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Larry Magid: Democratic Presidential Candidates Pressured To Sign Pledge About Net Neutrality


Larry is away today but earlier we asked him why the activists are pressuring democratic presidential candidates for one thing it puts net neutrality back on the front burner. This is an issue. That's not in the news every day but when something happens when for example the f._c._c. votes on something or bill is presented to congress or the rally the people start talking about it so it's a conversation starter and i'm pretty sure these groups want this to be in the conversation second of all it's kind of a natural all to bring this up to the democratic candidates given that the democrats pretty much have been supportive net neutrality all along it passed the federal communications commission when an obama with president and the f._c._c. had a majority of democrats on it and it's also been a subject of congressional legislation which of course has not passed yet yet but certainly could be brought up in congress and would need the support of the democratic party which i think it would get but clearly would need some republican support as well so larry. Do you think the candidates will go along with it. I think most candidates they're gonna make some kind of pledge in favor of net neutrality. There are different strategies or approaches at different candidates may take take some for example may pledge to appoint f._c._c. commissioners who are pro net neutrality others might pledge to support congressional legislation that would establish net neutrality as a matter of law some would do both but i would be surprised if any of the major democratic candidates didn't in some way shape or form go along with a net neutrality push.

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