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LG QUICKIE: Becca's Broadway Breakthrough


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Hello hello hello and welcome to the late again clicky with becca jack and hilty complaining that i- yesterday just yesterday we were in the podcast studio and i decided to indulge in some gummy worms then i got home last night with the worst gas you've ever maybe that's gave me gas gas or like art guy like chest and had had okay. I thought maybe it was from that coke bottle. No i didn't have the coke bottle gummy. I'd just had the gummy worm coke. There's two in there there. We go from french. She's doing your healthy in their according to alex. Do whatever you want anyways <hes> maybe so then like a freaking idiot. I just ate more gummy worms today like i need to bring some gas x. with you but like what kind of piggy can't be stopped. It's i like i am the same. How is this possible that i can't control myself yesterday. I was like okay. I'm just it's crazy right now. I'm just gonna eat a girl cheese sandwich with fries and a diet comb because i'm a bad add person but i'm going to get back on the train tomorrow and you know what i had for breakfast today a throw you like i i had a bro you buy it this morning the fro yo they have froyo at the oh so weird is a really bold move go into a pink berry at nine and a half. I left the dentist today and got froyo froyo. We'll go kobe is so good so good best thing i've ever had. I was like i just had everything scraped off my teeth. Why don't i add more sugar to it. Where your teeth in good good shape. I have great teeth cavities. I've only ever had two cavities in my life. I don't have any new ones <hes>. I got my first cavities at like thirty years old i haven't i don't have one but that is the one thing that i will say. I have good teeth yeah. One thing every always says it to me really do think they're trying to banyu. I don't really do that <hes> do it's usually women so that are married heterosexual people. You have a woman dental. No this one today was a guy like i've mostly gone to women teeth also. They're not gonna tell you they're gonna wanna tell you their shitty so they can tell you how to fix it. Yeah take up the whole life veneers all of it. She are you getting your veneers fixed this. Is you had to get them replaced i do it's been twelve years. You're supposed to get them done. Every twelve years and it's like it's time there. I can feel where they're chip you when you get them replaced. Can you send us a picture of you smiling with them taken off when you have the little nuts. Oh oh my god please do. I need that for like a for forever blackmail same book forever bucknell who now i will definitely thank you well now that that's what you want it for. You never know when you'll need to have a very important topic today. What is that. It's actually been requested by. The lady gang for this topic is acts calling me. Should i answer for this. Yeah put him on speaker. Hello hey yeah yeah. We can actually leave it but just bleep out the host. Well congrats. Thanks thanks that's exciting. Kazaks offer all right well. That's good news. Though oh okay by all right well that's great. You're on the roller coaster in my life right now. What was the so the topic is back on broadway. We have been asked multiple jack. No one s about your life. Remind everyone the same person asking back. Tell us the story of how she she made on broadway because all these aspiring singer dancers wannabe you so i how jobs now i have put together ten questions to become back. Oh okay and you're going to answer them them and then we can ask questions about it okay so i have so much to ask about broadway plays in my entire two cats. I know i have have you ever been a fan of it the auto and joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat vita oh three that's three. I fell asleep and just from the technical citizens today and i was in it. I was also joseph and i was orange orange orange. You're the white wife's yes. I was there a bunch of wives well in high school. I assume that's potter's wife. Oh does he have a bunch of william forman. Even your idiot well. I went to be a broadway enthusiast and enthusiasts. He's jack vanik the way i feel about warped. Tour is how jack feels about broadway zero interest zero zero percent none in fifth grade. I was orange and then in high school. Go i was member. I've told this story about your journey to broadway. No but i'm just letting you know i was back now. Kelty is on. I know i'm going to tell you a story. Tell me no when i was in grade twelve. I was so excited because your grade twelve. You get to be like the americans by the way when i said that you were in these players. I thought you meant like professionally. I didn't know you meant like <hes> intrusive pre profession space professional aaa aaa baseball so i was in twelfth grade and i was so excited because like that's the year you land like the lead in the school play supposed to accept that it's the weeded joseph it's literally. There's no females in the whole play through. There's only potter for his wife <hes> yet another dancing non singing role. I didn't even have a song to sing. I i just did one leg kick or unders and fifth grade. We were in the orange like an orange or color or okay well. Let's see what do you think 'cause they don't based on. He's goes amazing technicolor dreamcoat. Is it about college throat. You guess jack you take a guess. What do you think wasn't thinking this morning have talking role or does orange just like fly around the color technically. I don't even think that's a real role well. That's what i'm asking doesn't seem like a real real. Okay kibo you part of the coat. Tech technically dance company did a production number two the mega mix of joseph's correct me if there was eight colored and we're like the best jazz dancers and then everyone else was brothers like part of the show oh of that show and no other show really does this is that you watch this really boring musical for about an hour and then at the end. There's this cool remix dance break ex. Yeah the go go go. Go go go go could joseph you know what they say. Go jo's if you make it some day. Nanna joe's if you're doing fine you in your dream of your time go back. I republican pop go. Where do you want me to begin okay. Oh here's the question come back. We shall begin back on broadway. We have a first a quick word from the sponsors. Keep the show live for them so i think all three of us use this next sponsor because we are big fans of it. 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I was just thinking about this a lot of the time it depends on the genre but a lot of the time is saying something from thoroughly modern millie which sutton foster the star of younger originated the role on broadway. Ah the revival. I believe based on the movie. I'm such a tool <hes>. What song was it from thirty not for the life of me. How does that go. Healthy is just gonna try every day to get back thinking. She wouldn't have hung okay. It's great <hes> tell us in a quick paragraph. Graf your story to him to broadway to broadway kids broadway's not fame okay story to broadway fame <hes> i i started auditioning in new york for professional jobs regional theatre tours broadway all that when i was nineteen cats and then i got cats was my my first professional job at theatre under the stars in houston so it was like the first time that i like joined the union and whatever it was like an adult job and then when i do the cat makeup yes and i got much trouble. What's crazy. Is everyone on broadway. Does their own makeup really ooh <hes>. That's why we're we're so good at putting. I mean if israel but i really was so lazy i hated. I kind of hated doing cats. Even i loved being. I hated the show show. I loved being a professional finally says a lot about me so like i hate the lady gang but i love money perks the work i hated. I didn't really enjoy. I liked once. I was like ready and was on stage dancing but like getting ready like the unitards awkward awkward. The show itself is really bad which swine i'm confused why they did a movie. It's like of all the shows you love cats though people know because it's it don't know like get children's book. I honestly there's no plot it's everyone's a song and then one of them dies. I used to get in trouble with our dance captain. Who created the makeup plots. What's for everyone and i would take like three minutes to put my makeup on and everyone else we get to the theater like three hours early and i actually just had drinks with one of my friends who did the show with me and he's like do you remember your janke s makeup that made him so mad. I was like bare minimum becca bekka chevette so that i did that the needed some tours. I did like the fiftieth anniversary tour of west side story. I just can what were you in west side story. I was <hes> girl number eight. No no no not <hes> rislene. Ah shut up. She's this help you not wait was. I've alma not okay. Girlfriend is called go. No there's a velma. I have a really bad memory. I clearly of action. Okay what's next and then i when i was twenty three. I was auditioning for <hes> rock of ages and then i got it and then that was your broadway debut. Yes we were the rest of them not broadway. No the everything else was like tours and bullsh- broadway has to be on broadway in new york. Yes it has to be a broadway theater theater so they're not actually all on the street broadway but there's like certain theatres that are deemed a broadway and then there's certain theatres. Let's like could be the same size. There's like theater workers that are from the broadway production like if you see a tour come through the pantaleon jason l. a. That's the broadway tour of the touring company in the broadway show. It's not the broadway company like if you wanted to see the best people do hamilton. You have to see it on broadway. See it at the pentane. It's the second rate eight hamilton. Let's be honest. Usually a you know okay. Sometimes you get a good person every once in awhile okay worst audition you've ever had most of them. Don't like broadway audition when you're tampon fell out and you're jumping oh i mean i can't think of specifically but sometimes you if you're nervous before i i didn't know about beta blockers until i started on t._v. Which is such bullshit but betablockers essentially like for like stage fright so if i was is going into an audition or a callback ride to sink fifteen pages of music that i learned the night before usually it was a train wreck the next day because i'm like so nervous you don't know the material you don't sleep. You don't sleep. It's just you have to be like very good under pressure and a lot of the times you're not. Did you ever audition to be a tree and wicked. I never auditioned for wicked ever. Were you too short yourself ultimately but there's only a few shows where they were they want people and you would say short they would say on the breakdown like like i could never go in for the producers. I could never go in for <hes>. There were a bunch of shows forty second street. Yeah i could never go in for that stuff but i- i addition for the trade in capacity i cut really it's like the only role in wicked. That's all talk. No you just like the only like non singing everyone sings. It's very hard to be on ramp. You don't sing why would they. Why do they even have the tree. Why can't they just have like a tree. You just get treat prop. I honestly don't know because it's like it's like a moving train. Its performance. Harry reid's needs to move okay job. You really wanted but you didn't get on broadway. I was down to like the last girl two girls for legally blonde yep. It was a real b. l. No no no. It'd be an ensemble. I was always on samba and then the under study for the lead those like like always the track. She called area right now. Tell them no. I'm kind of over it. Now i mean i really just don't wanna work that hard anymore. It's eight shows a week and it's like a two and a half hour our dancing and singing crazy as yeah extravaganza give to be young. What's your dream. Broadway role have have won. I mean i'd love to do thoroughly modern millie but that's not on broadway right now. <hes> i think that's mardi much jackass me the same question. What's your dream role. Roxanne rocks jesus. I mean i enjoy it. It would be top top five for me yeah top five top three. Maybe i don't know ca- did you ever someone in your show. Did you ever have a showman's announce. Yeah you did. Who is your show months. I was on the tour of west side story and i started sleeping with a jet a jet and then we had relationship for a year and a half after that no way you dated a jet what's a cia. He's a story okay. He's a dancer the reps and the trying to think if i had any other show manses i i did but one was on the trans siberian orchestra. I love show mance showman's jaroslav show-me think of like you loving jerry at warped tour four. That's her. That's her version of show. You're like on twitter everybody you she gets it. It's like every single person sleeps with their. I mean yeah. It's like you're. It's like lady gaga right now. She's dating her sound engineer guy. That does her in years. He's doing too much. She literally can't not fallen penis. He's like probably the last person left that she hasn't she's like oh. He's decent like i've been there before where you spend your whole life on tour and doing shows and like just just kind of like you've run the gamut if you will of options and then finally you're like <hes> but guitar tech he's not terrible and then you're like and i haven't seen his peanut yeah and so you talk yourself into three sixty scam yourself is what i call it. Yes scam yup long con- i was actually just just talking about this because people were asking me like oh after the lady gaga thinking out. Oh did you ever like date any like music like yeah yeah karoo like and i was like no because crew guys are the long con because they're always backstage there in all black now they have to where they're like you in a queue combat boots with skinny jeans and black t. shirt and i had sat there quiet. They're watching you and you're like oh my god you're so into me and then the mistake is is that take them out into real life and they show up in a boot cut gene and a flip flop and you're like i thought you were so hot hand unfortunately like the most most accurate thing i've ever heard. It's true right out of the zoo. Don't want out of the man in a uniform. No uniform is just a black pant and you're like oh. The maranda lampert got upset when she fell in love with her cop and then he had to wear normal clothes that she was like god. Damn it yeah. I was already upset. Okay go to audition outfit. Unitards always color remember the time was maroon and one was black and did have a 'love' back doc. Yes lavi back low fro front lizzy body strategy trap that crossing the back and then super tight leg into right over the foot. Yes oh it's like a catsuit uniform awful. They really were they were. I'm so sad. I don't even know where mine is. I'm so like i was thinking about the other day. I kept a lot of my dance shoes. Why didn't i keep my unitards. Oh aw you could use it for halloween costume. I would never put that on because it's just a habit friend and i wouldn't want that reminder. It's like putting on your wedding. Dress like yeah me too. I like my point shoes and tap shoes and my rocket shoes the jobs on them but i'm so mad somewhere along the lines i had i remember being in twelfth grade and i made a yellow crushed velvet high cut bodysuit dot the read through rockets and then i made a crop in the same yellow crushed velvet and i got a ajab wearing and then i got rockets wearing that yellow bodysuit and i'm like why didn't he say that like hey. There's something about why are we idiots like murray condo no. I'm marie condo honda too much. I mean show same now if things i don't even need right like i'd so much rather have those mementos i know i kept my broadway bares. I dress that's nice but i don't know where it went. It's like yeah. That's a bummer like i also i when you become a rocket. They give you like this. It's so so stupid but it's like a big giant tote bag. That's like you saw them all around and then they have like three two rackets on them on your name and like where the because my rocket bag that is how up like what was i like. I don't need this. I'm just so mad at myself for such dick. We're assholes. Spoiled brats okay worst job you ever dead while you were auditioning to get the broadway world i mean joe say bottling she something housing and then babysat a lot to the point where i started hey children and i also did oh like industrials which was like painful soul crushing you would get hired to like be part of a flash mob at the convention. You're a a hired extra yeah yeah or like when i had to go. Actually it wasn't a terrible job but it was weird. I had to go to arkansas where walmart headquarters as thinks it's arkansas and it's like the middle of nowhere the only people who live there work for a- for walmart and they have a walmart shareholders convention every year and they hired meet to do like crazy crazy hip. Hop dance is the only by yourself no with a crew. I was the only white girl and then will smith was the emcee whoa walmart much money lady anybody yeah lady antebellum saying there. That's what i was just something like bullshit hip hop dancer five six pretty good party. Lady antebellum and wilson was crazy. I mean it was really was getting n._j._i._t. With i got it okay last thing before quickies over biggest regret from that time in my life from broad drake becca broadway broadway healthy broaddrick boom home broadway kelsey my biggest regret would probably probably be <hes> <hes> god. I mean not being more confident like like i was so insecure i look back now and i was like pretty good talented like i spent my whole life training like an athlete and then you're like in the big leagues but you still don't believe that you should be there imposter syndrome. It's imposter syndrome. I had it so badly but if you were to give me the skills i had then now. I'd be taking over the world. I would be starring the hollywood big time in killing killing it but later just soul crushing. You wake up every single morning at six a._m. You stand outside in the snow or rain or whatever it is you wait and you wait and you wait your lipstick with your bullshit lipstick on and you way every single day and you go into room with like three three hundred girls and you keep dancing until you get cut. It's like so soul crushing and then you have to walk into a room and sing wearing a unitards like that's the the other thing like you had dance and then they would cut people and then you'd get to stick around to like if you made it through the dance audition then you'd have to stick around to sing but then you'd like keep your dance <music> outfit on and then you'd walk in a room nipples are hard basically naked standing in front of a room of people singing with pianist like its ceo ever met before yeah that you've never worked with the never rehearsed with and then you just hope it goes okay and then some days you're like oh that would've been amazing but then the accompanist skipped a page of my my music by accident so he asked me and i didn't get that job like it's just so crazy. I can't believe how how many hours i put into it so many hours so many hours. Well look at how paid off. I mean it didn't really i hope i hope that everyone that's been asking if becca can talk about her time on broadway feels good. I feel like we could do another quickey about this but we it's time to go. I hope it's been quick for you jack. The next quickey we will talk about your life. There's thank you for a long time but sega off now we we're here for a long time. Talk at your diet coke bitch. I thanks for listening and make sure to rate and review this podcast. Wherever you go your podcast we have new episodes began every tuesday and thursday followed on social media at the lady gang <hes> <hes> follow us personally at kelty most importantly at becca and at jack vanak and we will see next tuesday if you love this podcast which what you do right. I need you to love it. I need that in my life but anyway if you love us. You'll probably love another show on the late again network. We have four right right now. We have the stacks podcast which is our book club and official book podcast. We have ladies like us. Our newest <hes> show nazanin and nadia and they are so funny funny and they're talking about real things and i just love them showman's with kevin and jenna. It's a huge hit. You guys are loving it. They're so funny. They bring in best friends and berry soon. Jack and i are going going to be on that show too and then mom said jamie lynn sigler jetta paris are there and they're talking the shitty gritty nitty and freddie of motherhood check alvar shows wherever you get your podcasts. I'm rita foley with an a._p. News minute. What do you think of the job. President trump is doing a new a._p. Poll finds things about six in ten americans disapprove of his overall job performance a._p. Washington correspondent saga megani is getting some support for his handling of the economy oughta me but poor marks on several key issues like immigration healthcare foreign policy and guns. The president says he's giving up the idea of a payroll tax cut matt small small reports from washington. President trump now says a possible payroll tax cut to boost the economy is off the table. The president says he's dropping the idea because the united states already has a strong economy washington governor. Jay inslee says he's giving up his democratic presidential campaign. He made fighting climate. Mitch change the central theme of his campaign dwayne. The rock johnson is the world's highest paid actor according to forbes eighty nine million dollars in the past year. I'm rita foley.

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