Ep 12: Is money making you unhappy?


Hi and welcome to episode twelve of the become your own best friend podcast my name is Kiara Johnson and I'm here to help you understand your thoughts and feelings and how to turn these into empowering beliefs this would put you on a path of living life on your terms it and I hope you have a beautiful day and let me know how you go on your money months at Janney by take inspired action so these disempowering beliefs actually created a negative money mindset without me even realize Salihi let's start at the beginning where do your ideas about money come from what did you grow up believing about housing have a think about what your parents told you about money what did you witness that formed Joe Beliefs I know for me my parents disempowering beliefs now I say disempowering beliefs because I didn't feel good thinking these thoughts and they certainly didn't therefore I grew up linking money a coup stress and money it grows unhappy relationships and of course what the main reason behind divorce you guessed it money problems everything from spending habits and financial goals to one spouse I mean I grew up believing that money doesn't grow on trees and making money is hard to any of these sound familiar these force you'll never have enough if you mindset is coming from a lack of so have you ever heard yourself say I don't have on improving your health relationships Korea business and of course your own happiness so now let's begin waist to to spend it so what I really WanNa help you become aware of today is just how that's affecting your life and you'll be surprised with the things that you say on a daily basis potentially how much that affects and reinforces that native belief who have money a bad people have selfish or they don't understand what it's like then you have some money months at work to do enough money I don't have enough to afford that I can promise see something if you've got that mindset you're never going to have enough money and hopefully this can help you out I've always been interested in money more importantly why does it make outhouse and we had to move into really tiny apartment that was five boss and basically stop from scratch for me and I'm actually doing twenty one day challenge and money mindset challenge and I just wanted to show sorry Shammai learnings so far so many people unhappy while for others it creates so much joy it's just a bit of payback how can create such a divide amongst people no matter whether it's one hundred dollars thousand dollars a million dollars whatever it might be if the mindset is not dead although I do help a lot of clients in their relationship we are talking about your own beliefs and how we sometimes without even realizing per today i WanNa talk about money mindset and what that actually means now why am I talking about money on this podcast I'm not making more money than the other causing power struggle all constrain marriage breaking point now we're not talking about marriage problems in this podcast I I heard of this concept a few years back from Catherine Dan king who has a podcast called manifestation sorry manifestation faith initial Gerber what I do know is that money will certainly have an impact on all the other aspects of your life and they've beliefs onto others now as I said it all comes down to if you're having a look in your life and your constantly stressed it's about money how is that actually affecting the rest of your life is it affecting your relationships is it affecting your ability to meet someone potentially so if I with the loss pot when I said for others it creates so much joy if it's the popped into your head about people names that were in business together in the building industry so of course there were ups and downs as we were growing up I remember actually when I was about ten years old we lost it is it affecting friendships what isn't actually affecting in your life and again these might not be you might not be consciously aware of these things as I said for me that were very subtle and I didn't realize actually how much they were impacting my life until of course it then and you coming from as a lack hold and you always because your expenses will just go up so the more money you have you just find different wouldn't be unhappy I've also projected these fears onto previous partnerships which of course resulted in many arguments and more self aware and realize what I actually needed to change I know for me personally all throughout my unique days I was not happy it also caused me to hold onto money and only be scared to spend it again that Ford of money is really hard instantly working I think I had at least five jobs and I remember having a bag in my car like sometimes three different uniforms in yeah I remember I always wear a single Topaz may so I could easily change two different uniforms within the call so of course I wasn't consciously aware of this time but it's now painfully obvious because I'm very very different now with what I was so now for me I felt like I had to work five jobs I felt like a constantly had to have money 'cause I figured if I had savings it wasn't until I came across this concept of money one set that I became self aware of what was going on and how it was actually affecting my life had had money while I went to uni because I worked so hard and I was very very fortunate enough to still be living at home whilst many my other unique friends were out all the time spending all of them money so whatever money they made they spent so close they were constantly broke breath and my relationships I thought the hotter I've worked the better I would be that I needed to make money in ah empowering would disempowering what are some of the limiting phrases you've been saying lately that are related to money we're talking over ten years ago and also painfully aware about how it affected friendships analyzer relationships money that's too expensive can you see how they actually manifesting interior -ality because remember what we would spend it really quickly will be holding onto it particularly like I was the second question I want to ask yourself is you know you would say if I was to give you a couple of thousand dollars and you had that belief around money than that wouldn't be enough because enough money I have enough money and again it just really subtle language differences but hopefully never have enough money because it's jujio beliefs about what enough is like I said at the start of the port costs if blaming people with certainly not into that at all it's just simply understanding how you developed these beliefs because somewhere along the line it as I said create those empowering beliefs the third question I want you to ask yourself is can you see how the been manifesting if you've been listening to this podcast for a while now you understand how much language actually determines out reality so what we say we for example at handful that it's too expensive over by that when a have more money one day hit make its way have to hold onto it also if I get lower money it will cause stress and arguments of course Tallin sin questions I want you to think about and just to help you become more aware of whether you money mind expensive and that's why I want you to be aware of these remember saying icon have something is extremely disempowering unconfirmed that evidence for us so I'm just asking me to take the time to be more self aware of what you're actually saying aw that's so expensive wow that's so affordable or I can afford such and such whatever it might be or instead of I don't have what I found really helpful is instead of saying something sandwich shops and looking at let's say a jacket might be thank becomes a reality at forts create out actions have think about that for a moment whatever whiff thinking and the last question I want to ask yourself is can you replace days limiting phrases with their opposite counterpart so instead of of the money mindset is writing down some affirmations to assist in developing new beliefs. I'm actually GONNA do another podcast eight hundred dollars for example instead of getting upset or frustrated in going off Jeez I wish could afford that are icon afford that will whenever we say we can't afford something dirt lie to yourself you could afford it you just don't want to just be more honest with yourself but I'm simply choosing not to and remember with money we can always afford what we wanted to do will always always find a way constantly reinforce into planned and then at brain is it basically picks up on everything that we're saying it will far eh again with something like money it's just pay pot it's just energy so I could we could we could sit you were where did those limiting beliefs come from who did you won them from again we we have to get these beliefs from somewhere and with an empty room with nothing around and you would barrique and then all of a sudden if I feel that with money that would create some sort of energy and experienced things and that's what life's all about ultimately the second positive money mindset affirmation facing is I'm choosing to believe money is all around me I find money every way if flows effortlessly into my life on in the next couple of weeks just about affirmations and reinforcing positive beliefs because there's certainly a way to do them properly so that your mind daily basis now again if I'm reinforcing that mindset my brain is GonNa pick that up and stopped to confirm and find not wanting something but the important thing is just to be honest with yourself another technique I've adopted to help with money that the more you have the more you can help other people and help better your life and your family and your friends and everyone around and creates an action so

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