The Sedano Show (HR 1): Todd Gurley isn't worried - he's now a Falcon


Yeah what's up with you here seven ten? Espn presented by Progressive Insurance. All our guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart Straight. Talk giving you that full court cellphone coverage that you need man to g half the cost of the big carriers again savings may vary go to straight. Dot straighttalk dot com for more information so the Tom Brady situation. As now been finalized he signed the deal. We've got him. We've got the money we've got todd. Gurley we've got his money's going to be so let's break this down real quick? We're GONNA HAVE KIRK MORRISON AND CORPORATE. Greg going to join us here in just a moment. They're getting set up and look. Obviously I'm sure at this point. Maybe you know maybe you don't know but we're all doing our shows from home and from different locations so this may be a little clunky than usual so just bear with us. We're doing our best to stay on the air to talk to you guys will still do the calls with you guys if you like or you can tweet me at. Sodano if you have a small business that you own that is providing goods and services in your community Restaurants obviously things of that nature. I know that there's a stay at home order. Delivery restaurants and takeout restaurants are allowed to stay open so just so you know so if you the businesses that are allowed to stay open pharmacies anything involving food grocery stores farmers markets food banks convenience stores take out and delivery restaurants. Banks will be open. Gas Stations will be open laundromats laundry services and basically all essential local government and law enforcement offices and government programs and services. That's open so if you're involved in any of those if you own a gas station if you know a gas station that is available to you all that stuff. If you've got something you can provide goods and services that is considered essential. That doesn't mean you're not staying home. Let's let's kind of focus on that. Let's focus on the restaurants and folks like that and if you're open and you're providing Service for the people convenience store restaurants whatever hits up eight seven seven seven ten years. Eight seven seven seven ten three seven seven six. So let's start with Brady. The details are in Brady. Two years fifty million dollars includes a nine million dollar incentives bonus four and a half million dollar incentives per year on each particular year. What else do we have here? More on the Brady details. Your one base salary fifteen million roster bonus ten million next year thing fifteen million ten million on the roster bonus up to two point five million per year if he's top five in passer rating. Td's passing yards. Completion percentage Those are some of his incentives more incentives for if you make the playoffs how far he goes into the playoffs etc etc etc. So that's the deal with Tom. Brady as far as todd. Gurley concern now this is interesting girlies twenty twenty salary the rams are GonNa be paying the majority of it. Seven and a half million dollars. The Falcons will be paying six million dollars. Okay the The total earnings. Then he's got an offset about two and a half million dollars. A total earnings are eleven million dollars. So Kirk is here now. Let's start with the Brady stuff and we'll work our way into girly. Kirke feeling good. Good Yeah I'm all good man. Just finish circle time with the family and the kids so we're trying to keep as much of a routine as possible of school going so I just had share time. I'm done with my share time and now I'm on work time with my guy. George Okay love it. I love it. I love that. Everyone's good I'd so brady. What do you make the contract? I mean we were talking about it last earlier this week on the morning show. We were thinking man. Maybe it'll be thirty thirty five million a year. It doesn't seem to be anywhere near that. Are You surprised? No not surprised at all. He's been working for you from a discount for a while right when he's since he's been with the Patriots he's been between that fifteen to eighteen million dollar range and at some point he's like. I just can't keep doing this. It's almost a disrespect. Not only me my agent that we continue to take these discounts at the quarterback position and yet our team is not you know. Probably have the most talented guys right. Brady didn't have those weapons issue and he's like I'm taking a discount yet. You can't give me what I need in terms of wide receiver rock retiring. We didn't replace that position so I knew the contract. Come in between twenty to twenty eight million. I know he wasn't going to get into the Russell. Wilson Aaron Rodgers Jared Goff money per year. But I think this is about right where he's at and there'll be some incentives for Tom Brady in terms of getting that contract up to about thirty million but I am not surprised. He wasn't going after top dollar for in the market to me. This is a perfect deal for Tom. And then Tampa Bay so the first thing I think of is so new. England wasn't willing to do this like that's kind of crazy to me but they've never done this right. This is who they are right. You look at all the players I've said before George of Guys who kind of want the big contract or they're over the edge right. We can all say that Tom Brady is what he's on the back nine and I don't even on the back nine. He play like the last three holes. Right he's on seventeen he's not on eighteen so I believe that when you're there the Patriots they'd rather get something for you the nothing and with Brady understanding that and reworked his contract to allow him to be free right now. I think the Patriots New and remember. This isn't like Bill Belichick. Didn't want Jimmy Garoppolo couple years. Back before Robert Kraft came in and vetoed a possible situation where Jimmy Garoppolo could have stayed and Tom Brady would have left. So this is kind of been in the works for wow that. They knew they weren't going to be able to pay Tom. Brady a top top dollar at the position. I don't think bill belichick valued that position like that outside of Brady and it once they find out you're going down this very hard for them to give you that type of contract so this is kind of where the Patriots have always been. They get rid of players a year to before they really can make the big money. No I get it look. They've done it right. Lawyer Malloy Who was Richard Seymour? Seymour Amy Collins. You can go Chandler Jones. Who was the defensive player of the runner up defensive player of the year this year to Stefan Gilmore? Who actually the Patriots did pay by the way but this is just who they are. This is what they do but everyone thought it was going to be different George. There was going to be exempt right. Exempt Tom Brady was exempt from this. Tom Brady is Mr Patriot when you think of the Patriots. The first person you think of as Tom Brady before you think of Belichick but this just goes to show you that Bill Belichick say bigger than me and that's why the situation is It's where it's at right now. It is wild all right. What do you make of the girly stuff? I mean you called it. You said the rams would probably have to pay a good chunk of this thing. We knew that they were GONNA have to get rid of todd at some point and and I think todd knew this and I've talked to people in his camp. You know before hand during this off season especially around the super bowl time. They knew that something was going to have to happen. It was just that you weren't going to get the kind of Todd. Gurley that you had got in previous seasons and so the rams new that and if you're going to be paying a guy that kind of money you're going to need him to do. I'll have a lot more production. Which tied didn't have todd and Rushworth thousand yards last year in the NFL rushing. Four thousand yards almost seems like a second nature but to me. I think the really the point was was that tug early really had an amazing contract. He got an early he demanded. I want the contract early. He signed it after three years and basically he walks away. George just put like this when we look at the running back market. I know a lot of guarantees but the last two seasons it was basically two years thirty four million dollars maybe. Thirty four and a half. I believe so. Tog early walked away with seventeen million per year at the running back position for the last two seasons. And then on top of that like you mentioned he's going to get another seven million in the offset from the Atlanta Falcons I think it's a great for him. He's going back to a place where everybody loves him. Trust me. They love him down there. Sec COUNTRY ATLANTA. Right of Athens where he went to college at the University of Georgia. So for him. It's like a homecoming. Yeah I think it's a good fit for him But man would have been great. Had He gone over to like Seattle or something right or going. Somewhere else where. I really think that he would have an opportunity to get back to a super bowl. I just don't know that Dan Queen and the Atlanta Falcons and how they're going to use tiger leave could be best for his career at the point at the moment. Yeah it is interesting now. What a Z. Get how much zeke making. While I think got close to wow I want to say I gotTa Look. I think eighteen or something like that sounds right do. He's the last of the running backs getting paid that like. Do you think that because we're seeing running back not even get close not getting more than what nine ten million eleven million? That's that's generally what they're getting now. Do you see that that being the new normal. It's been the new normal right and and that's what happened when the rams kind of broke broke form they pay todd. Gurley early and everybody was like. Wow then David Johnson got paid right and now you're starting obviously Zeke got paid. And now you're seeing a little bit of a pause right. You've seen a little bit of a little hesitant now right. You're you're looking at a team like the Tennessee. Titans not paying a long term deal possibly for dear Henry. He's giving him the franchise tag. I would alarmed right. If think about the next running backs were coming up. Think about a guy like Christian. Mccaffrey if you're watching. What happened when Todd Gurley? Are you really thinking about giving Christian McCaffrey that long long term deal or is it something that you say? Hey you can kind of wait and look at the teams in the Super Bowl Jordan. They were all running back by committee right while we spend a bunch of money on this or the money is invested in the quarterback and then give them a couple of quality that can share the workload. Yeah it is pretty impressive when you think about it like Like what someone like him produces and then of course you'll see what the he ends up. Getting right I may. I just think it's it's crazy George. That The San Francisco Forty niners. Who were in the Super Bowl this year? Their fourth string running back to start the season Rahim Mostaert right was there starter in the Super Bowl squad. He was like yes. Dude he was just a dude. And I think that's Kinda the motto. Nfl teams are kind of. There's a couple of guys who are really transcendent running backs. Obviously Zeke. Elliot falls in that. Category Zeke by the way fifteen million average salary. Yeah and todd and todd. Gurley walked away with two years of seventeen and a half million dollars so to me. Look he got paid for what he did for the last two years there and then what he was the year he came off of when the offense player of the year. But it just goes to show you that and like Tom Brady said his post today this. Nfl is about what you did last year. Not what you're doing you know in previous years right. What have you done for me lately? League and Tog early lately we know just has not been that productive back. We saw previously in his career. I would even take a step further. I would say it's not about. What have you done for me last year? I would say Brady's wrong I would say it's like very much like what baseball has has been doing for many. Which is they pay you on future. Production not past production. You know what I'm saying like. What can you bring to the table moving forward? Yeah I can see that but I would also say with the NFL. Outside of like the rookies. Who get paid you know before they even take a snap. I think now in the NFL. It's more so okay What did you do last year because the minute those numbers go down? That's the reason. People are starting to Rework Restructure Contracts Philip Rivers. We've thought he would be a charger forever. Now he'll be taken snaps in Indianapolis next year. What have you done for me lately? Speaking of the chargers trade Turner. They're five time pro bowl offensive guard who they traded for from Carolina will join us at eleven thirty. We'll chat with him about what's going on. And just kind of his getting ready for his new surroundings. I guess coming up next. We'll continue this discussion on early because I think that there's a lot of pressure now on the rams in a number of different fronts. I want to get to that. Plus the Lakers have two players test. Positive the Bronwyn on instagram live. Yesterday we got a lot of stuff to get into with the Lakers. So we'll get to that in just a second Saddam with you here on seventeen an espn presented by our friends at Shell where they protect your engine. Winter using pennzoil synthetic motor oil made from natural gas not crude oil and our friends at capital one. As soon as I find their read there. It is four percent cashback on dining and entertainment to present a grocery stores and one percent on all of their purchases. What's in your wallet? So Kirk Morrison hanging out with us. Greg is there as well Corporate Gregor you there yes I am. I'm right here. Oh very loud corporate greg because I have got this gaming headset on. Not using just a regular headset. So you know I got like a whole setup where the microphone comes to my mouth like professional style Nice. Yeah I've just got a regular microphone but I'm fine with that so couple of things Bergman you brought this up to me and I'm curious to get kirk dots on it about the Lakers and the Lakers have two players. That tested positive. And Look I think all this stuff is very personal right like it's just you either want to tell people that you have it. I can understand like Idris. Elba was talking about the actor about how he came out and told people he had grown virus. After he saw Tom Hanks did he felt like. Oh maybe there won't be a stigma to it or anything. Kevin Durant a lot of players. Have come out. I saw Marcus. Smart Celtics came out to toby as corona virus No no Lakers have come out to tell us that they have it. And that's their prerogative. I'm not saying they should or shouldn't but I think Bergman you brought up the question like you know it's one of those things where you start to wonder if you're someone who's had interactions with them right like I mean. Obviously the team will probably know who hasn't who doesn't have it but you're there are plenty of other people come in contact with them right right so basically you know when you when players walk off the court they give got people high fives and they do whatever you know and so what if you got a high five from someone. They've got a high five from somebody else. And you know there's just feel like it's possible that maybe they should come out and say because if it's let's say. I don't want to say who has it because that's just saying somebody that I don't know no we don't know right. You don't know so if you if it's somebody random like Quinn Cook. I don't know it's just a guess or not. Even don't even just say we don't have to say a random player X. Random Player X. Gives you a high five and random player? X has the corona virus. They have a right to tell the people that they've come in contact with right Yeah I guess maybe maybe people that come in contact with regularly right but George I would say this though and and to kind of to your Point Greg. I really believe this because I go back to my playing career and I remember. Just how a game day would would be for me so game day would be drive up the stadium and when I drove up. Here's the parking lot attendant. I'm shaking hands. How you doing good to see you? Hey have a good game today. Morrison Cool so I've interacted with them. Shook hands okay. Now I've drove into the parking lot parked and we know especially the Lakers. When you get out of your vehicle there's two or three people right there waiting for you to grab whatever you need our help you escort you and to the locker room right until you're shaking their hands you're interacting now you walk into the tunnel and you know obviously you see people win in stadium. Attendance an arena tendons. Who also you. You're shaking hands. I mean how many times have we seen guys go back to a stadium at word arena. They played in the amount of people who they say. Hi to on the way just to the locker room then you get to the locker room and you come out to the floor for warm ups when you get to warm ups. How many people are there to watch warm-ups a ton of people and they WANNA shake hands. They want to do that. And you have the people who have the VIP excess and they're on the floor to take a picture to get a handshake and you're doing all of that. And I bring that up because I would say before a tip off or before even a coin toss of a game for me and my career I probably would have interacted with maybe fifty to a hundred people. And we're talking about just before the game so to go back to your point Greg. I think this is a great one is that you just want to make sure like. Hey if I've interacted with that person where we had a handshake a hug or whatever it may be you. WanNa make sure that I just want to just double check in know who that person possibly for my own sake right. I mean that's what I what I'm thinking about. Is that if you're a player? I Look I get that. You want to keep your privacy and you don't want to say and then say that you're that you have it especially wherever you are and to come back. I just feel like it's something that they should tell the fans because people were at that game against the Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn next. Got It so it could have been the other Brooklyn Nets Besides K. D. people definitely shook Hansard give high fives or whatever it's K. D. I'm glad that he came out and said something. Because people that hit him up at the pump. Maybe like oh I should go get tested. Well here's what I would say I would say that again. You know there are privacy laws for all this stuff and there are laws on the person to want to say that and they shouldn't be shamed into saying let's start. Oh No I'm not saying that's not what you're doing. I'm just saying I know that that someone will take what you're saying and go to that. Extreme is what I'm saying. So here's what I would say. There is no stigma attached to this. Because I do think a large portion of the country is going to get it. I'd be surprised if less than a quarter or a third of the country at some point doesn't have it so I think that if that is the worry. If there is a stigma much like Idris Elba thought. There was a stigma. I wouldn't worry about that if I were. That person would say well. I just think that also to you know there was a fan in in Utah believe or with Oklahoma City that So that they. You know test positive for Kobe. Nineteen they got an autograph from Rudy. Gobert so there is the sort of that interaction right from a fan. That says hey I got it I did interact with Rudy Gobert so I mean that that part of it is out there right now. We have some Dave McMenamin sound on. Dave McMenamin was on sportscenter yesterday. Laura I'm sure can find it I will tell you which sound it is but He he was talking about the one that says full on the two. Lakers testing positive. Let's let's hear Dave McMenamin on sportscenter. Yesterday this was a high priority issue for the team after the nets came out with the news that four players on their roster including Kevin Durant tested positive for the virus. That was the last game the Lakers played just about nine days ago before the NBA season. Shut down For undetermined about a time players wet to the practice facility. Yesterday they never left their cars. There was a swab taken. A culture that went up the nostrils of the players. The whole thing lasted I'm told about tentative Fifteen seconds and they didn't know when they got the results Sometimes these things take two or three days but the results came in today. Dow Fourteen of the players were tested We're talking about seventeen man roster when you count the two way players For the team and still so not only do. We not necessarily know right now. The names of the Lakers Clair's but we don't know the players who have yet to be tested The Lakers will follow by having additional testing for members of the Sport Staff in coaching staff. Who I've been in close contact with infected so there you have it so I think that there's still some laker players are still need to get tested because not all of them. I guess showed up. Ramona mentioned that because they weren't around because the NBA allowed them to leave town and go back to their homes. Were if they felt the need to do that. Which is understandable to but I do think that the key is for all of them to get tested that has to be And I said it before like already real throughout NBA circles. But now we're talking about a team that we consider if the NBA does come back right. We're talking about a team that could be playing into the later stages of the NBA playoffs If we if the NBA decides to continue season so the Lakers will be in the forefront and so those players or this team will be under a microscope. So that's why I thought that. Hey the Brooklyn Nets. No offense to them but they're the Brooklyn Nets four guys test positive like okay. But it's different with the Lakers. Now right it's just like if it was the cowboys and the NFL the Yankees. I think the mets thing was was pretty big. Especially because it was Kevin Durant. You Know Kevin. Rent's not playing this year. You're not to me. That that was huge. Be Like Oh Kevin Durant. But he ain't playing right now. We're talking about the Lakers. And obviously everyone wants to know. Is it probably the biggest laker right? Who's a guy who does converse A ton with Guy Kevin durant right. They've been in the back of a vehicle shooting. You Know Youtube in whatever you know. What Lebron Kevin Durant so obviously that correlation is out there and I think that's where some of the speculation is because if that may be a guy who does test positive for the covert nineteen what does the NBA do. Well now you're talking about arguably the face of the NBA and talking about Lebron James. Here that's kind of what's being around. Not that he has it but what happens if that does if that is the case right and I don't know if he has it he was on instagram. Live yesterday with his family. And maybe you know people are trying to say that. That's a sign or not. I don't know if it is I. Don't get the sense that it is. I mean one would assume that maybe that he doesn't because of that but Bergman BEF- why don't want to say names because converse but this is what people are thinking I get it I get it one hundred percent I get it now. Bergman alerted me to Lebron being on I. G Live yesterday and he was on for a long time right. Yeah he was just sitting there. Here's playing cards with his family just answering questions. Talking about Miami. A little bit. It was it was pretty. It was fun. I mean this is what people are going to be doing now. Athletes in general. I mean they're going to be just on getting in front of your face as much as possible. I think it's great. Yeah well the NBA is doing something where they're going to have a player basically like doing like a live chat on Mba dot com every day like today. The first person is going to be Kevin Love And every day they're just gonNa have someone out there at a specific time to interact with the fans which I think is smart. I would want to do that if I were a player. I would volunteer to do it and I certainly would want that if I were the fans right. No I don't want that. I mean this is just another form of the NBA Just understanding the situation in a times. And if you know me talking with Kevin Love today if that's GonNa make my day just a little bit more More worthwhile right not having to worry your watch the the news television things like that. That's huge for the NBA. I think they may adopted in do more of it. I know the players winner interact. I'm not a Gamer. Maybe Greg Bergman maybe Utah George in your spare time but guys like you know the Devon Booker's and Shea guilty to the younger generation of the NBA. Those guys are having a ball plan online. So I think the odor. Nba Crowd. Now Yeah for sure for sure I coming up next. I want to get back to the rams and kind of the pressure. That's on them a little bit. There's some talk about Philip rivers. Not Guy Getting not having enough juice anymore. We'll get into that a little bit and I'm getting ripped on twitter for some movie takes that I've had some. Lay them on you here. Real Quick Ben Lines by that we will join us at ten forty because I want him to rate. My movie takes in a little bit. He'll stick around. He'll join Kirk Greg a little bit so you stick around. Sodano back in four minutes sedan here on seven ten. Espn presented by indeed. When things when it comes to hiring. You don't have to waste any time. Get your qualified list of candidates. Get it fast. That's why you need indeed dot com pose. A job in minutes set up screener questions based on your requirements zero in on qualified candidates using their online dashboard. Your time is precious. Let indeed help you get to your shortlist of qualified candidates discover why more than three million businesses use indeed for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash higher. That's indeed dot com slash higher Sonata with here. Cook Morrison with you here. Laura's back in Studio Bergman is Being a corporate stooge in his house somewhere listening in so real quick before. I get to the movie stuff because Ben's going to join us in a few minutes the The Rams how much pressure is there now. On Sean McVeigh less need in the coaching staff. Now this is separate right. Like less is separate from the coaching staff. But there's also some pressure on them together right because Sean is going to need to have success and less is going to have to be better in the margins per se right. Well I would say this. It's been three years in Sean. Mcvay era right in the they won the division two out of three years they have super bowl appearance. Nfc Conference Championship and if the rules Of the new. Cba that was signed last weekend. If they were in place for the twenty nineteen season the rams would have made the playoffs and would have been traveling to Green Bay in the wildcard round. So you look at what they've done three seasons and you say okay. Could there be better could have been better Possibly but I I would take that in a heartbeat now. This year they have hit the reset button. They've hired a new offensive coordinator. Kevin O'CONNELL Brennan Staley. Who's their new defensive coordinator? This is a full on reset Right in front of our eyes but they feel that they have the masterpiece. Which is the quarterback. Some still question about that. But but now they're going to get a multiple running backs. I don't know how they feel about Daryl Henderson. Because he didn't play much last year but like you mentioned. I don't know if there's a ton of pressure because they did sign extensions right remember that before last season they signed extensions. And know what you do when you get that extension you feel better about yourself you can. You can take a little more risk. They weren't going into a make it or break it season. So I'll get this year is that how does the reset look? How did they get their books? Back in order and in how to be built now. They've really have to go out and draft well in order to build this team backup. So is there is. There's always going to be pressure on general managers and head coaches. But I think that what the rams they had to do. Addition by subtraction. Now this season we'll see where that puts them at. Yeah for sure. I think that there's there's going to be some of those situations where you're just. GonNa have to figure it out But Yeah I. It's going to be a test of their abilities as as someone who constructs a roster even Sean. It's GonNa test abilities as a coach. Yeah and I think that's why he went and got some help. I think that's why he hired a new offense coordinator because they didn't actually have one last year. Remember he had lost two guys and in that were with him. Right Matt Leflore. Who takes the head job in Green Bay? And then you know. Obviously we know about Zack. Taylor who's the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals? So the guys who had helped him in his previous two seasons were now gone in this season number three thought he took on too much as a head coach and I think this is part of the reset is will try to divvy up some the responsibilities and just be a head coach. Sean McVeigh Right. It'd be a head coach when you do that. That that that that that to me is where you can really get an have more. I think of a re a better relationship but some of the players I think last year. That's what Kinda got distance in there was that he was trying to handle too many roles all by himself. I think now just having the head. Coaching role really can help him. Really figure out a football team. Yes sure I do think that sometimes you take on maybe too much more more than you think you can chew right like that that that plays a huge role in some of this stuff but I think that ultimately I trust him a guy who can overcome some of this stuff. No I agree. I I trust that. This is the first time in his coaching career right This is year. Four under Sean mcvay but like I said before if you look at his resume remember he does have a coach of the year Attached to that as will this is the first year we're going to see. How does he handle adversity right? This is the first time if things have come easy to Sean right and but to the thing about it is for me. I've seen him so far. Look at where he's had mistake set and then try to not only fix them. Buddy fixed them in a way to grab guys who can help him fix it right. It's not I'm doing it by myself. He went out this off season and grabbed guys to go out and fix things. And that's part of a head coach. Who's learning as he still gets a gets more years under his belt as the head coach. Yeah no doubt for sure. I think that when you when you look at at Sean I I believe that you're you're in one of these situations that you're again. I like the NBA. I can give you the example. A lot of these coaches they you can you people think more of them when they do more with less you she would've saying he's GonNa have to do more with less right. That's why everybody was like if the NBA ended today. A lot of people thought nick nurse would be the NBA coach of the year. Right of what he was doing with less in Toronto With no Kawhi Leonard you know no Danny Green. And they're still a team that's five and four possibly the tops on the Eastern Conference so I understand that point particular but I think what happens in the. Nfl is that the rams actually had players. So I think we may give Sean mcvay in year four right. This is fourth years the head coach if he's able to have a successful season make the playoffs minus the guys. We know that list that have left in free agency or been released or have been traded. I think we may appreciate more what he does. And your four than what he's accomplished in his first three years and that even being a super bowl appearance yeah for sure. I think that that's absolutely possible. So here's the movies thing that I'm getting ripped on so lebatardshow and his crew were doing a movie thing today because they said there's not five good basketball movies. Okay and I said that's not true like my top five or white men can't jump. He got game okay basketball now. This is the one I got a lot of grief over. Forget Paris and glory road now. People said that I should have had was above the rim with Hakkinen or coach. That's a good one. I'm sorry forget. Paris is one of my top favorite movies of all time. Because I love Rahm Romantic comedies and I love basketball movies so you get both so. That's gotta be my top five above the rim would probably be six. Maybe I could squeeze Glory Road But glory Roadman. That's a that's a tear jerker you know what I'm saying like that's a good movie and by the way you could keep hoosiers. That movies thinks doniger movie though a Greg. I'm which you meant. I was just about to say blue chips mayor with Neon Bodo Kilo meal and not. That was that was good. That was probably one of the best ones I the thing about it for me. Was I go back to? He got game and I mean first of all the dinsdale flick but then you throw a spike Lee but you throw in so many great players that were in that movie right and so many young young actors in there. I don't know why Allen and get more love for his acting in their baby he was he he still called. Jesus subtler yeah I think so. Yeah I I like some of those Let's see what else space jam based me. That's fine that's what about Dr. Are we doing documentaries? Docu Hoop Dreams Hoop Dreams. Documentary feature film removing feature film feature film and. I'm getting a great movie. The sixth man or now you're going with the one that had a whoopie Goldberg and it was Eddie. That's terrible terrible. Terrible Laura Laura said coach Carter. Yeah coach Carter is okay. It's not my favorite. I don't love I don't love it I love it. I love it. We gotta break his Ben's going to join us. We'll talk to him about these movies. I also have my rom com list that we posted at. Espn Los Angeles at Sodano. Because of forget Paris it's number two ROM com. I'm going to run these lists by Ben. We'll get his thoughts on all that. Stick AROUND BACK IN THREE MINUTES. Sodano with a year on seven ten. Espn presented by progressive. Insurance guests appear via the shell. Pennzoil Performance Line Greg. I don't remember what you told me to read but I'll just tell me in my ear or whatever. Tell me on the air I told you do. Adt THE DAILY PROMO ESPN DAILY. Makes you check out the ESPN daily presented by our friends at times is the host of the ESPN daily. So make sure you check that out with hundreds of ESPN's reporters on daily on the daily podcast of course because it's daily they bring you a deep dive into a single-story download subscribed rate and review the ESPN daily with our friend. Munich himes available. Wherever you find your podcast. And it's time for Ben Lines will join US giving us the straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart so Ben Lyons couple of things I want to get into you get into. Oh He's not in there. Okay so Ben Lyons will join us in a second. I guess so for those who are wondering we were talking. I WanNa talk to Ben about just kind of the the basketball stuff real quick. Because he's got to go. He's doing some stuff he's busy working but he's taking time out of his busy schedule to join us. Are you good? I know we spoke the other day. The audience no. You're good. I'm good man I'm good. Thanks for having me on the show and I'm staying home man. That's the most important thing that we can do. So just trying to lay low and get through this time man. That's great listening to you. Feel you feel yes. Thank you for coming on I show real quick with the NBA. I WANNA get a couple of quick. Nba questions with you. And then I want you to rate My my movie list. Because I'm getting slandered. All over the Internet right now But let's start with the NBA with what's going on right now. There is a sense that they're doing everything to try everything they're trying to do. They're trying everything. They can to not cancel the season. Better said how do you feel about that? Like Adam told Rachel the other day when she asked like what happens. If you have to cancel the season he says I'm not there yet. How do you feel about the way Adams kind of handled all this George? It's been so comforting as an American citizen and Hooper in a city like Los Angeles which I think is the basketball destination a world right now to have the NBA. Adam and Adam silver leading this and being out in front of this. I feel like looking back Nine days or so when they shut down the the jazz and Sunder game that was sort of the Domino. That really got the country to pay attention. That oh this is for real. And as Adam said with Rachel he said we lead in in shutting it down and we're GONNA lead and opening it up you're GONNA lead and coming back so I turned to the NBA and the leaders of that of that community and the WNBA as well. We had the very difficult task of having to get a lot of their players home safely from around the world because a lot of the WNBA players play internationally throughout the year. So I look to the NBA. The beacon of hope in light and I love looking on their social media and seeing different players why there have been affected directly by the virus. Like Marcus smart or really. Go bear or Donovan or guys who were talking about mental health or just you know staying up and keeping our spirits up by Kevin love checking in. I love following the NBA on social as as a sort of a barometer for how we're doing on this so a loss for for how they've handled this ams right. He can't think about that now. George if there's a if there's a two thousand nine hundred ninety two thousand twenty NBA champion. I'll be shocked so yeah I mean look there could be. That could very well be the case. I will say this. I do think that this. If they do get to play this season it could be a little bit of a blessing in disguise in this sense that I've always said they should change the schedule and start on Christmas. Anyway this may make them kind of rethink that. Yeah I mean the. Nfl is such a dominant force in television and media rights and advertising that the NBA numbers. Even when there's excitement around the launch of the season really take a hit from by the middle of October till like you said around Christmas time or even through the the the the playoffs and Super Bowl so is there a new schedule on the horizon. Possibly for the NBA absolutely how that impacts AAU college recruiting summertime stuff. We'll see But if they're able to somehow squeeze out a C at playoffs in shorten playoffs or something to crown a winner for this law season and then use that as a way to springboard into the new calendar. Then then that's something. I think all NBA fans will sign up for 'cause they'll let us know where collectively back towards normal on some level. I let's get to the movies year now. Kurkin and Greg mostly feeling my lists here okay. I've got some lists I've got I'm feeling Kurkin Greg shouting out blue chips because the called the SAS. The basketball one. I put out there because laboratory was saying on twitter that he doesn't believe that America has made five good basketball movies. And and I'm like I listed. White men can't jump. He got game love and basketball. Forget Paris and Glory Road Now. Look ABOVE. The Rim definitely could be their coach. Carter could be there. I'm not look as a kid. I liked the movie. The Nick Nolte movie. I don't really love it as an adult. I've never really watched it as an adult but the one I'm getting the most grief forest forget Paris and I'm like look my favorite genre of movies are Rom coms and then I love basketball more than anything else. I gotTa have it on my list and it's so obvious when watching that movie of what a basketball fan billy crystal is often gets recognised as a baseball fan of course from doing sixty one and his love of the Yankees. But he clipper diehard and his love of who comes out in that movie. It's a terrific film. I'm glad at Major Rom com list and I can totally understand it from a basketball point of view. Huge part of the game and to humanize one of them. And that's the worry is really well done. I like forget Paris. I wouldn't put on my top five but I understand why it could be on yours. Look through he told Kareem he couldn't occur. You told them couldn't throw him out because it was his farewell game and he said well let me be the first bid you farewell great line great cameos. You also made another one my giant with George Murison. You know that that people forget about that but look but but lever starting crew is right. There are so many average if not terrible basketball movies out there from Mike and the six men to even as a Knicks Fan Eddie has Franklin jello riding horse. It's ridiculous. I loved Sunset Park when I was a kid but I would run that Roman. I watched semi pro two nights ago. It's not funny except for the poker scene when Tim. Meadows get shot Just right I have a cameo in sitting courtside at the All Star game. That movies terrible. I mean there are a lot of bad basketball movie. Celtic Pride WanNa appetizers I and is the bad watch. But it's a silly premise. And a funny movie but Yeah Utah Jazz in Boston Celtics in the NBA. Finals not really believable. Yeah I mean th th there haven't been many feature great documentary feature films but so many documentaries yeah dreams and through the fire to the other Dream Team about the list of Wanian team that won the bronze and ninety two like. There's a lot of Docs. You can go down the rabbit hole this weekend on hoops. Now all right. Here's my rom com list now. I don't think anyone disagrees with my number one. I feel like this is the king right like it's the Lebron James of Rom coms when Harry met. Sally is number one right. Is there an argument there? No there's definitely there's there it's definitely consensus number one and it subscribes to a theory that. I truly believe in and I like to see that I'd say nine out of ten in the films on your list. Subscribe to the theory is that it's a romantic comedy both partners to be included. Austin time more often the man can be an accessory. Kinda cast off and not a fleshed out character. I Harry is a real person. So Sally it's about to real people. And that's something that a Lotta Rom coms forget. When you're when you're dealing with the sort of the reese witherspoon and the Julia Roberts Genre. The man is kind of an afterthought accessory so right yuan joy so number two. We've already discussed forget Paris. It's my number two ROM. Com number. Three is is is a favorite of mine. I don't know how many people actually love this movie high fidelity first of all. It's billy crystal and Cusak right like they're near the top of the Mount Rushmore of Rom Com actors right so high fidelity first of all the characters are amazing Jack Black and the eccentric nature of some of the characters and just the the ironic nature of some of those characters. The whole top five list. I think the whole movie is just brilliant. Young he's a great film. You just mentioned that's also good Rom coms top five top five with Chris. Rock Dawson set in the world of music and people sharing their lists and stop so yeah fidelity you get a passing me on our. That's okay so I got grief because you've got you've got mail but I didn't have sleepless in Seattle. Sleepless in Seattle is okay. I feel like you've got mail. It just brings us into the modern world right. Email bookstore mega store little shop like I just loved the dynamic. The second time around between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks more than I liked it. The first time and you can go back and watch sleepless in Seattle. It's the comedy feud seemed a few and far between and it's a little schmaltzy as sappy. Yeah very savvy. Deanship held a nice job. And you've got mail And is supporting a friend And you're right. It's like does take you into the modern age and and the fact that you know bookstores are going under. And it's just yeah. It's a great movie a moment in time for short ten things. I hate about you. I Love Julia Stiles I love. I mean he's ledger. He rest in peace. It's just to me. It's one of those. I like to call the genre team puke but I think it's the best team puke movie I've ever seen and you got. I think Andrew Keaton's in there and he's got his own religion on the Westside of Los Angeles so love yes. There's that forty year old virgin is fantastic. Maybe one of the funniest movies I've ever seen not a traditional rump comp and I threw it in unless I'm so glad you did because it is a romantic comedy. Steve Carell deserved awards. Attention that year you go back and watch that performance. It's nothing short of brilliant and I love Steve Corral he's been in a couple of other good rom coms of over the years. Dan In real life is one. Juliette Binoche Josh. And he's had a couple of moments in genre but I I love for virgin one of my favorite movies ever lend US wrong cops. Yeah so then. I got broadcast news for obvious reasons because it just as a kid. I've always wanted to be in this business and when I saw the movie even as a kid I was interested in it and our brooks is fantastic. I think a real person Albert Brooks. He's a real about to. It's not just the man of the CASTOFF. Yeah great choice right so I got that one in there. What else do I've got. Oh serendipity a little sappy but I love me some piven and I mentioned cusak already and I just feel like the whole silliness of them going around the entire Globe and then eventually the city of New York was just funny me and then of course I forget the characters name right now. He used to be. He wasn't on Saturday night live. He was on that other Improv. Show with the guy with the glasses. God what does TV yes or mad. Tv Yes I forget his name but anyway. That guy was awesome. My best friends wedding. You don't love it. I heard that and then I had to include my boyfriend prince. She saw that at the end is my number ten. Fpj's had a great run in Rom Com. You Reckon you've referred to Do Gene Levy as the guy from mad. Tv Guy from a mighty wind and spinal tap and so many great comedies with Christopher. Get OVER THE YEARS. Best in show A couple of off the board there. George you have a solid list. And I don't know why the Internet if the Internet is ripping you apart over your romantic comedy list than the quarantine is not going well in recent years crazy stupid. Love be better than the gap. Another Steve Carell movie knocked up is a great ROM com. Not good one. Yeah I saw that said Logan was was high. The other day live tweeting. He's doing that for cats to which I don't know my dad saw cats might have been on that set broken funky as well and Kinda liked it Something about Mary Love actually you know groundhog day. Five hundred days of summers a lot in the genre my number one though George and I played it Friday night at my wedding we did an outdoor screening with a Taco truck Any Hall Woody Allen. Thanks to me. That is the quintessential romantic comedy. Fred just tweeted me. Says the good thing. I'm not a movie critic. You can't have a top basketball movie. Lists without hoosiers. I think hoosiers the most overrated film. I've ever seen in my entire life and I love Gene Hackman. That is not. It's not believable. Even to me means that something really great on Lebatardshow this morning because he said the greatest impact hoosiers has on basketball is that owners of NBA teams. Think that their head coach should be up on the sideline screaming and yelling because of that movie. So head coaches have been fired in basketball because they're not animated enough with a piece of paper and screaming and getting speaking in cliches. That movie is is completely irrelevant to the game now and coated in some racial stuff. Go so get Susan Span. To be honest me neither could keep it bent. We've kept you long enough. Thank you brother for hanging out today and having some fun with US three. Keep doing your thing. We love you. The city needs you man. It's great to have Yang. I brother take care. Spe- safe areas. Ben Lyon. See I've got a real movie critic giving Me Love. The hell with all you on the Internet right. I was good man. I mean you got a good little list going. You know mind be a little bit different but I was kind of going through it as you guys were going so I was thinking among is coming to America all no I don't. Let's tackle that on the other side. Plus let's get back to what happened with Tom Brady. And what's going on there Philip rivers? There's talk that already. There's some questions about him in Indianapolis. We'll touch all that in four minutes stick around. Sodano seventeen ESPN.

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