Favorite Get Real Interview of 2020: Sara Evans: superstar singer gives me epic marriage and motherhood advice & talks about life on the road w kids plus her newest album Copy That.


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That's verizon hey friends it's caroline hobby here and i wanted to share with you. One of my favorite episodes that i recorded this year. It was right when quarantine hit. We all were trying to navigate this wild year. We still are trying to navigate this wild year and i got the chance to interview sarah evans the country sensation star beautiful mama. She shares with me her musical journey. She talks about new music. She gives me tons of parenting advice. That is just so good. So i wanted to share this when again because it is one of my favorite episodes. So here is sarah evans and i hope you all had the marius christmas and we'll have the most blessed new year kid queen in music not just there. Are you fantastic. Doing i'm good did. So how are you holding up in quarantine. Well i drink good. you know. it's it's time like it's really getting to that point where it's time but we're going to the beach actually tomorrow for a little over a week and so that's gonna be a nice change of scenery. Oh my gosh totally. I feel you like the first month. I was sort of freaked out. Thought everything was just coming to a total in. It was. Armageddon is what i felt like. And i'm like okay. We just have to figure out how to have a new normal now like this is going to be life for a minute. I think yeah. I mean it. S you know it is becoming just sort of this weird like if you think about it and you're one way if you think another way about it your another way and it's like you know i mean i need to get back to work. Everybody facts work and people are running out of money and it's just To me it's just very very overblown. But that's just my opinion and ito. Obviously it's so awful and tragic for anyone who has died from it or had a family or miss so you don't you know taking out of it but the other aspect of it is just that you know we gotta get back to work. We gotta working. We have to be Sorry here we have to be reasonable. Here let's apply something that works with votes higra totally up so you get in hints getting back to work. You've recorded a new album. And i got the privilege to listen to. It called copy that. Wow what a treasure this is. You know what inspired you to do this album. Because it's all of these covers of songs that have influenced you classic amazing songs that have really inspired you. What gave you this amazing idea to do this. Because it's just awesome you so much. I'm so proud of that I don't think i've ever been more excited to release an album than this one in. That sounds weird because on other projects. Like i've written most of the songs or you know in so you would think that i would be more excited about original stuff but i don't know so i started seeing. That was four years old with my brothers in the family band and so we were a cover band. It's so my entire life has been spent on stage covering songs and we would play like bars and wedding dances in rodeos bears and festivals and But especially like in the bar scene we would do nine pm to one a m shows and in a cover band. You have to be good at choosing cover songs. What have you wanna hear. what are the classics. But what are also some cohen's you may be surprised by so. I spent my entire life doing that. Until i moved to nashville and got a record deal. So i've been wanting to do. This covers album my whole life and waiting for the right time. And so i back to national from alabama in august and. I knew that i wanted to get right and see has been a few years since my last album words and my manager was like. Hey you should listen to resting halley's rocker so good so good watching it like it. Took me a while to listen to it. Because i'm slow to. I don't know it takes me a while to listen to new stuff in in the right head space and also i was thinking of. He's probably just going to be like another country in it. You know just going to be like that. And i was super shots in amazed at his album in in the production of the songs in his voice. Mean there's nothing about him that broke country. He's just frigging awesome. Sounds like who produce that. I want to work with him. And that's what i always. I've always done that throughout my career lake. You played drums on that album. I want him. He sang on that. I want him and so we tracked down yard k. You produce reston's record. We had a few meetings and Because time was a little bit of the essence. I just said hey. Would you Our first project together being covers. Oh my gosh getting a phone call. Let me decline worse hay day. My podcast is called. Get real with your hobby. It's all about real life so we're making it work in the days of quarantine right now. We are now is easy to just decline him. Okay so Anyway in he was like yeah. Sure that'd be great and then our thought process was that right. After the covers album we would start writing for for the next project in know another original album so we just immediately hit it off. We saw ida. I on all of the songs that we chose And it was really hard to choose the songs because there are obviously millions a songs so now. That's a big task to narrow down v covers. You're going to choose forward this epic album that you're making i mean that's i'm sure that was really overwhelming to pick the songs. Yeah it was You know there are a few that. I just knew for sure. Like i've got to have patsy. Kline gotta have hank williams But as far as everything else. I started listening to like seventies on seven eighty eight in getting opinions from my family. Like a crazy love. Was my brothers idea. My brothers my bass player. And that was that i hadn't thought as in years all of these songs are songs that i think are surprising. But they're not obvious covers like i'm not covering sweet home. Alabama are. keep your hands to yourself. Like i think that everybody is going to be like. Oh yeah i remember that. Oh yeah. I haven't thought about that song. Also all the songs needed to be really authentic to me. In something that that i would seeing But yet would still surprised like my sharona. I think no one would ever expect music. Maestro come on eileen. I love both of those. Those resent yet eight thank you. My sharana was a lay choice. Got an car one day and it was on and i was like. Oh my gosh like this makes me go so happy and so fine Bahasa we eventually just relax him. We have to discipline ourselves in. Say this is it. This is a list and then it made me feel better to well. I can always do a volume. -til right right. I love that. This is the first album own record label born to fly records which is also kind of a big deal because it is the twentieth anniversary of born to fly. How can that be. I remember when that song came out in your in the music video. The wizard of all scarecrows. Near like yesterday i mean is one of the most impact songs album. I feel like in country music history. Really how i don't know honestly i mean it's frightening. How fast time is by and born. Fly has been really really good to me changed. My career catapulted me to you. Know another level and It's definitely my theme song. Memoir coming on of september call warns lie. And it just says it all you know that if you follow your dreams and you believe in yourself and you know that you're meant to do something that we're all born to fly in our own zeal so in your memoir or the fly. What do you kinda talk about. What has your journey been like. Well it's not like a full blown autobiography so it's Just some stories that really stand out about my life than I definitely a talk about my parents divorce. I talk about getting hit by a car. When i was eight years old until yes in detail. A lot of people don't even know this about me and then there's weather then well. I was crossing highway on our at the end of our long driveway. So you know we Wear out of the middle of nowhere in central missouri. All these winding country roads and our driveway was down in the middle of two hills and our neighbor was just full lying Into town and she was going seventy five miles an hour in hit me on the left side and it broke both my legs both my arms. I was unconscious for like three days and it was a tremendous journey to get get through that and recover thousand hospital for six weeks and i had four siblings already On third oldest seven so my parents report farmers and it was just. It was very debilitating for the whole family In i didn't leave the hospital bed for six weeks. Wow yes i talk about that. I talk about another thing. That's that i'm for the readers but it's like a major major major thing that happened to me that people are just gonna be like. Oh my gosh Another near death. Experience that i survived and i talk a little bit about my divorce and it's kind of that but also with leaving sunny in giving my opinions about parenting and being a wise than you know being an artist and i talked about country music today and so i give a lot of unsolicited opinions advice. I love that. What are some new mom. I have a seven month old little girl. Thank you so much. What is your parenting advice. Always said that you know you need to be chill. Parents should be relaxed and your children and you should raise your children So that they are joyce he you and not annoy or vernon and the thing that makes them annoying or a burden is if you give them the control and you spoil them in you. Don't discipline them. And i say that is between birth and five that you really need to get that you know established between you and your child that they need to respect you and but at the same time you also have to respect them as they grow so. I've never been apparent that yells at our children have never been like super strict and let him have it really long. You know roper. Whatever to speak. And then i'll just kind of rain back in. If i feel like they're they're getting in trouble. Never try to control my children. Put down too many rules for them. But instead i've tried to teach them great common sense. And don't don't be stupid about your decisions you know but all of that starts when they're little so i always say choose your battles but like you said something's going to happen in you want something to happen especially with like around three years old You have to win every time you have two wins giving example while like you know if you're have you say Put on your coats. Were leaving and the child won't put on their coats. And you you're like they have spent undercoat because it's cold outside. You have to make that happen late in other words if you go to the car and you g- lost that battle in the child doesn't put their code on after a fight. Then that has something in in the brain in my opinion in their personality. Says you're not serious when you say do something and soon that just goes along with the home respect factor so if you want them to put on their they have to. I mean they just have to you and you have to win that but if you don't then it's it's a real slippery slope in so many parents that i see. These days are afraid of their children. They're afraid to hurt their feelings or disappoint them or discipline them. I just find that to be ludicrous. Because sooner need that they want that. That's how they feel loves. And i have a real mutual respect with my children. My youngest team is twenty. And i think they would all say that. I've been really really relaxed mother. But we've never had any trouble. Nobody's ever gotten in big trouble No one's ever extremely disobeyed or done anything crazy And i think communication is key. You gotta talk to your kids and really really you have to respect them to older. Don't scream at them. You know just Discipline that's great advice. That's really great advice. And when you give your children a long rope then they probably don't feel the need to rebel against you because you're letting them try what they wanna try your leading an explorer their personalities their interests. And then you just come in and you're like okay. This is the line too far when it gets you got but then besides that i let them be themselves exactly. I mean you showed them respect human beings and you know. I've never understand parents. You like freak out over grades or you know something like that. It just don't matter what matters is their hearts and what kind of people they're becoming and i've always all of my emphasis on that like be good people and put others first and have a great heart. You know love. God love others. Love your family and show respect for all of those things and yes so i think you know and my kids grew up on the roads use so they had like a strange upbringing. Were they were always traveling. Always catching flies with me so they had to adjust so if i said put on your coat relieving they had to. It was like we have a plane to catch. Re of this new. And i was never uptight about. They have to stick to their sleep schedule or there might be told me he was like. Don't worry about that when you when you get to the west coast. Put him on west coast time when you get back home. Put him back on. Central time like it doesn't have to be so rigid also. Don't try to potty train three oh good. Don't get it and it's way too many tears or spankings or whatever i mean. I've never cared about that kind of like. They're going to do it when they do it. Right out let developmental stuff like that. I was never freaked out about it. But i think they don't really understand training till they're three. That's great advice so when your career just skyrocketed with born to fly. What does that feel like going from singing your whole life obviously being in a family band to having this dream of probably did you have a dream of being mainstream successful or were you just always wanting to seeing and that just happened to come along but what is it. Lie when all of a sudden you're on a worldwide level in knows you. What does that feel well. I grew up on stage. So i've always been like the center of attention in my family like i'm the oldest girl and so all my sisters can saying just like me but i because i was the oldest girl. I was the the wine and i knew it was my colleague. Manny that it's that. I would need to national that i would become Like loretta lynn or reba. You know but there is no question in my mind. I knew that. If i got if i if i beginning a room with somebody in sing for them than than i get and i would make it because i just knew that i had you know and i just know that You can't teach singing. Not being like i've had somebody will ask like should my daughter really wants to I'm like yeah. I mean if she if she wants to sing like for five minutes. she's not born with a than vocal. Lessons are not gonna help because worn Like you know people who can speak other languages like that's a gift that you're born with you know and i can't do math. I mean i can't add eight plus nine so i just knew that you know i'm gonna move to national. I'm gonna get a record deal and so it wasn't something that really shocked me The success with the hard part the part that did shock me was the difficulty in getting played at country radio and how that was never a given. That was something that you had to work for every single time. You put out a single. Never something that that came easy. Was it as hard for women. Twenty years ago when born fly came out as it is now. Because i feel like this conversation which i'm so glad the conversation is loud right now about the absence of women country music and i think you know a lot of people are trying to make a change of that but was it is was it as notable then to that women weren't being played as no not at all mean when i can onto the scene i had so much all competition so when i got my record deal these the women already on the radio Bay hill reba. Martina mcbride patty loveless tricia earwood leeann. Womack leeann rhymes Dixie chicks on. I mean i it was it was so different and then it just like to me. I market to like around the tonle. Brian released country girl. Shake it for me. That song and then Florida georgia line and to me. That's when all of it kicked in and just became like the biggest bad that's ever hit country music and it hasn't gone away you know and it's not a little bit better and it's not but i don't even know that i consider myself still in the genre because you know they don't play any new music from me or any of my peers. Know that i started out with the with born to fly. women were very very dominate. At country. Radio caroline hobby. And i wanna tell you about a stylish safety shoe company. That's changing the game for women. Ana craft female engineers struggled to find work boots. That would allow her to dress professionally for meetings and be safe in manufacturing environments so she founded zena work and developed the world's first stylish steel toed shoe zena work wear designs products that help women feel their best anywhere. Discover your new work sal. 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I'm a better singer today than i was with born. Live for sure Better performer writer. And i still tour all this high so it's just funny that if people in it there are a lot of other ways to get music out. But it's still primarily mainstream radios. Help people hear about you because the majority of middle america. I like where i'm from. They're still getting their cars and turning on the radio so if you're not being heard with new music than they don't think you're doing it still right. Where's the like having your own record deal. Record label You know it's it's it's not that different. I mean i have a group you know of my management company that helped me run it and really run it for me. And it's it's it's more just mean having all the decision making and so everything is now my shoulders. Like i used to call and be like yeah i can. Can you send a box of cities to mom. And they'd be like sure and now that you know everything has on me. I might mom you get one cd in that. Don't leave but it's fun because all the photo shoots all of it is is completely at the end of the day. My decision with you know. I'm getting another call. Hold on without anybody. You know kind of weighing in but at the same time you know. I i was very very lucky. I have martina on my instagram. Live the other night. She ni- we're talking. My how lucky we were to come up at that time because we were very spoiled. We had huge budgets and we have a huge team behind that were pushing us and financing us and that was an amazing Since of security to have so kind of jumping back to all the roles that you played you talked about sitting your mom box cds and being one of seven kids want to seven kids. Right in you have four. Is that correct there. Every three kids. I have three in. My husband has four so the all have seven seven together. Yeah so what has being a mother taught you. Oh my gosh just i. I was born to be a mom as well. That's been my time. David job over anything but it just changes you constant selflessness and that you know you're not Not living for yourself but trying to find that balance of not completely living for your kids. Either and i think it's been. It's been fun for mike because my kids are all musicians as well. So they've grown up watching me. Be the star on stage in and have a career but at the same time strike his balance of trying to be a great homemaker and a great wise and mom so it it teaches me something every day. i mean. i'm still learning still two teenage daughters that they amaze me all the time and grow every day just by being with them. I think that's the dream though to be a year such an example for women. Because you have chase your dreams and you have pursued what was on your heart and your calling and you never stop that too. I only have to a mom. And i think that is absolutely amazing. And we do have a calling to do something on your elements takes time and energy and it's a passion that you have to pursue sometimes women's sacrifice that for their children and i feel like that can be a sadness that women feel with deal with if they do that so to figure out a way to balance it all to me. That is the dream to be a great mom to be a great wife and to be able to do your passion. That's just amazing in such a. You're such an example of that. And i'm sure as easy but you stuck with it and you found your way through this journey. Yeah there were some very difficult times You know like. I had a manager that he was in his me with brunner van meter who she was my main manager for years and we had a ton of success together but I remember calling him. When i found out i was pregnant with avery. My son he's twenty and and he said the f. word that was his response to me and i fired in the next day. Because i'm like. I'm not gonna have any team that makes me go bad and exhibited cry. Yeah it was terrible. And i had already had a number one record now deal that i made with myself that i'm not gonna have a child until i have a number one. You know so just like crying in not not being quite so much in the struggle. When i had my first child. That was my goal Dryer and wanted to be more established. Get that hustle struggle part out of the way. Because i mean obviously you're going to have to work it forever but just to get the foundation laid. Yes because i needed money for nanny and you know just money to be able to do that. In my solution with striking that balance was to take the kids with me. Like i'm just gonna take everywhere. I go and everybody can just deal with it and but i wasn't gonna leave him for days at a time. You leave him with nanny to raise. It was just not going to do that. That's not my personality so he literally went with me. everywhere. I went and Have the nanny. And sometimes i didn't even have a nanny Sleep with eight. When we were on tour with alan jackson. I could still only afford one bus. And so there are only enough for my crew so every night slept on the back couch together is like you need asleep this way because ask you know when the bus breaks that the cash went this way. So every time the Roelofsa couch practically other times that Were very difficult like when you're releasing album. They want you to do the radio to are those kinds of things. You can't your with you on you know So i i mean i had plenty of days where i would just sob like getting the call and realizing what the label wanted from me. Oh that is that. I mean that brings tears in my eyes to being a mom there. It is just this billing of connection and love that you've never experienced in your whole life into half to at times. leave them. I'm sure it's just heartbreaking. Yeah it was and it would make a furious to like when i would do that and then they wouldn't play the record right. You sacrifice sacrifice leaving your children because it's important It's like for what right. Yeah yeah so. I mean and then i just made a decision you know. Probably right after a slow me down that i was not gonna go to radio anymore because they just. I just realized that they weren't gonna play women. And that's when i opened my own label but yeah i mean. It was extremely difficult to have that career. I mean there was a year that saw audrey was a baby. She's my third my youngest and we released them places start. I also did a christmas album. I did a radio tour. Who are would brad paisley. And i think i did like three hundred appearances. That year was also had kind of a breakdown. I imagine i'm talking about that in my book but You know. Because i just trying to do it. All in in men don't have that they don't understand that responsibility in the way of like having to be like men just leaves and leave their kids with with their wife. You know the mom. And not as i was doing everything literally doing everything making all the money. Balancing all and thank god. My brother was in is still my bass player and his wife was my hair makeup wardrobe. So they really helped me raise my kids and my sisters toured with me alive. So what have you learned about the strength of a woman. I mean it's a miserable. You know i'm not like have a son so i don't ever like to bash men or say that men are amazing because men are amazing. My son's amazing and But i think that that men just have no way of understanding i have their own stresses and their own way that they carry the burdens bakery. But women. we just do it all and we. We know where everything is. We know how to do everything and still be great moms and have careers and you know we really really do Carry the bird. I mean we really do i. I think that's just the has been since the beginning of time and it's no one's fault necessarily i think it's just the way it is and so i think that women are really really the strongest between the two. He'll not physically but probably mentally and emotionally totally. I totally agree. I ever since becoming a mom. Now i i see that now i see like women like yourself who carried on a great career who have multiple children doing all this. I literally might. It is in mazing to me what a woman can do. A good truly is amazing. Instant commutable and show up and be this light to the world like wow. It's just it's really. It's really quite phenomenal. While the one thing i prayed for all the time is energy and he's ready and ask god to give me. Energy gives me the energy that i need and my mom is like that. She sees the hardest working woman ever person i've ever known. And she still has the same at seventy you know so I always pray that god would give me her kind of energy and just would never tire you know and it drives me crazy when i hear people say like you know we can't. We can't come over because you know we have the baby down seven thirty or i can't talk because i'm watching. The baby dislike my god. I mean you know. Having child doesn't have to take over everything. i think. It's very dangerous to give the child too much power in the home. They still need to know you know. They're plex and so jane. I've always done that with the kids like we have a time every night. We always put the kids to bed. No matter what even every comes home to visit will walk up to his room and tell him good night. You know sort of a bedtime you know. It's just the way of closing off the day but but they know that once we put you to bed in his. You know we say night night. It's our time so don't come down. Don't bother us you know. We've we've always drawn that line. How does boundaries and kids need those boundaries. They like it yeah. I love that what i needed. Wrap up soon Just a couple more questions. What was it like recording an album with your to your children. Because i listened to that and wild so is are in otter is singing with you. Yep fully smoke. She can sing live magazine. They're both just amazing in an audrey to is not as interested in doing music yet She's a dancer with all the music. Gene and It was phenomenal. I mean we were watching some footage yesterday in putting together a little like Real benzenes of making album and it was just amazing for me to see a very union. Ceo playing on my record. You know And he's they're both just. They're better than me. I mean they both are better than me and it. It makes me very proud but yeah you can hear. A is the one singing the end of the john mayer song all by and she's more like beyond xay type singer in the that that has been. It's very full circle. Avery has been in my band for the last couple of years. And so my drummer has been with me longer than a reason alive. So we all like is surreal. You know and you'll see when your child gets to that age is it is surreal Because it's full circle. And i remember when avery was baby running around on the stage now. He's playing guitar. What does that like to see. Your children grow into humans in discover their talents in become these people that are just using their purpose to bless the world like what is that experience like and then to do a project like this wisdom that has to be nothing short of spiritual really it is. I mean. I'm so grateful to god. I really am Live literally. I live for my family. I think family's the most important thing in the world and something to be such harish and It's it's amazing. I still so blessed. And i thank god every day for eight more into music but just like you said seeing them become who they are and watching them grow They didn't say isn't saying but you sort of you sort of always see them like i was just telling livia gets three. I'm like i always do sixth grade. Olivia we're dying laughing and But it's it's amazing. Every stage is amazing. And i'm sure you've already realized that having seven-month-old late everything is awesome and I used to be really afraid of light. Time going too fast and the kids growing up and getting really some at all and emotional about it but i just accepted that it's going to happen and there's nothing you can do about it and it's when people used to tell me like oh you're gonna love you're gonna love when they start dating or when they get married or when they have kids and that seems so far off to me But you do you love every phase of it you know and and we're not Really close to any of their grandparents. They still in missouri and so we're extremely tight. Our family is and We have so much fun. We have a lot of humor in our family. That's really always you. I love that. That's so good to have humor to keep it light. The world can be so heavy that you don't acknowledge what's happening but to have laughter. I really that truly is the best medicine. I totally agree totally. Watch your child's name. Sonny sonny sonny also cute. Yeah ninety grades the best time of your life. Oh it is. I wasn't emotional wreck the first three months like i cried every single day. Just like the enormous love. I felt i had never experienced anything. Like it in my life and it just like it's so overwhelming now at seven months of good. I'm levelling out a little bit with my hormones. She's like into real human. And i'm sort of embracing what you're saying instead of hanging onto every single day and just being like. Oh my gosh just like a breeze. Time knowing that it's just gonna keep getting better in her personality. Keep unfolding so i tried very hard to be present. Every day dislike like to really be there in the moment with her. Because i know. It's fast. And i don't want to regret it like missing it because i'm in a hurry anything so i'm just trying to be very present in stress. You know that's the. I i think so many bowl and again the thing that the only reason that i think parenting will be stressful. As if you spoil them and you make them Not fun to be around there. They're just very you know demand the amen and they won't obey they interrupt you all the times. You're trying to have a conversation with an adult. You need to train them to be like people are enjoyable to be with like when i want to hang out with this person. Yeah totally what did you learn for your near death experiences. What did you learn about the other side. While i'm learned from the one that i tell them the book that i sort of keeping for the readers I learned i mean. I know without doubt that. I'm saved in that. I'm going heaven. When i don't wanna die but i wasn't scared like i thought i would be. You know everybody imagines scenarios like that. But i learned that i just. I knew that. I was about to meet jesus and i just had that and there was calm. Came over me and then we ended up being okay but It ever meet jesus. Did you ever see him now. but i just have this this reassurance that i knew it was going to be okay. I love that. That's amazing. okay. We're gonna wrap up last question to questions and then we're going to go cause you have another interview coming up. Best marriage advice. What's the best marriage advice. And then i have one last quarter best. Mary's advice is don't be a bitch. Don't don't just sit around and think of things to worry about or be upset about or to bitch avow and just remember like if you had if you have a man in your life like a brother or your father had the worst allergies i'm like choking to or in my case i have signed and so every time i think about being means to my husband i think how would i want my son's wives to treat him that's why you should treat your spouse And vice versa. So i think just don't be a bitch. Don't just chill out and have fun and communicate because men don't understand they will not see the trash. They just won't see it. They'll never see. It is only a certain type of man that will it's like if he has been raised to really be that way or he has more whatever left to right brain but most men are just not gonna see it. They're not gonna think. I should make the bed and so what they need is for you to tell them. Hey will you make the bag. Will you take out the trash. But don't don't be a bitch about it and you know again if you have when you have a sign especially you you realize. Oh gosh i need to be the wife for my husband. And i want my son's wife to be that's really profound. You're very wise. You're very wise. They're like beautiful allege. Wrap my interviews would leave your light. Basically just a very broad question. What do you want people to know. I won't be able to know that other. Like how can i say this. I think that the key to happiness in life is freedom and feeling free to be. Think as you are you know and to Really believe that there is a guide and that there is a heaven and just to try to enjoy life like relate. Stop sweating the small stuff. I remember in my twenties. I would just worry. Think about things to worry about. And so many people have these days and it's all because of the fun it's all because of the is on everything we just spend way way way way way too much time looking at that damn phone instead of interacting with people and you can ask my family. That's my biggest pet peeve like you will not bring your phone to the dinner table and it's just really like even if we all sit down and watch a movie together. And i look over and you know i wouldn't say that's a season adult but like audrey if you're looking at phone maker get off the phone because even though you're in the round you're not watching this movie with us so only really cherish human interaction and allow people to be who they are and what they wanna think could stop trying to control everything and interest. God amen. I love that. Thank you so much for your gifts your music your talent your heart your soul everything your advice on marriage and parenting and gosh how exciting to have his new album coming out. Copy that everyone. I cannot wait for them. To check it out may fifteenth. Is that when the first single drop yup may team okay and it's a album comes out may fifteenth. We've got three cmos out. You know that we've already releasing another one coming out tonight. Abhay so exacting very exciting adding euler really really really gonna love this album. And they're going to be kind of shots that it's me and i love the cover of it. Is you with. Blonde hair like throwback. It's so cool. I wanted to be. I wanted to be like nuts. You know i love it. Yeah thank you so much for your time. You're congrats on your baby. Thank you so much okay. By by at american public university we believe quality. education must be more affordable. That's why as a leader in online higher education we focus on minimizing costs and maximizing return on learner and we believe higher education must be more accessible so our online programs start every month. American public university within reach without limits. Learn more at american public. You dot com fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Is that shakespeare. it's gyco. That's shakespeare from one of his published works. Oh be not for awakening. Give the batteries for fifteen minutes. Could save you fifteen percent or more. No it's from geico. Because they help save people money. Well i hate to break it to you but geico got it from shakespeare geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more.

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