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#025 Ozzy Osbourne 1997


Welcome back to the Tate's archive podcast where we release interviews. That have never been heard before in this episode. We had the prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne at the time of this interview in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. Osborne was forty nine years old and was promoting his multi band tour ozzfest in the interview. Ozzy talks about his love for his fans. How the Sabbath reunion came to be. Marilyn Manson and the legacy of ozzfest. What good evening as power you. As always. We have music critic Mark Allen at the helm conducting the interview. If you'd like to support the show please like follow and subscribe to us on facebook. Youtube twitter instagram there. We post other content and information not available on the podcast. If you'd like to read the transcripts for any of our episodes please head over to our website. At the TAPES ARCHIVE DOT COM. Will jump into the interview after a quick word from our sponsors. The tapes archive is proud to be sponsored by the true crime documentary. Deadman's lined trying to get a shot at mate data. Because I'm going to go up. Nineteen seventy seven Tony who insist kidnapped the mortgage broker and held him captive for three days. The first time ever the media was able to cover the event live to some. Tony was a hero to others. He was a crazed son. Deadman's line the true story of Tony. Jarrett says this award. Winning film is available exclusively on Amazon Prime. One last thing before we get to the interview the Tape Archive. Podcast is a proud member of Cyrus media a global community connecting passionate fans with podcast and experiences about artists and topics in love. Thanks tune in and now it's time to open the volt power you. I'm fine good first thing. Thanks for talking to me. It's time and I I also want to say every time I've seen you perform over less five six years or so you you seem genuinely surprised and pleased by the Fan nattery you know they just love you and please. I can understand but why are you? So why are you surprised? I mean I'll be doing a long time. You know you in the long run you know. I'm just absolutely thrilled to be on. Stays IMPLYING THEY? WanNa say they've never really right so it was thing but got such a lot for the people. It's just tighten on a local level fair. The way for a girlfriend know you're all bubbly excited to say. Append what you see. What road is pleading saw? What you see the person you really WanNa be with you know and that sort of my audience genuinely out but local audience. But it's really amazing free better than any drug any any anything ever had the audience. So that's why retirement sucked absolutely baseball. Go for it. You know yeah Ah This tour I mean it seems to me. I don't know if you have the same success in other cities that you do in Indianapolis but every time you come here. There's fifteen thousand or so people in this tour. Seems like Matt Really Piling? It on why are you? You know you could go out solo and get the same number of people. Why are you doing this whole huge door? But were the reason why is because eventually the inevitable thinks is going to happen with the Dewey Choi. You know I'm an Benchley. Everything comes to an end to leave my mark. I'd like to go on with or without me. You know to some capacity. It'll be there for a long time. You know I want to be in both into some capacity. Is it implying on? Uh sorry obsolete you know not quite gone away. You know something you know. You're not going away anytime soon are you? I mean you're not stopping our you know. Okay I don't think so. Great hard thirty two shooting. Four number four. You're saying that you were going to stick a month for a while as Larry Georgos. Aw Anything can happen at any given moment so I've come up with a suggestion at the beginning of the last year and so but the author of the situation we're going to boy devoid could do mile lease plays around but Alex counterpart Macri look to keep the people. The benefit of the shock value Marilyn. Manson is great. That was going to ask you about that about that later. But Do you have a sense of why people have stuck with you over the years aside from the fact that they like your music is. There's something about I don't know an adult really well now just point at the royal full to please matted the sabbath reunion idea come come to odds time and time and you become more at my bloody doors. Bolivia chance to say stop quite black. So you know it's the best part of a good part of black show them Google play also with the job of Michael Borden. It might even be plan. Looks like you know We just GonNa play as much as especially important now. Play the guitar logo. Maybe them Sabbath foams dominated by AS Roma you know but an implied them for a long long time. And they don't want to rehash but we just played you know and as it sound. It's like you never left or is it a whole different feeling never left because I've been solo longer than otherwise we sabbath that we corrupt because we went to the same building a two mile radius as you. Go back to your family you know. He's talked a popular reunion. So we just talk to each other moms and DADS poetry. Tell his mother's pasta lawsuit which is very sad. But you said it's been announced to reflect on the old times you know when we do all this crazy crazy. I saw me come to the states and quite to the whole war stores. I remember when he did. You did this you know. Have there been any great memories on Earth. Tell me one story of the old days that you've been a woman came to the states and we all on applying from hate to apple and we would freak. The fucking plan was in the episode. How's it stopped me because we were freaked? Me Thought this fucking destroy its perpetual someway and no place to stop the flood. Seven hours forever. You know why hasn't billboard with you can be honest. It's not just Sure that to me Jordan eating by getting them you know. I'm always big guy. But he could say we all go individual manages. It wasn't so much the battle the barrier managers. That's my wife but my wife. Hoist you only one. This consider all up to par with the the present situation where dot not putting anybody down sort of communication breakdown was going on but I sure but if you completely up putting off analogy says Obama and I really give it. A shot spoke to excretion of potassium. She's a little off the last time I went out. We just didn't love because it's not personal advocates. To what is the best show of go and leave my Peci Whatever they call them with my particular problems an address now victim when you get to stay stopped going crazy about it. You don't take your problems. But it's especially not acceptability. My my opinion is the audience. Don't want to know what you do with your life. Although duties reflects on the past show can you? Are you willing to elaborate on what the problems are Donnelly now but a bit? Where the Tynan Dab to play the music? It'd be great for everybody to fortunate. I'm not going to start sluggy bill out because I don't have anything budget cyber the map. It's a tony had play with him so it left and which would work. We're going to show me. Why am I don't want to repeat what I said too? Because it's not my place to just really up pinchers sarcastically. But if you really WANNA point out issue same about it because I'll just I'll just call me to take any folk money. Does she do on United States except for billing? Stop me now. Okay no fair on the people that want to see you know crash. You're just on that stage play so so For Social Been Valley replying. I talk to this person. I should know they started doing anybody else. We on interview Bobo lobby wonder. I wonder if I'm but I'm celebrate. Trying she's going to happen. Start POSTAL APP where it goes up and you know runs a wagon. Yeah so much. I'm willing I'm here. You get it together worldwide. Excuse me a call and tell me where you want to do. And they'll be there to launch. Troy adding lives matter that I ended up talking the big fella chief Hokey. My Neck's didn't like you know all of a sudden he's my fucking poll Didn't want to get it. Boasted a capacity so as far as billboards situation really. Don't have that much to say to anybody. Now but from Tony was really would work to the troy. The new if you do it you know fair enough. It's been advertised that you're playing a whole solo set and a whole Sabbath set is that correct. A coalition play ninety minutes to an hour and three quarters Yes okay and Sabbath to how did this earlier but then it's GonNa cry then. I went out for an hour around around the wheel. Triple minute to figure out a way to do because I went to a the euro for awhile around you per month or so so I'll let you know if you want to give me a call next. Dana charitable what to say. You could still play together I up in cocksure but smile myself. We haven't got a fuck if he's going to say to Fucking play so we didn't make before it went on Eastern European track of mine would be played to cover the tuned. And that's a good idea. What's currently in you know Safe is because the city you just end up sitting on a couch. So we'RE GONNA I'll die okay so at this point. You don't even know like how deep into the catalog you're GONNA go. Nuts did beginning the classic film but I would like to do some of the songs. We've never really played live on state sons. I'm not gonNA tell you what we're going to plug owner to surprise and four pigs in the power but there's going to be some of this stuff that would be interesting to us to play in new really played live on stage. I ever okay. That'll be great. Yeah Take the Field Alba Bruni wrote in some way. We supplied them. Live beyond record him so the record we recorded them live anyway. You know. There's a an internet shad that you participated in and you you said So much of what's out there. These days I don't listen to. It's so angry so angry at some with any kind of a manner they you know pissed off any sort of semi under somewhat relationship. Galley fucking thing. You know it's it is always there's many ways to deliver hardline screaming. You know okay so you weren't necessarily talking about people. Be Chris Paul at these approach to these people have to the movie. But that's the next generation from waste started. People were saying the same about you know. Couldn't have someone who is to Loy music you know Rice Mattis Marilyn. Manson fit into that statement about day. All I'm only match because they shut value Ann Arbor currently speaking of so the one second of video very talk very excited by this looks interesting. You know I like I like the because you know you you don't you fucking down you know. There's no there's no bullshit just do this What they ought to Mike all the time you know. So it's suncorp started going to three P. fucking sports car drove off with the bloody kitchen and now for real. You know I mean people have tried to ban you and censor you in the torch on and I'll report. Obviously they'll probably pleasure to which you plex but then he went to kiss getting into all. This is from that to to fucking time. Jackie with different style you know. Is it amazing you that the twenty five years later? They're still trying to stop it like this. I was I was waiting. So many like mildly might just a couple of these talking dolman pop up again okay? You're starting your own record label. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. What is it called? Record House records in Tokyo excited. He's not primarily a metal. The mistake I am I was calling. Everybody thinks metro liable in. It's not wherever wherever we thinks facilitate will go for him and goes from jazz rock blues folk all kind of still. Sir. I don't want anybody who's read. You don't have it. Don't just say primarily a look that far from the show she's disappointed some new oppy in Los Angeles and it's a really funky boy the winner. I released coming after the the the the live album from us. It's really good. It's very would tell okay. So that's going to be the first release and have you signed acts? Are you going out and doing the A and are okay for these fish kits? So have you heard some of the young accent I street to really really low two bands at the record for the Howard Stern thing. We've talked about negative album at a really good if it's a very very pretty good album. I'm really pleased with it. You know okay that's by is sponsoring this summer right. Do you have any any feeling about that? I mean here's a company where you can't buy a sticker album if you're under eighteen to my wife. My wife of foreign knew that somebody that's been interesting in the event for the backlash you know on a on an glad you want to be with the Rock and all to the rate of side. Because he's like that kind of publicity angle on it you know. It's it's a nasty nasty but it's nice you know how best buy. Do you have a feeling about that? Donna Milwak- The world I don't really know what to do with the deal. I mean okay spoke lower parts of the business you know. I must competitive from now very good businessman. I'm not GonNa Monitor this though. I want to get people to crack With the been okay with this restrictions on us a tool. Yeah Yeah No. They're not putting restrictions on you. I just think it's it's kind of ironic. You've got Marilyn Manson stickers on their album at eight hundred eighty eight degrees so flies at the bucks because they want to go to some controversy. So the controversy right disallow fucking sticker on it not any the The one of the best Parts of your last tour was the movies at the beginning of time video. We're going to do on a new. We're going to put the Oldham Video Qatar records video thing. It's really interesting. He punished which is good. Spoof can't Alice Fair. Thought it was a great over. This is GonNa be bu-but now videoed. Anytime night's holiest never put on the show. Rubio fucking funny thing. It's very fun. I look forward to that Dutch here too. Quick other things. I'll let you go. One is In the Howard Stern movie. You're in the movie. But when the actual event happened where you actually backstage the MTV awards are okay so you just happen to be in the movie. That's how it very good very good friend of mine. That's thirty Understood you know. He's a very sweet nine. You know can't add. Finally the question I wanted to ask you was for another story. I'm working on. I've been asking everybody I interview a few became the overlord of Pop music. What would be the first thing that he would change Censorship there wouldn't be any wouldn't be any. It's freedom of odd. You know because there's more censorship ludicrous. When you get finished sharply Roy by people in harming people. Yeah I just WANNA ask one of the things you think that that Has there ever been anything to fear from rock and Roll Music Food itself all right? That's great anything else. You tell people. Come to the Sean on the Alive now okay. That's great I really appreciate it. Talk to you again. I Take Care Bye. Hey thanks for listening to the tapes. Archived podcasts please remember. You can always find more information about the show. And the individual episodes at our website the tapes archive dot Com until next time. 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