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London listen up way we'll be with you taking a checklist by trading strategies on the back of the say-say form October twelve at the Queen Elizabeth Prince Center. If you want to learn these trick was based trading strategies that employ for quite some time you Wanna learn it in person get your self booked now we have thousands of people very simple stuff dot com forward slash global and book your spot right now the papal live progressively got less and less and less and less and less slate as the as the event went on simply put it was half an hour packing on to the back of an event which Mulbah and blockchain summit a guy thousands of people expected to get you'll quickly for multi straight across the pond fool November sixteen at Marina Bay sands another event we attacking onto the end of which is cool block show again this got thousands of people so if you WANNA come along get in the because we are on our white and you know what I'm sorry looking forward to Perth and Sydney because getting better and better and better and better and better at delivering these two into an uptrend headed towards nine thousand rattle around for a little while who knows I die but I am watching this quite closely to see him see how the Chiklis based training and employment US daily very simple stuff guys gotta try to call Dot Com forward slash global and book your spot right now we will then have a high heart to go with a highlight that is one on wising four before I get the old clear to sound the Horn watch much closer to that uptrend for the for the purpose of this podcast tell you the numbers is you can't see it if we break up through a hard one eighty six fifty six wakened jumble on twelve October twelfth God my head is all over the shop right I get across to the website tried to club dot com forward slash global and quick finally back in Sydney on the twenty third and twenty fourth at the Ridges World squares whether it be London Malta Singapore unique to get yourself along to these events if you WANNA learn welcome to the is your captain speaking to crank up shut up to your hop on some weird allied thing then we went to dilate sightings here in Australia which means you lose an ally was up at four thirty in the morning catch a flawed harm to look for long trades I do lock trading theory against a US stay with margin simply put it's got good liquidity and good leverage so I liked that pet if we can get out through that's the first thing we need in order to say this monthly sort of putting a bit of a bullish candle it's a long long long way to go of course being the start of the Oh say Singapore and multiple as well and by the way if you have still not joe tickets for the two day event in Perth Sydney Unity get going radio on doing it so Serbia the pop in the market I have an aunt does that mean much not really ballots say one thing before have a high a hobby I needed to have a high along could potentially half please do it's I think this wake Gosh this week they guy very very very fast approaching yea flip much of yesterday feeling pretty exhausted I give them attacking Quan as Gaza will at the the next spot we go to is London if you need your ticket go and get it what is up at one eighty two flat right now it's up six point seven percent on the day now. AFC as a top performer one of the top performers in the top ten right now they just yet not positively some of these ALZ now really starting to perform trend wise some really good transparent coming apply still lumens is at six point two cents upset have a high alert but you need to have a high high when you get through the high of I five three nine now if that sounds confusing it's just a change of trend goes a change of trams from this downturn the best performer out of the top ten for the last few little walls was sitting at twenty seven seven point two three percent it also does quite good against Bitcoin I will also add so that option on the daily times not looking so good as a matter of fact we've just typed on the door of eleven percent rotten a little bit of a surge starting to push for keeping on nothing it coming all the satellite is already gone yesterday was a public holiday here in Syria money pots Australia County prosecutor eight thousand two hundred and fifty dollars a four point seven percent a theory chain seventy one was supportive so now at two thirty five twenty

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