The Narrative of Ben Askren


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And now now jail Sunan on podcast one dot com. And for that. You're welcome. What's happening guys happy Wednesday? And thank you for joining another special episode of your welcome. Let's get right into it been asked grin socks been asked. Grin is boring and Ben ask grin will never be in the UFC. Wow. Remember that narrative remember that narrative that was just here a few weeks ago and definitely here a few months ago and definitely started a few years ago. Well, let's not give up guys. I mean, come on the voices on the internet. Always know the best just because you lost one prong just because Ben is now in the UFC. Let's not give up on the other two. He's still born. And he's still sucks. Right. So let's get his ass kick. Now, the question comes who's going to do it. That's really the only question we have left. Isn't it such an incredible less than of where this sport is at any of the psychological piece on it is the evil and dark side of us? As fans is to make sure a guy does not get whatever it is. He wants if you know the guy wants the title fight. Then you don't want him to get the title fight. If a guy wants a specific weight class or a specific organization, you wanna take that from him and make sure he doesn't get it. But it appeared with Ben aspirin as soon as that one prong fell. Right. He sucked he was born. And he wouldn't be in the UFC as soon as that. Okay. He's in the UFC as soon as that prong got taken away. Then it seemed as though the fans were willing to just admit, okay? Okay. Okay. The gig is up on the other two. He doesn't suck. And he never did. And he's not that born in ever was it just seemed like a package deal to insult a guy, and we were winning because we knew he wanted to fight in a specific. Cage, and he wasn't able to do it. So are evil side was winning out. And if that wasn't enough when we thought he was down. We also wanted to kick him as well, we took that the third prong that he wasn't in the octagon as the down. So then we're going gonna kick him and say, oh by it's good. He's not because he's not fun to watch. And he's not very skilled anyway. But now that he's now that he's here. All of a sudden, not only are the fans go a man this guy could go right to the top. Oh, man. I can't wait to see him fight. Why? Why would you wanna watch a boring? Fighter fight. Apparently. He's not so boring. Busy, and even the fellow fighters who did help with some of that narrative. But where they all at now. And I can't say that about all of them a few of spoken Kobe Covington spoke right up like he always does and Darren till popped right up to and a number of other Mike Perry did as well. And then suffered for it. But. But a few guys stepped up but only a few guys. And here's the tough part about Ben is I don't know what weight class he's going to go. And I know the common belief that he's going to go welterweight, and we probably don't even need to have any speculative conversation on this. And we can just say welterweight the reason that it is speculative for me is he would go all the way down to one hundred and fifty five pounds. That would be a tremendous ask of him. To put in perspective that would even lower than he competed at his senior year of college. It would be significantly lower than he competed at for the Olympic team way back in two thousand and eight. What are we all know just about ourselves is that over time as human beings, we don't generally get smaller with time. We tend to gain some way say you could see where that would be really tough. And it'd be way lighter than he's ever competed at a mixed martial arts, but he is willing to do it. So you you at least have that discussion. I think that gets swatted away. I don't think that's likely, but it's out there talks of the hundred sixty five pound division, which haven't really been going anywhere. But there's talks so we'll put it out there one seventy where he's undefeated and world champion app. But one thing that a lot of people have forgotten is when he was over at one he was one championship. He was there at a time when they were very four. Thinking and proactive on guys cutting weight, and they took everybody moved them up away class. So he did go from one seventy two a middle way. So many people don't know that I feel like I have to just tell people when they hear me say they go. Oh, really? I didn't I didn't realize that. Yeah. He'd been fined one hundred eighty five pounds. He also did a lot of competitions as that. It was usually the the competitions. He was a little less serious about that weren't for championships or teams they were just events here and there on the inbetween on his calendar and schedule for his amateur wrestling. But there was a number times. I remember he entered the the sunkissed tournament at one hundred and eighty five pounds. So that window is at least open and that window is supported when he is coming in as a top guy who is going to take. According to Dana widen. It's a quote is going to be competing with right out of a gate a top five opponent. So if you're going to bring in an undefeated hammer, who's never lost never lost around and wanna championship of every week. Organization. He's ever been part of in. You're going to bring him in to a weight class at he has openly telling you, I am not going to take on the champion of this weight class. And you're gonna put them in the top five because Ben wins his first debut in the UFC, which we know is against the top five guy. The next day. He's taught five guy. There's not a lot of room left. Top-five guy means you're next fights a semi final match. All sudden, boom, you you you go from the top four or five to the number one contender in a weight class that he saying I'm not going to take on the city champion way. I just offer you that? Because it does leave the window open that they might be gonna make him a mental wait, particularly if we're all beating the drum that he sucks and you're going to try to get his butt kicked stack the deck against him. The irony of the entire situation as he does not care. Listen, I want to tell you guys about but ask because I've just not positive all you guys know, this is going to be very refreshing mindset. This is going to be a guy that they are not used to working with that they used to get to work with and that they haven't seen in a very long time. If you put been aspirin in a fight at eight weight class where the odds makers and the fans and the promotion and the media and Ben himself fought I'm biting off too much to chew guess what? He's gonna show up anyway. And he's never gonna complain. It's a totally different mindset than what they have been dealing with. He will compete with anybody at any of those weights. I just said anytime, I think he can beat those guys. I am fully aware that there's likely guys out there that can beat him to with his mindset one has nothing to do with the other. And the reason that is so ironic as I'm telling you he is going to go from the guy that Dana white did not want to sign to Dana White's favorite guy. Mark my words. Dana will be coming out with interviews in a short period of time going. Oh my gosh. I wish everybody was like Ben aspirin. Mark my words. But I also will admit to you, even though I've spent ten minutes due in it. I think I am making too much about the way class. I'm quite sure he's coming in at welterweight. I'm just saying there is a little bit of dialogue out there, particularly when you look at the leading contender as far as who's taken the bait and who's pushed back and who's put in his foot down, which appears to me to be Darren till perhaps I had this wrong in it has not been officially made. But I thought that Darren till where we left off with him was going up to one hundred and eighty five pounds. I thought that he had made that decision definitively perhaps I've missed something and he changes minus stain at one seventy. But if it is Darren till, endurance. Sure appears that he'd like it to be Darren till all of us. We got no problem seeing until versus anybody there. It's fun. But if Darren is going up to middleweight does that mean, Ben is going to middleweight or does it mean he's going to start at middleweight? I actually know the answer. But as I try to form this and shape this and predict this for you guys. But also with you guys as we all do this together. And we usually get them, right? Very seldomly. Are we wrong we pay attention? We see the evidence in this business where there's smoke. There's fire if we're right about Darren till it does open the possibility. Well, and we'll wait class where exactly are they going to do that? And I don't think there's a wrong answer. I know that the you have seen loves to have the divisions and keep everybody straight narrow in their division. I know that that is a difference in mindset on say Dana, white and Scott Coker Dana looking for those matches within the division. Scott Coker is looking for fun matches with the guys that he's got. I would just suggest that every now, and then whether you do it with Ben or would just use it for Ben right now. But you you do it with some other guys make the fund matches don't be afraid to throw a fight against. Darren till and Ben aspirin at one hundred eighty two and a half pounds. Don't be afraid to do that. Because as fans we don't care at all we won't hold it for more against him. If those guys wanna work something out and come up with some catchweight. I mean that is a very common thing to do in boxing. Hasn't carried over to 'em as much, but if you want to start doing go right ahead. We're not gonna push back as a whole not just with what do you do with Ben aspirin? I'm talking as a whole right now if you wanna start mixing and matching some guys, and they got some heat with one another and somehow find a way out of each other's crosshairs because they can't get the weight class. Right. Call them on it. Let's just agree on a different weight. Not everything has to be about a championship. Not everything has to be about a title. And it's not the promoters that set those rules. It's us the fan. So guys to 'em. I right or am. I wrong about that. We don't always care if it's in your division of it. If it has ranking consequences or if it's got a title at the end of the night. There are some fights out there, the we just want to see view, it's rare. It's a lot rare. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That doesn't mean we don't still want it to happen. Your. Listening to your welcome with jail Sunan. Want entertainment designed just for you, then checkout. Customizable, streaming TV from xfinity. It makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended? He gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Expand dot com. A one eight hundred Finnity or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions apply. Alexei isn't the only one with breaking news. Make sure it hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the news minute. You've seen them in the hit movie night school with Kevin Hart and Tiffany haddish, but you can hear rob Riggle every week on the funniest sportscaster around with co host charity. 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That's part of being a fan. I'm not trying to correct you guys go if you want to show your positive emotion through being a fan or you wanna show your negative. You're not wrong. You buy a ticket. You come in there and you cheer or you boo. That's fully up to you. But on Dimitrius Johnson. It was always stated that he was the worst drawing champion in the AFC. Well, those are just numbers. He was still a champion. You're looking for a reason to put down a champion and those are just number. Somebody is going to be the lowest even if his numbers are very good. Sure, somebody is going to be the lowest. That's true. And you can have another guy. I mean, if you want to do it on a bell curve who wasn't significantly different. But he could be the top. I mean, those are just numbers that. Out. But when I say that the Dmitri story wasn't told accurately that is one way to look at it and interpret it and to be a jerk. That's true. But the other side of it is he is the biggest draw in the history of that vision. In is a brand new informing division who never wanted to give him that kind of credit. And I don't know why. So maybe now that the stories over we do get a little bit better with art art in general, this is martial arts. But you can look at sculptures and painting they seem to get better with time. So now that a little time has gone by. And though, thankfully, the artists in this case is not deceased, but he has moved on. Maybe now we can tell the other side of the coin which he is the biggest draw that division has ever seen which becomes very relevant. Now that we've set the story straight on Dimitrius and his skills and his star power, which all exist. Absolutely. They exist if he's going away, and he's the greatest fighter the divisions ever had. And he is the biggest draw that division has ever had. And he's going away. It sure leads you to believe that the entire division is going away. And that's okay. That could sound very sad. Because now you're talking about guys losing their jobs and losing their opportunity. But before before we have a moment of silence for them. I don't think that it's quite that drastic. I would predict for you that all of those guys keep their jobs, and they all stay on the roster. They're just given an opportunity to go up a weight class to one thirty five say look where he just gonna condense these two. I'm quite sure I'm right about that. That if somebody pushed back because they want wanna go one thirty five let let me go try somewhere else. Okay. There's that opportunity there too. So I don't think I sure hope I'm right about this. I don't think that anybody is going to have their careers ruined. Or the the remainder of two thousand eighteen dash I don't think so I think the opportunity what has change it will become for different weight class. And I think we're gonna see that first and foremost with Henry pseudo, I don't believe you can strip. I don't think that it would be likely that you would just strip a sitting world champion and say, hey, Jada jump in the pool. One thirty five. I don't think. So I think the way that you would have to do that is to move the guys up to one thirty five but start with your champion and give his his opportunity to then fight for the championship there. So I think of everything that we've seen come from Ben aspirin into matrix. Johnston's trade, I think we also are going to get a Henry pseudo versus T J dillashaw super fight out of that exchange. We're going to need a little bit of time. But that sure appears by my interpretation to be the writing on the wall still hanging upside down by my feet, these days guys, I'm starting to feel like a real life bat, but you know, what it's all worth it. 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Is there a grudge match what's at stake? What's on the line? Those are the things that drive this industry. Dana has now created one that we don't have a choice, and we have to watch because history could be made Derek Lewis who's the number two contender who on paper and stylistically, and I don't mean to put the guy down. But he does not stand a chance with Daniel Cormet on paper. I'm just talking about when you look at some of the cardio deficits that he has spoken about and we have seen with our own eyes. When you talk about some of the wrestling deficits that he has spoken about him. We have seen with our own eyes. That's just not a good matchup that has not a commentary on Derek lows or his skills or his standing at the top of the division. It just means don't put him in there. With Daniel Cormet. Derek Lewis is an eight to one underdog white is eight to one sound familiar. Oh, perhaps because it's the same amount of odds that T J dillashaw was when he left with the world championship eight to one why is that relevant? Oh, because it's very close to seven to one which is what Holly home was an underdog when she was supposedly a lamb walking into slaughter and she left with a world championship eight to one hundred for barrack Lewis. Why does that matter because it's half? The odds that Buster Douglas was underdog the night, he walked into Tokyo, Japan and stopped somebody named Mike Tyson, and he left with his world championship meaningful fights historical fights that everybody has seen in a good number of the population. Got to see them live and witness that in real time and the rest of the population had to go back and watch it after the fact because they kick themselves for not seeing it in real time because they were store cly meaningful. I will not present to you guys in. Any terms that I think Derek Lewis has a chance and not because I don't think he's great. I just want to get that out of the way. That's not what it is. I think Derek Lewis cut his ask kicked in his last fight. That's what I saw. I saw him get kind of dominated as a matter of fact in his last fight until he won with that one big punch, but he got dominated with some wrestling. I was stunned. How Vulcan was able to take him down pass at the side. Mount. I was equally as impressive how Derek Lewis was able to explode. And it was just explosion. I even questioned some of his technique, but is not question its effectiveness and get back up. He got back off the bottom. I got no problem with that. If a guy is easy to take down. But he's hard to hold their. It's a bit of a wash Abe. No problem with that. I'm just then juxtaposing that with Daniel Cormie as skills and sharing with you guys that I do not think there is a lot to see here. Boy, I wouldn't miss it. I would not miss it. And I don't think that the narrative of a pu-. Chance is totally accurate when it comes to this match. This is not the biggest guy that Daniel Korea has ever faced though that's being said that it is it's actually not Derek Lewis cuts to the heavyweight limit. So did ROY Nelson at the time Daniel took him on. So while Daniel has not fought anybody bigger, he has fought in a guy this big. And I also would push back on the narrative of the punchers chance Daniel Cormie, I don't think we'll be hit as hard in this fight or ever again in his career as he was hit by rumble Johnson. I only offer you guys that because then you've got to look at. Okay. Well, what is their Louis going to do? Those are the obvious ones. People always have our, you know, it's a size thing. And then you got the punchers chance with the big power Mant Eric Lewis hits harder than hell. And yes, he has the size. But the other part about Derek Lewis. He's he's hard to go away. I mean that guy that he doesn't give up in there. He doesn't want their and beat himself. He stays in the fight. And he stays in the fire. He became the number two ranked kind the UFC for a reason. Zain? But a lot of those skills are sloppy. And a lot of it is made up with heart. He's tough and he's a brawler. But I don't know that he is anywhere near the technical capacities of a Daniel cormier when you want to start building fights. And you want to start talking about intangibles, though, Daniel has been very open that one of his hands hurts I think that it is relevant. I think that it is more relevant than Daniel will let on in the next few days. I think that he's got a bomb hand. I will just tell you that that will stop a striker a lot more than it Willie. Grappler, grapplers can have heard hands. They can have wrapped up hands taped up hands or fingers are always taped together. They don't need their hand as much as a boxer where that's his only tool. So I think that the Daniel just people that changed his skill set. And I think that hurt hand is a real thing. I think that will be downplayed in the next few days because you have some politics there with commissions. But I think that you do need to observe it. Because I think that's going to tell us one thing that Daniel is going to do more grappling than he does striking think he's gonna look to get a hold of Louis quickly. Daniel has a history of pushing guys into the fence and wearing on him before he drags him to the ground. I think that's what he looks to do. And I think when we know that that's what Daniel is going to look to do. I think that it does open up opportunity for Derek Lewis to land some of those shots and as much as I want to tell you Daniel can take them. And I think that I'm right. That doesn't mean he wants to not very many trees are chopped down with one swing of the ax. You hit that tree over and over and over and over and take little chunks away. That's what the great fighters do. And that's what happens in the great fights. I think Derek loses going to have those opportunities. I tell you that. Because there's no part of me here that wants to piss all over Derek Lewis. I just don't want to lose the narrative of this fight. The fact of how this fight was made in the fact that we must watch this fight because the odds are so ridiculous because according to the oddsmaker Derek Lewis has no opportunity. Which is the same thing. They told TJ it's the same thing. We I was part of this. I was part of the people that told it to Holly. And all of us were guilty of telling it to Buster Douglas. We have to see this fight. So Brock's supposed to be at two thirty. Let's see if he shows up. I hope that he does I feel like there has lost some luster which could be Bill right back, but a little bit of LeicesteR on DC versus Brock and what I mean by that not in terms of we would all like to see that match and that we'll hope that match happens. It just seemed like there was a major fire around then went away to the point where DC was even saying things. Like, hey, I think I'm fighting Brock which started out with. Yes. I am fighting Brock. And then it turned it. I think I'm fighting Brock. I'm waiting to see what happens with lesser. So I would love for him to be there because I think that would add back some fuel to the flame that's needed because that is that is a huge match that thing come together. Now. When you break down as broad gonna be there. That's not just as simple as him park in his big ass in the front row. It's not as simple as that. There's a few moving parts to what are you going to do? If Brock is going to be there because we have to be faced with the lessons that we learned about the Connor Khabib disaster. So you can't be armed with that information that bringing fighters that have heat face to face is a great idea when you also look at when DC and steep steeping got done in DC and Brock face to face and Brock put his hands on Daniel. And even though that did not backfire. And that was more looked at for what it was which was a good entertaining piece of theater between two future competitors. Which is accurately. What it was? But when you look at that, and you go, okay. But either way he still put his hands on him. I can't bring them face to face DC has now come out and said if I see Brock Leser, and he gets in the ring. You have see two thirty. I'm going to smack him in the face. That's not just talk DC got pushed the first time. And he's not going to be a sucker and get pushed the second time. So what do you do when you have this information in the wake of the debacle that happened after could even gone? Well, I don't think you can bring Brock in the ring that doesn't mean Brock's stink can't still be there. It does not mean that brought cannot come and be in the audience. I just don't think it's likely that he actually gets in the ring and does the face off plus the in ring face off between Brock and Daniel has already happened. And I don't think it could get any better the second time. I don't think if brought got in there and cut a promo on DC a second time that it would be better than it was the first time when he burned down the entire division announced that he was coming back. So I think that you just put the monster in the audience pan the camera to him once or twice through this show and leave it at that. But you are then faced with is that anti-climatic because if that is anti climatic, and you can't. Get anything particularly something organic like you did get the first time. If you can't get something that is organic between the two there's no point in doing it. So it gives you the third option, which is if you can't face them off if you aren't going to get something better than what it is you've already gotten, and you can't get something organic can you then as a promotion add a piece to the puzzle because then it would make sense. So imagine the Brock Leser is there. He gets a cameo DC gets the victory in gets the interview. And then Joe Rogan or somebody else is able to add a piece to the puzzle such as an announcement that January nineteenth at the T mobile arena. Brock Lesnie versus Daniel Cormet or something along these lines. If they could add a piece to the puzzle it is not enough to just have Brock there, though. It is cool. It is a cool. There is actually something special. Brock just being in the building. I can tell you when he walks out and the crowd and the point and the cameras in the pictures that take place there is something special there. It's just not enough. And you can't get them in the ring and face them off with DC. Welcome to DC's last fight. We've already seen it show into something that we've already seen and as far as footage goes and speculation goes, you're not likely to get something better than you got the last time unless you could add a piece to the puzzle. If you could sit Brock in the audience, if you could get that camera shot on a two way, and then you could have one of the announce team give us evidence. If you could give us some information that we don't have such as the date. It would be very helpful. And it would make for a lot of sense. And I would predict that if we see Brock Leser there. We will not see him in ring face to face with Daniel. And I would predict that we will get in other piece of the puzzle specifically a date for the POS matchup. 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Tear the stage down and set up something else. It doesn't matter. How good the show was. From cheers to Seinfeld. They all have a run, and they all go away. And Ray Donovan will not end any different. However, it is very interesting that as it gets years into this and seasons into it. It's getting better. It started out for me as good it moved a very good and it had the premier I think we're season five now. But either way the premier was on Sunday of this season. It was the single best rate. Donovan there's ever been. It was absolutely excellent. Great acting great story line action throughout drama throughout. It has one piece. That has always confused me. Which is last season. They killed off Ray's wife they killed her off the show. Now, we've all seen TV shows where character gets killed and that generally happens because there's some kind of a contract if you've got to move, right? They just killed off Roseanne Barr. By example, they've done that on other television shows where it's just time for that human that actor to move on and find work elsewhere. We've also seen it on some shows where the character was brought in to be short. Term territory when they kicked wife, it was the shocking moment, but the viewers myself included, we're very happy with that story line because she was the single most boring character of the show. She had nothing compelling. They took her in a number of different directions from affairs to alcoholism to drug used to be in a of a real mother that wanted to get her family back get they took her in every possible direction. You could go it just was a bad fit. It was bad casting. And it was it did of all the things they've done on that show. It was very bizarre that they married those two. So when they killed off the character you felt like okay great because those segments are snooze fest. Anyway, however, she gets as much camera time. Now, I'm talking about the actress because as much time on camera now is she did when her character was alive on the show. There's just using her for either memory scenes or pass scenes or now there's even an angle where Ray is essentially seen her ghost. And then he's gotta chase the ghosts off of it. Just getting a little bit weird. It's like, hey, guys, you screwed up with your cast type in the. First place. You finally were able to recognize that and you did away with the character. But you've actually mortal lies or immortalized the character. And you're continuing to put her on the screen, you already righted, you're wrong. Don't keep it going. It's dole and born. And there's a reason that you killed that character off it was to get her off TV quick put in her on. If you're looking to buy a car, you're probably familiar with terms like MS RPM, you might even know what it stands for. But do you know what it actually means? And the same goes for list price dealer, price, invoice. 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So until then enjoy your days enjoy the rest of your week. I'm Charles Sunan. Thank you. You're welcome. Thanks for listening to your welcome with jail Sunan. Download new episodes every week at podcast one dot com. That's podcast. Oh, any dot com. Hey, guys, Natalie even Marie and I am still excited. I have a brand new show on podcast one called the Natalie even Murray show co hosting with my husband, Jonathan coil handsome Hudson might know me from WWE, total divas, my fashion line, and he and fashion, and you guys might know me from the cross world in the fitness community. I'm really really pumper this show. We get an interview the kings and queens of their respective fields. I'm talking celebrities athletes activists people that atop the line in business. I'm really really excited anything that. You guys wanna hear about we're going to talk about including whatever gets guys want us to have on. You will be included one hundred percent. Oh, absolutely want this to be very very interacted. You guys tell us if you want to bring on and we'll bring them on. That's right. So you guys make sure down the new episodes of the Natalie even Murray show every Wednesday on apple podcasts podcast one and the podcast one at and make sure to rate and review and rate review five stars. That's right. Take us to the top. Anything if five will not be accepted. Want entertainment designed just for you, then checkout. Customizable, streaming TV from xfinity. It makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended? He gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Go to expand dot com. A one eight hundred eighty or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions apply. I'm Rita Foley with AP news, Monette experts, and some fellow Republicans are pushing back against President Trump's announcement that he wants to end citizenship rights for those born here, whose parents are not Americans the top democrat in the house. Nancy Pelosi told the late show, Stephen Colbert, I just can't even imagine what our founders would be thinking to see a president to take the no of office to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. And then abuse that sadly, the funerals continued today in Pittsburgh, three more victims of Saturday's synagogue shootings will be buried today. A massive search effort has identified the possible location of the crashed Indonesian jetliner in the Jarvis. See as experts carry out the grim task of identifying dozens of body parts recovered from the fifteen mile wide search area the World Series champion Boston Red Sox parade through bust in today. I'm Rita Foley. Away.

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