Dad Bod Rap Bod Ep. 111: Elaquent and Controller 7


Dead Body Wrap Pod nate here. I've got David Ma on the line. David is our co host and handles the booking for this show so my best friend. Dave what is going on not much best friend but it could be here to hear me man. You're always I know it's so weird just to kind of set the scene for the listeners. Here I basically did our round of interviews for this recording session last night by myself and I text you in Damone and be like this is no fun without Is this weird sitting here by myself? Waiting for rescheduled interview like normally cracking jokes and like kind of talking and having a meeting. And I'm just sitting in my kitchen by myself but I appreciate you keeping the the emotive going And I am sure like our listeners. do as well touch on last time we kind of had this little bomb shelter conversation. But you know it's do these shows it's really cool that some people give a fuck and just the fact that they're fucking with us during this time makes me feel good about the world. Yeah you're welcome in. Yeah no worries. I'm happy to do it. It's just kind of like this. This was the first week it really settled in like. Oh like I'll try to talk to the guys on the phone but I don't know if it's going to happen in such a project you know what I mean. So I'm doing with you guys and frankly like one of the best things about doing the show is I have scheduled time to hang out with you guys and talk about hip hop. We touched on it a little bit. Last time it's feeling a little frivolous like all my interests are deeming them. Non Essential to use the parts of our times But here we are talking about hip hop. And I think we'll we're we're into the conway right. Yes yes of. You know very very fortunate to even be in this position to be bullshitting about conway but having set at super excited about right. I mean first off alchemist on another crazy run. Total much anything he touches. I mean he's he's MIDAS right. Now it's crazy up and and not in this overproduced way to you know what I mean. He's just like mailing. It's the other way it's minimal as to be. Damn that's like that. That's a very interesting approach. And it's I think the term drum list gets thrown around like way too much. There's quite a bit of for Cussin' it's just not so for grounded on many ways tracks like you and I are both pretty into the boldy James Price of tea in China L. P. And at the end of both considerate if not the best than one of the best records of this year and if you put your headphones in smoke that really listen. There's so much going on on the the VIC staples tracked surf and turf. I think I beat is just insane to mow totally totally. And it's good to see Vince back in or total He was his versus is tremendous. And you know you always forget about Vince. His presence I mean he steps onto the track. And it's like Whoa so it's really good to To get that track this year especially in these times and sort of to your point. I mean one of the best albums of the year. So far It's kind of shaky kind of delicate. Yeah you know what I mean. There's so much going on but if you know if you're not really paying attention it could just kinda come off as too dahmer rap out. Linka. Can Jerry in person just going like. Oh coke wraps and like Hungarian soft rock samples like her for you have actually with until like totally like the best possible version of that right right and I mean again. I mean not to harp on alchemists but I mean he's he's going towards the the John Cage Part of the curve and he's killing it totally. I wanted to kind of run past you that I just thought of while you were talking about. Vince is like I think you might have liked it a little bit more than I did. But I was not a big big fish theory guy right so vince kind of going in the electron ick festival crowd. Kinda like direction didn't really work for me as a listener rate like kind of a more straightforward rap sound perhaps to my detriment as like a kind of classicist but I think of him as kind of like an Internet comedian and like apprentice and like a voice of his generation and of crypt culture and like a lot of different things. And then like you said. It's like he comes out of nowhere with this fire verse. And it's like he's a fucking rapper dude And perhaps that's like you know like mischaracterization of him. But that's kind of what you know. It's just wondering what you think about that. Yeah well with the big fish album. Actually I felt like it was like miscarry characterization. I'm like who is this guy. Doing Dislike Street wraps over dancy music. I mean I guess he was doing tours. Were at the time where he was. Like Opening for stadiums and stuff. So I guess you know you want some lie tracks but No Dude I you know. I want the gangster expense. That was off of Doris you know what I mean. Totally so But anyway The Kenny Beats Cave show on Youtube. I did it. It's I watched them all and there was some really funny ones recently. But Vince is is like a masterclass clowning. People like when we'RE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. When like you just take the whole recess just clown each other like he's just like clown in case the whole time and it's so funny and he's pretty good natured about it but that's good yeah and like the rap is good but it just in terms of it being like a funny kind of set piece where it's just like. He's just going to cap on this goofy white dude. Who's like in the driver's seat for like the majority of huge hip hop it was pretty funny worth. Let's say if you want to take your mind off of it right on right on well speaking of Taking your mind off of it. I mean I'm sure a lot of the listeners have been quarantined and so denies. Did you heard about that killing the entire game? It's so interesting to watch. Someone emerge as the hero of the pandemic right. He's like a teenage beat boxer with boogie down. Productions shouted out on all of their major records. Then he had great solo singles. Like call me with the ill tour. Sample of just like his life fell apart and unlike became like a. I think like a drug addict. I'm a little unclear on the details of the and then and then he became sort of like an Internet blogger. Sort of Music Industry type and he did a lot of photography. Yeah totally look into the photography part. Because that's Kinda like I had followed him on I g before this just as we try to follow like the heroes of the Golden Age and he would post photos and stuff and then Yeah man he killed the game with a couple of live streams. I don't know. Is it still such a thing like? Is it still going on where it's like? He's getting one hundred thousand like the one the Saturday night of this weekend. Where like Michelle Obama and Natalie and there was like I. I'm like I'm not gonNA dance in my living room. This does not my steve but cool. Yeah Super Cool. I mean you know. He's playing like you. Know Butcher Throwback Shit. He's he played a lot of stuff. But I mean nine over set you have to totally ultimate ultimately if you get an from Michelle Obama He want you went. Yes totally so but yeah. I wanted to sort of laws that at you totally cool story and I will get in on it from the couch and I'm just like stupidly. Perhaps I'm more interested in the number than what he's playing and it's not like visually interesting though. He has pretty serious hat game. Yes I saw somebody tweet. I think it was a comedian. There is a wide brimmed hat a requirement for instagram. Wife that's hilarious. That's so funny but the other thing I wanted to bring up to you was how recent zoom session with some of our other. Yes draining it. So I- briefly popped into a live podcast by our buddies from call out culture. Which is Alaska's Iraq And Curly Castro and those cats. It was sofa and like I was like I. I was inbetween doing interviews for our show so I had like basically like twenty five minutes and I'm like not the loudest voice in the room and I didn't really know everybody who was in there so it was very interesting. Everybody was drinking Everybody was like going hard with the opinions. We had this really funny fun conversation about common OTC. Jean Claude van Damme Movies. Like it was crazy. It was really fun. There was some cats. I didn't know who we've sent like followed each other on twitter and stuff and like literally. It was a blast like you know. I don't use that term like right right onto like normal for a minute. Just be be funny. Be loose just like right away. It's actually very hard to hold a structured conversation with nine people on zoo. Basically handle this right now. I know exactly. We're not gonNA make queuing each other properly to like not talk over each other before like right now but yeah with nine people most of them drunk and a lot of them like pretty ferociously opinionated east coast dudes. I was getting a lot of listening and chuckling. What sage head nodding it was. Red Doodoo was really well. I appreciate the invite like I said I had played an edible was not ready and I would have just been. You know I would have been The quiet Asian guy on the screen totally veteran fun and we have a little something cooking with them and like even more inspired to finish it now because I was like. Oh this is super fine and like these guys are awesome and we're like very much on the same wavelength so I think it's it's inspiring me to put some time into our secret project. I'm not ready to talk about with them yet. towards the end of the week. Oh Nice Nice. Nice very looking much very much looking forward to that as well ended kind of like. I should probably say this off air. A The format that we discussed I think is going to work better than all six of US getting on a call and yelling at each other which is cool meals catered so yeah but you know I mean You know in the spirit of keeping things going and stuff. We have that upcoming interview with eloquent eloquent from wealth. Not from Toronto as you guys are going to here in a minute That's our lead this week. He is a beat maker and producer and fruity loops a staunch supporter from Canada. Who's got a an album out on Mello music group? We did it a couple of weeks ago before the pandemic so I guess. I should do a disclaimer about that for the listeners. Were not just monsters. Who don't even mention it. Everyone's like why are you going to kill? Why guys don't care so we also have a return guest this week. A friend of the program and Buddy of yours Controller seven has a new album out with mystique so called couch and we'll check in with him and you know it's just it's tough to roll out a project right now. Everybody's one hundred afraid but Talk one hundred dollars controller seven and his history with us. We'll controller seven. Obviously I mean of the answer con troop and you know. I've always just been a really big fan. I'm obviously with Left handed Straw and then his Random onoff's on bully were great as well Just always loved his attention to detail his ferocious drum programming. And I mean you know Years later you know it's like it's it kind of reminded me of like talking to slug. It's like we're talking about stuff that's twenty years old. It doesn't feel like it. You know and so. And so you know our little sort of back and forth and relationship that which built with controller. Seven has just been one of those experiences where it's like dude. You don't even know I'm your biggest fan and his whole thing is just being so humble normal which Certainly true but I'm just like you don't even know like I'm I'm I admire your work so much so we've gone to talk and we've gotten to Sort of discuss upcoming stuff and maybe perhaps some things in the works. And I'm just really grateful for that so to have him on the show and touch base with you again. I mean it's great and I'm looking forward to listening to that conversation for sure Cooman is as good as good to check in. I'm going to try to wrangle the MON as well. Maybe okay if I can all put him in between the segments but yeah GonNa cool stuff happening behind the scenes for us. You will will mention it when we can but it's just good to check in with you my friend. U2 Man and thank you again for keeping this going to do it. Yeah I'll I'll hit you on the DMZ and we'll we'll talk soon but man thank you peace. Ooh Dad rap pod another flight interview for Y'all we are international and right now we're talking to producer. Eloquent out of Toronto has been around for many moons has a lot of projects out in his new one forever is Pretty Long. Time just dropped. How's it going good good and I'm happy to be here. Thanks for having me absolutely I have to start off by saying I really admired the way you and your team rolled this project and the way you Kinda like leaned into the film imagery of it It worked on me. I kind of caught my eye and I just want to ask like how many people asked you if you had made a movie. It's too honest. It's actually nice little running joke with Me and the Homey Motel who actually did all the covers and the imagery 'cause like after we put out the first poster. I mean I probably had a lease and twenty different folks like my and my mom's like congratulated me like you madam. I had no idea that your film directors like that and Yeah Man I can't. I can't wait to see your film like you know if it's GonNa be in all theaters and I've that an after like decide Spot like man. I do they keep letting them sink. That kind of depending on who? It is correct them. We're just let them go on their misinterpreted. I mean if it's just some random some random dude I'll make I g or something like you know I'll make sure they know like not we're still. We're just doing an album. You know trying to do something interesting. They're all out but a couple of the homies. Who is expected to know? Better like heard went by it. All he's going to be over my beat machine not with a camera on. So that's been some. I think some folks thought that was just doing like a documentary or something like that Since you know like like the poster was I mean I? It's a dome poster with like a starring written and directed had no towel put like the little X. Sundance logo on it to make it look like it was awesome. I thought it worked very effectively. Because everything looks the same. So how do you? How do you differentiate differentiate yourself in the ocean of content? You know well I mean it's not it's not the end of it I mean I I I don't know about I'll tell but I I still WanNa do a few more of them so I mean even even even if it's just on even if it's just reciting are you know I might take some posters and like Chris T. shirts or maybe I'll just press posters and you know give them out of chills or something Nice. Well I mean so movie tickets at this point. Because that's you've got you've got folks going So this this new release I've I've heard the single with Chester Watson. I've heard the the joint with Odyssey Does this particular album did it? Start with A concept you had in mind a theme you put out a lot of projects like what? How did this come into being this record? Kind of you know took on a bunch of different shapes over the formation of it. I mean you know this was really supposed to be just another instrumental albums. All Up to My first my first record with melon music which was A blessing blessing in the skies. And you know I got like I got like two maybe three songs into it and Kinda just stopped and at first I thought it was. Maybe I was just having a bit of a creative walk but really Kinda was just at least to me. It felt like I was treading water and I was doing the exact same thing. Done last record on the six records before it's you know. And they say the The definition of insanity is doing same twice expecting San absolves. So you know every record I do normally has one maybe to grab teachers on it and you know and I just thought you know why the fuck not you know themselves so I decided that that points? Okay well I already have these three or four homes in mind that I guess masses haven't really heard of or heard much from so if I can just figure out a way to you know they've got a few a few guys I've never worked with before and a couple of heavy hitters. You know I might. I might have my my high-technology on my hands. You know that's an interest for sure you know I just go ahead. I'm sorry Oh I was just gonNA say Yeah so just kind of at that point kind of opened up like my notes APP. I'm falling interest. Just made a list of you know like I have twenty five different artists that I that I wanted to to work with and it's Sort of narrow it down and you know some folks are reached out to who maybe just weren't interested some folks just couldn't do it and the timeframe some dudes are expensive but eventually you know settled on on on what we settled with and I'm really happy with it. Great man great. I have a two pronged question. I just want to give people a little bit of insight into your production I just When you walk into the studio you've when you flip the Light on What's the first thing you do? That's question one and two. What is the what would you say is the workhorse of Your Production Studio Honestly since the very very first beat that I've made My you know I guess my sis. My setup hasn't really changed all too much I programme ever used fruity loops back. When it was like version two that would have been like share like twenty years ago. How I'm not using that same version. But but ultimately that's kind of the That's kind of meeting `tatoes myself. I mean I've got I've got an SP for four with trade definitely used for like a sex and and other things like that. I've got a myriad of different like midi items and so forth and have you ever been incorporating my head into into my setups but To answer your first question You know when I turn on pretty loops Ninety eight hundred times I than I do is just Start Looking for drums okay. it's just GONNA producers. It's a little bit of a A discussion point so to speak but for me I started off with the drums. And kinda ever smells roles after that. Okay where to that point? I think On the singles that. I've heard on the new record And I could be wrong for giving me a are you doing more swinger type things. I felt I kind of felt like the again. I've only heard the two joints but it seemed like you the percussion wise. You're playing a little bit more with with swing timing. Yeah I mean. That's that's always kind of been staple of a much of my sound You know like my Homie Dds's always say back in the day you know like is spend was always about you know playing playing drums live and and not relying on. Kwan's ation and and you know and the program sort of you know. Stick your drums so to speak so you know every joints I always I always played. I was play them. Manually and And Yeah I mean I. I grew up on. I grew up on Dila. Grew up on. Pete Rock Yeah You know all like cute. You know That whole soul clarion movements and like late nineties early. Two thousands. I mean not was thousands like my favorites my favorite stuff production lines so so a little bit bad always incorporated certainly in in the drums. So they always. They're always got swing a little bit. I mean it's not the only bag that but That definitely plays a big role. Can you tell us a little bit about Toronto and like is. Is there a big beat scene there? Is there like an underground hip hop movement? Like do you feel a part of that or you. Like kind of just like hunker down in the studio guy like what's your relationship to your city and Like is is there? Is there something bubbling we should know about? Well I mean to be honest on. I'm I'm an outsider So I'm actually from I grew up in city called wealth. Okay which is like about an hour or so away You know and it's a it's a smaller mostly like a university town so So star is as far as hip hop. I mean there really just wasn't very much of that and then to at any given time. There's only really a handful of artists who are trying wrap in and or pretty saying or at least doing so like seriously. You know most kids. Kinda like get into it. 'cause it's fun to do in high school then you know. Forget about at once once whatever happens So growing up I mean it. I didn't have like a ton of difference You know there weren't very many people who like many or show. Show me the ropes or anything. So I you know kind of had to learn a lot of a lot of crafts and so forth just by myself and so and then there's there's a couple of a couple of years around the way who kinda like children either obese I frutti loops and song structure and that but but five March I was kind of on my own. So most of that and Once I got to a point where you know I felt like I. I'm a nice with it and I started just making trips to Toronto Usually usually Dolo There weren't really a ton of events but around early twenty tens You know like beat battles shortage catch on a little bit So I went to view those I entered a few of them. I lost many battles odd. But that's kind of where I got a chance to. Just meet some of the some of the rest of the community First Tronto itself. I mean there's a shortage of talent. I mean there's a lot of incredible producers that you know I find out about like every day I'm scratching my head like you know I've been I've been doing this shit for like ten plus years and city like how am I just finding out about you now right. Yeah so so maybe maybe part of that's on me just not really having my ear to the ground like I used to but Yeah the town's incredible here I feel like maybe maybe I'm spoiled And that you know like I've been to go out to Los Angeles every so often and as far as instrumental beat makers like me Was kind of Mecca for it's So it's Kinda hard to go there and then come back and sort of you know. Look at everyone same. I'm not out there but just you know it's different. It's like California we'd that's an east coast. That's nice all right. We've addressed elephant in the room now but But I mean but overtime Kinda just. I'm pretty reclusive For the most part very badly best kind of just stayed myself spiders You know whenever something happens city then You know I'm I'm always there. I appreciate you getting into it with while you were answering. I was like we're from San Jose California which is kind of a lesser known city. And I feel like someone you answered like how I would answer if someone was telling me about San Francisco which is an hour away and like you know much better now she she home use in San Jose. Oh really I've never. I've never personally been there. I think I should have been through it once a few years ago but I saw God willing sometime. The Sierra pull up please do needle to the groove records on gang. Yeah we recovered the show back. And there's a lot of records in the front so if you ever want to meet up. I'll hold you back. Don't complain I'd we're in such a bubble here. We never know if anyone knows anything beyond the Dionne Warwick songs. Well I mean I know this podcast. I know you are going to ask me questions. But not now. I'm curious what's What's the whole team? Mike and Santo. Men. That's great you know then looks directly at me. Run and have our resident rapper. Answer that question you know? I think I think the the the bay area. Here's how I answered that question. I think the bay area metropolitan is is struggling to have a scene because fucking expensive to live here so there was a tightening when San Jose was the little brother to San Francisco and Oakland. But now artists can't even afford to live there. So gigs I get everybody's like trying to get a Gig so it's pretty fragmented right now very credible. Dj TALENT COME THROUGH. Come up here and Like some like award winning kind of like battle. Dj's who now lake. You could go here. Good Music Real Music at a club pretty much. You know any Thursday through Sunday so there is there is there are things to do in their Toronto. Let's just keep whoa? Whoa that's so it's all I wanNA make sure we have a little bit of space to to talk about The Term Lo fi. And I I don't know how you feel about that or but I know this is not the first time you've been asked that question do you. Do you consider your music within that category. I know you kinda predate it in terms of your releases but do you embrace that. Does that irritate you? Like how do you feel about that on a sleaze? I've Yeah I mean best. I've got I've got some mixed feelings as far as how I categorize myself. I mean I I just I keep a hip hop and you know about. That's fine enough for me I mean certainly Earlier in my career My hours definitely in love with that low fi label but that was kind of before it kind of like you know before the youtube streams and for the spotify playlist and so forth right So for me Like personally I you know like I like I love the fact that you know. A slow fires from now is certainly spawned. Its own its own community and you know you got a bunch of kids Who you know core in love with Fours and and love to sample and her and essentially doing boom bath. I mean how how can I? How can I shade on it? I got the UH. The Lo Fi label is that it's almost presented in a way that that makes it seem like it's like it's brand new phenomenon. One I feel like five at its core is really just the same ship. That's you know that we'd be doing some some ninety dollars for you know chopping sample dusty drums You know so like at its core it at least to me at its core. It's really no different than you know. At least when I used to refer to as distributor back so it's So I guess as far as the label itself You know it it. It is what it is I I guess because it's sort of treated like this new genre. Sometimes it feels like you know some of the. Oh Jeez and and some of the guys paves the way or are almost forgotten in a way So you know I I never liked to see you know some you know some of the guys who who inspired me Kinda be Kinda forgotten about And you know it. It's always kind of frustrating to you. Know to see Basically the same southbound but only one of them gets recognition over the other. I mean I guess there's not really a way to talk about it about cutting crosses an old head or I haven't called for this is a safe and I got aware that you know Celsius. Opiates Soviet turn back so so yeah it just feels like it just feels like you know it's It it the title sometimes just strips away the credit from. What's you know many of many of the? Oh Jeez forefathers. So I've done in. Kids paves the way. And you know it would be cool to see you know guys like like. Oh or guys like Am I am or neurology recipes? It'd be up to see those guys all those all on those youtube streams and and and all those spotify playlists that that do a zillion planes per day. But but you know it's I I always just want to make it clear that my search fuming about Lo fi Have nothing to do really with the artists themselves. Right guys doing it now. You know keep keep doing it. It's not there. Can I build off of that a little and ask you how you feel about your music being taken as background music or if you feel that people are especially once play listed perhaps on some of these bigger Lo fi play lists and like was a kind of putting more? Mc's on the new project away to like. Make sure that it's foreground music. Does that make sense now? I actually you I mean that's not why I decided to to have guests I mean now that you've sort of mentioned that to Kinda. Oh actually actually. Yeah that would be but But I mean it's instrumental music in general It's it's always been treated as kind of background music. I mean I sometimes I talk sometimes scratch my head at you know at some of my royalty statements not really song this this much right and then you know then you find out later that oh so they're basically just using this instrumental. It's like you know talk about the weather or other ships rather than than just listen to it itself. Honestly I mean music in general. You know like there's more than one application. I mean I've got like when I'm when I'm driving to to Toronto or just driving around you know like I'll I'll blast that new suck daddy out or some But in other moments from cleaning kroger and you know on my own ships and then fall asleep to it or something So honestly it that aspect of it never really bothered me. I mean there's people you know feel instrumental. Music is is better suited as like background music. I mean I personally disagree. But if that's how they that's how they see it's so be it but it also means that they're listening to it so it was a listening so listening to my beat you know help someone study and they get an a plus on interns. I've done my job. That's perfect that's also royalties still the same. Yeah there's no there's no or not I mean you can sorta just picture the excitement in my eyes. Like opening opening that letter saying talks. We got twelve cents on but you know the ones lately to know nicer but I you know I'm definitely not about the five sent Carl you throw it in that up right all adds up or untold. Well right on that we. We appreciate you coming on. The program forever is a pretty long. Time is out now. Correct out now. Yeah so that's Als Digital for the moment we aussitot. I love it when everything on a on. A limited twelve inch final It's Delta took the yellow marble limited edition on five hundred of those so y'all can get those Trump mellow websites. Or wherever you get your final We've got CS to it's available on all streaming services Apple Music spotify title Amazon wherever you get your stuff from and Yeah I pretty Long Thanh out everywhere. She turned Blue Odyssey guilty Simpson Brain Orchestra Alley got a whole whole gang dope guy so Watson Alberto Abilene Kevin on. Thanks for doing the G. He he's home man. I've I've been wanting to work with them trying minutes and Like that I told you about that I wrote up. I mean he might have been the second person I put on tonight. So yeah but a lot of great gusts a couple couple instrumentals. Those who know only like only like me for for Mideast prevent. Yeah despoil You know you you mentioned that you started off making this as sort of an instrumental album like you typically do it kind of morphed into something else so. I wanted to know You know and your your career has had had a bit of evolution to it. I mean the sound is sort of maintain the same. But what's the where do you see yourself going next? What's the next move after this album? What are you sort of working towards Honestly just Kinda gone along with the same thing you know like you know. Doing instrumental albums is always fun. Because I can just be knee and I don't have to sort of cater to other artists or or sort of change myself to you know to accommodate for others so to speak so you know battle always be an aspect that can occur but honestly I just want to keep keep doing morison's outside of my comfort zone so some points I definitely want to do a follow up so the forever is longtime album I've total idea of Maybe doing like an iron be album. Which is all sinners okay? It's not something you know not done a ton of over my career I WANNA and honestly as Cliche as it is. I kinda WanNa you know. Just start working with your smartest and getting more placements in It's Kinda something that originally I was trying to do at the beginning of my career. And start really annoyed of you know rappers. Yeah it was like you'll eloquent and you you you really dope but you think you can make new beat that sounds exactly what one Neptune's join crime. I mean like I can. I can send you froze. You know Bu- But yeah but I mean now that I've got at least a little more notoriety on some. You know so and I and I've got my personal bucket list of artists that I'll but I still wanna work was so so you know I kind of want to get in. Get my bag. And start start linking up with some more dudes stop He's already in in In progress that I just can't really speak on now but you know social more and do time Awesome Matt. Well Hey we want to thank you for coming on the Program. Everybody GO CHECK OUT. Forever is a pretty long time. Yeah thanks for coming on thank you. I appreciate that and Holding all too that shit so I expect it to be greeted at airports eloquent record shop and all the sounds good appreciate it appreciate it. Take care of peace. Thank you cheers. Dad Bhadra pod. We always have the finest guests but this is not a guest. This is our co host who you guys haven't heard from a couple of weeks due to the oddness of trying to record podcasts. Under shelter in place conditions. I have on the phone. Mc Dem one AKA. Pk professionally known as Carter. What'S UP DUDE? Yo I am out here. Live from house arrest Generally thing how are you I'll keep it one hundred with our listeners. 'cause they they expect that from us on a dead rat plot I work in social services basically for Food Bank so I am an essential employees And doing you know doing meaningful but definitely challenging work In these times and seeing hundreds of people a day and trying not to get Rona of buyers so yes You can't do it a little bit challenging. Yeah I'M GONNA keep trying but Yeah it's it's it's definitely been wild I wanNA And we'll talk about happier things but I want to do a quick Klug from organization because I think we're doing great work Here in the Silicon Valley to care about poverty inequality making sure that Low income folks still have food through this whole bit Checkout Sacred Heart's es dot Org You can donate and you can donate and you can donate communion. We have incredible Need right now especially with kids being home from school and parents getting laid off and and the whole bit So yeah so. That's that's quite But on the other hand once I get off from work there's like the bat the vast wilderness of nothing. How are you filling the warriors are you reading? Are You Smoking? Or you're watching or you working out like what's been your mode to attack this weird nothing time weird nothing time-to-time of of no time I've been trying to really stay kind of discipline so I Had Been Doing mile walks in San just kind of putting on headphones and listening to joints and then walk a good mileage so I'm trying to get back into to this. Haruki Murakami twelve hundred page novel. Away four yeah. That's like the new on infinite jest. It's like everyone has it on their shelves but they actually haven't even read it myself. Nobody's got three hundred. I'm like three hundred pages in normal book linked in right and I'm like Oh and we're just getting started. Has there been anything a or a goat man or a weird little yet. That's comedy book. I Love America. Wind up bird chronicle changed my life but yet do it gets a little seems the. Yeah it's it's it's weird. I'm almost ashamed of myself because this book has like Sex and violence and mysticism and all the shit that makes a good book a good book. And I'm like I need to finish the so I actually have this like quarantine guilt right. That's forming leading doing been corey richards as exactly like I need to come out of this shit like speaking Spanish French cooking you know Helen Literate And I'm not doing too much of any of that right now. Six pack on a finished screenplay least I mean can we can we get our source screenplay all my I have some revenge will We will talk about off off. Air Short short answer. Yes okay exactly. Yeah that's that's the spirit Thinking about maybe because I have enormous amounts of time watching better call Saul right like I need a a glacial pace You know TV series tonight inches ODA CIDER on HBO. I do recommend it. Because the episodes are structured in such a way that you have to watch the next one. And that's that's like binge ability right. We were really looking to engine. Take down a couple of EPSETA time into really like get into in like wow lab not fully on board with it. It's Stephen King so it's obviously like God horror elements and it's got every like I'm doing air quotes that guy actor especially from other shows. You're like oh it's that guy the detective from the night of and it's like Oh it's that guy from the nick and it's like Oh it's that guy from bloodline in. It's like yeah. It's just a passing so it's Kinda like You may not get this reference. 'cause 'cause you don't have children but The Disney channel like Kinda just remixes These horrible child actors and all their shows right. Yeah I'm director version of that. Yes your dad from this thing. You're like it's that Guy University. Yeah we're we're we're hurting right now. Are you listening to rappers at all I am? I'm pretty much. Stay in weirdly. Nothing came out last week except for St Nak came out with a new record So that will become relevant in the dead body universe very soon but There was like normal release schedule for like the win. This was seeming like it was a big deal but we weren't sheltering in place yet and then last week when we really needed new releases like nothing came out or at least nothing in our kind of wheelhouse but yeah super into the rap Pereira. I'm still listening to Bobi and ALC- I'm like I'm doing research on people that we've been talking to so I was listening to a bunch of count basie before we did that. Listened to the new controller seven misdeeds though which we obviously have a segment on this show so kind of kind of a little bit of both and also. I talked about this with Dave last week and I would love to hear how you feel about this like when I'm having like an emotional life crisis. I don't like turn to wrap for the answers. You know what I mean for the. Yeah Yeah it's like I definitely know what you mean You know what I turn to. I'm going to just keep her. You know again keeping real far listeners. I sat down and watched fucking La la land. Wow and was like my generally get welcome. I'm GonNa far away from this reality as surely possibly that sound all moving homeless people meals. You're just like city kind of in the zone singing for no reason. Yeah no I I I feel. Kinda like rap I'm interested to see what rap is gonNA come out of this time because he's so much of it able saying sicker than Corona Virus Man. That's going to be tough. I hope we can get some better bars. Because everybody's GonNa be trapped in their bedroom rates go viral. No Row House. It has some kinds can have a limited emotional range. Yes except for record. I know we're both really into which completely breaks this paradigm in has really been like Mike. Excuse the you know Karen Term Feeding. My soul is purple pages by Rab Ferrara. It's been dope and so full of different things to listen to catch onto. Oh Man I mean we're we'VE BEEN BIG ON FOR AKA my low Four minute no surprise. All praise due to the honorable date Leblanc. Put me on to my low WanNa say the two year. Yeah two years ago kind of in that first season. Yes Hit me in my low in and I've liked releases Along this last you know two three or run but It really for me really all comes together on purple who might pages in part because of a Kennedy single and the Jefferson part boys contributions. I I I feel like the this is the light musical contexts or rap Ferrara's voice and his kind of Just everything about him. It's it's a nice container for what he does that. Sure and it has that Lamar Park like Like five o'clock follies Kinda like. Obviously there are direct. Mosh is to Can you find the level of difficulty in this but there are even more like aesthetic nods to that like Horace Tapscott Lamar Park like center of black? La Culture Jazz meeting hip hop convoluted kind of like the way that those things come together. And that's obviously sound. That's near and dear to us as huge fellowship fans and people who like the outlive that far from the sphere of influence of La Underground hip. Hop I'm so I'm loving that direction. And just the day prediction. Winds around the the words references. In a way. That feels very organic like that. I I I agree that this is a very desirable place for him. To have ended up in terms of the music that he's interacting with and frankly I think it's just he's just got better he's in control of you know what I mean. Yeah he's he's he's more of himself If that makes sense And it kind of really gives me these really like I. I WanNa say something and not have it sound like last night so I'm just GonNa say it anyway It feels like an evolutionary. Acl own record. Like this gives me that feeling like the kind of poetry vied. Ac was always playing with Mixed with the You know the dense lyrical stuff like it just comes together in this way where it feels like He really took. Ross Perot really took the torch from what the fellowship was doing what they see alone By his solo records was was doing in kind of stepped into a new era which is great because he's obviously younger than all of those cats. But it's great to see that sound like his big army is Mike Eagle who was younger than fellowship by ten years. You know what I mean. It's like right now. We're kind of like two generations removed. It depends on when you call it that but there's a great eagle verse and I was just listening to it before meat. Set up this phone call and I were talking now and I'm going to botch the delivery. But he basically says like he should've picked a career with a more stable income rather than wrapping. And I was just like this like hurts. My feelings hearing this right now because I know he had to come off road with brother Ali and like there. There's no such deaths tour ring and like actually did sue. I bought Mike's entire discography on band camp on Camp Day last week it was really hard shoes where to place those dollars. But I tried to do it strategically and fuck with people who fucked with US and I felt good about that now. I have a bunch of music kind of Wade through where hadn't specifically followed every single. Release that he had on there. But Fuck Man Bloodbath. It's it's heavy because my They had to cancel Purple Moon. Pages tour that among every single other one but yeah totally. Yeah every every tour on the planet had to be canceled. We're GONNA hang out. We were so close to hanging out with Tony. This is now one of my life's goals and we was all set up and now it's like. Oh let's see when that when he was coming to Oakley like April thirteenth or something like that in the Milo show was just like right after that it was like two things I really wanted to see but anyway non shelter in place that that was huge. Actually I will probably be revising micromanaging status a little bit like I've been talking to so many people about how I'm a natural shelter in place person but I was also an enjoyer of the outdoors and a person who loved to eat in restaurants and like I missing some of those those components of my life in a hopefully. We're all not gonNA take it for granted if there's any restaurants last year which is a whole dark path. I don't WanNa get on but had to say it. Yeah it's it's it's a weird time and somehow with purple moonlight cages. You get you get This lightness that That is kind of a juxtaposed to our time But then there's also like some interesting dark kind of introspective moments rare Gosh I'm and I think it's called dust up what he's like you route like your footwork's fucked up that's nursing. Yeah Yeah Oh man. Yeah so everybody gone a shutouts around Ferrara. We're talking And maybe I don't know maybe it'll be spice it in but the kind of of standoff fond of that album is leaving hell yeah Which is just an amazing Kind of the jazzy tune Also he does an amazing cover of Faira funders creators. Got A master plan. Wish he does actually what he would he. It's Pharaoh Sanders attuned. Clearly but what? He's really referencing in my opinion. Is Leon Thomas version of it when he does that little like I? I can't do the vocalisations. Only like masters can do that. Thing that Leon Thomas does but he does a little call out to it and when I first heard that when the record dropped on that Friday like immediately had to get out my phone Tweeden and be like Oh my God. Thank you like the Thomas version of that song is one of my favorite song on. Promo forty-five in like bigly on Thomas Fans. I was just so excited to hear that. Like in many ways. I feel like this record was made for me and that was one of the moments where I was like. Holy FUCK NO WAY DUDE. Like this is so cool. Like I can't believe you did chew naval way to end the record and has a master plan Can we move up the timeline? A little bit and get out of the doldrums and leave all reading. This is just part of it as I watched. Ducks Walk Across the expressway. I live near. I was like yeah. We're dead and that's it. That's the animals have reclaimed. But at least we got enough strategic From route for I if if we have the rest of the year this is my This will be hard to unseat feet. This is my for album of the year totally especially for all developing these deep lake emotional bonds to it during quarantine. I was just talking today for record of the I believe I still. I need to look it up and I probably should have before. We started recording. What we think to be an evergreen podcast that will last for the rest of digital time. The New Conway alchemist record. Lulu is set to drop either Friday or Monday. Okay Oh yeah. That's another thing to look forward to. He's just alchemists has been killing it. So Hard Conway. Obviously one of the best most lethal rymere's in the world right now. So I'm I'm excited about that. Yeah Speaking of which we Thing of Alchemists I think another song That he produced which. I think really does encapsulate which I'll always attached to. This time of the shelter in place is a never ending story off the J. Electron of only. You and I didn't really get a chance to talk about the J. Elect like what are your thoughts This is gonNA sound very peak damone but I like four or five songs and that's enough for me. Yeah I hear you that makes me solid record Of course not worse. The you know record is worth a ten year. Wait right like you can't put that kind of expectation on it right But I felt like it was. It was good record. You got to see What I like to you got to see or hear Jay. Electric is head trip About why he hasn't put out the material like I like that he got into that and kind of got. You hit space of a why it took so long and then to take ten years and then only really about half the record and how Jay z wrapped the other half flex. Yeah Yeah that's pretty pretty amazing And you know Jay z. Still has it. I mean we. I think we just have to say that. Each still haven't totally. Yeah Yeah actually I I if if you know gun to my head or like Coronas virus coffer to my face I would. I would have to say Jay Z. Probably does RAP BETTER THAN JAIL. Tronto on the record. If you're and and I just you you're not wrong on that one. I just I find it interesting. But the idea that she The Jay Z. Like completely out shine dude. I'm like say anything. I feel like J. Electron 'cause Kinda whole Vibe JD kind of like stepping into well what people are as that. Jay Z has been hanging out with or listening heavy to mock Hami. And that was what's like coming through. The most is that cadence and that that kind of palate which is super interesting And I I don't I don't know if other smarter people on twitter had not said that if I would have heard that necessarily obviously I've seen the pictures of them together but Yeah I think I think the the the coming thing is really interesting. I definitely feel like it's a case where as we've seen jd taking pictures with people There are fan bases that want to be seen in that way right so this whole idea that. Oh you know. He's just doing comedy thing and I'm like yes but at the same time jail that can kind of talking this you know kind of Muslim. Infused five percents or You know what I think. J does really well and hope pick up on was like. Hey if you start saying words from the Koran you've got a whole new rhyming college right you've got you know what I mean. I'm a lot Ryan Taylor. Different thing on the palate. Yeah that makes sense for sure. Yeah so I'm not sure but I don't think there's any conscientious. Rapper doing it right now. That's not influenced by comedy or lock. Marciano I thought it was interesting though. Jay ELECTRONICA act like he doesn't know who marched young. Yeah that's not possible right. No I was like come on Bro. Stop Yeah it was like last week thing and every week is like a fucking decade right now but he was speaking with everybody who said anything even remotely negative about the album on twitter which I thought was really weird to like. Do Nothing for ten years record for forty forty nights and then just like get into weird like quibbles with people. It's like just is there? I don't know I'm not gonNa tell them how to live his life or how to roll out his album clearly. He made a big impact on the culture but like with art. Speak for itself for a week I think he's hyper sensitive about how he's received and I think that's the whole reason why he took so long to drop this. He talks about that a little bit on the record. I think he wants to be She wants to have exhibit A. Energy and and mystique on everything It's not yeah. That's that's not any way to have a career like who has all bangers you really you. Yeah and it. Kinda makes me feel like okay. It took a decade. He HAD TO GET JAY Z. Involved and at best he turned out something. That approach is one of the ROC Marciano 's releases from last year of which rock did four bright. That's really putting it because I was listening to it a lot when I dropped and I wanted to like dislike for it and get into it. Actually listen to the listening party. I've never listened to a listening party for a rap record before. It's actually a super shitty way to hear records like you can't really hear it. You know all I wanNa do is hear the lyrics and you can't hear it. People are writing and like it's bizarre but it was cool when I was kind of going back and forth with somebody on twitter there live now and I'm like Oh fuck really. I'm just doing like cooking dinner all put on the listening party like let's do it and now that I've had time to sit with it. I'm wondering how many more times I'll listen to it. Where like every rock album has significant replay value and? He's so much more productive so you're just making me think of it in a different way it's like. Was it all hype or is this like a great record? You know what I mean. And you're saying it's a good. It's a good record and I think Jay Electric is a chance to retain his mystique Kinda just I walk away from that record going Bro. If you had just been doing records this whole time you could have been. I don't know it could have been more amazing. I don't know I mean that's all rejection. It just made me think about it. He's got a great voice. He's got a a very interesting. You know you kind of forget. Sometimes he's from warming the Ark and definitely not hit it on this one ballot of soldier. Slim those callouts to be g like that's evident but he. It's like if he didn't tell you you wouldn't know it's just a weird vagabond interesting dude and I guess I come away. My takeaway is valid interesting record. I just wish we COULDA got more this. I don't know why we had to wait a decade for sure. Yeah Yeah it's an hour and it's not that he cares but if you put it on twitter he might be with you in that. Actually be really good for us so can you? Can you get that going down innate? I knew it would come to the personal God. Ah just saying we are here to be appreciative. Not Start Weird. Quibbles quibbles and squabbles. For Real if we do if we do you ever see somebody that as one hundred percent legit. 'cause they're really. We're a peace loving podcasts. Until tested man all right this episodes getting long but it was really good to catch up with you. My friend keep doing what you're doing and we will do these check INS weekly every every other week I do. You remember rock -absolutely so they had the character uncle traveling that who who they would just call and check in on like periodically like and that's. Kinda how I feel. I feel like I'm on a weird. I'm on a weird safari and I'll just I'll be checking in for a while In just a one hundred percent disclosure I don't WanNa give my bras criminal by restraint nor do we want to win. There's yeah that's all it is when when I know I'm not gonNA give anyone crying. The virus unsure. We'LL WE'LL BE. We'll be back in the lab doing it out like we cool brother appreciate you and it was. This was a really good conversation and You definitely give me some stuff to think about just about music and as always just about life so take care of yourself and we'll we'll check in with you soon. There is an anti PD. Just Dad bought rat pod. We're back with a return guest A person who we are fans of musically who's kind of become a friend in real life There's this line between friend of the program friend in real life and I feel like we're edging towards becoming friends. It's been cool to get to know this person through the doing the pod and exchanging Em's and hearing music and he's got a new project out. I'd like to welcome to the show controller seven. Thanks for having me back absolutely So you've got a new project. It's called couch. It's with. The rapper called misdeeds though. And it's just got released and I WanNa hear all about it. And that's what we're here to talk about but something I would like to kind of touch on in the initial go here is like I feel like because I follow you especially on instagram. Where you're fairly active in especially on instagram stories. Where you're fairly active. I like watched this record get made. Was that like a conscious choice. Or was it just like you're just documenting your daily life and this is your daily life when you're in the run-up to making an album and can you just kind of talk about that aspect of it. Yeah I mean. It wasn't a super conscious. I think the record. Kinda came out of instagram. Because I had sent him a message and just asked if you wanted to do a song so that Kinda was how it started And then I did it in sort of a strange way like I asked to do the one song and then I just Kinda got fired up and I was just making a bunch of stuff trying to come up with something to send him and before I knew it I had enough stuff that I was just. I just decided. I'm just GONNA make an album okay. And then I'm just going to send the whole album done like with audio sand lake dialect samples in it it's sequenced it's Kinda right in eighty percent version of what I wanted it to be right and I'm just going to sentence so that he gets the for the whole thing as opposed to just do one song. It's got this style. We do another one and it's And then you get Kinda just a collection of songs so in a way like it was done there is like a halfway point where I already gave him. What was SORTA done for me? And then he had it and so we were both Kinda sitting on this thing that was like closer to done than maybe album normally would be and then I think after a while it just felt weird that we're sitting on it for so long and then just decided all right. Let's start like kind of getting people interested in this. So that's how it started kind of trickling out There wasn't it like I. I would put things up every now and then there wasn't like a ton that went out and it was basically like to songs and let a little bits of it so I was Kinda guarded about not trying to just like put the whole thing out there before even releasing it But we were just doing it. The two of us like it's there's no label nothing so That was kind of like the street team. Promo launch was just little bits here and there and trying to get people into it and hopefully like reposted and do things like that. Yeah so who is misdeeds though and how did you first become aware of him and Kinda what it? What drew you to him. Were made you think that you guys should do something together. So he didn't know this until we actually started talking. He is actually from San Jose. So we're both from San Jose. He lives in shelley now. He's kind of idea. Yeah he's been all over the place but he so he was Kinda affiliated with Anton but at a different time than I was he He didn't album with dose under the name. Alpha it's a seven P. H. A. Which is really good. You check that one out So I think it was like one of the last into con records So he did that then. the thing that kind of sparked it all he. He's close with the mediocre so he was part of the whole here drums. That whole scene I feel like that's where I might have come across him. His name before yeah through the Galapagos four like Chicago he is around for that kind of stuff so I knew of him from then But the thing that kind of like really sparked it off for me was a mediocre. He runs a label called Potions NYC and he so he put out My right handed Straw album. He put it out on cassette. And so I have friends and we'll talk and He did a record with misdeeds though and I sent him a message is Kinda asking about it and he said that they did it in two days and I'd been basically I've spent my entire music career over thinking things and taking way too long and just like Kinda stopping myself from getting things done But I had like kind of phase out of music after when I started a family kind of phase out. A music can So I was coming back into it with a different frame of mind and hearing that they did this record in like two days just like it seriously kinda like lit a match under me and I was like if they could do that in two days. Like what am I? Waiting for? The I sent him a dam. Like hey you WanNa do a song together. He said get Than I just started making all kinds of stuff and Then I came up with idea just doing the whole album So that's kind of how it all all lined up and funny thing is that we've never even have never spoken to each other. It's been all diem album. Dm and email and he. He's got three kids. I've got two kids Time is is in short supply so it kind of just worked that way for us out in two days but you did it much faster than you would have normally and you did not allow yourself to over. Think it you just did it. Yeah I mean I probably made the majority of the beat center on their made them to each period. That's cool And then I kinda fine-tuned everything spent a little bit more time. But like from I looked back and I think the DM was like six months ago. Well so much much faster than like the longest eating projects that you they used to working on and if it feels like you know just again as someone who Chit Chat with you a little bit and watches your social media carefully. You're you're back in a really creative mode and that this will probably not be the last thing that That emerges from this period yeah now that my plan is to not like. I'm just GONNA move past this one and forget it but is just to like move onto the next thing and just I don't yeah like just fired up trying to do as many things as I can and I am working on something else already. And now that were under this quarantine thing. It's possible that I will have another album out in a couple of weeks ago. Awesome definitely keep us posted. That would be amazing Since you brought it up how are you doing with the whole global pandemic It's all right I would say it definitely goes like up and down in these roller coaster waves of emotions. The first like first day. I think I was Kinda Kinda into it just having having some time. Off of work and I like sewed some curtains just things like like I had this time time to do this before. Yeah Yeah and then it Kinda. I think the reality of not knowing when the end date is the part that is not as exciting about it like if it was three weeks of paid vacation I'd be into it but it's so uncertain that it's kind of taking some of the fun out of it. Yeah no I definitely hear that Do you feel like it. Affected the way you approached releasing the record or is this what you would have done under normal circumstances as well. No it definitely So I sent it off to get mastered I think on Wednesday and then was working with D- Ski who who did the mastering and We were just texting each other back and forth Trying to figure it out and so he basically did it in like a day and then Mestizo and I were just Kinda. Should we just put it out tomorrow? Do we put up a pre release to just put it out right but it seems like things are kind of so uncertain right now that it seemed really pointless to pre release or even weight on it so if it was done in the files were done than just put it out and so yet under different conditions. I think we probably would've like come up with some release plan right and and tried to like do that. All Game of getting people in it totally What's the reaction? Been like has been pretty awesome so far. I mean it's Kinda I think maybe on the other side of things it's different than what people think I mean I'm not at a level where I'm being like inundated with thousands of DM's but People will post it to stories and like you may get like the flame members G. or I mean I totally appreciate every post Anyone that like says anything about. It is totally appreciated but in terms of like feedback. Where there's like comment on it? That's Kinda hard to come by these days. Everyone's everyone is moving so fast that no one takes the time to do that. I mean here in there you get some but But there's been a few things that Some people sent me messages. And just Kinda like blew me away in L- Some people who are like quote like famous Sent me like messages and like I said you know like I was one of the. Oh Jeez that got them into making music and like oh things like that just kind of man. That's a big man. It's kind of a trip because I think people like I have been doing this since like nineteen ninety nine or I guess even ninety eight so I mean that's how a long time. Yeah but you know. It's just like gaps in there were you guys can go back and listen to our previous interview with controller seven on episode. I can't remember but will post in all our social media when this comes out to hear a little bit more about that story. Yeah and even even back. Then I was thinking back to the other interview. I was completely completely different place than where this new creative spurt for sure. Now I was like I had some mix tapes and it was kind of almost like well got these might as well put them out. Yeah So had not yet hit this little run. I've got going right now So yeah it feels good. I mean It's been sitting kind of on the main page of the band camp. Yeah bestsellers for hip hop and rap That's the whole world. That's like that's amazing. Yeah I mean it's like sitting there right next to some of like my favorite records of recent So I mean even that is like if it was there for one day next to like hiding places than that's amazing to me absolutely. I totally hear that and just before we go too far off of the instagram thing And the flame Emoji comment that you made. It's like if you can get someone to do one of the emojis. That's not one of the ones that creates the little animation. It's like a step further down like the reaction line or like the care that they put into the the reach out. You know what I mean. Yeah it's like I was talking to my wife about this the other day. She's like Oh you. Should you know the posted all these stories from my walk? You should respond to them. And so I went in and tried to like pick the perfect emoji till like capture the essence of the photo. Or whatever and it's like good little worm hole the fall down but like if you put something funny you're going to get like ten of the crying laughing guy. You know what I mean. It's like it's so The responses that are acceptable and easy to do have become like standardized in a way. That's very interesting and when you look at the front of the DMZ see the ten crying laughing things. And you're like oh I must have done something funny three weeks ago or whatever you know what I mean just like a very interesting way that our communication has been kind of segmented but NFL me rambling on about inserting Yeah it's a cool record. We were treated to hear the instrumental versions While it was in creation and I kind of fell in love with those so now I'm trying to readjust my ears to To the full vocal versions. But it's definitely a dope project and Yeah I'm happy for you. Man I love to see someone who I think is a brilliant producer and like makes music that really suits my sensibility like in this creative pocket and just going for it. It's just really rewarding for us and I know I can speak for the rest of the guys as well. And so it's just cool to see you Pushing FORWARD YEAH. Thank you man. I appreciate that and I just Adding onto this little instagram conversation. And what you were just saying. Right now If I could encourage people here this send a message to people. Because it's it's on the other end I think people make a lot of assumptions. That people know like Oh that person still say like they know it. Hear that all the time right. But maybe they don't or maybe you reach out to them and then you have a little conversation with them. And that's one thing I've realized recently is like Instagram is amazing for you can send a message to basically anyone. Yeah and sometimes it never gets seen sometimes respond. But sometimes they respond and in a completely unexpected way in I've had a few like this other album. I'm working on happen the same way I could. Just send a message on there and So you never know. Shoot your shot worlds in anyway in Madison like it's A. It's a good time to reach out to people and not not toot my own horn but on that tip on the first day of Quarantine life I read this article on long reads. I don't know if you're familiar with that. It's like a long form. Journalism website and guy didn't have a twitter so I couldn't like shout him out on twitter. So I like because we were on quarantine. Mechanically looked up. His email went to his website. Open a new e mail. It seems like this is like the nineteen fifties of how to connect with someone. I actually I was like I have the time. I really enjoyed this article. I'm going to send him an email and we had a little too email exchange and I think we both felt good about ourselves for it and I told him I appreciate it and he told me he appreciated me appreciating it. And I'm just going to echo your sentiment like it's a nice time to send people little message. Everybody could use the pick me up like say you love this awesome podcast like it's like speaks to your hip hop sensibility interview. All these cool people like just like cinema. Dm You know. I think you know time back to the you said the the crying laughing Emoji like if you send tack guide equivalent like I appreciate what you did in an Emoji. It probably wouldn't have been the same thing totally so yeah in these kinda strange uncertain times It seems like a great time to to reach out to people and connect with people right on So good to catch up with you and Really really happy for you. Everybody go isn't a couch. It's controller seven it's misdeeds though it's hip hop. It's a beats lyrics samples Really really good tight project. You consider it an album right not any. Yeah I think It's like thirty right over thirty minutes long. So man I think all things must pass levels these days. I think in the DAD BUD era. That is way too short fern album. You know the time we were growing up. But nowadays that's like almost seems long on the alongside these days so in pre quarantine times I would. I had about a half an hour for anybody and now I've got like a all this time to luxuriate in my slower interests. I watched to art films yesterday. I definitely would not have watched under under different circumstances. So I'm giving things time is kind of like you know we could think about it so you guys have half an hour to go within the couch. Yeah please do. I'd on all right controller. Seven always a pleasure. Man will do this again some time in three weeks when you have your new album out but until then let's Encourage everybody to listen to couch and as always I appreciate your time. Thank you stay safe. Everybody all right thanks.

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