Chewing Gum Myth


Debunking sticky myth. I'm Bob Hershon in this is science update. Listener, Michelle Simms of Alexandria. Virginia says her, parents warned her never to swallow chewing gum because it wouldn't be digested for seven years. We ask Dr Aaron Carroll a health services researcher at the Indiana University school of medicine. If this is true, there's no to the idea that swallowed gum will stand your stomach for seven years. The body is incredibly good at getting things from one end to the other. Even things that aren't adjustable Carroll says gun will normally pass through the system in about twenty four hours. However, he warns swallowing very large pieces of gum could cause emergency blockage. And if you have a science question, give us a call. One eight hundred y is at that's one eight hundred nine, four, nine forty-seven forty-eight. If we answer your question on the show will send you a science update mug. I'm Bob Hershon, triple AS science society.

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