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Bonus: An interview with California Gov. Gavin Newsom


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These past couple of weeks I've been working video series with Time magazine that shines a light on the heroes and newsmakers of this Kovin moment. And today on a special bonus episode I'd like to share one of those conversations an interview. I had earlier this week with California Governor Gavin Newsom. This is the dialectic of our time, and there's a lot of Whitewater a lot of friction. That's going to happen in the next few months. It's been difficult today, but the next few months and years are going to be challenging. Governor Newsom has been praised for his proactive leadership and swift response to the coronavirus crisis California. The first recorded death of covid nineteen weeks before any other state yet California has managed to avoid the catastrophic spread. We've seen in other places. Governor newsom gives us a sense of where he thinks California, and all of us are headed, but I to understand what guided his initial response. We started our conversation in the early days of the pandemic. I think for US early on was as early as Middle January. We started the first phone calls back and forth with the CDC and h s s to begin the process of. Making termination whether or not we would support the repatriation flights six flights from mainland China of American citizens and bring him to air force bases in the state of California. It really brought to the fore. What this pandemic! Really focused attention and acuity, and then of course the Grand Princess cruise line a few weeks later we were faced with the decision what to do with the San, Francisco, based cruise line that had dozens of passengers and crew that had tested positive, and that really brought the whole issue to our shores, even sooner than any other state, so there was a consciousness, a seriousness of focus, and that led to may breed and other bay area leaders to move forward I. With staying on mortars and allowed me the confidence to roll out statewide with their concurrence in their direction. The first statewide stay at home mortar. You were really guided by both science and technology, weren't you? Yeah. We had the benefit I. Mean Look. One of the most resource states in the world, the fifth largest economy in the world, forty million Californians strong, but also proximate to Silicon Valley and some of the greatest tools of technology and innovation in the world. About the region, the future happens there first and so as a consequence, so many people came. To the fore that were already working in China that already had partnerships in China that were already attuned to the seriousness of this there were tracking movement tracking the disease, and we were able to procure a number of those tools of technology early on that really created transparency in a dashboard about the spread of this virus and the capacity to deliver on our promotion of a stay at home order, and whether or not people are actually abiding by. Do you worry about privacy. Obviously, you're monitoring people's movements through technology. Gaining a greater understanding of PU stain put who isn't do you feel? People are willing to give up their privacy and order to make sure they at the community as healthy. Yeah we want them to make that decision. We don't make that decision for them. And we went so far is not just to say that rhetorically California leads the nation in terms of our efforts, the focus on online privacy. We have one of the most progressive bills in the United States. We passed last year in terms of obligations of these tech companies to make. Make, a information public, so we brought in a to Obama ex-pats ahead of their digital innovation and their CTO Araj Potala, and brought in Todd Park to help guide our privacy efforts. They're part of our technical team is there's a privacy I framework, so all the data we're using is either open source, or it's public health data that has been traditionally provided in. Ways in aggregate ways where no privacy concerns or considerations are play. Even announced the stages of your reopening plan. I'm just going to synthesize them for folks. Stage WanNa stay at home flat. The curve stage to lifting restrictions on lower risk workplaces, such as retail manufacturing and offices where telework are working from home is impossible. Also childcare centers stage three months away. You say personal care businesses like gems, spas, salons sports without live audiences in person religious. Religious Services and other businesses were workers coming close contact with each other and stage four would be the end of stay at home orders, and the highest risk parts of the economy like concerts, sporting events with live audiences and conventions could reemerge. So I know you having put a timeframe governor some on this reopening plants and the various stages, and when they will all happen, but. Any idea when you might be able to actually go to stage for where things would get relatively back to normal. Stage four is therapeutic stage states for is an immunity stage phase for is. Stage! And, that likely won't. Happen anytime soon. That's what we say. Months many many months in stage four, I think that's realistic. Look, we don't. We don't play around with dates and deadlines. For one reason they're arbitrary and not based on anything except instinct We Are Brown if we do that to make decisions that are based on fact on data, unreal science, so when I say weeks. I, I hope it's weeks and based upon our current trend lines. We believe it is weeks for phase one and And our modifications are still more. We do believe it's a month or months for those subsequent phases, but that's really a determination of where the virus spread is, and our capacity to deal with an increase in spreader hospitals and their ability to deal with Serge our ability to trace and track individuals and isolate people, not just a test of at the scale of testing. That's required. What are you most concerned about? Governor as California and other states for that matter emerged from this. I think my biggest fear is fatigue, but biggest fear is we run? The ninety are dash. My biggest fear is all the progress has been made over the course of the last ninety days particularly in the state of California. They're really started on this. In late January can be thrown out the matter of of weeks My biggest fear is that we think this virus is taking weekends off, so we can take the weekend at the beach. My biggest fear is. Is We. Think are just because it's getting warm. It's going to take the summer off and go on spring. Break my biggest fear. Is that We have a people that are a symptomatic that come home to mom and dad and GRANDPA and people with compromised immune system only to find out that they're nice to you seven eight days later. so I I'm fearful of all of those things. That's why I'm sober about this. I want to get back to work. I started in the private sector created twenty plus businesses, restaurants, hotels wineries. I deeply connected. To the stress and anxiety are small business, men and women have and people are desperately need to go back to work. At the same time we got to keep people healthy and the best way to go back to work is detained in this to suppress the spread, and that's why we are fixated on that being our indicator for decision, not arbitrary timelines governor newsom La has instituted some pretty strict members, especially regarding beaches, but other counties like Orange County and Ventura county their beaches last weekend. Look like Fort Lauderdale during spring break I know you chastise those people, but is there more than you can do to make sure that people actually pay attention and follow the guidelines. And Orange, county they have the fourth highest of all fifty counties in the state fourth-highest rate of hospitalizations. La San Diego have done an amazing job. A managing their beaches about one hundred large beaches. In California there were five that were any problem. The overwhelming majority of jurisdictions did a magnificent job in the mines that aren't. they're the ones that. Are Fortunate Saturday you saw big spike Sunday. It was mitigated a bit, and I can assure you I'm not waiting for this weekend, and we'll be making an announcement and very short order about efforts to curb. The crowds coming into this weekend and potentially even next. On Thursday Governor Newsom announced that California will close state and local beaches, only in Orange County. That's one of the top counties in the state for coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. He assured Californians however that this was a temporary measure. We can reopen very very quickly, but we gotTA. We gotta make sure we get this right. Why Undo all the great progress? Let's move this state Ford together. We'll be back with more from Governor Gavin. newsom in just a moment. Hey I'm andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start. 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My Name is Shapiro Wells. This is the story of my son Courtney nobody was called Coppola. Two thousand. Fifteen is the biggest year of my life. Ladies Man, even with and his grandmother. I'm chance the rapper Gordon. Copeland was a good friend of mine. In Two thousand sixteen he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. Robert. Downey grand central just said he was shot. And it's the story of my search for the truth. This. Is Somebody a CO production of 'em? Visible Institute, the Inner South and Topic Studios in association with Tender Foot TV. Available now. This is somebody's child. Somebody deserves to know what happened. I deserve to know what happened to my son. Listen to somebody on the iheartradio, APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back with California. Governor Gavin newsom. This has been financially devastating for everyone including your state, and you have to have a balanced budget governor at something's gotTa. Give spending cuts. Tax increases the impact on schools on so many different social services. So what will California look like? In twenty twenty one given the rich from matic experience of of this pandemic. This time last year Katie, we were debating how to balance our budget with a twenty one point, four billion dollars surplus this time last year, a twenty one point, four billion dollar operating surplus I announced in January. My expectation for the next fiscal year that surplus would be roughly six billion. That was eight or so weeks ago. We are going to be announcing on Monday. Tens of billions of dollars in deficit, just like that the magnitude of this is jaw dropping, and it's much worse than respectfully I think people think because everytime new numbers come out jobless numbers. That's lagging. We have three point. Seven million Californians have filed for unemployment insurance just since March twelfth just since March Twelfth Not January twelfth March twelfth. We have to put this in perspective, and that's why understand boy do I? I understand the economic desire to start reopening, and that's that give and take. That's the struggle. This is the dialectic of our time, and there's a lot of Whitewater a Lotta friction. That's going to happen the next few months. It's been difficult today, but the next few months and years are going to be challenging so the answer to that Question California and twenty twenty one is not going to be very pretty. It's going to be more. Check. Look I I, think the state. Because of its size, it scope because the diversity of within the economy. The fact we were running twenty billion dollars surplus a couple years ago that we have historic reserves. We had forgive me, but we had our bond rating increased twice last year. Borrowing capacity is better than most states. And we have remarkable leaders in this state that continue to thrive despite this pandemic, particularly the tech community, and elsewhere we may do better than most, but the magnitude of these deficits is extraordinary, and my biggest fear is this. We better learn the lesson from twenty. Mini so many people have been recovered from the great recession low income workers. or their wages have been flat, and they're the most vulnerable in this pandemic, and so we really have to be I. think much more aggressive in addressing economic justice in addressing the framework of social justice as our number one priority. Let us not make the mistakes. We made of the bailouts the last time, not getting down to real people in diverse communities. That's our principal obligations. Meanwhile, it doesn't sound as. As, if Mitch McConnell is going to be much help, he doesn't want the federal government to help with the state or local level, and he in fact has said it's the state's fault for mismanaging money I know you've said that his his position as offensive, but without federal help. How are you going to manage to balance your budget? How are you going to manage the serve the people of California? You can imagine since he's been Republican leader every year. The devil sits have gotten bigger under his watch. Golly, that comment is to a state like California. Where are surpluses got bigger as his deficits got bigger in terms of mismanagement, and particularly to state that historically has been a huge donor state. To other red states, it is going, and and I think many governors. Point and so we have to balance our budgets. They don't but we'RE AMERICANS FORTY MILLION AMERICANS. Live in the state of California. It's not a blue state. It's an American States in the union twenty six of our. Fiftieth counties went for Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell's party in the last election To. and so I I hope they disabuse themselves of this notion. That we are all on our own. When we're many parts, but one body style United States of America, and when one part suffers, we all suffer. That's the spirit of the Commonwealth. That's the spirit of our founding fathers I think it'd be nice if Mitch McConnell others would read a little bit about our own history. The best better angels that define the best the American spirit, and it's this notion that we're all in this together. There's no league on your side of our boat. We need the federal government's help and support. How do you think president trump has handled this crisis overall? I believe that two more independent minds aware in the middle of this pandemic and I'm trying every single day to save lives I can only say this and I know people depending on their political stripes can get offended by it. I'm well aware of it. By the way involved in sixty eight lawsuits with trump administration, so there is you know we talk about California, the friction between the administration, the state second to no other state, but the interactions. We've had directly with the administration because they think they go back to January the level of engagement has been relatively favorable. I can't. Say, that can't be said rather for many other states, but it has been favorable for the state of California, so I can only speak from that prison on that perspective. Do you feel as if you have to mind your PS and QS and not criticize the administration too much governor less. You incurred the wrath of president. Trump is governor. Inslee did in Washington state. I mean there probably is a little of that, but you know what y'all camp makeup reasons to disagree and Finger. Point Man I? Look my by my decision. Every day is not to wake up with my fists clenched it's to have my hands. Open my heart open to. Opportunity and new ideas and support, and we'll take sport wherever we can get it. And I called me to forgive me, but give you a for instance. We've had a lot of questions in the aggregate about testing supplies. So rather than complaining about it, which I could have done got a lot of attention on all. The nightly shows I made a phone call and I asked the president directly. Answer the phone. Here's what I need and you know next day quite literally arrived. So that's that's the specific experience but again. I deeply recognized. That doesn't exist in other parts of the country working together as one thing, but now he's using you and one of his campaign reelection videos. How do you feel about that? I've been I've been in this a been an elected office for twenty plus years. I've I've seen plenty of things. Nothing surprises me. We're getting into an election season very shortly I'm doing an event for Joe. Biden my cat. We're in sixty eight lawsuits with the administration. Is what it is, but again one thing I'm not going to do. My mother taught me this I. Always raised. When you ask for something, and someone does something for you express appreciation and gratitude, and if you don't then you lose your character, little your own veracity. And I could play to. That I can play to the partisanship, but I got forty million Californians forty million Americans that deserve me. figure out way to do better and do more to get along in an engage in the spirit of collaboration without focusing on everything, just being politics. Have you endorsed Joe Biden for president yet? Yeah, we have a big event on on the eighth. Of this month, so we are very involved. And how do you feel about the way candidate vice? President Biden has been responding to this pandemic governor. What is he doing well, and should he be doing anything differently? Because many people are saying they need to see Joe. Biden out there more talking about this pandemic. Do you agree? Love to see him there more, but the challenges were out there almost ubiquitously. You all governors. It's it's the nature of the moment A. You would've thought. Governors exist a year ago. was hard to any governors to get any attention what they were doing in their states and only thing we were talking about three months ago. was you know was Kornacki on the big screen going back and forth about every census track in every district pairing elections twenty, four seven in the primary. It's just the nature of the Evan flow of these things you can't criticize critique that coverage is just the nature of where we are in this pandemic, but we'll start to see some focus, and you'll see a lot more attention on the vice president, and will be a healthy thing, very. Governors are in fact getting attention you and Andrew Cuomo. Thank our even though you've been doing this for quite a while and been in public service almost your entire adult lives suddenly you seem to be the rising stars of the Democratic Party. No I I I just got here as governor a year or so ago and certainly anders been around a long time, and then a friend for years back from his age. when I just become mayor of San Francisco, so look I think it's wonderful to see, and it's not just some of the bigger states, a- some of these smaller states, the collaborative spirit I'm in a partnership with a governors in four other states in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington it's the spirit of collaboration cooperation. There's an old saw that says if you don't like the way the world looks when you're standing up, stand on your head. Head and go local. Some remarkable things are happening at the local level, the regional level and at the state level in there's a spirit of collaboration that's alive, and well across jurisdictions that she people competence in our future not just getting through this moment, but moreover I hit. We can extend that spirit into environmental stewardship and economic and social justice in the reimagining future. That's brighter and so I think this a perverse way is really. Strengthen our muscles of collaboration. It's GONNA pay real dividends in the future I'm sure I won't be the first or last person to ask you this, but I can't help it. Governor, Newsom, which you are you thinking about running for President in twenty twenty four? Or one hundred percent absolutely unequivocally without hesitation. Forgive the long-windedness not. Just not! And I've been snow. Just never been aspiration reminds there have been a focus I i. this is a this isn't a job. I always wanted. Governor says a dream job. It's a nation state. twenty-seven percent of the state foreign born more scientists or researchers, more engineers more Nobel laureates more venture capital emanating out of the state, the fifth largest economy on planet earth. What a gift but an absolute gift we could make California thrive could be a model for the nation. And what what an incredible opportunity I just got here a year ago and thinking about other things. Would not do justice to doing my job and A. Head of us. When we come back for governor, newsome, the homeschooling struggle is real how he's coping with four kids underfoot. Yours the ball alert show podcast the new podcast with a fresh perspective on pop coach, Hannemann in the NFL. You're not just GONNA tear the NFL down and one city in. Let's talk about this. They're all elite. Every owner is seventy on the way out comic creeping on social media. He thought okay. You should carry a little corny or whatever it is. They think right Sanal, say anything. She does Oshii Dude Amelia Rock Right Oh. She didn't explain city girl summer right. Like I. It's Yalo Y'all are alive. Manager? And I started the light. Someone else I know. It's not right, but I really can't fake when I'm feeling. What should I do even cover world issue? Lifestyle Specialist Kiddie. Solo. Rory Simmons, make sure you check. On our brand new podcast, Father Lert show podcasts available now on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. My Name is Shapiro Wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Copeland. Two, thousand fifteen. Biggest Year of my life. Ladies men even which is anti and his grandmother. I'm chance the rapper Gordon Copeland was. A good friend of mine. In Two thousand sixteen, he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago. Police Station Twenty Five Hundred Harbor mcavoy granted federal government just said he was shot. and. It's the story of my search for the truth. This is somebody a Co.. Of them visible institute, the Inner South and Topics Studios in association with Tender Foot TV. Available now. This is somebody's Chai. Somebody deserves to know what happened. I deserve to know what happened to my son. Listen to somebody on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the final part of my conversation with California Governor Gavin, newsom. Four kids how you guys doing with stay at home. That is what now you have the real answer that last question for Kids Katie. This. We need to reopen the schools immediately. Please desperate. Right away. It saves. It saves everything my. My good days, my more challenging days it is I'll tell you one thing he does so buoyed sharpens my appreciation for women. for mothers. For caregivers. For the disproportionate amount of work, women do in the household that is now even made more visible, and I think this mother's Day, but it'd be the biggest mother's Day in history of mankind. How old are your kids now? The youngest just just turned four. And still reminds me of the twos. And we have the oldest is just tag and homeschool a Oh. My Gosh, the teachers talk about American, heroes doctors and the teachers. It's hard. The kiss just have remarkable inability to want to be taught by their parents. But. Remarkable capacity, top teachers, and so that's why I say. Let's safely and responsibly reopen these schools. And I. Know that's something you're thinking about, but there's a lot that will go into that and a lot of folks are debating whether schools should open this summer because they have to make up for lost time, and that's something you're looking into as well. As learning losses real, it's real every summer know that summer blade particularly from a economic disproportionately impacts black and Brown communities, and we've never addressed. Add a meaningful way by the way all of this has been exposed with distance, learning and wi fi capacity the ability for a family with many kids to have more than just even one tablet or have one tablet own. Alone. And, all of that of course is made more problematic as we move through this pandemic, and so we're talking about opening potentially I know summer schools upon US quickly, but we are considering opening up the school year a little bit earlier late July early August to see if we could make up for a little, that gives us a little more time on the summer school to more safely plan, physical and environmental planning, but then would provide us. The opportunity may be make up for some of that learning loss sewer. We're having deep conversations. That's a big scale operation. Six million kids in California so we can do it. I, think others can as well, but it's. It's a big Herculean effort. Avenue Gavin NEWSOM governor. Thanks for talking to me. Really appreciate your time. Monitor thanks for having me. That was California Governor Gavin newsom speaking with me for the video series time reports with Katie couric. You can check out those videos on time dot com, and I'm posting them on my social media channels. You can keep up with everything I'm doing by subscribing to my morning newsletter wakeup call at Katie couric dot com, and if you haven't already make sure you subscribe to this podcast, netspend. On Apple podcasts the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen, there's new episodes every Thursday. Until next time and my next question I'm Katie couric thanks for listening everyone. Next question with Katie couric is the production of iheartradio and Katie couric media. The executive producers are Katie. Couric co-ordinates. Tyler claiming. The supervising producer is Lauren Hanson. Our show producer is Beth and macaluso. The associate producers are Emily Pinto and Derek. Clements editing by Derek Clements. Dylan Fagin and low Berlanti mixing by Dylan Fagin. Our researcher is Gabriel looser. For more information on today's episode, go to Katie. COURIC DOT COM and follow us on twitter and Instagram at Katie couric. For, more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. I'm Bob Ross of the new podcast. Stay calm. Meditation Changed My life in college have spent the last fifty years teaching people about the benefits of meditation from celebrity clients to students in inner city schools, and now I'm sharing a lot of what I know. Straight to your ears in my new podcast. Join me every Monday through Friday morning. All you need is a few minutes in an open mind. Listen and subscribe to stay calm on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey guys is telling me Jay and I'm so excited to announce that for the season finale of my podcast list. We Ruth Him Jay. 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