Jonah Mutono Drops Kidepo Pseudonym On New Album


You're listening to World Cafe. I'm rain address today. Our guest is Joan Antonio. He spoke with World Cafe contributing host Kaleo. Joan Amato's debut album features songs about the foremost common last names in America sharing a moment with this stranger on a long train. Ride and imagining what it would be like to get married. Just after World War Two now this is disparate subject matter. It helps know that Joan is worldview is pretty wide. He was born in London and lived in the United States until his family moved to Uganda. When John was just eight years old he attended a boarding school in Kenya and moved to London for High School and College. Before returning to Uganda. It was there. He found a lot of musical attention for his recordings under the alias. Caputo since then Jona has shed a pseudonym and moved to New York City to make music under his own name. His debut album is called Burg and will be released soon today. We're getting a sneak preview of some of his new songs. Let's get started with circulation. H Jones Mattel now on World Cafe Ma friends they always and say mom blinds Lord knows how gossip spread hiding banned Asthma and nights can be so I'm giving but they dream. We are closer than we've been. We I love the crew. Why don't we want fall off? Where the John Well Abidi's pretend nine this trapped in between nervy skin every rap so tight that as a bid and that wherever we ought to launch you. We used cruel. Shot a Wow that is that's absolutely beautiful John Amato hear how my Gosh? The debut album is called. Gerg was Circulation welcome to the cafe. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah so you've lived in a lot of different places but one of the things that I saw on your bio that I found interesting. Is We tape this show here in Philadelphia so in your many travels a round the world you've lived in Philly? How old were you? And how long did you live here? We moved here when I was seven months old and we left when I was eight. Okay so you don't have very much to remember about Philadelphia. No I remember going to the playground and I was home schooled so I remember being at home and walking around on the street and going to the corner store to buy lucky charms but you kind of lose when you leave America interesting. So what happened at eight Take me take me from there from eight. Where where do you move next? We moved back to you. Got To my parents are Ugandan and we went back there Because my dad wanted to start a charity interesting okay so eight you just so that's really where I would imagine you`re. Adolescence begins obviously as in Uganda. Because most people don't remember from zero to eight very little yes. Yeah definitely But I think I was there for two years and went to boarding school when I was ten in Kenya. Okay so we so. We're now up to three countries here in ten years of your life. Yes Sir so from Kenya to. How do you end up in London? Because I know that London was part of a huge part of your story yes So my parents were working out in the middle of nowhere where my dad grew up and there was nowhere to go to school and a couple that had been sponsoring. My parents charity. Took me in and let me live at their house? While I went to school in England when I was twelve years old. Well can you at ten to England at Twelfth. Yes okay well and then I pretty much was in England until the end of college. But I'd go back to Uganda really frequently. Okay so so how'd you end up in America? Here okay well after I. I'm doing so many things but I just. It's such a fascinating heartbreaking. After Uni I end up going back to Uganda to live. My parents hadn't really lived with properly for a really long time. And that's where I started making music. Just you know it's done logic and I made my first couple of songs. Put them out on soundcloud. And they got picked up by blogs. And this I guess my parents gave me some money and to go to New York to see if like I don't know I could make anything of it. That's incredible that's that's what you hope for your parents over really exactly most people when you think of your parents and it's like Hey. I want to do something music related. They're like you know. Oh yeah real bad. Thank my dad. Who grew up in a mud? Had He didn't have his first parachute so he's fourteen years old Sorry to out him like that if he listened to this He was he was he said. Oh I'm just I feel like I've done well enough that you feel privileged enough to be an artist here on the World Cafe Geno the debut album is called Gerg and The next one we're going to hear is called shoulders and I. I love the sentiment of the song because it's something that I think. We can all identify with being tired and being that shoulder that someone rests their hat on or was that one out of a real life experience for you as really I was living in New York time and I feel like city. Life is very isolating. I mean you can have your friends but at the same time. Everyone's working all the time and one evening I was on on the train and a lady put her head on my shoulder and I thought oh well this is a this is what we should be doing for each other so I kind of wanted to on that interesting. Do you remember what line it was? It was on Jay Leno New York. Subway lines have some people who don't realize their lines and they have personalities sort of like certain behaviors is acceptable on one. Oh for real. Yeah there would. You couldn't pull that on. Maybe another stop. No not on the train for shirt so so did you. How did the did you? Did you waking her when you had to get up. What got off before? I did. Thank goodness because I was really scared at the moment. We're to be like excuse me go so well. That's a really really sweet sentiment and the idea that city life is i. It can be very very arduous and having a moment of respite is it was such a beautiful sentiment so thanks. You're setting up for us. Everyone should lean in and listen now. It's shoulders on the world. Cafe is the sixth of Now. Vam just another Tuesday night with no phone calls now. Dan Plans to speed. And I've been the seed Filler Abidi repair but that doesn't mad my st you. Does you know to me like in Seattle. Really know but engine no and Cottam. No you could be anyone code will lose a knock. Combo so you could be anyone anywa anyway you I show you how minds a bay by a killer still trying to make me just I don't really know engine Anna Salvador Qatar. No you could be adding a hugh. How so kids Don't Ya hum only show you how you sleeping. So you could almost Company name here on the World Cafe absolutely beautiful Jimmy Toner with shoulders from the debut album. Gird I'm my name's Kallio I'm the host of or one of the hosts of World Cafe and someone who works in entertainment right so for many years. I did not go by my last name. Which is Kalaheo And I can appreciate a musician that has stage name so for several years. People knew your music but they didn't know your name and that was by design correct. Yes tell me a little bit about a kid up. Oh and why it was chosen not a stage name but actually more sort of like a barrier to Jonah over for Sir. I think it was always music's always such a great outlet to me that it didn't seem I think at one point never seemed like I'd really be able to do it professionally and and at the same time. A lot of my friends did no I was doing it and it was just something so personal. I didn't really grow up having a lot of creative friends You know all my friends growing up. Or they're all accountants. Now they work in development and that sort of thing so as always quite a secret thing and so being out in public Putting out music kind of felt maybe embarrassing. I had a couple of friends that played instruments and I sang a lot of opera secondary school. Which is you know what it is. But it's also quite an elite level of this a niche thing and actually a couple of my friends who I grew up with. Ended up doing that. But you're seeing someone else's music and it's quite a small little bubble to like actually write your own music. Wow Is One of those things I feel like. I played a couple of my own songs and secondary school to a couple of people and it was always. It always felt like as far as quite an impostor. What are you doing writing songs into you? Know Wow so it was being you not being an impostor at all but you end but at a certain point you decided you're okay with putting this music out but you're going to do it under a different name. Yes I said. This is the obvious question what what was the what was the watershed moment where you decided that you know. The songs are not coming from Connecticut. But they're coming from Jonah and they and you need to know they're gonNA come Jona. I feel like at a certain point when enough music it come on. I was kind of use yet to the idea of it. I thought you know it is it is it is coming from me and I want people to know who I am because it would provide some context and I think what I love most about the the artists I love and grew up with is that they have the name out there. When you really WANNA find out about us on you kind of find out about it through the context of their life and what they're going through and I wanted there to be a person behind the music you're listening to World Cafe. We're here with John McDonough. Be Debut. Album IS GREG so debut album Gerg Gerg. You think that it's just it's a sound but for me. It reminds me of my childhood because one of my good friends. His nickname was Gert Because Gerg is greg backwards exactly So who's Greg who's Greg who's who's Gerke then WHO's Greg? Greg is somebody that I dated who? I didn't want anybody to know about no way. Yeah so I saved them in my phone as Gerke so that anybody who picked up my phone because pretty loose with my phone like anyone can really look into if they want to. So if they ever looked in the Gerber and they'd be like Oh this is like who could this possibly be like. It's probably just a friend or whatever this like not and it and it worked for the most part so it was because you didn't want them to know you had a partner or yeah I guess so I guess so. I think it's like one of those things where I grew up. Very religiously and A lot of my friends are still in that community and so when I went back to England in two thousand seventeen just went straight back into the community and that was It was kind of I was I was exploring was exploring and I kind of wanted to do it without the the eyes of all the people that have known me since childhood or whatever you're listening to the World Cafe we're here with Joe Montana on on what is really interesting session and I really appreciate your honesty and your candor. Nineteen forty nine. That's an interesting title for a song. It was a very good year. I don't know I wasn't I wasn't there so I set us up. Set THIS UP FOR US. Would you please? Nineteen forty nine is a year. That was a a big baby. Boom era lots of babies are being born on the minute. Come home from war and I feel like if you see pictures of couples from nineteen forty nine. It's all very like a very traditional love. You GET MARRIED. You have kids very traditionally speaking and I wrote this song for my friend's wedding very Sarcastically I feel in terms of dislike. I want I want to write them on that. I can play the wedding but I make sure if feels like it feels like me and then I feel like after written it for this wedding and then I fell in love myself I was like Oh actually I feel like this is accurate and I hit the nail on that cool. Let's hear it. Could you be the though at nineteen forty nine? Could you be this? We say the Mediterranean he love calm the just grab. Won't you need somebody somebody to be a? That sounds bad so settled me. Could you be mom for nearly third day? That almost fake forty nine a loss strayed into. I think Ma stint time. Describe the keys. You need somebody to be be that sound bad. So settled a affects. You crave waited way baby in half the effects you've been craving weighed way. You just pick look. You need some somebody. He cake seeing Back so if you're ready to settle Wow on the world cafe nineteen forty-nine Cinema Tonio. You have a piano player sitting next to you. Would you introduce him? This is Kevin Bernstein. A Kevin how you doing man fantastic and GIG number. How many times have you guys played together this second together? You're getting applause from me. That is beautiful and and you carried it off flawlessly today guys. It was an absolute pleasure. Congratulations on the album. I get the feeling we're going to be hearing a lot more from you in the future. Please come back and see us again so much. Thanks for having US. We got it. This is the world cafe.

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