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The comment in you know the saving now. I got John NOCCO. Bat Deputy Buckle Ray amid tacked on on Texas on the land to be. Okay thank you for listening to the best barbecue. Show if you're not already please make sure to subscribe to the podcast. A few subscribe and review this podcast on itunes and apple podcast. It's going to help the show rank and it's going to help it get in front of more people. I worked really hard hard to create the show and I do it for free on my only ask you is that you take the time to give it five stars. I go all over the state all over the country and hopefully this year I'll be all over the world job and I'm loving. All the connections are making with people. I making connections with listeners. I mean connections with new pitmasters hobbyists backyard. Competition Your messages and your emails. They're amazing so keep them coming. The first thing I want to do today is wish you happy. New Year It's been twenty twenty for a few days now and the barbecue scene is hotter than ever twenty nineteen was an incredible year. An amazing showing It was an amazing for the show. It was amazing for Barbecue. It was just amazing general for fire and food. I think at this point there might be a dozen restaurants in Austin that have opened fire cooking in their kitchens and I was lucky. Enough to travel to L. A. New York all over Texas and even North Carolina for the Certified Angus Beef Conference That for last year's episodes episodes were we talked cooks chefs pitmasters enthusiast other reporters. I got to interview one of the Food Writers for the La Times TMZ. I've been all over the country I'm super grateful for all these opportunities The shows given me so much access and all of you whether you're you're working at a restaurant or just a listener you know you've given me a ton of access into your ideas into what you're doing and I'm just super grateful it will thank you I WanNa thank everyone who helped the show grow last year every all my guests all the people that sent me ideas that Ed helped me. Editing helped me with songs and things that I put into the episodes And this show operates on I mean mean at first Iran operated on almost no budget last year we had a small budget And I'm hoping grow even bigger this year If you know anyone who's looking for a show to sponsor I'll talk more about that here in a second. But it's part of the upgrade. It's part of the next level for the barbecue show. One of the things I'll we upgraded also is the MERCH You've seen the meat man. Meet women t shirts cell phone cases some of the things I offered last year and that store or is going to be closing at the end of February. So if you WANNA meet man or meet woman shirt or one of those other accessories or if you want anything with meat man on it That isn't on the store. Were sent me a message. I can get different sizes but I will be ending all of that. Moore's February twenty-ninth so or something before then Or you won't be able to get any we'll be onto the newmarch probably close the store for a bit Then reopen it with a whole new. Look you know last year. That tinkered with video and I'm pretty happy with the results. The Youtube Channel is young. But I'm happy to say that I got a lot of my interviews on video last year my goal is to have all those interviews up in the next six months on the Youtube Channel. If you haven't seen it yet there's a few episodes up the most popular being with s Joe from them smoke house they were great and You don't see this in the video but they were super patient when I was setting up my cameras and doing everything because I was still learning But now oh I think I have it down to a system in a science and you'll get to see a lot of that now if you want to see it. You're going to have to subscribe to the Youtube Channel Click the subscribe button. Click the notifications All you have to do is look for BBQ show on Youtube it's super easy defined And obviously there's going to be links here and links and my instagram but subscribe to the show I think you'll be really happy with what I'm creating And you'll be happy that you click that button. If you click the little bell you also get notifications And you'll also get to watch some of your favorite moments from last year. I didn't just put out the audio When I recorded last year I actually got a lot of these episodes on video now? Teaching Myself. How to edit videos was not easy Something I took on last year and I'm really starting to get into a good pace and like I said there's going to be half or more of the episode that I got last year. I also got on video and you'll get to see the smiling faces of the people whose voices you've heard Just over last year. Also be doing that this year. So every episodes obviously this one's all audio But every episode after this is going to have a video component and you'll be able to listen to it or watch it right there on Youtube. I really liked the idea because I know some of you are nowhere near Texas. Some of your are nowhere near any of the places and or maybe you've just been listening to the show and you haven't Google older instagram or tweeted or checked the people that are on I'm I'm just cool. I just think it's cool that my guests are going to have even more to express not just their voices on top of that this year. I'll be rolling out episodes on Youtube a tube that are more than just a conversation. I'll be capturing location techniques new styles of barbecue my travel tips tricks and more So make sure to go up and subscribe on the Youtube Channel. If you have suggestions for an episode ideas Mention them in in the youtube comments or send me an email. DM snapchat facebook message. I really WANNA take this show to the next level and I want you to guide me. I want the listeners and the fans to tell me where you want me to take it because because I have a whole list of things I'm going to cover this year but now's the time to get your ideas in because I have not filled up my whole year. I've got a couple of months plan so far and if there's something to cover there's a better chance of you if you suggest it now than any other time of the year but honestly at this point I am on so many platforms Whether you're on twitter instagram facebook linked in Tick Tock If you WANNA check out my talk at superfund and it's a superfund platform if you haven't played with it It's really interesting and I think it's a really fun way to express a lot of things but my cooking and and some of the fun places I get to go are a really. I had a good time at snows. We did a little tick tock video there you can check out but whatever you use I'm trying to be on every platform whether it's snapchat or something else I mean. I'm not on mine space. That's the only one I can think of that. I'm not on and It it's going to be an exciting year. Make sure to stay in touch. I was hanging out with some guys. It snows a couple of days ago and I don't know they made it sound like they were in in. You know the guy from South Carolina there was a guy From the West Coast and they just made it sound like they were in kind of a desert of barbecue and honestly men were more connected connected than we've ever been before so stay connected. Hit me up I answer all my DM's. I don't have an assistant or anything like that doing that. I have some people helping me with other parts of the show but as far as communication. It's all me so feel free to reach out. Stay in touch because I want to hear everything about about what you're doing This show has made me obsessed with stories I find myself asking strangers questions all the time sometimes ones is there a little too personal but you never know what kind of stories people have until you ask him. I WanNa take a moment talk about someone who's super important to the barbecue community. His name's Ryan Cooper. A lot of them is barbecue tourist. He's the creator of the smokey and he's been having some health problems recently He really needs our support art and by our support. I mean this entire community. I know what it's like to work hard to cover this barbecue scene and see Ryan everywhere. I see him in Texas. I've Seen Adam and Tennessee. I think he was even in Mississippi when I was there I see pictures of him on newsletters. I've seen pictures on instagram. Ram traveling the world. He's with some of the most interesting people a lot of the names and faces. You've seen on the show a lot of the voices you've heard on this podcast. I know how hard it is to do all that. I know how hard he works to take his barbecue pilgrimages and although he's not feeling well right now we we all know he's going to heal up the barbecue news. Space doesn't have a lot of people in it and I'm really happy to share this barbecue. Journalism seen with him He's been in and out of the hospital. He's currently recovering from search surgery on the also mentioned needing to complete some chemotherapy on his instagram. So make sure you send him your well wishes again. I'll link him in the show notes and easy to find barbecue tourist on instagram. But this dude is A. He's so committed to the barbecue scene If you see recent posts hosts from him at the hospital you know standing there with a walker smiling and on top of that he has a little slide show so the first picture is him with a Walker in a in a hospital gown if you slide to the left. He's got pictures of his most recent steak He's getting into steaks and then he couldn't even hide it. He couldn't even take an entire post for himself. He had to share a steaks and what they look like You know even from that post so send him a message. How good a stakes look? Send them your well wishes. Send your favorite steak recipes. Send Him rubs You can even send him some steaks. If you know Johny butchers out there who want to send them some steaks I suggest you do. He'll probably cook them up. Just right I I just can't say enough about how this man and his smiling facing the barbecue community is such a pleasure to be around We need his glow in the scene. And it's our job to show him support While he needs it his instagram. I'm is BBQ tourist Super define and there's Links in there for the smoke sheet his email and he also has recovery fund And I know there's enough people you're listening to this episode right now to put a little dent in that fund whether or not you can contribute I would say just make sure to reach out to him. Let them now. He's loved by every one of you out there. I'm excited to run into him on his next pilgrimage to Texas. Speaking of if you're thinking of coming through Texas hit me up. There's nothing better than running into other enthusiasts fans of the show around Austin at snows Or some of my other regular stops. I love connecting with the world of Barbecue and you are truly the people that matter most. You're the ones testing playing with your own barbecue recipes. You're the ones watching Youtube sube. You're watching masterclasses. You're listening to anything you can get your hands on I'm talking to you barbecue people. If you weren't listening I wouldn't keep keep making episodes if you weren't eating all these barbecue joints they would close your true heroes in this story. And I'm thankful to be part of this amazing scene If I haven't in the past I WANNA take time to show my gratitude because I truly would have nothing if it wasn't for Y'all so keep your suggestions coming send me your ideas and just let me know if you're listening. Let me know if you're enjoying the show. Maybe you're from some other country tell me how to Barbecue Hugh in In your language or what you call it you know in South Africa they call it bry. I think that's one of the coolest names I've heard so far but we all know that barbecue is hard work I'm working harder and harder every week to cover the scene and try to make y'all proud. I spent the first year of this show learning. Learn how to make audio great. I think I'm doing pretty good job of that so last year. I taught myself how to edit video I learned camera tricks. I felt a backpack full of the best cameras I could find at a budget price And I learned how to use them. I learned how to use formats and control the Lighting and to use neutral density filters and all these other things Just so that videos would come out good so when I put out the youtube was this year though the hopefully look you know some are going to look better than others because some are more recent But I wanted to show you the skills I've learned. I want to show you. How beautiful and vibrant Brent? This barbecue scene is all over. The world These cooks and pitmasters. They work really hard to create this world class food and I'm trying to work that hard this year ear to create a show to create a world class show. I Planning Out Twenty Twenty and I've got a lot of great ideas for this New Year but now's your time time to get an idea so if you have questions if you have topics you want covered last year I spend a day with a butcher Over at Salton Time Brian Butler alert super cool guy. And you guys seem to love that you send in a ton of questions we answered. I think all of them But what else do you want to know. Do you want WanNa do another day. With a butcher Do you have other specialists. You want to speak to maybe your friends with your local pitmasters I have a map of the world covered in pins discovered in tiny little dots that tell me where barbecue joints are so. Send me your suggestions. I know there's more pins out there and I'd love to add more to my board. I just got a DM from a guy in Norway who's going to Cook Texas Barbecue. He said he's getting some pits from Texas. And I think the time change. I won't get a message from him till tomorrow. But he says he's getting pits from Texas and I'm GonNa find out where I'm going to find out as much as I can about him and what he's doing but I know I'm missing out on other stuff. I know that there's a story that I'm not telling. I know that there's an interesting person out there that should be on the show and I miss them. So who am I missing out on. WHO SHOULD I be talking to in twenty twenty? I'm open to any and all suggestions and now's the time to get them in one person definitely be watching. This year is Blake Stoker. If you've listened to the show you know Blake's a fan and A guest he really puts his soul into his work every day. He's at his pits. Rain or shine I've seen so many videos of him sitting in the rain and he's selling more food every week he barely has a moment to go across the street for one of his favorite cherry lime AIDS And it's so cool that he you know he's made made a relationship with the sonic across the street Also shout out to abby stoker. His sister she quit her nursing job to support her brother's barbecue dreams. and honestly the whole families throwing down. I've met the entire stoker family without ever going to Martin Tennessee. They're traveling together. They're exploring trying new barbecue barbecue. Seeing what other people doing. Blake's mom is actually making desserts right now and they sound like they're great and they've got a great family vibe going. They're definitely at the top of my list this year. And I can't wait to road trip up there Blake's barbecue also got featured on food network and not just featured featured but on the list of best ribs for every state that means. They said that he has the best ribs in Tennessee. Do you know how many replaces are are in Tennessee. I've said it before but I'll say it again. Texas Barbecue is the best barbecue in the world and Blake is one of the people out there proving it he also sel travels to Texas often to do research. And I'm hoping to get out to Martin Tennessee very soon but to give you a little more preview of this year I finally got to attend a KOI barbecue pop up and it was a real treat if you aren't following Koi K. H. on Instagram but Koi Barbecue Q. is doing barbecue with Fob Roth they're doing hand rolls. They're doing this Vietnamese or even Asian twist to your favorite barbecue. Donald Theo win are just cool. Brothers they work together. They you know after seeing an entire Papa with them actually showed up at their house. Early got to see whether pits are hiding got to see their cool setup you know they were vacuum sealing briskets for people who had already ordered to go they had all their guys prepping and putting everything together in their secret kitchen location and I got to watch it all happen And at no point. was anyone ever yelling at any one. No one was ordering anyone around. They were all working together to get to the pop up up to put everything together and Koi Barbecue is just. It's a cool vibe. It reminds me of. If you've ever been to brother. Tens or liberty. John Brother other tin really creates a fun atmosphere for his people. And I think Donald Theo win are doing that They're great dudes and their team is just a really fun group of dues. I think you'll really enjoy that episode. They're committed to great food and I'm committed to eating as much of it as possible. I also love the Houston. Crews that show show up to support them the Houston crews. I've been running into last time. I was there I saw. Darren Lafferty Aka white beard photography. Tom Aka here Toshi. meagan begin good old Boy Joey Garcia and TJ Aka lazy teach. I'll link them in the description. These are all very common barbecue dues. I actually actually saw Tom at snows this last weekend and just recently. TJ has started barbecue blog So I suggest you check that out again. I'll put it in the show notes so I feel free to see what these guys are doing. Everyone is is covering the barbecue scene showing how they interact with their barbecue world. And it's great. I have all these little windows I get to look through and luckily I'm in the center of it so I can zip down to Houston or get out of town and be right there with them when they're trying all these new and exciting things plus on top of that it seems like every city in Texas at least has more and more good food so on top the barbecue. I'm eating noodles. I'm eating chicken wings. I'm eating all these other things because it just feels like the food scene. In general that people are taking food. More seriously it's a it's a really exciting year and I'm really excited about twenty twenty. This might be the first year that there's more barbecue content that you can keep up with than most people can keep up with and I'm excited about all the creators in the space I'm psych for everything I want. I want to create this year. We live in some of the most creative times in history. And they're on unlimited places for you to share your ideas so if you're thinking about starting a podcast or making videos or even just doing little tutorials just let me know I have tried and failed and created so much in the last year I would be happy to share with you anything I've learned and maybe I can help you. Avoid some bad ideas constantly messaging other creators. Because I love this space and if I can help you create anything please feel free Another thing to point on your radar for this year is goldies barbecue. I saw A picture of their new septic system going in which means Dylan Lane Jalen and Johnny Ray will be open. I don't know sooner rather than later. There's no official date. There's nothing going on but I see movement and I'm excited I'm going to keep bugging them. I'm going to be up in Dallas and a few weeks So I'm hoping he gets updates about that but if you know anything let me know. I'm also going from the ashes and Idaho this year. That's going to be the super amazing trip I'm excited to meet all the people attending a Wendy and Anthony who are putting on this amazing event. They've been putting it on for years. And if you're in the Idaho area or You just like attending big barbecue. Events with huge pits and open fires. I'd go buy some tickets because they sell out every year and and I believe there are offering more tickets than ever this year. But that doesn't mean they will last forever. I ran into Wendy. Anthony at the certifying is beef conference and we just had such a good time and I forgot how many people are out there and I had seen I had seen this event. Dan and I was so curious about it and sure enough. A few people had already interacted with. We're actually putting it on so when Anthony. I can't wait I hope you're listening listening but it's going to be so cool If you guys just look up from the ashes you can see a few of the crazy big pits. That are going to be up there. Just stuff you've really never seen seen anywhere else And maybe even try to cook up there who knows But some of you may have noticed that December a little slower for the show I thought it was good to take some time off. Recharge may plan for this year That being said my goal is to have episodes out every week on Monday. Just like in the past if I miss a Monday eh. I want to apologize in advance but the plan is to smash that published button at least once a week. I say at least because I'll be putting out periodic updates. It's a news throughout the year. I mentioned it last year. I put out a couple of these updates. But if you or someone you know has news they wanNA share just e mail it to news at best. BBQ Hugh Show Dot Com. Send me your press releases invites exciting news menu. UPDATES our changes or anything else you want to broadcast into the world. The barbecue world isn't that big. I can tell you right now. I know that Regal's barbecue always has pastrami. On Thursdays I know interstellar has pro pastrami on Fridays. I know that the Chilean yo sausage. That's in my bottom drawer in my fridge is something that went from a special to a regular menu item tejas. I can't keep it all in my head but I'm trying going to keep track of all these little things so that when y'all come to town I know I can say oh. Well you can go to Louis Miller on Monday. But you can't go to all these other barbecue the places that are closed if you WANNA get some delicious brisket and some bomb Mac and cheese at midnight you can go to rolling smoke You know I try to keep a map of all these ideas and all these opportunities so please send me some news news at best. bb You should come But I also wanted to to start the year off with some well wishes some good news some sharing just telling you all the great things that are happening in barbecue today. You all know I love Texas Barbecue. I'll be covering wherever goes. I'm looking at Australia the Philippines shout out to Dave Peralta is South America tra- Scada. These big meat events are happening Brazil. Argentina there's some guys in London doing some really interesting stuff. Sweden Canada's filling up. I still need to get out to the Adamson Boys. But there's a ton of people in Canada now cooking all kinds of barbecue There's so many places just from La to New York. At this point I am convinced Texas Barbecue is actually all over the world And I can't wait wait to see all the different ways it's it's expressed just because it's not in Texas doesn't mean it's not Texas Barbecue and this style this way these beautiful pets. They are everywhere. They're being put on containers. They're being built by guys like Dave Peralta in the Philippines from barrels just figuring Out Looking at pictures of what we're doing. There's some crazy places in Russia and posting pictures of pitmasters from Texas as if it's like a a restaurant restaurant named after Texas pitmasters. I don't WanNa say who because I don't think it's necessarily right to take someone's image and make a restaurant out of it but but this stuff is happening you know. Aaron Franklin was just the beginning of this way you know I I would say if there was a wave of barbecue it probably. I still hasn't even crested and Aaron Franklin was like the Butterfly Wing that turned into a title wave it. It's really it's been an amazing journey and I still think back two years ago when I was writing down ideas and I thought I could make ten or fifteen episodes. It's about barbecue and I was looking at just creating something I wanted to be. The journalists be the photographer. Be the Viagra for that. I knew I could be and I thought I could get started barbecue and here. I am still wondering if I'll ever catch up with so much. That's going on and cover all the amazing things all the amazing people all the greatness that is barbecue. You know like I said before this is all because of you. It's not just me. We're sharing this community together. The other and no one's that far out of reach. I mean I could probably name two or three people but I was just talking to clay at snows about all the different some people he gets the message and talk to all over the world. Almost every Saturday he comes up to me is okay. I got someone you should interview. I wouldn't know Max AKA chief Ari if it wasn't for clay introducing US He can take credit for a lot of the friends. I have now and That's what this is all about. You know we were standing thing. It snows and a couple people came up and introduce themselves recognize me. They recognized some of the guys I was with and then we were just friends. We're all shaking hands for all hanging out Robert. Sierra was cracking jokes. One Point Blake Stoker actually called me and Robert Sierra answered my phone when he saw who was calling We're just having such a good time So for now go out grab your friends. Grab your family. Grab your favorite beverages. Grab a big plate of Barbecue and don't forget to tag me in your picks I WANNA see all the barbecue out there. So until next time I'm your host Yoni and this is the best barbecue of twenty twenty the most barbecue as we've ever been if you love the show. Share it with a friend. I can't wait to meet all of you this year. Whether in person or using this magic rectangle I carry around in my pocket. So don't be a stranger and go get that they need to eat now. I got job NOCCO. Bat Deputy Buckle Ray amid tacked. Talk with us on this on the Land Tony.

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