Spains secret beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons & caves with Lola Culsn & John Weller


Hello welcome to episode of when spain. Podcast i'm your host paul badge. Thank you for joining me wherever you are around the weld. I'm coming to you from a pretty chilly. wintery madrid. the snow has melted away. Finally but what. I thought in this episode. What we're gonna do is try and banish those winter blues Well that is if you're listening in the northern hemisphere if you're listening in the southern hemisphere and i know we've got listeners in australia. Have you enjoy your summer up here in the north it's still pretty wintry and so two. How banish those winter blues. I thought we transport ourselves in this episode to some of the most beautiful natural wild swimming locations all around spain but forget those packed beaches of sunburnt tourists on the custody identify. What i'm thinking more secluded coves white-sand amrou pools craggy canyons wild waterfalls relaxing rivers those kinds of places and guiding us around these off the beaten tracks slices of watery wonder our local san and john weller. Lola is a half spanish former stand up comedian. That's right she even performed at the edinburgh festival and london's comedy store owner. She's no longer stand up. Comedian and also joining her is her partner john. Who's a photographer now. Both of them live in london but both of them are avid swimmers. So much so that they've written and produced to absolutely beautiful burks all about wild swimming in spain both inland and on the coasts. Their first book is called wild swimming. Spain discover the most beautiful rivers lakes and waterfalls of spain. I'm a second book is called hidden beaches of spain. Four hundred and fifty secret coasts and island beaches to walk swim and explore. And that's what we're going to be doing this episode exploring them. That book hidden beaches of spain is actually going to be coming out on the first of march and while in fact lola and john were lucky enough to take a year out from their jobs in london and spend an entire twelve months driving the coast of spain in their camper. Van all in the name of research must have been a pretty tough assignment in this episode. John lola again to be guiding us around some of their favorite places to swim kayak die and hike or just relax or around spain and some of the spanish islands as well and then also be offering us of course some practical advice as well if you want to do wild swimming in some of spain's wild locations so stay tuned for that. That's coming up in a few minutes just before the interview. Quick shoutout to new. When in spain patron a big thanks to alwin may not signing up to support the podcast on the crowd funding website. Paycheck dot com. If you two would like to show a bit of support for the winston podcast you can do the same at patriotair dot com ford slash when in spain. Okay then so. Let's dive into the interview with john. At just to say we mentioned a lot of place names of course and so do check out the show notes for this episode. Either on the platform where you're listening or you could also head over to the when in spain website which is when in spain podcast dot com and there. I have put a list of all of the locations that we talked about joy in the interview. So let's transport ourselves. Sit back relax. Closer is unless you're driving or operating heavy machinery and let picture ourselves walking along the beaches rivers canyons beautiful off the beaten track places around spain damase and john thank you so much for taking the time to join me on the way and stay focused today our absolute pillow. You've richard and produced two beautiful books. Gotta say your first book was the wild swimming spain Discover the most useful rivers lakes waterfalls of spain. And you've got one a new one. Congratulations on it by the way. A new on the horizon coming out beginning of much code. Each is spent four hundred fifty secret coast and island. Beaches woke swimming. Exploded a talk about these books in a bit more detail. Of course for anyone listening you hopefully in the future and get to spain and enjoy these wild swimming locations whether they're on the coast or inland. Just tell us how this came about. How did you come up the idea of putting these these books. These guides together. I always retaining in in on the beach but we started going to my mom's making in a hata adequacy your tiny tiny men they said the assan After spanish and one year my brother in law my sister and my mom wanted to kinda go and explore. We found out that that was the place and the real data which beautiful fusible along. Israel's spine in spain they might wednesday not building the wall and just time a into a food inside the fast i phase and then we start saying okay. We'll other places all that we discovered Lower not economy which is not beautiful for like in the middle of the mountains and we started exploring just around and then Every time we went every year when we went to spain today for a quite high hassle we started looking around yet still swimming swimming and he'd he wants to swim. And then when we went journalists lined up chain while things publishing's website and they have Denisa said oh. You're going to spain. We share send some fighters of your world swimming spots for from sauce inning spanked and save and we went to lake bicycle. Jump checks amazing vitek because he remained of us and we set them up. Say right back you'll eating. How would you say about buying fantastic fuel. Latest book hidden beaches in spain. Quite an interesting story behind that is that right that you took a year off and you basically spent a year driving the hosts spain in your camper van. Yeah absolutely we both come for fast. When he got contrast before the council to twenty six years old up the Still students strong hops away. This time we're gonna take more time with that. I've been up for seventeen years. John twenty something. Luckily by the game spectacle and say we literally drove around we stopped within galicia at fort show and drive the whole question. Spy and in alabama and finance. It must've adventure. i mean. what was that experience like. Did he meet us. A people eddie events that happened during that trip or some presently stating campsites plus it up on a beach in by the way we kind of met. The most interesting i think was when we were camping. Wild i just think maybe people while quiet thank you open access. One not example going to beat out with the german guy in a camper van gem guy and then a couple that were dating fame and an english guy. we just are parallel Rahmonov big policy. And then the next day this german guy steph. I'm he just had everything on as comfortable on fixed base along because we have fish falling off and he just having exactly the right screen exactly about out completely and then is it. Looks down the trip when you were a anna mean very. Luckily we were my cousin and by on the beach. I'm just about to leave the second half of the bet. And we got down and locked down in. Spain is on show you can affect is not filed awnings. You were not allowed to. They re looking at the beach every day making every everyday and not being allowed to even Makes coming round every hour there were handing out thousand year. I for anybody who was stupid enough to step on the beach. So you just don't mess with the guate- savelli spine you don't you don't so back still. It's not took it seriously. What you allowed to to the next village or so. It was quite but kind of necessary hands up against the five minutes. Okay size because he wanted to shop in their west places system. Saddam did i guess yes. I've been in worse situations. Also the children one allowed out. The children were locked up for Chitty bang bang with a child touch. Let's dissipate on one day. We who sat on the balcony and we had to chat sounds children's laughter from the beach and the children out. I i noticed says lici squeals goes loftiest. Children literally threat themselves because they were they were allowed out. They wouldn't even let the supermarket without in their parents. 'cause i was just locked in the house. That's right house for weeks and weeks long time today. That the lockdown finished in we were it was actually quite emotional date just to see people come out sticks some paper. Just it's just laughing. It's kind of celebration base. which just you know. He's two ladies who met. They said a solo dancing dots the dip on the beach with us. It's quite beautiful swimming your copy swimmers in a bit more detail on your photographer. I've got a say. Your fighters are absolutely beautiful absolutely spectacular so of poring over that ad. Talk about transport in yourself in the middle of january. I mean my god. I mean absolutely beautiful photos. Thank you very much really done. Those places justice. I would say you're the photographer aside and lola. Your the kind of words side by side view of actually written b.'s. Together as guides we may than thanks climbed up. Mountains hangs up walks. That's fight off. And then we which so. I generally have written Chapters will they jumped on a couple in he. He did a lot of directions. And the descriptions we kinda feist into face very much going. How would you describe these books. I mean diets really because let's talk about what is beautiful photography oviously maps. You've got a more detailed maps showing the specific locations of these beaches. Because let's not forget many of these Very much off the beaten path. In fact you said that some of them don't even really have names such just these little coves. So you've given Detail about how people can find the beaches given descriptions is and things like that but when we would find an every time we made a mistake one way we just i teach i read might dismiss titans survive we just half day and we tried to make as clear as possible way very much web. People gone holiday two weeks of my horror. I would be if somebody spent ages trying to find somewhere in couldn't find in every we've got the obviously the google maps by kaisha. But then we've tried to give very As clear as possible. You know you tired my hey when you see this. I'm we tried to give as much detail. About what kind of contemplates is obviously said. If is easy scott to if it's major it's really difficult is places good for families. We've tried to say it's because of the prices beaches in particular in spain if they haven't got a ball or a hotel which none of them have. You'll combine nearby so we talked to. Is that just as much detail say that people are coming to the right place for that. Thanks very much about managing people's expectations. He said he's very much a travel. Guide this kind of. It's not kind of work appraisal fiction. It's some it's it's how you get somewhere what you can expect when you get the don't want to take your kids with you to find h. And find out that you've got to you. Got to apps out on the side of clip price to get speech these places to exist in a book. And then in the captain's we tried to call him. If i tried to give a caveat say You might have noticed that each chapter starts with a little section of a pirate so one of the dance. I did was for every area. I found a pilot that had written about. The big is one of the things. I really fate about spain. His people in particular think of is united vanity woman the big beach and spain her such rich cultural history so you know in galicia as poets in galicia ignorant narrow language is one of the pioneers in basque parenting at the line and in seattle. I'm trying to just give an idea. People might be might not be interested in finding out more about these poets but just to give a cultural life another bit of historical flagler as well as his spine has rich. Cultural history are just include the story of a travel. We've captured that really. What kind of balanced really well as well from region from raising the tax. Yeah you've mentioned the kind of stereotypical that many people may have a spay some bodies unpacked beaches on the custody. Saw your i bet while still being. Spain couldn't be further away from that image of spain. Right you sought out secret rivers lakes waterfalls so we're talking inland spain. Let's talk a bit about some of your favorite places that you discovered to do your wild swimming inland in spain and one of them that i i particularly liked. Was we wait to see. We went to the office of research beforehand and we went to see a off in job which is in northern pennsylvania and we had chatting to that went to come site which cites the actually that was of inland around this one village. It was five kind of fairy. Quarter is like a little cools with mortals. Coming down into them one minute. Five amazing secret place. What would it be included in a in a series. They have been spain so that was kind of well nine then maybe sees of secret ones. I'm usually coolidge is. And that's the joy of speaking spanish an because we had we had a whole list that we were gonna guide shape but we found simony outlets just by talking to people that were much more sacred and john for you the same place. I really enjoyed story us to be honest. we Enough in the in the north of spain on the casino we found supplies scored lago the lake. Which is a natural mountain top. Polls how can an emerald lake with spine tingling visa across the estero in picks of the we swim across. There was more kind of flying up lovin the swimming. Yeah we'd lay on back so this beautiful light. Coaching eagles soaring above us. Kind of look at the mountain tops at dusk which is kind of very much. Time does something from lord of the rings. Yes yes these crazy mountains pointing out kind of before the status quo of kind of protecting my wheels took to summit itself somewhere sixteen two sixteen year olds and these two city boys tooth who sets kind of share that experience with them as well. They'd never seen anything like this before. Said it's quite moving breathtaking. Yeah i mean the pico. Stay aeroplane general. Pre impressive imprinted. Select paul we. We don't really know about these kind of these parts of gas growing up. In england in the nineteen sixties and seventies. you redid. It could get painted a different picture of spy near the of carry on films and flamenco and bullfighting which is related really spine lately. You solve the package while than it can still today you get you get so that package rather than gun you commit. Independent traveler gun fund finally real experience. Real people. I totally agree with you. I think still even now. After all these years you know the interior of spain and the novus bay still really kind of not very well known and missing out on so much by only visiting the coasts in the big cities staying with inland while swimming then before we move onto the coast and the beaches. Let's get back to you. Where would you recommend for people who want to find those really amazing beautiful dramatic waterfalls canyons. These kinds of places gone berries hold light than an area of amazing canyons. I mean we actually include gave a few places they so many canyons. The real idol water beautiful blue with a waterfall was laid kanye nameless quiet company companies in canyoning citing swimming. We we we actually jumped out attitude at the end of the canyon road. He could jump off this to you. Now they're still swimming. Weeping pleaded quite a few different places way can jump. I some these into jumping in fact a story as crooked. There's a picture actually on page six to ask some jumping much fifteen into a hole which was very very scary to watch john getting back to you. What about full canoeing and kayaking for me. Personally i would more interested in okay again up enough sturdier can ghosn onus niece. Yeah i know isn't it. They have their own river. Quack will fiercer progress. Yeah yeah that's right festival. Maima son danny on donnie. We 'cause we're gonna flexible. Clark we drive up into Up the rio deba to political then we paddled down river toward special player so we kind of had a mini adventure so a lot of darkness. Conrad absolute reality events. The pedaled district ship live Mini rapids says excitement and often. There's deep green pool switzerland. We saw another person any son of of anything or anybody. We've building for three hours. It was it was a great adventure. You right this is something in general in spain. I've noticed just more so than the uk behalf once you get out into deep deeper. Spain you see anybody or anything so much harder to get that kind of false findings huge in line that really struck you know how. How far can we be driving up to these quite often. They were in the mountains waterfalls and rivers and we just for miles and miles around mountain and then even then some the village in the middle of nine eleven. That's kind of weird spain. i met him. We went in one day and we found the bakers and at ten o'clock they still made the region. He's got up at six o'clock. I'm we've kinda saw way to to become out and had straight out with the babies values of this. Experience is one of the things. I think about old fights. The bed is supposed last traveled. You know you're gonna find experiences that you guys. He just go on a package tour to in principle. How show me. And my girlfriend got stranded up in On the border between castilian and australia's couple years had a puncture to blow out into this village. Name about five or six stuck in the middle of the night at go knocking on doors and we went into this house and it was basically someone's lounge which convert it into the local pub local bah. We're about six. Oh boys propped up in pretty drunk. Dogs rabbits in cages. A twelve year old boy. He was pouring the wine of and i asked the guy said how many people live in this village. She said oh With the dogs we're probably about twelve. Go by bums village. I was that house. My own house was a house. I lose the ball the show off. That's an experience. I think in the same way. They want to not knocking package tools. But say if you want to step out the result then these books take some amazing place this. Yeah tell us about some history of ruins magical historical places where you can also swim as well. Spying is the big question straight. it really is. it's come to the rich. Barry paul if you in kentucky Kentucky on you can find Pin in hidden beaches. While we'll tell you about place this jurassic And there's a prehistoric cave paintings in oncoming alex nash unto death in galicia galicia's literally scattered with celtic cash bribes which have became occasions. We've been to a place called the custer battling man by twenty round houses. Run pause and spain staffs. I'm just beloved with a new speech and a one place Maybe jamal remember. We went to one place with a hidden beach and suddenly really hut indonesia and suddenly realized by pipes celtic history. Then of course when you come down south you've got roman remains united in bologna down. May kathy in costs individuals. I mean but it has great. It's a massive signed june. This is coming up busy but if you go in the opposite direction. There's larry tonight features with nobody and there's a place code bilo cloudy out which is party. One of the best preserved ruins of vitamin martius Of arabic and folks vacations were spent and for fans of game of thrones to be fire has as optical. I hadn't beat you can but it was starting amazing. The place that was represented from stein throwing up in In moscow in the best country. I was talking about that with a guest a couple of weeks ago. Limited looking at the best country wild as wild stein because the whole the whole area is just like they tarbey each and price bass and some people just moved onto peaches. Just going to jump in here. Your new book is not inland swimming. But with looking at four hundred and fifty four hundred and fifty beaches just sounds like the perfect job exploring four hundred and fifty beaches jirga. Yeah i left that you've done a terrible job. someone had to. We will do it. I don't think anyone it's done this before. Tough i imagine hundred each is so this. Is your new book coming out. on march. The first she is all about coastal swimming and beaches obviously hidden beaches in spain. I guess with so many beaches and so many kind of different coasts. There's a beach for everyone. One thing about spain is a. I mean you guys get and it's very green. You can rely on the weather. But it's very very great in many features that with united avenue and statue today and the amalfi That had three people on there. Some of them at eight light behind the villages timing just behind villages and other ones a wide i into the atlantic whether south oh and kentucky prayer which has some of the speech will be. She's inspiring i think Advocacy just have these yellow sand. Beaches within really green hills is in a blue states collins. Incredible and then obviously the mediterranean inside the completely different but again the cost of a rookie. One of the great things about spying. It's kind of wage by As you're traveling up the coast you boss any dome. For example on it's still top crazy hotels and stuff like that and then literally a few kilometers the ride in not to talk and in a in spain that got this huge thing not when nothing is allowed to be built presents in the cost of bava for example as a huge national park and whether it's hidden beaches way Quiet track down the and then if you guys south again you go to our media publicity one of the least apart from in galicia now mary. I probably the least re nine fights is and it's very lucky for comment but absolutely beautiful in its own in a different buying in. There's huge cacti and that kind of dog signs speeches with huge mechanic. Mushrooms also alleged. Yeah it's kind of that Reminds me as westerns. You've got these rocks. The kind of a road by wind big rooks balanced on each other questions. Do pyla westerns likud on the pilot. Yes atlantans badlands of spain. Down there now. Maria basically desert isn't my semi desert. Inland europe's only desert thing james. He sang gauge at over to fertilize and games. I last sunday's eroded by the wind into really weird fantastic shapes. Then the bolero harland's you said that you'd like some of the most beautiful beaches that you discount. The most almost like the caribbean Were on the island of menno arrive. We absolutely loved me. Okay mayo coverage again beyond obviously power-mad migrelief know that the massively what varied island as well until after that we went to minoa chrome we got. Our expectations are high in some ways but sought beautiful beaches on developed is probably controls. The bias fans nets i Development is very controlled unlike all the politics by nine highrise. That's nothing like that. And most of the beaches on based at the beaches. And you have been this. Great comedic covi- embroiled across the whole can literally walk around the whole mino- craft and when the bridal amazing and you guys i mean there's some places where it goes on private lattened where you have to stick to the we didn't have that experience but we were told about people who are shown to that. Have guns pointed at the You're gonna take shots at literally. Were because they stacked up the in in that was private land but now allowed to guide the whole way round a new potentially will oftener our go onto a beat of swim. Comeback will five which we did a bit of and some of the beach. I mean in the south. They literally the caravan that the signed is what what why. It's the the the to entire quiz for the five. Just beautiful but then the north is completely different as a whole of whether sound is it. Looks like wow. And then there's the Switch kind of move up into is a fearful. I'm guessing those would be Locations and for everyone is interested in snorkeling or diving or anything like that. Yeah definitely i mean. We didn't do a huge amount of snorkeling. Time reasons but yeah. We saw a lot of people snorkeling. Mac and and the little bit that we did the voice side. Play his secrets. It has a common the technical name posts. Diatta antica a while it becau- because there's a lot of around minorca as a lot of saline marine life keeps the kind of gives it that kind of sparkling kind of of blue color then went scuba diving and says if you've been to the islands sears on the we booked a Scuba diving on pluses very very peaceful access is very limited. You have to put up defensing this causing the orlando enough. That hurt. that was right. Beautiful seagulls you get goals but this is very very peaceful people get. That's the kind of place that people knew from vigo can be go. Yeah yeah they say sunny spot. I was crossing. It's says he's very peaceful very beautiful place and i have lots of white sand beaches and turquoise and so very very very clear to purchase perfect for scuba diving. We haven't really mentioned this pacific gas speeches for kids. Some families around spain. I mean obviously we always think is packed. Beaches costa's full family with children. Who want something a bit mall it special. Where would you suggest. Where have you really enjoyed with your children. Some major bike sample at carina in custody. Which one where. We saw lots of local children. And that's what pools at playing. What kind of gotten galicia is a very local by the you know i may not family lanes. Teenagers playing cards. That when there's a little island in actually will win. The tide is will visit them platinum on sola now maria. It's a huge huge beach with close engines. Left side of the page. Which is the perfect place. For children's adventures is at lots of dramatic kind of rock formations. The lava domes in the cote about filming locations. This was the location for indiana judge. The recite wasn't really truly seen. Because where up. Sean carter the lights You take brevity. Flushes of the flippers skied. Spring alka find that was filled very safe Places while this is the biggest freudian side since nobody kind of big way said the kitchen just played just fun and up. Dungeon is just perfect services. You got to scream that. Put it that way. The member this sweetie catering in head on collage three three. Which again whether it just like. It was kinda my own psychological with what who was it like in made to look boon in impeach. Our choice ten. You should have sought adventures compliance The main thing is you obviously have to take a society spite Lax attitude to deserve. So you kinda have to take it but everyone could whether it was whole families in the food. Basically you have to manage your kids expectations. That won't be four slides and the piano. You gotta get. There's going to be like bogus is going to be my pizzas. You might see. Starfish adopt much more interesting than a nice game beaches hiking and say exploring caves and diving into one. I guess but one of the places that we really enjoyed hiking we went to a place in the costa khalida which is more seattle and we will following the maps and we suddenly ended up by this golden tower on the monday of course figures famous or infamous as it were if the la manga. Yeah wait to go visit these features tickets three lamonica so we drove up to the security guards talks on the guy he said. Oh you planning to spend the night the speech on The less three. Because of course you go in spain leg in costa even if they build a big luxury wherever they aren't allowed to stop having access to is crazy lightning luxury days and then went impact in part by each and then in the morning high of on this beautiful design of a pulse of light light of broken strike with rosemary Lavender down also famous. Today's a series of three beaches to his cover equitable address kindness in go neck of a tough high. But then once you got back. I mean i think there was one person one of the beaches a cop on the abate mom with my belief. Great facilitates naked. Somebody then i think we'll put those in the catskills they salute. My favorite came actually plays the piano. Which is quite a yeah. We went and stayed one year. We went in stayed in. Danya is quite a big ex pack community in down but then they began. Maybe just travel a little bit to place called leisure up as we went on this crystal pov that on the side of a hill to pave could not call yada angel inside. It's actually a manmade cave where they excavated stone to build the custody did enya have heights long details at the next everyone in the connecticut at night. Ten fifteen minutes. It's amazing haven is some kind of knowing how to fail the moment that he knows. Because it's quite a cathedral or something but then on the outside outside of this. This huge starring. You can kinda got him something by just a little bit practical advice then. For with all of this inland swimming beaches you've mentioned nudism nature is It's just something to be aware of. If it's a very remote beats like you said without hotels. And i mean it is. There's a strong possibility. You may see groups of people families individuals at make it. And yes if that's not you're saying you just going to have to run the paper that spinal basis. It's just one of those things that something that you'll kind of fum sensitive to then. Maybe you become desensitized out. I just he needs to go somewhere else. We these beaches a famous our book symbol next to the beaches which nudist not i can can everyone's in age your age and some people being the nate on some people. Why a major Archives is quite quite hollering of each of the in times of being safe merged. They wanted to david marched the places way recommending time half life. God's so you have to be jan. Were they on Times when when you are if you can have somebody else with the swim out too far thai flight to negate if you recall in a whip tightly riptide is basically a you out to save. I need tax in. I goes to thank him against their. If you in the atlantic giant staying too long wise called. That's good advice. I mean will that we found walnut in kentucky have been in affects fx. Kinda warm off affects a bit more. Show to always wear sunscreen heat in the summer if you're eight land. I guess. I'm the other thing that happens. Is which could be the same for anywhere in the world in summer. Will you got stiff. Sea breeze blowing. You may not realize how hot is kind of deceptive. And you could be absolutely burning. Not we've all been burned before him have like a number as i say crispy lovely wiping wiping wear these shoes. You know dined expect bound And that's because the only thing we tried to implement we have included his spouse. Because often you know for the coordinates to get to the beach. That's not necessarily entertainment. You should have passed. Paul said possible. We've tried to mention wack advice off to oversee col. Guaranteed is going to be good advice because that's happened to us before that remember couple years ago and it was high season so should expected it. We went down like you said. It'll costa de la luz reuters. Callous that you have in a row kind of guiding Knit a north from the left from terror and o'neill early middle of september was still pretty stupid and it was just impossible of absence chocolate. We have to kind of give up on our original plans of what he wanted to go on. Find somewhere else will rely on a car. Which for many of these places you will be as to sink about that whether it's gonna be busy how far away your pumpkin. He's going to be from the beach possibly tried to mention. Where if we think it's going to be busy in some of obesity advisors just get on and also if you want the place to yourself tickly these kind of inland waterfalls and places like that but maybe the weekends get really popular and you want to take a super instagram. Abboud photos of yourself under the waterfall. I with nobody else. they're getting. I really alley. We also felt we were in the coastal thin. I think they're in autumn. We found peaches unnecessary somewhere. That you you have to sit and plus up some of these longer basis of really good for a walk he can you walk from uninterrupted wolf for hours and hours. You've hardly saying a soul just exercise. We'll take in the for. Yeah because i think we especially as as bricks we just think of some way lay on a towel or day. Long in the sun. Unattentive went to visit. I mean it's kind of obvious question. I guess i mean it's going to be hall busy high-seas in some amount shoulder seasons at best I suppose if you think you have like central northern spain it gets pretty bloody codes in the winter months as wells. It's rain is this serpent exports. It's going gonna rain but you know you might get lucky but said the northwest findings was very accessible. Airports wild camping in spain. Is it legal if you wanna do it. How should you go out camping out in the wilds in some whether it's not unofficial campsite. I said legally yesterday may again. It's a bit of a common sense thing i mean. Generally if you're gonna come fan you can pretty much call any larry's die plant based if you stop painting type in chas out like in gallup's ask otherwise you can put a much anyway unless there's a specific sign that size knock knock. I is discretion with There is a patient book. Which we've we've given some advice kind of helps you decide how to use discretion pam as jumped as usual discussion. You're not legally Camp within i think it's two hundred majors. The cpap depends depends oskar local and walk places by when we were mediocre. We are now with a group that were host fighting around the beaches. And five that on what they do. Is they arrived with hammocks the dog off the hammocks and they left first thing in the morning. Never take anything except another leave anything. Leave anybody behind. final question. Difficult one if you click your fingers right now transport yourself from london to one of as magical beaches or inland rivers. Streams ponds waterfalls weather. Where would you choose. Where would you love to be swimming right now. We have one h one h absolutely the league of us fast and i think it might have to be one of the ones in the manila May be got color for color. Poodles put years. He said the kalakuta goes on tax kids. Why serum not that many people around this time being definitely not that many people rounded that mind were being called hold. I would choose in the buddha's on the customer. Then speak just lacy just be keep a beach. Each profoundly peaceful cove hit a show to the canopy of ancient pine trees with to click sukree waters to swim. This is some. this is probably my favorite. I think we kind of stumbled across it by schultz. We were driving on the coast and between some trees which we so repeat players so we had stop in explore wind climbing them. This it was so beautiful. We had the peak hours said elect we just. This is so perfect. Let's stay hit become leave and say been printed them remember. There's there's a lovely i it. The book magical name as well be key beach alexa exactly profound beautiful lola and john. Thank you so much for joining me on the weddings paint plus to share these secret places type. The some of the listeners can get your opportunity not to distant future thank you. It's been a pleasure. Thank you for having us. So that was john lola. Just to say the new book hidden beaches. Spain is out on the first of march. But you can pre-order the printed book from amazon or from wild things publishing. I'll put a link to that in the show notes as well that comes out on the first of march and if you can't wait until the first of march you can immediately download their super exclusive prelaunch digital editions from wild things publishing website. That's for seven pounds. Nine thousand nine again link in the show notes of this episode and the website you need is wild things publishing dot com while things publishing dot com. You can order the physical copies through that website or amazon. But if you'd like to get the prelaunch digital edition You can do that from wild things publishing now. I have to say whether you're planning to come to spend any time soon or not. Obviously it's still a complicated situation with cove it. But even if you want to fantasize about getting away exploring some of those beautiful wild locations that we were talking about in the episode. I really really do recommend getting your hands on a copy of these books. Jones photography is absolutely spectacular. Also packed with loads of practical advice and detailed information on basically how to find these places as well. If you want something nice to curl up with embed during winter also would look pretty nice on your coffee table as well. If you'd like to find out more about john and lola and indeed their books you can find them on. Facebook just search for wild swimming spain. They're also on twitter under the handle wild in spain and check out instagram profile. As well and you'll see some examples of this beautiful. Photography and instagram handle is wild swimming spain. Okay so i'll leave it there for this episode. Thank you for tuning in. I will be back next week with a brand new episode of the wedding. Spain passed in the meantime please do you consider signing up to support podcast at patriotair dot com forward slash went in spain. We also had a presence on all the usual social media hangouts. If you're new to the podcast. We have a facebook page and facebook group. You can also find winning. Spain on instagram handle is when in spain one and don't forget to check out the winning spain website which is winning. Spain focused common on mbare. You'll find more detailed show notes photos bit more information about the podcast as well so until next week then stay while stay warm and i should beat you as the logo.

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