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hey at Ron welcome to the world of loot the day I am joined by my guests. Close investor is a well. I know her soccer player. I I heard remain I wouldn't she played Fresno State. It's no longer play that state but I'll let her get into that Khloe. Welcome lobby absolutely so. Let's talk about where you grew up where you're born. I believe it was here in the Central Valley. Yes I actually was born in Fresno Hospital. Okay and I grew up forty minutes south south of Fresno in a small town cosby more okay that is a very small town so forth using don't know where we are we are in the Central Valley of California. People listened to my podcast before l'amour is about how do you say Khloe so I say lend more but I've heard people say Lee more and you're from there so that's the proper way to say yeah funny 'cause everybody's like I thought it was lend more but I always say people like the high school is likely more LE- more Australia their experts so we'll call it more so anymore. It's about forty minutes south of Fresno. There is a big navy base. I WanNa say there and that's what I'm saying. Dan Griffin Lee more What about your family. Do you have siblings. Yes I have five siblings and I have a niece okay and Mhm Dad all very cool so you are one of the triplets right yes. I'm mature two girls and one boy school so how was ZAC growing up. Everyone's always like fascinated by twins so I can't imagine what triplets. How was that interesting experience growing up where you just used to it because that's what you're born warning to well? I mean I'm super used to it. It's different. It's like I'm still so blessed to have like two best friends all the time with me so I I love it. I love the conversation starter. She's really cool. Refine yeah for sure so you said it was you your sister and you have a brother. That's the the triplets and then you have two other siblings. I have older sister. He's like twenty seven and twenty six year old brother and then I have a twenty one year old kissed her sure okay so then the three of you are the youngest and how old are you nineteen almost twenty. You're nineteen almost twenty very cool so what what's life like anymore. I know it's a smaller town than Fresno. which itself is a huge town compared to bigger cities so that a very close knit community? The kind of everyone keeps to themselves lean more. It's cheaper close community. I'd say I'd say whenever I go to the store I see at least before I know it's Superfund Fund. My mom actually went to the high school. I went to an l'amour and she grew up there so we know a lot of people in that town. It's a pretty small community very small. Yeah you know and if not later but you know about how many people live there. I am not positive but I think it's like twenty four thousand I about forty something thousand yeah. That sounds about right. I mean I've driven through there a couple of times. Maybe stopped once or twice like yeah. I can tell pretty small so that's probably right in the rain spare so I like. I said I know you because of Soccer Fresno state and if you don't WanNa talk about up soccer we don't have to so just you know directly away from it but it seems to be a pretty big part of your life. I love soccer. I definitely what I'm talking about. Creating a part of my life okay cool. So how old were you in started playing. Actually I was about nine minute old. Okay Yeah strafor from nine years old to through about now or still yet. I started being super competitive with soccer. I mean I was on regular and all-stars but then I started club. Soccer Walker was actually kind of late but not too like so. It helps me yeah. I'm so clubs soccer's a lot more competitive than just like playing in school for example I ah club soccer is where called get to see play and you get experience with higher competitors and you get option need to talk to coaching and see where you WanNa go to play college nice so part of being a podcast or and having guest on his doing a little bit of background information which which people are always kind of weirded out by. They're like God. Do you like searched my life and yeah I kind of have to poke around and get the right questions answered but you received a scholarship our ship to play the Fresno State. Is that right yes. I did okay it. Was You and your sister. Yeah Okay and so you guys both went to Fresno estate play soccer so obviously played high school. Both of you did so. What Year did you start at presidency starting twenty eighteen to twenty nineteen year okay. I I guess the one year there especially even okay so just your freshman season so twenty eighteen you started playing at Fresno State and the only stayed one season so tell me about that. I don't know a ton about soccer. I mean I'm a fan but I don't swallow Fresno state religiously. Do they rank nationally are they. You know top twenty five like maybe top fifty schools. I would say that I'm not usually at the top then we're not in the middle. I don't know what our ranking compared pige every nuance soccer program I have I. I don't know but I do know that everything we're very competitive your present state and this season. I know that they're doing really good. Mafia makes not unless championship so we gave I do not know exactly the ranking stuff. Okay that's to catch. I figured they're pretty competitive. I know Fresno State plays a lot of big name schools so you have to be at least a little bit competitive. though what was your career like hardship personal state. How did you start right away. Did you kind of just fill-in. I actually I played kind. I in my opinion. I guarded in a few runs. I've played every single game except for the very last one. It was a great season. I'm so thankful for not playing experience Syrian that I got in yeah so I found Khloe. I guess for a lack of a better term is I'm huge community as far as following. What's what's trending. What's viral what's going on in the candy and so one day I'm on Instagram and I. I didn't even realize I was Fresno but I see someone. Do this like crazy slips throwing a soccer game and I'm scrolling down in reading and it's like Oh Khloe from Fresno state so how'd that happen. Is that something you have planned out. Is that something you've practiced before afoot thrown. Let's see well. I was a gymnast and that helps me be able to throw I started doing that. When I was probably twelve okay but professional state I remember they recruited me when they went to like two of my games and both those games I'm pretty sure assists in that game that went viral on in the ninety and that those big soccer counts. It's really cool to see but we did. This at the coach would have me do my throw at something like that. We practice those if you're on it and restoring a colo this could really well finish nicest yeah yeah That's really cool so that's interesting. I had no idea obviously makes sense that it's something you had done before. Is that something we see a lot stalker. Is that kind of unique to maybe an for other people. I guess it is unique to a handful of people because I have not really seen people do the foot thrown often rarely actually say in the mountain. West when I was competing last year and about things we played they had to go with. It looks really cool to see because because I was I was the only one that I knew that did it so it's fun to see. I think it's something that it's important to have. I mean it's like a right right so I think for those of us who don't see all the time. It's extra special extra cool so did life change any for you and I know that probably sounds kind of weird. It's like now. I'm not like you know a credentialing and all of a sudden he gets a lot of media attention for people like high fiving year round school school. Did anything change for little time. People are like Oh. There's a role license. Kansas and I did on social media. I had people I think with Switzerland's Vietnamese saying that I was in an article my sibling win it about my first throw and and my teammates from Spain gene and Germany said that I was on the news and that's like across the world like crazy just to see I kinda was just shocked even went viral that far globe so I was like really that me on the Internet right now on instagram and I just see my throwing it. It was just really cool to see. It wasn't like life changing but it was just but anyway. The ten minutes is saying that they say people that have well that is cool. You know I I couldn't imagine you know. All of a sudden people are seeing you all over the world and you're kind of the tacos I mean I guess the world not everyone can say that so. That's that's pretty cool. I bet so obviously you're not averageness state anymore. What happened. What kind of lead you to that decision? Oh Oh I love Christmas Day and I love the one who stupid competitive and during the show what I saw on a big platform but I actually got injured when was it December of last year and I got my back and I still have it and I'm still in dealing with it hadn't ah docker since they're not marijuana because of it but the whole thing even out it was just like a hard semester on me I would say and I was just a place right as sat back and looked at that and what I found growing as a person and I'm doing a soccer player and I'm really into being myself myself of developing out to God wants me to me because I have a good relationship with God and I know some people on okay talking about it but like I I grew up with it and it's really important to me. Your needs chance brings some Fresno to buy all the shoe decision because I did get playing time and I would love soccer. I've tried to say not a big aspect of it was me I wanted to grow in my signature aspects and she I am as a person and not justify player. Dr King able to play Soccer Viola and in education I want and with a scholarship and the this awesome people around me and with my triple you put stabling is just great. It's been wonderful and I do not was that the decision at all. Yeah I mean that sounds great and it's funny that you say that you know with people who aren't necessarily okay with talking about God or whatever it might be that they believe in I was just having a conversation with someone about that. Is I think we kinda live without going too far on on into a tangent I think we live in a society where it's like. I don't know I find it fascinating that were. We're kind of like that right now because may I talked about my faith. Openly out your soul free to talk about you know anything. That's important to you. I Open Open. We can talk about whatever you want so you don't have to hold back on that at all. Thank you yeah absolutely so your siblings are bio also br yes so Sammy who also played with me for last season it doesn't stage. She transferred she by a lot in the spring semester and I stayed at Fresno State and then my brother Billy he was at a junior college in the more. You said one more so in in your mind all your all. Your credibility is gone. I should say what what how is it pronounced. I'm like Oh. It's Lee more then. I guess what I'm talking like. Oh l'amour is so much easier to say hey sorry so so billy was at a junior college in Lee more and so he transferred to bio also yeah I mean really does translate together. Terrell this nice nice during the first semester okay cool and so I knew by all this somewhere in southern California but where is it in a city. I'm called La Mirada okay that for a while so you're kind of close to everything there really and make a day trip up to the mountains down to the Oh yeah yeah yeah. I've already been saying yeah go to the beach to Disneyland so close to so much but it's really cool to experience games for sure. It's just nice to have something different to do. I imagine it's been really fun. It sounds like it so your injury was like are you recovering or going to play this season. Do you think he's sitting out this season. I have not played soccer pretty much since the end of the season at present state which is insane to me uh-huh because the back is still important and I've learned that everything I do every single day and sometimes it hurts really bad and sometimes it doesn't actually actually this last Thursday. I got four cortisone injections into my back and to around the disks that are bulging in the one. That's torn hoping that take away the pain and get better. I have to say that I'm GONNA be healed. It's my insulin really good and I'm GONNA start back to working out and hopefully I can play this season. Yeah that's just crazy. I've had cortisone injections before and they're not pleasant and it's kinda sounds like he's he transferred the biology because he wanted to better yourself all around and they think you're kind of being smart with being careful with your back because at the end of the day. I don't know that you play soccer the in your life. You're probably wanting to do something else with your life. Eventually Yeah I have to say my dream was always to play professional soccer. I love so much. I love sports so much being competitive but I just really don't know in my back. You know I have to look more into my career and what I WANNA do for the rest of my life because there's more to me than just soccer player and I finally realized nothing and I'd make a tough realization. Listen for people who are ultracompetitive and really good at the sport. They play as stopping to think okay well. What if there's no more of this. What if it's after after that what what do I do so with that being said. Do you have any clue to maybe what you want to do in the future at the soccer boss. That was my major. I first semester if I can say I can see all G. and I thought I wanted to be with their and then my second semester I such a nursing thinking that I want her. She and then when I came to viola switched I major to public relations and if this and media relations and I am loving my boss so far about it and I feel really fits me is so such a log exactly sure what I'm GonNa do this but I know but I'm GonNa do something. Something and I'm GonNa love it. uh-huh yeah it is fun. That's what makes is also more general marketing but I did a lot of public relations stuff and it sounds like you have great ideas this. Can you understand how to make things go viral so fantastic with that so first of all. Is there anything else you want to talk about and it's not a trick question. I just want to make sure that whatever's important to you is covered. I don't think so because there's so much family saw Kim injury or okay just wanted to make sure I don't WanNa leave anything out that you might want to talk about so I always kind of like to end with a message for someone someone who may be a similar situation or just life advice in general and I know you're super young and you know you having experienced the time necessarily but then again you have if you could get just one piece of advice to the listeners what would it be and the soccer asphalt I'd say he loves us for go for it with all you got but just remember that you're more than just a bunker player. Eh and you'll person outside of soccer and an injury is not defined. You don't worry about it yeah. I think that's a great piece of advice in you know not just necessarily for soccer but just in general as well you know or people are playing soccer. That's great so you're right. People just need to Oh how fun and stopped taking everything so seriously so I like that. It's great to advice absolutely all right. We'll sell it takes me probably about two weeks to get the code fully produced and out and publish so I'll just connect with you and it's published and let you know and you can check it out. Thank you so much. I'm so happy happy that I got to do this. I'm really thankful you asked me to absolutely and I'm glad you agree to it. Oh and one more question. How do you say your last name properly khloe elite Chester for okay so some people say what I say and I I say a lot of words funny anyway away. That's just how it is question actually. Do you know any almond farmers. Marya not your area now but when you're in Oh my goodness. My Dad actually says he's I think one of the products to myself is in my dad would know on hold eighteen thousand so yeah I don't need it and almond person but the reason I brought that up is because I call them Camman's because when I worked when I was younger I helped a ammon farmer and he called them ammends and everyone's like no. I've never heard the word ammon before. It's almond I'm never heard Avenue okay. I don't have a friend with the aim and we I'm sorry now. You're good so oracle. Thank you so much for being on. I really appreciate it and like I said I'll be in contact sometime in about two weeks so thank you so much. It was really fun. It is thanks so much. Take Care you too bye.

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