Hour 2: Reacting to the Riots Part II


Everybody knows what's going on in the world man and you can't you can't hide from the we see the two different Usa's that we live in a sad. It truly is owned but all in all we we came to the conclusion. Look man. we're gonna go. We know what it is. You can't afford us not fully. Nobody else by like i said this is in. Everybody sees it. Everybody knows it now. Like you can't say that you don't understand he'd for jimmy butler with stories on the events in dc. The chaotic scene at the capitol on one day on wednesday was a day. We've never seen before in our country's history. When a mob of trump's supporters stormed the capitol building interrupting the vote certified. Joe biden's victory. The riots led to four deaths. A woman who was shot inside the capitol and three others who died outside from medical emergencies there were fifty arrest and widespread destruction. Espn nfl analyst undefeated senior. Right in dc resident dominic foxworth joins us right now dominate. Thank you for being on the show. Let me get right to it You were practically in the middle of all of that because you were taping his show in dc at the time which is where you can you talk to us about your thoughts what you experienced and how you feel about everything right. Now that you've had an opportunity to reflect on everything. sure. I mean driving into the studio six. Am yesterday like i parked in a garage. And there were a bunch of guys standing around a truck with a trump flags and all that just talking and it was a knowledge. Seen driving through the streets cnn. Everybody out in the streets and everybody A particular group of people out in the streets and it was uncomfortable and then driving home. Afterwards you could see everything starting to escalate. But i can't say that. I was surprised that what happened yesterday happening. I don't think anybody who's been paying attention for the last several years but few hundred years probably is more accurate Should be surprised by what happened. And i think Obviously donald trump is a lot to blame on him in this situation. But i think frankly is indicative of i think draymond green kind of said it best like that's the country's been it's unfortunate that we have to be reminded of it every so often or a certain group of people feel the need to remind us of it every so often but it is what it is and it's frustrating and disappointing and i. I was thinking about it this morning as i was getting ready for. Get up and just thinking about how so. Many of us myself included we feel the need to condemn and judge. These people are capital and they deserve it. I'm obviously by no means defending them. But i'm reminded of a quote from mike leach of all people is that if you aren't You're either coaching it to happen. Or you're allowing it to happen. And i feel like that's true of everybody in our country is these things are not new. They've been festering. And we've been been either encouraging it. And the case of the president or allowing it in the case of all other people in power and yesterday on the show. Max and i had a bit of a discussion slash debate about the level of progress with as it pertains to racial equality in this country. And i kind of said the max that. I don't really believe that we've had very much. And that was before everything escalated yesterday and i feel like that just kind of proves my point drives the point home that all the things that we look at it. Think of his progress aren't actually progress. And so. I go dominique before i bring max to chime in here. I want you to eliminate for us when you talk about the absence of progress and you relate that to what transpired yesterday at the state capital. Explain to me how to to coincide emi just while he was explaining. Exactly what you're saying. Though i appreciate the clarifying questions. So we see those videos read books and we see movies about how things were in the sixties fifties or the forties and thirties. And we see these serious white faces spitting on people trying to go to school or plan bombs and places of worship throwing rocks and stones at at buses like these things attack and people on the edmund pettus bridge. And we see that in. We're like we've made progress. We're better than that. And then we see videos like we saw yesterday and the videos like we've been seeing in the past couple of years and they look almost exactly the same. The only progress is being made is we have hd cameras now and maybe we can pick up their faces like the things are the same. And i get disappointed. While talking about the election in georgia's it feels good and it feels like progress. Talking about the election of barack obama. It feels like progress but that suggests that the progress is needed on the side of black people like these achievements from black people are reflective of black people. Getting smarter better or more wildly. That's not what happened. That's not what's happening. And that's not what we need to happen for progress to happen. This country the progress that we're looking for is not with black people because by large black people are not in power. And i think talking about barack obama getting to the presidency. There is nothing more obvious. The lack of progress than looking at what it requires for a man of mixed race and african heritage and barack obama. What's is required for him to get into the presidency and remained there versus what is required of someone like donald trump to get to the presidency and obviously now not remain there. But they're trying to make him. They're trying to keep him in that position. So those jackson positions. Make me feel dispirited. Frankly about the idea of progress. And it's it's frustrating. Sometimes because the people who black people in particular white people who have power and half platforms. They talk about this progress in part because they've experienced it and i'm one of those people i am living a life that my parents and my grandparents obviously could never hope or imagine that they could leave. But you have to understand it. What's happened to me and what's happened to so many of us is exceptional. This is not a real goal for other people. I'm sorry stephen. I go ahead. Yeah we gotta take a commercial break. Max i'm gonna come right to you out of the commercial break but going into commercial Ask you this question just to sleep more or just listened for income back and react to once we give back from commercial. We heard white america telling folks we wanna listen. We want to hear what you have to say. 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We're sitting here talking about what transpired in the nation's capital yesterday afternoon and i went to commercial break after listening to dominique and what i'll eloquent words he had to say asking max kellerman this question in light of all the noise. We heard emanating from white america when social justice issues. We're really percolating in this country over the last several months when they were talking about. We want to hear you. We want to listen. Do you think they're hearing and listening. Now what progress do you think white. America has made in that forum. Max cullen yesterday dominique. And i were discussing to appear the the appearance of which these two quotes are at odds with each other both from dr martin luther king one the moral arc of history is long but it bends toward justice and the other is justice. Postponed is justice. Denied and dominik was certainly an injustice. Postponed is justice. Denied mood which obviously continues. Today i would say third quote from the reverend. Dr martin luther king stephen a. which is in the end. We won't remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends and we're not talking about the bad actors here. I'm talking about those. Who would have people have good intentions. Who have been passive and thus enabled this kind of thing happen. It's time for them to wake up. And i think increasingly the are waking up and this goes to the point dominique about the moral arc of history. The fact of the matter is psychologically. Stephen a. said earlier in the show the first hour to be very clear. He's holding someone accountable here and it's president. Donald trump who called out the date incited the mob and sent them in that direction right. What's the psychological repenting here really. It's a sore loser. It's someone who can't it's not just that they don't wanna lose. They refuse to accept the fact of the loss right. And what does that loss. Not not several million in the popular vote in the last election and a narrow victory it or a victory in the electoral college this time. He lost the electoral college and he lost by a massive number of votes. Seven million team loses by a point or two. that's one thing the two teams by seven million points. You should probably accept it. But he wouldn't. And what is the larger implication there. What does that more largely. Reflect the moral arc of history guys because the fact is i brought this up earlier in the show. Dominique the day of reckoning in this country was coming you knew there be revanchist tendencies. In the white power structure as the browning of america accelerated as we got to the point where the birth of white babies no longer than majority. It's merely the plurality right more than any other group but not more than fifty percent in the next thirty years or so thirty five years in fact white people will cease to be the majority. What will happen to the entrenched power structure at that point. It's their last gasp. We wanna hate hold onto this power and that's what we're really seeing. We're seeing a waning power. A power that is lost. That is losing. That doesn't mean. Evil is permanently defeated white supremacy slow because the lesson of human history is that it's never permanently defeated every generation must be vigilant and strive and so it will rear its head again. This is not the last time but the trend is even though it spikes at times. The moral arc of history bending toward justice got it. We only got a couple of minutes left. So i'm going to say what. I have to say real quick and then come to both of you to close this segment for me. You can always find enablers of bad apples. It's inescapable we know. There were some enablers along the way. There is no denying that. But i've made it a point to listen to conservative. Talk radio yesterday. I heard mark levin completely condemning the violence that took place in capitol hill talking about it was no excuse for those people should be arrested. Even heard sean hannity taken the same position last night as well. We get all of that. My biggest thing is this guys and this is where i point the finger at president trump. You have bad apples and then you have. Individuals debt clearly are about burning the house down figuratively. If not literally if they don't get everything that they want and the reason. I brought up earlier in the show. Dominique before you got here about vice president pence and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell at least until january twentieth and all this other stuff was because when you think about those two individuals. I can't think of anyone who has supported trump more than there yet. He was willing to pits under the bus. And in this case mitch mcconnell because he basically sabotaged the elections in georgia one could argue the bottom line. Is this when you look at it from that perspective. Even though we cannot deny that there have been enabled slash supporters. Is it reasonable to say with the president. It was hard to even predict this on a mess in europe here. I don't think it was hard to predict this in those guys. Mitch mcconnell and neither do i and my pence and mike pence came out yesterday and it seemed like they legitimised him like mitch. Mike pence was one of the first people will legitimize them so there is literally blood on their hands too so i am not in the spirit of being correct congratulatory and. I'm not suggesting that you are e- either stephen. A these are speaking out against this yesterday. Like you can't regret the result of your actions. But they still took the accents to that helped. Put this light this fuse and bring it to where it is today. But i wanted to say one more thing before. I handed back over to you about the more history and max was using a sports analogy and i appreciate it as a sport. Show but what's the scoreboard. When you look at the scoreboard and win is the game over. That's the hardest thing. Get the difficult thing when you tell when you want us to believe and again me. People like me and stephen a are in relatively privileged positions. But i guarantee you that stephen i also are connected to people who are not so. I'm supposed to go and tell them. But we're making progress. But we're headed in the right direction. The moral arc of history bins towards justice. I don't care that you can't eat. I don't care that you don't got jobs. I don't care if your whole community got kobe. I don't care about nothing. The moral arc of history bends towards justice. Max very clear toward be very low. Hold on let me go ahead very clear. Quick go ahead. Justice postponed is justice denied. I'm with you. One hundred percent on that and righteous indignation and rage is an appropriate feeling to have right now of course appreciate calmly and the out white people who are who are in power. The white people in government the white people neighborhood the white people who watch all this and see in turn their nose up at it. You should be righteously indignant to you. Should not accept that this country representative subject on guys got. Everybody can be calm because we finished with this discussion. Dominique i know. You gotta go appreciate you look forward to seeing you tomorrow and the days to come match. You'll be hit next because we've got political commentator lead political commentator agile iraq coming on next. We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter hybrid cloud approach with. Ibm helps retailers. Manage supply chains with watson. 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There are two conflicting thoughts or at least two things that i'm balancing Steven a. and that is this I worked on the hill I grew up as a young professional on capitol hill. It was my first job Right ahead of a one job out of law school kind of lobbying for see us and then right after that when the democrats gain control of the house i was right there my first boss on capitol hill was benny thompson on the homeland security committee and that is where i worked before that interning for maxine waters. The hill has been my professional life. And so i'm watching that yesterday. Thinking about all of the death threats that ilhan omar who was a dear sister to me Aoc congresswoman maxine waters has received congressman thompson who steel chairs the homeland security committee. Along with all of the other members who are worked for at the congressional black caucus folks who. I helped staff up their offices. You know figuring out what they were gonna do helping them to raise money when i could doing events for them in their districts even over the summer and so these aren't people who i just worked with and for their family so watching this knowing that from every single side of the capitol. These domestic terrorists were allowed in that building because they believed it was. There's without regard for human life the staff or not like my brothers and sisters. That was horrible to watch and in that moment you feel the anguish the concern anxiety that every parent feels every time. The child leaves in may have an interaction with police officer. And you see the difference between when someone believes. The police works for you and what someone else believes from all of their past experience that the police work against them perhaps even shooting to kill them when they protect and serve everyone else and so to that end. You know you have a quote from james baldwin where he says to be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscience conscious to be in a range almost all the time and we've been in that rage not just for four years but for four hundred and two years knowing how much we worked to establish what this country would become and seeing where it is which is not far. Enough is more than frustrating. Understanding the justice does not always serves us understanding that the people who were up there who were able to run roughshod all over the capital may not even face consequences to the point where they were putting up videos bragging about what they've done to the point where they were able to take selfies with police. Officers you know to the point where there's still probably in their hotels right now. And they weren't just spreading ideas of domestic terrorism terrorizing police officers their staff the everybody who works on capitol hill to ensure that they are doing the people's work they also weren't masked up so they're also spreading corona virus when we're at a new peak with a new strain of the virus so it's maddening. It's still scary. All i can tell you is This morning i'm really sitting in gratitude. Because everybody was safe that i know i do feel horrible for the people who lost their lives. But everyone who i know is okay. I just don't know how long oh carry this. Toronto max go ahead. Yup stephen a. Brought up in the last segment. Conservative pundits who have condemned the insurrectionists but in fact you brought up mark levin and sean hannity. They did a great deal to foment outrage about a supposedly fraudulent election which was actually as as trump got routed in the courts on the up and up but even joe scarborough who was a republican congressman before he was a tv personality said if they were black people they would have been shot in the face. That's how we put it. And i think everyone understands this. There was an unredacted. Fbi report at the end toward the end of last year. That talked about the threat. And the the actual instances of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement is your feeling that something like the failure of law enforcement yesterday. Compared to what it would have been hard to prove a counterfactual but had the been black and storming the capital. Do you think that is is an issue of institutional racism or is it an issue of the fact that after all the president called the january six and then sent them over there and still has control of some aspects of law enforcement in the area. Do you feel that changes with the new administration or is that entrenched especially a dynamic question. I think it's both right. I think that this country was built on systemic racism and oppression in what you saw on capitol hill yesterday where people who know how they got their power how they've stayed in power and fearing what it will look like if they were to lose that power because people know about karma people know about the laws of sowing reaping and they are worried about what it will look like if people gave back to them. What we've received over the last several hundred years in this country. So i think you have that and you have systemic failures. My understanding from yesterday is that capitol hill. Police made a calculated decision in the moment once they knew. I have no idea why there wasn't preparation for. This is something that should have been prepared for since november but they made a calculated decision to go in the building to ensure that members and staff were protected instead of protecting the outside of the building which allowed more people to come in. however it doesn't help when officers are also moving gates to ensure that people can get into the capital. It doesn't help when people are busting windows. There's not a response right so there's all of that. I also don't think that these failures that the the low staff count would have been an issue if they were black lives matter. Protesters saw over the summer rubber bullets of all of the equipment that were transferred to local governments from the pentagon to take on protesters looking like war. I saw pictures of capitol hill police officers yesterday. Standing on the steps in a human barricade with their hands in their pockets right. I saw a black officer being chased through the capitol trump running from the protesters trying to ensure him probably knowing as a black man as an officer even if he shoots them he will be held responsible knowing. These protesters will not for wherever they ended up doing or could have done to him. So there are a number of factors. It's not a cut and dry black and white no pun intended situation. It really is all of the many layers of racism. The things that are personal implicit bias in explicit by season our hearts as well as the systemic issues that exist in the country. Max i will address your points about what you said about some of the conservatives after this interview is over but angela wanted to get back to you. In this regard we saw the players take the positions that they talk. I want to know how did that resonate with you. These professional athletes speaking up. Basically letting everybody know. We're not going anywhere. We're going to continue to give voices to the voice list and we're going to continue to highlight an illuminated these so we as a society can address the. How successful do you believe they had been. And they're going to be in their quest to do what they're doing as we move forward from this well and i think to that point the most important thing that the athletes can do is remember that this is not just about a moment. It's not about doing what is popular at the time. It's not about what you know making sure that you sound smart and articulate about these issues. It's also making sure you stay engaged so whether we're talking about what happened over the summer or we're talking about the ways in which so many athletes engaged in the election whether we think about what the atlanta did to solidify kelly leffler fate all of those things matter yesterday. Speaking out about the violence the insurrection the domestic terrorism on capitol hill and knowing the distinctions that exist in justice serves of black america versus white america. Knowing that we cannot afford to say this is not who we are. That is denying exactly what this country is. It's not what it should be but it is exactly what it's always been so long as they continue to give voice to that using their platforms. That effectively. I think that's exactly what we need. We all need to be saying the same thing from church and it doesn't just to be black. Athletes there needs to be allies. Were in this max year point knowing if you know full well that the outcome would have been different. Had the protesters look different that signifies to you that it's time to make a different type of change. You can't just look at this anymore and say that's a shame i've got something i gotta do on this. And here's how i'm going to respond. I'm not just going to speak or tweet or post a picture or hold my fist up or wearing this particular shirt. I'm gonna go out and figure out what i can do to actually solve this for my perch. So much of this will have to be regulated. Go ahead stacey abrams. Who was was key to getting. Lack man elected to the senate out of georgia. Right said recently that that you know. She traced the history of a family on social media. And she said. I'm the great great granddaughter of slaves greek granddaughter sharecroppers etcetera up to my parents worked at a place where my grandparents worked in a place where my parents goes and now he or she is and talked about the importance of her by example and also indeed creating space for others to to imagine themselves and be able to to see that. There is the possibility of getting there. It seems to me that athletes largely or doing that. Yes but in addition to doing that or actually organized or actually you brought up the atlanta store. They were t shirts save. Vote warnick right like they so it seems to me that athletes. Today we are sports network doing a sports sports show after all are doing things to create that space. Is that your feeling as well. Yeah i answer that question before you answer that question. I just wanted to say say this. I have to applaud stacey. Abrams star that grassroots movement. In georgia how. What about black votes matter. It what they put together. Black brilliants on display won that election for both of those senators floors angela. I absolutely agree. Black voters matter which is co founded violence hash brown and cliff killed it and they mobilized local groups on the ground in georgia. They're packs. We talked about before. Stephen collective pack and black pack. There's a church pack like all of these organizations work together in spite of cove it in spite of over the holidays in spite of people saying. There's no way you're going to get the same level of turnout after this historic election. And they did and stacey has been organizing in georgia program decade thinks. She popped for the gubernatorial race. None no she's been here and she's been doing the work in to the point. Athletes have been doing the same thing knowing some of my friends who are athletes colin. Say what can i do. How can i get involved. Entertainers doing the same thing. Trying to ensure that they're again using their voices their platforms and getting people is turn out. There was a huge event that when we vote held right before the election concert in a bunch of people came on. Virtually for that. You know this is a really tough time with covid rates biking all over the place and people did not let them stop. Let it stop them. And i would also say diagnose the voters if it wasn't for them there wouldn't have been this historic change. So yes john asaf in raphael warnock have a latte to oca rooms but they got a lot of the voters the athletes entertainers everybody who turned out in spite of everything. We're facing right now and all of us who care about political commentary have a lot to a lot of debt to pay the you. We owe you of your time. Your sincerity your substantive commentary. We appreciate you so much. Angela thank you so much for being on the show. We really appreciate it. Thank you thank you. Thank you got a lot more to get into. Max we're gonna have damien. Woody here any second. I think he's ready to go. We saw nba players locking arms last night taking a knee. Obviously giving voice to this particular issue which is near the heart because it was reminiscent of what transpired than an odd way yesterday because when they saw white individuals storming the state capital inside the nation's capital and folks not being harmed than you juxtaposed that to black lives matters and others marching anywhere. We all know that the results were different than we all know that the results would have been different yesterday if there were a bunch of black people that had stormed the nation's capital and endangered the laws of elected officials. We have damien. Woody here right now. The only thing that i want to say. Before i get to damien woody was this max talked about people form it. You mentioned mark levin. Sean hannity other conservative host. Whatever here's my position on that. I don't look at things as simplistic is. That are not accusing him. Not accusing you of doing that. Max what i'm saying. Is this people. Having a hard core belief. In philosophical philosophical beliefs politics policy etc does not mean that you are fomenting and stirring up stuff like that yesterday when you compare that to what transpired with the president and his rally. I heard mark levin literally vehemently speaking against violence of any kind. And he's been doing it for years. Are sean hannity do the same. I heard numerous conservative. Doing the same. I don't always agree. I'm not a conservative. But i am going to be fair because if we're going to say that about them this folks on the left who stirred up to it if we're going to accuse one we need to other or don't accuse anybody nobody. I think that both sides is dangerous and has been dangerous over the last four years in fact when i know you do was crying and being a sore loser about losing as he did in the iowa caucus with ted cruz and say oh it's fraud and we have to redo it or we shouldn't count it and he did it again. When he's marks january six and then sends the mob in that direction right leading up to that folks who are susceptible to those kinds of lies and low quality information. Those folks look to people like the some of the considering but right. Dan's conservative commentators. That you mentioned wait a minute. And if what they here is there was election fraud when in fact there wasn't when that things aren't legitimate when in fact they are they take those cues and their more susceptible to the low quality. Information i just want to quickly. And i know damian. We're gonna get to you right now. A lot of it. Stephen as seems to me to be about keeping black people in their place starting the tea party reaction to obama agreement kamla highly agree with the house. A woman of color. But i just want. I want i wanna finish. This agree with that. But i don't attach. I saw yesterday too much. That's going on in this country as a black because it is a task to a lotta attached to a party. There are good to me who lives patriotic american. No and i wouldn't accuse mitt romney. Thank you mitt romney but but it is largely attached to one. We already right now and that goes back the southern strategy. If i want wanna get to start out real quick. I want to get the start. What aren't you of one of one of them. One of the images that. I saw that i saw that bothered me. Was the black cleaning crew coming up in cleaning up the white the mess in the state capitol building that the white people made and then left and then today seeing the images for some of those same white people hanging out in the hotel lobby over drinks talking about presumably what they had just done maskless by the way a right. I'm all right. Let's go to david damon your thoughts about what you saw yesterday. Because even though they were basketball players. You're football player. You are football player two time. Superbowl champion is where your professional athlete. Highly intelligent know what's going on in this world. What did you make of what you saw. Yesterday what listen stephen max. I was Like everyone else highly disgusted at the. You know the visuals that you there. There are saw on television. I was watching those things happening of louis unfolding with my kids and everyone in the house and you know for me. I'm sitting watching lawmakers and pundits at the pundit come on tv and everyone echoing the same point that this is not the america that i know this is not the america i know and that is false. That is ally now only. Can we go back to the visuals from twenty twenty in the black lives matter movement. What we clearly saw the touch and the force. That law enforcement came at those protesters but all we have to do was go back and look at the history of our country. Because i've always said if you ignore don't acknowledge it. We're bound to repeat it. Let me give you a couple examples. Eighteen seventy four election ride in the deep south down in alabama vicksburg mississippi louisiana literally committee or coup. D'etat overthrowing duly elected governments all because of perceived grievances that things are changing that there was election fraud. Eighteen ninety eight warrington north carolina massacre again elected government being overthrown by a for perceived grievances as to how they want their government to be ran. Okay so these things keep happening. They happen all throughout the history of our country. And what frustrates me is to see. People go on tv or talk about. This is not america. Eight is we refuse to acknowledge what what has been going on and our country for years and until we as a people acknowledged the issues that we have the issues that we have. We cannot advance our democracy. Because let me tell you something. You have to fight for democracy. It doesn't just happen. We saw that down in georgia. We saw the groundwork that people did down in georgia to get people to turn out and vote. That's democracy what we saw in washington dc yesterday at the capitol building that was an anarchist complete anarchy. And i don't want to hear both only hear. Both sides is them. Because that's the first thing people want to throw out will what about black lives matter I'm not condoning everything that happened. Then but the biggest that we saw yesterday is that there is a large swath of people in this country. That refuse refute to accept the demographics. The things that are going on in our country and let me tell you something is not going to stop. It is not going to stop unless people come to grips is not going to stop until bad actors out here in flaming these people. We have to continue bringing truth to power. We can't let these people off the hook. Well let me feeding nonce me try. Let me tell you is. Let me chime in here. I'm listening let me be very clear. 'cause i appreciate it. Appreciate him. Hosted show obviously little different animal. So i'm trying to direct conversation while at the same time host the show but let me address a couple of points when i mentioned both sides. I'm talking policy. I'm talking the political shenanigans that take place. That's it in other words when you see people complaining In two thousand sixteen there were people on the left complaining about rigged elections. What i'm saying to you. Forget all of that for a second. I'm pointing that out for politically. When i hide like trump. I'm saying that is a different beast to new york daily news max mentioned mussalini and hitler when it came to trump yesterday. That's what they say. I didn't say that you're not saying that. That's what they said. things have gotten. There are people throughout history that come along that in a very very bad way. Transcend such an aberration from normalcy that. It should be incredibly alarming to all of us year. You have people foam it yet. You have people list to get the people side in the naval. All of that stuff is true. But it's entirely plausible people damian. We shot by what we saw. Not at all. We're appalled by but it certainly. We don't want people killed or anything like that. But it is flagrantly obvious. What the double standard is. It is flagrantly obvious that there are things like white privilege that are still incredibly prevalent in our society. Because when you have a bunch of white folks march in the nation's ca to the nation's capital busting into the state capital now endangering the lives of elected officials. Nancy pelosi is third in line. Mike pence the vice president second line. I mean my god. They were entr uncle mitch. Mcconnell the senate majority leader in trouble when you have something like that and you know it comes from one group and they still walk out. Essentially we understand that they had to protect the elected officials. I so that's how parameters were breach. Perimeters were breached at people in danger but ultimately all i'm trying to say is that bobby half of the athletes in the sport's biggest black people everywhere. What we're saying is if it were us. There would have been significantly more blood in the streets. We would have been slaughtered and as a professional at horse or a commentator or black people period. it's riveting to embrace that reality and you don't predict it something like that would happen before day in the year. Two thousand eight hundred steven quickly. Because i know damian has a lot of things to say we've been talking for almost two hours. I would say the drift sides politically and you don't want to condemn every member of a political party. I brought up mitt romney. I have over the last four years as an example as an american patriot. You in a certain political party but it is impossible to two separate. What's going on now from a political party and in fact when you want both sides it. I'm not saying you do but if one does if you even two thousand sixteen there were people on the left steven one hundred twenty seven representatives senators senator and congress. People a hundred. Twenty seven voted to not certify the results of the election. One hundred twenty seven hundred. Republicans voted to not certify based on nothing but fantasy and lies about fraud that did not exist fomented by the president and his enablers in his party and in the media. Okay go ahead and let me say this. This style of politics that we're in right now is disgusting because what's happening right now is there. Are people out here. It is profitable to keep people divided. Let me say that again. It is profitable to keep people divided. And what you see going on out here is that people are playing on people's emotions and they are making a profit of it. They are literally throwing gasoline. On the flames. There will be no. There will be no consequences for their actions. That's why you might see us go into that. Yes i have to start. I have sounded this i. There's a good reason why have to stop. Y'all and max wiki revisit this tomorrow today we have to go. Today is the last day far producer. Jeff anderson so. I have to put us on pause. We gotta get ready to go. But i wanted to take a moment to say. He's been an incredible producer for us on this show. He's always been there for us. You know we love them. We're gonna miss him. And i just wanted to say goodbye. But we'll keep in touch and we know they're bigger things are for you in the future. Jeff anderson and max i just wanted to give damian a quick word before we got outta here about jeff thanks. Thank you for everything. Jeff and we are going to miss you. And i'll say damian real quick you you brought up a profound point about a profit motive that these things are layered. If you keep people ignorant they're easily they're easy to manipulate and there's a huge overlap between the ignorant and racist and that is also it addition to actually kind of supporting that some people actually believing which despicable there is. Also profit motive. That is absolutely true. Dominic got fifteen sec. And i'm sorry damien damian dame. Yes listen there consequences. We saw the real life consequences of that playing out yesterday in washington. Dc and. that's that's a shame we gotta get on out here. Daime appreciate what you had to say. Max appreciated what you had to say. Jeff anderson our producer. We appreciate all that you've done on this show. Thank you so much. The best to you in the future for matt's debut woody stephen signing off until tomorrow.

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