And i just said i gotta i gotta get a solid color shirt. I i have all print shirts. Even the socialites said to me why do only wear print shirts are defined tie for that. Yeah and i have these ties in it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't sometimes it's just a mishmash and it's you know when i said i've gotta get and michael you know that i've been looking for solid say most days on you look like you're inbetween going out for fraternity rush kantor celebrating your nineteen th birthday. Yeah and inserts her perfectly nice wearable but you know. I started to go nuts. So i called. I texted alley mercer alley woman. Who works for david donahue and who has been my contact david donahue for a while and she gets me shirts and she sends me things and sends them in matches them with ties. And she's really good. She knows what she's doing. And i have worn all of these things all the time. And i said alley show but if you're watching the show at some point you probably said to yourself my god. He keeps wearing the same things over and over and over. And i explained our why i was wearing the shirts and why i was wearing the jackets and i went through this and i said do you by any chance by any chance because i don't want to go to the laundry anymore. I haven't been to the laundry in seven months. Everything has to be sort of wash and wear for me now. Do you by any chance. Seventy solid color shirts button. Downs or not button. Downs just solid color. That are washable and wearable. 'cause i'm not laundering. Anything and she wrote me back and she says we do we. We actually have a couple of fabrics that we never had. Before and one of the fabrics is almost identical to the johnny. Oh sport what's the sport for prevalence performance. It's almost identical to. That feels the same way. And one of them is a sort of a rougher material almost feels like a golf shirt broadcloth. Yeah feels like a golf shirt. And she said these are all washable and wearable and solid colors. And i said well could. You could send me a couple. Could you send me a blue and white. Maybe because it's been so long. Since i wore solid career on a limb luna white yeah balloon white and i and i said and i've lost a little bit away Maybe you wanna send me like a smaller. Next fifteen and a half. Maybe wanna send me a smaller next size. And allie wrote back. She said. I'll send you the super trim and i said alley. I'm not a super chairman. She said we just call it super trim. It's just regular trim. It's it's okay. You'll probably probably be good for you so two days later. There's a box on on the porch. And i opened it up as four shirts. It's not to it's four shirts. it's a blue. A regular blew a sort of a lighter. Grayish blue and two whites and i have in the last two days worn one blue and one white and i will continue to wear these and and it's like christmas for me. I mean i'm fine. I'm wearing something a little bit different. It makes me so happy. And so i wrote her and i thanked her and i told her how great this was. And i said you know. Just thank you so very very much for this. So i'm happy coincidence that these new shirts sync up with the vaccine news up to ninety five percent. I don't know but but end is near for you. You like it out but as you as you pointed out before when somebody has ninety five percent the other person who had ninety who just pull that number out of thin air because it sounded like a pretty good unbelievable number is now saying there's vaccine ninety six percent test our. Yeah it's like it's like an auction. It's basically like an auction so so if you watch the pti show and you're and you're the socialite for the first time in months you might think to yourself. Well look at that. He's got a solid colored shirt on. How did he get that where his time ever. Yeah so it's a small story. It's not a very good story either. But it's an etiquette question. So i'm now in a online cycling community and this could you peleton now i wasn't going to drop the name sort of kelleher. Does to kill her pella. Maybe i can go. So there's this weird thing where you can. Hi fi people say these classes at cody bellinger. Well watch when and your shoulder into class was live and then they sort of lives forever on demand but if you go in at the same time as somebody else say across the table it'll show you the leaderboard and so the other day. Somebody's watching we're watching each other's progress ended about you and liz. This is no. This is a writer. I don't know either in los angeles. This rider mail in his forties. High-fives fives me. With thirty seconds. Left where he is mathematically figured out i cannot pass him so of the nine people in this ride and i've been staring at him for the last twenty. You turn to gun him. Dad just wanted to take him out right. Hi fis me. I had to high five and back right. I don't know the etiquette tries to figure out. Let you go to hi fi. He's it's taunt isn't it. I mean he's saying you don't the tk salute that's there were lesser writers. That halfway through the ride were high. Fiving me because i was lifting them up. And i just i was preening as i saw their high. Fives coming up on the screen. They also let you ride with a hashtag so it could be like you know boy mom for liz. Because she's got two little boys. I ride for wine. So i don't know i don't know what you're supposed to put it into this subaru owner. So is pretty pretty clear that it's me. I and i wish story. Because i know she rides and i know she knows all these little rules some searching what sort of hashtags are i find a writer based in the two zero one five with the ryder name. Luxury really wow. That's i've probably driven by this guy's house right to do next. Challenge him to a road race. You sit in your house and do this though right. So do you remember the commercial whereas like the captive wife and the beginning is everyone tries to find the most beautiful panoramic view to put this. We put ours in the back corner of a low ceiling. Dc semi-detached basement when the guys dropped it off. They said to be sure. This is where we want to put it. Because it's because you could if you sat up straight you hit your head you can sit up but want view you want to be able to look out onto wilderness or why and well. Can't you put a view in. i think it's i think it's lightning for people. Trying get to try and work out as quickly as possible. Couldn't you put in like a picture. Dowd be super sad cubicle. Yeah couldn't you look like all the people at espn now with the you know with the little shelving unit and the football. They won when the aspirin could finally get that. I don't have etiquette mansion. Yeah i don't have any of them. What are you writing. Every day you think wanted to paint a mural for it and i mean do you like deride every day now yeah. I'm doing two days. That's great liz rides every day. She doesn't yeah she's getting up there boosting. I'm competitive you. Strap buzi and yet i know but every night when we were talking to me and he goes but he's like i can't have do my and he has a little bit of elizabeth just because i have to do my exercise after reid. Does he ride dodi yet. He should rides dangerous well. It's the worst thing you can do is fall off. That's a pretty high fall for a little kid. We just put some cushions under him. All right we'll take a break. We'll do we have chuck colpepper when we return. Yes chuck colpepper. That's right chuck colpepper. That's wonderful. I'm tony kornheiser. You're listening to the tony kornheiser show so this is the fit body. Add nicely you do the fit pod but you don't do the peleton right or do you do the can you do both. Can you do the fit part and the you can. Yeah you can do. I have done the peleton Previously when i was in a gym one of the reasons why i love fit bode is because if i don't go to the gym right now it'll give you exercises do with equipment if you have a little bit of equipment. If you don't have any equipment it'll show you exercise you can do. It literally has videos of like in explains how you're going to be able to do these exercise worksheet through it. It's just fantastic. If you really upset that you go to a gym right now. This is the greatest thing in the world for you. And i think maryland is closing gyms soon. I think maybe. I don't know i don't know so so you like this right you do fit. Michael d do facade you do. I've tried it. 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Get a free month's don't be stupid. Use the code. You're listening to the tony kornheiser show. This is to us by timothy kingston in peterborough ontario. His group is called north of summer. A new tune it's called feast of spies and he says we should sing along stamp. Your feet just be you. Don't blow out another pair of shoes in the process. Well how can. I sing along if i've not. I don't know the song. I can only sing along the beach boys songs pretty much in my life not is under songs. But it's north of summer and the song is called feast of spies. Actually it's nice. Sounds a little like she's the one you're still the one you're still the one. Is that song. I'm thinking of you still the one. I would sing along. It does have some jersey shore to it. Yeah i would sing along if somebody could just sort of. Send me the lyrics but anyway okay. Chuck colpepper joins us now and normally we would talk to chuck about the most recently concluded masters because that would be something he would have covered for the washington post but because it was in november and he covers college football for the washington post. He was not at the masters so just as an introductory question. I would just ask you. Is there any particular take. I'm sure you tried to watch some of it when you could. Was there any particular takeaway from the masters that that you you were impressed by. I get old kind of bent out of shape when i think a player's number of major titles doesn't match up with his caliber. You know when. It's when. And i think dustin johnson has a multi like multiple major titles caliber throws always kind of waiting for for him to to add another one too that twenty sixteen. Us open which was won under very hard circumstances by the way. So i think you know the fact that it was so emphatic is. There's a justice in there that i like. That's just me so. I mentioned this the other day. There are only three active tour players. Just three that have won the us open and the masters which to my way of thinking. Chuck would be if you ask an american player. If you could only win two which would be. I would think everybody would say the masters and i think they would say the. Us open a european player would say the british open. And i get that and the masters. That's what they would say. But there's only three. There's only speak dustin johnson and tiger. That is a hard double. That's is it not. That's a hard double obviously. Well those two are always the answer. One of those two is always the answer that question you know. Which one were you pretending to win when you were a child. The in on the course so. I think i'm kind of surprised. It's only three remember that staff before now and Started you know going through the players who could have done it. Of course mcelroy lacking only the master's and when you think of beef lasts only the the pga. So yeah right and phil phil never got the open. He'll never got the open. You know bring books kept. It doesn't have it with multiples. there's a lot of guys with multiples that don't that's not to now. They're on hell. Cabrera has it. But he's not an active tour player anymore. Right there's only three on the like of out of one hundred hundred fifty people active tour players only three right now so anyway anyway so let me get let me get to the subject at hand which is every single day more more games canceled more college. Football games or cancelled. Nfl games aren't canceled college. Football games are cancelled or postponed. Or whatever the rule of that conference is no conference so far is immune from this. Am i right. Do you have a degree of explanations as to why this is a no but we think sometimes about things such as say halloween right after halloween. You know we've had what in the three weeks since. Halloween was it. Ten games november seven fifteen november fourteen. And i think it's up to seven now. Although i should check it every ten minutes you know. But since halloween. It's gone amok since halloween so i that's not a very scientific answer. I don't think but you know. I've i've been roaming around this fall To a troubling degree sometimes. And i've been to nine college towns and sometimes you just see things or you got. Whoa you know near the stadium in alabama was trying to get to the parking garage. And here's these two yards. Just full of people know masks and or very few and things that you don't normally see anymore you know and and suddenly suddenly here they are. it's very. It's jarring the way we've had to live this year and then to just see these things. You know at georgia full bar. They were all outdoors but there in athens. Looks like a regular twenty nineteen time. And you know you do kinda wonder when you see these things. There are all the conferences much like the federal government. Which is you know. Do what you want at this point and has no coherent national policy in college football unlike the nba. Unlike the nhl there is no coherent policy in college. So the conferences handle it themselves and sometimes inside the conferences. Cities put limits in debt are different than the conference. limits in. Your city of berkley is not the pac twelve is doing universally in your opinion. Is anyone conference handling this best. And i don't mean the coronavirus. I mean the sort of way of coping with what appears to be a necessary postponements and cancellations. I don't think i could choose one. That was ahead in that in that rating. And i think one thing is you know even if you look at the way the whole thing has gone for the big ten where you know. They stopped on august. Eleventh returned on september sixteenth and they returned so late that you know if you lose a game it's cancelled rather than rescheduled into some date in december because all those dates are full. But even when they you know which there criticized for now they went about cancelling the season and it kind of early. I couldn't quibble with that. You know there was sound thinking behind that decision. So i run into i. Sort of run into a maybe becoming a bit too equivocal myself when i tried to evaluate the league's in how they're doing because i just think something nobody's ever dealt with before really is a compelling point to to make me kind of refrain from from You know criticizing decisions such as the ones the big ten in the pack twelve made in august which put you know we saw arizona. State colorado This this weekend cancelled not going to happen. You know and that leaves the whole season. Misshapen little bit farcical real. Oh quite farcical. So this is interesting to me. The big ten was very pompous when they cancelled and then sculpt back into it for money like everybody does and they said but if we don't play six games it's not enough you got at least play six to get to the championship which is fine until ohio. State only place four and then they'll change that rule as we all know but i do wonder what it means for a playoff in terms of you know why are they are they. And if they are why are they locked into certain dates for a playoff. I mean why not. Just push it out the other side and do it later than you normally would and get a playoff. I would think there's still a chance for that. We know that. Bob both be the commissioner of the big twelve was saying last week that it had been discussed that it could be moved. Those things involve you know a slew of contracts. And i think they're really hard to move but i think that that if that comes to pass It's not going to be the biggest shock in the world. And i think you know. I think there's still a chance of that. Would make sense if you want to have a playoff at least have enough of a season where you think you're getting the best teams in one of the problems in deciding who's really good and who's not really good looks really good is that there are no inter conference games this year. You know there's no benchmark there's no like. Oh okay. I saw notre dame at flaw at not florida at florida not florida state or i saw oklahoma ad. I don't know alabama. You know what i mean and you carry that with you for certain amount of time during the season and you measure teams against that conference game so to me. I don't i don't know how you know. Do you know at knowing if you look at it from from very early on in when we first started having this committee and two thousand fourteen if you looked at how they would weigh those games. I remember one between kansas state. I believe it was or in. If you look at the way they would weigh those things. Be much more heavily than it than it used to be. They were using those games. You know like you say as a monitor for who was who was good in. Those games are much more occasional. They're rare than than we often think they are. When you really look at the meaningful cross conference games so we have those and then we have this other thing of Okay clemson goes to notre dame they lose forty seven to forty in two overtimes after which notre dame students stormed the field because it's really for stem since ninety three to be number one but then you have to sit there and say okay. Not only did they not have their number one draft pick quarterback you know That night they also didn't have the mainstay or the the Pillar of their defense. James skalski so you know the idea that notre dame was running all around the field on a little bit. How do we evaluate that. No i understand that i mean. That's it's hard to know. Like wilpon is so excited because northwestern has a chance if they beat wisconsin to actually get in the big ten championship and he was rooting for indiana of course to beat ohio state which is a much longer shot than northwestern beating wisconsin. But i say how good is your team and he goes. I have no idea. I've no idea where you know there's no way to measure it's it's like a myopic. Look don't you think there's no broadway to measure yet to me crazy that we're trying to measure even though we all are i guess we want some semblance of something normal and if you look at what. His coach just said last saturday night. After being purdue the keys stat is your covid numbers staying away from covert and our players have been so disciplined. I'm so proud of them. And that's the most important thing. What kind of status you know. And yes yes. It's great that they've been disciplined at. It's hard to do when you're that age and you wanna go to parties and so on but is that a way to kind of have a meaningful college football playoff. I'm not you know doubtful on that. It's very odd. Carolina fired will must champ. Which i sort of understand. He's not they're not the first school to fire him in the middle of the season. Florida did that but the name that pops up you freeze are you kidding. Me i mean is that is that a real thing in your mind that they would go after a guy who was forced out not only on personal bad character deals but because there was recruiting scandals. All around them forced out of all miss. Is he a real name for south carolina in the same conference where i thought there was sort of a of a bench warrant out form that he couldn't even be an assistant there. Every time i see that name pop up. I is that a real name. That's being considered. Yes i mean. I you can never put it past college athletics to stun you with some sort of thing like this but I i would just consider that. Just an another kind of lower base than than we're used to when we think that they can't get lower. I mean it's that would be kind of a shock. And i thought i that's not. He's coach i understand. He's a very good coach. No question about that. He's a very good coach and he has rehabbing himself at liberty which is a religious school in order to cleanse himself from everything that happened before. But it would be. I'd be sort of agape. If a school in the same conference went back to him. I would be but maybe not. Maybe i shouldn't be right. chuck. Maybe i shouldn't be well. Life should have taught us not to be to some degree. But yeah i i would be too. I just when that you know first of all. I was surprised that they that south carolina got rid of mischa. Because i thought that wasn't going to happen this season with any codes. It must have been a situation where i don't know he just had had law that maybe the players weren't listening to him anymore. Something or you just had just lost all his effect. You know whatever it was before. So yeah If it's this guy to come in freeze. I wow baffled get you out of here on this. It's the question you ask anybody who covers college football. Jim harbaugh future. What is it There's another case where. I wonder you know you know with him. I wonder if there's a certain amount of time after which it just gets kind of if you're if you're playing for him the way it looks is really is really stunning. So i'm gonna say future is Maybe having another season next year and then we'll see where where it goes from there. That's my that would be my guess. Is that this year will be seen as a throw away. In some way he'll be he'll have another season to to see if he can get it right and then you right to the degree that they want and then he'll Move along one way or another. If it doesn't go right but is he one of those guys. That's that after a while of being around him and listening to him and does he wear on you in a way that say somebody like dabo. Sweeney does not you know. That's that's my question there. Nobody of course was saying anything publicly about whether that's true. But but i do wonder about that if if after a while. The effect fades yeah. Yeah i think he's that type of big personality and that that very well might be the case. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon. Okay thanks so much. Tony always thank you. Chuck colpepper boys and girls. We will take a break. Chuck todd doing all chuck's today ground. Chuck offense chuck knox for those of you old enough to remember that ground. Chuck so chuck. Todd will pick some games when we return as well. Reginal the monkey. And i'm tony kornheiser. Is the tony. Kornheiser show porta. Hey everyone this new world we're living in me and my family talking lot more. I mean we're talking about everything. From how much greater was the greatest of all time than today's greatest to make sour dough bread which both mike elizabeth have made in can make excited where the football is finally back and that's important. Football has been a savior to a lot of a lot of families. Football is dependable pro football anyway. I can't keep watching. The door runs circles in the backyard and called spectator sport. Well if she's chasing a fox or if she gets a rabbit in her mouth. That is sort of a spectator sport or she destroys. A frisbee destroys a frisbee which he's doing the quality the frisbees lately. Just that's another shifted but despite how we are the people at lincoln financial to get back to the ad want to point out the one conversation. Most people still have not had and that is your financial plans. Do find time to talk to your loved ones about this because the more we talk the better we plan protect and retire not row tire. Not retread do that again. 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By emailing it to jingles at tony kornheiser show dot com and again you can listen to the songs in their entirety without interrupting them at the end of the podcast. Chuck todd joins us now. He had a rough week not terribly robbed at his three enforced. So he's now thirty four and thirty five. I'd have picked baltimore at new england and pick tennessee to. i'd have gone down the drain with both of those. The way you did right. Can i make a confession. Yeah made the gamblers mistake of spent a rough sunday. Let me double up on baltimore now. So i made a bad day work. I had one of those where i made a bad. They worse. those things sometimes happen. I really thought. I mean what i'd seen of new england. I just really thought baltimore was going to win that game now. It appears yeah. I thought this was going to be a humiliation. Yeah it appears that baltimore is not nearly as good as we thought they were. I mean they're not they're not it Who is it. I mean it feels like tennessee in the playoffs last year decoded. Ring the lamar ring. Yeah he hasn't and everybody is watched that film. And now it right so when you when you are watching lamar jackson in your mind now. The actual person you're watching right now is cuyler. Murray because he cuyler murray. There's only one player in the league with more rushing touchdowns dalvin cook than kyle. Murray who i would stress is not a running back. Not a running back. He's got ten rushing touchdowns. Kyle murray looks you know. He looks great but he so small. Anyway let's get dieting. It's the single most exciting player to watch the nfl right. So let's let's get to that because for one of the rare times fabulous thursday night game. It appears to be anyway fabulous thursday night game at seattle two teams and two quarterbacks going in the opposite direction this is without question the must game for seattle. It is not for arizona is for seattle. And if you like arizona you get three. Which is a little more than i thought you might get who you like. This that's I think for all the reasons. You just stated seattle has to win deals like this is e prevent the reeling You know they think if they lose this then you would you add this to your sports con reeling. The reeling seattle seahawk absolutely big. Get to avoid that word if you I don't like the three. I wish it were one or two This has that some botch two point conversion. We'll make it so that somehow this score will always be to write two points in one two or one in one direction or the other. But i am I'm gonna stick with the home team on thursday night when in doubt oath. Good teams i i. I'll i'll go home game that game. I want to see and very few thursday night. Games can say that he the next game is atlanta. Now getting five at new orleans. New orleans does not have jew breeze. He's not playing. He's not walking through that door. Atlanta has won three out of four and it should have been four out of four since they switched coaches. The game they lost is when todd gurley less than ten seconds after being told by that ryan don't score and he goes. Yeah i got it. I got it scored and that allowed matthew stafford to go down the field in. I don't know four seconds or they should have won four in a row because right now right now chuck minnesota atlanta a lot better than they were five weeks ago. A lot better. And they're getting five new orleans. I be inclined. I'd honestly be inclined to go. I love sean payton. So maybe not. But i'd be inclined to go take the five on this one. How 'bout you honestly. I was the only thing that has nervous. I was kidding with you. Off of I guess we wouldn't call this off care offering quarter about the half-point change but he has done on me that So did new orleans officially say hills gonna start not james. I don't know i'm unaware of splitting. I being that the line has gone up that somehow the more we learn about how. They're going to do this to quarterback. But i want everything about this game since taking. Lana for all the reasons you stay. I will say this. I'm gonna take atlanta. 'cause i just but i do. I have a feeling that this offense might be more productive with with brees off. The i don't know about that in my about this game. But i do know a little bit because i mean look the it will become more creative. It will and sean payton to see. I think the one reason. I would take new orleans in this game and it's an odd reason for me is i think you can win one game when you throw somebody new in game plan differently and it works if this game was next week and brees wasn't in it i would take in a heartbeat but i don't see other. There's the other reason you take atlanta here or if you're just sort of gonna it is an inter it's it's they played the year they know each other and for some reason. This is a rivalry. i don't get it. I don't you know. I don't think of the atlanta falcons have a rivalry with anybody but atlanta fan. Care about beating the saints. And for some reason the saints. Fans care about beating the falcons So that's the other part of that. This game i think actually might mean something atlanta. Okay then the next game is is very hard to figure because these are two teams that we thought were better than they have. Actually been in recent weeks this tennessee at baltimore. Tennessee is getting six and a half. That's really lot and must have something to do with the notion that a well. Baltimore is still smarting from what happened in the playoffs. So moore's laying in wait for tennessee. That's a lot of points to give tennessee. It seems to me and tennessee has been that good lately either. That's not that whatever it is. They figured out last year the place against baltimore. They've been terrible this year. I i will tell you though. I feel like one of my earliest gambling. Mishaps in vegas I'm in my twenty and you you just get to vegas and you have some chris one hundred dollar bills and you know they're your budgets hundred and i'm hoping that lasts for the weekend right so And i just started chasing roulette. My friend said oh just put a quick hundred on black. Let's find one. You know and it hit red hit red hit red and i just kept doubling up and i lost all that money and like one of these things. Well i feel like if i bet on the ravens again. I'm chasing this roulette color. I swear to god. I know it's hit red seven times in a row. When it's not gonna get rid again it's gonna hit black. It's like now the odds are exactly say no matter how you play it right But that wasn't what my brain my whose adult brain thought twenty five years ago I feel. I don't love chasing lamar hair. But my god. They've got to win some time. That's a lot of points. But i'm gonna go with the ravens. I understand that. I do although both teams. That's a hard game figure. I i bet you it goes down. I bet you that goes down by a look at that point. We'll say the next one if nigel gave this to me correctly. I absolutely don't understand it. Green bay getting two and a half at indianapolis. I'm stunned by that. Are you stunned by that. Is that the right line. Is that the right line. You know If you just looked at the colts beat the you know. They beat the titans pretty bad. That wasn't that close to the that's right. It was a beat down and the packers. Just lally gak. I mean that jacksonville game was exactly how i expected them. You know they just sort of do whatever they have to do to win. And you're like why are they letting this team in this game There's something missing with this packer team. They don't know how to they. Don't you know maybe lazard coming back. They have one of their receivers just coming back after being injured. So maybe that helps I am hoping. I'm i'm gonna take the packers as a fan hair. I'm hoping being an underdog But i'm really worried that the packers are gonna make that jonathan taylor superstar this week because anybody can run on the packers and it's like anybody can pass on seattle. Yes it's true that makes me very nervous and that's how you know baltimore baltimore. Excuse me any annapolis. If they had a better quarterback. I think they'd be a super bowl team. The defense is a really good. I mean they have a lot of pieces. I just don't have faith in rivers. If you don't have to make rivers win for you then suddenly you. I guess he's a gay manager. I just don't think you can do that anymore. But we'll find out. I really wonder if fangio luck ever sits down and says i'd like go back. I love this team. I wonder if he does that. It's been a couple of years now. Kansas city is at vegas in kansas city. Vegas beat them. It's the most sort of surprising. Win of the year is six three if they were to win this game and go to and this year on kansas city It's a divisional game. You would say to yourself. Wow they're good and nobody has said that to this point. Nobody has said that. Kansas city on the road minus six and a half and that is an indication that nobody thinks they can repeat that. Do you think they can repeat it. I don't either. I think the the chiefs star the team. No one for some reason. We're not talking about them because the best they're the best team. And yeah tyler. Murray's more fun to watch this year or we're all curious. What's going on with russell wilson or hey how about to You know have you seen justin herbert. And it's like oh yeah haven't that guy. Pat mahomes asked. Yeah i say is one of those where you think this is going to be a good game and it's thirty five ten at halftime. Oh that's right. Kansas city that much better than everybody else. Okay so you'll take kansas city as i would as well The los angeles rams go across the country which they do all the time this year they tampa four-time fourth and fifth time. They're going across the country. It's so all the way across country. And i don't either to any other times by the way i know they didn't cover with buffalo. And i know they uncovered my family. Go ahead pass. It was three and a half yesterday. It is down to three. You get three with the rams tampa bay had a very good bounceback game last week. God only knows antonio brown will be on the field because at any given point something. And antonio brown's pass could pop up and he's gone you just don't know that but will you take the three or do you believe that at this point tampa bay as long as they don't have to play new orleans knows what they're doing i i don't i i I wanna see tom. Brady and aaron donald i i. I don't think he could play statue of liberty there and have have a comfortable game. I i. i'm. I'm gonna take the rams here because you know brady gets happy when he's under pressure. You could feel pressure all day long and and even in the one other time he went even in that super bowl he didn't play great was a pretty crummy superbowl. If you if you recall against those rants young that's already under ramtane and he didn't so I'm gonna. I'm gonna. I'm gonna stick with the rams and think they're gonna rattle break. I'm sorry you're not getting the three and a half. Then you point would have been nice. But you know nigel really. He's doing a favor for for reginald. I understand given it would. If i'm sure we could find a three and a half somewhere if you would like to three and a half three and a half right you get the hook book That he takes a beachfront place. Cincinnati in washington game that everybody's looking forward to cincinnati is getting one and a half the washington football team. Will it that game again yeah. The washington is favored. This is based on what i mean. I'm sitting here thinking based on what you. How do they favored exactly they. Just anyway. you got to pick the game. You can get fascinated with one and a half is borough. I'm a huge fan of him. I mean if he survived if he's upright for the season no. I i'm i'm with you i don't get it i guess it's because they don't know mexicans gonna play. I mean the the bengals are pretty beat up with whatever they're missing some people but At that football team offense. I mean it looks so precarious you watch him back. And you're like oh now all you do is sit there. Don't soak it. And and he gets the ball out and us. He's a professional quarterback. He's really good. He has nobody completes more passes under ten yards. Then he does you know it out. And they're very good but now bengal okeydokey. You've been sleeping well this week have you. Because you don't have to be on the air at three in the morning at any time to call something. You're you're good good. I am a citizen. I would save big as well as they say. Yeah so anyway yeah. We'll stay away from politics this time. Thank you chuck. I think it's a good idea. Okay thank you. Chuck chuck todd boys and girls and we just gave you chuck. Todd that would be enough. Obviously but we give you a monkey. See you not hanging win badge oku wretched nine for much johnny. So what do you got. What did he do. What original new. Well terrible last week. Why do i read one and two almost every week. 'cause reginald's twelve and eighteen it just having a bad year seven even for a monkey. Yes well it hasn't been the best year for regiment. I think we know why he's been very busy. And when it went down to the national zoo to tony. He's very excited. Apparently he's been working on another vaccine and it is ready as he told me For fda approval he's been working on this in conjunction with the people from cadbury. Apparently the hoping have to have it ready by easter which is works well with cadbury and a twelve percent effectiveness rate so if you count the other ones under twelve percents great but it's better than nothing joining. That's what reginald's been working on now. The first game we gave him was arizona getting three on the road against seattle and showed me a lovely photograph of him golfing with wilpon out in arizona. I believe at the troon north. Golf club with carla. Marie and larry fitzgerald so clearly he's got ties to arizona and he will take the cardinals with the three. The second game we gave him was indianapolis a giving two and a half at home versus green bay and this was an interesting shot of him at base camp. Mount everest scaling mount everest with peyton manning marvin harrison and steve emmons. So he's got ties to the indianapolis area. Clearly he will take the colts and lay the two and a half and of course we always give him the washington football team. This is washing football team. Giving one and a half at home vs cincinnati and. I'm not sure if you knew this but but apparently reginald was the doctor who fixed alex. Smith's leg yeah. So he's got very strong ties to this football team and he will take them and lay the one and a half at home against the bengals. You're going pick washington. We'll see what happens again. They covered last week. Maybe they cover again. We will get out of here now. We will come back with email. Jingle and tony kornheiser. you're listening to the tony kornheiser show. This is the bespoke post. Add this fall as you get back into the swing of things. Bespoke post has brand new seasonal box of awesome collections for guys guaranteed to upgrade your life. Michael do we have right now. That i'm looking at the feast box. It includes a carving nice in a stabbing stick tremendous. Whether it's geared upgrade your autumn craft beers cozy threads from when the temperature dips bespoke. 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Nearest you just go to the bagel dot com and then head on in. We got the bagels today. We got the bagel sandwiches the other day. But it's all tastic stop in and you'll be pleased joe. Speaking at coats go checkout. Tk cues zip. So by great janis. Now you're now that is officially the winter. It's cold now. That will just about do it for us today before it gets in the mail bag. Let me say long distance information. Give me memphis. Tennessee helped me find a party. Tried to get in touch with me. She could not leave number. But i know who placed the call because my uncle took the message any wrote on the wall that's chuck berry originally and covered very well by johnny rivers very well. Yes thanks to date. Chuck colpepper and the beatles of the washington post and meet the press host. Chuck todd still do that. Show wow thanks as well to our sponsors say lincoln financial those spoke post and fit body and remember. You can listen to us on apple podcasts. Spotify google play radio dot com. If you get the show through i tunes please leave us a review so joelene whoa gic from grand island nebraska wrote she says everytime i e mail in you always say joelene whoa gic from grand island nebraska. Who goes to the masters every year even though i do not actually type that sentence in my email this year though you cannot say that because as you know they will not be any patriots at the masters and so this is prior to the masters. I thought you might be interested in seeing email. I received from augusta all of us. Who have a badge to attend. The tournament are going to be allowed to shop for. Master's gear does not know. Augusta has never put any of their merchandise online. The only way you can get it is to go there or have someone else. Buy it for you at the tournament since you won't have time to read through the entire email. Let me summarize the steps. That were outlined. I will be sent an email with the link to click on to provide personal information to identify myself. Then i will be sent a confirmation email within three minutes with another link to the online shop. Within fifteen minutes i have to activate the access link or will cease to work however once activated. I can browse all i want. I can shop. And he had things to my car as much as i want. But i can only check out twice so only transactions in order to allow everyone a chance to purchase the exclusive twenty twenty merchandise. What are the odds. This all goes to plan. I'd like to offer up to all the liberals that buy masters gear for them. But don't have the time of the funds to float everyone but it'd be a nice thing to do wouldn't it. If only i had a code take care and be well you worry me you know know that you and the whole crew. My prayers. isn't that nice. If only it were in charge of the virus. Look at that. Check in process it from tim robertson. It's trustee nova scotia and his faithful dog. Murphy still trudging along in the dark gloom of rural nova scotia after listening to the podcast. I have one important question. I'm sure i'm a little naive in this modern world. And i don't want to cause any kind of problem because i really wanna know what in the hell is a refugee safeway. These words mouth by that young whippersnapper that sits six feet one inch away from you. So i guess. I can defer to his entertain explanation. It's your local safeway. Never has anything you're looking at. It doesn't have like cottage cheese curd. It doesn't have grapefruit juice as like seven hundred orange juice and grapefruit juices or it doesn't have the other day marie chunky blue cheese dressing in the jar which i like it had only injuries light light l. Allied essel fed. Yes is the social safeway which is fully stocked. Don't even the du pont one. You don't want that one on another note. I've listened to every podcast up the last six months many things that made me smile left even question but something you said well over a month ago has had me deeply concerned about your well being. I finally decided. I can't hold it in. I must speak my mind this issue as you've obviously struggled with memory issues in the last month or so hillstreet blues the best show ever. What are you mad that show s to look at the whole in the shoot that belongs to jeff bartlett than the rest of the cast of west wing. If you folks could find a way to get back into office once again you'd have the second greatest country on earth canada. Being of course the greatest lots of love from the north hill street blues. The greatest show ever met she. Just it's not down. What can i tell you. Michael o'rourke in dc. Nigel michael is there. Tk code for the butcher box. Read it on the website. It can't tell whether the butcher box code works. My kids read this week in the car and they wanna put an order in my ten year. Old is fascinated in getting a box of meat in the mail. This son from the backseat dad. Can we try that try. What son butcher box had really son. Yeah wonderful my birthday dead. Okay some i want the lobster tails for my birthday. Dinner de do you know what a lobster tail is. Needless to say we'll try it. Also my nine year old loves the steny hoyer song. He spent the entire right cackling in the back seat. And having me rewind it again and again how many nine year olds though the name of both the house whip and the patriots backup quarterback. Thanks again for the entertainment. Isn't that nice at your local whole foods. Freezer section for the league's lobster lobster. Tails give it a go. Let me do this. Dear dr hav. I always appreciate how you say vincenzo with an italian pronunciation but the word venturo does not actually exist in language what does exist is vinci rope. The first person first person singular indicative future of in cherry or to win many might recognize it as the final triumphant. Cry in the famous aria. Nessun dorma from toronto. Also jason lockenfora is italian for jason the forum. I learned these things. Well one of them. From my italian professor vera about who also taught us an italian playground game called la ban de era. Which is the italian version of steal the bacon. instead of a bowling pin. We used a bandana or fled for fear of the game was like it was for many little's the bane of her childhood existence. In case you're wondering still the bacon. Talian is rubel la chata which i think is much better. Finally i b. The official pretentious italian pronunciation consultant of the tony. Kornheiser show shall roberta ventura. Yes you're absolutely yes sir grazia meal. Yes old if you're out on your bike. Everyone always do wear white. This again spoke out the window opponent. Now gold it. Ah art ran. Data long S plans talk ahead. storm you can beating drew on men. Your to me to the town was the so then to prove Some thin too news on to an and some.

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