The Moment Bobbys Girlfriend Knew He Was The One + Amys Daughter Makes Case For TV In Her Room + Tour Guide From Villisca Axe Murder House On If Its Haunted


On Crook and Chase Nashville chats a visit with Global Superstars Brian Kelly Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia line. Now, they've made history with their music and have been just as successful off stay. However, there's one thing they've decided. They won't do during the pandemic. You'll learn what and why plus a chat about what explore next and fashion family in out of nowhere. But. It's tyler and vk with CNC listen subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. The bobby bones post show pre show cold in here today no, which is weird because I'm wearing a skirt and a short sleeve shirt normally I'm in pants and a jacket. What's the temperature in the studio? Sixty seven was. Like my body's good but my feet are free they don't wear shoes under the. My camera we see. My feet are freezing. They normally warm under there. I'm under a bunch of. The studios built like a TV set. But man, it is a freezing cold. My feet are blue and I when I woke up this morning I thought to myself with the temperature starting to change. Like just in general I would like we're shifting seasons a bit. Late. Ready for fall only over a couple quick notes here. Amy was touched by somebody at Lowe's. Yes. Like a list musically like emotionally no. Like physically and I kind of taken aback by it's still. So my husband and just had to go by there to pick up one thing and we were in and out there was a listener there everyone was masked up. It's fine and then I, see a guy that's like looking at me like you look familiar but I don't know because I have a mask on and then he's really kind and just says a you amy from the bobby bones show and as he's asking, he's approaching. and. Then as I say, yes, he's like I thought. So I just didn't know for sure because at the mask and then he proceeded to get close and then put his hand on my shoulder just like I'm a huge fan of the show. And I thought what is happening twenty twenty. Inc Touch Oh, because Cova yes. krono virus we don't do that right I. Guess I'd I thought you? He liked grabbed your arm well no, it wasn't like. Him. So the so the the distancing part was weird. Yes. If, this was twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, I probably wouldn't like. Okay Kinda. Weird. He touched me but fine I'll get over it. You're nice because he was nice. But the older because older people older guys will just naturally touch your guests because he did have a mask on to. Fifty. People recognize you with a mask on now. It's weird I don't know hair. I mean, is it that distinct? Relax. Share is I don't know I mean. Style. No idea. I mean he was hesitant but then when I said, yes, I was. which you said tell all you guys. Hey, very complimentary of the show big fan which was cool. I was taken aback like a thought by now we know not to touch right in general or Cova. COVID. I've listened to the me that she made me some cloth Arkansas, razorback masks nice and it's got like three layers in it. It's kill young. So I've been wearing that a little bit and people like what's on your mask on was an Idaho people had no idea really what this was from so did that Sorry you got touched. lows. Picking out a deep freezer thing like a little for our garage our freezer at our house like Ritz filled to the Max isn't that a very big one So full. ME. My husband had devalue its full lots of frozen veggies and ice cream I love ice creams of sadly it's not full of meat. What Caitlyn ordered it texts me in Aba had this. Let's see. Let's see. Let's see. She said, do you want these? She sent me a link to something called drink poppy dot com did you get her into this? Po Ppi she goes I'm going to get some this probiotics soda. It's supposed to be good but also good for gut health. Nice. Not just because Amy Amien Caitlyn our friends to the point where I don't know what side Amazon anymore. Honestly she amy used to be like. My number one. Always was on my side she always had my back, but her and Caitlin are so close now that it's a bit bothersome that I don't even know if I have a number one anymore except for I mean you got your back dude. I feel like more loyal to hurt. You don't answer the question, amy. So who do you? Who are you more loyalty? Why don't you doubt that? No is that right I mean Drink Bobby looks cute though. Shark tank. o I have to try this out. It looks good a soda. and She just sent it to me. I thought amy, got her into. Okay I remain I. Would I am you don't have to just kidding hard time. I. Love It. Listen the fact that the person I'm closest to in the world and Caitlyn, and my best friend are so close is awesome to me and I'm just joking because I get a little bit jealous. I think that's what it is. Rooted in Jealousy. A lot of times it is but rooted in that not saying this in particular but worked it out right now it's all in jealousy when aiming I used to be close and hang out I, try to remain sometimes I just need you to call like, Hey, let's go to dinner and. Time. Switzerland their. Fights. She she asked me advice on things and I get what you're a great person to ask. It long and I explained, Hey, and I have your back on it to. There's been a couple of things where I've said, you know what Kaylin I think that that shouldn't bother you because that's just tau he is all seriousness. I'm very grateful that you guys are close I think it's a great thing. I was making a joke and then I realize I do Kinda feel that way but then I realized why I'm just jealous. But she's very lucky to have as a friend. All right. Okay All right we're GONNA. Go enjoy today's show everybody. What were you doing in college and your early twenties probably some partying hooking up with that cute someone desperately trying to pick your future career. And maybe even spending some time finding yourself. Yeah. Me Too in season two of deer young rocker I tell the story of my own early twenties. It's a raw honest strange and entertaining story about how we all end up becoming ourselves. Even when we try to be someone else hopefully you're journeyed, didn't involve getting sucked into a colt running away to an island to be made for. Billionaires and lots of shoplifting. But that's what happened when I tried to give up the one thing I love more than anything playing music join me Chelsea arson for dear young rocker season two. Dear Young Rocker is executive produced by Jay Brennan of disgrace land in comes from double elvis, productions and iheartradio. Listen to young rocker on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. The MOM. Translate. Good Morning. Welcome to Tuesday's show more studio morning. got a smile on my face today because everybody's covert free around here for the first time. So Eddie was the first one back in action even back for about a week now. The negative test our security, Guy Tim first time. He was able to come back in the building today he's negative. Kelly who does a bunch of my clothes and stuff for TV? She's one amy's friends to she's negative. So let's keep going. Ba. On. Social distance where masks no more covert I'm tired of Kaelin columnist place. Woo Han. She calls the studio. Yeah. She's like how was in who handed a you feel safe. So let's let's not do that. It's gone pretty good about that today. So some everybody's here I mean I was reading the story by Justin Moore as we start the show. And just talking about his kids in school. He talked about how he couldn't help his daughter with her math problems just reminds me of some of the Times you talk about your kids having new math over is the it's not even that it's hard old math. It's just a whole new way to talk about the math problem. Yeah. I feel like even if I teach them, it's going to confuse them. He told his daughter to go to her mom instead that he can help with English and history. Do you have a clip of talking about this? You hear this? Ten year old who will be going into fifth grade. She was doing a fourth grade work at the time obviously, and and she kept coming to me with math problems assist you to go ask your mom come to me for English and history, but math and science like I'm out. So I'm asking you what subjects can you help your kids? I can do well with yeah history I worked on a whole Cleopatra Project with my daughter English reading. Stuff like that I send the math my husband's way if he's available and how does he do with the math? He's good at math even with the new math. Yeah. He can figure it out sometimes his patients isn't there but he's working on that idea what's up on your kids with the teaching you asking me and my my subject yeah in Spanish P.. G.. O. Geography taking Spanish or just force them I force them just because they're a half Hispanic do they feel like they're Hispanic or do they feel white now that feel white for sure and then when I tell them they're Hispanic the argue with me for about thirty minutes and then finally like okay I guess it's pretty cool but they they are white undermining. Check I three Cova tests a week right for all the sets after beyond and they always have one of the questions Hispanic or non Hispanic. What would they click I without even thinking they would just say non Hispanic. Yeah but then you would come in it'd be like, no no, your last name. Garcia. We Are Hispanic saw that a one other thing we watched the finale of yellowstone last night. Okay. Love it. Season three wasn't a great season finale was the best single episode I've ever seen I. Agree almost where he thought what I what? We've finished I'm not going give any spoilers. There's no reason to change it but. There are many more reasons to change the show today don't worry just not. But I. Finished Kaylynn goes what what, and then she pulls up her phone goes when is a show comeback? It hasn't come back till June of twenty twenty one. Yeah, I could see that a so we have to wait and be patient but. I thought it. It redeemed itself. I enjoyed the show I would give it a solid a minus. MINUS AT MIT and ask you I'll tell you he's still going yeah I'm on a finished episode seven last night season one. Oh so you're in now have been and Crap just keeps happening like it's not doesn't stop it's getting that's. Pretty. Good to me where you are. Now you know in the show like just stuff just kids live at is like. I. Like it though I'm like better still a little unrealistic to me I'm not a cowboy, but at that never drops. A spin this. Is is breaking bad realistic. Probably Okay. Very, character on yellowstone. Girl. Every time comes on like, oh my gosh what's going to happen? Jimmy. Jimmy and I've already seen Ryan Bingham showed up now and he started like that during. The announced cme nominees later on this morning. Did you vote? You didn't. Here's the thing about voting they go. Hey, click this link to vote because we're members into their like do you know your nineteen digit code and I'm like no and then I go track it down in the by the time I go track it down I've forgotten what I'm tracking down I think I have it on some like Credit Card conveying the code don't we have a car? Yeah. I did vote I'm pretty excited to see who see WHO's nominated today, and so we talked about how Garth Brooks has pulled himself out of the running for C. Entertainer of the year he was still up to be voted for and I voted for him. Even though he didn't want to write they took his picture down. But. He was still out to be voted for. So I voted for him. Did you vote Eddie? I did the aren't. Vote. I voted with my kids too because i. let them help me like influence my votes Oh. Really. Yeah. It was fun. I mean, they're not. They're definitely not happy with us right now your kids voted I didn't vote. It'll be interesting to see WHO's up for entertainer of the year. That's the big price. Garth Brooks has won the most ever with seven. He won the first one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, one when they started to entertain or the year ninety, one, ninety, two, Ninety, seven, Ninety, eight, twenty, sixteen, two, thousand, seventeen, in two, thousand, nineteen. That is amazing that he has been considered the peak. Since we were before we were teenagers. Instill now he is. And what have here are the top five artists with the most CEO a entertainer of the year wins? Are you ready to get some of these? Who Do you think? Let's see here. Who Do you think has the most CMA entertainer of the year wins. Amy. Gart one, can you name any of the other four? Oh. How far back do we go? Like, are they old school garth has? From the nineties go ahead. Luke Bryan. Luke Bryan is not on the list one. But he's not in the top five Eddie. I'M GONNA go with Kenny Chesney. Kenny. Chesney, that number two all time. He's got four CMAC. To wide entertaining that guy is He's he's the second of all time Go ahead. Amy Takes not shot. That's fun. That's okay. All right one of them's a band that should give it to you right there. I'll brooks and Dunn No. Okay They'd be duo. In. A band trail. K. A ban how many people in it more than two? Editor you want to get the band. Yeah I'M GONNA, go pre garth and I'll go Alabama Alabama one three in a row. Study. Yes As Alabama is considered the greatest band to country music history. Were three in a row. I. Guess Garth was I was ninety one but it started way before that Alabama one, eighty, two, eighty, three, and eighty four are there to left in the top five. How many George Strait have you can guess them. And I'd give him ten but how many have you guessing house? At coming in at number four George Strait was. My boy. There's one more in this person's tied with George Strait. Who Else has three? Give me give you the years yes. Nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five, two, thousand, and two, and two, thousand five. Who is number five all time Ninety nine hundred. Forty. Nine thousand, nine, hundred, five, two, thousand to two, thousand, five. Like shelter Austin. Austin got him an entertaining. That was his first hit. I know. What about Brad Paisley now? You think you're missing a big one and is also a big guy, our key oh no. Irvine's one to. Style. From. Oklahoma. With the Toby Keith. Yes. Jackson. A big one I thought you meant like. He's he's a guy. I went toby Keith. Big. So those are the top five. It's Garth Kenny, Alabama? George Strait Alan Jackson. A lot of people have one too. By the way Alan Jackson six foot four. Luke, Bryan Keith Urban. Taylor Swift Vince Gill Junior and Barbara, Mandrell of all one to so today we'll have the big. CNA. Award we'll see WHO's up. Hope garnered again just to be funny. Because I voted for him, he should win I. Think you should win it again but he pulled himself out other notes. Willie rebe. Dolly have one one time each. Loretta Lynn was the first female entertainer of the year nineteen seventy-two and Barbara Mandrell was the first back-to-back winner taking home the trophy and nineteen, eighty and nineteen eighty-one. That's pretty much a Bobby Nettie music school. Mavin some work done on the house outside, and I was walking out coming over here today. And it smells like w forty and I love the smell of wd forty. That and gasoline like pressure and love it much as I do. But I could just sit there and. Take it in. Is there a smell that is low leader but you love it yeah and I just realized how much I miss it or loved it from back in my tennis days because we were cleaning out the garage and I found some tennis ball cans and open them up to put some stuff away and when I popped open the can I just that's a good smell. And so brand new tennis ball smell. Eddie you my weird one is Parmesan. Cheese people say it stinks. Bad but I really liked the way it smells like gas moral Yes. You don't. You, act like it's a bad thing. It stinks sometimes skunk smell good to me. I'm. Not Kidding. All skunks but there are certain. Maybe I don't know what eight but there's some skunks that if they. If I drive down the road Mike Oh. No I. Don't because that's that's smells the same to me. A skunk does. Your. Corona virus. You all your smell back I would say eighty percent. Eighty percent still not very strong I used to have a pretty sensitive smells pretty Here right now, do you like the smell of Mary J.? Married Jane. Not Learn. Jane. J.. Doctors cousin. got. Particularly, now now me not at all. A lunch. You have a smell. You like like smelly socks like every time I take my socks off I have to smell them I just. I don't know why some about my that smells I in good day Morgan you. Yeah I love new car smells like getting in a fresh car that leather smells great. One More Raimondo. What you got. Yeah. Whenever my chick leaves something in the oven too long and it gets burnt sets up the fire alarm actually love the smell slowly. Like burnt food yeah. Yeah I really do I. Don't know what it is but it definitely brings up. My sense is a little bit. That's funny. I hadn't heard that before bounce. Hidden from Nashville Hollywood number two thirty seconds. Giddy. Luke gums shared a teaser love song inspired by his wife Nicole it's called forever after all. Very. Tam Hunt shared his version of Garth Brooks, Song what she's doing now on his instagram page, here's a clip. In math far here. A Wander Ski. Brown. Talked about his daughter Kinsley Lois. Look you are baby I've had. Probably at least fifteen to twenty people ask me are telling me that she's the happiest baby I've ever seen. But I, feel like she's GonNa come with some attitude as she gets older. Faster skinny it's time for the good news already. So, lately, there have been thousands of people lined up at credit unions in Oregon because they can apply for a five hundred dollar relief check, and so these lines have been going out of these credit unions and in one specifically, there's a woman named Catherine Davidson. She says, there are probably about one hundred people in line when a luxury car pulls up in his guy gets out and he's kind of like just upset that. What. All these people in the way of my atm machine and so they explained to him what's happening he says, really you guys need help they said, yes, we need help. That's what we're here for. He goes back to his I don't know they said luxury car and he gets stacks of hundred dollar bills and says here Pasadena Line everyone take one hundred they said it must have been at least ten thousand, one, hundred dollar bills. I thought of you on this. On two levels. That's crazy. One that it's awesome he would do that. Yeah. Stacks of money in his car but I love the he was they said he was just annoyed at all the people in front of his ATM and they says Okay I can help. US Get out the way. So here's, and also if you really pass a stack back because who knows that Jimmy's not gonna take the whole stack and just look at and take off running a lot of Jimmy's thought about. That's a great story. That's what it's all about. That was tell me me something. Good. Show down. This story comes from Salem New Hampshire a twenty nine year old woman is facing charges after she went to her ex boyfriend's house because she wanted to get back together and when he said look I'm done I don't want to get back together she got back in her car, put it in reverse and then boom into his car and ran to his car over and over again. That's the major issue that's not just mad about this. There's some underlying stuff there. I I would never want to do that my way to get out of situation leave. She wants to hit over and over and what if you decide to be with her later on in life for two years from now? You see she did that to our last guy that scares me too much rocks at your bonehead store the day. It was may nineteenth nineteen eighty-three in Springfield Oregon in the middle of an otherwise peaceful cool spring night a car arrived at McKenzie Willamette Hospital Diane downs, and her three children had been shot. Cheryl seven was dead and Danny three and Christie eight had life threatening injuries a year. Later Diane herself was found guilty for the shootings. In the eighties, this was the shocking headline story of fatal attraction. Authorities believed Diane Infatuation with a married man who said he had no interest in being a father to anyone's children was the possible motive behind her shooting her three kids one year later at her trial she was pregnant. That child was becky. Babcock for years. Becky has tried to come to terms with who were mother is but one mystery has haunted her. Who is biological father? She's I call Jackpot match. Did you find Becky's biological father join me as we search for the answer and explore better and our mothers passed on this season of happy face presents to face listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. Here. Is Andrew from California more neo just wanted to get your advice bobby me and my girl currently in a long distance relationship and I know you and Caitlyn were at that point. But I want some advice we're both young. We're both trying to live it up so. Advice would be great you. My vice in it was the first ever long distance relationship. I've ever done. We always had a plan next. We weren't ever just living separately going on wonder when we'll see each other again. Even if it was far away, we had a plan. We were looking forward to when she would come here. I would go there. But then again, we got hit with corona pretty quick. 'cause we dated for a few only a few months. and. Then she was just kinda trapped here which in the end was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. So, my only advice to you sound like you're young guy is just make sure that. You know whenever you leave you already have your next little spot planned. Because you looking forward to something always otherwise, you feel like you're. Kaelin just to come to town. and. Then she would get here and then start to get sad already because you'd have to she knew she'd have to leave in a few days and I was like, wait a minute don't get sad until your accent leafing. Yeah, I. Do that like just be happy for a second. Yeah and so and then I take her to the airport and I would talk with. I was like hey. Sad you're GONNA come back. We already have an extra plant like that's why I worked for us, but they don't get sad enough. You come back in three weeks or two weeks, and then you're gonNA get stuck here. And then you're gonNA live out of one single small suitcase for three months. Yeah. That would be my advice. They're Andrew. Good. Luck. It can work. It's tough. It can work. But there's also got to be a bit of a plan for how to end the long distance as well. We've got gotta be an instant means let's do one more here. This is heather in North Dakota wanted to find out if you and Caitlyn and your own song and your song is a couple. We have a few I mean I. Heard I haven't really talked about this on the level of just picking a song but I've, I've made a list here the first time we kind of went somewhere together and she knows every ninety country on every word every night he's country song, and so we were. Brooks and Dunn Neon. Moon had oh I know what was happening Eddie and I were practising because we're playing with Brooks and Dunn and I was learning making sure I knew every word of the song because he felt like you do until you have to sing it. Right, and you're GonNa go and then we just Kinda. Say That song reminds me of her because just sang it for an entire weekend. So that's not our song, but that's one. Also, the Duleep Song don't stop now reminds me of her when we first met. Don't come. Don't. Mean 'CAUSE I didn't even love the song she liked the song and she went to the same church to a leaper. And so. That was cool. That is cool and that's the big one. Jesse and the rippers. Forever. There's Why, why this? Is the play it all the time and be like this is my song which was kind of kidding but not really. And also who doesn't love full House here Jesse's playing this at the wedding. Tam. but find the one that I would say is our song. Now, because we've picked or had this conversation. And this song because. The she says that she when she knew. That I was the one for her I took her to a Mat Kearney concert and we were in Oklahoma City because I surprised or by going to the Oklahoma City thunder game, and then Mat Kearney was playing. He's he's a friend of mine and so after the game we went over and watch the back end of his show and hung out with him afterward. But he played this song at the very end of it and she said when during this song is when she knew that I was the one and it's nothing left to lose. So, and then we listen to that all the time to we know all the words to it, and that was a real special time for us, and then in the song to he talks about moving to Nashville, you know and probably in her life to she's thinking like Oh my gosh, I live in Nashville well, that whole song to like go for it. Yeah. Like there's we got nothing to lose. Let's just go get. So yeah that's a jam to wherever you in that since you know where you were like the game and the concert if that's when she had the moment of knowing. Where were you at that moment? Already knew you knew too well yeah because I played the whole job and not planning a trip like that for somebody that I'm not Berserk. Over. So. Yeah and she said, I, haven't seen it. I'm going to ask her for it that she took notes on her phone that night on how she felt because she didn't want to let that of go by and she wanted I guess maybe when she gets mad emulators you can go check Diary but I think and I can ask her. I think that's probably our if we had to sit and vote on a song i. think that's it. Nothing left to lose Matt Corny. But those other ones remind me of her lot neon every time I heard the on now it's like I just think about that's cool. Yeah. Do you have a song? Not like if you're first dance at your wedding, but like a song that you. You and your husband I started being together. It was like your song I mean ours is anything we first started dating. He loves Texas country. So. And Pat Green. Ended up being one of our songs but I would say anything Jerry, Jeff Pat, Green Robert, earl keen, and even some other guys that aren't as known as those Texas country guys. So yeah. The whole format as you're even now. All the Texas country. Anything with a red dirt and it is our song. No. But I will say like even Parker mccullum Song that's out. Now when it comes on the radio instantly has that Texas country feel and I think of him already with that song and he he loves it but there's not a song. That I can think of right now unless it's crazy but Eddie. I think ours kind came later we had our early ones but I think fix you now has become our song because of just the. Roller coaster ride that our marriage has been ups, downs, UPS downs, and we've always just kind of ended up being there for each other. So won't fix. You comes on we both just get really quiet and say Gosh I love this like we do to station are you listening to her? She's not. On our playlist. Alternatives to never play they don't always like hateful stuff now. Just to. This is Terry from Daytona Beach, Florida Good Morning Bobby Morning Studio just want to tell you I love your show I love the positivity and I like Amy's morning Corny I miss. What's HAPP-? Yeah that's a segment. We just go around the room and see what was happening with everybody. We can do that now. Here we go. Hey, what's the hats? What's the? With me so I'm supposed to do a scuba lesson today. Do some. Scuba dive in this weekend part of the TV show. And my instructor got Corona Virus. No way just got text. Wow you're GONNA do. Google there. Yeah it just says. yikes. Scuba lesson not happening today instructor tested positive for Cova. This morning I'm glad they tested right then. Because, they waited another day or so would have been no. Good. So that's that's what's happening with me just that they're going to Seattle this weekend far trip. But it'd be pretty fun ambulatory. That Well I'm being ordering this book called Glow. Kids. Of any other parents have read it, but it's about how kids can get addicted to screen time and it's hijacking. Their lives. So I don't know I, we don't really have a huge limit on screen time because my kids are pretty good about it but I wonder if I should be you know paying more attention to that in the early in this book like. One family. They got rid of everything. They have no games no tablets no nothing sounds miserable I know. But it was actually really good for their family I know that there's The same thing happened when we were kids with watching TV, at night, you know sitting in front of the TV too much anything. The book can just be educate me on what's out there. It's also for safety on screen time to like kids are messaging in certain games they play and stuff and how dangerous that can be that. Could be something for sure. Would I would say delays kids have Never. Never, stopped stopping, let's call glow kids if anybody else's of here and they're curious or if you've read it, hit me up. All right. Let's go over to Eddie a what's So I took the kids to the movie theater yesterday and it was also went to a movie. Coming in here. There was no one there guys. It was the safest. I've ever been a mask. Yes. We all were masks the whole time. Okay. Of the see I, mean I, guess our butts touch the seat but other than that as it there was no one there that ticket was two dollars. We watched back to the future and we had the time of our lives showing old movies he had all movies. Aren't really a lot of new releases coming out but man I, mean, I was shocked I. Don't know how they're going to survive because literally there was no one there at the same time they'll pretty safe day. All right. Hey. What's Up the. Man I'm just excited because it's going to be more action time for me with me and the wife because we moved our youngest son out of our bedroom and he is now sharing a room with his big brother. We put them in a pack and place at it's time you're six months old you're on your own. So it's back just me and my wife in the bedroom. How does the older brother feel about that? I don't seem to mind he he he seems to be excited about it because he has someone in his room. He doesn't get that. He can't play with them and he tries to climb in his. Pack and play, but he doesn't seem to throw a fit when we put them in there. So that's good. Thank you for the call to Terry. Always love when you want to hear segments we'll do you can call us eight, seven, seven, seventy, seven bobbies. Later on this morning, we're gonNA get the Guy Johnny on Johnny works at the Ax Murderer House in Iowa, the lunch box will be spending the night in. So we're GONNA talk to him later to see how haunted he feels. It really is a press them a little bit by the way ray how far are we away from much going? Forty nine days. Until vox goes to the AX murderer ghost house. At such a dumb piece of. Audio that we have. So we'll talk to johnny coming up I do want to hear from Linda in Nashville. Here you go morning studio I was wondering now that our mayor is going to allow up to one hundred, twenty, five people at Weddings is Raymond does and reinvite the other show members to his wedding Raymundo they have now said you can bring more people. Are you going to buy more people know because we found with this covert violent virus, you really can't predict. It could then maybe then go back to thirty people. So why even risk it? We've changed the number that's the number going forward. But. You could just the on the show it's like four people. I've been strictly told that as the people that are coming. Okay. And you listen. Well, it's gotta be social distancing as well in the venues that we have. It'll be very comfortable with the amount that we have. Okay. Thank you for that update. Sammy's pile of stories when it comes to traveling obviously pilots and flight attendants, their experts and one flight attendant went viral on Tiktok with some of her top hotel hacks of what you should do when you're checking in Tier Room and some of these I had literally never thought about. So, for safety reasons, she said to never say your room number out loud in the lobby or hallways. In case someone is listening also for safety. Make sure there's no one behind you as you enter your room and then check places like behind the curtains and under the bed for anyone who might be hiding there. Have you ever done that? I don't send my an umbrella for that reason. Okay. But I mean and then someone's behind me I won't go. That's an if someone's right behind me on my room. Okay. But if you checked a curtain or under, I've never lived under the bed ever like under. Always deadbolt the door, remove the sheet. What happened to this flight attendant all this. You have a traumatic experience as a horror movie safety stop, and now we're getting into germ type stuff, remove the sheets, and inspect the corners of the bed for bedbugs never use the bed cover decorative pillows because they do not get washed, keep your luggage off the bed to keep your clean as possible, and then this is a fun tip if there's fridge in your room used the hotel ice bucket keeping. Colt. Put it in the ice bucket you'd or something. Funny. I never thought of that one. Little Hack there So there's a new halloween masks out this year and. which great to it's called the Karen Yeah and it's got the haircut you would expect certain. Tighter yeah. bloodshot eyes, angry wrinkles and a furious facial expression the as a millage white woman really angry is pretty funny. It's I mean I would see that in in know what that was a no that was a Karen Mass. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. They are set to return to the voice this fall, and after a delay, the premier date has been set season nineteen coming back on Monday October nineteenth, and it'll be Blake Glenn, John. Legend. And Kelly Clarkson returning and then Carson Daley of course will be never heard of it. Yeah. ME. Neither. Why? That singing show. Because we only American Americanized. American idol. A. I don't even know I did this story. He's now second guessing why promoting the voice. Listen to be fair I haven't resigned American idol yet I don't know if I can. Yeah that's right but that's my show. But yeah, good luck to them I guess they're gonNA show to we're fair and balanced here so. Fair balance or never. Allies trying to use one of those political slogans. What do you have to give fair if you have one politician on, you have to have the other one more. That's not the law anymore so much thought it was because I was going to say I'm going to give you the microphone to say the premier date for American idol. I don't know I'm not back on the show yet. OR GOING TO BE I. Don't know I. Hope I. Am all right. Is that it? Yup, I maybe that's my pile. Was Amy's of stores On creek and Chase Nashville chats visit with global superstars Brian Kelly and Tyler. Hubbard of Florida Georgia line. Now they've made history with their music and have been just as successful off St. However, there's one thing they've decided they won't do during the pandemic you'll learn what and why plus a chat about what they'll explore next and fashion family and out of nowhere but. It's tyler and que with CNC, listen and subscribe on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. It's time for the good news. Box. There was a dude in Scott Louisiana out is long. When he is overcome by the heat down, he goes in the front yard neighbors call nine, one one they respond firefighters, ems, take him to the hospital and the firefighters like man that poor new new some yard work done slice stayed behind and finished yard work. That's always awesome. We got him. We got him. That's what it's all about right there. That was telling me something. Good. Bobby. Bones dot com and vote in our driver's license beauty pageant. We all took our pictures driver's license to put him up. And I haven't seen the results but Mike says someone is dominating with forty five percent of the vote. And that person is. Morgan number two. Well. You've got your glamour shot on over there. I guess I mean it's a brand new photos. So that makes me feel good. All right. Morgan number two dominating. Second place is amy with twenty four percent I'm third lunchbox Eddie and Raymundo Oh who looks like a Keebler Elf in in his picture and that's not about you being short. That thing looks looks squished together. Yeah. They didn't take that much time on my pictures. The office. BOBBY BONES DOT com, leave it up for another day and vote in our driver's license beauty pageant tag gus to if you have a really funny driver's license picture like take your information off of it because we may screen shot in posted. On. Instagram story, if you have a really funny driver's license picture and then we'll see it and post some of them too. That'd be fun. Over to amy and get in the morning. Corny. Morning Courtney are you Colt am I cold? We'll go sit in the corner it's ninety degrees. Sitting coroner. Hornets Ninety Degree Morning Gordon he's doing some experimental comedy this morning. Math teachers are gonNA love it or geometry should i. Picture Brad Pitt's new girlfriend. Yeah but I guess the headline I read too is that she's married still. So, what's the whole things? Off I guess it's Hollywood on right but it off to us he's fifty six. She's seven. Now what do you think about that? I mean it's Brad Pitt. Right okay. Okay Bell Nicole Porter all ski she's married she and her husband have been married for eight years and they have a seven year old child sources say they have an open relationship? Brad allegedly met her at her sixty eight year old husbands restaurant in Berlin will soon after they met, she plumed Los Angeles to be with the Brad and together right now. Oh, what Zora husband knows. Hold on. So her husband was like sixty and she was nineteen. When they first got together. Sorry is where my brain goes. Mind and go there. I guess you're right. They've been together that long twenty, seven years old. He's a well known German restaurant tour. We think about Brad Pitt when you hear this. I, mean I. It's not weird to me because, yes Hollywood by different rules and I think we heard all kinds of stuff. And Jelena's senior. Ten year old drummer challenge Dave Grohl to a drum off. Is. The drummer for he was the drummer for the red. He's the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili. The Red? Days, elite singer, who fighter fires your favorite when your favorite bands ever, and then he was the drummer of. No. I said that okay. Giving him break. You didn't almost say that you said a lot of things and none of them were near Nirvana. This ten years old. She did a cover foo fighters ever long and she did the drum section and so here's a clip of her calling Dave Grohl out ten years ago. You. That's her so good. That's her. That's amazing. She's ten. Yeah. She's telling your son is still doing drums now. I, think we made it this far or at the kitchen table going. Is Hitting. with, your hands. Here is Dave Grohl playing and responding to her and he's playing on his young daughters drum set. Played that song since the day I recorded it in nineteen, ninety seven. In the last week I've gotten at least one hundred tests for people all over the world saying this girl is challenging you trauma. Hey Ray you should challenge like Sam Hunt. Like a whistle challenger, a Yodel challenge or something I will have to think up something creative. I just did a whistle challenge or. Like what something this? Whistling. Sam Wants New Song that you put on instagram though. Was a cover of what she's doing now garth Brooks, but he auto tuned it crazily here it listen to this. What she's doing now. Came here. He's Com Cohen. Wonder if she. Oh. We. Think about that I worked to me. It's not the traditional feel of that song and if you're looking for this jam. You only in the words and the melody a bit. because. Some people were hitting on it. He's not trying to be contemporaries trying to be. That he's trying to make a contemporary. Listen is it for me? Probably? Not I love guard so much I don't want to mess with a bunch of Garth, but it works for Sam. She knew he posted it to you knew he knew he knew going to be controversy new. I do love SAM now. So I'm GonNa give you the real first name of a famous country artists. You just tell me who it is and who we know by for example, Frederick is that Dr Expen- leader John Party. Story we did that one before the break. Okay. Are you ready ready? Troy else now, who first name trail is that garth brooks is real name or George Strait's real name. Royal Royal, my Gosh, I did not know either of them had a different. That was a name. Troy Troy. I'M GONNA go with Garth real name Trowell Garth Brooks yeah there. Yeah. Man. Okay. Patricia is that Reba? Or is it Tricia Earwood? Well it makes more sense if it's Patricia is question. Patricia, is it Reba or is it Tricia Earwood Tricia Earwood? The Answer Patricia Lynn Yearwood Kenneth whose real name is Kenneth is that Eric? Church? Or Jason Eldeen. Air Church I think in Neth Kenneth Kenneth? I think it's sale like both of them didn't oppression to them, but you'll get it. That's good. Kenneth. Is Their Church I. It's kin- Tehrik Church. raised. and. I lean. WHOSE NAME IS EILEEN? Is Faith Hill or should I twain? Man Eileen Lean I know this one. I. Think it's faithful. The answer is I lean, Regina Edwards and that would be I at twenty. Only different but faith hill's name is Audrey Faith Perry. Or how about Samuel Samuel Tim McGraw. Toby. Keith. Oh, tomorrow Tim. McGraw Samuel Timothy. McVeigh. And His dad is. Oh I just had it. Topped? That's King. On mytalk one more colden. Colden is that Chris Stapleton? Colden Chris Stapleton or is that Cole? Swindell colden. I think it's GotTa be Cole Swindell. Oh. I guess it is your answer. Yeah. It's called swindle colden Rainey swindell. Raining. I've never heard troy oil or colden her until today. Is. Holly from. Raleigh, north. Carolina. Habob Morning Studio Love Love The podcast, and I only thing is I now have a nine month old daughter and whenever she's in the car, she usually falls asleep when you guys play the game and get an answer. Wrong the buzzer always wake her up in scares her. So you could leave lighten up the Buzzer I stopped getting answers wrong. Greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. Funny or stop getting the answers. Wrong. This is Tricia. From Saint Louis Hey good morning. I'm just listening to Thursday show on the podcast about amy and Caceres. TV My kids are eighteen and twenty. They still don't have a television there. There's just no need they can watch come out with family don't need. The bedroom no need to watch I I would never give my children television in the room. So stay strong me. Okay. So Amy's actually brought in her daughter's case for having a TV yeah this is you said I'm going to build a case and present to you. So this is her presentation. Okay. Here is Amy's thirteen-year-old daughter. Oh. This is should have a TV my room. I'm responsible and I have the perfect space in my room. And they would have me sleep in I do all my homework and that given invite mom just. To sleep with me. To spend time together. And I can get to college with me. Lotta great reasons their shows very responsible. She has. So what did you tell her? I don't have an answer. I say, yes of course you do. Of course you then you know. Father, the euro, your bones, what do you do about the son that has a right across the hall gets of everything and then says, well, how come so she gets a TV and I don't get a TV earn. In, what has she done to earn be responsible? She told you supposed to do homework. She told you because she has the perfect space on her all. Yeah it's a great one. College she saved looking for the future. Do you feel like you have to. If you give one kid something, it has to have a to now we're really working on that, but it's it's not an issue with her. She's like I don't understand why he acts this way I don't I don't I get happy for him. If he gets something that I, don't have but he doesn't his brain isn't there yet. Can you tell him when you turn twelve or thirteen you'll also get a TV in your room. WHOA WHOA WHOA. WHOA. Band aid for now, you can decide later, but it gives you a couple of years buffer. The tea in the room because you can regulate that like you can't anything else. But then she. Does have one put in her recording. This is Joe during conversation because she you know that's what she wanted to do her presentation but she also told me she's like and then on Saturdays mom I won't have to leave my room. It will be amazing. No, we I like family time I need her to leave her room. I. Think as long as she meets your requirements, you should be able to have a TV she's doing her homework, and if she starts to fall off you, you can take that away from her because it means a lot to her I didn't have a TV in. Shouldn't matter should matter. Or Hey I don't what is your? Oh, he does not think she needs to TV in the room at all. We have all kinds of TV's in our house for she can go in a common area and be amongst other people. Sometimes, you just WanNa Watch TV by yourself. I do I don't know where she got this TV can help me sleep thing. ME. Lobby. Anything. So when are you, GonNa. Make your decision right now. No. Not Right now, this is like a big big decision. I, do not take this lightly at all. There's so many things to consider and I feel like Eddie said the other day his son has a tablet. And can watch that and there's you know she has access to her Netflix's account on there, and so maybe I just say you can have more freedom to watch whatever on your tablet during certain hours but she's a night owl. She will stay up all. She says, mom I was born I come alive at ninety two I feel I understand no but like I can't I can't have her. I guess since she says she's responsible now I'll have to trust that she's turning off but if the random checks the TV And, Oh, I knocked on her door. If in fact, the other day knocked on it and I just walked right in and then she said. Could you knock and announce who you are before entering she's thirteen. You probably one of the same thing. Now. Why am? I knocking I'm giving her the respective like Hey I. If it's her dad though she made decided I don't know put on different clothes recorded. In this is not my debate or my fight I'm just giving my opinion if there's a TV that shows up on your doorstep with the big. GonNa, get a TV, and it's nursery. TV which is the office theme. Dan with black hair you down with abolishing the prison industrial complex. Down with puppies who is it del with puppy? You'd be surprised. Where the comedy group Obama's other daughters, and we're inviting you to come kick it with us on our podcast called you don't. We're bringing you the same fun vibe. We serve during Improv shows in La only in podcast or. Check in with us as we discussed everything going on in the culture and have the nerve to give our UN expert opinions to a lucky listener whether it's embarrassing hair stories or comedy fails. Might even talk about goes. Listen to you down on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your pocket. You. It's time for the good news. Take. Nominee people would foster a cancer ridden dog just a little time to live by Jenny Leach and her husband decided to make a promise that every day this dog had left would be a good one twelve years old theo was abandoned in bad shape. But someone found him in the parking lot of a Walmart but the oh, still seemed like a happy dog they say so the couple was like, all right. We're going to give them some good experiences. So that was the beginning of the IOS bucket list which started off simply with ice cream, which is a good one though. Is comes awesome. Then getting a burger at drive-thru chewing a fresh bona butcher shop. Sounds like my bucket list to. Jenny Leach posted daily adventures on facebook and soon discovered that previously sick and abandoned dogs were being taken care of the same way other people too and so people donating bucket list ideas and items the riding a Mustang convertible. So An and it went on and on you know the ended up passing away. But man they put them out in style. Yeah that's all. That's awesome. Right the butcher bone that would be a place. For a dog to get a butcher bone I, like the convertible. All right. That's what it's all about stat was telling me something. Good. Eddie semi-in video of a three year old girl who was lifted in the sky because she got caught a kite crazy. Let's say it's like a show or whatever, and they're just keeps going all over and I guess she grabbed onto it and the kite tooker up. It says that three year old girl was lifted up one hundred feet in the sky after getting caught on a giant kite. Footage from festival showed a group of helpers struggling to contain the giant link of Orange Material as they were battered by heavy wins the crowd cheers at the kites I taking flight but then screams of horror happened whenever the little girl got caught up and started soaring with the kite. I mean she is launched into the yard and she's whipping back forth because the kites just kind of going left right left right up down. You know what it looks like. It looks like if you put a jet pack on your back people go. They can't really contain themselves. That's what it looks like. and. So and then everyone's pointing and trying to run underneath her almost like a tranny. If she falls, we're GONNA catch her I. Mean She's going all over the place that they can't quite get under her by the way. She's okay. She spent only thirty seconds which had to be on. The I mean I know that physically she's. Emotionally and mentally like and how awesome her to hold on with thirty seconds. That's to be wrapped up at all. She's holding on because as soon as the kite came down for a second, they grabbed her that's crazy. I can't even hold onto a rope swing over the water sometimes she's holding onto a kite. The crowd's cheers starting to scream. She weighs twenty pounds. She went as high as one hundred feet in the air. She spent thirty seconds being tossed around before finally being lowered close enough for them to grab the bottom of the Chi- and then pulled her to safety. That is crazy man. and. I mean, she flipped upside down her head feet or above her she's holding onto the kite. Wow. Well, speaking of floating David Blaine has postponed his balloon ride that was going to be one of the big stunts. WHO's seen this? Where he's GonNa Float three point five miles into the sky while holding fifty two big balloons. and. He's just GonNa hold them afloat three and a half miles a straight up he scrapped plans to soar over the Hudson River. And so he's not going to New York City but now they're going to go to the Grand Canyon area. To qualify for the stunt, he had to obtain his pilot's license interesting. The FAA deemed has fifty two helium balloon flying stunt at eighteen thousand feet as an experimental aircraft. Youtube will strain the live event. With this. I'm going to ask you. Know what your answer should be, but are you hoping there's a bit of drama with it but he lives. Because we don't watch crazy stunts for them just to get pulled off with no hiccup, right? Like you don't want to the high wire walking on for him just a walk in be fine. You want them to slip a little bit but still hold right. I don't really don't know I, don't get nervous I'd rather just go just as planned. It's no fun when he crosses the wire without slipping still did something cool I. Liked if they know they're not going to slip still talk to slaves they got A. Great. We still named Gimme something. Made me feel a little bit where I'm going to who other since David Blaine though is a magician? Is this real I think this is a magician. Being Like an artist he has, there's a name, a performance artist. Okay. So it's not just magic. So I don't think this is magic. There's a groom joking that twenty twenty hasn't been best year and then lightning strikes at his wedding. His name is Aaron Him and Denise in the middle of their outdoor ceremony, and here's the audio of him. I don't know what to make lightning striking a quarter mile away during our wedding vows I. Take it as a good sign that we didn't get electrocuted. Let's face it. Toy has not been the best. Did Not like that. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Guys. Boost crazy. I give you this too before we get into. Blake. Shelton here here are the top three songs and country music this week number three it's Thomas. Written friends be alight plays in the Mega Day. He will be performing on. Friday. Show this week. Number two is luke combs Lebanon new. The number one song is Florida Georgia Line I love my country and The number one hip hop song is de baby featuring. Roddy Ridge is. Course. You like that one. I. I guess I've never heard anything other than the fifteen seconds tectonics. The number one rock song from Italica with the San Francisco symphony all within my hands. With. That's the big songs of music this week amy, did you ever like Metallica? No I was never metallica fan. Yeah because I heard they worship the devil. As what they sit around down what church they were like don't metallica worships the devil because everything was black and so I just never got into Metallica. Did you like metallica black album was one of my favorites the devil? I guess that was the number one unforgiven. What else also nothing else matters does are all good song? Forty, nine days until lunchbox goes to spend the night in the Vasilij. Murder House. It started as a segment where we just heard this was a house. You'd go sleep in commented on it. If we thought that ghosts were real and murder houses doing a listener call and go I didn't think it was real but I stayed in it now I believe it and so we're going to send lunchbox off and he's going to spend the do we know who with yet? No we have not vote anybody solid confirmed I mean I've had people reach out a lot of listeners but I don't know who's going to go with me. Okay. Well, right now we have johnny WHO's a tour guide at the basilica axe murderer house a Johnny how are you? I'm living the dream. How are you guys do I'm pretty good. So am I saying that right. Melissa picks. I've heard it a million ways. That's actually pronounce the Liska okay, the BALLISTA axe murderer house. Now for our listeners that maybe you're just hearing, this is the first time what happened at this house and when did it happen? June ninth nineteen twelve A family of six came home with two little girls that stayed the night next day they were all found murdered with an axe eight total Investigation, into went on for five years. In nineteen eighteen minister confessed but he talked about voices telling him to kill and shadow giving him the axe he was acquitted of all charges. So at this point, it's Iowa's oldest unsolved crime. If this happened now. This would be the biggest news story in the world right. Huge. It'd be unbelievable toback. Then I guess there really was no way detract stuff happening like this. What do you think happened Johnny you know now the library Congress has put all these old newspapers online we're finding about twenty years of axe murders that are very similar. so tainted the thought is. Early traveling serial killer Oh. Wow. So maybe somebody was coming through town. They decided to stop by there in in Iowa and do some ax murdering and this just happened to be the house. Yeah I mean there's no motive there was money left not touch. But every crime scene is very unique with me being covered or. Rob Bacon laid on the floor. You know food laughed at the table. It's all kind of the same 'em how? When you're touring through this and you take people to the house. Do you ever hear the ghost like the children's voices on a tour? Absolutely I've been here over fifteen years and I've seen stuff happen daytime nighttime I mean there's no rhyme or reason to it it just. It and you believe in your whole heart that there are ghosts haunting this house. When I came here I'm a history guy and I made fun of the ghost stuff relentlessly. I thought it was the dumbest thing I've ever heard until I had. My experiences and then I start staying the night and I've done over four hundred overnights alone in the house trying to be bunket and. It's creepy. Do you have a relationship with the ghosts? One at you know as crazy as Norman Bates is it sound? After a while you feel kinda protective of what's over there and I'm not really sure that the family is even there hunting in a place I. Almost think house itself has comping itself like a road with rose red type deal. So in the thirties and forties they're doing say on says in the House. Trying to find the killer that route. Who knows what that's inviting in, and then in ninety four, they opened up for overnight investigations people are coming in trying to get stuff to happen. That's just like flipping a light switch on. The stuff that happens in the house. Isn't something a little kid from nineteen twelve would be doing. Nintendo, you hear Nintendo in the back on. No. No Nintendo but we've got voices and French we've asked questions and French and got replies in it. Right Yeah. What can lunchbox expect when he comes to spend the night. I've had objects move Terrorist Rock. Voices Footsteps Doors Open and Slam. Mental manipulation. Joke wait somewhat like lunchbox could get manipulated mentally. For sure absolutely. It's got a very amityville quality going on. He's he's concerned that one of the ghosts is GonNa follow him back home to be with his wife and kids any chance of that happening. No. Because you know like every night, they have a revolving cast overnight to mess with if they were to come to my house, it'd be like. Oh. Great. He's watching Netflix for seven hours straight. That's fun. You know it'd get boring. Is Johnny but the comedy love it. Lunch. How do you feel about after hearing the feeling memorial I mean like? Do they today. Get Mad at you because like. We're going into their home where they were murdered I mean, are they mad at the people that come and stay there because that's what I feel like they're going to be mad at me. I think they. House will give you exactly what you're looking for if you go in. Yellen and provoking and Hidden Hornets Nest with a baseball bat you're, GONNA get stung if you go in respectful. You're gonNA have respectful time. You go in guns a blazing baseball. Swinging blindly we'd we. Are you scared. Do you want to ten on being scared Man. This is a terrible idea. This is awful I. Feel like goes. Oh my gosh. He said they could manipulate my mind. What are they gonNa make me do. Well. I'll leave that one up to the researching on the Internet. There's been some incidences at the house, but the people in we get upset that you guys are keeping the hell's going where people were murdered in making money off of it. You know when I came here. I was very on the fence about that. but after you know being a history guy up and everywhere from Gettysburg plantations, trailer tears, Salem, it's it's all kind of bad history but we have to learn from it. You know what I mean. and. This inspires a lot of we do a lot of Supreme Court Judges Law Enforcement Colleges for continuing education. You know and. People that come here. Just curious. Well and he said. It may not be the family that is. Coming, there, the the people may have brought in other. Okay. Great here. I mean I get it but Yeah all right listen. Johnny we appreciate it looking forward to talking to you again as we get closer to lunchbox coming up there Thank you for your time and. Kind of creepy to have this for job not GonNa lie to you. For sure absolutely. All right, Johnny Talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. Holly. And Maria markets together. We're exploring the margins of history and specifically at the intersection of history and true. Crime. Welcome to the criminality podcast. Our first season of the show is all about lady poisoners mystery has not been kind to ladies. Women have been marginalized. They've been vilified their falsely accused and often misunderstood time and time again but sometimes women take power for themselves and sometimes they do it through murder. Some of these women absolutely were guilty but some of them were probably labeled as criminals with that was not the case and all of them were viewed through societies lenses sitting at this intersection of being both killers and the fairer sex but how many were just misunderstood. Listen to criminality AH, on the iheartradio APP. Apple podcasts for wherever you get your podcast. If your husband said I just don't WanNa wear my wedding ring. Any more would you care a little bit? I would wonder why? Because why? Why have you been wearing it for this many years and now suddenly it bothers you it's uncomfortable. Almost one third of new husbands are choosing not to wear a wedding ring. In the room here unless you walk through warriors, no editorials of course, have it on right now scoop Steve You're yours. Yeah every day but we're without it. Got It on and listen. That's about here to one of thirty, which is lunchbox. I. WanNa know this object just never worn jewelry never owned a watch never had anything so I just felt weird and so I just don't wear it no need to. So it's either because of their job or they find it uncomfortable or bothersome that's it the job. The job I don't want the ladies think no, it's just cultural feels weird to have it on your handle according to marriage counselors. If a husband is ring free from the beginning, there's nothing to panic about that. Don't like wearing rings right I can do that however. If, he's not ring also wants to be bring something to think about their wives. Yeah, and my husband does take his offer work though on what if he wanted to wear around his neck like a chain? Guys do that you. Know why? I. Think that's actually pretty cool what why because it's closer to your heart? No. Just because I want my hand. I. Have Trouble with watches. I never watched any jewelry around my hands I just don't wear anything. Okay. You run that by Caitlin. What you wearing it as a necklace eventually whenever you'll get married one day. Try Not to fight I'd like to get into so. That's the point Ramo. Let me talk about Raimondo for he's getting married in October. Raymond what I hear from from Bay your fiance is that you want an expensive wedding ring and not the normal cheap guy one yet some guys have done this rubber thing it doesn't even look like diamonds or anything like that, and that's really the row I WANNA go. Robert Diamond. Diamond. He wants a diamond ring. Yes. It was nine stones and you can get it for under a thousand dollars right now they have deals where it's half off way think about that I. don't I am not into diamond rings for guys. Unless you already wear lots of diamonds and that's your thing but. You're not a Jauregui though I'm really not an especially with my job I do a lot of stuff with my fingers but she said that's not cool especially since we have the video feed I do need to wear the ring especially when I'm at work and you would like to have an a wedding ring with diamonds and who's paying for that. I believe the my fiance does. Yeah her and her family but we can get her a deal and also at the same time not. Cared I believe it's a fourth of a carry. If you go ninestones spread how it's like little teeny diamonds spread out Ray I listen I don't know I spent forty five dollars on my husband three. So James Avery shout out and I'm not gonNA hate because I have these pearls that I wear sometimes they're. Look more like man. Beads. And so I had a moment to came in this morning the reason as I found him again because Mike DC me a picture of machine. Gun Kelly. Pearls of the beam as a couple nights. Pretty. Cool. PRETTY COOL Why why aren't you have them on? You just carry them with you. Came in this morning. So what do you think you're going to surprise you with it on the wedding day. It'll be picked out beforehand. So I'm still negotiating with her. unfunny all right right. That's it. Thank you. Guys see tomorrow. Also. In nineteen eighty three Diane downs shot her three children killing one and severely injuring the others she showed up for her trial pregnant. Now, nearly forty years later that child Becky Babcock is on a journey to explore her connection with her mother's violent past. Listen to happy face present to face on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. Name is Langston Carmen and I'm a black man who loves conspiracy theories. That's why I along with the beautiful oppressors, IHEART radio and big money players have a brand new podcast called Mama. told me where each week me in a special guest will explore all the twisted conspiracies that the white man is keeping secret. So listen to my Mama, told me available on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or anywhere else that pods are cast.

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