Episode 271 - Chandler Barbee and I review The Dirt!


All right. Welcome and appropriate. Earls back. We took a few weeks hiatus just because I lost a little motivation with no new reviews. No new subscribers telling you, you guys don't pick up the pace on apple podcast and listen review. And subscribe, I'm going to delete it all all just start another podcast called no reviews or subscribers and I'll just hit record. It'll just be dead air for forty minutes, and I'll do it too. But today, we're back in the fold with me in a special guest review of the motley Crue biopic, the dirt, which I don't know who the fact checker was in this movie, but they probably work for the Trump administration's a lot of liberties taken with real life. Facts. But let's get to my guest. She's a millennial. She's a comic she's a writer. She produces wriggles picks on FOX. 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Let's get back to the topic on hand. Now, you are twenty six. Yes. I am fifty. There's not many twenty six year old bands of motley Crue just because literally their heyday was before you were born what made you wanna see this movie in the first place. I'm a fan of rock and roll from the eighties in general because my parents raised me on all of that. So I'm a big fan of guns and roses now an even bigger fan of kiss. Now that I've seen them live twice and motley Crue falls in that category of I I would say, I know more about eighties rock and roll than the average millennial. So it was interesting and plus like with like the Elton John movie coming out, we just saw the Queen movie. It's like an era of these huge music documentary style movies. So it was like oh can't wait to see that. Plus all the billboard every day was like gonna watch it move. It was going to be in trouble. When. If you are in southern California, and you drive sunset to let's say from Fairfax to Doha Heaney, which is about two or three mile distance. Netflix has literally bought eighty five percent of the billboards. It's it's I'm not kidding. It's every billboard is a net flicks movie or a TV show like glow. And I knew that it was not a good sign when the only billboard for the dirt was their smallest billboard, right? Above the viper room that I was like, oh, boy, that's how they view the movie I asked actually so I texted one the publicist when the actors last night about that before the podcast, and he said that their reasoning of lie they put that there was because it's near the rainbow whiskey ago, and it's like the rock and roll part of West Hollywood. So their thought process was more of their fans would watch it because. They'd see the billboard going shows. But I would I mean, I can't say get more and billboards as I mean, there's also a big billboard on the used to be the billboard for the jellies. The was the adult swim billboard that were plenty of Molly crew eighties. Metal fans with more would drive by and see just because it's bigger said a better location. I mean, the the billboard above the viper room. Really paying attention. You don't even see it, really. 'cause there's so many billboards in that direct area. It's it's kind of in the middle of bigger ones. So, but you know, also the picture is is bad as when the Kardashians. Did that Calvin Klein ad like they're all definitely photo shopped in and it just looks lazy shitty. Which is really how the movie was just pure laziness, so many facts wrong starting with the opening scene. I mean, you don't even get a second of truth when it was the whiskey nineteen Eighty-one. Thank the subtitle said. And there is a poster for fast times at ridgemont high which did not come out till nineteen eighty three. Yeah. So go that's not a that's a sign of how this movie's gonna be. All the factual inaccuracies. Well, it's funny too. 'cause I always liked to win. There's movies are supposed to be based on real live events. I always like to go on IMDB where the trolls right, actually, you got this wrong, or this is a goof, and within the the movie hasn't even been out of week and already the reviews are rolling in of everything they've gotten wrong, and it's I mean Rolling Stone at an article, I think they had the twenty inaccuracies of the dirt. And then a lot of rock sites of had, you know, their versions of what they thought was wrong. It's just such basic facts, they got wrong. How lazy can you? Be like, I know it's a film that was probably made by millennials. But there's a thing called fucking Wikipedia. Well, even at the point to me the other day like so mild thing was I was like who wrote this because clearly it's younger person who didn't live in that era and experience urges remember simple things that would make fact checking a little easier, and it is a younger writer, but you said that the band all helped they I'm sure they didn't actually help write it. But they were there in the writer's room. I'm sure that they had plenty of interview time since they all producers, how did they not know that things were wrong. Well, I've been a part of shows. I'm sure you have to attach of big name to the project and has executive producer or some larger role producer director, even I've seen. Seen some names as I didn't see this person onset once. Yeah, it's not say they had nothing to do with the film, but our our TV show or whatever. But I highly doubt when it listed motley Crue producers. I don't think Mick Mars was onset in a writer's room a going out. It just didn't happen that way. This is embarrassing like for Netflix to have so much money and befuddling money into so many movies. And I'm not saying that they had to put a huge budget on this. They could have got younger actors and stuff like that's totally fine. But for it to look like it was a it was made by a lifetime movie crew. And and then you get everything wrong. It's not even accurate. It's embarrassing. I don't know. I was just in barris for Netflix. I was like why? Would you do this to yourself? I mean, we could literally go on for an hour about the inaccuracies. And I mean, just even win in they were doing Nikki sixes childhood, and he was in the room playing bass in the moms yell in Adam stop he had a kiss poster in his room. None of this is round nineteen Seventy-three when kiss was literally unknown, and they certainly had no posters. That's just till nineteen seventy four. Yeah. I mean, even at seventy four there probably won't kiss posters like they didn't really pop till like seventy six late seventy five like when Tommy where where the hulk mania shirt that wasn't around until nineteen Eighty-four, and it was in nineteen eighty one. He had the shirt on the I mean hulkamania was when really blew up when hulk HOGAN beat the iron Sheik at Madison Square Garden for the that heavyweight. Title. And that's when hulkamania was just like, that's when it started. So it's that's three years earlier the fast times post or or like, I saw someone was tweeting how Vince Neil's wife was pregnant in the party scene and that was in the eighties. And she didn't have that baby. Till nineteen Ninety-one. Totally the wrong was like it was the years off. Yeah. Vince, Neal doesn't blue eyes even probably the simplest thing was the death scene where razzle the drummer from Hanoi rocks was killed in. When Vince Neal went to go get beer, it was a pan terra in the movie, they had a corvette that's just fucking laziness and. I've seen some people say will pan terrorist from too much money to get it's like Miami. Vice did it when it wasn't a real test Orosa that they drove around. They had the shell of attest sarosa just put over I think a cheaper version. So it looked like a real test Rosa. There's a million things could've done to make an pant CGI panta into the. That's not a lot of money. So well over a highs you feel about the casting though. I mean, I'll say this. I've seen some reports ripping machine gun Kelly for his acts like Tim, I thought if I tell me Lee, perfectly timely, let's beyond she's not going to be up for Nobel prize anytime soon, he any body wise. I'm a big like I'm big on people looking like the person acting like the person. And I thought he did a great job as well. As guy played Mick Mars. 'cause Mick Mars was older than me. I think he was like I might be off on this fact, but I think he Mick Mars is ten years older than the other three guys. So I always heard he was grumpy even when they were making it, and, you know, before they had made it he was guys I've blocked more girls than the three of you put together at this point. How are we making it like he was a musician? Like is I'm not here to get girls. I've already gotten them. So I thought he did a good job of portraying the crankiness and the more sombre personality. I mean, the guy played Vance. Eves? Okay. And you know, I thought I thought on the billboard Nikki six character looked the most Maki six it was weird seeing him play a rock and roller. Because I've always seen him an indie films like as like the pretty boy or like he played like when I was in high school. He was in a movie with Miley Cyrus, and he in oh eight he wasn't musician though. So I guess he does really play music, but it was weird seeing him as like trying to be a bad ass as Nikki six because I've never seen him that way. Well, like for me machine gun Kelly. I've seen him on roadies and stuff and I've also seen him in concert. And I'm like, oh, yeah. You are very believable in really great typecast as Tommy Lee. And I'm not saying Tommy Lee is dumb. I mean when you make millions of dollars for twenty thirty years. You're not dumb. But he. Portrays himself as airhead goof-ball, you know, Mr. pussy hound which he has. But I dunno it just CAD. Given the budget constraints that seems this movie had show. I would've liked bigger names. Like, I I think Johnny Knoxville would have been a better Nikki six just because he's got that that character that Nikki does you know, he's a ball shitter. And you know, I think Ashton Kutcher would have been a great Tommy lay. 'cause he's got that airhead like who aren't even. I was the fact that like p Davidson is the one of the biggest bigger names in the show trash like it just made me so mad like the whole. He's not I'm sorry. If any of your Davis fans alike Montas s now, but he's not a good actor. I don't get the he should have been there man or their agent and the whole line where he's like don't leave your girlfriend with motley Crue because they'll Fokker girlfriend. I was like why is this even in the movie like probably true? Well, I'm not saying it wasn't true. But I'm just saying. Why are they doing the whole break the fourth wall? Adam McKay thing that's Adam occa- style. That's like if another director tries to to direct Quinton Tarantino. You're like you're just ripping off Quinton turn Tino right now. Stop it. I mean, I I did. Yeah. I mean Davidson. I just didn't work for me. Like, you know. And I realize he probably fit the age range of held Thomas's was back then, but I would have preferred a metal fan Sherani from this announce sketch. The whole time. But I mean, I'm sure they could have gotten someone who was like might have been a little more into the Cam, I up Molly crew fan like, you know. Well, that's like I was excited to see my friend, Tony Cavill Cavallero in it who played Ozzy because he is a growling, and he is one of the biggest rock and roll fans. Huge wrestling fan love all the heat. He does an OSCE impression on states. Like we've written. We wrote sketches for him to be Ozzy. I remember so to see him play that in a movie was great because that's so his round and range of things. So I thought that that was such a good casting for Ozzy. I thought he was the best actor in the film granted, it was very quick scene of the famous when they were on tour with Ozzy and. I think they were trying to impress Oz with how wild they were. And then I think they were taken aback by Ozzy snorting align of aunts, and then snowing what was remaining of the ants in Nikki sixes urine. I think that was like, oh, maybe we're not as well as without. We were. But even like Tony was just too muscular to play Ozzy. Now, that's nitpicking a little bit. But Ozzy was never in shaped like that. But you know, there were so many more problems with this film for me that that was probably the best part was his just pure impression. The facial mannerisms of Z net timeframe more hundred percent spot on and you know, I would have liked maybe a little more Ozzy and others who David David Lee part. I'm like. There was only two seconds of him. And it was I didn't even know who that what like didn't even represent. Well, was very muted David Lee Roth doing cocaine with the band, which I'm sure happened. But like David Lee Roth in nineteen eighty three was complete wild, man. And with that David Lee Roth in the in the movie seemed like he was in sticks. It was just good. Good where I'm just so mad like why wasn't Pam Anderson in it? They totally I don't care about Heather Locklear. Well, I mean, she was an important part of the early. History of Mali crew. But to completely erase Pame Anderson from the world of motley Crue, I mean, she's really what made them famous icon in law in that still Halloween costume to this day as Tommy Liam, Pam Anderson. Yeah. I mean, it's one of the most famous howling, and like where was kiss they went on towards kissed it, and they they went on tour with kiss and only I don't even have to look this up. This is like something I would have liked to seen in the film was they kissed took them out on the creatures of the night tour now if you're rock and roll fan, which Suming, you know. Anyone who wants to see the dirt is it's not like you're gonna get like say killers fans going. I wanna see the motley Crue movies anyone watching this movie is going to be knowledgeable about the band's history creatures of the night was like think kisses last tour in the United States for while. 'cause they were like. There's a deep dive for kiss in the early eighties Koska spans like rat. And motley Crue were were exploding, and they were just different than kiss and younger and more grass of and the about the British wave of bands like iron maiden and Judas priest's comments of kiss was just a dinosaur. So I thought that could have been a good story line of young motley Crue touring with the dinosaurs. There had been some bitterness between kiss and them that could have been in the movie, but they didn't even mention that tour. I mean. The only mention of whitesnake was when Heather Locklear was like, aren't you in whitesnake? And he was like Ouch. Like, there's so many good bands. That weren't mentioned that I know had rivalries or was a part of that whole sane like even guns and roses like guns and roses had a beef with everyone. How is that? Not in there at all. I don't know is it. But I thought it was cool that they were at the rainbow so much because like I go there now, and it was cool that they did a setting in the eighties, by the way that place hasn't changed since the eighties. Oh, no. They'd probably literally filmed at the rainbow. We're like, oh, Alex just like didn't eighty four. I mean, they literally have not changed anything maybe the carpet, which is probably a good move. But I just disappointed in. Everything about this movie. Just in it goes back to so many facts were just and I get it's a movie, and I'm not trying to make it like it was, you know, been her jaws. It's a movie about a decade in era, maybe the most decadent band in terms of sexual proclivities, which I knew that this movie would be a disaster. You can't do a movie about motley Crue rat poison guns and roses in this metoo era. It's impossible because you know, that this ban every banned from the eighties was fucking underage girls. That this is the way it is. If you want an indication of. You know, the type of girls that were going to concert in the eighties, and yes, they are my favorite band. But it's the perfect time. Capsule. You go YouTube the rat video for I wanna woman, it's just a live concert of them playing the song. And I would say thirty to forty percent of the girls are under eighteen in the video. So, you know, some of them got backstage Alabama sixteen so well, then I'm sure rats book tour strictly in Alabama. But you know, I think it's impossible to do a movie about any banned from the the mid eighties certainly hard rock band in this new era of Nikki six dated vanity the beautiful prince protege who was like really one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and they had a let's just say tumultuous relationship. Of possible, you know, domestic physical abuse where is that in the movie? But that's what you get when the band produces its produces. Its own movie. They're gonna leave all the good stuff out six Nikki six sixty and having a baby with a believe a twenty seven year old. Good good on you. I'd like to see that movie. I'm sure he doesn't want the scene in it where he beat up vanity allegedly. The part where he hit his fiancee in there. So I thought that was good though. I mean, the store like you all know it happened when his bad for him. But I mean good on him to go. Yeah. I'd probably did hit. Probably pay him. I mean that was well documented that he would stock on the bay watch that. I'd like to see an unauthorized. Dirt. What will you can't? Well, I know you can't because the ban wrote the book, so you're not going to. And the director even Jeff he he did the documentary in two thousand sixteen. So I thought it'd be a little more accurate since he directed that the real documentary he would be able to get this little more. Right. But the thing is you can't have this whole persona of like, I think with Rockin rollers. It's the big fish theory where you know, in a fisherman goes fishing, and they catch like a two Pounder at turns. When they get back to the doc. It's a five Pounder and then eventually when they're older it's ten fifteen twenty. I think they the stories are true. But the like the bad assery of like their manager saying that they were the toughest and wildest group you'd ever manage he'd managed on Jovian kiss. And like, I don't believe that. I think that every rock and roll band is wild. And they're trying to make this whole perception that they were the craziest young band that was in the eighties, and I don't, but then they. Don't tell the other part of like though, like we did drugs, and we did all these chicks. But then you don't tell the part about like domestic violence or your rest, or what you know, what I mean, it's like you can't have one without the other. It's just I mean, the time line was so butchered, but you know, just. It was a fictional account. Wasn't a but the dirt was more like. Real you know, like they didn't even get into. You know, Vince, Neal wasn't the original singer motley Crue, there's another dude which in the movie they portrayed him in that scene in the apartment as the other guitar player. But this guy was like, you know, a little on the happy side and Mick Mars didn't really like him. So they throw him out. And then they found vents and even the scene where they found Vance. In the movie, it's at back yard party. And he was singing the Billy squire song my kinda lover which hadn't even come out yet. That's just so basic you hire an intern who probably would've jacked off everyone on set to work on this movie. Just to get the credit. You know, you know, to learn on the fly on a major movie Netflix ex to look up these facts, right? So they're also on any movie that is based on reality or true store. You're like there are writers that are literally onset to fact, check things. So that's a writer's assistant job, usually. So like the thing that doesn't make sense. How did they get so many when you're doing it about certain air? And you know, it's that this movie is going to be to a certain audience who literally still gets on forums too like trash. I do. Yeah. But that's what I'm saying. Like, if you know, they're going to do it, and they're gonna nit pick. Do your good diligence to try to get it? Right. You know, if you miss one or two things like oops. But clearly if you're a director or writer, and you see someone coming out in a hulk. Mania shirt. And you know, the the the date is not like say something say something the costumer like that your job. That was the great thing about I'm dying care. I don't mention that. You know, get myself into the story. But like their fact checking was unbelievable on that set like the makeup people had hundreds of pictures in the makeup trailer of actual people from the seventies. That Tom Salix, you know. Okay. Tom Selleck, look, how did you know comics like Richard Lewis, and and all these famous David Brenner, all these famous comics from the seventies. And how their hairstyles were and I'm member one time onset, and this was an extra. They spent twenty minutes arguing with a background actor because he didn't share. He didn't wanna shave his soul patch. And this guy's face was literally. Unscreened for under three seconds. And is while I'm only only in the background. And you know, this is my look I don't really want and they will fire. You right now we need. They didn't have salt patches in the seventies. Either you shave it right now or we'll just call someone else. And that this is. Such detail oriented discussion over a background actor. So I think that's a good filmmaker too. Is you want it as accurate as possible? I mean you've worked clearly on I'm dying up here for two seasons in new it's fun to do era pieces. Like, I did the big short and a few other night did like, but it's it's if you do in the eighties is so fun to of a film about you have to be on your point. You have to have you have to really capture what it was like. So it just makes me mad. I think it's just lazy lazy. Costuming? It's lazy writing it's lazy directing that. You don't set Dak 'cause they did the car, you know. Well, the car thing is like I. Because I'm a bit of a car buff. And the Panthers really cool cars. It's a rare thing, but it's like that's not that much to just have someone build a pan terra shell. And I realize it's a quick scene. You know, you know, I mean, the story has been seen in the movie it's a big scene in the overall Sopa motley Crue history because for those of you who don't know there's a house party in Malibu, Vince, Neal goes to get more boos at the liquor store at the very last second razzle, the drummer from Hanoi rocks. Let go with you. So they go get the booze. They drive back and Vince Neil drives head on into a oncoming traffic and razzle dies and Vince Neal literally served he had a thirty day sentence for killing someone thirty days in the eighties. And I think you only actually served nineteen nineteen days for killing on like only in the eighties with that happen and great lawyers. To get that deal. And as you said something so simple that could in the. You know, construction part of the sets a Bill the parish, oh will put it over a corvette gale. And it's like they didn't even meet thence kneel at a backyard party. It's so one that scene never happened to it was the wrong saw. Did you like there's the scene when they made their manager. Mick Mars looks at a the cameras is this didn't really happen. But it sounds a lot cooler. It's like why why what why put it in the movie because Doug Valer, it was in the early days of motley Crue. He was much more important than doc McGhee who I don't even think it was around back then. So it kind of sucks if you're him. Oh, you know. And there's many other people who out Molly Vicky Hamilton who's been on this podcast before was she was around back then and is the complete blowing off of of the history. And like, I really wish I would have been onset as an advisor in our someone like me because I would have been like at nap in that way. Like like that same where they met Vince Neal could have been such good scene where they actually met him was at the Starwood which three local people in L A is on crescent heights, and Santa Monica. It's now a Russian dally. I've talked about it many times before on the spot cast because the owner was Eddie Nash. And if you've ever seen the movie boogie nights the scene where they rip off the wacky era. Guy. It was adding she was like the number one drug dealer in in California. He owned like all these nightclubs Yonne the night the spot where Jimmy Kimmel live is now film fan song jesse's girl and the little Asian Boyd Kindo. I don't know if that too, but and you've ever seen the movie wonderland. Eric Bogosian who's a great actor played him perfectly. Just show you how wild any Nash was he knew that girls liked the booger sugar the cocaine so he would have cocaine parties, and he would give us cocaine away for free. Financially. He didn't charge these girls. But he said if you wanna cocaine I'm gonna go in the bathroom. I'm gonna take the biggest shit, I can take and you know, if you do cocaine you you're. Your your bowels ones through your body rose it so you're you would you take a shit. It's a it's a it's a good one. It's literally I've, but I've never done it before. But like, you know, I just know plenty of people have and let's just say. Yeah. It's like a chocolate yogurt factories in your mudhole. He would have girls you want you want some of my cocaine the best in the world, you got it. But before you take one snort, you gotta lick my ass clean. So he was a character is the whole point of that enter lewd, and you know, Nikki six in him. It probably Tommy Lee MC bars invents all had wild parties with any Nash. And that's where they met dense. The he was in a cover band. And and so that could have been like. More typical eighties was in Vince Neal and a backyard barbecue singing that's a rip off of like Netflix doesn't have age restrictions on a lot of their movies. So like why didn't they just put that in? You know, like them saying like, oh, it's to our whatever there are so many other like fucked up things on Netflix that they produced in done that. It's like why didn't you put that in there? It doesn't. But I mean, that's just like an example of that would have been great seen. It would have been a perfect time capsule. What the eighties was like young bands trying to make you know, fucking girls with the club owner cocaine and being abusive towards women. I mean, let's be honest. That's what was going on air. Oh my God. I was there too. But I was only thirteen Perv are Kelly at that time. But like. I mean, I always when I heard this movie was being made. I was like you just can't do a movie about an eighties band in this. You know, thanks, Harvey Weinstein. You fucked up the dirt with your shenanigans. I mean, you know, kiss outta song Christine sixteen. I mean, what do you think Molly? Cruise sunk too young to fall in love was about Ted Nugent jail bait. I mean a little later on in the eighties winger seventeen. I mean, you don't think these hands were fucking underage girls, which is wrong. But if you're gonna do a movie about a ban from the eighties. You can't leave that out. Right. And you know, even like. I mean, we literally go on for two hours about the inaccuracies. They had in the movie Tommy Lee meeting, Heather Locklear the night in the car accident night. And that's such a simple fact that anyone on second check they met at REO speedwagon concert. It's a well documented story. So, you know, and he'll on and on, you know, they didn't fire doc McGhee overhead apparently the sorry. No, no, the interior of the rain at the forum was incorrect to you know, that they played their first show there. And then someone was like that's not even the forum that like someone was so pissed online wrote a whole paragraph about how that's not even how the form looks like in like clearly that wasn't the layout where the interior in the eighties. But I don't think they played the form with Ozzy which is around the area of that scene. You know? You know? It's just that's literally looking up ozzy's Wicca pedia page and going, okay. Where did he play in nineteen? I mean, Ozzy played the form. But I don't think he played it with motley Crue. I mean, this literally looking up Wikipedia page that takes two minutes. So, but they didn't fire doc McGhee in the movie, they doc McGhee was fired because he brought Nikki's mom to the hotel and dog McKay Jason interview, I think not maybe not this week. But recently, he never even met Nikki's mom, you know, he was fired it, which would have been a great story. Could you could have gotten a lot of bands into this scene to like add to the the wildness the Moscow music festival, which was all those bands were supposed to be sober. Now. I might get it wrong. Who was there? But it was Bon Jovi skid row. Oh cinderella. A I want to say why snake was there too? And doc McGhee toll motley Crue everyone's doing the strip down set. There's not going to be a lot of bombs and pyro. So it's basically, you know bunch over will walk out play. You will walk out and play and Bon Jovi was the only band had like full pyro and in in the full hundred percents show, and then motley Crue and the others didn't. And that's why he was fired. So why not put that in the movie like you have to make this phony scene with Nikki six, mom and? You know, that way you could have gotten Bon Jovi, and they're, you know, just like, I mean, I know over analyzing the movie that probably not a lot of people care about in the first place. But if you're going to do a movie deal, right, right? So are you gonna be stalking? The hulk movie that comes out or the I'd like to be to be honest with you. But should I get it? Correct. For those of you, you know, Chandler's much more behind the scenes in the movie world than I am. They are doing a hulk HOGAN biopic. And Chris Hemsworth is in right. Yes. He's hulk HOGAN, I believe I'll I'll look it up right now if who else is in they probably haven't cast it yet. But if you're going to do movie about hulk HOGAN, which you know, it's funny. We're talking about motley Crue in the dirt Cobain's rise was really the same timeframe is Molly crew, right? And if you know anything about eighties pro wrestling in the people who listen to this podcast into the people who do I do appreciate you. I really do you know Sino ally you threaten your fans at the beginning of the podcast because like on our podcast. We are like oh my gosh. Thank you so much review in. You're like, listen, I'm gonna quit. But it's true though. Like, I mean, like, I think right now on I tunes or apple podcasts little over two hundred actual people. Who reviews I think I have over like round five hundred ratings. I do appreciate each and every one of them view, but you can't leave audio 'cause I'll just going to go. Well that be better than oh. Oh, it's a Netflix movie the hulk HOGAN movie, well, you know, here's the thing it, we'll get back to the motley Crue movie. But Todd Phillips is directing the hall of movie. Great see now, it's gonna be good. But it what worries me is is a Netflix movie. And and I think it depends on. Who is the the boss in charge? You know, you certainly in the world stand up comics, you see certain people's net. Flicks specials. Get pushed Amy Schumer, obviously is very popular was someone at Netflix because she gets prime Belling has. She should she's big comic any even her billboards made me think, oh, this movie the dirt is not going to do. Well, because she has to massive billboards one she had she had one during Oscars to that was just her name. Yeah. The four even anything came out about her Netflix special, but she has one on Santa Monica and Los ago, which Netflix it does not have a large presence on Santa Monica boulevard. So the fact that they gave her the big billboard that they do have plus whatever they have of her on Sundays like, okay? Someone's behind her on this network. Clearly, the dirt was more of a after. Thought to most of the the top branch at net flex, but you know. Todd Phillips involvement in the hulk HOGAN movie. You know, hopefully, he can bring in not necessarily bigger names. Because I think it's important that whoever you have in the hulk HOGAN movie are wrestling fans 'cause if you have someone like say. Let's just say Bradley Cooper, which you'd have to have him. Just Bradley Cooper. But if he's not a pro wrestling fan now, he's such a good actor. He strikes me as the type that would research say these Bradley, you're gonna play the ultimate warrior. He such a method actor he strikes me as someone who would do. I'm not saying he would do this. But he would work out a lot do whatever he needed to to look like the Elton it warrior, and but I just think it's if you get people who are actually ended the subject matter, it's a better movie. You know? So like, you tell machine gun Kelly probably research, Tommy Lee, how did the talk. How did he look, you know, I'll lose a little bit weight? 'cause if you're I feel like 'cause if you're a fan of it, and then you get to play that person at such an honor that you wanna do it Justice. You know, you wanna do it? Like that's like Romney Malik who played Freddie, Mercury in the in the Queen movie. Apparently, he was not their first choice. And the producers are the ones that pushed for him. But it was such an honor for him to play that you could tell he worked like he wore those teeth the, Freddie Mercury t- that they made for him. He wore those around even when he was on set because he really wanted to be that person for the months that he was filming. So it's like you can you can tell he deserved that Oskar because he worked hard and he wanted to do it. Right. And I don't know. What did you say, you know, like, you know, with the hulk HOGAN movie, I mean, how wildlife is steroids cocaine woman is in. Hulk HOGAN was like a one man motley Crue. I mean, he really was. I mean, he was the biggest he was such a big star that even people who don't follow wrestling knew who he was which is rare in in the eighties wrestling, no one knew it was fake too. So like, they could be super wild and do whatever and didn't know wasn't real. Because there wasn't the internet the other. I've always a joke. I do onstage. You know? I really did think wrestling was real like when I was a kid in the eighties. You know, like, I I was references one particular wrestler, Kamala. The Ugandan giant. Cleese? I was oh fuck how they get this guy over from Africa. Like, this is crazy cosc- would come to the ring in a grass skirt. He'd have like. Whiteface on for lack of better word. He had a moon in two stars painted on his stomach like he was an actual savage. Like, he was the wild man from Borneo, which is the famous character in the little rascals in the early thirties where he was chasing the little ascls around the house. He was a savage like slave type of native looking character. That's what Kamala was so, you know, no internet you really thought. Oh, wow. This is crazy. But now with the internet, you can look up Kamala. The Ugandan giant and go os names, James Harris, and he lives in Tupelo Mississippi. Of course, he has no legs anymore. But that's another issue, which is really sad. I mean, the world of pro wrestling is is might be more brutal than stand up comedy. They really. They don't remember you. Well, once your shelf life is over on to the next guy. You know, the Andre the giant. Was the hulk HOGAN before hulk HOGAN is body started breaking down, Vince McMahon's. Okay. We've got this huge blond guy with all these muscles. Thanks Andre for the for saving us for the last decade out. Yeah, you're fired. Which is kind of how it is in the music world. You look at the rats and the motley crews and the poisons in the Cinderella's has soon as nirvana came along was thanks guys for making all bazillions of dollars. Nirvana analysis and chains we'll take it from here. See? And then backstreet boys, and in Saint came along and artsy nirvana, and you know, Alison chains, and you know, Soundgarden, and then, you know, Britney Spears Christine aguilara and pink see backstreet, boys. It's really cyclical. So one sense. It's pretty amazing that a movie about an eighties band was made in twenty nineteen or twenty eight release in twenty nine. Let me too movement because. I don't know. You know, how this whole Cogan movies? How can you accurately portray hulk HOGAN in twenty nineteen you just I don't think pan. Also, I mean granted willful all straight was right before the me too movement. But that's like Jordan Belfort like. It's a it's a different world because it was Wall Street, but like it was in the eighties, and he was fucking hookers and doing blow and beat he beat his wife, which they didn't really put that part in. Sorry, Jordan read your book. I know that that happened. I I feel like it's like in comedy where if you're playing so if you're playing a character on stage, and you say something offensive, but it's like your character would say that. And you're you're so research in this character of created it's forgivable, I think that's how movies should be. Like, why are we worried about offending people in twenty nineteen when you're just being accurate of what happened? What that character? Did. You know what I mean? Like, it's a movie it's not like you're actually doing this now. But clearly that happened. That's like if you do a movie about slavery that happened. Like, it did it you should portray what actually happened like why are you beating around the Bush? So I think with the eighties if they were doing blow or they were doing this like clearly your kids of heard the stories portray it correctly. And and. Like, not fuck the me too movement. Because like, obviously that's a, but like all but like that did happen forty years ago or thirty years ago. You know? Oh, yeah. Well, I'm a I'm probably not the. The target audience. Although for the dirt, I probably an indefinite for the hulk HOGAN movie, I mean, like, I don't think anyone who doesn't like pro wrestling is going to go see the, I guess, it's a Netflix. The Knekna stream hall Koga movie like. You know, you might watch it because we're dating you know, I like pro wrestling. Chris hemsworth. Well, I don't play there. It's a good body as looking guy. But like, I think you should get the facts right because it's a niche movie. Like, no, like, I I'm trying to think of someone we know a take a comedy friend of ours. Who? I'm trying to think of someone we know who doesn't like pro wrestling Blimey. I can't think of a name in particular. But Joe Rogan does not like pro, you know, from the standpoint of you know, he finds it. Silly few ever. Listen to Joe talk about pro ESL in you know, he he obviously comes from the you've seen 'em background rail. So it's probably is a hard sell someone like Joe because hey, do you wanna watch Shawn Michaels and Scott hall fight and official match or do you wanna watch Alastair over rain and Brock listener, really fight. I don't know. I mean, Joe, so well, researching might watch the hulk HOGAN movie, but you know, some of your female friends too. So probably wouldn't why I'm friends with Brit baron who is in the show glow. And she plays the daughter. Her name is scab in the show. She came from theater world, dramatic acting. She's very girly feminine in real life. And she plays this boy tomboy wrestler in glow. And then in our show. She's like a stunt ski girl who is super tomboy. And and so it's funny how she was talking may when she first got glow. She researched so much about women's eighties wrestling because she didn't know any of it. And she didn't grow up learning any of it. And how it's chain. Her view on all of that. And how she's kind of into it. So I think in its on that and it's done really, well, they have three seasons. So I'm maybe, you know, the the whole Cogan movie will do well because it is eighties. And it's just the boy version of wrestling if that makes sense because clearly there's an audience on net flicks for wrestling because I like I'd I would I watched glow just because oh women's wrestling. I don't know anything about it. But it sounds good. And then I started watching it was like oh shit. This is a really good show. And it makes me wanna like look up women's wrestling in the eighties to see how accurate or like, what does that make sense? What I'm saying here? I mean, women's wrestle. You're talking about a niche. You know, pro wrestling to niche subject matter to come from it women's wrestling. It's like because there really were only, and I'm, you know, even people who follow pro wrestling are going to know these things in the in the world of women's pro wrestling for so long probably from the fifties to really the eighties. You had the fabulous moolah was like the hulk HOGAN of female wrestling. She was basically the star. And then everyone would fight her. You had may may young who was her counterpart. And then women's wrestling was just kind of. You know, those two intil the women's basketball now. No, one cares about him. Hippy guy women's wrestling back on the map was hulk HOGAN was Cindy loppers connection to the women pro in when you had all Cogan fighting, my dear friend, the lake rate rowdy Roddy piper. And Wendy Richter was the WWF at that time champion, and because the rock and roll wrestling connection and MTV was just popping and Cindy Lauper was huge at that time. You know, Wendy rector got a lot of popularity because association with windy record. I'm sorry. Cindy, Lauper hulk HOGAN, and Mr. T in Roddy piper. And then she kind of faded. And then now women's wrestling is more like really really hot chicks twain, Bella twins, Charlotte flair RIC flair's daughter anymore. But it leader who back she was kind of in the nineties got women's wrestling back on the map because she was really hot. And she was. Actual great technical wrestler. So, but you know, if you if you do an accurate movie about hog, and you're going to have to have, you know, cocaine use the sex that was going on in the eighties in the WWF was maybe on par with what was going on at a motley Crue concert. Homosexuality is let's just say prominent in the world of pro Assulin. You know, I mean the ultimate warrior rest in pacey hinted. You know, some homosexual situations that all Cogan was in. You know, now, I would argue that. And this is a joke. I do on stage is a gay you. I think for some of these guys pussy is a gateway drug to dick. They just get so many women that they just look at a guy go. Yeah. Why not see to me? That's not gay when you run out of women to get you off of that's boredom nephew only sleep with one. Then I'm asking you this like if you only say about the one girl, and then you want dick might be like like Vince Neal slept with thousands of. Well, I think it's it's it's like, I think it's with anything as you get so. Amusing to what you're like if you so in the film industry, it's a it's the wild west. Would you not agree or at the comedy world will I mean, I haven't really been a part of the film industry in great detail. You have I have not in the comedy world. I can speak of. You know, it's it is the wild west. Although it's it's a lot tamer now. But now, you have most comics, and we know, you know, are on the dating apps tender fumble Araya, what's the other one seeking arrangements. At a app. Well, there's not well, there are few comics. You don't have the cash to be on that God on there just because they know the real horse there. But, but you know, it's like, I don't think there's a comic. I mean, there's several comedy do very well with women. But I don't think they do that. Well, where they would look at me and go. Hey, Skakel's got a great body suck his now. Yeah. So I'm not saying that that's what's happening. But I'm just saying like, so I've been in the film, and she eight years, they explain your background too. I mean in terms of your your industry background. Okay. So I grew up in the south small town conservative family, very conservative area where I was. I was a Christian g which was like are they going to hell because there have Jewish you know, 'cause I didn't even know what you wish was in the south. Really, you know, they don't know that it's literally like your heritage a quick interruption. Yeah. Just. Validate what are confirmed? What Chandler's saying what what am? I I rode gigs was in the south and Georgia, and I had a joke at the time about being Jewish right? But I'm Catholic and the club owner came to after what it's like, did you can't tell people you're Jewish around here. And I thought it was kidding. And what he means that don't wanna kill you. Now, maybe he was exaggerating a little bit on that. But you like one of the schools, I went to high school. KKK still like met at the town hall thing. Well, they pay their dues. They just saying. I'm just saying that's like it's and that's where I grew up anyways. So I started working in the film in SRI when I was eighteen 'cause they will not hire a P A until you're eighteen and by the age of twenty one I had seen cocaine. I'd seen the most crazy like the started seeing the craziest parties because at that point. I was over the drinking age was being invited to parties was saying producers hook up with eighteen year old girls, and they were in their fifties. So now that I'm twenty six. I'm immune like, I will be like, oh, yeah. They did coke the other day and people like, wait. What like my like, my my parents minds would explode. If they knew the things I'd seen like I've I've seen threesomes at parties I've seen gangs at parties. And it's not that I'm participating or anything. But you you go, and it's just you're so used to sing it from her. But you know, what? I mean, your mind gets warped to sing that because you've seen it so much that you don't think anything of it. If that makes sense. Oh, yeah. That's like. In. We started this podcast about the dirt. But it's probably coming full circle. It's like, you know, Ross battle at the comedy store seen as wild and edgy show, which it is you talk about I can't believe the show still going in this metoo era like with all the racially charged. Staying and slurs at are used on the show. But I always tell people you think rose Powell's edgy show. You should have been at the comedy store in the mid two thousand where I saw plenty of comics cry because of the host was given the worst intro in the world and meant it like there was this one heavyset comic, I won't say his name. But he he was large lose like ralphie may large. And he would go on stage reading his palm pilot, which shows you how far this was a palm pilot. I remember when I got my palm pilot. I thought it was like the most technological advance thing ever seen in my life. Back now second edges sched-, but the host of the comedy store whose name I will mentioned because he's a legend in the comedy store history James painter, if he didn't like you. He will give you a just a brutal intro, and he his intro for this guy was if you like barring fat guys who jokes from their shitty palm pilot. You're not gonna love this next guy. And that was his intro course, guys going to bomb who's gonna like, you know, be able to, you know, hit the stage running that intro. So I've been to I mean, you know, my stories gangs and sexual proclivities that my friends were done. So when I see something wild now, this is nothing, right. You're just like I like what parties did you go to? 'cause it's always like, I don't know how ended up here. But the parties today are nothing compared to I always or I don't know or when people complain that like someone smoking lead around them and stuff I'm like kid over it. Do you do you realize what industry you're in? Or what what's going on around you? Who cares? I don't know. I just have a warped sense of negative. But I mean, I it's I think I don't know if it's negative, but it just being realistic about what your if you're portraying something from the eighties. It was such a different vibe. You know, there was no, you know, when I was your age twenty. A sound ancient, you know, my parents would always be like Earl you know, if you around when we were your age and Elvis was like, oh my God. You guys are all. But now I sound like them like back in the eighties. There was no Netflix. There is no Hulu or Amazon or there. No streaming. There was no YouTube, you know, so if you wanted to go to a comedy club, you couldn't like all I mean, I do comedy. But like you do it as well. Like, you know, if I wanna watch a comedy show you to a foster Brooks, I'll are whoever Dane cook or Krista Lia, the Oban or whoever Jason learn, but back then you had to if you wanted to go see Jason n-, you had to get your ass up and go to the comedy store, you know, dice. I think too like I read this article it was saying how technology is making people flaky because it's so like back, then you if you made plans with someone to go the comedy store nine PM, you had a fucking meet them. But Golder you had to go like, you weren't texting last minute. Like, hey, sorry, overslept or you won't like, you know, it was basically the only excuse you had as either you you fell violently ill or had an emergency of why weren't going to meet that person? And now, it's so easy to be so disconnected or or to wait for something better to come along. Which is my biggest pet peeve with people that also the thing is too. There's there was no technology to take pictures. If you did something fucked up back, then accept polaroid. And then you definitely saw it. But you're right. The teams E there's no forget teams think competition radar online. Entertainment tonight or pop rods or any of that there's nothing. So like if you were like just say won't say motley Crue per se, but if you're an eighties metal band, and you had a young girl backstage sixteen seventeen year old which is illegal you slobs in any era. Harvey Levin wasn't gonna have a 'paparazzi guy there. You know, the placid on TMC tomb, literally two minutes later all these guys now who send dick pics to their two girls at the, but that's a crime. I'd be arrested not saying, but I like in there. Better known actors, or whatever or have a girlfriend or am. I you idiots do understand that screen recording exist now and screen shots and anything you put out his written in ink. It's not in pinzel like you're gonna get caught. So you better make it for everyone or no one. Now, we all know. Guys and girls she to UNICEF punches guys. But I says, I guess primarily guys who are maybe six seawalls. Oh, yeah. But I mean, I'm just saying. You know, you stab Chad. You know, let's say, I'm dating someone else and Snapchat Chandler. Here's a dick pic. I'd love to blow. You know? And then I say something to piss you off. I'm not saying you will do this necessarily. But you take screen shot of meat say, let's you send it to my girlfriend busted like in the eighties. You didn't have that. Now, the whole disconnect is they just posted online for everyone. Like, look what you did. Yeah. I mean, it's a whole. That's that's what happened the me too movement to you know, like, you're busted. Yeah. I mean Harvey Weinstein just should've started making films in the mid eighties. When there was no digital trail Harvey Weinstein should have made. I really wish Miramax. Would it be back in the fold the Weinstein brothers should have made the dirt 'cause rewind? It was like that. Didn't happen this happen. Let's put that Phil probably be a movie about Harvey Weinstein in the next twenty years. But but I probably could play him. If I got some supple extra pot marks. No. I I got a nice stubble. I could grow gain weight though, I would at this point in my career. I'd I'd call up ralphie maze managers what'd ralphie eat. I'm gonna eat it. I love rally, by the way, all hail came ralphie. But you know, I'm getting back to movie making that now, I might be different. Like, I know JFK all of our stone took let's. You say liberties because he leans to the left politically. So he maybe made JFK look a little better than he JFK was womanizer. Let's be honest. I mean, if there was a TMZ around. But I mean, he cheated on Jackie Onassis like frequently. And you know, that's family. I'm talking about throwing my own family under the bus. And I think he I think Nixon did all restraint neck tricky, dick. I mean, I think in that movie, which I believe in any Hopkins portrayed trying not to interrupt. Our flow by you know, looking up stuff, I believe all of our stone did Nixon if I'm not mistaken, and since he leans to the left, you know, he took some liberties per train Nixon and maybe not the best way. Whereas if someone from the right to the film. Nixon would have been portrayed a little not. I mean, Nixon was pretty scummy guide, but it wouldn't have been as bad. So I like movies that just like slapshot is one of the greatest sports movies of all time. It's a hockey movie, which you know, most hockey movies don't do. Well, just you talk about a niche subject matter in America, anyway, but slapshot was a real life. Look into the world of pro hockey minor league hockey back in the seventies. It was jungle hockey now they got lucky because they got Paul Newman. Maybe at that time the biggest actor of our time to because he was a hockey fan to be in the movie, which gave it a little more watch ability for not hockey fans, the IMF to go. Okay. I'll watch this movie in the subject that I have no interest in. But it was a very accurate portrayal the violence in the womanizing of the life of a pro athlete in the seventies. And. Football movie, which I think's the best movies of all time with Nick Nolte called north Dallas forty and it's basically a semi auto biography of the Dallas Cowboys in the. Blade sixties and seventies and drug use in the NFL back, then and. It was very accurate. A lot of people from that movie got blackballed from the NFL because to accurate, but that's what I wanna see. I wanna see the drug use. I wanna see the womanizing and there's a party scene in north Dallas forty that. Did not portray the Dallas Cowboys. I mean in the movie they're called the north Dallas bulls. Call the Cowboys. But is clear the Dallas Cowboys did not portray them, you know, the semi that rape scene. But like some of the women were not being treated well in the scene. That's what I wanna see if that's what it's like like, Freddie. Mercury bohemian rhapsody. He died of aids. Let's be honest. The the was sexually active male nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with being gay. But there's raise any type of aids, right? I wanna see that in the movie and not to be macabre. You know? You went about gritty. I do. I don't want a cleaned up which I think is why. Of my filmmaking woman here who's the borat? What Sasha baron Cohen? I think that's why he left bohemian rhapsody because he was I I want that what he said. But he's I wanna do the warts and all version, which is totally his style. I think with bohemian rhapsody they just wanted to pay tribute but make family friendly, which I get. But I once again, like the people who are older who know the story. Like, no, I wanna see the real story. Yeah. I mean it in in. That's an lies the problem with having the band produced the movie, which I believe Queen did the surviving three members. I'm sure they didn't want to portray their best friend. You know, as you know, sexually charged. You know out of control wild, man. But that's what he was the, you know, and that's not a I'd love, Freddie. Mercury. I think he's the best voice in the history of recorded music and probably the best front man ever. But you know. He died how he died for a reason, right? You know, I had a guest on this podcast the great Jeffrey Mark who? It's one of my favorite episodes because he's an older gay gentlemen. We're just talking about growing up gay in the seventies New York, he said singer actor, and he just works out fucked, Freddie. Mercury right. What? Let's talk about this a second. I was just going to ask you about Ella Fitzgerald. But because he wrote a book on Ella Fitzgerald. We're gonna talk about Freddie, Mercury right now in in in. How he did. It was they met at a a bar New York City that was known for sexual hookups, and they just went in the bathroom and did their thing. And like that that's the behin rhapsody. I would wanna see not the whole movie is every Freddie Mercury hookup. But you know, I just like realism helps they like touched on the subject, but it was like unless you were over a certain age, you didn't realize like I remember when I watched Greece when I was four I liked it because of the music, and I wanted look like bad, sandy, I didn't realize Rizzo was pregnant or anything, you know, because I was so young. And I think that's how that movie was done. Where like if you are hit you get what's going on in the movie. But if you're not you don't because they don't blatantly say it or show, it does that make sense. I mean, she resolve is basically a whore. And but you're right. Like looking at grace, you know, he didn't really like I never really thought about results hor-. I didn't know I didn't know what that meant. And I remember I remember Greece was my favorite four. And my momma, let me watch it. And I hi was like I want to be like her. I want to be like a pink lady my mom's like, no, you don't. But now that I'm older. I'm like mom, you let me watch that. And she's like, you didn't know what it meant didn't know what. Now, I dress like a horror, but just getting. Well, that's just being naive. I I mean, there's many films. I watched as a kid. I didn't really know what was going on. Now being fifty I go. Oh, jesus. There's oh. It's kind of weird. With music to like, one of my favorite groups as a kid 'cause I grew up in the disco era was the village people has a kid. Zero idea that they were singing incredibly good, she'd say, homo erotic. Songs go west. I thought was literally just about visiting California. You know, but you look back now it's knows go to San Francisco go to the bath houses and get fucked, pardon my language, but that's what it was about macho man, I swear, and I'm not trying to do stick or be funny. You know, I really thought it was a song about working out. But then when you start to break down the lyrics of macho man, and you know, you can grab a hot shower. No. That's why. Get yourself clean. You know? Oh that they're not talking about working out. So I mean, that's like the the guns and roses song. You could be mine. I used to listen to all the time. I to this day will still scream the lair when I come home late at night. Don't ask me where I've been just count your stars. I'm home again. I know that wholesale is about him cheating on friend or doing cocaine out late at night. I just like the song and ice yelled at on the playground. And now, I'm like, oh, my teachers probably were like who. Let's listen this music, but. So like the song by guns and roses one in a million. I actually just really liked the song, but they don't play it anymore. And I thought why don't they play any more? And then I started looking at the band we were at the same concert. But we didn't know each other at the time say, oh, they're gonna play one of the billions wanted to more known songs. Nope. And there's a line. Couple lines in song where actual says the N word and also says the F word for gays, and then I started looking at the drummer going, okay? This guy's a three hundred pound black eye. Now. I know why they don't want the million anymore. I don't know if anyone's gay in this ban, but he's black and he's not gonna ache. We skip one of the million and do a cover. But well, I think probably the best example of looking back now versus seeing the the video then was the Olympia Newton John video for physical. This is really like you're going to play. I'm begging everyone. I if you getting one. From this podcast. And once again me and Chandler started talking about the dirt. Now, we're deep diving into eighties videos hangs. Well. Yeah. I guess it kind of fits please look up the video for a Libyan Newton John's physical and start. It's really catchy song. I don't know if it holds up, you know, twenty nineteen, but it was typical eighties where the start of the video she's surrounded by fat dudes like outta shape fat dudes. And that's the whole point of the song. She's trying to get them to work out. And at the end, like thirty seconds from the end, they all tune into these incredibly good looking just beautiful men, beautiful bodies and she's getting all excited and then as bang songs ending. They all there's probably about twenty so ten couples. They all start holding hands and they walk out. So they were. Regaling? Yeah. They were gay as a kid. I was like what is this made like how come they aren't trying to fuck Libya? Newton john. And then, you know, years later, probably recently, I was like, oh now I get that video. They were gay. And then she walks off with the one fac. I stuck around. Style. So it is funny to see certain movies that you were naive about. As a child and see them again as an adult and go now, you get a better understanding of. You know, what life was about? So brainwashing. The government's brainwashing us to where we watch our child. Don't know what it means. Now that we're in adult week sept- it more like, okay? Well, you know, you just watch. It's just there have. Well. I mean when your kid, I don't think you analyze like kids. I I don't know how many young kids are gonna see the dirt. Our kids are Neely one. I'm gonna have a plan in the background. But. You know, I'm sure they're not gonna go. Well that didn't happen. This didn't happen. Will you know, they're not gonna should about the facts being wrong. So joe. Glad I got to get this off my chest. Because it really bothered me. This is a therapy session. An eighties therapy session of all the. Thanks, and we didn't even like, well, that's like we didn't get into half the thing in the costume department on a movie once it makes me mad. This is the last thing I'll say about like Tommy late Michigan Kelly. There's a scene he has headphones on those headphones are present day headphones. They are not eighties headphones. So I'm like, what are you doing? Did. You just go pick them up target like. That was something that maybe mad because I'm like, that's such a simple wardrobe assistant mess up. Well, I mean, we didn't get into. I mean, there's so many like, you know, they didn't even really cover the singer whose name is John Korabi. He took over for Vince Neil, and they did a whole album with this guy, and in the movie, John Krabi was in two scenes. No, speaking scenes, but he was somewhat of a big part of the history of the band and the way they just glossed over motley crews life from ninety four to two thousand five you know, in in even that the reunion with Ben's Neil did not happen in a bar. It happened in like a a lawyer's office where there was tons of lawyers. They motley Crue would never say this now, but they wanted to do a second album which on karate because in the mid nineties in John Roberts. Great singer. But he's very like Chris Cornell Soundgarden ish. You know, he's a rock and roller. Right. You know, he's. Grungy glam-rocker if that makes any sense like he looks like he could have been Soundgarden nirvana Alison chains they wanted to do a second album with him because that's the type of music that was popular in the mid ninety two wasn't Vince Neal. And so in the movie, they portrayed as we get rid of karate. We gotta get Vince back in it was not an immediate reunion. It was they made it seem like it was a ten minute conversation at a bar Malibu where in fact, there was tons of lawyers involved. And and it was just like once again, like I thought it would have been it would have been a better seeing if you had you know, that scene in some lawyer's office in century city where they're arguing back and forth lucky vents, but you Tommy, blah, blah, blah, lawyers arguing when we want publish it. We want this then some sappy made up seen in a bar Malibu, where they're, you know, right. You want to see the real deal on another real story. So if you if you on the lottery and could make any movie about any band, would you pick rat. What would you pick? Well, let's I'm on. I don't think movie about rat. Would would do well full. We all know him friends with Stephen peercy. He's very good to me. They were a bigger ban in motley Crue at one point but couple of bad decisions. You know? You know, management wise, you know, they could have had a song on the top gun soundtrack. You know, they didn't they went with Eddie Murphy's golden child and said, you know, I mean looking back you don't know what's going to be a head. Eddie Murphy at the time was a bigger star than Tom Cruise. So you could kind of say, well, I see where they went with that movie. But you know, you aband- who Kenny Loggins and Berlin still tour off their songs in the top gun soundtrack. I will do movie about kiss warts, and all I would not have gened or Paul involved at all or I would sell show network grout where you don't. 'cause that's what they did about Facebook. Is they didn't talk to Mark Zuckerberg? They did the movie first. And then he got to see it before it was released. We'll reach out to Jean Paul and say, listen, this is the movie I'm doing whether you're involved or not. I mean, you know, you guys were failing in the early eighties. That's going to be portrayed Vinnie. Vents and came along wrote lick it up. That's going to be portrayed accurately, then he was a complete maniac, and you guys fired him three times in two years. His craziness will be portrayed, you know. And you know as freely and Peter Chris for alcoholics and drug addicts that will be portrayed. But I will also portray that you needed them to make money for the reunion tour because you guys weren't really killing it with Bruce kulich, and Eric singer and the band that's not a knock towards them. They're great musicians. But so you know, you guys kiss alive in the eighties. But you know, you guys were also probably pretty hard to work with still hard to work with, but they should be it's their band, but you guys will be protrayed as keeping the band of float kiss. I mean, but you guys will also be portrayed, you know, not favorable light as well. I mean kiss outta song goes back to the two. And if you listen to that song, it was it's creepy under any ehre. But when gene Simmons in the chorus that sell you coming out of school. I just knew of gotta have you got to have you. That's fucking creepy, man. And now he's sixty five singing the same song. It's even creep. They should change it to you know. I don't know the, you know, Geno. I dunno. I dunno female name the ends in great. But Margaret forty eight. For something. I don't know winger still sing seventeen because it's their only hit but should be. She's only eighteen eighteen daddy's little girl old enough to do Christine eighteen. We're not gonna get ahead just appropriate songs, but final thoughts on the turf from Chandler Barbie. And before you do where can people find you on social media, because I know that you, you know, have some social media, but you have you know, you prefer the producers of the wriggles picks podcast with rob Riggle Tian do people reach out to you. There you tell them where to find you. You my Instagram and Twitter both the same. It's at Chandler Barbie. Be A R B E E. And then we also have a podcast available every Thursday on apple podcast, and now Spotify our new home wriggles picks with the wonderful Serote on a very funny comic, and rob Riggle. It's a sports and comedy podcasts that I produce and you will occasionally hear my voice. Yeah. And then smother things in the works. But can you talk about them? Well, film projects to TV shows you walk in on that you can talk about. Well, I did shark week last year, and we're in negotiation. I'm probably going to be doing it this year. I ride on that show. Then you're on. I I don't think you'll mind me saying this robbery scheme Astor on robbery ski master kademi. And I'm was on previous seasons of FOX ineffective wriggles picks and will probably be on it again this year because I write on it too. So it's very just put myself in it. But why not I mean? Yeah. But it's also like Mary Lynn. Erlin Reisch cub on it and twenty four khloe from twenty four your co host or not your co host one of your co stars alma, drew gal, the great, Al magical. He keeps it real. He was on. He is the best. I love him so much. Let's be honest. I was a pretty small part of I'm dying up here. I was a recurring character. And you know, I think literally I was a head of the boom operator in the credits. But every time there was a cast party or premier L magical ago would literally grab my hand and pull me up to Jim Carrey go Jim this is early is one of the comments on the show. He's really funny. He didn't have to do that. And so like, you know, he could just. Coordin-? Jim Carey off in a corner and pitch in product products projects that he ad you know, trying to get made. And like, I l magical awesome, dude. Air Griffin Anderson Tino Jake lacy Clark, Duke, Michael our Gano like. This is my first time being on the show got cancelled as like, wow, the show should have been on longer. But. Listen up fans bear subscribe to this podcast because he's seriously gonna quit. He said, I'm being serious. It's a lot of work to do this podcast. It's free work. You know, I do it. You know, I had someone reach out to me on Instagram the other day as dude, where's where's the next episode? And you know, obviously is a fan. He wants to listen to it. But it's like, do you think just you know, I do it in unconventional way. From the standpoint of people come to my home, it it takes a lot to get someone here. Like, even on our podcast, you feel like until Sarah Jonah she's on tour right now. And she has fans come up at every show and listen to our podcast. We don't know if you guys are listening to us because we're talking in a Mike we're trying to find guests every week and it which I know Earl does it's har-. It's hard. It's a job, and it and you get discouraged because you're like do people listen to this or am. I just talking in a Mike. Honest with you. That's why the last few weeks I've not done enough Assad is like this is now four years in. I think this'll be episode on the round to seventy five I'm not sure or not that's a lot of fucking episodes. And that one point I was very high up on the apple podcasts slash itunes, charts. But then someone reported me for music violation that I use one song. Well, I I've tried you know, they apple podcasts is great. But they're not very helpful in this regard. They said this is exactly sent me to emails long story short not the bore you fans with the intricacies of what I have to deal with. But it is a reason why been a little down on doing this podcast lately. You know, I was as high as number one at one point. But usually in the top ten, and I was never one in Australia so much show that I was planning tour going to Austrailia off number one. They're actually can sell tickets and then taken off the charts completely. I reached out to apple podcast, I tunes whatever you wanna call him. Okay. What why did I get taken off the charts? Like, we'll do an investigation. They did two separate investigations both times. They said we found you did nothing wrong to manipulate the system because there are ways to manipulate the I shouldn't say this. Because now, I know my competition. Do this. But you can go on several websites to pay someone's from Bangladesh. Just basically by you fake lessons that I tunes doesn't really at this time have a way too big out fake lessons from Instagram works. But on Instagram hose. Oh, yeah. I mean, we'll get into that at another time. But they're like we've found two investigations we found you did nothing wrong. And I was like we'll just put me back on the charts. And they're like, well, we don't manipulate chart position. I'm like I understand that. But my last chart position was number eight knighthoods comedy. That's all I won't put me back there. And if I'd drop like a stone, then that's fine. But they're like, well, we we can't guarantee you that position. But just to investigations I did nothing wrong. I'm not asking you to put me at number one, the head of Rogan or will Ferrell's Ron burgundy podcasts or Marc Maron. I just wanna be where I was at. So. Basically since in love to Skakel snake like over here. Put some snake emojis in his Instagram. So we know you're from the podcasts. Here's what I'm asking. You guys to do. Now, this podcast is typical of challenged enough to do this podcast. She actually wouldn't say talk me into doing this. But she said come on. Let's do it. This was about an hour and a half that we spend deep diving into mostly the dirt, but giving you guys free content for our and a half. Hopefully, you're work. Well, maybe not at work, but in your car, and your car your long, drive, whatever we just provided you for an hour half. Hopefully in your mind, a good podcast. All I asked you to do is going to happen podcast. You literally everyone's on apple podcasts for the most part. What do you like the podcast or not, right? Your thoughts on this podcast sucks. This podcast is great. He has gaseous bad. Guests is guest knows. He has Stephen peercy for radd. He, you know, maybe you know, that helps me get just say just say who you want your dream guests on the shell is like we don't know who you want on. If you want rob regal that could probably happen. But Rob's not going to do a podcast. I mean almost speak for him. That knows listen to or, you know, reviews help get bigger guests sponsorships celsius been drinking. A lot of your drinks celsius. Monster celsius doesn't get on board. You know, more reviews more ratings, you might think how's that can help. You it does because sponsors are bigger name. Guests like, rob a rob Schneider, David Spade or Jimmy car-? I know you guys would love to have me in Jimmy car. Jimmy cars gonna he's strikes me as a guy who's gonna look at my subscribers to look at my ratings. He's gonna look at the the actual reviews. Okay. I'll do podcast. It's pretty popular. That's the whole reason. I want you guys to do this. I love you all provide content for you guys. Thanks. But I swear to God. If you guys don't step up the pace with reviews and subscribers. I'm gonna go on soundcloud. I wanna delete the whole fucking. Account, and I'm gonna tell tunes I paid fifty people from Bangladesh to fix my rankings manipulate the system cancel my podcast. I'll go rogue. And I'll start another podcast talking about you people. I'll start out in listeners. Inappropriate. Earl soundcloud, Napa podcast leva fucking review. If I don't get at least ten more reviews by next week's episode. I'm deleting everything I'm going rogue. I'll be cluster fess June twenty first June twenty third San Francisco, I'm back in the comedy central family. Now, a lot of people said Earl you got to rescind your battle offer to Jeff Ross. You're burning bridges comedy central is not going to comedy central respected me 'cause I'm a soldier. I'm a voice of the voice Lewis. I speak for the unspoken. I stand up for victims rights, and until that may why don't know if I'm allowed to say the actual day. But let's just say renew your adult swim. Subscriptions, you cheap money grubbing bastards because berry jelly will be back in the mother fucking house, and I'll have a billboard just above the car wash sunset and Fairfax. So all you people who don't talk to me. Now are may twentieth. Gonna go. Hey, Skakel love your set tonight. And I'll be like why haven't gone up yet. You clout say sing hells Chandler's? Me well aware of all you Instagram, scammers buying followers. Not may. I got eighty seven hundred or Ganic followers on Instagram, you, pigs fuckers, you freeload in pigs. You sexually charged babboons. Sorry, I'm getting to real hair just leave a review and subscribe to the mother fucking podcast.

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