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and. Final hour of the day. Tomorrow night. Six o'clock. Bite era thirteen ten cave. Very first rockies game all season on Texas see if they can start the season off with a bang every series, a little bit more magnified here, but everything a little bit more important going in, and now we are. We've been starving for baseball. We've been starving for basketball and football and hockey and. Here we go in about two weeks. We're GONNA. Get three of them. We're going to get everything. 'cause. The NHL Playoffs start up. At the beginning of August, the NBA eight game season begins the beginning of August in baseball. Get into full swing tonight. Some big ones on TV tonight will highlight those later on along with my Thursday night special. Shout Happy Life Gardens. They're here for you and they're offering. Curbside. Pick up if need be, but you can stop in just as easily now and and go through what you might need. Maybe Hey, I was told late July. Think about that fertilizer again. Get Your Yard to pop. Because you're. You're rounding out some of the hot part of summer. The really really heated parts as you're jumping into August, September you WanNa take care of that, so stop by happy life gardens like I said last year I went to them, had crab grass just taken over my front yard and they recommended this fertilizer the take. The crabgrass, but also enriches your. Your actual grass and men, since then things have popped and I appreciate it. Thanks to Happy Life Gardens. Game Call, nine, seven, three, three, oh ninety, five, thirty there in Evans I avenged text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three one. Nine nine six, now, five, thirty eight, DOT COM. It's a lot of different writers, contributing Jared Dubin is a New York writer and lawyer. He covers the NFL for CBS an NBA at other outlets. He saying the joker had lost somewhere between twenty and twenty five pounds Colefax our boy. Chris Dempsey saying three to five everybody. Cool your jets. You were saying he lost three hundred pounds. I don't think of that. I. Mean Listen. Joker was never like like you gigantic. But I mean I'm looking at him right now. He's talking about his diet and everything going into it, and he's definitely lost some I mean I'm still. I still think he lost ten plus easily. Even into the twenty but I guess we're know more. When we get to see this guy on the floor, which is next weekend we'll see the actual regular season games. Take Place, and there's footage all over online. If you want to go, check it out, but. As far as the actual games are coming. Mike Malone talking about that clunky lineup a little bit especially, the seven to. At least for one game bowl bowl. Yes, as a first game against NBA competition. And frame the ground during get sixteen ten with the six blocks is great, and we put them in the middle of his own trying to everything to him. Let him block shots. Get a really good job of that. I think he got tired of the game on which is to be expected. He played thirty two minutes. which was a team high? But you know he's only GonNa get better a lot of really good things out there proud of him, and obviously we'll have two more scrimmages and you'll. You'll continue to give up some opportunities to play to grow, and so learn against other MBA players. There's Mike Malone talking about bowl and. The opportunity to learn, and and this is where it's a fun challenge to for guys like Nicole. Yokich Jamal Murray you know. They are the stars of this team. But now you're kind of saying hey, can you also lead some young up and comers to? Because that's GONNA. Make the difference. It's GonNa make things mighty interesting at that power forward slot going forward. Ah after the season. Because? You know when you look at their contracts. We know Paul MILLSAP was was signed. For last year but What does that look like for, do they? Do they sign him to another one year deal, so he can finish his career. I'm not sure but you. So you have plumlee coming up at the end of the season to their backup center at this stage, but again you see him play on the floor, a lot with joker And then. You know they WANNA get these. Some of these guys taking care of. I'll be really curious. Jeremy Grants got the one year, but that's the the the player option of course so. Does he decide to test free agency, and then, what does that look like so you're going to have questions coming out. And what that all looks like? Because if Bulbul actually. Didn't listen. I'll pump the brakes on myself right now. That was one game, and it was a summer camp game. And it was a weird lineup. Strange so I? Don't know how much you WANNA put stock into that. Maybe none at all. But they drafted him for a reason and he again. He's seven two and he can move. That already gives him the leg up on people. So let's just say let's just play the hypothetical game if ball ball actually is a stud. What does that mean? For for Paul MILLSAP. Because, if both going to play power forward, because obviously jokers not going anywhere at your center. You Go Bobo Pass forward. What Jeremy Grant. Again this is all very hypothetical because right now when you look at this roster. You're going Jeremy. Grant player option, but even though he won't take it, 'cause I, mean he's GonNa pay probably gets paid more than that. He Go-. He won't take it, but he's still. That doesn't mean he doesn't signed with the nuggets you know. That he actually that the nuggets and him, they work something else out. And so again he signed the deal. The the three year deal back eighteen with the thunder. He was traded to the from the and last summer. But you've got the twenty twenty. One is a player option so whatever the nuggets in grant decided to do at that point. I'm thinking. He stole the future there. That position still very young. So you go him, he starts at power forward that probably it'd be Paul millsaps thirty five years old these. By far the oldest guy on this team. So you're probably okay moving on from him, but you still had the question mark as to well. Paul maybe could do one more year maybe two and then retire, but he's going to have to be a bench. millsaps talked about that I don't think he. Dempsey's told us in the past. I don't know if MILLSAP has has issues coming off the bench, but now if Bobo starts role in this bubble. Nuggets look at that and say aright. Jerry Grant Starts, and we go with Bowl Bowl backup power forward. Maybe swing man to the center position. And then. What do you do with? Plumbly? Plumlee is coming up to the contracts that are coming up for the nuggets for twenty for the twenty twenty one season Paul, millsap Mason Plumlee, Tori Craig, You Got Novon lay. I'm not sure what they'll do there. And I think that's I. Think at PJ does and Troy Daniels up to, but of the let's just let's just simplify this of the guys that actually are important to this roster on a daily basis at least this last season, Torrey Craig. Mason Plumlee Paul Millsap, and then you have the question mark with Jeremy Grant. And then there's the other thing, do you? Can you go big? Can you go Jamal Murray and Gary Harris? And do you do you consider Jeremy? Grant Bulbul Nicole Yokich lineup. And then you still you know, but that would keep will barton as a non-starter. He's got a player option in twenty one twenty two so I I mean trust me. All this is done and again it's fun to be talking basketball game, but I I'm really excited to see how these guys are used especially when you get the full lineup because I. Don't know that Bobo is GonNa play thirty two minutes every single game. But you're going to see you're going to see him. Get a shot view. Play like that one game in you know you're. You're definitely going to get a shot. First advantage text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. You're watching the clip just like I am. Kevin Durant six A. Six ten six seven six zero. He said Yeah So. He built I mean Bobo is a skinny guy. So i. mean the argument of all. If you're too skinny now, that doesn't really work. Because look at Katie. Does Bobo move kind like Katie. Sure Yeah I mean he Scott, the can handle the ball pretty well for that tall my goodness. But the blocking. It's crazy I mean. Y- The blocking of it is just you see lot of tall guys get blocks, and they swat it out or whatever, but he's like so. He's got a touch for the baskets blocks just enough so and just get a little on it, so he can just clip it out of the sky, and then spent floor and open up twice. You see him open up just. dribbles the ball from coast to coast. Paul's hits the three. I mean that's that's a big. That's a big time luxury to have. So. Again. You go summer camp here. We see what happens when we actually get to regular season, but if in eight games you walk away after eight games of the regular season and say. Yeah Bo Bo's legit. Is that mean. That's the end of Paul MILLSAP. Now all ask Dempsey then. He'll laugh at me because I'm doing the drew lock thing here. But a basketball. Basketball a lot of times man in a rookie year. You know you know. And for football players for quarterbacks specially with five games, maybe not but again I I. Sizable Bowl a plus. From what we actually got to see. What will be next you know now. He's gotTa answer those questions. Listen I I was I, thought he and Michael Porter Jr. both steals out of college because they were both hurt lay. They both got hurt early in their career. And teams passed on him. And I think the guy MPG MPG late in the first, and then they took Bobo the next year late in the second. So as a nice steal sixteen minutes after the hour we're going to catch up with Chris Dempsey about the to TV and then I have my Thursday special first one in nearly five months I'm looking for win number seven six and four. Obviously I'm over five hundred. I'll look continue that on the other side. We'll be right back. This is the whole show powered by PDC energy. Live from the auto collision specialist studio. Know Coast home for the rockies is thirteen ten F. K. A. Get your day studied right with today's news. Weather and sports mornings with Gail Six am to nine am weekdays on thirteen ten K. F. K. A.. Hi, I'm done director about politics at the University of Northern Colorado and you're listening to the whole show. Thirteen ten KFI K. A.. Twenty minutes after the hour. Now I'm excited. That was cool. Seeing all those clips I, mean all right. We Got Chris Dempsey on the program from altitude. TV Chris I. Feel like the world's biggest hypocrite today because yesterday. Saying. Hey, slowdown on the drew lock hype. Everybody's freaking out about drew lock I can't help it man. I'm freaking out about Bulbul today after a smaller sample size from him that I see Andrew Lock going nuts. Funny, Because I was just saying to somebody earlier today, I said you know. You. Don't WanNA get too excited. When you see, there's been plenty of very good debuts players overtime, and you know you just have to wait to see what they're going to turn out to be but like. How okay having said that. How could you not be? Night. What we all saw yesterday and I. Think for me. It is a little bit of validation from what I was able to see film study from what he did in at Oregon. And then you know I was able to see some of his workouts when he wasn't actually practicing with the team and I I was I I've been very impressed with him for probably. Probably over a year now it's like wow. I can't believe the skillset that this put this player has and I can't wait for people to be able to see it and then yesterday you know not only. Did he fulfill everything that I thought he might be, but I thought he was even more impactful than that and listen, he's he can only get. Every day is not going to be a great day on the court, but you know what here's what you showed us to shoot three he can run the court. He's GonNa Block all the shots. he's GonNa rebound the ball as well and I. You listen. That is invaluable and fourteen. Here's where I think the nuggets are going to have decisions to make. You know obviously defensively. They were struggling and one of the areas that they had been a little bit up and down was pointing the paint allowed. And just to see. What was going down yesterday six block shots. A T- turned away a couple of others. And then they were just a couple of times where players thought that they might have wanted to take a shot in the paint, and then just kept dribbling through, because that was not just going to be an option with Bulbul there in the middle and so I think defensively. Boy It's GONNA be. It's GonNa be hard. It's going to be very difficult decision for Michael Malone not to play him if he doesn't do that especially. If defensively he can be so valuable and then offensively it's not. He is not a liability. As a matter of fact, he is You know he's a dynamic offensive player as well so. you know there's a lot of wow in what we saw yesterday. And now for for him. It's you know what's build upon that and continue to learn the system and continue to play with his Get better with his teammates and you know well. We'll all be I. think we'll all be very interested observers. Of Bulb all in how he progresses. What's interesting, too, I mean. When like I said I'm freaking out about people? freaking out about drew lock. Going on this and what would I say? Bulbul already has the advantage seven to. Can Be. We've seen seven footers that are just like. Hey, the only reason you're in the NBA is because you're seven foot. This guy can can handle the basketball like a point guard. He can shoot I mean you. We saw small sample size in college, and this is why he was passed. On is because of the injury but the guy can move. The Guy can play, and he can do it at so many different levels, but what's interesting about his position, and we always talk a bit about with with joker and Nurkic that experience experiment a few years ago. It didn't work because joker with like more of a true center of whatever reason it didn't seem to quite work, but Bobo is not a true anything I mean he could do everything. Yeah Yeah. You know I think the you know. The difference. There is especially when I was in Denver. It's you know and their coach was very rude to the block, and and he was a very aggressive player offensively. So you know basically, if you through the through, nourish the ball on the block and he was probably going to be able to score, but you know it was dribbled triple-triple There was no real flow to the offense He was very traditional at the time. Obviously he's she's expanded. His ran a little bit With his jump shot there with the Portland Trailblazers, but and then also at that Ti- that same time I. Think Nicole Yokich was. you know he wasn't? A very aggressive offensive player so if they were on the court at the same time. Merkich is demanding the ball because he is very offensive, aggressive player, and then you know so you had Nicole Yokich. Just kind of fade away, and you didn't want a player of that talent in that versatility. To become you know just any other guy on your team because you knew what kind of I could have if he was the guy, but when as long as he was playing alongside a player that was way more aggressive than him He was going to defer to that guy, and so they had to make that move You know to be able to know free Yokich up to be himself now. What's happened in the interim? Here is yoga grown into an elite basketball player is confidence has grown. He's the leader of the basketball team, and he carries himself that way now, so see. From the standpoint of mentally he's in the mentally. He's in a different space, so there's nothing there's not a player that you can put on the court with Nicole Yokich. That he looks at in going to defer any any kind of way to because he understands who he is. What is production means, and that he is the leader of the team now having said all of that, he's also the most unselfish player out there, so we we know he likes to keep the offense moving. He likes to make good decisions with the path, and he is more than willing to let somebody come out and score and then he will fill in whatever else needs to be filled in so It's it's. To me this from the standpoint of Boll is a guy that is a flow guy you can. You can get him on the move and get get him the ball. In a myriad of ways message, obviously with jokers ability to pass the ball and passed the ball with great vision in great precision in any angle, or even all the way down the court, if he kept rebound and just with the down the court so that works together and and you know bowl isn't rooted to the block as a matter of fact, I don't know that we have we saw I can't remember if we saw an actual post up like it. In a in a half court setting I don't know that we did. And, I don't think that that's exactly what he wants to be doing out there on the court. Anyway, so yes, these two. are going to Mesh perfectly together. and and I just don't expect that to be an issue in any. Shape or form? We're talking to Chris Dempsey of to TV now, obviously there. We gotta get to the game season. We got to see what the playoffs look like, but let's just play the hypothetical game. Let's let's say. Bobo carries this momentum and make some noise in the bubble and really starts to roll with this team suddenly the nuggets. The theme for the. They always have these good problems to have. Suddenly you know we. We talked about, MILLSAP, already who's coming up with the contract and we'll see what happens there, but. Jeremy Grant. What happens there? I mean and then there is potential to go big on the starting lineup I mean suddenly Chris. A lot of good questions, surrounding the nuggets in the future of some of these guys we already know can perform. Yeah, you know this is gonNA sound real homer. Shift me, but I think when. You know when all these young players. This young talent that they've drafted gets You know the requisite experience. I I think there is no doubt that this team is going to be a championship caliber basketball team. There's just too much talent too much versatility, and then now you're adding in things like rim protection, and just in and more shooting you know. There comes a point at which you're just that talented you're you have that many good players and you're? You're the kind of team that just cannot be denied in terms of getting very far in the playoffs and winning an NBA title and I just think that the nuggets have those guys. And really what amounts to being right now is. experience on the court with in the system in the NBA. You know. Maybe we'll even with Bobo just a little bit more strikes and you know just time with his new team and I think that will be fulfilled but yeah, the the nuggets have. Decision to make and and you're right, you know there are a number of guys with with contract situations and the that'll get all situated in probably October November this year and this a different kind of season but but for right now what they know they have is. Talent everywhere you know and even when you're talking about Paul, millsap. He's the best plus minus play cheap. You know he's the best defensive rating player on their team. He's the best you know so. You have veterans who knows how to get it done young players. You have to lead players and Jamal Mary and the color. Yokich And now you're mixing in guys. You have the potential to mixing a guy like Bobo. If you want to Michael, Porter Jr., a as a player that we watched over the course of the season have some really big moment and really big games, and you start to look at this team and go. Wow, okay, you know. This is this is the real deal and and and and this year They'll ride it out. They'll try the bill bill. Be One of the the the you know one of the better teams, and and then they'll reassess what they need. And and WHO's GonNa? Give them the their best shot after the season's over Chris. The real question is should Jamal Murray be worried about his point guard position with the. Kids telling over. That the one of the lineups ever yeah, it was. It was really fun to see I mean they did. What it really also goes to show you just how talented call your is like literally. They started him point guard. And then. He got him seventy fifth, but you know it's You know. That lineup was Hilarious I. Think if you're the Washington Wizards. You might be a little bit alarmed. Technique got beat by team that didn't. Heal so many of its main players, and only had one perimeter player, and when that guy was on the court, they play them off the ball sometimes and so I just thought that was wildly entertaining I of the LINEUPS. Mean anything going forward, but it was wildly entertaining. Troy Daniels had a great game and you know the Washington Wizards who did have the majority of their players that that are actually going to be playing for them. you know in the bubble? They're all. They were on the court, and they got the anyway. And that's boy that's gotta be a little disconcerting to Scott Brooks in that staff. Yeah no question about it on that side, but you know that was kind of what what we're seeing here is teams kind of adjust? And then none of the nuggets are still waiting to get to ended up full force mode, but. Man We're we're almost there? Chris I thought you. Guys are phenomenal job of your coverage to very unique and I think that's what we're all looking for right now in the bubble. But what? What can we expect next from? You guys with altitude? Yeah I think more of the same I think we're gonNA powwow and see what we liked what we didn't like. And you know and make the the tweaks for Saturday's broadcast, but I thought it was fun broadcast. You know these are exhibition games, right? You know I get the. Time if there's any. On this program. What we we talked we talked about if there's any time to try something new in this time to do it. You know so You know we're doing that. I like I think exhibition games, don't we don't? We don't need to be you know focused on every single possession of an exhibition game. That just doesn't matter but if you can. If you're able to out what you see on various different possessions, and then maybe if somebody's starting to stand out, let's start talking about him the way Bobo and Troy Daniels. Were able to hone in on those two yesterday. I thought it was great and I. I think we're GONNA. Do that again. you know we? We might have less of us. The four boxes of the top would be something I think that might not be as prevalent but outside of that I think we all enjoyed the the broadcast we put on and we're going to do. Something very similar here on Saturday may I thought it was unique man. It was I I enjoyed it I, enjoyed the commentary to and. You guys again. We've all had to be innovative here and I appreciate what altitude has been doing through this process. I'm ready to get to regular season basketball games and see where this nuggets team stacks up and it sounds like Chris. We got everybody almost ready to go on this roster at least. Yeah well. We saw the good shots of Gary Harrison. Toy Craig there on the side. So you know that says to me that they will be practicing soon and You know. Maybe even are available for Saturday's game. who else well. They just held out John Murray and we'll bart from that. From, that game, and that was just you know you know just because they want to. Those guys I expect to see them on the court on Saturday, if not then Monday after that Then you have Michael Porter Jr... Reports of him getting down there, so yeah, I slowly, but surely they're they're they're. They're becoming whole again and and that's good because you know. You know you really do want to have your group that you were rotating in a certain way. You know back on the court, so they can kind of get used to working with each other again and I just don't think you really want to get into the seating games with with worked with chemistry items with major chemistry items still to go and so It'll be good if they can get their guys air here by the end of this week. Start playing them in in Saturday in Monday's game, and then you know a couple more practices before you start those seating games, and if worse comes to worse, you got a lot of different seven footers that can play guard apparently so. Right Man Chris. Appreciate you as always well done my friend and we'll look forward to kind of get set for previews for regular season basketball next week. Absolutely looking forward to I. DO Chris Dempsey of altitude TV. Yeah, it was a weird lineup. I think you're you're kind of just throwing guys out there practices where you're trying to develop that chemistry thirty five minutes after the hour do at a shout out here to eat and country club eat and. I don't know about you but I like going out I'm not a great golfer, but I like going out golfing and just seem clouds rolling over the mountains. It's starting to cool off a little bit. Maybe you're going to get some spring. Maybe even rain on your wire golfing. You could see it so perfectly out at Eton Country Club you can. It's just. Just a beautiful view you've got the mountain scene. You've got the plane seen. It's the best of both worlds. That's the eaten country club. Check out. Their website eaten CDC dot net, and you know what tell them. We sent you talk about membership. Talk to the folks over there. Now's a great time. Sign up thirty six minutes after the hour, are you? You ready for this. Colefax got Thursday night special. It took a four or five month vacation six and four when everything closed down and I'm pretty sure the only reason I lost four because I knew the virus was in the air and I. do think the virus we know it chooses where it's going to go, and what it's GonNa do I think it. It was really messing with the T ns, so I've. I've recovered since I'm stronger. I've learned how to combat. It got the mask. I'm ready to go, so Thursday night special. I pick after the pandemics shutdown. Coming up right after we get the latest local sports flash thirteen ten KFI PREPS. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Friday on mornings we gale. Could the Rust fast-track a covid nineteen vaccine have downside Peter Pits President of the Center for medicine in the public interest ways in join us. Thursday Thursday. Thursday. Thursday? Thursday! Thursday. Thursday! Thursday, you know. We went with a classic there. They're. Beautiful have not heard that one in a while. The longest. We've gone awol a very very. Long time in five months. That's the longest I've ever gone without hearing that saw forgot how shocking it was. This is shockingly good, yeah! Like. That's an original. There's no dubbing over anything. There's no that that's an original. Well thought our them and beat and song based on Thursday night special. Colfax og right there. Yeah, is it absolutely is man? Wow, we haven't done one of these in a while I. don't even know it's like I'm on a I'm training wheels here. Well obviously, we're going baseball tonight. We got we got to on and listen. Kovacs I could tell you I'm six and four. It's my first one back. I'm a little rusty. You know when you say baby calf. EH, baby deer! They're born and the can't quite walk right for a while stumbling. They're moving around. That's me right now so I'm just trying to be really careful here. Just I'M NOT GONNA. Go out on a limb. I'm. Not GonNa. I'M NOT GONNA. Say This pitchers going to get W. You know because I. don't even know how long a starting pitcher. We'll go tonight. We'll even go long enough to get a win. But I am looking at this one. I'm staying in the national. League West here San Francisco. In in the Los Angeles dodgers. I think the dodgers are going to be ridiculously good. I do like the Rockies to win thirty eight. I like the dodgers to win. Forty plus I think that they're gonNA be I. Think all everything West readings in hearing is going to be absolutely correct. Pandemic season or not. Clayton kershaw getting the bump tonight I mean he's he's. He's rock and roll and is GonNa make his you can believe. Start on opening day a main. He's a big time player. I mean he's had dwindled over the last few years. A little bit especially in the playoffs, but he still ridiculous. Maybe one of the best pitchers of all time Walker Bueller. They mookie Betts. You saw that monster deal. Get done. Cody bellinger me. This team is stacked, so Colefax I'm not trying to rewrite the script here. I'm not doing anything fancy today. Take in the Los Angeles dodgers to win this thing. Matter that that's okay. That's fine. Yeah, all back to now feeling cool cardboard cutouts fan so this. Week field still looks like it always does at least yeah fields going to be ready for the game tonight, but yes cut. Set done a great job as far as. Nobody's days. Practice Block. See, if his kind of complex. One Fan and it's. All the left. The. Dodgers. Could be that Kinda game unbelievable. This fire sparklers and you got snakes and sparklers going more than those are the big ones. They got the mortars, and those are the ones that Colorado all got in trouble for because they all went to Wyoming, and got them, and then blew him up on Fourth of July speaking of that. Was Adamant noticed that like there was better private firework displays than the big ones Oh, yeah they were. Like what you just played right? That was yeah. No, it did people were people were going crazy. They were they were so crazy crazy. It was a lot of fun. Dixon to that. Live up, Colfax better be bringing the funk. If the Thursday night special is back, baby I think so that funky and I think that was funky. The works as far as Thursday night. Stuff that you're writing that you worked on because I know you've had time off, and they say a lot of times. The creative ones really take that time off to really come up with something you know great, the next game of thrones novel, or whatever yeah you know during this whole pandemic have really taken a step back and just did some self reflection. Yeah, and just really taken time to you know get to. Get to know I haven't spent much time writing. Okay I think. Strives some huge strides within myself and I think. That, that's going to lead to some new content the soul-searching, even though you're not working, it's still it's still very important. It is figuring out who you are. Exactly you know time free time for Colfax to get to know. Colfax exactly you know. Be Good to him and then write the great American Thursday night special song. Yeah, couple singles coming out soon. I can't wait I? Don't know if they're gonNA be titled Yet, but working on how many you have now in the old record. Hits album. Get. Four or five get the happy days one. Yup, that's a good one. And you go through the list I've I. Forgot Actually, it's been so long. Day Thursday. You're much better. So good. Dixon, says chair, dancing and raising the roof is back. Well, I'm going for number seven. Listen. I'm not getting crazy tonight. You know I'm not I know you guys expect a lot out of me and I'm GonNa live up to that hype by always do, but I'm not kidding crazy tonight I've been off. You know how you you don't expect a great athlete. After five months shut down to just pick up right where they left. Left off no I mean it's not I have to give us some time. I'm getting back into the flow I'm you know I'm just relearning? How I'm learning to fly, and I ain't got wings man, so everybody just take the pressure off a little bit, and let me have some room and pick an easy one tonight and take the dodgers to just get after it. Solid run of cliches right there, Michael. Man. Get ready to cliches. That's what leads to great t and S man. That's what leads to great. Songs and covers, and in brilliantly I mean it's all coming. This is going to be fun. Next week we still have baseball the week after that now we're GonNa Throw Basketball and Oh, and we're throwing hockey in there. What's going to happen? I have no idea. I just know that you should stay tuned. There's a special is here and it's back and it's ready to rock and roll forty minutes after the hour. Take a quick break or rap in the show up. What's on tonight? I'll give you guess regular season baseball, Baby. It's back over back. Party northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten, Kfi K. The block party Wednesdays from ten PM. The Best UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi K.. Ethnic Rep at sports director at FOX THIRTY ONE DENVER. You are listening to the whole show on thirteenth ants. Hey, that's. That's. Has Been a good one today It's been a lot of fine. The Washington football. Team That's cool. Everybody's excited about that being the name of it. I think anyway. Thursday, special in. I did see this with the Colorado haven't hit it yet. Football Jackson is preseason. pickus found West offensive player of the year so the preseason we'll see. Tonight on ESPN five o'clock mountain time. You've Got New York. Take it on. Washington Going with that now we're just going there. That's a five. At eight o'clock mountain right after that game, we got an NL West battle. We got a Thursday night special battle. San Fran taking on the Los Angeles. Dodgers. And I tell you what man regular season baseball is back. CanNot wait and we all know what's going to happen tomorrow night. Get the rockies getting set, so that's GonNa that's GonNa be what's on the to no more no more directing you to different Sitcoms Colfax? No more telling you about what's happening on the discovery channel. We actually have live regular season sports games that mean something tonight. Thank you. Time. It's been a long time. Opening Day took a little while to get here this year, but we are here and I think we're all pretty pretty damn excited for it, so it should be a good time. Yeah. It's exciting about Warren Jackson as well see us you football's Warren, Jackson, his preseason pick as mountain west offensive player of the year. Jesse Kurtz of the mountain West Network told us a few weeks ago. Yeah, no doubt warns number one most excited to see him. If we in fact, see him all right. That's going to do it for us. We're going to be back at it on a Friday. We're GONNA. Be Talking all things Colorado, rockies. We're going to be building this series up. Because it is huge, the rockies will be winning thirty eight and the quest begins, tomorrow, night. Goodnight Northern Colorado.

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