End of an Era?


Wealth means addition of ESPN NFC dance Amish on Adam Renan, Craig Burley and Stevie nickel. Hoti will be with us still only as well. Long later on in the program at Spurs victory against Bruce Doman, but we start at the ago burn of ions. I XE beating ram Madrid by four goals, the one it could have been a lot more that in all truth be told act so many chances by far the superior side ram Madrid a mess from start to finish to the defending champions out of the champions. And this, of course, a team that went into this match having won that lost three Champions League tournaments side is ever done in the history of the competition for the out of the round of sixteen state. It's the first time in eight years they have made it to the semi finals. That's absolutely no question. The I axe deserve to go through. Up -solutely. I mean assault competitive ten extent IOC something new settlers in the fossil egg. But I didn't see this against an experienced almost Phuc strength really Real Madrid site. So that would say one of the best performances of Senate the batmobile for quite a while. I know they they were they've been a bedroom. Yeah. However for my to say that was one of the best performance. He's one of the best performances from an individual and was tied which was a guy who. At the end couldn't get in this inside for whatever reason has just taken it out field. Like mash, his a couple of games in a recently in play these based tie completely Sean what mass is done the last games. That's good was in this game tonight. This is a massive shock, isn't it? Yes. Yes. The Real Madrid plano season. There's no shade hasn't gone to the burden abo- all year and not played. Well, look the actually when a game context the league I asked what in four one and Berna bow as short game. But really the way they've been playing. I mean, an absolute shambles. Yeah. Shoots. I going forward. The fantastic we love to play an open attacking game. So Real Madrid? Just see on you go. We're going to be as open as you like. And if you're on your game, then you might make some Janis. My goodness. This could have been eight one. I mean, the chances in the FOX half in particular. So yes in the context of the Champions League shock, but you know, this this is becoming for soul. But the thing is over the years Ramage it being shocking in league and played poorly and got together for the champions. The and you thought this time they didn't really have to get together that much they were to up going into this game. That's when you had a team while we saw there today. That's not a team. This is a bunch of guys running around there disconnect there this organize. This was a comprehensive thorough backside. Whooping what they took this Diego. This was no accident. It's like I somehow put a couple goals together and hung on. No, no, no. This was I x out plane destroying and taking by reality. The. And then what was even more surprising because there's one thing. I know and say, okay, we're going to play and we're going to match you up, and we're going to we're going to play with intensity with energy. But the fact that there was none of that knowing ten city, no energy disconnected stretch all over the place. People just kind of doing their own thing and not really having any sort of team performance or shape or plan or identity nothing. There was nothing about this that team that said, you know, what if it gets difficult to date? No worse because we can we can we can respond. There was no response coming. They can still be playing out there. And there was no response common. The embarrassed. I I get the point that, you know. A the league games this year where bomb Hoffa league teams of gone there. And and some of what some of come away, we probably should have. But I don't think there's many of gone there is what the backside and then going set and address them thing. Boy, we should go seven. We should've go seven. But I tell you well this club and this president and some of these players have arrogance written all over them, you gonna president who's Ouragan enough to go and tai-bo sh the Spanish national team's World Cup with the whole low potato incidence. No, he wasn't to blame either. But it was all one big sham. Then you've got one of the two is with the generation Lieven, and he's replaced by who people call twelve a goalkeeper who highs to commend. You've got a very very good goalkeeper ready there and Kayla Nava. You've got hoax to plug and other possessions. And then captain as Ouragan to think that I just going to be Bosh out. Take my yellow cat now move to the next game Olbia since he's known since and that was double arrogance. It would have been suspended anyway. But that's Ouragan be have become known respect for national teams for coaches for players for officials and for pausing teams. They just thought they could brainwash an whitewash everything front them. And they go big lesson tonight. I'm telling you is it as simple as saying of Christiana Renaldo was still playing around which they'd be through. No, no, no. I think I think unfortunately, Santiago Lowery's good Carrie Kahn as well. You know, we we wanted to is Dan coming from the the reserve team. But with all the big names he monies to get them to actually play. He mon- these to get them. To to put that intensity of particularly when they when they didn't have the bowl Santa can do that. I mean, algebra the shape of the team the, but four was an absolute embarrassment and you woke up one or near Baronne who you would expect at least to try and organize the guys Boucher, and it's four experienced players just a shambles. And I'm sorry. But for me that's to the manager. He he husky at the very least get his team organized. He come put the ball in the net. And he can't. He can't he can't do anything which just makes a Bodmer steak, but you have to be held accountable when you team is all over the place from stop defense doesn't have to worry about it for too much longer. Shame the one because he's a casualty of the shambles. Yeah. But the truth of the matter is that nobody survives. This not not Santus alighted gnome. Nobody survives them might as well. Just go into it and start packing because there's nowhere else to go other than say, thanks, but no, thanks. And it's not just scientists. Santus? This is a team and club that has to do a complete overhaul. They were hanging on with the idea that the core group of players that they had was going to be enough for them to compete. But what they look like tonight was like a boxing world champion that is hanging on one too many fights. And today it came the knockout punch, and there was no coming back from it. Ran my read honestly, I thought after the game I thought there was going to be a different version of real moderate, this was ugly and nothing about this tells you that this team is heading in the right dishes. She didn't from saving private Ryan. I'm telling you global take gone done for a guy we allow we're not give an NFL. You know, we're not giving anybody any favors. He's going to have to go. But he's taking a decision that he full of China steps up from the steel where is public job for for years. Go by them, though, you gotta bail. Shop chill broken you. Go east go who's no even an escort Hoffa time Maceo. He's gone as well is a bloodbath. It's interesting one name. You did mention being equal bio and much foam nuke. The Monterey is a balance doing. He's the best in the world. Supposedly euro, you would've thought that home scenes, but today pits, and again, if the games played on paper, then it's definitely story. But I mean, cashier crews and mortgage actually agreement with three the middle three. That's one the on. Yes on paper. But when they don't walk in when they don't make good decisions was nothing else around that the forward line. Can't get cut Bill the moat because the fog, Elaine. My opinions atrocious Benza should not be played Real Madrid finishes. His teen is said and Vasquez. I mean, she richly they go to bail you when you mistakes and not only only make mistakes that the Bach the atrocious. They could be losing three and four games home. Every single step on the field, not acceptable so front middle and absolutely awful and coup. Twas not me this evil years and go there, you mentioned Casamayor crews moment experiments they've done everything in the game pretty much. Why? Why does it have to why they not performing level? These numbers. But. Bill Maud, which is play football. Right. And it does look to me because it's become a Plato overnight. I don't think he was the best player in the world. I just think that was you know, going voting system. Yeah. But highs play racket teach creation side played a law that just don't look as if it can around the field anymore, which is in midfield. I actually some good young players and their pope around Todd it and the whole when defend us don't come out to squeeze it in and cause space teams that just Popa or the Chris Chris moderates compatible for fun, but not getting around the few anymore, and there's only one that's Real Madrid, and that Spence Spence ban. I know we're going to talk about an abet, but you know, higher Cain. That's gonna play right? They're going to have to start going after getting ready to Ben's getting ready to bail getting ready all these guys. Not good enough for this team anymore, and they're going to have to Europe and the rest of South America and spend beg on players like Harry Kane the possessions to get themselves Bucko to your point about that midfield and got some meat on cruise and mortgage. And we start mother the point of Doni crews there were sequences today in which he dribbled the ball straight outta bounds guy who's as clean as a bowl as you would want anybody to being the world. So then there are some personal responsibility. That everybody clearly there's a level of confidence that is gone, and it's very easy to like that confidence when you know that you haven't been able to dominate teams in the midfield. Lots. You have in the past in particular guy that depends on intensity on tackling physicality today do synthetic doing spin around MAs around him Guzm it it's not even moving. So again, maybe maybe maybe we can give them that Bela. I'm not right. There's a pointing of competing here that the not happened from Ramage. Mergers perspective at some point when we've seen Kesse Meteo his best. Somebody's doing spin around us. He's at the very least taking yellow car for that wasn't even happened happening today. They weren't even close to. I I seem like they were playing with twenty people in the field round mother who was playing with five it just that's how mismatch this game. Was it was all all the time round Madrid? At least these Tony Christopher by Jimmy today. That's Milla Milla. A good night for him that performance as are because performance at the World Cup just went home. I mean, I'm not suggesting these Real Madrid. But he was a player that said look at me I can play on the team by you know, when when you plan when you plan is a Bank, you you're always talk into the guy from the field. And he's always talking to you guy gets gets in behind the central midfield. Guy is going for letting them do and vice. So you have to play together to show box today. Who would know what near end body? Kashmira doesn't know whether to step back to occasions mortgage with the with the goal he's he's buying the box and the CASA marrow who's having to make challenges as well. He's behind the scent of boxes. Well, so they can't do everything. This is what happens. Rommel's doesn't play. Well, only could have control that away. That's can get the gap. As we go to this lower is still in charge of ram Madrid's. He's a Dead Man Walking though, isn't it? Yeah. I mean, look the rational thing to do would be to if you can you keep these Alati until the summer, and you give yourself time to take a run at the manager who who you think is right for next season. But we've seen around Madrid not be rational. You guys were pointing out before about how this is a team that's getting older it's not as if Rao Madrid and realized this that was our whole thing when the pointed dig, and you know, they felt that they had Asensio and east go, and and, you know, the sa- bios and whatever else and they brought in shoes, and they thought they could manage that transition. The problem is a they could manage the transition and be they moved away from it Florentino Perez. If he was if he was sitting next to you guys, he would tell you and he were on us. He would tell you look I genuinely believe that Corinne Benza without Christiano could be a thirty goal season score. I jang. Relieved that Gareth bale would live up to his price, tag, and his enormous wages as soon as Jonah left, and and you could be kind of player. Instead it hasn't worked out that way. And you can I think you guys Riley said some of the blame on the players some of the blame goes on something. So some of the blame simply goes on. What's been a team that for the last four or five years really hasn't renewed itself or when they tried to renew themselves. They went down the road, and then quickly abandoned the project for whatever reason. And what you have now is is a gigantic tire. Fire is choice. I'm ringing the man's put that out. Oh, I don't. I don't think is very quick to go out and say, well, you know, if you get called a second time, it means that they really they really want you. I mean, Josie Marino comes back. It really is last roll of the dice. I think at a big club. If he comes back. He's gonna want guarantees in terms of terms of spending. I think he's might want some guarantees in terms of personnel. I don't know how happy it almost would be still wield a ton of influence there at the club deceive, marina rock up. That's what they need to decide. Do they want to go back to that type of manager where you will spend money you will generally be reactive? And it's a question of whether he can regain his Joe, and he won the Premier League not that long ago or whether they try to be more progressive, but I think the issues run deeper and they go right to Florida Tino at us. And and really some of the some of the decisions that were made a director of football level or more likely not made a director of football level, but may directly Florentine himself a lot more on its game on anxious time, not so much Jade, and that huge beach. Check it out. Don't on the three to the next round of the Champions League surprise, obviously doing the first three nail Wembley. Paul navy is is the price that they went to Dorman and one. Yeah. So that's a great result. Obviously with percent yesterday. If they get a week old and obsolete berries that can stay on the five minutes and fun was a good at least from from Wallis. Yeah. I mean, it was one way traffic yet. A great challenge from veteran. You had some final delivery from from Dortmund's Royce was in a great position Tolan challenge. Lewis to mix them save. So it was a barrel. Jeff, the barge unfort- whatever reason they had to withhold up because it didn't nothing crumble. So what will and not sense once that game to go on then didn't feel would as much as I twenty five minutes when Cain school all focus when Madrid pretty much. I mean it killed Elian Sagan because the first half creeks was a barrage. Yeah. No question Hugo you amount of much cames goal. Yes. Is usually important but has shaved has possession. Not just him. But the whole. I four. That's why this tight loot in the end easy. But it was fought from a halftime. If I was not no I'd be awarded one. It will be Kane. We'll get all the headlines of his go a great go from somebody who just kicked proven time and time again, he is up with the world's best. He is. And is a conversation that we were having the green room was that. If you were reality, though, are some of some of the big clubs across Europe, you'd think in men, what are we doing? Why are we wasting our time? Why are we not going after hurricane, and I know Spurs fans don't want to hear that. But the truth is is that he continues to score goals, and this sort of level and the way that he's doing. There was never a doubt. When Harry Kane went through that he was he was going to score. Of course, he was going to score he'd lose comforting here. He looks like he's being there at times four and he scored at before. And that's when you get that feeling us a player on the other hand dorm. Didn't have that feeling see they've they had had Harry Kane on the other side. I mean, we're talking to different story. Dorman day attack. They did not score in the case of Spurs attack. Maybe once or twice the score with Kane. That's game. You guys later mature performance from Spurs something that we haven't said in the past. It was today. There's a big night for poetry Tina wasn't because it could crumble and slow LL and. New stadiums agree, but they don't keep place, you know, mess out or par for talking of strikers in the world. He's next in line is the best off to lose to put the ball in the box by on well through Seattle, Joe. He's an old. Unsponsored gonna have to win some trophies or hurricane will not be suppose play for too much longer when they still very much, of course in the win this trophy seven favorites going to the now and win the champions. They actually being trim some twenty five to one, of course, no route Madrid on the vetting sign a years. Is being a dream star probably going to since taking charge and my just see United out of sixteen matches. Jeff's that one loss, of course, home against the second leg tomorrow. And it's the second leg the United go into pretty much almost reserve seven client who fainted enough. I like lost unavailable due to injury going into tomorrow as much. No real surprise me. He's like you look at the Pierre Jean. Massive favorites with that too late as well sixty six to one on to make it through to the cool to finals. Meanwhile, the other gang tomorrow much. Roma favorites? Remember, they will take too long lead into that Portugal against pool. Underdogs fine. We'll be looking back at both of those games. Pausing detail tomorrow shoulder joints. Survive if you ever Mississippi, you can download our daily podcast and listened to yesterday's council made era. Well, we were talking about the the new rules have been injured. I indicates life out, and we talked about the the penalty take a couldn't then touch the ball after it was safe. Well, what bothered because primarily Griff res by condemn would always in the same thing. He throws. Throws blessed down. But he he was talking about on TV and radio. Hey, it's no even true. So you apologize for something. But then you say what's your full collectively apologizing for the show? The voice of the show. Well, you know, all of this show while you re on you you hope for the time we've got your qualifies taking for the end of the month. Almost Moda Tang and miss the hamels not taking happen. Jimmy tied. Do they know that? Well, they do now Yogi love says thank you very much, but you're international career as well. You're international. It's strange way. You're international career is over quite I'm show the money. Yes. That's very if I was Miller, boating and Hubbell's, and they're still, you know, still wanted to play from a country and go off do I think I would say the other side of the he's one look still been the gentleman job from that perspective of the workup understand why he wouldn't. Fairplay till the eagle's actually goes his way to actually speak to these people is because they have been great for the country. But then it's up to them to say what to do with the information up to him toll road starting. That's complete. No, no. I suppose he's gonna ask. Why didn't you play his up? I mean says well placed unknowns. The retired is the please, please. It's only it. Let me spell the show. It's ted. They will land for Jimmy under underlaw everybody against the Netherlands scame of euro qualifying zero points, okay. Heavy to loss sweet Dhabi bounceback eighty two one victory. Now put some level on points with Bristol City of sick. Very key. In the championship is the fun place. Fool the playoffs. Mean well from page of a haleiwa team which made history humiliating end of an repeatable air. Already miss working around with your TV. I'm not gonna come on this. Don't be making it will be buried deep. Deep down. This is like an epitaph as an epitaph is something we may have discussing the policies and venire parameter. It's been a great story for them. It's been a jumbles the complete complete and if you wanna fix shambles bring mood in your. Oh, they said. He knows exactly. We'll be back tomorrow more of this until then defy. Welcome into extra time. Let's get to show Bush looks. Loan sequentially Real Madrid questions Ramage year was down his workshop Madrid game Stevie gets. We'll ching Liverpool. We was no, no. It would almost almost as if you would would go along again, you know, what he looked like like the rest of Real Madrid team. Yeah. Watch. We don't have it. That's it. It's all done that say, no there was no if it was England, it'd be different. Yes, england. There was no swear books. No. I'm Jane, ka ching. Love Rin shake love written lost eight news in the world. I really like it. We're supporting England angry man, you know. Issue. Eight me jingly you're not World Cup. When England played you would have enough. It should be like. Advertisers. Thing is you'll the normally you always saying, I don't believe his way Liverpool. Expose all he was. It was. Real Madrid today winning giving it long jumping on them for fun. Yeah. By the give. Going. That's. We're to can watch before getting upset show on the other. Other than intrigue you showed. It's early you actually, less than greens. You know, why? Because most of the gem shutting this hanging over imports. We'll Peres point marina in order to punish the place for this before. Players. We'd be punishing everybody in that. We're going to say, I think people forget how what the last days Wooding you Mike round. He didn't speak the media while six months around coup willed. That's no good on. None of this stuff is not moving and a Real Madrid was good going back to that. It may just be yet. Another step backwards. I love how Josiah Marino gets all these things not particularly McGregor United or media abortion wills he'd been for the last eight being working walking for media company. Oh, how'd you get an extra? Well. Really? Can you state? Be quoted as saying you go on a network and say this. Real madrid? There's just not a happy team. And this clearly a Hoppy cow comet. For more crates old Trump for over a period of months. It was which is often hop his big team up seen at many, year belief fully YouTube him. Typically YouTube why you. What you hate. But you could you couldn't have shocker here in the said, we Jolson because. Drooling rubbing his belly. And all that come all on us. Most people could come on here because it couldn't hock. No, obviously putting sauce. Quick enough it last ten sick Deva generally come on when he's running for free for each stormed off threes might because it was all Toche, you're showing. They wouldn't let the old easy out of on the actual. We'll show you. How does this affect out as legacy? All right. I leave and you lose he's not helping Gimenez either. Well, that's. I don't I don't think it makes definitely is done. What did which was up shortly brilliant on? Never take a year's consist goalscoring away from either of those two mess. I don't think I don't I don't really mantra this TV how Israel's defense if Ronald played with any difference Real Madrid's defense whole seasons. It'd be an absolute boost. So whether the I don't think it would have made any difference. I mean. Stoned of me think when you think of okay almost been played tonight. But when you think of. Been hopping all season with a four and you've Voronin raw most to cope. Coat was really doesn't make it is actually irrelevant to wonder what might have been with Rommel's because who took himself out of that position was said he'll most himself. So he say late show up. Look at those two. I saw those couplings. How'd you get those? Away put them on for you. Get us back on. So we. Look. No way, you put your heart. Koby does look. Vase decision against Madrid for losing his touch goodness. Actually, I correct decision. Wouldn't it was clear? No vision to the whole over only the last millimeter of the the ball was a not a poppy we watching the replays thinking figure given. Yeah. But he could but it could. So the answer is. Yes. Plus. Yeah. No question. Just five minutes on that fourth goal. Go that was a free freak that was pretty cool twenty three meaning. Sure, he meant. Yeah. Can moguls goal was must. Really is. I actually the Madrid. Yep. Would crank mine breaking down the expected goals Madrid? An axe Madrid's his high wasn't a in this match and also we'll sort of ramifications. This result would have next door. Well, I don't wanna get into Jim takes goes. But we may all of question. This called for. The free kick of it. Because definitely not expected. The false spun is called it from five yards or so, yeah. Yeah. Another one then the messed Costa Cianci's that news over the bar from an open goal. I'm top and. Yeah. Second half tide cross. So by my rate than there was at least three of four expected goals having this effect. Motorists Johnson's retaining. Was mortgage. Name are gonna have to. Away for the game. Please make Stevie tokens American southern accent. It's absolutely early. It is Stevie. Well, she can when you do. Each of your own men tells you away by this new show. Cufflinks? So I want to do the last question you'll southern Americanize demand. United have any chance tomorrow. Although is no. That was very. Shine. Today. All right bed. Normally the showman. Spills gone club. They'll go no show. Back to your place. That's what it's full time expected goal that you were going to do. Hey you.

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