November 13: Both sides are buckling down and buckling up


This is a CBC podcast. Hello I'm Helen Man. Hello I'm Karen Gordon. This is as it happens. The podcast asked addition. Tonight's both sides are buckling down and buckling up public impeachment. Hearings begin in Washington and while the Republicans accuse the Democrats of distortion. Our guests accuses President Trump of extortion. The risk of repeating himself eighteen months ago. Our guest suffered brain damage after being beaten by Turkish security agents since but today Moraleja was back in. DC to protest the Turkish president again total smelt down in northern New Brunswick a smelting operation operation announces. It is closing forever leaving four hundred people out of work including our guest. WHO's worked there for thirty eight years? Curtain call relates. It's playwright John. Morale played a major role in the growth of Canadian theatre and a protege says her mentor. Lived the true and perfect image of life indeed power trips Bolivia's president flees to Mexico and a Bible wielding former opponent. Says she'll rule in his place and our guest says both developments. Make her feel unsafe in our own country and wake up Maggie. I think I got some cool new trains for you. When a BBC suggests Rod Stewart didn't build an elaborate elaborate model railway all by himself over twenty three years Mr Stewart himself goals and to get him back on track as it happens the Wednesday edition Shen Radio that figures? That's the longest relationship he's ever had with any model if you turned on a TV news channel today. There's a good chance you saw a bunch of grumpy looking people glaring at each other in in a conference room in Washington it was the first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump House. Democrats are investigating whether the US president withheld old military aid from Ukraine for personal political gain side by side in that hearing room today with George Kent a senior State Department official and Bill Taylor. You're the US's top diplomat in Ukraine both had already testified behind closed doors. Here's some of what Mr Taylor revealed earlier today. Last Friday a member of my staff told me of events that occurred on July twenty six while Besser Vulcan Volcker and I visited the Front member of my staff accompanied ambassador. sunlen investor Sunland met with Mr Yearbook following that meeting in the presence of my staff at a restaurant. Besser solid called president trump and told him of his meetings and gave the member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador. Silence about the investigations now. Sahlin Toll President Trump Ukrainians were ready to move forward following the call with President trump. It's a member of my staff asked investors on what president trump thought about Ukraine. That's the song and responded that President Trump cares more about the investigations of Biden which Giuliani was pressing for later in the day. Mr Taylor and Mr. Ken were questioned by Democrats and Republicans on the Intelligence Committee. Here's a question and from Republican. John Ratcliffe in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes whereas the impeachable offense. It's in that call are either of you here today. To assert there was an impeachable offense in that call shouted up anyone Mr Ratcliffe respond. Let me just reiterate that I'm out here. I don't know I've got thirty. Allow you asked the question. The question let me take you let me answer. This suspend spend the time master Taylor. Would you like to answer the question distractive. I would just like to say that I'm not here to do anything having to do with Come to decide about impeachment. There's not what either of us are here. Do this is this is your job. Karen Bass is a democratic congresswoman from California we reached her in Washington. Congresswoman bast today one. Republican said. He found it hard to stay awake during the hearing. I understand you sat in on part of it. Did you have a similar problem. Oh absolutely not I think that Yeah pretty shameful. Considering how serious today is to me. A statement like that names that they weren't taking it seriously in what's seen is a pretty key moment today today. We heard ambassador Bill Taylor explaining a phone call that one of his staff members overheard between E U embassador Gordon Sunland and president trump. Tell me why that phone call is genus significant. Well my Republican colleagues. Want to say that. There's no first hand information that there I know first. Hand communication with the president so the information that was revealed today was a person overheard ambassador sunlen talking indirectly to the president. Now what's important about that also. Is that some land will be coming to do testimony in the next few days and so he can be asked directly but the fact that you would have a president of the United States who would use military aid for a country that is under attack and a whole that eight back so that he could extort them essentially to speak on behalf south of his campaign because investigating by me and looking for dirt where there is none that is about intervening in the upcoming election and that is beyond inappropriate in the opening statement. We urge the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee. Devon Eunice congratulating Mr Kent Mister Taylor on passing what he called the Democrats Star Chamber auditions. What do you say to that? I work in foreign affairs and deal with diplomats all the time and since this minister administration has been in power. The people that work for the State Department overseas have felt completely disrespected and marginalized in maligned by the president. These men have records that are impeccable. In terms of their service to our country. There were some questions frame today from the Republicans Publican's about remarks that were made by the Ukrainian President Vladimir Dolinsky an which he said there was not any pressure that everything in the coal was above hoard awards to say there was somebody holding a gun. Be Your head. You're not going to sit there and criticize them. That president forty one years old completely inexperienced an experienced politics. What was he supposed to say yes? That's right he forced to me number one that would make him look extremely weak in front of his own people both it would also make him look weak in front of the Russians and then he would anger the president and he needed to get the resources and the money so saying there was no pressure. Sure I think is not even relevant. Of course he would say that we also heard a lot of comments that the whistle blower himself or herself should be required. Hired to testify on Jim Jordan. Saying that you know basically the person who started this all is not going to speak. What do you say to that? And you know. I think that is coming directly from the White House else. That's what the president has been saying over and over. I think it's very disingenuous. Because if that's what you WanNa do that we need to throw out the whole concept of whistleblower protection. It shouldn't even exist that because if you're talking about a whistle blower to come forward the whole point of those laws is to protect people's. Do you think that these public hearings are going to do anything to help you gain support and I don't just mean from the general public like but you you need to get Republicans particularly in the Senate. Is this going to make a difference. I think that their support is contingent on public luke opinion and whether or not they feel that their careers are threatened right now. They are primarily concerned about negative tweets from the president. If the general public public begins to see what is taking what is going on then I think that they might be willing to step up. I believe that what we are seeing right now now is that the president is really a danger right now it would be easy to say. Let's just wait until the election. The problem is we don't know what he's GonNa do over the next twelve months. I'm not sure our country can't afford to wait now on the other hand because we've moved in the public space the president has the opportunity and the Republicans I can have the opportunity to to disprove. What is being said? And so far. They don't seem to have an ability to do that. They're not really challenging. The the witnesses On the facts. They're more challenging on the process and then when they're really in a corner then they reduced their complaints to saying well. Yes maybe he did that. But it's not a big deal. They did hear from the president though the president in like that the president wants to be descended and and so it'll be interesting. I think their testimony there statements and all of that is based on whatever the president tells them at a particular moment after the intelligence committee finishes up. It's going to write a report. It'll be Senate Judiciary Committee of which you are a member and what happens then when we expect your committee you too possibly recommend articles of impeachment. Well I am just guessing that I would say before the year is out but one of the other things that's happening. I want this to go quickly. But what are the other things is happening is more and more people are coming forward and as more and more people come forward then you know we have to decide. Do we keep getting testimony or do we move forward so We you know we will say about my best guess would be for the year so we have as you point out more testimony to here but just this this being the start of it. How do you think history is going to look back at this day? I think history is GonNa look back at this day and say that today was the beginning in which the the American public could hear that our democracy had has some serious weaknesses that we never before realized because we never had a a person that occupied the White House who had absolutely no respect for the rule of law. And I think that it's going to be compared to other impeachment and I think it's going to make the prior at least to impeach and if that happened during my lifetime look very very petty compared to what has gone on with this administration Asian Congresswoman Bass. Thank you for taking time to talk to us. Thanks for having me on that was democratic congresswoman Karen Bass in Washington. She's a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House. Judiciary Committee after witnesses wrapped up their testimony today. US President Donald Trump was asked about the hearing. I know that you didn't spend a Lotta time glued to the TV. Today there was one month. Where embassador Bill Taylor recounted a conversation that An aide of his little heard. It was the day after the phone call on July. The twenty sixth in which the aide says that he ever heard you say his son when How are things going with the proceeding with the investigations? Solomon repeat it back to you. According to this aid that Ukraine was prepared to do you. Everything you wanted to do was is that correct. Can you fill in some more. I know nothing about that. First Time I've heard the one thing I've seen that Sandelin said it was that He did speak to me for a brief moment. And I said no quid pro quo under any circumstances and that's true the other right. I've never heard this in any of it. It's more second hand information but I've never heard that was donald trump speaking today during a press conference with the president of Turkey It's the end of the line for Brunswick smelter today. Glencore Canada announced that it was permanently closing the plant located in Bel Dune in northern New Brunswick putting four hundred and twenty people out of Work Union workers who make up more than half of the smelters employees have been off the job Since April in a contract dispute according to the company the plant has been losing money for years and business wasn't expected to turn around anytime soon. Silvani todd has worked at Brunswick smelter for thirty eight years. We reached him at home in Bathurst. New Brunswick Guitar how did you find out that the plant where you've we've worked your whole life pretty much is closing Actually was at Site today and people were saying that they seen something on the on the Internet saying that the cyclist I was frozen fell through or wasn't expecting. It was a bit of a shock beginning to sink in. Now it's starting to thinking now all in a little bit of frustration and little bit of Banda's a bit because you know we've been out on strike since April twenty third and if they nudity reclosing wire air we out you know we could have stayed and work till this time instead of being locked out there. How tough has it been the last seven months you guys have been off the job It hasn't has been easy like you know it's been harder for more than others like Some nine only has a single income coming in while they're having a greater time but No way it hasn't been that Eddie in Glencore Canada which owns the smelter is saying that the decision to close is not related to this labor dispute. There's a business decision. You seem to be suggesting nobody. It may have already thought way back when this this job action began that this might happen just wondering because usually when they decide to close the place. It's stop for the day or two days. It's six months a year down the road. They know that they're going to close so. I'm just wondering when we went into negotiations. If they're holding something back and wanted us. The road said he would be as for six. That's what I'm wondering. Glencore says that the last three years the plant lost on average thirty million dollars a year. Eared does that make sense to you. It's hard to say because we were there to every time they were making silver like it's a lead smelter and silver plant and we see on their sites at all. We're broke another silver record this month so for most of us we thought were were doing all right but they always said that they're losing money so it seems that they were going to. Actually you know improve the plant and updated it they were gonNA spend about sixty four million dollars on an acid plant and then the first phase I it was already done. That was like twenty million dollars spent. Yeah Yeah and they said the next sparked was going to be an August. But then we're we're out on a On wrote right so they said that they were GonNa put that on hold or cancelled it and so we were all right but there was a shock. Is there anything in the industry that you know of that. Add has changed significantly over the course of the last six or seven months to to sort of push that decision. No actually no because it seemed like People were going in and we were hearing that they're getting paid extra money to cross the picket line and all this and some retirees were being called and asked him to come. Vincent received spending. Lots of money. Didn't seem like it was an issue so it was quite a shock. When we found notable do you think that there is any way the smelter could have been saved I don't know actually no. It seemed we know that they was in bad. Need of some repairs and we needed some upgrades and like the plan was one. We knew if that wasn't done that it was going to go down but Lee taught that since they started the fees to receive liquor. Put money in we talked. We're going to be okay but but but I guess not. What is this closure mean for you and your family? Well it's been working there for eight years so now. I know a motive the job so I have to go out and looked looked so might be a little harder. Because I'm in my fifties in you know now they're going to be slipping for more younger people. So that's GonNa be an issue. How close to retiring a year and a half away? So what does this mean for your pension now. We don't know we're going to have to sit down and have meetings and see how that goes so we've got lots of questions about that right now. I'm not quite sure how that's GonNa work out. So the company seems to be indicating and is going to offer severance than it will so follow through pensions but You sound like you're not sure. No I'm not quite sure like you know until you sit down and you hear exactly what they have to say the little skeptical because right now. We don't know laying on your source so many unknowns. What about your colleagues? And you didn't have to be younger than you with this going. I mean how hard is it going to hit. It's going to hit hard like I mean in this area especially there's not a whole lot like you know as far as industry there's a power plant that took that's maybe got a little one hundred people were in there and then here was proud of Vegas one in the area so now that's closed and there's a lot of jobs on Spin Austin. There's a lot of places that Saigon feel not only at the alter The company has been in operation there for Fifty Years in your dad worked. There's here's what I understand. Yes my dad worked there. He's he worked on construction and then he got hired on after the plant was built and then I had four my brothers working there. Also Dave all retired now but I was the last one to retire. Is it hard work working in smelter. It's it has his moments depending on the jobs and things that's going on there sometimes that is physical and it's it's more Health wise and a lot of it because of the gases asses and you're dealing with it is lead arsenic cadmium soldiers a lot of stuff that you've got to take into place. The mayor of Belgian says this this is devastating. And as you say it's going to affect other businesses. I guess as well that count on the money that comes from the people who work there looking at the broader region at Bell Dune bathurst Thursday communities nearby. Our people going to cope with all of this. I don't know I mean it's GonNa Affect like Resent here just to grocery stores were losing. Almost fifty has details dollars a month since we've been on strike because a lot of families and before to go by the big week's groceries Just go and get what you need. That's going to be a big change. It's terrible news. I really appreciate you talking to us. I know it's a difficult day for you. Thank you very much very welcome. All right you take care bye. Bye See Evangi. Tar is one of four hundred twenty employees out of work after the newly announced closure of Brunswick Smelter we reach Mr Guitar in Bathurst New Brunswick Swick when Eric Marciano saw a car barreling towards pedestrians in downtown Montreal. Yesterday he didn't hesitate. He put himself in harm's way to protect the people on the crosswalk. The driver of that car was later arrested. and Mr Marciano is being hailed a hero. We we reached Eric Marciano in Montreal. Mr Marciano win. Did you first realize that something unusual was going on while you were driving. I I was on a street called Berry So facing the main artery Montreal called the limited and the light the guy. The suspect basically tried to run a red light that you realize there was a cop next so he backed up backed up and so they opened windows and they started talking and they just took off. If you're in your car you see. This guy goes through a light and the police are in pursuit. Yes exactly and how close you at this point Just the other lean across like a t he's sped along. I was on my green light because since he burnt his red eyes on my green so I turned left and Kinda followed them. We're not following them going the same direction so I am at the next intersection which is called. Send any very busy intersection. They were already a third intersection. Which is soggy me now at that point his car? Ah hit the SNOWBANK. The police got out of their cars. Were they're pulling their guns. Basically and he was able to escape at that point he backed out made a u-turn so he was coming towards me that was on the other lane. And that's that's really busy intersection Montreal. So he's coming towards you. And what are you thinking. I thought that he he was gonNA interest how he was going really really fast. There was a lot of construction and pedestrians at lunchtime. So I just Basically ran ran my I liked and Talked make sure everyone was out of the way blocked his way so you decided to put your car between him and the Pedestrians yes native act. It's a very very big. It's actually the biggest streets wide streets in Montreal. And there's a media in a concrete median there and So I figured that he wasn't he had a little Honda. There's there's no way he was going over the medium median. We say English learning meeting. So I I completely blocked away for him and the only way he could has basically stopped her go through move which he tried to do so he hits your vehicle. Yes yes and how quickly going when that happened. Probably eighty kilometers an hour. Roughly what did that feel like Well I actually lack just like basically a second. My car jumped out of my car so he impacted acted the passenger side. And you're jumping out the other side. Exactly what honey impact was there. It was pretty hard. I've really big. Suv He get a little Honda. Pretty pretty hard impact. What kind of calculations were you making obviously pretty instantly? When you decided to do this for me? It was a no-brainer. This you know. People were endanger. The car was coming fast. I've a big truck. He has a small car You Know I. I did quick calculations nations and it was worth the risk. Wow so tell me. They reaction As as he hits your vehicle. There's all these people around. What are they saying? What are they doing? Well it's because I had honked so much people were knew something was up So there was that point. People were more on the left of my car. He was on the right so they were kind of like a out of harm's way. There were a lot of construction workers once it hit. They're all very happy that it ended in a nice way. What did they all say to you? There were congratulating and thanking me for helping them with their safety. Tell me what kind of shape the Carson seems to be total total loss. Wow so what is your insurance company. Say while they were at first they were they were telling me that they're gonNa try to do their best. And so on so on. And then they pass the someone higher up and they said The worry we'll take care of it and you won't have to pay deductible and non responsibility and they were also thinking they were aware of after a lot of people might hesitate to to what you did when you want to say to them Dog just do it feels right I mean about that. I sacrificed my life but sometimes I saving many people one person you know part of the calculation you know that's what That's what the good citizens I think are supposed to do. But you could have been injured all could've but then so you know then happened so all good well are you out car shopping shopping No actually it was really kind of attached to my car for ten years but Yeah I guess not not yet I have A. I borrowed my son's car today today so I'll just take it easy and see what happened just a car. It's just a well. It's a great attitude you know. I'm surprised in a way that police didn't scold you a a little bit for for doing what you did. Sometimes they don't like it when when people are expecting it but I think they waited that all the individuals policeman the younger ones. They're all congratulating is leading me so I guess you know good ending story. Look congratulations on. I guess doing the right thing and thriving it and good luck finding another their vehicle. You like so much. Thank you so much. It won't be hard. Thank you have a nice day. You to Fi- Eric Marciano stopped a car from driving into pedestrians industrial's yesterday in Montreal. And that's where we reached him this afternoon. The nineteen year old driver appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to seven charges. His mother thanked Mr Marciano for his quick thinking and said her son has struggled with mental health issues. His entire life in an ongoing strike at the University Prompts Poems from prof it seemed fitting to introduce this next story by summarizing it in the form of a high coup but my attempt. There really doesn't do justice to what Sarah Deleu has been producing on a daily basis for nearly a week. Now Ms Lou is a professor in the Northern Medical Michael Program at the University of Northern British Columbia. She's also a poet and ever since you. NBC's faculty went on strike six days ago. She's committed herself to composing composing a Haiku every day for as long as it lasts this morning she shared her latest composition with the. CBS's Laura Sharp. Letty today's was inspired by all of the Wilderness and all of the wildlife that U. N. B. C. is so often surrounded by and it's titled Very Simply Daily Strike Haiku. Six dear catch their breath when cornered exhaling lean slowly. Quiet hoping in calm threats pass. I sort of took it upon myself in an effort to really try to encourage all players at all levels and all the various sides to put on our best in creative thinking cats in order to do the best for our students and for the future of northern British Columbia and I really couldn't think of any better and more respectful offering short offering of poetry every day that the Faculty Association was picketing. Sarah Deleu is a poet heddon professor in UNBC's northern medical program. She's composing Haiku every day at the faculty as the university remains on strike Turkey's president is back on American soil today and for more at Ya so that brings back some horrible memories. Eighteen months ago. The Kurdish American American man was badly beaten in Washington DC. He was protesting president. Ray Jeb tub air to visit to the White House. When security agents men who worked for President Air John began viciously beating Kurdish protesters? There are disturbing video recordings of the beatings the agents were charged by US sororities but eleven of those charges were later dropped. We're at USA. Suffered brain damage from the attack. But today he's back in Washington protesting president resident aired ones. visit all over again. In fact Mr Yassa is the one who organized the protest we reached him in Washington. DC Mr Yassir. What is it like for you to be back in the same place where you were so badly beaten? Eighteen months ago it is hot. I'm in my my memory. GOES BACK TO TWO TWO YEARS AGO may sixteen it is heart. I mean emotionally Detroit to kill me. I'm very emotional. Of course I mean and terrified but I'm here but this time I'm going to prepare myself so I said this time I'm going to have like a construction heart health. And then today I came to Frontal White House and with With my heart had the feeling instead of the the most terrible thing is OUR PRESIDENT MR trump invited him to White House. I don't think anyone anyone in Congress except Mr Trump and you're there now with this hard hat on to protect yourself. What about the other people in the crowd? What what is the mood like have have? They prepared themselves the same way David not because they didn't leave the things I I mean last time we were like fifteen when when you And then the police number is was not enough to protect us. There's very excited now. To the UC the slowdowns about a lot of our Turkey about invading about killing. The you know some people in there in Syria and on the other courts here. There's Armenian Indian there is there is. How many people do you think are there are five hundred and what's the security presence like as you said last time there were not enough police and other security forces on the US side to protect you while this time they? They did their homework too. I mean there are these C- Police Department Department from safety. Pacman from secure two senators so they are all over this time. Why is it so important written to you to be there to have helped organize protests today especially given all that you have been through a human? I'm good but I'm human and and my pupils dying right. Now there's shelling bombing so there's I mean the innocent people over the civilian you're talking. Take the children. How could I not come here to protest Guam killing you know some people well? As a matter of fact the situation has changed into politically not region since the previous protests because of the Turkish military campaign against the Kurdish forces. Is that invigorated you further. Of Of course this is worse than the two years ago season in the field. Dick Coats are the only the only one thing I says they lost. I eleven thousand men women there Rozsa movement is there lumine movement. They're the age of that movement that freedom not only for the there are many and took many are up the Assyrian all those Ethnicity like mosaic. Let me take you back to two twenty twenty seventeen because there is this terribly disturbing footage in which we can see you and other. Kurdish protesters being viciously beaten by the Turkish security team. That was traveling with President. Air To one. What do you remember about the attack and the moments remember? Yeah I was on the floor. They were kicking me all over my head and they're trying to kill. It is not just like a a protect so far. They say they tried. Hi to protect the president but there was no trick to hear the President I was on the concrete floor and they were teaching me one after another one after another after another. They're not try to cover my head with my arms. I sit on dying I said then all of a sudden my children came with my Is My daughter was going to go college and my son was admitted. Screw so then. I said I'm not going to see them. I'm not going to see. My father is going to marriage she is going to have children granddaughter. Granddaughter Grand Kids I mean is it is. You don't know what to do. What was the long term impact attack? How's it affected you and the life? You've been leaving ten while I am still. I have health issues I have a neurologist still. I'm taking medicine. I cannot sleep taking medicine and then nightmare it is life in prison. As long comes to my dream is given an order attack to is Security Guard and there are starting to heat me catch me and maintain I have a brain. The memory memory loss comes from that. They're trying to fix is it. I have some I have bows of medicine. I'm taking the men who attacked you. Eighteen months ago were initially charged. But most Mr those charges have since been dropped. Will you be looking to see if those are some of the Turkish security forces that are there today Adler brings them with him or a lumbering some others but even though if let's say he comes with that on which the charges trumped like like you say and the police is going to do a recipe and because trump is this from our president. He loves that dog and I don't think he's going to do anything. Do you believe that those men will ever see justice. I DON'T WANNA lose my hope but as fungus. Mr President trump is in the White House. I don't think so if you could sit down with president trump. What would be your message to him? While I'll tell him. Your slogan was make America. Great taking you call the president and then he came to attack your your. You're so is this. Is this the way you're going to make America great thinking. Is this. Have them respect to your season you wrong. That's what I say Mr Yasser. Thank you very much stay safe today thank you so much. Okay bye bye. Yassa is a Kurdish American who organized a protest today outside the White House speaking out against a visit by Turkish president. Ray Tayeb air to one. Mr Yasser was brutally a beaten by members of president aired on security detail in May two thousand seventeen for more on this story go to our website. CBC DOT CA SLASH AI h Western Canada may be mulling over its commitment to Canada. But if they're looking to separate they shouldn't ask their neighbors to the east for advice. That was the message today. Hey From Bloc Quebecois leader eve launched. Mr Blanchette was in Ottawa. Today meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when reporter asked him to weigh in on the idea idea of western independence. Here's that exchange for the record independence in the West as a province that has gone through it already wizard life likes to people in Alberta Scheduling. Where Meyer is giving? That was already been through this discussion. And then thing to create the green state in Western combat. I might be tempted. Twelve if they are trying to create an oil stinks turned into that big can expect him. He'll France. I still do believe that will do better when it becomes a country so I'm not the one that will fight to a nice United Canada but I will not out some parts of were throwing that good dream of some kind of maybe don't do as far as defendants and maybe they are. The building strong was issued for themselves. But I'm not in that position to government warned up to do and true national or international channels. Charles we will keep fighting decided to obsessively want to extract oil from the ground and may default wall from today. That's bloc Quebecois leader e-filed swab lingerie speaking to reporters in Ottawa. I'm John Morell did it. All the Calgary playwright made a name for himself with the Second World War drama waiting waiting for the parade which brought to life his interviews with women who had worked on the home front while their husbands were fighting overseas his productions since were wide ranging dipping into opera translation adaptation and more. He died this week. After a long battle with leukemia he was seventy four years old in two thousand sixteen John Morell spoke okay with the. CBC About one of his final plays a reimagining of the last hour in the life of recurring Shakespeare character. Sir John Falstaff. I felt the need to To to give falstaff his last hour to show what happens. We hear it reported in in Shakespeare's Henry. The fifth we hear other people talk about how he met his untimely end or maybe timely and but it does feel like false falstaff last hour for Shakespeare is a bit of a footnote or an afterthought and I just thought well we old guys. I mean I'm I'm in my seventies now and if falstaff was in his fifties which is likely He was the equivalent of a seventy year old so So I sort of wanted to give him and maybe give myself kind of good exit saying you know Canadian playwright John Morell speaking with. CBC Calgary's David Gray about his play. Fat Jack Falstaff last hour in two thousand sixteen. Mr Morell L. died of leukemia this week. Anita Majumdar is an actor and playwright. Who was in John Morales? Who was John? Morales prochet through the governor. General's Performing Arts Ward mentorship enter ship program. We reached her in Toronto. Ms Majumder my condolences to you. Thank you go through your mind. As you hear hear that clip of John Morello reflecting on his play fat Jack Falstaff last hour. The thing about John was that in his self deprecation of Sort of referring to himself as an old man and referring to his immense Manson long legacy in Canadian theatre history. He was actually really young at heart ahead. A real curiosity for the work that you normally family finding in artists who are just beginning their careers and I think his approach so work was always with his mindset that there's still room to expand the sort of underlying definition of what it is to make theater what it is To Be Theater you I met Mr Morell at the Kennedy Council Fiftieth Anniversary in two thousand seven. Can you tell us what you remember about that evening. I remember being A one of the few people who didn't know Most people in that room and John and I had been seated at the same dinner table and John didn't make me feel like I was sitting next to the Great John Morale. He sat next to me and we talked for the entire evening. And in my memory of of that dinner I also think it was just him and me sitting at this very large table in this in fact not true true There were very many people at that table. It's that we were the last people sitting about table because we were there till midnight just talking to one another you later. became his T- through the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Mentor Ship Program. What did you learn from him during all of that There's a lot of things that I learned from John. One of those things was most definitely having really clear boundaries between professional and personality. It's not that he was a slave to the work and Sacrificed his own family. He loved his family of his extremely clear. Every time we we met and spoke and work together but he also had a separate space for his work That when he was was in the throes of being a writer and and how selfish second sometimes feel that he cleared separate space which was away from his family so that when he was with his Lupton once he was really with them. You know in an interview with the Globe and Mail about your partnership. He said that he hoped to learn. Just as much from you as you would learn from him Do you think that happened. Can you tell me a little bit about the professional development. You experience working together. He what he said in the Golden Male. He'd said to me on numerous occasions that for him this mentorship was a was fluid would in its direction that he was equally eager to learn what what I could offer and and to see play writing and making plays through through my lens which was very different from his. At the time I had been writing a show about shade Azeem in shade them. Is You know the the experience. For instance warning lighter fairer skin color and that was an experience a John hadn't had and it was one that I was very well versed in. It was a very immediate for me and things like that burgeoned into talking about our experiences of also also being Canadian playwrights But that that came from you know deep within us from places generosity and and deep kindness or at least a desire to be kind and desire to be honest. I think that's what we shared but our lenses are what we're different. I imagined today a lot. The people across the country who know and Love Theater are thinking about his impact on the Canadian. Theatres seen But but more specifically he was very committed. Did to Calgary in Calgary theaters seen. What do you think accounted for his particular affection for for the theater life of that city? I think it's a where he started. I think it's where his family was. It was his first point of migration when he he left the United States. I think it also speaks to the actual theater community. In Calgary it's it's hard to leave There is a remember. He hit once told me that he had a job offer to write for days of our lives. In your but New York wasn't home and it wasn't the right fit but that he entertained it and you know entertain the idea of moving his family there But ultimately you know to the end of his days it was always cow grave always out BERTA. Yeah so you've shared a lot of wonderful memories with US already but as you're thinking back on your time together and your your friendship. Is there something that stands out for you that you'd like to share with us I remember when away staying at the Banff Centre Center and I told John I'm I'm I'm not sleeping very well And because he had been the director of the theater program is he's really familiar with the territory and he had said you know when I first took up the job I was told that there's a lot of spirit activity in this area that you know we are on a land that many indigenous people don't actually live there because of this kind of spirit activity and Justice Justice. He told me that we saw coyote cross across our path Because we were driving in the car and he said it's a very special place ace and maybe it might be in your in your interest to just have a moment to understand that there. There's as an energy in a in a life force that is that is a greater beyond you and it's It's what I'm really holding onto today. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I appreciate it thank you you too. Anita Majumdar is an actor and playwright in Toronto. Her Mentor. John Morell died this week week. He was seventy four years old. A Rod Stewart loves nothing more than listening to some hot tracks and then watching the little train. Come around the corner on those tracks for the past twenty three years. The British singer has been working on a sprawling extremely detailed model railway railway city it's modeled after New York and Chicago in nineteen forty five and it features dozens of buildings bridges and of course trains. He granted the magazine Railway. Modular exclusive interview on his creation which he completed over the span of thirteen studio albums and nineteen tours which led UH BBC to radio to host Jeremy Vine to speculate on air that. Perhaps the singer didn't actually build himself so Mr Stewart phoned into the BBC ABC hosts Radio Show today to clear things up. My friends My wife called. And she said they're talking about your route laird and insinuates insinuate saying that You didn't oil yourself. Well that's the reason I I was worried about that. The reason I insinuated that is because it's so enormous I didn't believe you could have built it single handedly. Yeah it's I would say ninety percent a- built myself the only thing I was very good at and still I'm not is electrical. It was so that I had someone else do that. So so just tell us what it contains what it features rods. Well I would say it It's not not built on any prototypical city but it's a cross between Chicago and New York and that's it the engines The engines might funny. Sounds you could hear people talking into carriages. It's the visuals a one thing if you heard it. It's amazing so when you get into the room it's in Rhodesia press start and the trains go and you watch it or what. Yeah Yeah you have to line up all the computers Any more or less press co two run about eight trains. The time it's so big. They never bump into each other but he's really noisy. It is quite incredible. I'm so proud and I'm so proud of the coverage it got I. I look at it pig a silly hobby but it's a wonderful job. That was Rod Stewart speaking with BBC radio to host Jeremy Vine about his model railway city in Bolivia appears to have a president tonight. A senator named Janine Unas amounts announced that she's stepping into the vacuum left by able Morales when he fled the country earlier this week but opinions about the new government's legitimacy depend on where you stand from his asylum in Mexico. Mr Morales has denounced his ouster. As COO cloudy Opinion Claros is a former minister enable Morales government we reached return Lopez. Ms Penny Claros Ever Morales calling his removal from power. Aku what would you call it. I would call it the same way. Because Evermore List has been chosen in two thousand sixteen with sixty percent and all the votes to president of for the until January two thousand twenty as you know the organization Asian of American the states which recently acted as an observer in the elections in your country declared that most recent election as being highly concerning turning. They they do not feel it with a legitimate victory. There are pointing to a potential election fraud by Mr Morales and his supporters. How how is it correct? Then that he continue on an office A then we say some here that the has the topic. We have known certain deals that back when we talk about that. We are not thinking about the recent elections. Sean we are not talking about wrote. We are talking that in twenty-fifty there has been an election and they will modalities has won that election. Nixon I understand. I understand though that that you're saying that he should stay on until the end of his his term in January but there were So many heated protests in the street growing anger in Bolivia and you know a lot of people were very concerned that that was going to escalate the she then had sake on Sunday that he accept that the election of October would be nothing. Nothing and that I knew Nixon would come back on US getting this power and in this moment right now. The police don't let their legislators. We'll get into the khanate the president of this nape deep down not go into this innate work so you are concerned that the police and the military are preventing the the existing in government from continuing. Its work. Yes yes do you accept though that there were serious irregularities in the election yes yes I I accept that there had been irregularities in the month. The Party has accepted the rolling. Can you religious necessary Janina Anez has stepped into the president's T.. Do you accept her as president at this point no no because before that they recently statement later off the president of the semait advance. How gear for that has to be accepted in this name? Why these let their if not accepted sheets fees breath event of the snake? I think so. In this moment we have a president of the Senate and her name is Teddy. Allison but here but the police don't let her go into this ornate accomplish he's functions. You mentioned that Mister Morales said he accepts that new elections actions must be held. President onions is promising to hold those elections as soon as possible. Do you think that that will be a legitimate election. I really don't know because there has been last month. A Danish people not the minds against the the leaders of the mice not only against the president or the vice president or the minister that has been hung name that has been by your name against the leaders of the political party and right now we are having harassment and violence against the the legislators of the political party mass so in this scenario. I don't think that we can talk about. Oh normal elections because there are political. Don't get are being harassed. Will what about you yourself. I mean Mr Morales remains in in Mexico. He's safe there. You are back in Bolivia. Are you concerned about your own safety concerned about the range inch that you can see the streets day. They're against the people of the party. I leave in a nail yet of middle class and and I feel a little bit then to go into the streets because I don't think that somebody will kill me because perhaps they they showed up need or they insulted me so I wouldn't want that situation to happen. How divided is your country right now? It's very divided. His hand in it is very sad. Because in modalities west East Coast Source Indian Express then and the government has made a lot of work. Do get over the UH discrimination to get over the racist culture that we have here. There is a culture of racism hearing believed media and the government had made a lot of effort to get over that and what I see now east got. May we discuss the issues that we lost of racist things going on out that discussions was and there are signs. That people like Jellinek Macho face. I am not the right racy we equalize but what they said the quarter of races and that has some vite these years of able more not less government and and that is that. These divides Hispania. Clarice I thank you very much for taking time to speak with us. We appreciate it thank you. I thank thank you okay goodbye. Cloudy Opinion Claros served as Bolivia's minister under Evo Morales. We reached her in Lopez. Mr Morales US gave up power and fled the country earlier this week. You've been listening to the as it happens. podcast our show can be heard Monday to Friday on. CBC Radio One and on Sirius XM following world. Six you can also listen to the whole show on the Web ebb. Just go to. CBC DOT CA slash. Ah and follow the links to our online archive. Thanks for listening. I'm Helen Man and I'm Karen Gordon and yeah for more C._B._C.. PODCASTS Goto C._B._C.. Dot C._A. Slash podcasts.

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