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Immigration, Elections and Prop. C


Trump and immigration Pelosi in the midterms proposition. See we're here to talk about it, all I'm John DNC aditorial page editor coming up next on opinion central. Hi, I'm Audrey Cooper editor in chief of the San Francisco Chronicle and thank you for listening to this podcast. It's an honor to lead the largest and most ambitious newsroom in northern California. Which every day is dedicated to bring you the most essential journalism about your community. But we can't do this work without the support of our subscribers. So if you support indepth journalism, please consider lending your financial support, you can do that at SF chronicle dot com slash subscribe for both our digital and print editions or best of all. Let's try both again, that's SF chronicle dot com slash subscribe. Welcome to opinion central. I'm John as Chronicle's editorial page editor with me are my editorial board colleagues Marshall Kilduff Lois cassock off. Josh goalkeeper. Kyw Milner Spencer, Whitney, let's start with the big issue of the week in that I think fear resentment are going to be on the November six ballot. At least if President Trump has anything to do with it. What do you think would y'all take of the we have the troops going to the border? We have talk of birthright citizenship even have talk about the rules of engagement on the border of someone. Throws rocks at our troops. They can shoot back. I think the president is desperate. And he has nothing left to sell except for division. I think he's got a lot of other things to sell. But he's choosing. For some reason. I make this the most. The most red meat the most base the most quick topic of the mall. And he really has a lot of other things you could be talking, but he loves to hit the hit the hit the subject this way and this time, and it's it's just his instinct of thoughts that this is a winter. It's hard to he thinks that this is what got him elected. He he went to the White House talking about how Mexicans are, rapists. And so he figures pull out the greatest hits. The problem is is that he's only talking to a very small core of people. And you know, it's interesting. The the biggest swing issue is healthcare. He's not gonna talk. He's not talking about that at all. He's not talking about the tax cuts. He's not talking about anything else that he's done. He's just talking about horrible Brown people on the border. That's the only thing. He cares about. It's ghost jar. It's really remarkable right after we had not one, but two grim illustrations of the dangers of this kind of politics with the tempted mail bombing and the massacre at the synagogue in Pittsburgh and Trump responded to that by doubling down on on these tactics. I can't imagine that the optics of American soldiers facing down poor people in their children at the border is going to win votes. I just don't understand how that would work. We hear in the media. So puzzled by all of this. And yet he goes after the media and its patrols of this again. And again, and again, and yet all the coverage sympathetic coverage of the bomb. The the of the shootings rather than the caravan folks who really woebegone and and sad looking none of that matters. It's all about how true. Trump response, and he seemingly turns a table on facts. And it makes it an an emotional sort of stew of crazy talk. Edit as KYW's said, it's it's what got him there. What do you trust the most? He doesn't want to think about anything else. Trump loves the circus. And that's what he's continuing to do. And that's basically seems to be his plane going forward as as we get right into the midterm elections. You know, I I have to say beyond everything obviously the ad the ad that he retweeted which was so racist reminiscent of Willie Horton tie suggesting a Democrats are leading these criminals in the border. But even beyond that, I think so offensive is the idea of birthright citizenship, I mean one thing that principle is if you're born in this country. It doesn't matter where you came from what your parents did. Or did not do you are an American guy. You wrote really strong editorial for us on this subject suggesting that not only is it wrong. But it's probably constitutionally, oh, it's definitely unconstitutional, and the point is not that he's actually going to be able to do this especi. Before the midterms. He's definitely not going to be able to do anything before the midterms. The point is to get people riled up. And the other thing I'll say about this is that this is not an idea that started with Trump. This has been something that Republican politicians have been talking about free years and in the primary a number of them, including Ted Cruz said that, you know, yes, this is something that I think we should get rid of. So this is definitely not only Trump. This is something that has been kicking around the in the Republican party for a while. But of course, Trump is going to make it all about him. Let's let's turn to the democrat perspective on the mid-term said Nancy Pelosi this week set on late night TV that that she's gone from Saint if the election were held today will win to we will win in Fateh cly kind of reminds me a a number of of us were there at that editor board meeting a week before the twenty sixteen election when she was asked what would. Happen at Donald Trump elected. And she said to the colleague asking a question. That's like asking me. What would I do if you gave me brain surgery, just such a crazy hypothetical? So uninfected Nancy Pelosi statement does not necessarily make it. So what do you think? Is there any way to tell whether that Bluewave is really out there? You know, maybe the best way to tell. If the fact that Trump has been going so much in the offensive in regards to all this talk around migrants coming in as criminals in sending troops down in really doubling down on all of these policies and things that he saying taking away or seemingly to try to take away a birthright citizenship, all these things. I think probably the best policy for Democrats is to say, hey, look, we'll get all these bad things that he's doing you don't want this to be happy to your country or our country. You know, this is an inclusive place, and then really making that the core of the message and driving that point home. You know, part two for message was don't even engage at then level stick with the democratic points. She feels most comfortable with stay away from immigration. You forget all that that the shootings, and that's just stick with still not take the bait. Just stick with with health care or taxes or something. That's that's a little more of a real and also more traditional and limbless likely to to to rile up the Trump, folks. I think Pelosi is like a lot of legislative leaders that in that she has a lot of obvious talent at the dark arts of corralling politicians, and and running campaigns. But sometimes when you get her in front of a microphone or camera. The results are a little bit mixed. I am not sure what the bandages of saying. I'm going to be the speaker. We're gonna win. I mean, projecting confidence is a good idea. But she also needs and Democrats in general need to impress upon the voters that this is not a slam dunk there certain to gain seats, but they're not certain to gain the majority. One thing we've seen with Nancy Pelosi over the years and certainly saw on a recent editorial board meeting with her his it. She has a understanding what's going on on these districts in very granular level. She talked about specific districts all over the country. But I guess what is hard. Order to SAS for any politician is going to be a broader wave one way or another that that stirs this. But. At least for the moment. She is very confident. We'll see. Well, speaking of winning and losing the basketball team that is winning consistently on the court, the Golden State Warriors suffer law, so with not in arbitration this week when the arbitrator ruled that the warriors are gonna have to pony up forty million dollars the up remaining debt on the oracle arena, which was rebuilt for them. I think there's a good thing. I I don't think it teams should and should be able to leave town and just leave the taxpayers holding the bag. You know, it's not clear that they are totally rejecting they're dead here. They think about it. We'll talk about it. I if I had to predict they'll work out, some some slick deal with Bush this forty million dollars way into the future. You know, they go hit contracts all the time for big shot players. Maybe they'll one do one for themselves. But you're right. They can't get off the hook for money. They clearly, oh, it was just an article out to believe that Forbes. They put the warriors in the top three teams. The most lucrative teams of it was the Knicks. I think. The second one was for Lakers. There you go. And then the warriors at three point one of the warriors should be number one. Those other two teams. Point one billion dollars. That's what the apparently what they're worth right now. So I think they can figure out a way to pony up at least a little bit forty forty million dollars differently. They definitely have the money, and they need to do it. Because Oakland is going to hate them. Otherwise, they're already feeling resentful that they're leaving for San Francisco teams behave, you know, you wanna team you get to do whatever you want to build a team get to walk away from an old when you get to demand this favor, you expect that tax break. And this seems to be part of the sort of the world these owners live in and I sure hope it doesn't work for them this time. Yeah. That's voter education project that we shouldn't be treating these teams like they get favors the their businesses. We need to treat them as such. I I hope the city and county are now looking at the other venue on the call him complex where Mark Davis is taken his raiders to Las Vegas for a seven hundred and fifty million dollar public subsidy still quite even greater debt own on outdoor stadium. And let's hope they go after him. Let's hope they win. Finally, let's talk about a big issue here in San Francisco proposition C, which is a tax on big businesses that would raise about three hundred million dollars a year for homelessness. It was kind of moving along as one of those local issues and suddenly Mark Benny off is dumped somewhere close to eight million dollars into the campaign seems to have changed the political dynamics lease for the buzz. I'm hearing around town. I think it's also become a proxy fight for tech companies and kind of part of that larger question of who who belongs in San Francisco who has been displaced, and how have the technology companies which every which so many people hate what's their role been in in all of those questions. And I think it really became a national issue when it when it became a proxy battle over all of those other things and not just about homelessness. It's really not just about the measure. Yeah, you get that little tweet war between Jack Dorsey and Mark Benny off. And that's certainly spiced for for the national issue. I mean, there is a good question of you know, what responsibility. Do these companies have at the same time you have to look at the core issue, which is the reason our editorial board oppose proposition, c is is there really the right level of accountability for the three hundred million dollars. And also are there other things other than money that need to be done? And as it was suggested to me, you maybe the solution needs to be some kind of grand bargain, where you were you include some of the conservatives ships, and in the law enforcement elements as well as his money, and that was one of the flaws and see that we we found a not liking this at was drawn up by a group a segment a side in the homeless of effort, not not all hands. And what when do you get just one group deciding what should be antebellum issue? You get up Abell measure this tailored for that group's problems in issues. You don't get a sort of a city wide or a larger view, and that's that's a shortcoming in my book. But see, whereas I think that the tech companies are any business absolutely has responsibility for their community. They don't get to shoulder the whole burden. Everybody has to say the homeless. Our our problem and a proposition that says let the rich guys pay is not going to be good for us in the long run. Yeah. I don't think anybody's been a lot clearer than the senatorial board about the urgency of this problem, but there's a real danger and spending a certain amount of money on a problem on this problem, which happens a lot in San Francisco, and in California and saying we did it we're done we, and it might not be the most effective means of doing. So you know money is is always a great thing to be added to this. But it's really about the action behind it. And all the intentions that go along with it. And how this money will be distributed in how we will actually go to programs that will help because a lot of people at that live in San Francisco or they come to visit him as obviously see how the homeless epidemic because it's been growing and growing so people would like to see results whether it's not necessarily going to be tomorrow. But certainly down the line Spitzer Woodley when they let me just end by asking you a question. I. Ask you every morning since you go through a letter Sieh are what is resonating with our readers out there. What are what are we hearing in terms of the our inbox? Well, I mean, this plenty of things I mean, there's still a lot of people that are, you know, really feeling the effect or the impact of, you know, not just the recent issues guards to the white the pipebombs I'd have happening. But as well, as you know, the the most recent shooting in Pittsburgh at the synagogue, so from outside of that people have just been wondering and seeing how the president or the leader of our country has been responding to these things and for the most part, they have not been impressed to say, the least this is my way at pitching how much we appreciate your letters to the editor. Please please send them. Our? We have a special online forum SF chronicle dot com slash letters Spencer goes through him every morning, and as well as I do and we appreciate him. We put the best of them in the paper every day on behalf of my colleagues Marshall killed off those koskoff, Josh gawky, kind Miller and fencer Whitney who also is our executive producer of this addition of opinion central. Thank you for listening. I'm John D is the editor page editor these sign-on wherever you get your podcast. Thank you.

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