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And dad. He will say I was found to deal. Well. Craft evidence remain sealed. Senate to do this. He would have got that more. You got not to be you're giving up that east Levy said you don't wanna go out. And I remember that was out you've got that safeguards. I remember that his whole family in the front row, and they found out the daddy of big old free. All right. First name, Mike, trout, his new gargantuan twelve year four hundred and thirty million dollar contract with the angels boat. This probably sounds like a ridiculous question to pose about the largest contract and pro sports history. But is this really a good deal for my Trump? That'll sound like a contract to sound like GDP, right? You'll hear about those numbers associated with a person very often half a billion have have a billion dollars. Now, you can never knock anybody beside a contract for half a billion dollars. But let's say this is basketball, and you had a player who signed on for even longer in all that money fourteen that have been losing in the time that they had been there. We would be saying about how you put money in front of winning and everything else question. Do you need twelve years like twelve years really serve you if you might try. I would have liked to have seen him hit freeze twenty twenty frankly, again aside from how great a contract that is congratulations get your money. I was disappointed as baseball fan. I was looking forward to seeing him. Over Bryce Harper Philadelphia. Like that money wasn't going anywhere. I get he's got a chance to compete with a farm system that keep lopping ranked seventh overall major league baseball arenas got a lot of money from his TV contracts, or what have you? But I'm sick of talking about Mike shawls war. I wanna see him battling the playoffs didn't wanna playoff game little on a series, and I didn't wants to. He's so good at baseball. This is ridiculous. Wait, you think about the fact that what he is the next level of the blue of Ricky Henderson released put them in terms of Mickey Mantle. No, this is Ricky Henderson on something that even Ricky probably could not conceive of being except Henderson was a lot of foot. This guy is not you have to go out of your way to find him out of your way, waiting run into the midst of his own in everything else. And yes, I would like to see him play for somebody other than the laws Angeles Anaheim that they still call him. I think so. And if you look if you rob effort, and you'd being truthful, you're not happy about this contract. You want to see him go somewhere and compete and pulling your biggest stage, you could be ledger at the Bank all he wants you legend in October. But I also feel like, and you tell me what you think about this macro level for baseball. Whatever make Mike trout's making no matter who you are. You're not going to make more there might trout like this. I wonder if there's a ceiling on the salary market for the entire sport baseball. Like, I don't feel like this is like football. For example. We got a new highest paid quarterback every rolls over all the time that Alex Rodriguez. Contract was the biggest in baseball until he signed the next Alex Rodriguez contract. That was the biggest for almost a decade got it would hit the open market to be able to command a contract. Like this Harper's already signed Machado already science who's the next young guy in his prime commend anything close to. No, no, no. This is it. This is the guy that we got it like, maybe they will get good. I have lived long enough to see to Anaheim angels win a World Series, which I never believe it was going to happen before two thousand two. So maybe the wonderful things will happen to a franchise that. Maybe looking for comes down to it. Hopefully, the trade he has to I hate to see his career go to waste. So cold. All right, nickname, Doc Rivers. Dana lay in according to basketball writer, Peter Vesey, clippers coach Doc Rivers would consider leaving for the Lakers job. Also says rivers has always wanted to coach the Lakers and Magic Johnson quote loves him. What do you think of this idea? I don't like what why would why would documents do this other than the brand of the Los Angeles Lakers. Gimme a basketball reason that makes sense for Doc Rivers, say LeBron James. I mean, what's left of LeBron James? Are we really doing that? Are you really doing? What's let's do. Donate eight. He's done, but he's not getting any younger like your dot rivers. You got the front office structure, you want even of his power. He's still part of the decision making process. They just went through the quickest most payments rebuild we've seen in some time in this sport. You gotta team in the playoffs. You wanna go enjoying the Lakers. And that circus, listen if it up. You gotta wonder though, what there's some guys who look LeBron not as a hassle. But as a challenge that if you are coast, the idea of what can I do if I had the Brian James not a question, of course is who else are they going to get because we are any bizarre situation. Where a lot of us legitimately believed. The clippers are going to be more tractor free agent destination, then the leg better summit in LA. Right. And that I mean, I totally can see that except you admit that feels weird. It does feel weird. But it's the reality and only people having accepted that reality Lakers, Lakers fans. They somehow still think those banners in that history makes them a more attractive destination than the organization across the hall actually got their act together. Okay. So what I think is the biggest question with the Lakers is what guy wants to play with the Brian James. There is a tier of guy who sees himself as being too good to be the number two behind the broad, Jay. So who are the guys that you get to fit in play alongside and that I don't know for the Lakers, and that's what magic Pelinka going to have to make their money. That's what they're going to get that. Thing. But I can see why would decide all so you said a second ago. Like, what can I do with the Brown? Whatever you do. Lebron doesn't matter because it's all about the Brown. It's not like this reclamation project, or it's not like sometimes the LeBron or the Lakers where you says, you know, what I'm being called home. But you know, he doesn't have to do this. Why would you want to nor in your huddle? But these thing I think there are a lot of huddles than abroad. Mighty nor. Now, don't think dots is necessarily one of those. Right. Just as the broad. They have no respect for David. Neither do we. Right. Tyler. We solve entire Lewis. Their child who stood up to the broad and good things happen air expulsions into same situation because he had the backup Pat Riley dive rivers angle being here. Bending folded full abroad, not convinced Magic Johnson is doing all this been in folding and everybody else, they if you guys stand up to the broad, you got a chance LeBron is good as he was a lot younger when those guys at to put up with that. And knows guys were not Doc Rivers at this point Doxa competent enough to not need this and Marla Brown from afar you love beloved, right? What I'm saying? Did you talk about the putting part the Brian? Tried that in Miami rally, basic. This respect for you on that. I'm just saying I don't think it's worth it for doc. And there's a lot of good things that come with LeBron. I just don't see. My question is is the stress that you expect LeBron to put duck under the actual stress that he's going to be under. Listen to Luke Walton doesn't mean he's not going to listen to duck ribs. Agreed. And totally understand your point. I'm only saying that if you're if you're in a band situation or you needed to somehow rebuild your career. That's one thing. He's got a great situation with the clipper, what clippers better organization right now, we still we still don't know what the ceiling is what the clippers are going to do right, regardless. We could see who the guys are. They're going to get in and whatever. But I don't know what the ceiling is the ceiling on having the brand Jay and ill higher. I think than the ceiling that you talking about. But got to get quite littered. Who's the number two guy that they did? Why clipper this is the most fascinating off-season that I could think once we could say that one city. Yes. For the whole show. All right next name Khalil met the raiders actually want something. Vo the recent Sloan sports analytics conference awarded the raiders the alpha award for best transaction for the Khalil Mack. Trade. Does the endless community had reevaluating his trade on the nerds apper dorks or no not have me reevaluating this. Now what I understand is happening. Here is their ideas. The Lakers were the raiders were Baid. Right. So you get a guy off a team that was already bad. And then you get these valuable draft picks these assets with these fluctuating notions of value that they have and people who like to analyze these things from non human reasons love to look at the potential draft. Pick is draft. Pick is only valuables the player that it turns into do. You think the raiders are gonna turn that into something that's gonna turn into Khalil Mack? I feel. Like you draft a guy hoping that he turns into Khalil Mack. Thus kind of what the point is look as much as I love the process of team building. And a love the analytical analytical approach to these types of things these guys off and sound like Assad's talking about assets the way they do as assets somehow immediately translate or immediately equal the likes of Khalil Mack. It doesn't work this way. Daryl Morey as much respect about half the down Maury. It doesn't work this where you get to say, oh, we don't care about the results about the process. So it doesn't matter. What happens with those picks? Yes. It does because they blow these pigs. Let's not forget, by the way. Let's point out something they also gave me second round pick to Chicago like training Khalil Mack. Nothing else goes back that goes back to you other than Khalil Mack. They gave him a second round pick as well. So even the trade on the surface was questionable in terms of what they got in return to what they gave up. And then you're gonna go and say the transaction of the year just because you've got picked back with somebody. You know, maybe I'm just an old time in the way. I look at this right but quarterback and pass. Rusher. That's it. If you've got a good one, you don't let them don't let them if you actually have a good one. Yes. You do not let them go. If Khalil Mack. Do I realize last year watch Khalil Mack? That clearly I had never watched him play before people compare him to Lawrence Taylor on hand you and I looked at that last year. I was like, okay. I kind of understand what it is that you're talking about individuation. So the raiders are at some point trying to get good. They are mess around and get good. You know, what they're gonna do. They gonna look down their roster. Be like we can MAC we could really. I really he can just quarterback. Absolutely. I cannot get over even even the raiders thought it was a joke. And now, you've got John grooten who can said, hey, man, you know, registered kids. I got this. 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I knew his being from above the Heineken river, Jack Pierce seventeen. You boy Blake Bortles got a job with the Rams starting job next test the hill solving garbage that reference how bait hole. Resume to the reference w I experienced believe he'll be a starter for somebody. That's just the way to gates, internship, right? I quote, people say that I could not be the face of the lead because I'm not married if I can't be face Lee being me. I don't wanna be the face of the lead. Jatta statistic Cuco to the Milwaukee journal sentinel. My what do you make of Yana say, and I'd like to know who these people are like, apparently, it's his family and friends or they're not paying attention because he's already eighth things Li I don't know if there's ever truly one face leader, certainly isn't now think hardens of face Curry's efface russes face calories. Obviously. The bronze facing the league Cuco is already a name of the league name that a lot of people almost overnight have learned how to pronounce it correctly, including my daughter. My daughter talks about all the time. She's a fan if you keep putting up twenty seven and eight the way he is towards twelve I'm sorry. I sorted and four rebounds. Whereas thing about LeBron's keep putting up those numbers best wrecking league winning the peace, and maybe even shape shifts automatically makes you face Italy. Honestly, your culture that would be a hold up. I think if language was a hold up like this is a discussion in the NHL that we had a lab across vegeta-. This is discussion you have a lot in baseball. As you have more players, don't speak English, do speak all English. In the right, right. Just fine in that regard. This means that there's no place that you cannot take like I don't think that people are viewing him as being some outsider in the league. This is league if any other can handle it. I think it can if he is the best player in the league out of here with some hardware. The he will be the face Italy. You gotta give basketball fans not to exclude any other fans, especially basketball fans more credit than they just gave recognize game. They appreciate greatness. And if you winning and dominating unless you choose not to be in your Tim Duncan, and you decide to be reclusive about it. If you unless you choose not to face the league, they're going to elevate you to that point whether you like it or not, and he sees built for well, let's think about this. Also, I was going back last night. Just looking at some stats looking at some of the advanced on this. There's an argument there from two thousand four to two thousand seven the jerk. Vicky was the best player in the NBA. You go back and you look at the numbers the jump on like wind shares for forty three straight years. He'd lived there. He was not seen ever as being a face of the league because he was overcoming a perception. Of being Europe. This off your comes. You light dudes? Okay. Not sure that that hits this guy the same way. Hey, salt outside guy. Also, look at with personality has evolved into some of that at him right now person out of the Volve place with the fall on. All right, cool. We probably would've already won a championship. Thomas about what could have been if the Celtics had never traded him. Listen to more. Did you ever think about what could have been long-term these days? Yeah. Probably going to change. IT in a nutshell though. Right. I mean, already you just left last year is basically what you say what ship last year hurt before you're saying last year to I want him to have all the confidence in the world because I'm never going to be getting in the way of somebody shot, and that confidence would allow somebody five foot nine to get to the places that he has got good for him. But man, he is the ultimate it was all good just week ago example, he was on top of world, and he gave everything with that hip. I don't know if you'll ever be the same again, they would win no championship. Not coming up that bomb found myself alone emotional watching him getting most laugh night. It's because of what to talk about. I feel SARS you could feel professional basketball playoffs are piety not just the tragedy. He suffered off the court. But man this. This guy was supposed to get paid Nike even get one in a playoff teams rotation. Like it's over for IT as we knew him and captivated that community in Boston over the course of two and a half years. He wanted even seen this part of the problem for him is he's never going to dial. It's game back, right? Always going out there like the coldest doodle. It was the other. Yes, he's not the coldest dude on the floor. And that creates a problem to just said something interesting about the two and a half years that I was just thinking about they got a retired his jersey, right? Like in the two and a half years that he was there. The time seemed to be so special provided seem to be so special, and he literally I think by the time is done. We will say gave his career to try to win with a team that honestly had no chance of winning in the first place. That's not gonna win a championship. He left his career. Older floor involves sacrificed his body. Go back. They gotta give for him to come like Danny Ainge that it'd be giving them. No. He was very very Velasco. Shoes. He was aware last night. Quote. I see a couple of players. I don't wanna say names, they play video games during the gay. Carlos Santana, the Phillies reportedly took a back to a clubhouse television set with a few days left last season after you caught teammates player fortnight during a gay by God, you feel about Carlos Helen issue. Run thing particular just jumped out to me, you know, far be it from me to try to tell somebody who picks up a bat. Hotter control, their emotions. The first thing you see the TV and knew it, and you can set you could salvage the television and just crashed the video game system. But trust me in my house. My wife will love to take back to the TV the place. They should give me and my son play a little too much maddening to katie's days. But I'm trying to figure out when you can't eliminated from the postseason or in the midst of a nine game losing streak as it were in Philly. What you do play video games during the game. I'm all Santana side with the young boys. That's what they use. Homeboys exists in the world. And they don't understand what it is. I want to see everybody's face. Would he came in there with that bad? 'cause I've asked you say nothing after drop that bet if you Billy beating moneyball, that's what losing sounds. That's what. I could imagine though, it you actually care like you really care and you come back out here and these cats not just doing anything, but playing video game video cards. It could be like, okay, guys. I put the cars video game video around before. It's banned in my non. I don't I don't need. No more Dixon's in my life. I see what it does to other people. But I people these kids kids can't get enough this four night, stay up all night. But I can't judge because we stay up all night with the franchise. What's the latest that you've been like this is not too late to do the draft? The latest aren't going to sleep. These. You know, what I'm doing what I'm doing at all college adulthood last day have a plan Sunday night. I made it I had memory card with college names take draft class. I had the greatest Michael Vick. And then we'll be thought clery was going to be an my would Esto that is fan Br commitment that's what I'm talking about a love that. I love this conversation, except I just got a porno. Don't call people nerd dork Neta. Okay. We will talk about John's Pablo doing that still for far less. Cool things men. That's all I'm saying. Okay. Look no argument from me today's number. It's too many first round picks giants GM Dave get them and says he got back for Beckham. Because in addition to getting the seventeenth browsing issues draft he considers getting safety Gibril peppers twenty fifth tickets seventeen he considers that a first rounder. His more of his explanation on Odell trade. Question why we signed Dell and then trae to them as I said publicly twice. We didn't sign him to trade him. But obviously things changed, and frankly what changed and other teammates from we couldn't reviews. Trust me, we got a plan and over time. You know, you've got to be patient. You know, everybody wants answers. Now we live in history. Gratification society overtime, you'll see it. You gotta trust it. So full of checks in the mail. That's what he's. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Trust me. What's your plan? Trust me. We got one trusted. You wouldn't ask you what the plane was day men are really can't trust when he tried to me gerbil peppers. It's kind of like a first round here. Go see if you can trade him right now how credit slash Brown his evaluation skills. He got fired as GM but into pepper just because he decided to the first round pick that he's a first round pick accounts in his trade, conveniently see this is a one to one right here. He's basically saying look when he goes to Cleveland in balls out, which he will I can't sit up here and tell you I treated 'cause I like a nerd, hey, gotta make up some lot about how offer refusal. Yes. You want that was a reasonable offering him because you wanted to they call buffalo and Antonio Brown. 'cause they wanted to trade him come on. Now. Glows hill. Brad Beal out is that -magine it'll be difficult explaining this. Crib. This is Brad Beal guarding. Joe ingles. Joing bliss joing. Oh, jelly gave them out. Even understand. Why it is Brad veal so worried in glasses? Go take them to see that a little differently Boston. I should cover about breath because he stumbled back off like, oh, I was given a shot. So we go to ignore the initial stumble. And then give him some credit. I'm giving him credit for plan at all. I was like, oh, okay. You got that self check. But see, here's the thing. I know a lot about a y'all 'cause y'all be judging books by covers joing, let's be doing this catch all the time. Knowing the Terrence Ferguson on the ground one time joing did it to Paul George put him on the ground. Y'all. Don't understand man joing lis- people calling them that you know that. Right. Yes. Shoot grocery store in Atlanta. Call angles will be moved. Let us at. I saw the side said Ingles stupid sitting. This. Ed closing Nick young as quite a bit of free time nuggets waived him back in December. And he's managed to be productive. Rather? We productive grafted Nick on baby. Number three. Welcome to the club. This is when it gets really interesting, Nick young tweeted, this gonna three is on the way, I knew being at home. This would happen. I can only relate come. So do you have some news force? No. Just say I wish I did. You know, I got three I wanna fourth because operated even numbers, I've put my guess, even number temperature and even numbers, I wanna four girls and boys and my wife was closed up shop close. So she's like, no she's done on. She won't even let me adopt is the shop close or is the factory closed because yesterday yesterday was acting like you'd be doing a whole lot of shopping, right? But now you say the shop is closed. So like, you still is the store open. Or is it just they not making producer, no more items. That's a great distinction stores. Open factories closed permanently close just kind of like a will be. They could be a will be back. Always reopened the factory. If you know what I'm saying she chose to you don't have to keep at the factory. Sorry. It's out it's up to her. But she'd be selfish out here man, really has she won't walk around. Huby? You don't put that over. I want to reiterate that will you lucky? You would a woman. I got no business being kicked coverage is under question.

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