CDC Bombshell: Only Six Percent Of "Covid Deaths" From Only Covid!


Hello, everybody and thank you for tuning into the Liberty Report. With me today's Daniel Mike Adams are co hosting. Good to see you today. How are you this morning Dr Paul good feeling weak and ready and raring to go. That's right. Solve another problem. Couple I've been saying that for a long time. His hard to measure and I think that is the truth when we're in this type of business or no matter what kind of freedom group it is you never know what the results are I keep thinking about all the young people that call me the have their own little organization that somebody say, why don't you go on there? They only have two, thousand, two, thousand I used to go for twenty. So. There's a lot of people out there a lot of changes. So that's where I get my optimism. So that's why we keep plugging along. Do our best to get the information is sorted out because you know we usually find some good news people move in our direction. I think we have a little bit of that today. At least information we have the CDC report. Which is Falling our way and that trying to explain that the data's not reliable. And also, that there are some results in Berlin in Europe we're showing that to people are rebellious. Actually better than the Americans are. Rolling over here you know. Adam Dick are staffer written article really goes over this details about what's going on on our car colleges not destroying people then you know we still. Nervously have some in our family still into. Regular teaching business and kids in regular schools, and it is just devastated tried to raise kids doing this and I. It seems like it's deliberately to really get you up. Especially, if you have kids at different ages and different schools and then they take a break it up some his home, some is doing this and some of your ten classes and it's a good good way to make people nervous and the kids to there's not only parents who have to hustle has to be the kids to get all upset about this because they believe it or not kids like to be organized and they like it when people give them a little bit of help structure nor they're going to do but we WANNA go over. The CDC report and this is really something that. We suspected we talk about we knew it existed, but this is some. Firm evidence what's going on how they can't the data we know has always been fudged and they've come up with a new number saying that it was ninety four percent of the covid nineteen deaths in the US had. Other fact maybe. Maybe. Cover had nothing to do with it, but it looks like out of this group of over hewing only six. Did they say they were claiming that? Well, we we would put them in the category that those individuals dive from the virus with. This. This whole thing if we ever got to the point of saying instead of Cova Nineteen, the hysterically pandemic and all this stuff. If they were said, we you know this year's cold virus. something. Always thought worse. Worse than average cold virus, but it's not some people. Argue is not worse. Then influenza, there's some stats on that but you know when the dust settles. We're going to have an more accurate they. You know as as some honest researchers research is going to find out that wasn't anything like they portrayed it to be, but did you say say well, that's good news. Well, it's good news that they're finding it. It's a little late the sooner the better but the the whole thing is. If if if if they find it. Know might be too late because. The process is going to be in place. They're sort of waiting. You know this falls through I. think that. You know it's when I read the CDC report that will could this be cover? They're coming out and saying, well, you know we did this and We weren't hiding anything and our they're leaking out the truth, but that's to to conspiratorial that wouldn't be true. So it is and it's it's a bombshell and we can actually even put up the first clip. This is from the CDC zone website this. report that came out over the weekend. This isn't the CO morbidity. Section of the report for six percent of the deaths covid nineteen was the only 'cause mentioned. On average, there were two point, six additional conditions or causes per death, and additionally the most of those who died of that ninety four percent were of an extreme advanced age. So this incense, it's a bombshell because in a lot of people are saying, well, that means only about nine thousand, two, hundred people died from Cova alone, and that is not entirely accurate, and in fact, Alex Berenson who's I think done the best work on. This is a former New York Times reporter. And he's been on, he's been on TV all the time about it but he makes a point that it's not accurate to say that only nine thousand. because. Some of those co morbidity. Really, are conditions that can be related to a cova death like pneumonia, but it's probably fair to count that in a few others. So Berenson did is he went through it and he said, let's take. The Co Morbidity is that clearly weren't related to Cova death even though Kobe was on the death certificate and he pointed out Alzheimer's. Dementia cancer and unintentional. Injury member, we talked about the motorcycle accident that was covert suicides there a section where suicides are listed as. So he says, if you take out those that were clearly not related to cove it, even leaving things like diabetes and obesity because that can be related even if you're so conservative, you do it that way by his estimate, there were about fifty thousand. Certificates covert certificates assuming no double counting, which certainly could be the case but that is a far cry. If even if you leave those things in fifty thousand deaths rather than one, hundred, sixty, some thousand deaths that is a regular flu season of I think in eighteen, we had eighty thousand deaths. So it's clearly even if you approach a very conservatively and you don't want to say only nine thousand, there's clearly something that's changed since these numbers have come out the one statistic that I don't think we're going to see and someday somebody might try to sort it out but we very controversial is the. Genetic cause. Because doctors do make mistakes and sometimes for political reasons of all sorts of things. But they make mistakes everybody that got put on a respirator was done with the intent of doing what they thought was the right thing and turns out. I. Don't think any doctors now say get them on a respirator. Fast. This'll hit head off the seriousness of the disease as sort of thing and I don't know. I. Don't see them soon sorting and I say it was the treatment. What about the denied treat move hydroxy chloroquine you know. That's still up in the air though I have a strong opinion about that and I think that the FTC. Completely wrong century taken off the market. So they may have contributed to some of the problems to and even the even the ones who died. You'd have to go and look and see if you those things could have been contributed. Did the doctors actually contributed? We know the politicians house. But the doctors do it in air not realizing that the medical treatment current medical treatment was You know part of the problem I think they're coming around now? Especially, some of the doctor wish re they have a pretty good you know protocol on the right antibiotic and and what to do and avoid respirators and. hydroxy. Remember when they passed that big bailout bill, there were incentives in there for hospitals to list cove there were financial incentives to put people on ventilators they collected I think thirty thousand dollars for each person they put on a ventilator. So it's not to say they purposely tried to kill these people, but the net result was that killed a lot of people and they got a lot of money doing it. But I think there are three lessons from this report that we can take away three very solid lessons first of all. Cove. Nineteen Corona virus is far less deadly to healthy people than the government's the media anyone has ever said clearly, clearly true second of all, we should have protected the vulnerable more instead of actually doing things that made them more vulnerable, more susceptible to death like putting sick people in the folks with them. The third lockdowns did not only did they not save lives they actually killed more people than the corona virus all out. If you if you look at these numbers I, think those are three really important things and I wonder now and I've heard some I've seen some things people are talking about litigating. The destruction to society destruction to people's lives from the lockdowns. Maybe if we get to that point, that'd be the next phase, but you wonder wh-. Conspiratorial but you wonder what was the incentive? What? What do people never let a crisis go to waste? Let's look at this next clip I just do this because it's pretty fascinating I don't know what there is to it. This is the founder of the world. Economic Forum this is a good buddies with Soros and Bill Gates Klaus. Schwab he said the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect re imagine and reset our world. Okay. No thanks Claus Right. You know it it does seem strange. It's hard to believe it's all a coincidence and at the same time the Marxist movement just got really energized was sick. In in line with and the core occurring with corona virus so this is something that. People people notice this and at the economic controls, all of a sudden much further along than anybody ever dream that they would be able to close down governments closed down schools. It's just as so overpowering, which means that they knew what they were doing exactly because they knew what we know in. PHILA- philosophic fight you had to convince people of certain beliefs are universities have been polluted for a long time. The schoolteachers have all gotten their lessons from from the universities and and all of a sudden everybody's involved you know. I would notice that and you did too. You know in Washington. When we will try to explain non-intervention foreign policy or on economic policy. Were they all learn their stuff from the same place? There's only one university out there except for a few a few exceptions for that. But they they all learn the economic saw how can I can remember I really a little charge out of it With. The campaign had some pretty well-known interviews. In a friendly way I think they were a little bit curious and they weren't being nasty. What is this Australia? Free free market stuff for business about and yet it's a significant philosophy but they knew this they they've infiltrated and it is bursting out about, yes. Wha a little bit. We're going to talk about maybe our side is bursting expressing themselves when you look at what's happening in Europe It isn't it was an exciting weekend in Europe literally all over Europe but accepts. Exceptionally in Berlin, they say it was the largest protests German history. This is Germany that saying a lot. Let's look at this I. They say the estimated millions of people showed out in Berlin to protest against lockdowns against facemasks events being shoved around and pushed around forced to have the needle stuck in your arm and it was absolutely an incredible. Let's look at the next picture. There are so many fascinating pictures of this to me. They look like ordinary people, Dr Paul. And it's even look at this next one. There's a slogan that I think you're gonNA agree within the next picture read nieces not Mars. Yeah. In. Fact of our new friend RFK junior was there and he gave a blockbuster of speech. Let's listen to a few seconds of this because this is the part and there will be a code afterward. This is the part that's so fascinating. That he said if we can when we get that cued up. leaving. Same reason they war. Whereas? Otherwise. Never. Did Not. You mentioned. Candidate our new friends and he's closer to us than I ever dream but you stereotype people. But I think what what his relationship with us now is. A is evidence that coalitions are good. Not not compromising always think there's a big difference between moderates compromising giving up each side gives up some of their believes but coalition. Now when we've spent time with Robert what he's doing, you know there's not much he says about vaccines and all that we wouldn't agree with and boy on the CIA and foreign policy. I thought his one quote about about you know you. You can't. If if you have foreign empire, you can't have a republic and so he he's very close to that and and I think that is very good because the. The coalition is the way to go and you shouldn't write them off because. Because, you will never get everybody to be a libertarian their size, not all going to get them to be. Marxist. And and I, think the other thing working in coalitions and think about working with my my friend Dennis. That when your friends, you agree the other things become less vitriolic. You say well, maybe there's a way we can work it out and softened stands, and so that's why I think what Robert Kennedy's doing here is tastic and and the crowds. Are Unbelievable. And the other thing there's a little bit of symbolism. I. Think it's great symbolism that it's Germany it's. It's huge Hitler used to get big crowds out there and you never used to see me signs. Now, we saw a few of those during our campaign and different places we went so I. I'm absolutely convinced that if you don't have people thinking about ideology. And recognizing when your enemies are, you know determined with ideology that's why that's why some of these people say, how could how could they do this? You know it doesn't make any sense they're attacking their friends. But if you want chaos as part of your philosophy, you still get your chaos and on you go for tyranny. For sure and you know RFK started his speech by saying you know the media in the US is so corrupt the mainstream media. So corrupt, they said, they reported that I was going to Berlin speak to five thousand. Nazis said I'm looking around you people are the opposite of Nazis. You're demonstrating for democracy and for your freedom and your personal freedoms but come back. To the US turn on the Washington Post, how do they report it? Let's look at this next clip. Here's The Washington. Post German president condemns far right protests and Berlin two million. Chilean. Nazis right and let's take a look at these Nazis in Berlin. This is the next picture here they are. They're standing next to big poster of Gandhi yeah he's well, not Nazi extremist. But it only in Berlin, there were a massive crowd in London listening. Go to have little slide show here. There was a massive crowd in London that came out in square project fear look at how many people it looks like the next clip. Masks are muzzles. The new normal is new fascism freedom. Over fear, we will not be silenced with your muscles. Nobody's GonNa Face Mask, Dr, Paul, and they're not keeping six feet apart. Let's do one more. Chain risks, they're taking risks. Let's do one more on that one. Big Brother is masking you. That's a good sign, but this is just amazing tremendous, and here's how the corrupt newspaper Guardian reports. It looks look at this. Corona virus skeptics, conspiracy theorists, and anti vaccinators. That's the only way they can report. This is to condemn them but DOC Paulin. Here's some good news I'm going just give two clips to cheer you up a little bit after seeing that lists like these next two I think something's happening in the in the European media. Especially, you know this is the BBC BBC. Corona virus is it time to move on and baton normal life look at the next one the Telegraph and I'll turn it back to you. The West. covid shows we have succumbed to a medieval nastya roses. This is the Telegraph these mainstream papers in Europe in the UK that are starting to shake loose and starting to to come in direction now. There's a certain individual that works in the Democratic Party and she's been around for a long time and she used to talk a lot. It's for the children. And your name was Hillary. Always for the children, that's why you have to do and I keep thinking. That Robert. Kennedy uses children's health defense you know and. And I thought now that's really something for the children and then I see what they're doing now. I wonder I wonder if these Marxists could say when you look with common sense and looking at what the kids are putting up with when they don't get sick in making them, obey submit and wear these masks. So this is it's not for the children is for tyranny is what they're making things happen, and if you argue the case for liberty, I'll tell you about to bet you can do for the kids. Grow up in a free free society and many Americans have in the past a relatively free at least least a lot better than what's going on right now with the with the children in this country putting up with all the regulations and the tyrants that we have but. These points that you picked up and we've tried to make I really do think. It shifting maybe maybe they'll just throw up their hands maybe you know with modern day transmission of information maybe as much better than than we realized and sometimes it happens in in campaigns that when somebody comes forth and nobody's supporting one person stands up and say this is this all of a sudden. A lot of other people agree. So I, think that that is what's happening the biggest frustration for me and we point is when you get involved in politics is. To grasp, but somebody might be saying something very correct and we say, Hey, this is good. They want to do this but then it doesn't become you know. From, convinced convincing a format they they don't go through they don't follow through. And people get hopeful and they get turned off. But I, think that that's the way politics will always be about to tell you what you can get more honesty When people decide it's an intellectual fight it. We're going to fight this on a moral basis and we don't have to think that we have to be bought and and yet the money by as we don't need the Bill Gates's of the world and his funny philosophies to change the world for the better because it isn't being changed for the better if we listen to him and they're not going to stop with. This the mass then the mass was symbolic and you've said many times even had a great interview with Lou Rockwell over the weekend, the mass symbolic, and that's only the first step before they started jabbing things in your arm but it's not just the UK it's not just it's not just Germany. Let's look at one other one. This is in Spain they are furious. We can't live like zombies protesters in Spain Decry Cove nineteen masks mandate. That's nonsense. Political virus. So thousands of people showing up in Spain even demonstrating against this this virus. So it's going nowhere unfortunately you look around the US. Not. Much happening look around Texas, not much happening we still have. We still believe it or not still have a mask mandate from our governor. What the Independent State of Texas is not doing too much. I'M GONNA I'll close out here for right I. DO I do want to say that we're going to think are super chatters after this, which we do every Monday, we appreciate your support to help keep us going kicking a little bit of money to help keep the show. So thank you very much. I want to close with an update because we've been following. Collin. County Texas a lot and it's important because they're calling out the state to calling out the corruption in how they report these corona virus cases. Let's just look at the next one judge Chris. Hill I think as an outstanding individual extremely brave. He's the one that put up on the Colon County dashboard. We have no faith or confidence in the states numbers, and this is what he called out. The Texas State Health Service Department reported there were four, thousand, seven, hundred, and thirty, six active cases in Collin. County on the eighteenth. Then all of a sudden they reported a couple of days later, they're only eighty three so they have revised. Look at the next to you can even see this is on the dashboard. Active. Cases Eighty one on eight twenty, six through the next one active cases before that just a couple of days before if we hit that last Four, thousand, six, hundred, forty, the numbers are crazy. The judge has called him out on it. And they're having to respond, and there's going to be so much more of this Dr Paul that comes out of this cooking of the books these cowards who were not willing to stand up. It's disgusting but hats off to to the judge out in Collin County very good I'm I'm gonNA close with a bit of a warning, not not overwhelming warning where we have to get nervous about it, but we have to think about it and it involves the corona virus situation because this week it was. The first confirmed case of reinfection. Well, you know I would study that and see if people can prove to me but we sort of learned when I was in medical school. I still believe that you didn't get reinfected. You know if you had the immunity for a disease, it was for life sometimes there were other types of complication but anyway, it's out there. The first case what I'm pointing and I think you understand this is the headline always keep you on your toes, but the other thing is that. They're not giving up on is there will never be the same. There's hope this hope in the way, it's different his these people that are expressing themselves in Europe and landed in Berlin in never be the same because they're not gonNA put up with this but. They there will be I think they've lost the fight. I. Think the CDC has to admit that they've overstepped their bounds and they're going to lose all credibility, but there could be a new virus coming. So that's what people have to be aware but I think people who have come around to understanding the concerns that we have will not be bamboozled. especially if we ever get this thing to go on a different direction I, think the telltale sign, it will be the schools are schools are boy that is a hotbed for bad ideas. I'll tell you so anyway the. The people will have to be on on. Careful about because the news will come out and I think of the emergency powers that were gained after nine eleven. They have been removed. And then when they started financial surveillance to protect the customers, you know from the government and snooping and all this sort of thing, and it was nothing more than more government control, and that's what this is when you think about the plans that Bill Gates's of the world have they want more control Of the people and of course, you're interested in liberty. You don't want that to happen. You want people to make decisions. You want people to understand what property rights me, and you want to have people understand what contracts are for. You have to understand why government should be very limited and and their role. Precisely. Stated and for me. If you're going to have a government, the government should be there to protect individual liberty. So people voluntarily can take care of themselves when the problems occur it can be done in many different ways voluntarily local government, private organizations, all kinds of thing, but you don't need the horrifically huge. Welfare warfare. State. We don't need to be in every country in the world. We're on one hundred and fifty some where we have troops and in order to be safe and secure a matter of fact they. Say and yes, I like to be safe and secure. That means that we have to understand why government should be very, very limited, and that's why we have to get people to understand be very leery of the power and authority of of the Justice Department, the FBI, and especially the CIA because if if we want our liberties, we have to assume responsibilities and if it doesn't work out perfectly for us because nothing is you cannot say that well under these. Conditions bad bad deal and I went broke so I'm going to go to the government so he robbed my neighbor to help bail me out. No, it doesn't work that way. It doesn't mean that it's cold and callous because I think I think the if you WanNa talk about humanitarianism that is found in the cause of liberty because there's more wealth and more volunteerism less violence less. Wars. So the opportunity to take care of this problem, there's just overwhelmingly larger than it is when the bureaucrats get control and they give us black lives matter they can do anything you want don burn the CDs and we have Corona virus lockdown and at the same time sort of ignore one huge problem in that is the the ability of the Federal Reserve to finance all. This and people are not paying much attention but I do believe we back in progress it's slow but we need the help. So we are delighted when we have our viewers tune in spreading this message because that is what it's going to take. We need to spread the message and I believe today we still you know at one time they had to do pamphleteering in a way is. pamphleteering here, and it's small because we don't have control of the social media nor the regular media but there's ways that word of mouth in the power of ideas the power of truth is is on our side and that's the reason I do hang onto the whole idea of being optimistic that we can change things for the better WanNa. Thank everybody for tuning in today to liberty report. Please come back soon.

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