My House Is Paid Off but I'm Still Dealing With Anxiety (Hour 3)


Headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting from the dollar call rental studio. This is the Dave Ramsey show where. Contains out to have a conversation about your life and your money. My name is Anthony O'Neill, Co hosting today with the One and only Dr John Aloni. We call them doubt the deep here in a great city of Nashville Tennessee. How are we doing Anthony Man? I'm doing well. How about yourself outstanding? How has two hours bandwidth YOU and Chris Hogan? Christmas tough to work with I'm glad you're here. He is now. It's been great. Have Been Love Spinach. Time Chris. Love hanging out on the radio with you. It's good. That's good Chris. Hogan is voice. one of our other national bestselling authors here. And I'm just grateful to join us our with the one doctor John You know it's been a great four five might say. We want to have a conversation with you, so give call triple eight eight to five, five, two, two, five, triple, eight, eight to five. Five two two five, instead of one more time because I want you to call this and I've been missing been gone for about three weeks. How's your vacation been? Hey, man, get the people the number. Given the late eight to five, five, two, two, five. I missed I missed the people I missed our youtube family. I don't Miss You I've missed you so. Ain't gonNA hurt my feelings. Away. I Day man bought me a new dog. You know had a little puppy. America just purchase a German Shepherd and so she's in school now for three months getting trained in three months. Re Months I'm a wise man. You know I'm a good steward of what God has blessed me with. You know because I don't WanNa scream at the dog. I don't WanNa Yell Let. You know so I'm her goodness. House trained potty trained obedience train on the train and then when she comes home. We're going to have a good time because I was wise. You said that in a unique way. Anthony You said I'm getting her. trained. But right before that sound like you're paying somebody to do all the hard work. I am taking a finished product. You Go. Oh, man, you know. Let's go out to New York New York and have a conversation with Gabby! With Games, a gay or Gabby y'all been scared, Hey! Man Sorry about that one I see my it. People are telling me. I should have went somewhere else gave have a conversation talk to was. How can we help you out, man? Seventeen years old and working like a dog since quarantine hit and I'm having a hard time spending in enjoying on. I'll watch. Friends don't really have the same. Set Out. Aspect of money that I do get. I'm kind of I just get. My Patriot goes all into the brokerage account. Going invested in I'm looking at it twice, but it's kind of helped me back in I I'm with my friends all the time and I can. Prevent myself from eating food out? prevent myself from going on experiences that might cost me a buck or two so I wanted to see where you guys have to say about enjoying the money that we make instead of just saving in how I can get. How get my mind around just spending it irresponsible so so are you. Mr Sanjay gave You're saying that you got money. You have money, but you WANNA. Know How do you be a better steward of it? How do you save more? Maybe? How do you give more howdy really pretty much live below your means am I correct? So I'm great at saving. It got great living role. Minute up too good at it. I I haven't enjoyed. You haven't enjoyed it the money. Where does where does that come from? Gabor's that come from. The comes from of two things I think of fear of. Incomes not going to be the same when I leave for college I'm sorry. Just WanNa just WanNa Hornet all right now and I. Don't know it just always been either the kind of person who just saves money and I want to see any of it go. I JUST WANNA. Hold onto it and. Ken And do do you want? They enjoy it. Did you have money? Challenges when you're younger and your house? Do you have money challenges now? No I. Don't I mean so this a wiring issue. Just love saving money Yeah well, let's dive. Gape how? Yeah how old are. The. Seventeen seventeen seventeen. How much money do you have in savings right now? About eighteen and a half grand you go by eighteen point five in account all right cool. How much do you make a year? well I mean I go to school, so it's a little bit on and off. I would say Just, just to be conservative at it ten to fifteen grand, so you may ten fifteen grand. You have eighteen. Thousand five hundred dollars in your savings account in your seventeen. Are you in college right now, are you? Are you in your senior year of High School? So I just graduated high school going to College I. Tennessee This fall? Okay going to Tennessee. How are you paying for college? So actually I got us mostly full scholarship, and then their remaining which are repaying for room and board, which is around ten grand each year. I have. My grandparents have an account with around thirty. so I could just. Pay should be good I I. It's a little short by grand for for the fourth year calm, but then I would just pay cash for that you're. So? So Gay, but I'm elect the the doctor here tons you and the mental side, but from the financial side. Right now you're young and you're a perfect place with eighteen thousand five hundred thousand savings account. Do you understand that the average American and world right now? Well, not the average, nearly forty percent of us in America right now couldn't even afford to pay for four hundred dollars emergency. You have eighteen, thousand, five, hundred, nearly eighty percent of us are living paycheck to paycheck. You Got Eighteen, thousand five hundred. So right now. I don't really think you need to be enjoying this money. As much as you think you should be I love the fat that you're saving a lot more. Because then now what you're going to be able to do is take this money. Cash all your way through college, which grandparents hope then graduate college be making about forty fifty thousand dollars a year at twenty, one twenty two years old and you're going to be ahead of. Of the game because of where you are today, so I want to know this much game. You're in a great position Do not feel bad that you're not enjoying your money. Because that's what the average seventeen eighteen year old want to enjoy he you are. Join your money. You're making good decisions. You make wise decisions I'm telling you right now. Gabuna perfect perfect place man, and so gave them your I'm GonNa. Live three things on you ready. Right Down Rodham down. May here's number one? You've chosen as a seventeen year old to be wiser than a number of forty and fifty and six year olds across this country across the world. So I want you to plan now. You are always get. You're that kind of young man who's going to go up to be a great dead, a great father, a great community member, a great partner, and you are always going to be walking around down the streets of whatever city you live in everyone around you going. Be welcomed the other way, so I want you to plan on being weird and just get to where you're okay with that alive, because you have chosen to live your life differently already. That's number one number two. This comes from a great theologian name, Rich Mullins and I'm GONNA altered a little bit. People can often be proud of the things they don't have. As. People can be obnoxiously proud of the things they do. Have said wartime say. People can often be as proud of the things they don't have. As people can obnoxiously be as proud of things they do have is so somebody rolls up next to you in a brand new tesla and looks all fancy, and you know they put it on credit. If I'm sitting there and my Corolla. And I'm just kind of thumbing my nose at them, too. I don't need a car like that. I'm doing the same thing. They are just on the other end of the spectrum, and the third and last thing is. Playing you keep yourself a little bit of joy. Give some of that money away. Make that a part of your life. Laugh with your buddies, having a bunch of money and no friends and no laughter, and not a piece of pizza is not a way to live your life. You doing the hard work. Out there, but also smile with your buddies piece a piece. I don't know what they do in New York. I think you know where I stand on timeshares by now. No, they are not investments. If you're in the unfortunate position of owning one call timeshare exit team, they will go to bat for you and the timeshare down and when you hire timeshare exit team before the end of the month to. You from your timeshare, they'll give you a huge savings for paying by cash. Check or ACH, auto draft, call, eight, four, four, nine, nine, nine exit or timeshare exit team dot com. Some exclusions apply see site for details. Goma down to Virginia I have a conversation with. Linda Linda. Nello. Okay so recently signed up for school to It's a MOM certificate program. But the only thing that's a wish in like sky, high and I'm already in debt now like working on my credit. So is like. Should I still go to continue going to the school and getting some more debt or should I just? Wait and more financially stable and I. Get like things in order. Well A lot of Cardin so we can have this conversation give give Dot, Dean and myself a little bit more information about you. So how old are you real? Quick Linda me ask. I am twenty three twenty three, and you say you already in some desert. How much did are you? I don't know how much. I think is like a little over. It might be a little well in my be pushing twenty thousand, a little over twenty KS already. Some student loans from you try to go to college the I. Know, it's actually a car A car loan and other. It's like small loan. All right, and what are you going to school for? Why now it's medical system, but his certification okay. All right, and what do you do right now for a living? Why now just work at a retail store? Okay, retail store. Rondeau you work What was the certificate you're getting? Medical System Medical Assistant. Medical Assistant Here's my Linda and I. Think I hear a small, beautiful, handsome or beautiful baby in the background and. I WanNa make sure that you hear me clearly when I say this that I don't want you to rack up any more debt. You know you're young sharp. Young Lady! You're calling on the show having a conversation with us. I. Don't want you to rack up anymore debt and so what? I'm going to suggest that you do is start off US guy cashflow. At how much are you making right now a year? With, everything, retail all all your income. What's your annual income? Would you guess? Out Say ten thousand. It's not that much. Are you living at home with family then? I look at my boyfriend so he like helps majority of the bills. Okay, all right cool sounds good. Here's here's the thing that we're launching to do From the money perspective earlier, you said I really don't know. before we can move forward. We need to know where we currently are. So the very first thing is what you do. Do An assessment of your life I need you to pull your credit I. Need you to sit down and write down all of your debt on paper and everybody you. Oh! Once. You have it down. I need you to get on a strong budget then after you do that Linda I, want you to get a vision. You know exactly? Where do you see yourself going? And why do you want to go there all right? And I mean no disrespect to your boyfriend, but I. don't want to think about your boyfriend I was thinking about you. Where do you want to be in the next three to five years and Write that down then when you write that down on what you to take debt off of the table. and. then. We knew that here's the last thing. Due to plan figure out. What will take for me to accomplish my three to five year goes. And if that's a go to school, so you can become a medical assistant. Because so you can't get into the medical field. There are several several ways that you can go to school and get this education without racking up debt. Okay, so that's going to be my recommendation to you. and here's what I want to do because you're young sharp I want to stay on the line and we're going to give you a free. Free Ramsey plus you'll get financial peace university inside of that you don't get a free debt tracker and Y'all everydollar plus I wanted to get on solid plan and get the education, so you could be good for you and your future family. You feel filming. Saying did I answer your question. Yeah I love it. the thing is with the school is it's like twenty thousand yet or it's a typically? Yeah, what school is the only reason why I went to? The school is because it's convenient. Is Like Y say United Education Institute. You, why it is that the is that the cheapest one, not the cheapest one because I. don't believe no schools cheap that the most affordable one. Within your area now, some may require you to travel out some. It, not They're actually have food I can't pay cash to get the certificate, but I didn't have the money I. Don't have the money on hand. That's who pay the full amount they looking for. Okay all right all right all right now. When you say pay full on pay cash in hand, they they will not allow you to pay cash as you go per class per semester. As far as yes, payment plan, yes, Ma'am! Yes, they have payment plans, but at the time I didn't have the money to start it up. So he's to you, but a down payment down there you go, so here's what I wanted to do. Sounds like you have a decent job right now. What I'm going to pause like to wait until I can get some money to start paying towards education. Okay I'm not going to jump out there and get into debt I'm not gonNA jump out there and pay student loans back four or five years down the road for the next twenty years. I'm not going to do that, so there's nothing. Nothing wrong with you pausing? Would you gotTa Get a vision? You GotTa get a plan and you have to start using wisdom today so by this time next year you can be in school. You can get the certificate. You can get a debt free and our promise you. You will thank me twenty years down the road that the date dog say that's exactly right. I don't even think to add Linda you're you're you're holding your tomorrow game? I can hear that little voice over the radio. And I want you to look in the mirror and holding that little baby, and when she to say to both of you. Were worth doing this the right way. Anthony said it best. You can't count on anybody that you're living with you to look in the mirror and say I'm GonNa choose to do the things that's going to. Change Legacy. Create a new family tree for me and my baby. America. This is why I'm here. This is why. I am in Nashville Tennessee on the air right now. At three, twenty, five, three, twenty six. PM On this beautiful day. I love all people, but I really have a heart for young people. I really have a strong card for that eighteen to thirty four. I'm saying people in her fifties are not young. But what I am saying is I. Really have a heart for for the lenders are really have a heart for that twenty, three, twenty, four twenty five year old. That really wants to do better, but you can hear her voice like I really want to do better. That's exactly yeah. She's like how and so. If you're listening and if you're in that age bracket, I want you to go over to my youtube channel. Every single Monday and I'm I just told my team this the other day. Hey, you know what I want to go up to more shows every single Monday and Wednesday We're going to be releasing brand new shows on my youtube channel where we're teaching. Young people really how to. To become debt free how to go to school debt free how to pay off your student loans how to start a business how to build wealth how to really take control of your future how to start building a legacy at twenty five at twenty three at thirty years old, because I believe that as racket were missed, and here's the main reason. Why have such use passion for that age bracket? And Nineteen. I'm homeless sitting in the back of my car no-one taught me. How to you know what should I do with money? No one said Hey, when you get a paycheck, this is how you give are this is how you save. This is how you inves- no-one taught me how to start a business. No one told me they know you should avoid debt no-one no-one taught me that so for me. I'm like okay. I'm going to start teaching him. and so I'm telling you right now. You guys just filling. Filling in hard to say if you're young, if you know a young person I want them to follow me, follow me on Youtube youtubecom four slash Anthony O'Neill we have some amazing guests. You see other young people in their twenties payoff off dead have one hundred thousand dollars in savings account simply because of what Ramsey plus and I are teaching, and there's always gonNA. Be Some proprietary company that will say hey, take it alone. Come up here. We'll help you. 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We're talking about the Dave Ramsey show, Yup, the Chris. Hogan show the Voice Rachel Cruze my sister Khin. Khin Coleman the expert for careers Christy Wright entreleadership and one of my favorites, the Bar Future podcasts. You guys. All of this is in one place. You can browse by topic. Save your favorite clips and share them with your friends. Get better in every area of your life from your money to your career to your business, and even just your life imperium. Never again. Should you struggle to find the education and empowerment? You need to improve your life. To download our Ramsey network APP today in the APP store just search for Ramsey net work very cool stuff I love it. I mean I love it very cool stuff and pretty soon we're. Put the foul discussions on. Launching the John Show and so we're working through that and we're getting there the next next couple of three. Four five six seven weeks, and we're going to be ready rock and roll so I'm looking forward to it all rookie. We're GONNA. Get there, man. You coming up in the Mayor Ramsey network. No, that's good, and if you guys have not checked out Dr Dis Youtube is booming right now I, mean I. I cannot sit here and lie about that. You're doing it. Tell the world a little bit about your your Youtube Channel. And they were just talking about real things that happened real people at home, anxiety and Adhd and depression and relationships, and try just trying to figure out how to keep your heads on straight, and how to keep your relationships together in this bonkers Gonzo Tom. I love it I. Mean One thing I love about dot de. He's like me. We're not scared to talk about anything you know, and if you go over to his channel, he's talking about everything from racism. How to have the honest conversation he's. He's bringing in people that disagree with him, and they have an honest conversation. He's learning from people. He's teaching people. He's helping a lot of people, so you guys go to YouTube dot com for slash John, Baloney, Yup Go check him out. Guys subscribe because I'm telling you he. is nothing like it I mean he doesn't look like none of the other personalities. He has his own niche which I love and respect, so check him out, so we're going to keep this conversation going. We're going to go out to Tampa Florida and have a conversation a whiff for Nano for not oh, did I say your name correctly man? Fernando. Man. How do we help man? Thanks for calling in. How can we help? On. This is really surreal. Never really done something like this. Man. my question is I'm currently nineteen. I attending school full time Community College. learn the hard way that a deal do. Luckily with first year calm when I'm also working part time as a full-time hours as well to pay for college, so my friend is to have I have no debt currently and graduating and by twenty, twenty, three, twenty twenty four area with a bachelor's degree, and hopefully I can. Continue for with that. You're stud for an endo. Hey, you're. The Heck Yeah what's your degree going to be an Fernando? Biomedical Sciences Become Exploited Therapist. Credible man good for you Fernando. Are you single? Stay single man stay single. So, how can we? Question for today. My question is I've currently had A. Coming realize moment that I need to like to. Not have this generational poverty that my father's side had given. I'm live living. My mother have been living there for the past seventeen years. He's been mean her a little bit of death law. So, we love you and you gotTa say you're really managed to be real. So, I really want to change that and I currently got scholarships of about in a savings and scholarships about fifteen thousand dollars to pay for my bachelors, and hopefully masters everything that cash as well and I personally i. on route to save about two thousand dollars in the next two months, and by next December twenty three thousand dollars in personal savings. I'd like to know what. I should do with this money since I'm living at home. My mother and she'd be helping me. lived there with her for a few more years up until bashers and have a good career I'd like to know what I should do. This money that that isn't making. Money like I'm sleeping unsleeping making, money. I guess that's the term yeah I see. What you're asking pretty much is what should you do? You invest it wisely sleeping Why are you working? Why out there doing then you can have some maybe some compound interest working in favor. Here's a very first sanitary right now. Fernando. Don't worry about that right now. Okay I don't want to worry about making more money. I think this generation. That's not just this generation. All people were quick. How do we make more money? How do we make more money? Here's the thing. It really doesn't matter how much money you make. It matters about what you do with the money. You currently have in right now. You are a smart young man. you have fifteen thousand dollars. Savings account at nineteen years old. You have more money more money than nearly seventy percent of the people in the world right now are cash sitting in your bank account. Here's what you need to be doing for needed to write this down, okay? I need you to get a clear vision. I just said as soon. The young lady earlier I'm a keep repeating this on the air. Get Clear Vision which you write down where you going, you said you WANNA get into a particular field into the physical health field. That's great. Okay, get a clear plan. I want you to stick to that plan and went to the Graduate College. One hundred percent debt free no credit cards. No student loans no car payments I want you to pay cash for every single thing. Here's something I really wanted to do. Because your mother's you hero! Give your mom's money. Say Thank you. Cut a check to your mom for five hundred thousand numbers. Take good care of her Because one of my goals is when I get older, I have two mothers and two fathers. stepparents, biological parents and I'm GonNa pay my parents house off. Because of all the drama I'll put them through my young days so anytime. You can generously Say Mama thank you, you know, say, thank you. Get into the habit of being a giver because that will bless you now if you have college paid for. Here's what you can do. Okay as long as on your plane. Plane. You have college completely paid for and you taking care of your mom. You're not just taking advantage of the situation than I wanted to go ahead and open up a Roth IRA and go ahead, and MAC set out in the year twenty twenty is about six grand year, but if you can put money into that now at nineteen years old oh man. You're going to be a millionaire. Right around the corner to be honest with you, but before you do roth, Ira I want to make sure that you're getting through college. One hundred percent debt free so Fernando. I'M GONNA learn here to from the master here, Anthony. Would he take that twenty five thousand bucks? Is it okay just to put that in in a checking? Account or savings account since he's got a plan for the next twenty four months for that to pay off school. Money Market Account Yeah. Matter. It doesn't really matter. Here's a key thing. We we teach three to six months of expenses set aside and so well he would do his part that into a money, market, account or it for I would suggest for his age to go do a high yield savings account online. Okay, so that we he'll get a little bit more interest. Keep some money in a savings account and I know you already. Already thinking like can't. He enjoyed that a little bit. You can enjoy a little bit, but the key thing is make sure that you cover your priority and his number. One priority is to get through college debt free. He may need that money to purchase a car. His car situation right now, so Fernando Gift Through College Debt Free Get number one priority. Tell Mama. Thank you buy her a nice little purse. Away for weekend. 'cause mom worked hard the number three. If you cover these things without wrecking any dead may ahead and part that money into a Roth, IRA and I'm telling you right now. It's going to be amazing high stay on the line I'm GonNa send you a copy? Of Dave Ramsey's. We'll call total money makeover, and if you take advantage, and if you read this book, man you. John He's going to be a millionaire. How guaranteed before? He turned thirty, five, forty, I'm going. Be Nice to Fernando. Because if Dave ever let's go go for him. Fernando. You're going to do it. Man Congratulations, congratulations. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Today scripture in quote. For I know the plans. I have for you declares the Lord Plans for Welfare Not for evil to give you a future and a hope Jeremiah Twenty nine eleven. John F. Kennedy said change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. Go out to Kansas City Missouri and have a conversation both Laurie Laurie. How can adopt the day myself help? Hi guys so excited to be talking to you. I have a question about saving for college and transforming anxiety into confidence. I am a single mom to eleven year old daughter I started following Dave Ramsey's advice in. Two thousand, seventeen and I've made a monthly budget ever since then became debt free, and then two weeks ago, I bought a house with one hundred percent down payment. Way Way. This leaving. Knocking it out of the parts, so it should be like elated, but instead I'm like so hyper focused on saving for my daughter's College. And then I'm anxious about it, so I still can't stop. Being does ten. So Laurie real quick before Dundee really. Simpson helps you out here, How how much was your house? Thirty, thousand, you paid a hundred and thirty thousand dollars cash for your house. Did. How are you? Thirty nine, I. One you are. Congratulate Hungry. So. Let me. Ask you a few questions. Did you get divorced a few years ago. I sure did. Where did you get divorced? It was finalized in two thousand seventeen. Right around when I found Dave Ramsey now so. Just in a couple of sentences, tell me what that experience was like for you. and it was an awakening I. You know I felt like I wasn't financial responsible, and it was time for me. It'd be an amateur Dole, and be able to be financially independent and take care of my daughter on my own. So. Walk me back right before that you had a great job of glossing over which I appreciate and that means you've got some well fortified a defense mechanisms and I appreciate them. What was the experience of the divorce like? Was it exciting and exhilarating, or was it devastating? I was numb. Actually It took me about a year before I finally walked away, it was not a healthy relationship. And so one of the I think one of the most challenging things when when folks go through divorce is obviously the divorce, right? You are losing a part of you especially. If you've got a kid, you've been together for ten years five years. You've got some time. This is a human being is woven into their part of you. But there's another loss that nobody talks about. And that is the loss of trust in yourself. Right. And suddenly you find yourself Laurie. I thought I. Love this person I thought. I was strong. I thought this and this and this and all of a sudden. I don't trust Laurie anymore. And what often happens. Is you jump into the next? Strong. Sure thing which in your case praise, God was the baby steps was a trust, a guy that America's trusted for thirty years just to tell you the truth in simple easy ways. And now you're at the other end of that now you working on becoming a millionaire now you working on writing a check for your kids college with a smile on your face. And what slowly starts to happen when you get on the back end of that as you start to realize, I still have to deal with the loss of trust in Laurie. And so at some point you've you've you've by this point? Hopefully, you've you've grieved the separation from your ex-husband. You are Kickin, but financially you are. Tell right now. You're a great mom who loves her daughter in his already thinking about tomorrow's GonNa. Be Daughter. That's awesome. I Want Laurie to be able to look in the mirror, entrust Lori. And if you have done that, that's incredible. My Gut tells me that when you're getting to the end, and now you're not able to enjoy this debt free house. You're already thinking okay. Now needed to go to this anytime. You think of the words I need to and I should. That's the old anxiety coming up. That's the old I don't quite trust Laurie yet and I'm looking for the next plan to get on and so I. Want you to get with the community. I want you to get with a counselor. I want you to get with some folks at a local church and I. Want you to look backwards over the last four years at every step along the way where you have been successful you. You have one and you have done well, and you have honored your family and you find yourself. You are a champion. Laurie. You've done it and the only person in your world. That doesn't recognize US right now. Is You and I? Want to for whatever it's worth I. WanNa free you from that now I. Don't think I have the power to do that, but it sounded cool on the radio. And I want you to get surrounded by some folks that you trust, and can be vulnerable and start rebuilding the trust in Laurie because man. The rest of your your life. You and your daughter are going to be a force to be reckoned with, and you're growing powerful, strong, beautiful, brilliant, strong, future woman to and you've laid the foundation for her. Love it going out of Charleston South. Carolina last call for today. We're GONNA have a conversation with Tucker a real quickly. Tucker. How can not doubt deny help man? Hey! How's it going, guys? Thanks for taking my call uniform. How can we help? so I had a question currently I'm nineteen years old and I. Have a time job. I'm about thirteen thousand dollars in debt, and I'm looking at first started following the show looking to get paid off within the next ten months and I forget it paid off. I have a plan of where I WANNA be in about the next five or six years and I want to franchise for the company I'm working for. And, in order to do that, I have to have. At, least one hundred thousand dollars and liquid capital effort pretty much. The question I have is effort. My debt paid off What would you recommend to be the best thing for me to do with money afterwards to keep it liquid, but? Keep it making me money, or you know what I mean. Yeah, that's a good question. Man I love the Fed Ed nineteen years old. You pretty much. Have you have a clear vision? It sounds like all right. The first thing is get out of debt number two. It's in an next five years after I get out of debt, I wanna go ahead and I have one hundred thousand dollars put towards a franchise at the company. Question what's the name of the company Real Quick Tucker? it's. UPS Okay Oh subsurface gazettes I like those subs minhas Gustav. I like that hundred. Thousand dollars working. I've been working with them for for about Both since I was fifteen, I just turned eighteen last week and I'm working with them since I was fifteen and I just integrity got a job running a store for bigger company, but he runs about forty of them and You know it's really opened my eyes to the fact that I could I could franchises company within the next six or seven years for sure eleven had built my. Friend Tucker. Are they trying to talk you into? A FRANCHISEE loan program! Oh not at all. No good deal, good deal, steer clear that man that's that's the that's the Franchisee trap. Good for you. Yeah, took a smart. That's why he's calling us because he. No, we don't we don't do. Not over here in the Ramsey show. Tucker, here's an. Here's the thing you got to work for five years. Okay, and so what I want you to do is I want to go ahead and get the money. Okay, you're going to be out of debt. do not reciprocity. Let do not let anyone talking borrowing the money degrading at the money, just parking to like a high yield savings account. 'CAUSE you're right. You need to keep it liquid. I don't want you to lock into a an investment account because that's going to be long term. Guess what are wanting to do, go ahead and work hard. Okay in stack the money. You need to be living way below your means because when you do become a owner of this particular company EMI. If you do it right, you could be owner by the age of Twenty Five, twenty six. You start making profit right around twenty, eight, twenty, nine thirty, and you have years and years in front of you a really go hard, and I just love it so just parking into a money market account or into a savings account and you strike. Okay and the temptation Anthony. is to try, to get fancy. Right, try to shortcut the money try to. Stack on this and then I can I can. I can take peel some often invest in this and. What you're saying is. Just. Follow Your own plan and just just just follow the steps. I mean aspirin pretty much all. I'm saying Dave built an empire off of cash We are building our brands off of cash. It is possible. It is possible man. He's been fun. Bro, thank you. Yeah, I, WANNA. Thank our producer James. And filling in for our associate producer Kelly Daniel, the one and only Zack Bennett on phones. Remember you guys. The caliber of our financial future will be determined by the decisions. You and I made today made the right because. This is Dave Ramsey show. Hi It's Kelly, associate producer and phone screener for the Dave Ramsey show. If you'd like to your debt, free scream, live on the show. Make sure you visit Z dot com slash show and register. We would love for you to come to Nashville. Tell your story. Money isn't the only thing we talk about around here. Get life changing. It buys on your career for my good friend and career expert Ken Coleman all my Ken Coleman show according to a recent Gallup poll. Nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning, and you're just trying to make it to the. The Ken Coleman Show is for you. Everyone has a sweet spot. Your sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent in greatest passion. We will help you discover what it is. You were born to do, and then we'll help you create a plan to make your dream job a reality you madder and you have what it takes. Join the conversation on the Ken Coleman Show. Hear more from the Ramsey network including the Ken. Coleman show wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey, it's james producer of the Dave, Ramsey show. This episode is over, but check. The episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. 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